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If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Monday 27 January 2014

Soak away your cares, aches, pains and toxins!

Bathing is such an old ritual. I love my bath. I couldn't live with out it! Now I know many people now do not have a bath as houses are even being built without them. And the more this happens the more people are going to spas and health retreats to bathe. 

Obviously you can be clean showering. But the soaking effect of a warm bath that opens your pores and soaks you is entirely different. Your skin is your biggest organ and a main way your body gets rid of toxins. Almost all health retreats and spas feature bathing. It is also soothing. A soak can be so relaxing. The warmth can ease so many pains. 

Happily the ingredients used by the worlds best spas are available and inexpensive. I recently read Dr. Oz's detox and he includes this treatment as part of the detox. It is used also in weight loss where people are detoxing and drinking lots of water to flush out their systems and cleanse.

You just need a box of epsom salts which is usually around $5 at the supermarket or chemist and this will give you two detox soaks. Allow yourself plenty of time and run a warm bath and about two cups of epsom salts. Soak and relax. If you like you can rinse in the shower afterwards. 

the only thing better is a spa bath. For anyone who has not bathed for a while if you do a spa bath and or detox you will be utterly amazed at the state of the bath after you get out. Like where did all this gunk and skin cells come from! (eww) Well that is just natural and good! Next day if you do it again it will be much cleaner afterwards. Doing this once kind of proves its benefits right there! 

Nana B loved baths and I think they helped her live such a long healthy life. I truly do. I must have inherited her love of them but also the belief in their health benefits.

 A soak and relax in the bath before bed sets you up for the most glorious sleep. This kind of 
relaxation is one of the best things you can do for yourself. People are so rushed and stressed. We need quiet and we need calm. 

Making the bathroom calming, soft lighting or a candle and away you go! Now if you don't have a bath when you go away on holidays or to somewhere with a bath or spa take your detox kit and make the absolute most of it. You will feel like a new person!

The second one is Lectric Soda Crystals. Sports physicians use these as a soak for aching muscles and they really work. It is also inexpensive and you get them at the supermarket in the cleaning isle! They refresh and relax and feel amazing. Your skin feels beautiful! 

Both of these treatments are soaks. You need to allow at least ten minutes and the longer the better. There are days that after doing this I can fall into bed and just melt to sleep and feel so good. I can see why people pay plenty of money to experience this in a spa but we can do it easily for ourselves. Really so basic and yet many people have not had this kind of relaxation for ages, let alone daily. In a world of rush rush rush our bathing and bedtime routines are just vital. So many people, even children, live on a small amount of sleep. Always tired and always stressed. This shows in how you feel and on your face. No amount of moisturiser or makeup makes up for too little sleep. Some of the best beauty tips are very basic. Drink plenty of water, sleep plenty, eat well, soak often and relax and nurture yourself. We do so much for others but we have to look after ourselves. Add a little bit of nurturing to your day. Everyday!


  1. Annabel, I love to have a bath as well. It is so relaxing just the gentle sound of the water and soft candlelight. I sometimes use what you use and also like to use a lovely fragrant foaming bath lotion.

    1. Kaye this is just further evidence about us liking the same things. I love bubble bath too. I adore big old fashioned bubbles and fragrance! You should have mail in the next day or two! xxx

  2. I have special mail already Annabel. I have sent an advance email as I'm going away, but I will send you lovely mail soon too. xoxo

    1. Im so glad Kaye, I was willing that package to hurry up and arrive! xxx

  3. Annabel, I forgot to ask where you bought the sweet little pink scoops from. I like their inscription.

    1. Kaye the scoops were from Woolworths! If I see them again I will let you know. I got them just before Christmas. I use them for so many things and they put a smile on my face in ordinary things like scooping laundry powder, bird seed and bath salts! xxx

  4. I need this right now. Love your little heart spoons! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Hope to see you sharing again this week. Big Hugs

    1. Katherine I will be there! Your blog is a lovely place to be and I just love it. xx


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