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If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Getting back to Show and Tell at last!

With our move I had to leave Show and Tell for a while!  But now to catch up.  On Friday I gave my details if you would like to share what you have been making, cooking, creating etc please share.  We could all use some inspiration and ideas.   We might see something and realise we could make that!  We have the materials for a project...   Previous Show and Tell posts have had so many good ideas.
Also it is a JOY seeing what people do with their hands.  I love it!
Busy hands make happy hearts... it is true!

For the next few weeks I will add a Show and Tell as I can.   We are starting with Kelley!  A while back we took a look at some craft and inspiration rooms.   Kelley shared her room which you can see here.   I think if you want to get the full picture have a look at the space Kelley first created for herself and how she did it!

It is worth noting Kelley travels a lot.  She has had a very busy year for many reasons.  Yet take a look...

This is a little dress she made for her Grand Daughter....

The body of the dress is made from a bed sheet.  The hem is made from another flat sheet.
The little pockets say "His" and "Hers" and are made from old His and Her pillowcases.   😍
The little collar is made from a doily! 

It is tied at the back with a huge pink bow.   Oh my goodness!

Kelley has another Grand Daughter on the way!  So she is sewing away....

First a quilt... also made from old bed sheets...

I love the colours and vintage prints!

This is another little dress... this one made from a jumper.  I think jumper means something different in the US... i.e. a pinafore.  Well I THINK so!  Someone help me out with that.  In any instance it is recycled from a garment that Kelley got in the thrift store.

It has Mother of Pearl buttons highlighting both the bodice and the hem line.  So sweet! 

Kelley is now working initials onto the Dedication Gown for her new Grand Daughter...

Again so special and so personal.

And there is a special Bib to go with it...

Kelley made a series of dolls for a baby...

I especially love the hair bows!  And that each one is so individual!  

And finally a little jacket for her Grand Daughter.  Her daughter loves yellows and mustards, being a red head like her Mum!   I note one of the little dolls above is a red head too!

Thank you Kelley so much for sharing your work!  It made my day.  I love that you use so many recycled bits and pieces and reinvent things.  I love the beauty, creativity and economy of what you make.  It is all so gorgeous and wayyyy beyond anything you can get in the stores.  They are all heirlooms and speak of a Grand Mothers love.

This has me thinking about my new year plans and dreams.  Moving is done.  I have my garden planted.  Hot weather will be coming where I will need to do things quietly inside for days and days.  I will start sewing and get my craft room set up.   I am so lucky to have a craft room now!   Saying that this is a bonus but we do not have to have a special room to create.  I used to sew in the lounge room on a side table for a long time!  And hand sewing can be done anywhere.   We can do something that is for sure!  

I hope you are inspired too!  
If you would like to participate in Show and Tell email me at
Have a good new week!  I enjoyed Sunday.  I got out my planner and thought over my week.  We got off to a good start with some rest too! xxx


  1. Such talent!!!! Everything is just lovely. I absolutely love that first dress shown - incredible.

  2. Oh Kelly's creations are adorable and so original! You are lucky that you have a craft room. You will have so much fun! Have a great week Annabelle!

  3. Oh, that's all so lovely and it gives me encouragement! I really love your blog my dear.


  4. A bonus post ! Thank you so much Annabel.

  5. Such beautiful work, Kelley! Your family is very lucky xx Fiona

  6. Kelley congratulations on the new grand baby. The little dresses are gorgeous, and very similar to what my mother made for me, and then my daughter. They are so special I've kept them for her, and perhaps her daughter in the future (can't wait to be a grandma, my kids need to get a wriggle on!). Hannah called them her Church dresses. Annabel, sewing during the heat of summer, under a fan, is a lovely way to spend the day, you'll love it.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous garments, Kelley!! Heirlooms!!! While you're sewing during the heat, Annabel, I hope to be crafting while it's cold and snowy outside! :)

    Can't wait to see more Show and Tell creations!

    Love, Jen in NS

  8. In the US a jumper is a type of sleeveless dress with straps over the shoulders. It's usually worn with a shirt underneath it.

  9. Hi Annabel, glad things are calming down a bit for you now. And yay thanks for posting a Show & Tell. Love these fun posts! All of Kelley's creations are lovely and so creative. Very inspiring! I have been looking through my fabrics over the weekend and plotting some plans for summer sewing too. Great minds think alike as they say!! Cheers, Kelly

  10. Jane and Kelley, gorgeous crafting. So nice to be sewing for new babies. I have a little grandson that I have made loads of things for and have enjoyed it too, but not heritage/heirloom things like you have made.

    Annabel you must be just on top of the moon, all settled into the new place, and Adelaide settled and money in the bank. I am waiting for that too and know it will bring a great sense of peace.

    I have now finished my Christmas shopping. My home is open for inspection from next week, and once the house is completely staged and lovely, there will actually be some time to craft. I have about 30-40 garments at the cut out stage and they are out in the unit out the back, so once the house is pristine, the dogs and I will go out there and spend peaceful hours making things and watching the chickens stroll by. I also have sixty more hanging wombat/kangaroo pouches cut out and will whizz them through the overlocker during this same time too. I can't wait for that, as the pace has been frantic and frankly too much to bear really. So when I see all your plants and the freshly painted house, I just go "aaaah" that will be me soon. Did the parcel arrive Annabel?

    Looking forward to seeing what other people have made in the next weeks. We are all preparing for the Christmas gift period.
    Have a great week, Fi xx

  11. Kelley your work is to die for. I re read the post re your "Inspiration Station". I am about to make a coffee and head up to my sewing room to deal with the mess that has accumulated. It is time for a good clean out and tidy up. I am constantly being surprised by fabrics that I had forgotten that I have.
    Your Granddaughters dresses are just so pretty. I love the resuse of the sheeting in such a delicate and feminine way. I think you might have become my 'Inspiration'.
    Thank you so much for sharing and Annabel thank you for facilitating this.

  12. Annabel,
    Thank you for hosting show and tell again! It will be wonderful to see what everyone is making. It is always amazing. You have a craft room now that is just fantastic and I am very envious! LOL. I know you will be making some beautiful things in there.
    Kelley everything you made is just beautiful!

  13. I am so impressed by Kelley's sewing. What precious, adorable dresses!

  14. Thank you Annabel for showing Kelley's wonderful creations :) .

    I love the way you have used recycled fabrics in your sewing Kelley and you sewing is divine and I would also say heirloom gorgeous styles.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

  15. Kelley, your work is absolutely beautiful. I love how you have so many things that are using pre-loved garments/recycling fabrics. They are so beautiful and speak volumes about the love you have for your grandchildren. These items truly will become heirlooms. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for the post, Annabel. How lovely to have your own craft room. You will really put that to good use. How great in Summer too. Lots of love, Bridge

  16. Wow, what amazing clothes Kelley has made. So beautiful. I haven't got anything to show at this stage but who knows what the future holds. I might even get to take the cover off my sewing machine one of these days after the renos are over and everything isn't covered in dust. LOL!

  17. Just look at the beautiful work!!! Kelly, you are very talented and resourceful! I'm in the process of revamping my sewing corner to be able to work more efficiently and know what I have on hand. Annabel, I am glad too see Show and Tell back!

  18. I love your show and tell posts. Those dresses are incredible.... beautiful heirlooms.

  19. Those dresses... so adorable and perfect! Kelley has great talent and creativity. It really doesn't take much in terms of supplies to come up with something special. And I'll give a shout out here to the very useful skill of sewing. Not only can one save money by repairing clothing, but also by making curtains, drapes, and fun projects. How important it is to have this knowledge--and you could make money from it too. I have been sewing a quilt for my sister in law to give on her birthday which is in January. What a joy it is to give a personal gift! Excellent work, Kelley!

  20. I love this segment on your blog. To be able to see the talented and gorgeous things that are handmade is so enjoyable. Diane

  21. Thank you everyone! Kelley saw all the comments but had trouble getting her reply to post! I cant wait to see what she makes next! Thank you Kelley!xxx

  22. Dear Annabel, sorry for my late reply Ive been unwell this last week , baby sitting and keeping on top of this time of year with one thing and another .Anyway I wanted to say thankyou for Show ad Tell, and to say how beautiful Kelley's work is , and how clever using up materials on hand . Congratulations kelley, lovely news.
    And thankyou Annabel for taking time to show us everyone's work.
    With love, Maria xxx

  23. Dear Kelley,
    Wow, everything is gorgeous! As with everything you make it is hard to pick a favorite, but I absolutely love the dresses!
    Love, Kelsey

  24. Oh Kelley you are so talented! Love your beautiful handwork :)
    Love that we're getting back to show and tell! I think the blue floral is my favorite, but then I just plain adore florals in any medium!
    Have a blessed day ladies!


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