The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Monday 13 January 2014

Beautiful water.

Of all the beauty or health tips I could offer really drinking your water would be number one. What would be your own average number of glasses of water per day? For many people it is zero or one.

It can be really hard to start to a new habit and keep it going. One thing is you have to make it easy to do. For me a glass of water from the tap isn't appealing. I am good if I have been at the gym I always drink after a workout as I know the workout I have just had will do me so much more good if I have a big drink. So I do. Other times I need help.

So yesterday as I made up my afternoon water I thought others probably struggle with this too. Added bonus... as well as health and beauty this comes under budget. We do not buy soft drinks. I haven't been drinking soft drinks for ten years or more. Once I thought zero calorie ones were ok and now I think they are worse than the sugar ones. Sometimes these things are hard to give up! 

Ok so as a habit I always freeze into ice cubes things like the juice from a can of pineapple or tinned fruit, any lemons that are fading fast I slice and freeze in snap lock bags, same for cucumber. We had orange juice Christmas morning and I froze all the left overs. And I always keep plain ice cubes in abundance on hand.

I start with a half full jug of cold water and add some mint leaves (which grow at the back door) and a heap of plain ice and a few flavoured cubes. My favourite is unsweetened cranberry juice. I get this especially as one bottle will last ages when most of it is frozen this way. The benefits o this stuff! It is yummy, pink and it has a diuretic effect on me which is great as I seem to retain water in the hot weather.

Over all I aim that 80 or 90 percent of the jug is water and the rest is lemon, a juice or whatever. This makes it tasty and lovely and I will drink the lot.

Mostly I also add white tea. I do this by steeping one or two white or green tea bags in a cup with boiling water and letting it cool. I add that when mixing this up. It adds a whole lot of health benefits. 

So there is my mix and I do it everyday through the summer months at least!

Making sure a jug of water and ice is on the table encourages everyone to drink. If the girls were little now I would call it fairy water. For myself I call it vitamin water :)

During the day I keep it on the bench so I see it as I go past and then a jug is gone pretty quickly. 

Andy loves it with a couple of tea bags or lemon. He drinks a huge amount of water per day which is wonderful.

As I do this I will fill at least one water bottle to be ready to go with me in the car or to the gym. Another saving I don't buy a drink a the gym. I will always drink it all before I have made it home which is great. I just grab it as I go out the door.

This morning Andy left with half a dozen bottles of water. Some frozen and others with ice. A damped hand towel frozen in a snap lock bag and frozen blocks to keep his lunch cold. The girls always had frozen drinks and frozen flannels. All this was a night before ritual and still is. 

Today when I made my morning coffee I steeped two white tea bags ready for todays jug. I know it is good for me and this little habit does the trick. Whatever it is we need to be doing finding a few tricks to make it happen seems to be the thing to make it a reality! Oh ... I just thought to say the pretty jug and glass ins't for the photos sake, that is what I use. This lovely jug was an op shop find for $2 and I collect the glasses from op shops too. I am just a sucker for things that look nice and it makes it nicer for me.

Being 42 today I am mostly staying in today except for the watering. I have plenty of crafts and letter writing to do in between jobs. Stay cool everyone!


  1. My eldest DD loves vitamin water and iced tea. I must pass on your ideas to her Annabel, as she spends a fortune on "flavoured water." I drink a lot of water and must admit I like it just plain filtered and nicely chilled. I use a stainless steel water bottle when I am out doing errands or groceries. I keep that in a coolbag with ice bricks as well on days like today (keep it super chilled) when it is nudging 44 degrees! I love the jug and your beautiful glass as well. You really are hydrating in style :)

    1. Kaye I swear by the stainless steel bottles they are the best I think. Tell your DD to check the ingredients on the waters and teas as many have a ton of iffy ingredients which makes me mad when they are selling something "healthy" but it is also a potential big money saving making your own. I am on to my second jug today!

  2. Annabel, such a great tip with the cranberry juice. I love the colour it makes the water, and isn't it true, that we all like things that look nice.


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