The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Monday, 12 November 2018

Getting back to Show and Tell part 2.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on Kelley's gorgeous work.  I think we are all inspired!

Todays Show and Tell is to share two Bluebirds work!

First we have Marilyn.   Marilyn has shared lots in earlier show and tell posts and she makes things for herself, gifts and Grandchildren.  She passed on her admiration of Kelleys sewing too!

Marilyn really wanted new night clothes but was finding the price of pure cotton that she prefers really expensive.  She got thinking and found a duvet cover she was no longer using was 100% pure cotton and pretty prints.  In fact one side was a contrast print to the other side.

So from one side she made herself pyjamas...

And the other side became a nightie...

Marilyn feels cool and comfy and they are so pretty.  Well done!
I asked her if she minds being on the blog in her nightie and she said no... she is not wanted by the police and maybe she will get discovered by Victorias Secret!

Since our first email she has found crochet cotton in the thrift store so she is set to do some edgings on towels.

Thanks so much Marilyn for sharing.  Fabric can be expensive as yarn can be also.   But we can beat this!  
Sheeting is also perfect for children's pyjamas, table linen, curtains, little dresses (as Kelley showed) and so many things.  I watch out always for 100% cotton sheets in pretty prints.  Thrift stores have me stocked up with reels of cotton, embroidery thread, sewing yarn, pattens, buttons and laces.  All these things are worth putting into your sewing cupboard.

Now to Barb.  Barb has been card making and she also has made cards to give away to help others at Christmas.   The gift of cards in a pack or to use is a great gift!

She also made her first sale!!  Congratulations Barb!  The many benefits of crafting!

The other benefits certainly include joy.  It is hard to think bad thoughts when working on something beautiful.  It just does us good!

Well done Barb I love your cards! 

Now I am just working on Show and Tell part 3.  Wait until you see what is next!

If you would like to share your work we would LOVE to see.  Email me at

The week is going well!  Our ride on lawn mower is being delivered!  What a help this will be!  And we got two 10 x 10 meter nets for the two biggest fruit trees!  Progress...



  1. Love the pjs and especially the nightie Marilyn, it is gorgeous. You've inspired me to make some for Mum for Christmas, she will love them. Everyone is so talented, all these skills being used and shared is inspiring.

  2. Another good show and tell Annabel!
    Marilyn I would wear your jammies! They are very pretty and look so comfy! Thank you for modeling them for us.
    Barb I love your cards especially the butterflies they are fabulous!Well done ladies!

  3. Such beautifully talented ladies. I myself am a nighty girl so this gave me some inspiration to get moving on my sewing.

  4. Another lovely Show & Tell. Gorgeous PJs Marilyn - and I loved your comment about possible modelling talent scouts! Reminds me that I want to try and make myself some new PJ shorts for summer. I am a pure cotton girl too, I can't stand polyester - especially for PJs. Will have to add that to my ever-growing 'want to make' list! And lovely cards Barb, congrats on your first sale too. Cheers, Kelly

  5. Tell Marilyn she is beautiful! And so are her pajamas !!

  6. I love the pretty floral print on the Pj's and nightgown and how resourceful to recycle the duvet cover in making them! Beautiful work Marilyn! And Barb, the recipient of those cards will be so delighted to receive them, isn't it nice to know that your work is bringing smiles to the faces of their recipient's! Annabel, another inspiring Show and Tell post … keep them coming!!!

  7. Such lovely handmade things from everyone! So many wonderful things made from items some would just toss. I have a feeling that when some of the sewing projects get really worn, the useful bits will find their way into another handmade treasure.


  8. Wow, such lovely work, both of them! Used fabric is always so perfect for sewing, from learning to sew to repurposing into something new. I love seeing others' projects! And those butterfly cards, so sweet and charming. Well done to both of you!!!

  9. the way Marilyn has recycled the duvet cover. She looks very chic! And also love the cards made by Barb.

  10. Ha, ha, ha! I love Marilyn's comments about being seen in her p.j.'s! They are wonderful. I agree about the difficulty in finding nice cotton at a good price point. Most of it is now marketed for quilting, rather than anything for sewing garments, and the price is a lot higher. So a duvet cover is a great idea!

    Barb, I love your beautiful cards! I saw a set of 12 blank cards and envelopes a couple of weeks ago at a dollar store...which is unheard of, here. I am kicking myself for not picking them up at the time, because do you think any are there now??? Of course not. (And my supply is almost zilch.) Grab the moment when you see it! (Mixing my metaphors, but you get my drift! :))

    I can't wait to see your craft room and all the crafts that will emerge from it, Annabel!

    Love, Jen in NS

  11. Marilyn's gown and pj's are lovely and look so comfy! Thank you for sharing. And thanks to Kelly and her gorgeous work. I esp. appreciate that both ladies used fabric from elsewhere. Barb's cards are amazing. You are really ahead of the holidays.

    Annabel, your garden seems to be underway. How serene your angel appears under the trees. How blessed you must feel to have fruit trees bearing.
    Love Jane's seed envelopes. I'm inspired! Thanks Bluebirds.

  12. Dear Annabel, thanks for the inspiring words along with the photos of Marilyn's beautiful sewing, she looks cool and comfy in her new nightwear , I loved the comment about talent scouts , be on your toes Marilyn ;-)
    Barb , your cards are lovely ,Im partial to butterflies :-)Congrats on your first sale , well done !
    Love Maria xxx

  13. Clever, clever, clever ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. So cute Marilyn! I bet those lovely "jammies" are so comfortable.

  15. Marilyn and Barb your craft items are beautiful.

    Personally I think you could very well be a Victorias Secret model Marilyn as I think we should all keep it real as us beautiful ladies come in all ages, sizes and looks :).


  16. Dear Annabel,
    Thank you for sharing these photos with us!
    Marilyn your pjs and gown look so pretty and comfy. They are much more beautiful than anything in the stores! I like that you upcycled what you already had, too.
    Barb, your cards are lovely. Well done. I especially love the butterflies. And congrats on your first sale! That is so exciting! Keep going!
    With love, Kelsey

  17. The pj's and gown are awesome.... they look so very comfy!


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