The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 2 August 2018

Feather your Nest Friday, 3 August, 2018.

I hope you had a good week!  We have had lots of rain which is fantastic.  Lots of Australia in in drought and we had rain that has gone on for hours and hours and all night.

Things are not normal here with packing up, working on getting this house ready to sell and planning what to do first at the farm house.
I have boxes everywhere!  We are going back in a week and a bit so we will fill up Andy's van with things to take.

I did have a few savings.  I got $30 in Flybuy points which I will turn into $60 of groceries.  I am saving this for building up my new pantry.

I made yoghurt, baked custards and all the meals as usual.

I also worked on my use it up challenge and made a couple of meals from things in the fridge and freezer.   The freezer is gradually emptying out.

We have so many plans and so much to do!   I have a notebook just to keep track of moving.   While we are keeping the vintage kitchen and stove the counter tops need renewing so we are replacing those and I have been picking out what to have.  There are some other things to pick out i.e. new shower screen and paint colours.

I have so many lists!

The lady who was living in the house had a great collection of chickens...

These Silkies were white and grey.  I put in an order as Harper and Scarlett would love these! 
She told me that a nearby town has two chicken auctions per year where you can get all kinds of varieties of chooks.  So we are planning to go to that!   We will have to work out how many to get!  I think attending a country chicken auction has to be a fantastic day out! 

Other news is Chloe and Luke now have a cat.  First of all Chloe got chickens when she found out a neighbour had moved out and they left the chooks behind.  By the time knew what had happened  some had already died and she rescued the rest.  From this she got a great variety of chickens and also ended up being allowed to have the whole hen house, feed bins etc! 
This time.... people moved out of a house and left their cat behind.  Luke found out about this and started feeding the cat.  New people were moving in to this house and they said they hate cats and would shoot it.  So you can guess what happened next.  Now Chloe has a cat. 
This is ok... she has a large lawn around her house and all the birds are big ones like cockatoos.  The cat can keep down the mice and this will help with snakes.  So he has a job!

He seems to love Chloe.  We already save all bones and meat scraps for Sully (the dog) so now we will do the same for Herb. Yes, his name is Herb!

Last week I felt like we were waiting waiting to go see the house.  How time drags by when you are waiting!
Now I am waiting waiting to go back and get working! 

I want to share some photos...

The first is from Jen in NC.  She always has an amazing garden and inspires me with what I want at the farm...

Jen is bringing in veggies but she says the heat has hit the garden in recent days.   We will have this problem too Jen.  I put sheets over some things on the worst days.

And Vicky... she has worked so hard on her garden and is now harvesting too...

How beautiful the cabbages look!  The whole scene is gorgeous!  I dreamed of space like this and now I will have it! 

This is the time for them to be filling their shelves!  And for us it is the time in winter to be waiting to start.

I know soon my waiting time will turn into being so busy and getting ready for summer.   Summer will be the hardest time at the farm as fires are our main worry and it gets very hot.  Winter will be glorious with two fires going and an endless wood supply! 

How was your week?  How did you build up your home, save, get ahead, add to your pantry? 
I hope you have a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. Oh Annabell this all so exciting, I am so happy for you and Andy. So much to do, but such fun work. am so looking forward to your progress.

    1. Thanks Cassandra! I hope to have loads of photos coming in a couple of weeks. A lot will happen quickly then, I cant wait! xxx

  2. Dear Annabel and beautiful bluebirds,
    Thank you for another lovely blog post Annabel,thank you for posting when you are so busy. I love Chloe's new cat Herb , he's a friendly and mischievous looking fellow!

    Thank you for the photos of Vicky and Jens gardens , I would love to have the room for such a beautiful garden . I have a small garden full of bromeliads , other than that I can have plants in pots so I would like to start a herb garden again soon .
    I didn't report in with my nest feathering earlier in the week so I have two weeks to count.
    My two weeks have included:
    Centacare services- 12 hours over the two weeks , a savings of $552 compared to private services.
    2 Medical appointments , bulk billed , saving $120 .
    Medication ( free because I reached the safety net months ago) , $80.
    Grocery savings , $40 ( this was achieved by buying reduced to clear and half priced items as part of my shop) .
    Meals from my parents, beef stroganoff and a roast chicken dinner. $20 savings.
    Transport: saved on taxis by getting rides with my parents $50.
    I got a discount on a phone case $5 savings.
    I got a discount when we went out to sizzler for breakfast on Sunday $5 savings .
    I earnt $10 worth of flybuys points , $10 savings .
    Cooked most meals at home $50 savings approximately ( saved by not buying takeaway) .
    A friend gave me some cooked pieces of.chicken and some fruit loaf , saving $10 approximately
    I bought myself a gift and saved $51
    Total savings over 2 weeks : $993
    I hope everyone has a lovely weekend , love BarbW.

    1. Dear Barb,
      Some herbs in pots grow really well. I have pots at the back door and they are so handy. I will be expanding soon as well!
      Thank you for posting your savings! It is wonderful that you count the centacare services as they are truly worth such a lot and in many ways too i.e. getting ahead with meals prep etc what a good advantage.
      I think the cat has gorgeous green eyes! He seems quite settle in now he has a bed and was very very hungry at first. Now he seems ok. So someone found a loving home! We will see him in a week!
      Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  3. What an exciting time for you! We have been busy in our garden-canning tomatoes & beans! Wondering if you have heard more from Laine? how is she doing and is she going to write something soon?

    1. Dear Backy, Well done on your tomatoes and beans! Yes I have heard from Laine as I was sharing with her our farm news. They have another Grand baby on the way which will be the tenth! And Laine I think is writing us a post coming up. She is busy with home schooling and I think it has been very hot there. I will write to her over the weekend! Have a good weekend to you! With love

  4. Annabel your going to have a great garden I am excited to see what you will grow and how lovely your new house is going to be. Herb is a cutie! I love orange cats they have such personality! Jen- your garden is fantastic! I know the work you have in it and it looks fabulous!
    Our week has been all garden, produce and canning. I was thinking the other day when I was in the garden a few years ago we had so much ice it was hard to get anywhere. It was a huge blessing to not have to drive in it because the pantry was full. Anyway I have been canning pickles and green beans so far and we have been eating fresh veggies every day. As Jane says life is good!

    1. Dear Vicky, I actually cant wait to be able to talk gardening with you. When you have winter I will be harvesting and vice versa!
      If I had winters like you I also would want to stay in particularly when it is dangerous like ice. And you can with good planning and preparation.
      Well done on a big week! And thank you for the gorgeous photos I am sure they are inspiring others! With lots of love,

  5. Annabel still so excited for you and can only imagine how busy you are and being the super woman you are even amongst the chaos of selling and moving managed to save too :).

    Jen and Vicky your gardens are gorgeous you should be proud of them and like us I bet they supply your family with lots of food :).

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $487.35 last week :).

    Here is what we did to save money and feather our nest -

    Finances and earnings -
    - Banked more money into our home deposit savings account bringing us to 27.14% of the way there.
    - Made $21.80 by selling capsicum garden seeds saved from the gardens and 100 g of dried organically grown thyme from the gardens.
    - As both of our chainsaws gave up the ghost and I knew the owner of the repair shop wanted them for parts I organised a deal and he gave us $200 for both which recouped 55% of what we spent on our 2 new chainsaws :).

    Gifts and blessings -
    - A friend who owns a property nearby was being overrun with eggs from his chickens and gave us 3 dozen saving us $12 over buying them.

    In the gardens -
    - Harvested more French and English lavender and a lot of rosemary from the gardens as they needed pruning which we currently have drying.
    - Separated 497 g of organically grown dried thyme picked from the gardens saving $73.55 over buying the equivalent amount in the shops.
    - Picked 2.5 kg of cherry tomatoes from the gardens which we washed and froze in meal sized portions for the freezer saving $30 over buying them in the supermarket.
    - Cut, collected and split 3/4's of a cubic metre of Ironbark firewood free from a friends property closeby saving $150 over purchasing it locally.

    Have a great week ahead everyone :).


    1. Dear Sewingcreations, Your garden, Vicky's and Jens all have me just bursting to get started. And up the hill from the house there is a shearing shed. Underneath that is more sheep manure than you can imagine. So I think I will make it my extra exercise to go up with a wheel barrow and get a load every day until I have all I need on the garden.
      How great about the eggs! I see chickens in your future maybe when you get your place? We are planning to put a heap of hay into the chicken shed and they can break it down into good mulch for us.
      That is a lot of cherry tomatoes! Also all that free firewood is fantastic and firewood to buy is so expensive as you know.
      When you hit that 30% point I am going to celebrate with you! So close now!
      Well done on all your work and savings.
      Have a lovely weekend! With much love,

  6. Hello dear Annabel, I haven't had time to read your blogs for sometime I'm sorry ! It's so exciting you're moving to the farm I just know you will be in your "element"!!! And make it beautiful. Please pray for rain our farmers in mid west NSW are struggling so hard. We haven't had rain for more than six months and none on the horizon. Farmers are having to slaughter their animals because there is on grass. Its just heartbreaking seeing lambs barely able to walk all bones. Love Sonia

    1. Dear Sonia, I am so glad to hear from you! I think of you and hope and pray your dreams come true of a house.
      Thank you so much for your kindness! I know the drought is just terrible. This is why Im so grateful when we have rain. I count every drop as a blessing. I cant wait to show you more of the house! I hope things are going well for you! With much love,

  7. Daer Annabel , first I mus apologise for now commenting lately as I have been away travelling on and off these last few months . Also I wrote a reply to you last post after You'd seen the farm house new home to be, but then closed down without sending duh! I know now I was comign down with a bug of some kind which started last Saturday , and my voice was croaky for 5 days , and good yestedray but then overdid it and was croaky this morning.
    Anyway I want to say how much I enjoyed reading about the new farm place , seeing the lovely St George stove, and feeling your enthusiasm that the new home has lots of light and a good feeling vibe .
    Herb looks a lovely cat and I hope he earns his keep for Lucy , which Im sure he will .
    I too am using up my freezer contents before we go away in just over a week , to our youngest's wedding in Qld.Buying just the basics of fruit and veg and milk.And doing little baking to help the waistline.
    I tried a new fruit and veg shop this well our daughter told me about , that she said also sold bread and milk . Just as well im on my toes, and asked about bread, to be told they don't sell it anymore.Their milk was dear but most fruit and vege wasnt. I walked up to the store further away that sells a little milk and bread and got the last cheap loaf (In price )and the milk was $1 cheaper per bottle than the first shop.My last two weeks groceries have been 1/4 to 1/3 cheaper than my usal weekly groceries as Im using up my freezer stocks.
    What orderly lookign vege gardens Jen in NC and Vicki have , well done, youv've worked very hard !
    I meant to say I rubbed Oregano oil on my chest to help as my croak and dry cough felt like it was comign from the chest .I feel it helped stop it developing to bigger things.
    Have a lovelty weekend Bluebirds, love Maria xxx

    1. Dear Maria, Thats ok I was glad you were having a rest as you had a pretty full on couple of years!
      Ah the time for the wedding already! Yes do rest so you get rid of the croaky throat.
      I am finding the same with using up freezer things my grocery bill is lower so I am building up my slush fund for bargains!
      Everyone here has colds and bugs. Each time my sore throat has started up I have the oregano oil going. I have been exposed to so many sick people including the kids so I have run my diffuser over night each night with germ killer. I think it has helped a lot. This reminds me to keep that going this weekend!
      Thank you for all your encouragement re the farm. I cant wait to show you much more! With lots of love

  8. Annabel,
    What a wonderful Blessing your new home will be. I am so excited and happy for you and Andy.
    The thoughts going through your head on all the needs at the farm and getting your home ready to sell have to be exhausting, please take care of yourself during this time.
    I can't wait to see pictures of the farm, and the transformation into your home.
    Chloe is so loving, you have brought your girls up right and it shows. Her new cat looks like he will make a good mouser. I love his eyes.

    I have been sick for 2 weeks now and haven't accomplished much pantry wise in stocking. I did add to my Christmas present pantry well though, I crocheted 5 sets of kitchen items and 2 hand sewed 2 powder puff.
    My stepdaughter is expecting Jan 2nd, so my next project is a baby afghan. Well as soon as I get to craft store again.
    I did get out with husband yesterday we went to 2 grocery stores and he did a fine job finding the reduced meats, we hadn't seen any in weeks. We added $235.66 in purchases for $125.72, not exactly 1/2 price but $44.14 of that was meat for the freezer. It felt good to get it restocked some. I was also able to purchase 8 boxes of cereal for the Grandchildren for free and earn 2 - $3 off your next purchase coupons.

    Prayers your weekend is full of wonderful times.

    1. Dear Rosanne,
      Thank you! I have been forgetting to ask if you have tried breathe easy or germ killer for your breathing and chest. I have had the diffuser going all the time because the kids and Lucy had terrible colds, coughs etc. The first sign I get stuck into the oregano etc. It honestly seems to have helped so much.
      The powder puffs you made were absolutely luxurious!
      I hope you are feeling much better and have a restful weekend! With lots of love,

  9. Oh, Annabel! I am so happy and excited for you and Andy! I am looking forward to seeing the before and after pictures of your new home. It will be such a wonderful journey for you and, lucky us!, we get to come along for the ride! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Dear Jen, Thank you! Plans changed so I will now be back at the house in four days! I should get lots of pictures as it is vacant now. Have a good weekend to you too! With love

  10. Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments on my garden! It is much more overgrown and drier right now, but is still producing like mad! I'm on my way out to give it a bit of water to eke it along for another couple of days. Vicky, your garden is amazing! Not a weed in sight and all those cabbages!!! (I can taste the sauerkraut already!!) If you have that many plants of everything you plant, your garden must be huge! Annabel, what a blessing to have all that sheep manure to use...your garden will be amazing! And yes, running a wheelbarrow full of "goodies" is fabulous exercise!!

    I love Chloe's cat. He looks like a wizened cat and will be great to have around!

    It's been busy here this week. I harvested and froze swiss chard, we picked red currants and black currants and juiced or dried them, and weeded and watered the garden, and ate salad, onions, etc.. Our oldest also just graduated (home school), so we were busy organizing a ceremony and celebration, which was wonderful. We also helped with uni registration for the fall...a new chapter begins! This will also be done from home for the first year, through online courses, so it's not as big an adjustment as it otherwise would be. I just have to learn to back off and not organize my oldest's day for her! :) (Old habits die hard.)

    There is no end of the heat and drought in sight for us, either. It seems the whole world is hot right now! (For us, though, unlike areas of Australia, I know we will be back in monsoon season soon enough when it never stops raining!!)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, getting ever closer to the farm!

    Lots of love,

    Jen in Nova Scotia

    1. Dear Jen,
      I loved seeing your pictures Jen. Like the sight of pantries and produce gardens just make me happy. Well done on homeschooling to graduation! I think it is excellent about uni from home too.
      I am sorry about the heat. I know we will be likely to get this in summer. It knocks every plant, person and animal around. Thank you again! With love

    2. Jen in Nova Scotia thank you so much I admire your garden as well! LOL I do have that many of everything we planted except zucchini and potatoes. I'll be making a huge amount of sauerkraut this year I think. LOL plus fried cabbage and noodles, cabbage rolls, boiled cabbage and potatoes, etc.

    3. Ha Ha, Vicky...101 ways to eat cabbage, right? (Or carrots or beans or beets or....) I laughed about the "except zucchini" comment...only 2 or 3 plants would certainly give you a plethora!!!!!!!!! xx Jen in NS

      P.S. Annabel...we got rain!!!!!!!!!!!! (And found out the roof repairs we did did NOT work. Time to call in the roofers.) The garden practically doubled in size!!

      xx Jen

  11. Hi Annabel please pray for rain for NSW all the drought is the WORST in 400 years. Its heartbreaking to see farmers having to shoot or sell. No rain in over 8 months. And its unseasonably warm. This means all of the country will be affected with food prices esp meat but all fruit veg etc. you can donate as little as $20 or money for groceries.
    I'm thinking more laterally to get more education over 2 years and leave Sydney behind and move to the country. I'm asking God for guidance and peace in doing so. I'm thinking of studying ultrasound. Good money with the ability to work anywhere that has a machine. I adore people and great empathy , also considering finishing my master of social work. Just still thinking as too late for this year.
    A job opening has come up so I'm praying I will get that in the meantime. 3 days 12 hour shifts. It would fit really well.
    Your new farm looks delightful, I'm sure growing your own things is a passion you have like me. Love sonia

    1. Dear Sonia, The buy a bale programme is just wonderful.
      Because we are farmers we are so aware of other farmers in drought.
      I really pray that you will make the move and this will see your dreams all come true!
      I cant wait to show you are garden when we get set up! Much love

  12. What a sweet kitty cat. When my brother was about 8 he came home crying because the neighbors had moved and left their cat. So it came to live with us. My brother said his name was Tom. Then Tom had 9 kittens a few weeks later. She was Tom all her life even though she turned out to be a she.

    My parents are moving this weekend at age 80. All my Mom has talked about lately is the piles and piles of boxes. It will be so good to have it over and done with for you both. We have had a week of rain and rain and more rain which has been too much. There has been flooding in the area and a tree fell on a house and a 10 yr old girl was killed. So sad. So, we have had a quiet week at home mostly just because it is just too wet to go out if one does not have to. There was one grocery run for some good deals like ground turkey at $1.34 a pound. Moving is such a great time to empty the freezer and start fresh. How exciting to get to pick new counter tops. I had nightmares after picking ours a few years ago that I would hate them once they were installed but I loved them and still do. I saw a house on the market here with a big vintage stove in a separate kitchen in the basement. I thought it would be a wonderful place to can food and there were lots of cabinets to store the jars, too.

    So I am done rambling on. Have a good weekend!

    1. Dear Lana,
      All our animals come to us this way. Our bird Ricky (cockatoo) outlived his owners and had no one. I used to him a little bell ringing and it was him... when people walked by the house he rang the bell... neighbours had been feeding him... eventually when I found out I said we would have him. We love him! I love your story about Tom the cat! NINE kittens!
      I hope the move goes smoothly for your parents.
      That is terribly tragic about the little girl. So sorry to hear that.
      I am trying to visualise the counter tops with the cupboards! Same issue!
      Have a good weekend! I will have photos to show you by the end of the week as plans changed... With love

    2. Rescued pets are the best pets! My Mom and Dad have a wonderful black lab who was abandoned at the end of a family members driveway out in the country. They must have told her to stay because she sat there and waited for three days before they took her up to the house and she came to my parents. She is the best behaved and loyal sweetheart.

    3. Oh Lana, that is heartbreaking to sit waiting..., what a precious fur baby. So glad your parents gave her a good home!

  13. Hi Annabel and everyone,

    Annabel, the photos of your new place look beautiful. I am just imagining the beautiful old glass and a walk-in pantry! That sounds so nice. We have had rain, too, and were very grateful for it.

    Cooking and food: All work lunches ($150) and snacks ($40) were brought from home. I had a big cookup on Sunday and did meat and potatoes in the crockpot, roasted a pork loin, carrots, squash from our garden, rice, and made a big fruit salad. For a treat, I baked an oatmeal chocolate cookie pie and a coffee cake to use up some yogurt that needed to go before it expired. That sounds like a lot of food, but I wanted some extra to freeze. We were also able to purchase a half (one side) of beef from a local farmer who takes wonderful care of his cows; this will go in our freezer, and works out to about $4 a pound. We will get soup bones and oxtail, and a friend of ours who likes to cook up organ meat for her dogs will get the heart and liver.

    We harvested the first ripe melon from our garden! It made a delicious breakfast, and there are several more on the vine.

    Household: We had a local HVAC person inspect our house, since it is time and we expect prices on parts etc. to go up. He did find two small things that needed replaced, and gave us 2 new filters for the house. Our AC is already running quieter and better.

    We scheduled maintenance for our safe room for this weekend; it
    is a small expenditure and worth it for peace of mind. We have used it twice this summer for tornado warnings!

    Entertainment: We used the library to check out some new-to-us movies and books to read.

    Shopping: A trip to the thrift store yielded a lovely Coach handbag with lavender leather trim for $24 - retail is $248, two like-new trade paperbacks for $1.99 each ($26 retail), and 2 DVDs for $1.99 each ($20 retail).
    A tack shop put my favorite brand of breeches on clearance (I ride in them until they basically fall apart, and had some that were in poor shape.) I bought 4 pairs, saving $40 on each pair. Total savings $160.
    I used a 50% off coupon to buy a huge piece (2.25 x 3 feet) of 36-count cross-stitch fabric for $3.

    Crafts & gifts:
    I finished the stitching on an ornament, and put stitches into some other pieces.
    From a youtube video, I learned a new (Eastern European?) technique for cross-stitching that is a little faster and makes my stitches much neater.
    Knitting-wise, I finished a pair of stripey socks, a test-knit pair of mittens, and worked on a scarf.
    A jar candle from my stash (wrapped in cute pawprint tissue paper and a kraft gift bag) made a birthday present for a friend.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    1. Dear Kathy,
      As always you have done great! I love all the cooking especially the coffee cake! I love coffee cake and icing but for some reason havent made one in years. I am going to put that on the list to try when I get my farm oven going!
      The meat will keep you in supply for ages at a very good price! How wonderful that you have a safe room. Having used it this would really make you think what to have in there. That would take a lot of thought!
      A coach handbag! I know they are expensive! Wow!
      Your gift cupboard is going well too. Speaking of european... my Nans neighbour was Latvian and she taught me european knitting... it is so fast! So I still knit my plain rows this way and it is literally twice the speed!
      Have a good new week. I am off to the farm Tuesday and to the farm house Wednesday so I will be able to take photos inside now and do some measuring up etc. I cant wait! With lots of love,

  14. Aw, Herb! What a sweet face. How wonderful of Chloe to take him in! I have two cats and they're a lot of company- and there's nothing like having a warm kitty snuggled up next to me in the winter. :)

    I'm so excited for your journey! You seem like you're very calm and organized with preparing for your move, which is a feat in and of itself! I'm very much looking forward to seeing more pictures, and cheering on your new adventure. Those garden pictures you posted are absolutely stunning. I don't have enough room for gardens like that, but next year, we're definitely expanding, and I'm already looking forward to it! It's so exciting to have even small things to look forward to. :)

    1. Dear Stephanie,
      Enjoy planning the expanding. I think you can grow a lot in a little space. Even here out the back I have had several pots stacked on top of each other as a kind of herb tower. It grows the most huge amount! It is wonderful to have things to look forward to and to plan for.
      Thanks so much! I am able to see the house again on Wednesday so I will take lots of photos! With love

  15. I am happy and excited for you! My husband and I sold our house and moved to another house a month ago. I know exactly what you are going through right now. It can be a roller coaster ride but so rewarding at the end!

    1. Dear Olderandwiser,
      I find moving house a wonderful way to have a big clean out, re organised and start again. The middle bit when packing up is the worst I think... you should see the place now. However I know what I do now helps so much and I am a person to be completely unpacked and all boxes gone etc within a few days. Meanwhile I am fighting the battle here! Lol! Many thanks with love

  16. Hi Annabel, wow wow wow so much happening in your life at the moment the farmhouse will be a wonderful time for you and Andy and the girls as well. I think I will follow along with you and pretend we are going to sell our home so I can clean it, love it more and remove all the clutter as I'm now counting down the days left working come Oct I should be retired - mixed feelings but mostly exciting new times for Mr E and myself.
    We have heaps of broccoli at the moment soup, pasta, quiche and have frozen approx. 20 bags of servings for 3 people and it's still producing the small side pieces it will see us through september. Silverbeet also starting to produce and joy oh joy the girls are starting to lay again so eggs are on the menu😁
    Thanks again Annabel and bluebirds I may not comment often but you all inspire me cheers, Bevo xxx

    1. Dear Bevo,
      If you are wanting a challenge when you retire there are great ones to join i.e. A Bowl Full of Lemons blog has a whole house organise challenge... but there are others. They are really good!
      We love broccoli. I have a bit as it was a good price this week. Very healthy!
      Thank you for your kind comment! Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  17. Bless your Chloe for being so kind with those poor animals. One truly has to be heartless to do such a thing as abandoning them.

    I'm excited to see you all settled in your new home!

    1. Dear Debby, Thank you! Years ago Nan and Pa heard a dog had been abandoned on the highway. We set off to rescue it. And it was still there a kind of cocker spaniel cross is my guess and she had obviously had puppies but they were not there and she was tied to a tree. We brought her home and she became the most wonderful family pet. She adopted the kittens from the cat. She nursed them! from then on the cat and her had an arrangement and she always nursed the kittens! It was really weird and confused visitors! haha! I expect now we have space we will end up with a lot of adopted pets! With love,

  18. Love the chickens. They are really pretty.
    Herb is a lucky fellow and oh so handsome!

    Time will fly for you with keeping so busy. Can't wait to all the NEW and EXCITING things you will have to show.

    1. Dear Cheryl, Thank you! Yes I think time will go by fast so each day I am doing things towards shifting. I got several cupboards done yesterday and boxes packed. On Wednesday I will be back at the house so I can take photos of inside! Thank you for all of your encouragement! Love

  19. Yes, so sad about the abandoned chickens and cat, your daughter was wonderful to rescue them. I've been trying to declutter as if we were moving. We won't probably move for another 5 years or so but it will be so much easier, right? And we can enjoy our decluttered space. The Lord bless you as you juggle all this work. It will be amazing when you can sit down and put your feet up with a cup of tea and say 'we're home." xo

    1. Dear Deborah,
      Yes if you declutter and sort your next move will be much easier and faster! A Bowl Full of Lemons blog has wonderful room by room challenges and a whole house sort challenge she runs regularly which is very good.
      Thanks so much for your encouragement! We certainly are mid mess right now! But I think in four weeks we will have done it! Thank you! Love

  20. Hi Annabel,the cat is so cute i would love a cat but our iam not sure it would not get along with our new member our greyhound Hamish,i have been very tired lately with work having me to do more hours,i really look forward to the weekends so i can just relax and read,cook and watch tv this weekend i did a big clean of the bathroom and did some dusting,on the cooking front i made chickpea curry with the use it up challence,so using up canned items i also make a golden syrup dumplings ,i was given some Lyel's golden syrup from a scottish friend in turn i bought her a magnifying glass,as she wanted one,its heartbreaking to see how this drought is affecting our farmers,i will find a way to support them best i can,its constantly on my mind, take care and have a wonderful week xx

  21. Oh Annabel I am so pleased that the house is all and more of the dream for you. You have waited, and so had Dad, for a long time to be able to get back to the farm. Now it is happening. Woohoo. I dont envy you the packing and moving, as this is something I did a few short years ago. However getting rid of the clutter is really cathartic for the soul.
    Bluey and I are 3,500km away from home. We are back in the town we lived in for 20 years. The beautiful 2.5 acre garden at our old house, is now a dry wasteland. I thought I would be devastated but I dont have an emotional connection anymore. I can always look forward to getting home to my garden. Katie is at home and she has told me she hasnt killed anything yet.
    Annabel the country is so dry and our farmers are doing it very tough. Bluebirds here in Aus, if you can, please donate to the 'Buy a Bale, campaign. It's 9am and after I hang out the towels on the washing line I am going for a swim. It is already hot and looking at getting quite a bit warmer. Bluey is out fishing and I am having a quiet catch up day with no one at home. Bliss.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane, Thank you! I have been following your travels! It must be awful seeing the land so dry and especially your old garden. I would find the drought areas very depressing and distressing. We know drought. I saw last night the gov. has finally decided to be more helpful too. About time!
      We are very lucky here. I am typing this to pouring rain which went all night. I am messaging Mum in a minute to se if it is raining there. Every drop counts.
      Enjoy your beautiful day... swimming and fishing sound just so lovely.
      I hope some fish are caught too! With much love,

    2. Dear Jane, yes we've donated as much as we were able. It's a dreadful situation. Mimi xxx

  22. Dear Annabel, I am late to things again. I've had so much going on with the transition of my sons funding from State to the Federal National Disability Insurance Scheme. It's been hair raising stuff I tell you! Still not there, but our planning meeting is on Wednesday and we are hopeful, given our lengthy preparation, that we will have a good outcome. Meanwhile on the home front, I've been very frugal as Winter is the quiet time of the year for our business. So I've been working on shopping further afield, making do, accessing our stores for pantry items (what a blessing they are), and using up every skerrick of everything. It's good practice for retirement I guess! And a good lesson for Daughter to see that's what you do. You have such exciting times ahead, and exciting for us to watch from the sidelines too! Can't wait! Lots of love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, That must be very stressful especially considering what it took to get on the scheme in the first place! eek.
      Off season is a good time to do quiet things and there are so many to do. Living simply is a joy especially in winter I think as long as you remain warm and well fed!
      Thanks so much, I do feel Im on an exciting adventure! With love,

  23. Dear Annabel,
    Little Herb is so cute. I can't understand how people can abandon animals like this, Heartless really. All of our pets have been rescue animals and are just the sweetest little creatures.

    What a sweet and kind heart your Chloe has, and farmer Luke going out of his way to feed a little abandoned cat, well he sounds like a good hearted fellow too.
    Much love, Lisa xo

    1. Dear Lisa, Thank you! Rescuing animals seems how we end up wth pets too. Probably the best way! I thought this of Luke too, there he is feeding the cat.. and this was nice! Many thanks! Love

  24. So happy for all your changes! Praying for strength for you all. It's nice to meet Herb. We also have an American short hair. His name is Hobbes. Hobbes talks to us if we ask him questions that end with his name. He isn't snooty like some felines; he thinks he is a human!
    I added to my pantry by making homemade salves and grape jelly. The grapes were harvested from a nearby bike trail. Also my husband found a shelf unit on the curb that we mounted in our bedroom. We have lots of books...
    Blessings to all,

    1. Dear Leslie, Your cat sounds great! I like his name!
      Well done on the salves and grape jelly! That is amazing how you got them! I would do just the same! And the shelf unit is a bonus too! What a good week! Thanks Leslie, with love,


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