The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 31 December 2013

A Beautiful New Year!

A couple of years ago I wrote on a web site a beauty thread and I have had quite a few letters about it! One particular letter said "do not follow Annabel's beauty advice!" yet turned out to be a wonderful endorsement, of sorts! I am trying to work out a way to share it here...

I hope no one is feeling too seedy today being New Years Day! Oooh a fresh new year!

This is a lovely recipe and makes up into a gorgeous gift as well.

These bath bags turn your bath into a scented softening milky bath. As they dissolve you use the muslin bag to wash yourself and the muslin has a soft exfoliating effect on your skin. It feels divine. 

As a gift a little packaging makes it beautiful. My friend Sue gave me gorgeous blue lace and I have used some to line this little box. It looks lovely!

To make these you need muslin which is very inexpensive. Cut it up into squares about 25 cm in width. You need some string or ribbon or even lace to tie the bags up. Even yarn would do.

Into each square put a spoon of powdered milk. You can use any. Goats milk would be nice also. Then two spoons of fine oatmeal. This could be instant oatmeal as that is fine... just as long as it is fine and soft... not full oats as they would be scratchy. 

Now you choose your scent. You want good essential oils. Lavender is good for relaxation and headaches and sleep. I have made mine with rose essential oil which I find relaxing and nurturing. You can buy special pre made blends or make your own. So think what qualities do you want them to have and what do you love? I want relaxation, calming, helps me to settle to sleep. I like geranium, rose, ylang ylang. A visit to the health food store would help you with this if you are not sure.

Ok you want about a golf ball size of filling then tie each one up with your ribbon. Add to each one 3 or 4 drops of your essential oil. 

Once done keep them in a jar or box to keep in your scents. For a gift add a name and instructions ie "sleep inducing bath soak" or " stress relief soak" ...

I am addicted to the feel of these on my skin and they really do me good. If you have a bath do have a soak often. Every health spa in the world probably has bathing as a feature for very good reasons. Adding epsom salts to a plain bath is one of the greatest things you can do for your health. Your skin releases toxins from your body. It relaxes you. It is so good for you. The heat soaks away the aches and pains. The steam clears your head, opens your pores. Just beautiful in s many ways. Regularly indulge in your favourite scents. Enjoy!

Here is some of Michelle's lovely (and funny) letter:
I was only going to email this to Annabel (you'll soon see why), but I 
thought you might all enjoy a bit of a laugh.

Since hurting my back, I have had more time to do things for myself. So 
I have been taking Annabel's advice that she has kindly given over the 
years via the beauty threads on SS, as well as tid bits that have come 
up through writings, email, etc. I have a simple routine in place, where 
I moisturise after every shower. I have a hydrating eye gel, & a face 
moisturiser. Nothing fancy - both I get through Avon. Just this past 
week, I have coloured my hair a red colour. Having red undertones in my 
naturally brunette hair, I apparently wear red hair very well, so 
everyone tells me. I have been wearing make up every day - just eye make 
up, & paw paw ointment on my lips (really good for lips, & Aldi sells a 
small tube of it for $1.99). My colour palette has been browns (to match 
my eyes) & light shades of purple from the NP SET range. Annabel gifted 
me some loose dust duos a while ago, & I am making good use of them. I 
have been changing my handbag to suit each outfit, & each outfit has 
been thought about the night before, & chosen if possible.
Examples of outfits I have been wearing are;
~ light purple button through top with black knee length shorts, paired 
with red heels & a deep red handbag, a red watch & huggie earrings
~ pale purple printed tee with bright blue capri jeans, paired with 
white a purple/pink/white print handbag, pink watch, hot pink bangle, & 
white shoes, & blue pearl studs
~ mint green top with brown pants, paired with white shoes & a green & 
white hand bag, & the jewellery set Fiona kindly made me
~ today's effort it is a light purple top with grey pants, white 
sandals, pink watch, & my purple/pink/white hand bag, along with silver 
& diamante hoops & a hair clip with crystals & feathers
All of these items are things I already own & I already wear. Nothing 
special really. The make up - I've worn it before too. But now I'm 
thinking about it, & putting myself together each morning. It's not just 
throw on some clothes & get Lauchy to school. Everything co-ordinates, & 
I look ready for the day, instead of looking like I only made a half 

Now, for the warning - DO NOT FOLLOW ANNABEL'S ADVICE!!!! Why? You ask, 
no doubt shocked that I would say such a thing. Well the answer is 
simple... It means all the crazy folk come out of the wood works!! They 
want to comment on your look; they want to touch your hair, & other 
places (!!!); & they make passes at you!
Annabel, you did not tell me about these issues!! Lol :-D
Now, most of you know what I look like, & I firmly believe that I am in 
no way pretty. I am just a plain Jane when it comes to looks. To add to 
that, I'm short & fat, so there is nothing about me that jumps out at 
you, & I'm ok with that.

Monday, a lady stops to ask me what my skin routine is, because my skin 
is beautiful. She asks my age - I say 32. She argued I could not 
possibly be that old, that I must be 26 tops. I had to show her my 
driver's licence before she believed me. She calls over her hubby & is 
all gushy at him about me (so embarrassing), & he comments that I look 
beautiful. I say thanks, & tell her my simple skin cleaning routine. 
Then! They start commenting on my hair as well, & next thing I know they 
both start touching my face & hair - weirdos! Her hubby then comments I 
smell good - so I excused myself for a fake phone call & left in a big 

Tuesday, I help an elderly lady who was struggling with her bags. Hayden 
helps by carrying a loaf of bread. She thanks me, & tells me I am a 
vision of beauty (dear sweet thing she was). I thank her & wish a merry 
Christmas, & away we go. Then, I buy a coffee at a coffee shop - the 
girl there is smitten with my eyes, & won't stop talking about them. One 
compliment is fine, but going on about it is just plain weird. She hands 
me my coffee & tells me how sparkly my eyes are (really?!), I say 
thanks, & leave. I get back to the car - she has written her number on 
my flippin' cup & the words 'call me!' ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
That afternoon, I walk past a busker, who was singing something, but 
changed his words as I walked past & sings "ladies with red hair will 
only break your heart..." I kept walking. Also, he was out of tune.

Wednesday, the day was going well. I had finished delivering my gifts & 
cards to various businesses to say thankyou for the lovely service & 
Merry Christmas. I had my list of things to do & buy - I was on a 
mission! I had to walk up an alley type walkway to get to the main 
street, where an old man tries the old boob grab trick with the words 
"Want to be my Christmas miracle?" OMG!!!
Finally, it's pick up time - last day of school! I am talking to the 
teacher, who loved the thankyou gift Lauchy & I had just presented her 
with. She commented on my hair, & that it was a lovely colour. I say 
thanks. She also comments that I am very good with the beauty stuff, 
because every time she sees me I look lovely. I thank her again, & tell 
her I have a lovely friend (that's you Annabel!) who is my adviser for 
all things girly. We chat a few minutes more, then say our goodbyes.
As we are heading to the gate, a little girl from Lauchy's class comes 
up to me (for this to make sense, I need to tell you that when we had 
Lauchy's party, she showed up with her dad. And her dad didn't leave - 
he just followed me around the whole time. I thought he & Pete had gone 
to school together, so I didn't say anything. After they left, it turns 
out neither of us knew him from a bar of soap lol). And this little girl 
says to me "my dad really likes you & wants to know if you'll be his 
girlfriend?" WHO MAKES THEIR KIDS SAY THIS CRAP?! I reminded her I was 
married & walked off - I am not arguing with an 8yr old girl! And, I 
seen dad walking towards us with a weird grin on his face.

Now, I just don't get it. At all. What's with all the weird people?! Why 
the sudden interest in the little fat chick? Annabel, you did not tell 
me that if I take extra care in my appearance, & use Napoleon make up, 
that it would attract every odd ball in a 50 mile radius! :-D :-D 
Seriously, is this not the strangest thing to happen to one person in 3 
days? One incident, yeah maybe, but this is just beyond belief.
So, in light of this, I am singing "My NP SET brings all the freaks to 
the yard, & they're like, it's better than yours..." lol. That Milkshake 
song comes in handy for something.

Now, I'm pretty busy in the lead up to Christmas, & I have no doubt you 
all are too, so I shall wish you all a happy, safe & wonderful Christmas 
now, in case I don't get another chance.
And I hope you've all had at least a little chuckle - thank the lord I'm 
not tall, thin & pretty I say! Sheesh!!
I'm off to wash the make up off, & put on my daggy house slippers lol

Thank you Shell! 

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  1. Annabel, these are so good! And they are a lovely gift as well. If we keep the ingredients at home, within an hour you can have a lovely gift made.


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