The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Never underestimate the Titus 2 Woman.

I have been thinking a lot about the people who have helped or influenced me a lot in my life so far.  It is as if a bigger picture is emerging and I am just starting to understand it!
Apart from my Nannas' and Mum there are women who helped me so much along the way.  Enough to have a lasting influence and an impact on my whole life and my children's children!

Some I have never met.  Some lived near by and helped me when the girls were little.  Some I knew briefly but they had a big impact!

But there is one thing they all have in common.  They were all Titus 2 women.  They were all older than me and they all, in one way or another,  were busy at home and teaching the younger women.
I am noticing a lot that even with Christians there are unpopular Bible verses.  Anything about women seems to be socially unpopular.  Yet there you go, the women who have had the most powerful impact on my life were Titus 2 women.

The cooking in this post belongs to Maria who is always cooking for her Grandchildren.
I think these are Miracle Muffins with pineapple, pumpkin seeds and coconut.

I have written before about some of the women that filled this role here.   I have been so lucky with the right people at the right time in my life.  Just now I am blown away actually at how blessed I am and the quality of the Titus 2 ladies that were there for me.  None of these women were particularly highly educated, particularly glamorous, or anything that the world would call outstandingly "successful".   They were Mum's who were ahead of me in years as a Mother and strong Christian women.  They stood out above all others to me.

If you read my link above there was Dorrie who was my neighbour when Chloe was a baby.  She was the next best thing to having my own Mum living over the road.   I am starting to wonder if she was an angel.

Choc fudge Cookies.

And there was Phyll who was a Mum and Grandmother. She cooked, gardened and worked so hard. She opened her home once a week for the young women to come for Bible Study.  All the kids were welcome!   In between times if you needed help or advice she gave it.   Everything she spoke was sound.  She told you the truth. She was sensible and practical! She spoke with wisdom!

Online I had Laine.  She was another who told it as it is.  Some women wanted to argue with Laine but she stuck to what the Bible says.  If you do not know Laine reading her letters is one of the best investments of your time you will ever find!
You can find her letters here starting with the article I am currently reading  Her Income.

I really like women who are willing to tell you the truth.  I am noticing a lot that the words of the Bible are very offensive to many people these days.  I heard this... that the truth is very offensive to people who hate the truth!  Well I guess so!  But it takes a good friend to tell you the truth as anyone will lead you along a merry path!  

Snickerdoodle Cookies.

Patsy is one of my friends that just reminds me of Mrs Starkey!  Read her article Get a Job.
I am sure that these two women are sisters separated at birth!  Yes they give it to you straight!  They tell you the truth.

Thanks to the fellowship of this blog I meet a lot of women who are either younger with children or older with Grandchildren.  The younger Mums  need encouragement that they are doing a good job and have a very important mission.
The world is telling them they are wasting their time and talents raising their children.   As older women we need to be letting them know that we know how hard it is!  That they are doing a wonderful work and that the time they are in now flies past!   Ages I wrote about my time when I was a single Mum and looking after the girls.... That is here... Your Time.   You are laying important foundations.  What you are doing will influence several generations (at least!)

Veggie Quiche.

The other group here are the older women,  ladies with grown family and maybe Grandchildren.  If you are in this group please read Laine's Letters on being a Grandmother.   Calling all Older Women would be a good place to begin.  But there is so much more!  Probably as an "older woman" you do not realise how important you are and what a huge difference you can make!

Both my Nans worked so hard for their families. were kind and generous to everyone.  They helped others, shared food and cooking.  Nan L taught the new neighbours English as they knew none when they arrived traumatised in WW2.  They became life long friends and like family.  She was talented at baking, knitting, spinning and dying her own wool.
Nan B always said "an ounce of help is better than a pound of sympathy" and was one to send a meal. She was a talented florist.  Her work appeared in many shows and books.
Someone said to me once  it is a shame they didn't "work" and perhaps the world missed out because they were homemakers.  Pfft! They cast so much work and influence down the line their legacies are immeasurable.

We just have to live in the season we are in!  Happily when we move out of one season we move into another!  Each season is beautiful!  Just different!

Beer Bread.

I am just starting to realise how much the Titus 2 women that were there for me helped us.  Because they helped me they helped the girls too.  I am gradually realising more and more how much my Grandmothers made a difference to my life. I always knew it was enormously but even that doesn't cover it.   As I get older I am realising some of what they did.

Last winter Maria made her Grand Children Monogrammed crochet blankets.
This year it is personalised scarves for winter. 💗
Kids are smart. When you make them something they see it as love!
Even Harper at three says "Nan Nan Bel MADE it for ME" I can hear Maria's Grand Children saying how their Nana made their scarves for them!

I was talking with Laine this week.  She now is a Grand Mother and a Mum to Lucy who they adopted and homeschool.   She helps homeschool the Grand kids as well.  And she helps her parents. I saw her go from a young busy Mum to a Titus 2 woman and here I am with grown children and Grand Children too!
I asked her how does she manage so many roles?  After all the first thing is to take care of our own households, husbands and children, then Grandchildren then help the other younger women...
Well lets just say life is busy! Sometimes we have to pray about how to manage our time and what our priorities are or we would never manage it all!  

Softest hankies made by Mimi.
Mimi manages being a Nan and a Mum. 
Her  daughter at Uni is bring home new uni friends to Mimi's cooking. 
And she is making cakes and gorgeous things for little Grand daughters as well!

I am noticing on social media literally thousands of chances a day to be a helpful older woman.  I see young Mums asking "how do I menu plan?"  and "what can I cook for dinner I have $50 left for the fortnight?" and a million such questions.  There is a need everywhere for teachers,  mentors, encouragers and friends.   You really never know what a difference you will make.  A world of difference would be my guess. 

I hope your week is going well! xxx


  1. Dear Annabel, this is such an important post. We are now the generation who will most influence the younger families of the day. That is always the way of things. To those who say 'I don't have time'...well, we all have the same number of hours in the day. It's what we do with them that counts. I know I'd rather leave a legacy of a life lived well, with a mind to the purse strings and an air of 'I can do it better than the shops can', than one of 'let's go shopping for entertainment'. It's a mindset that not everyone is able, or willing, to adopt. But as you say, and as I've learned, there is a season to all things. The season for us all to be the teacher, the nurturer, the example, comes eventually. I agree that many traditional teachings of all kinds are shunned now as 'not politically correct', and I know the world changes for all of us as we age. All we can do in response, is stay true to ourselves and what we feel is right. I have said for many years, that if we all simply looked after our own back yard (in a manner of speaking), the world would be a better place. I particularly like Thessalonians 4:10-12 as a guide for living a quietly productive life. Thankyou for mentioning my hankies. I borrowed that idea from you, you know. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, I really like that verse too and especially the working with your hands part. If we get on with out work, are busy doing what we need to be doing in our daily life this actually overcomes a lot of difficulties in itself. There is something about working with our hands too that makes us think on nice things. We become way too busy to even consider shopping as entertainment. Actually all this looking for entertainment... I dont know how people have all this time on their hands! What you say is right, we all have the same number of hours and it is what we do with them. We have a lot of power with our choices that is for sure. What an interesting subject that is! With love and thanks,

  2. Dear Annabel,
    This post is so needed for homemakers in today's 'distorted values' society.
    I have always loved being a homemaker. My paternal grandmother was the key to me learning how to bake, cook, sew, and keep a house.
    Thanks for another wonderful post.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      Thanks so much. Yes "distorted values" is exactly right. You were blessed with your Grandmother! She did a good job! And this shows how much can be passed on.
      Much love,

  3. Annabel, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement and for the mention of my post 'Get A Job.' Your post 'hits the nail' on the head in so many ways, thank you for reminding me of the importance of being an effective Titus 2 woman. By the way, I'm reviving Prudence and GG this week as I need to keep bread on hand over the summer … you taught me so much about making sourdough bread. You too, are a Titus 2 Woman!

    1. Dear Patsy,
      I loved that post! So practical. I saw Prudence is up and running and looking very good! Thanks so much Patsy, with love,

  4. Hello Ladies, I live in the U.S. and have never been so disgusted with just about everything. If it wasn't for my belief in God and my boys I could see why so many people are choosing to leave this earth. Honestly, it's so depressing.

    Those hankies look divine right now. I have the worst allergies and have going thru tissues like crazy. I'm going to try and make me some before I lose the skin on my nose.

    My husband and I have been teaching our boys skills since they were little. Both sons can clean, cook and do laundry. They use those skills often so I must be doing something correctly.
    I can't believe what young people just don't get. If their
    phones shut down they'd be lost
    Your bread looks wonderful XO Patti Ann!

    1. Dear Patti,
      It is much the same here. The news amazes us daily what they want us to believe and try and push on us! Its mostly a big no from us! But the level of aggression is increasing...
      The soft hankies are a life saver. You wont believe the difference!
      I am so glad your boys are capable with home skills. These skills are so important! I know many young people cant cook, budget, iron... nothing!
      I hope your new week is off to a good start! With love

  5. Occasionally their is a local fair that here that is called the "Lost Arts". Some days I think homemaking and child rearing will be one of the attractions. Keep up the good work of getting the message out there! Also, I agree that you have a difficult time if you are a Christian, listening to the public uproar made because a footballer spoke according to his beliefs. I believe the media services concentrate too much on stories that incite public opinion and not enough on positives. Dick Smith donates a $1M to the NSW CWA and very little is heard about the him or the positive work of the CWA. Love what you girls(& guys)do. erin

    1. Dear Erin,
      I think you would mean Israel Folau and I thought he was heroic. Seeing the threat agains him and the team has certainly shown what is coming next. No job, no sponsorship if you speak Gods Word. Well this appears to be next... as it was nearly the case already with him.
      But this is the media. As you say they only represent one side, the one they are pushing and there are wonderful people, doing wonderful works and so much good going on too. The CWA has been fantastic and so many of my recipes come from old CWA cookbooks! When I have show and tell this proves to me so many of us are making, creating, giving, helping and it is amazing. We jut have to keep doing that.... the world within our walls! With love

  6. I am so grateful for the Titus 2 women bloggers that I have found! Somehow, they are really the only ones in my life who are this kind of example for me. My own mother and mother-in-law and aunts all came of age in a time and place where homemaking was not valued and these skills were not passed on. When I became a mother and homemaker a decade ago, I found that I absolutely loved all of the old fashioned homemaking pursuits such as gardening, food preservation, sewing, and so on, and I am so grateful for the internet so that I could easily learn anything I wanted to. Seeing how very busy you are caring for your family and friends and husband, and having time to really feather your nest and keep learning, makes me excited for my empty nester years to come!

    1. Dear Leigh, Thank you! I remember when the girls started school. People said I would have so much time on my hands. I never did I just found the hours changed and the routine changed. Well when they leave home and you have Grandchildren then it is like that... you are not less busy the hours and routine just change. Just enjoy fully the time you are in and learn all you can as you go. This all comes in handy and we can then pass it on too! With love

  7. Dear Annabel, Thankyou for this great post. It fills me with hope and encouragement. Clare

    1. Dear Clare, Thank you. Sometimes it takes years for things to come to pass. But what we do makes a huge impact. Dad is 81. recently he was talking about a lovely Aunty that he liked when he was a little boy. She used to do yeast baking and make sweet buns. Dad was talking about how wonderful she was and how much he loved her. Just this one thing, an aunt who made these children yeast buns which were such a treat back then... he still thinks how great she was. This is just a little example but many times it turns out the little things were big things! With love

  8. Hi Annabel and thank you for a lovely post :).

    I do agree that both Christian people and SAHM's are being attacked from every angle. To all of the young mum's in here your work is invaluable as are the skills you pass down to your children and the work you do each and every day. This is exactly why I love the Vickie challenge is that it shows that my work is very valuable around the home more so than everyone else thinks.

    As an empty nester and grandmother I do find many ways to encourage other women both on the internet and in every day life. By imparting our knowledge to others when we see opportunities arise in both every day life and on the internet too it carries on those skills onto untold generations.

    I was fortunate and blessed also to have a lovely grandmother in my life who lived through the great depression who taught me so much growing up as a young child.

    Like Patsy (and no doubt others) I do believe in paying our tithe first and giving thanks to God for all we have, being grateful and praying regularly too.

    Annabel and everyone keep up the great work you are all wonderfully productive women :) .


    1. Dear Sewingcreations,
      The sharing you contribute here I know also helps others. People read and observe... all the ways you save... not everyone has thought of these things. It is also the encouragement and string the journey factor. It makes such a difference.
      It is wonderful to have had a fantastic Grandmother. How lucky we are. I wish now I learned more about the Great Depression and those years. Now I am older I wish I had asked more questions.
      Thank you so much. With love,

  9. Annabel, such a lovely post, so full of encouragement. Thank you, I really needed to hear this today!!

    My circle in the everyday world is so much smaller now that my sons have graduated school and college now, it is an encouragement to hear I do have something to contribute.

    It is easy for me to just wrap myself in a loneliness blanket. I need to step out and share more. It's funny to look back, but I have always been a step out of time... my sons (now 29 & 26) were midwife attended births (one started at home-->hospital transfer and the second a successful VBAC at home), I didn't immunize, homeschooled 14 years, shopped at health food stores and food co-op, raised animals, used alternative meds (homeopathy and herbs etc..) made bread and food from scratch etc... Even extended family thought me bonkers! Seems my interests are now "in Vogue". LoL I do have experience to share, I need to remind myself.

    Annabel, I will look for ways to better exemplify my Lord's command in Titus 2 to us older women. I do not wish to miss the opportunity to be a blessing to a younger mom, and to be a sweet fragrance for my Lord in this decaying world.


    1. Dear Kathryn,
      Thank you! You do have a lot of experience to share. Can I suggest you are perfect to join A Working Pantry Classroom if you would be interested? There is another called Pantry Ladies.. these are fb groups. But there are many ways to teach and support and in time your sons might marry and then Grandchildren will have you busy too. There are also a lot of groups that make things for children and families i.e. here we have Giving Grannies who make baby clothes and blankets etc and deliver them to hospitals and anyone in need. I will pray the right things come your way as the need is IMMENSE and the workers few! Then you will be so busy you will come back and tell me off! lol! With love

  10. Annabel,
    What a lovely post and so true. You are a wonderful example of a Titus 2 Woman.
    We can only be one if we are taught examples of being one. I had Grandmothers, Aunts, my Mom. I was blessed, if one didn't have the knowledge in an area another did and they all were willing to share their knowledge. All were spectacular housewives. I never could figure out how my one Grandmother ran a corner store from 7am to 10pm and ran her home so efficiently.
    I have tried through my years to impart knowledge I have learned to others. When I brought my Son up I made sure he had the skills to be on his own and later to run his home. Now he is a single parent with 2 teenagers and imparted his knowledge that he learned onto his children, their home runs efficiently. It makes me proud.
    I try to always help others and be there for all our ladies in my 2 groups that I belong to.
    It is our duty as elders to help console the young. If more did our world would be much better.
    Thank you to you and many others that are!

    1. Dear Rosanne,
      Thank you! You are a great example and all you share on Pantry Ladies is a great help. A Working Pantry groups awesome too. Very uplifting and teaching.
      Your knowledge is a great resource I am so glad you get to use it with some teaching in these kind of forums! I have learned a lot from you! With love and thanks,

  11. A very thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Annabel. Even though I work at the family's office now, I was home when the children were young. No matter what other work I've done, I've always felt blessed to consider myself first and foremost, a homemaker. Homemaking and working the land - farming, gardening - just feel right. There's so much written these days about depression, stress, and anxiety. Getting back to basics of looking after the home and the land can go a long way toward restoring a positive outlook. It nurtures us and our family.
    Years ago I read a phrase that stays with me: "The woman sets the tone in the home." It was advice given by an older woman to a young wife and mother whose husband had lost his job and the young wife was fearful and angry at life. The young woman took the advice to heart and changed her attitude and in turn it lent encouragement instead of despair to her husband. It was a turning point for that family. A wise older woman, indeed.
    You talk about all the women who've encouraged and helped you along the way and just look how they are continuing to help and encourage through you, Annabel, and your writing!
    We learn from you and then pass those lessons along. I wonder how many women and families you've helped along the way?
    God bless,

    1. Dear Phyllis,
      I think the woman does have a lot of power to set the tone in the home. There are so many ways to do this too. Calm and order are big... I am sure the lack of these cause so much anxiety!
      I also know you have found the "working with your hands" factor to be very joyful and productive. I wonder how many you have helped a long the way!? I think we cant know but I am kind of just realising how we need to take very opportunity! With love,

  12. What a lovely post! It is so very true.
    My Mom was a huge inspiration to me (I strive to be like her). I heard stories of my grandmothers who lost their husband unexpectedly and had children to raise in the country. They all worked so hard.
    I have had friends that inspired me and other relatives. I absolutely love it when one of the younger family members ask "Auntie" how do I.............

    I love how many of us commune on blogs and on FB to teach others. We share our stories and ideas and never really know how many they affect.
    It is glorious.

    Thank you to all the lovely ladies that I learn from every day!

    1. Dear Cheryl,
      I am really coming to understand that for every one person who comments or participate there are hundreds reading quietly. We have no way of knowing the effect. So keep on putting out there encouraging words and tips. Pass on everything you learned and know about your Grandmothers and Mum. With many thanks,

  13. I had some women in my life who made such an impression with only small interactions. One was a retired missionary lady who spent 40 years in Africa and called me one morning and asked how she could pray for me. And then she prayed for me and just knew all my struggles as a young Mom. It still touches my heart 35 years later. Another was an elderly widow at our church who influenced me so much by just living her life in front of me and all the truth that came from her lips. Neither of these ladies taught me a thing about practical housekeeping but they spoke such truth into my life and I live by their words today. Now I realize that I am approaching the age of these ladies and how much I can influence with just my life and words and it is very humbling. For me the biggest thing is to teach the younger women to respect their husbands. We may think that small comments that we make to put down or one up our husband's are amusing but they do so much damage that takes years to repair. At church I see young couples who are just so angry at each other and oh how much the respect of the wife could change that. This really weighs on my heart. Perhaps you ladies have something that God is showing you you to be your ministry to others by putting a burden on your heart for other women. Much love to you all in this little community.

    1. Dear Lana, Your experiences show how much impact even one call can make! And how much leading by example matters.
      There is a lot of trouble and resentment I see against men. If one man does something bad all men are labelled, well this I see here. Too bad about the wonderful kind generous and hard working guys... if anyone here reading has a good husband who is honest, hard working and loyal to the family then appreciate him!
      One thing I have taken to doing is writing out my best recipes and tips and putting them on cards for my daughters. I did make them books years ago but now I need to add a lot to them. I know they both refer to the recipes and tips.
      For others reading if you do not know of a younger woman to help just now then join in on social media with your tips and ways to help. Even here I have so many letters from ladies who read a tip or comments and they follow certain regular commenters like favourite friends. Just put it out there... you do not know who is reading or looking for an answer! There are many ways to have a ministry! Take every opportunity.
      Thank you for your words Lana. I am sure they will resonate with many of us. With love

  14. We are all cut from a similar cloth here Annabel. I had not heard of a Titus2 woman before but you yourself are my mentor. I so often think 'what would Annabel do'. You have encouraged and inspired me and in many ways kept me on the path. Mimi is another that I learn so much from. I fear for the world, the climate the anger, the lack of compassion for mankind and animals.
    Yesterday for instance I had a specialist appointment in the centre of Melbourne. I drove as I was not up for public transport and cannot judge what my physical capability is after exercise at the moment. So I parked at the outskirts of the city and walked the 2.8 kilometres to the appointment and then back. (I am paying today I can tell you, but yesterday I just used it as a good stroll). Anyway, I walked for about 40 minutes each way and I was treated like a worthless piece of rubbish. It was not aimed at me per se, they did not say let's get "this" woman, but the number of times I was pushed actually onto the road off the footpath, hit with hips and shoulders and jostled was distressing. And this is not racist but the majority of offenders were of Asian variety, particularly male. They were rude and rough and I was terribly upset by all this. The appointment itself was not that pleasant and when I got back to the car and climbed in and sat, I burst into tears. What has become of my Melbourne. This was my city, but yesterday I felt not only like a foreigner but I was physically manhandled every few feet. I would not go there as an older person, a frail person or a person with children.
    I was so upset by all this that we had fish and chips for dinner. Despite a freezer full of food and a partner well able to re heat something for me, I said nope, I'm grabbing fish and chips on the way home. It was all too much. This situation yesterday again, shows the denigration of our society and lack of encouragement or support to each other. If people cared, they would not do this to each other. They would not hurt or push other people, men would show respect. Women were almost as bad. What on earth!
    So yes, where there is a beautiful community with support and encouragement such as this, this is where one comes and feels a modicum of happiness. I despair of the Christians and good people, where this ends I don't know. We can't all escape to the country, its not possible or practicable and I worry worry worry for the future generation. I have grandchildren that will need to navigate this world of hatred and fear.
    If there is a way that we can support and encourage absolutely everyone we come in contact with, we must grab it with two hands.
    I want society to value Mothers, I want government to understand that if we could encourage Mums to be out of the workforce and raising children to be worthwhile members of society then that is the most important job of all. Children need mothering, and need it until they are past those tricky (sometimes) teenage years. Not given to someone else to raise, society must value mothering. From that we get better people. I am going to stop typing now as I feel upset by what our world is coming to and don't want to bring the tone down, but again Annabel thank you for such a wonderful place to come and learn and feel good. You are the Titus woman for all of us who read here. And Maria, you always make such beautiful things. Fi xx

    1. Dear Fi, I feel so sorry and totally relate. Mostly I have thought that the media paints a bad picture and that most people are still good. And indeed there are many wonderful people. But my reality check came recently when an old man was hit by a car in Adelaide. He was crossing a busy intersection at the lights. the person who hit him didnt stop. But the thing is neither did the next ten cars. Because there are cameras they showed ten cars drove around him and also didnt stop. Then someone finally assisted him. So now I have accepted the vast majority with neither help you or care. So maybe its one in ten that will. Our society has had it that not yet born babies are human garage and now I think that old people are human garbage as well. I see many indicators daily that this is a common perception and think the elderly will in coming years not be stuck in homes they will be put to sleep like dogs. It is more humane you see...
      And cost saving.
      I dont blame you for having a good cry either. I would have done the same. I was treated pretty crazily by a young person yesterday.
      The government encourages Mothers to not stay at home. This amazes me. But that is what they do.
      As you say though this all means kindness and goodness do really stand out. If you have a chance to be helpful or encouraging to someone it is like a candle in the dark. Overall I am finding the country much better than the mob mentality of the city that you described. Realising this is a shake up. The US ladies are saying a lot to me on this and Aust. generally fools the US so much in everything so if anger and violence is rising it will here too. You and I both are working to relocate and re establish. These realisations help us with how we want to be set up and the kind of homes and gardens we want to create. Sanctuaries are more important than ever. Safe sanctuaries actually...
      We also cannot go it alone. We need friendship and community and for now the internet lets us gather friends from just about anywhere. I am very thankful for that as it adds to my in person group hugely.
      I hope you have a quiet day and recover from such a wearing day. With lots of love,

    2. Thankyou Fi, I appreciate your kind words xxx love Maria

  15. Well that has made me cry about the of man. The poor old man. That is such a blight on society. Such a blight. And I’m sorry someone upset you yesterday also. Xx

  16. Dear Annabel ,thank you for showing my cooking . I’m away visiting youngest to help with wedding things . Had a lovely day with the bride to be , it all went easily and smoothly.
    Thanks again for all the work you do for us with the Bluebirds here , encouraging us, answering posts and uplifting us , we do appreciate everything your hard work . Love Maria xxx

    1. Dear Maria, Thank you for the photos in the first place I love seeing them. They are heart warming. You are doing such a lot and truly this all makes so much difference more than you imagine I am sure. With love

  17. Dear Annabel,

    You have covered a lot in this post. It has been a very interesting read.

    Clearly there is not enough JESUS in this world! He teaches us how to live good lives, to love GOD and to love others. His teachings have been removed from society and look what is happening all around us now.

    Lately I have withdrawn from the outside world and staying home in my own little safe cocoon, immersing myself in Gods word, and praying. I have stepped back from facebook and instagram because I feel they take me away from what I am meant to be doing in life, and that is being a Godly woman. Staying away from these distractions allows me to be a better wife and homemaker and not compare myself to what others are doing. I have stopped listening to the news, and the TV and radio are staying off. The only sound you will hear in my home lately is quietness with Christian music playing softly in the background (apart from when hubby is playing his old records). This is how I am coping...

    There is so much wisdom here on your blog and so many beautiful hearts who love to encourage each other. Visiting you here feels like a safe haven to come to. A lovely place to find rest and be inspired by your lovely writings.

    God bless you,


    1. Dear Tania,
      Recently on a US daily chat show someone spoke the name of Jesus in conversation and the station Bleeped it out as they would a swear word. Yes this is how things are going. So Jesus is being removed, edited, banned...
      I am all for reading your own sanctuary and being busy with what we should be doing. Absolutely. It is happier, we get more done, less bad things to think on!
      Your blog is a safe haven also. Your gardening and cooking make me so happy to see! Keep posting Tania as it is very encouraging to everyone. With love

  18. Dear Annabel,

    I love your post and have always loved how you have spoken so fondly on your blog about your grandmothers and other women (neighbors, etc.) who have influenced you. Your blog is a wonderful help to so many of us who read. I have stayed reading here for years mostly because your blog is so full of encouragement and gratitude!!

    I have felt many times as frustrated and fearful as Fiona, especially in the last couple of years when so many strange things have been enshrined in law. I keep thinking, "the fall of Rome"!! But recently I have found immense peace, as I focus on the positives and on the Bible. I do have to agree that if we all spent a little less time paying attention to the horrible media, our lives would seem so much saner, and so would the world in general!

    Yes, yes, kind to everyone you can and just spread the kind of actions that we would all like to have come our way. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful Titus 2 woman!!

    Love, Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, Thank you! I cant even believe I have been blogging for years but I have!
      I think of the fall of civilisations too! There is a pattern! How come now one thinks of history!?
      I think Scripture, home, the garden, nature... animals... these are all wonderful as we see the good and beauty. Less media I agree!
      Thank you for your kind comments Jen! Love

  19. Dear Annabel, what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post. I need to re-read it, and re-read it and re-read it some more. There are so many interesting parts to it and it really all is very wise advice. I haven't read Laine's letters yet, but want to. I feel like you are to me, what Laine was to you. A true angel walking on earth. Thank you for being a Titus 2 woman and for being a true leader. I often think, what would Annabel do? I need to share this with my Mum and with my grandmother, as they have been Titus 2 women, and my great grandmother was. It is so true, my Mum says she often thinks of her grandmother even more now she herself is a grandmother and wants to be just like her. I never thought of what I am doing now how it will effect future was like a light bulb went off in my head! Truly amazing! We really are discouraged from the home, I think. The new Childcare Subsidy is rolling out in July and many people are talking about how fabulous it is. I feel like saying; for who is it fabulous? The government has motives, I am sure of it. Sorry, that may sound negative. Lots of love to you and Bluebirds, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      It is truly evil as far as I am concerned that this subsidy does nothing for stay home Mums. It will cause people who could stay home to work instead. Well stick to your guns Bridge. These are short term things and you are working on long term things. Yes there are motives for sure. You can see through it! You read the Laines Letter I linked to. This would give you an introduction. You will love Laine. You will pick up many practical tips and ideas from cooking to time management... just try a couple and you will see! I am very glad Bluebirds encourages you but the more the merrier and sometimes when you feel like you need something extra then Laine is there. Thank you Bridge for your kind words! With love

  20. I am taking a blogging break and a much needed one at present but I was most shocked when my husband took me to task for not blogging. He pointed out that I'd 'helped' countless young women and older ones and I needed to blog about my current situation as well. I promised him I would when I felt able to fully address it. It's not just what we do at home, it's how we face life that we must share.

    1. Dear Terri, I had noticed this... but I saw you seemed ok as I saw instagram. Well it is ok to take a break and it sounds like you are needing one but I agree with your husband too... that savings tips, encouragement and skills all on your blog are a help and putting them out there helps people. So when you are rested and past your busy time then I will look forward to reading your blog again! With love

  21. A wonderful post! I have read all of Laines Letters years ago and they totally transformed my life. I wish she would post here soon??? I know she is busy but would love to be refreshed by her:) I am a grandmother of 9. I have been so busy with them - I see them weekly and sometimes more. My daughter does Foster care also along with her 4-there is such a need. I will help her do the cooking,laundry and cleaning so she can focus on the kiddoes. A true blessing to work hard for the Lord. Loved this post!!!


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