The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Busy hands make happy hearts.

Yesterday I had a go at recreating something lovely I saw. I had been fooled by a beautiful bowl of orchids, they were so lovely, and turned out to be silk. Seriously beautiful!

Well, they were almost $300. I looked around and saw more and was amazed how lovely they looked. Plus orchids seem very elegant to me. I also looked online and found a UK company making the most amazing arrangements that would fool anyone, all kinds. Glorious. Some of the best hotels in the world use them in their displays.

On studying I found it is quite easy to get orchids that look very realistic. And they are inexpensive. They come loose or in dreadful nasty pots that make them look awful. The super expensive ones come in low, elegant, vintage looking urns, tureens, silverware.... ahh! this is the difference! 

Well, I have a low beautifully shaped casserole dish (op shop $2) which I bought for the lovely shape but it had orange flowers which I hated. So I spray painted it white and used this. I got a pot of orchids from Target $25. I ignored the pot and looked for really good flowers.

When I got home I put my glasses on and smashed the hideous pot over the bricks which revealed a foam inner and I used Andy's saw to saw this to be thin enough to sit in a low casserole dish. I just glued it in and filled the pot with moss.

Done! Then Chloe came by and said "are they real?" and felt them... so I thought they must be ok!

I am really delighted! They are going on a coffee table I am working on... but meantime...

I can't wait to find some more old low tureens, casseroles, even silver gravy boats, that kind of thing... to do some more. I'm so happy! Not that I would have spend $300 but I saved $275 if I pretend I would have!

I am so excited. Imagine pale pink... I think I could do some as birthday presents.

The thing is if you take a little time and study things, they are often within reach. Every thing is available online including instructions and how to do things plus videos to show you. It is just amazing! It is also fun. Creating things is beautiful. It is good for the soul.

I truly believe that whether it's handiwork, craft, cooking, what ever, it makes us happy and feel good to create things. I think we were created that way. Busy hands make happy hearts.

I know my heart is happy and content when I make sure I get some time to make something. 

And you can use things you have ie if you have lots of little bits of fabric search "fat quarter projects" on pinterest and you will get thousands of suggestions or if you have old things search "up cycle projects" or specifically "uses for old shutters" etc and re use or use up your supplies towards new things for your home or all your future Christmas presents.

Turning a cupboard full of supplies into gifts is making a lot of money too, what a way to save! It is also de cluttering! If money is tight it can be hard to donate to charities. Make them something.

I have plans to give some old tureens a new life... now to find them!


  1. Another beautiful project to inspire. I am seeing potential in all sorts of things thanks to you Annabel. You have really helped me to look "outside the box"

  2. Really beautiful Annabel. Thank you so much for the suggestions on Pinterest, as you say it's just knowing what to type in sometimes.


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