The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

The homemade gift.

I was getting low on magazine pictures for my projects and yesterday my daughter gave me some glossy magazines! yay new supplies! 

The other day I showed how I make over store shopping bags into useful gift bags. These ones are from Spotlight, they come in bundles and in a whole range of colours and sizes. They are so handy. Now think how they could be great for party favour bags as well as ways to make up cooking gifts or gift kits ie a collection of related things. I love to do this! 
If you know what a person likes making them a little themed gift is lovely. Like give a tea drinker a pretty cup, different flavoured teas, a few little biscuits and so on. 

Today Andy was calling on Kath in the nursing home. I sent her a card and a little present in one of these gift bags. Now I know she will love it as she loves pretty things. They are awesome if you don't feel like you are a good parcel wrapper. Just line it with tissue paper, pop gift in and tie handles together. No more wrapping!

To make them I use the same supplies I would for cards. Here I have a magazine image, left over ribbons from the wedding, lace scraps and a broken bracelet. 

It works that they match the cards I make so they look nice together. When I need a gift quickly everything is ready to go.

To form a paper ruffle I use crepe paper cut into the width you want. Run a line of craft glue along where you want it to to go then press your paper into it and squish and slide it together to form a ruffle... working along the row. 

I am thinking the ones with paper ruffles could be made in a variety of pastels for Easter gift bags. They could be really sweet and pretty. And Easter is coming up!

Over and over again I have found gifts do not have to be big or expensive. If they are thoughtful and kind and you make things look lovely then they are a joy and just loved! 
I really used to feel I had to spend x amount of money and all of that. It was actually Laine's Letters that saved me from that thinking. One time she only had three dollars for a gift and she was creative with what she could do. She said it is more important to stay in your budget that overspend on a non necessity. And she thought of a sweet gift that was a success. Also over time I have seen that hand made items are valued and actually in fashion and sites like Etsy are all handmade gorgeous things. These things are valued not by the cost to make but the cost of the time put into them and the artistic value, like everything else is. So if I make a tin of biscuits for someone I try to think how much homemade biscuits would be (Mimi saw a small bag for $30!) and not that they cost me only two or three dollars to make them. They also took my time and effort and presentation etc. Anyway people love getting this stuff! So value your work and be proud to give it. You can truly save a fortune this way and with your cards etc as well.

I can only do it by doing things all year around and building up supplies or I would be wiped out and have nothing in December! But things seriously add up if you do a couple of projects a month it is amazing. 

I am so pleased it's Friday! I hope you have a very happy weekend coming up. Get out the knitting needles or what ever work you have to pick up and get started on something you have been thinking about! xxx


  1. Thanks for the ideas on making gift bags. I have a supply of magazines and the plain bags, so at least that is a start! I save little ribbons from clothing we buy too, and I am sure I can use them for gift cards etc. I really like the idea of the crepe paper ruffle. Where did you get the glamour fashion picture from? I love it!

    1. Thanks Kaye! I am trying to find my source of that image, it is a gift tag... Also these images of old glamourous dresses come from old sewing patterns they are great! The crepe paper is a super cheap and pretty thing even on cards. I will get back to you about that

  2. Annabel,

    You used liquid glue or hot glue?

    Yes, I thought of Laine! EVERY gift's budget was $3-- no more. Like you, she was so creative! Yours are simply marvelous.

    Today I worked on "gifts" for my guest room. Trimmed a dust ruffle I made from a thrifted sheet. Finished two new pillow covers to outfit a twin bed into a sofabed. Bookoupaged the twin metal bed frame. (Don't paint it! 'Podge it!) Covered the box spring in upholstery fabric. Trimmed a matching upholstery fabric coverlet with pretty bias tape I made.

    I also have been working in the Inspiration Station side of the Guest Suite. I'm pressed for time as we leave again next Friday for Palau. LOTS to do!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

    1. Kelley I have never had a hot glue gun. Maybe I should get one, everyone raves about them... You are sounding very industrious! Plus you do some very interesting travelling! Have a wonderful weekend and

  3. Well Kath in the nursing home would have been the envy of the centre after receiving a gorgeous gift done up like that Annabel. Makes me smile as I imagine her eyes gleaming at the first glimpse of it. Truly beautiful. xx

    1. Kaths reaction was a highlight of our day Susan! Because you make such beautiful cards with technical elements I think the stuff I make doesnt compare to the cards you make! But what compares is when you make something for someone how blessed they feel. It does encourage me to make and give more. It truly is the little things and being thoughtful that touches peoples hearts. I hope you are crafting away... I must go to "where I might see some of your cards" and have a look :) xxx


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