The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Feather your Nest Friday, 23 November, 2018.

I am late posting today as we travelled up to the city.   I have done some of my running around so now I have time to sit down for a minute.

This was a really horrible week!  Normally I am pretty cheerful about things and optimistic but I cannot pretend this was a good week.  But we all have them!  It was just really stressful and worrying and I ended up sick from it.  eek!
Everything has turned out ok I think but now I just feel a bit shell shocked,  run down and getting over a migraine.

The good thing is the week is over haha!

So I will report what good I can.  Here are some of the ways I built up our nest this week...

We both saved quite a bit of money on insurance.  With country addresses and garages we found we had big reductions in our insurance rates and also registration.

I made a batch of Blueberry GF Muffins and froze a supply as well.

I made a big batch of vanilla yoghurt.

Andy wanted to know what do I really want for Christmas?   I said a composter.  Like one you turn the handle and it makes your leaves into compost.  He said he thought that was a terrible thing to give your wife. I said well that's what I want.  
Then he asked if I had another option.  (Can you sense resistance?)
I said yes I do I would like Geese.  
So now we have ordered Geese!!!  
These are the owners geese and we are waiting on the next eggs to hatch as we are not ready with a fox proof yard for young ones yet.   But the idea is to get them young so they are super friendly like pets.  

I mainly only like pets that are useful.... They mow the lawn, keeping grass down,  they kill small snakes and they warn you when anyone unfamiliar comes in the yard or up the driveway.  Like guard Geese.   So they have jobs to do!   But I will love them as pets too.

My birthday is in January.  If he asks I will say composter again haha! 

Luke brought sheep in to eat down the grass along the driveway and around the outside of our yard.
This keeps it neat and reduces fuel should there be a fire.  This is just down the driveway past out yard gate...

This is very good and they do an amazing job!

In the garden I have baby zucchinis, tomatoes and squash!  

I know once these get going they are super fast to be ready to pick.

Finally I am back to crochet and crafts.  I have been working on kitchen towels.  I got these gorgeous cow towels from K mart. 

I just work a crochet edge around them.  I got one whole one done on the trip up.  So I will get another one finished on the way home!

We had several days of rain.  It was weird weather and a lot of people had storms but we had the best of it which was rain.  This was fantastic and did my garden so much good and my fruit trees plus the wider farm.  And it filled the rain water tanks back up.  Also not having to water was so nice like a rest. 

One of the best things I can share is how when you are in a mess and can't think straight it is wonderful having friends who will pray for you.   There are two Bluebirds who gave me wonderful advice and prayed for me.  You know who you are!  Really these are the times when you know who your really good and valuable friends are.  So many of you are beyond good friends and are exceptionally wonderful.   We are meant to keep company with good quality people and I am humbled by how good you are.  

How did you build up your nest things week?  Did you save, add to your pantry, get ahead somehow.
Our son in law came and sat with us one evening.  He is so lovely.  We were talking about how there are times things just go along and thing pretty much stay the same.  Then there are times you can "make hay while the sun shines" and get ahead in different ways.  And there are times things just go backwards!   And that is why... when you have the opportunity to get ahead, save, stock up, put up, get your presents wrapped or extra jobs done then do!  As there will be times you cannot and things go backwards.   Be like the ant and consider it's ways!  (Prov. 6:6)

Have a wonderful weekend! xxx


  1. Sorry to hear you have had a bad week. Sending a big hug! PS I love the picture of the sheep...gosh, you are really living in the country!

    1. Dear Earthmother, Yes our surrounds are very Aussie farm! I should say the noises too as the sheep make a fair bit of noise! But they mow things down so neatly like it has actually been mowed. And its fertilised at the same time! Thank you for your kind words! With love

  2. Not a simple week, agree. Too ,uch of everything at the same time.
    I like your wish for the Christmas present - a composter. Quite a useful thing, indeed.
    It's starting getting colder here, in Hungary, and we have prepared some bird feeders and seeds for them. The garden is almost empty, but my husband made me one more vegetable bed, where I planted some winter breeds of carrots, parsley and onions. They are told to survive frosts up to -25 without any snow on them. Anyway spring will show who wins: plants or weather. :)
    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Svetlana, I am so happy having you here from Hungary! I cant imagine the cold as I just have never experienced it like that! But I hope your winter vegetable beds are a success. As it gets colder there we are going into our hot weather. Both extremes take some preparation and then indoor time! Wishing you a good weekend! With love

  3. hope all settles down for just have to keep going when things go wrong.take care of yourself. love ann

    1. Thanks so much Ann. Yes we have to keep going. I heard a saying that when you are going through hell whatever you do dont stop! i.e. you dont want to stay there you want to move on! This is true.

  4. Dear Annabel, I hope your weekend is peaceful, restful and stress free. Your tea towels are lovely. I made some pot holders a couple of weeks ago with cows on them and Hannah promptly picked one for herself :) We have had rain this week too. Sometimes city folk forget that rain is vital, it's easy to turn the tap on and let the water run. My garden tank is full, this will help with the garden. It hasn't stopped here today, we've had 24ml since 9am! That's almost an inch in old-speak. Those sheep will be leaving lots of lovely fertiliser for you too. We used to make a liquid tea from it, and use it on the gardens, it can be a bit strong if you just use it straight. I've used your castor oil wrap on my leg this week - it helped enough to get me to sleep, so thank you for that advice. I've been making soap this week. Some for us, some for gifts, and it's been so much fun, not at all like work. This is one chore I really enjoy. And finally finished the Christmas cakes! One is in the cake dome for the troops to eat, the others are wrapped and safely put away for later. Have a lovely weekend, Cath xxxx

    1. Dear Cath, Despite supposedly living in the driest state of the driest county the people who do the weather moan about rain! Drought is the most terrible thing. They seem to have no idea. With Dad I grew up you NEVER complained about rain! And I associate it with happiness as Dad would be so happy if it was raining... like it was so joyful. So the sound of rain on the roof is one of my happiest sounds.
      Now the idea of full tanks is a very happy thought too!
      Oh I am so glad you tried the castor oil. I used to think castor oil was a cheap and artificial thing I had no idea. When I had time and cause to read up on it I saw it is proven to detoxify and help the lymphatic system and reduce swelling. Now I know inflammation and swelling are the cause of much pain. So keep at it as I think the effects are going to build up over time too.
      Soap making is lovely. Jane also made some and it looks luminescent so I better ask her how she did this. I love the coffee soap and imagine the smell!
      It is wonderful you send a cake to the troops. Well done. That is so kind.
      Many thanks Cath, with love

  5. Annabel I am so sorry to hear you had such a bad week and you are right we all have them unfortunately. Glad it all turned out for the better in the end and you had some good friends supporting and councelling you along the way :).

    That is great about the reduction in your insurance rates and rego every bit of a discount helps. Your cooking as usual looks divine.

    A bit of a mixed week here too as our new to us car's trailer plug clagged it so had to buy a new one. DH put the manure on the trailer and put a black plastic on as a cover which blew up like a balloon along the way so we had to tie that down a number of times before he put the tarp on. Whilst throwing firewood from under the house I told DH to stop for a while until I loaded up the trailer but he continued and a log lobbed over the pile and crashed into my ankle causing severe bruising, not meant of course but good news is that I had it x-rayed today and nothing is broken :). I am merely limping a bit.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $175.29 last week :).

    Finances -
    - Listed 10 items on eBay saving $16.50 on usual listing fees.

    Purchases -
    - Purchased 6 months worth of prescription dental dry cat food saving $40.68 on buying it at the local veterinary clinic.
    - Using items already on special and coupling them with a $10 off voucher on eBay I purchased 2 x ankle, 2 wrist and 6 knee supports for $1.32 saving $10.
    - Purchased 2 x 3 x 3.6m heavy duty trailer tarps already on special and couple that with a 20% off voucher on Ebay saving another $71.60 over usual prices in the local hardware stores.

    House organisation -
    - Moved 2 loads of firewood to the farm.
    - Packed another kitchen pantry into labelled boxes.
    - Had a friend come over to load our manure into the trailer with his tractor free of charge saving us around $22.

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked a double batch of coconut queen biscuits saving $14.51 over purchasing the equivalent quality in the supermarket.

    Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

    1. Dear Lorna, From a lot of wood stacking and fires I know how heavy and hard logs are and that must have been really painful. Probably you have a very swollen ankle by now. Do put it up as much as possible. Maybe some arnica. Severe bruising can take a fair while to heal. But I am so glad it is not broken!!
      How handy to have the help of a tractor. That would make a big difference. Since my nephew helped us with the tractor I am amazed what they can do to turn a huge job into a small one.
      Rest that ankle! I hope you have a good new week! With love

    2. Thank you Annabel I am trying to keep off it as much as possible and fortunately the majority of the house packing is done. Put an elastic bandage on it to support it, taking panadol for the pain and using arnica cream which is helping with the bruising.

      Tractors do save a lot of time and manual labour and our friend is coming back with it to level the vegetable patches in the back yard, bring up a load of soil from the paddock and level the area where we dug in our collapsible rainwater tanks.

      Have a great week :) and hope you got the our soon to be new address I emailed to you.


  6. Hi Annabel,
    I'm sorry to hear this past week was trying. I do hope you are able to rest up over the weekend and 'play' in your new surroundings. Your posts always a light to your readers, full of inspiration and hope.

    I've been pretty quiet here this year as I've been addressing some health issues, nothing serious, but requiring constant monitoring.

    This week I made a start on Christmas food prep ( a little late, but …). I made your Christmas cake recipe which produced 1 large cake, 1 medium and 10 individual cakes. Your gingerbread recipe was also put to good use - half has been baked and the other half I'll bake this coming week. My plan is to assemble several Christmas hampers from home made goodies. I've been given some lemons, so I'm hoping to give your lemon butter recipe a go.

    Thank you for all you do, best wishes,


    1. Dear Janine, Thank you so much. I have had a break of sorts in the city and today had a nice time with the girls too.
      I am sorry about your health issues. The week had me we several no serious things but together I felt miserable. Then we realise how much everything depends on our health. So do whatever you have to do to get on top of things if you can. Do all the right things.
      I hope my recipes turned out well and you like them. The gingerbread is something I love and must get some made. Christmas hampers are a great idea. If you look in the shops at hampers you nearly fall over when you see the prices. Janine look at my Vanilla Shortbread recipe... it is pretty inexpensive to make and looks really fancy! I like to add glazed cherries to it too. The red looks extra fancy!
      And the lemon butter... try it! It freezes as well nicely. It is a good gift and fills a pie or a pav or a sponge... it is amazing with cream in a sponge!! I had yellow roses to put on top and this all looked pretty but was ridiculously easy! Thanks so much for your kindness, with love

  7. Dear Annabel, I am so sorry you have had a bad week. I will pray for you. I am glad I am not the only one who likes practical presents for Christmas and birthdays etc. I asked for plants for my birthday :) I love practical gifts. i love your tea towel. I have crocheted some, but they are no way as good as yours but they have been great for mindfulness for me! I love your vege garden and seeing pictures of the farm brings me such a big smile. Sending you love. Lots of love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge, I just love that you are crocheting. Keep at it too! Needlework and knitting etc are soothing. They really do you good I believe.
      Plants are a beautiful gift. Plants give me so much joy each day. I have a lot of houseplants as well as the garden of course.
      Have a good new week. Christmas and the lead up are so exciting with little kids! With love,

  8. Hi Annabel, sorry to hear you have had a bad week. Here’s hoping you get some rest over the weekend, and are fresh and ready to face a new week come Monday.

    I just wanted to mention one really big thing I did to build my pantry this week. Woolworth’s had my preferred brand of tin tomatoes, chick peas and red kidney beans on sale for 70cents each, that’s half price! I’ve NEVER seen them this cheap, so I bought 4 cases of tomatoes (48) tins, 2 cases of chickpeas (24 tins) and another 2 cases of red kidney beans!

    It cost me $67.20, but I saved a whopping $67.20, and tinned items store for a long time, and these are items we always use.

    Thank you for being a huge encouragement to me in the art of preparedness.

    From Cheryl

    1. Dear Cheryl,
      I did not see these specials! They are great prices! I think tinned tomatoes are the most useful thing! Well done on grabbing the opportunity to build up your pantry! These are good times to really add loads and it is the way to do it!
      Thanks so much! I did get kind of a break in Adelaide. Have a good new week. With love

  9. Dear Annabel,

    Sorry to hear your week didn't go so well. Tomorrow is a new day with new adventures to look forward to.

    You sound so much like a farm girl now, it makes me smile. Geese do make good guard dogs and would more than likely give a fox a run for its money. I used to run away as quick as I could when they chased me on the farm, those ganders are really scary and would fight to the death to protect their family! This was in daylight hours of course, night time they would need to be safe. Foxes are getting bad around here, I guess they are getting hungry and moving into the town looking for food.

    A composter would be a great gift! I asked for a garden cart from my kids for Christmas a couple of years ago and it is the most useful thing. I use it all the time to transport this and that around the yard :)

    My veggie garden is up and running again. We have been busy renewing the wicking beds and now I am planting out seeds and seedlings. Just need a bit of rain to kick them along, we didn't get any out of the storm that went through.

    I love those tea-towels, they are very unusual and look lovely with your finishing touches.

    We have an Aldi at Port Pirie now, so I wont have to wait until we travel to Adelaide to shop there. So good to have a store close by :)

    Take care of you,

    Lots of love,
    Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania,
      Thanks Tania. Foxes numbers have gone crazy! The main reason I think is farmers used to hunt them. Many of the farm hands I knew subsidies their incomes with foxes some to thousands a year! Now the hides are not worth it... and I think our wildlife suffers a lot because of their numbers. I will be so upset if foxes get any of my geese (or chickens!) so we are working on trying to make things safe.
      I feel like a farm girl now! I am loving it!
      A garden cart sounds so handy! Andy got a trailer to go with his mower... I am thinking this is going to be really useful.
      I really hope you got some rain. It is Sat. night and raining here in Adelaide... I am not sure if it rains at the farm but we got a lot. (over a week) Very grateful for this.
      I saw you did so much work on the veggie garden. It looks amazing.
      I love these Highland cows. Very farmy!
      It is great you have a closer Aldi. I just went today. They had amazing things. I have saved so much with Aldi. I love getting the new catalogue!
      Have a good weekend and new week. With love

  10. Dear Annabel, sorry to hear this has been a terrible week. Glad you have good friends to lean on & help lift you up when you are down. Thinking of you & sending big hugs, Kelly

    1. Dear Kelly, Thank you. All your comments and support are so encouraging to me. I really appreciate them. It counts a lot to me. Thanks so much! With love

  11. Dear Annabel,

    I am so happy to hear that you have such good friends and that it makes such a difference, both in good times and in bad! And I love how you can still look at and add up all the good things that happened, even in a bad week. Lots of love, and hoping your weekend and upcoming week are lovely.

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, Thank you! I will tell you this... prayer works... which I know you know too! There is something how it is hard to pray for yourself in a crisis as it is hard to think straight... and others praying for you makes such a difference. And still many good things happened and came from it all. I hope we both have a very good new week! With love and thanks,

  12. Dear Annabel,
    Practical and useful gifts are the best😃
    I spent the week packing boxes to give away of extra kitchen items. Today, I will continue on in my quest to eliminate all the extra.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Dear Glenda,
      Well done on the kitchen decluttering. Someone will benefit from what you do not need.
      I love practical gifts. I do not like clutter. I have been asked since about presents... I can think of plants, seeds, kitchen towels, a new clothesline... and so on. All practical! I hope your packing up is going well! With love

  13. Annabel,
    So sorry to hear you had a bad week. To say the least. My prayers are with you dear.

    You have accomplished much this last week. The Geese are a very good idea, they are great watchdogs. As for snakes, the more geese the better.

    The composter sounds great but with all your land I would consider compost piles next to each other for rotation and divided.

    We have spent this week just prepping for Thanksgiving but I was fortunate enough to add to my panties also. Which made me happy. After our move they seem to need a lot of restocking since we were eating them down before and after the move. Helped with less to move and less money spent.
    Now I am praying for good Holiday sales to help restock.

    We are behind on Christmas gifts and are letting all in family know we are not splurging this year since we sort of just don't have it to do it after buying the home. Hoping all will understand.

    We were able to purchase a 23 pound turkey for a little over $8 for our Thanksgiving celebration, we feed 15 with it, have leftovers for today for 12 people and our traditional Turkey Soup day on Saturday, I think we are up to 20 people for that meal. I was blessed with finding expensive cakes at the grocery store marked down, $18 cakes for $3.99, it would have cost me more to make them, we purchased 2, so I will have those on Saturday. I did enough baking for Thanksgiving. Of course I will make homemade rolls and biscuits though. I can't not have homemade.

    Our Thanksgiving feast ran us less than $1 per person, we used most out of our pantry.

    Prayers are with you,
    Love, Rosanne

    1. Dear Rosanne, Thank you! I havent had much success with piles for compost. The turning it over part is probably too hard for me. We sure have space though.
      I am sure the family will understand if you keep it simple. You have had a huge year!
      That turkey sounds fantastic!! I love turkey. The price of your feast is incredible and I know you serve beautiful and generous meals. How wonderful! Well done! With much love

  14. Sorry you had a rough week, saying a prayer for you. Your gift request sounds great to me. One year for our anniversary K asked for a new toilet seat My husband got me one and his friends haven't let him forget it. I told him not to pay any attention to them, it's what I wanted.

    1. haha! I knew someone who asked for a trailer load of manure... but her husband said he could not give her literally a pile of S##t for Christmas or he would never live it down. haha! So the toilet is a bit similar. Also this could happen here. There is a little house nearby that Andy has set up as a music studio. It actually needs a new toilet. Maybe this is what I will give him as that would be pretty funny. Yet needed! xxx

  15. Woohoo Annabel you are a girl after my own heart. I got my barrel composter for Mothers Day last year. For my Birthday this year, I asked for and got a blower that is powered by the same rechargable batteries Bluey has for his tools. I can get the sand off the veranda in no time flat. I dont need fancy things to sit around and clutter up my home. I need and want things that are practical and make life easier. I love my composter that I can roll every couple of days. I get good compost in 4 weeks. I have the old sit on the ground round composter as well. It is hard to get enough air through it to make the materials break down. I have this sitting under the lemon tree and it is providing a lovely slow break down for the tree.
    I raised 4 Magpie Geese years ago. They would follow me everywhere and terrorised the children. They took to trying to eat the rubber around the windsreen of the car. A dingo got into their yard one night. No more geese.
    Love seeing your farming adventures. I hope this week you are able to find the rainbows in your life.
    Life is good

    1. Dear Jane,
      Well we are both get things done type people! And making stuff type people too! I also have a blower vac in a size I can manage. I love it. It has one of those battery packs too. Its fantastic.
      Four weeks is fast. I never realised it could be that fast! I have the raw material everywhere!!! I could be smashing out a lot of compost!
      mmm I am hoping the geese will stay in this paddock. My Nan had a very good pet duck but they are smaller and less aggressive. She had picked up the egg to look as it as she could see it was hatching! The phone rang and she ran inside to answer it and dropped it!!! Yet it still hatched and was ok... and must have thought Nan was its mother.
      Things are much better. It is a bit of an adventure out here. Something every day!
      Have a good week to you... with lots of sewing! With love

  16. I hope things have settled down and you can relax now.

    We have two composers. One Rubbermaid old one is more like a thick walled plastic box and the other is a tumbler like you want. The only draw back to the tumbler is no worms in it since the worms can't get in! If we put some in they would cook cause they cannot go burner into the soil and get cool. We have had our composter for over 15 years and it is still working great. We had a problem for a while with mice getting into the compost box. So i started putting all the food scraps into the tumbler cause the mice can't get into it. :) Extra scraps I put in the garden using sheet composting method. We used to have just bins but these took up less room and there is only the two of us. The tumbler also stays damp as it is shut up so does not ned water added much at all to keep the compost a bit damp. Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah for the info on the types of composters. You have given me things to consider. Our food scraps go to chickens so the composter would be all organic garden material etc. Later when we have geese they will get the spinach etc and excess greens. Sort of chokes and geese are composters! But we have so many leaves plus manure... and a composter will put this all to good use also. Thank you for your help! xxx

  17. Dear Annabelle, Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. My thoughts are with you. Luv Jo
    (Apologies if this comes up twice - not sure what I did)

    1. Thanks Jo! Things are going much better this week. We all have some shockers sometimes! I went yesterday to one of our closest big towns which is Naracoorte. They have a few op shops that look promising!!! xxx

  18. Chris Southern Highlands24 November 2018 at 13:01

    The composter is a great idea. I got one for Christmas a couple of years ago and use it constantly. Have asked for a worm farm this year.

    Am glad your terrible horrible week turned out not so bad.

    1. Dear Chris, this is an idea! Let me know if you do get your worm farm and how it is. This would be a really interesting add on to a composter. Our soil here is fairly sandy so it could do with improvements in most areas.
      Thanks so much. With love

  19. Dear Annabel,

    I was so sorry to hear your last week was bad! I'm hoping that you have enjoyed the weekend and things are going better! I've been keeping you in my prayers.

    We are enjoying a visit to our son and family in Washington (state). We all worked together to make and enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. I'll use some of the leftover turkey to make turkey biscuit ring, a favorite dish of my son's. I finished repairing the mermaid tail blanket to bring back to our granddaughter. The repair was a little more difficult than I anticipated, making me almost wish I had let my DIL throw it away. Granddaughter was pleased, so it was worth it. I also brought part of their Christmas gifts to save some postage costs. We will likely be flying rather than driving now that they have moved.

    At home, my garden is thriving in the cooler weather. I've harvested a few sweet potatoes and am beginning to pick some lettuce. I've been transplanting some of the lettuce and broccoli plants that were too thick and some volunteer tomatoes that grew outside the compost. The tomato plants that survived the summer are putting on tomatoes. Nasturtiums have self-seeded in a few places. The chrysanthemum plants I got on clearance two years ago are blooming again for their third season. I picked some of the chrysanthemums and vincas to bring inside to enjoy.

    I have been enjoying the show and tell. The Bluebirds are a talented, creative group!

    I have a few rice hot packs cut out for Christmas gifts. I plan on baked goods for a few gifts, too. I started putting a small Christmas tree shaped pumpkin bread in the Christmas stockings a few years ago. It's a tradition now. They are also well received as a little treat/gift for people i want to remember with something small. My daughter is planning on participating in a couple cookie swaps and has told me I can have all or most of the cookies. That will be a wonderful help with some of the food gifts I have planned.

    Wishing you and the other Beautiful Bluebirds a wonderful week!
    Love from Arizona,

    1. Dear Elaine, It is so smart to take presents early rather than post later. I am doing everything I can to avoid lots of postage this year.
      The mermaid blanket sounds lovely. Well done on the repairs!
      I LOVE turkey and I love left overs. To me this is heavenly as after so much cooking then there are days off using things up.
      I think hot packs are a great gift. I cant survive without my hot packs and I save up nice fabrics suitable to make more. Thick and lush fabrics like velvet and really good!
      The cookies will be great! What a good idea a swap is!
      Enjoy every moment of your list with your son and have a wonderful new week, with love Annabelxxx

  20. I am so sorry that you had a bad week. Praying for you.

    We had a bad week, too. Mom had a stroke and she is Dad's caregiver. Mom ended up in the hospital and my sister took over taking care of Dad. Mom was supposed to go to rehab and she refused and checked herself out of the hospital and is now at home. This is not good. Both of them could end up in a nursing home before the week is over. Then the financing that we were counting on to help with moving was greatly reduced so that we may not be able to make a move at all.

    We did have a lovely Thanksgiving at our youngest son's and he did all the cooking. Traffic was terrible on the way and a 3 hour trip was 5 hours but we came straight home yesterday with no delay. As we were coming int town at our son's on Wednesday night the sky was a beautiful sunset in the color bands of a rainbow. We had never seen such a thing before but it was as if God was saying that it is all going to be okay and to keep our eyes on Him. It was such a comfort.

    Much love to you all as we enter this holiday season and we are all so stressed and tired. We can do it!

    1. Dear Lana,
      Oh no. I am so sorry to aha this! Your week was much worse than mine. Your poor Mum but your poor Dad too.
      The situation sounds very difficult. I think it may take time to see how it levels out, how your Mum is as she recovers. Dad had a stroke years ago. It affected him quite a bit but he recovered most of it back and mainly you wouldnt know. So I hope your Mum can revere really well and things will be ok!
      That sunset sounds beautiful and I have never seen one like that. Yes I would take that as a softly spoken word from God too. I always feel this way when I witness something like that.
      Lana I hope things improve this week. With much love

  21. Annabel I am so sorry to hear about your week. Most things are better if you can ride them out for three days, especially useful when you want to say something you shouldn't. Time gives us the perspective we need.

    1. Dear Barb, Yes things often look better when there is time to see the whole picture and the dust settles! And things are much better. I hope you have a good new week! So far we are off to a fairly good start! With love

  22. Sorry for your difficult week, Annabel. Your garden and crocheted towels are lovely!
    Praying for you.

    1. Thank you Leslie! Things are going much better this week. (so far!) I hope you have a good week too. Love


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