The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 14 June 2018

Feather your Nest Friday. 15th June, 2018.

It has been a very busy week!  I got lots done and am trying to tackle the things that I can as it is too soon to be packing boxes but there is plenty I can get on with too.
With this in mind I bought a steam cleaner.  I had a fantastic one years ago and have always missed it.   So I did my research, chose one and headed off to get one.   I did great on price too and still haggled and paid cash.   This is the best thing ever.   For anyone interested I got the Euroflex Monster Compact Steam Cleaner.  It is fantastic.  Every day I have been steam cleaning.  I started with the laundry grout and tiles.  Then the washing machine.  Then all my appliances...  everything looks brand new.  It has a domino effect as I keep thinking of something else to steam clean!

Some of the ways I saved, got ahead and built up the home this week were:

I made chocolate mud cakes.  These were GF so I had a couple too.  Some were for Andy, some for Harper some for freezer.

I made roast pumpkin soup and to go with it I made Corn Bread.   I made extra loaves to freeze.  Also in one of them I used GF flour and it turned out just fine.

Later in the week I also made Mum's Veggie soup.  She gets a bag of the finely chopped up soup mix, adds zucchini and I added sweet potato.   Simmer and blend adding a Massel  Brand Chicken stock cube.  Has to be this kind Mum says!  Anyway that is it and it is delicious!

You could really throw anything in if you have things to use up.

A wholesale butcher here had specials that suited us. (For SA readers this is Specialty Foods, Thebarton)  We get the catalogue  emailed  each week.  So I got 12 lamb shanks for $1.90 each.  This was a saving of about $30 on lamb shanks.  Being winter this is a slow cooker hearty meal.  A delicious lamb meal for under $2 a serve is pretty good.  
Also we got pure beef burgers and I sat and cut each into four and re rolled them into meatballs.   I got 64 meatballs for $24.  I portioned them into meal sized portions.  We got seven meals worth which is only $3.40 a meal for two for meat.  

So my freezer is full again and I am only buying really good deals and nothing else!  Otherwise we are having a use it up challenge! 

I made Creme Caramel.  I always do this in the slow cooker.  

If you would like the recipe and how to do it in the slow cooker it is here.

I had bargains in Coles.  Recently they cleared a huge amount of hair products.   I stocked up for ages.  Now it is dishwashing liquid and dishwasher products.  Again it is due to new packaging I think.   I got packets of Finish Powerball dishwasher tablets for $3 a pack!
And Dishwashing Liquid for $1. 

I saved $77 on my bargains.

I had a sore knee.  It could be to do with steam cleaning around the bottoms of kitchen cupboards, skirting boards, kitchen cupboards, fridge... and so on.   I decided to try a castor oil pack as Patsy has talked about and I had the things on hand.  This is something I have been meaning to try.  So now I know and I think it helped as it is better! 

I traded essential oil roller balls for more medical supplies with Bella.  The supplies are going to the farm to improve Chloe and Luke's medical kits.  This is so good!  Thank you Bella!

Last night it rained and rained.  It is wonderful. This morning the sun is out and it looks like a nice day.
Today I am heading off to a wedding dress fitting with Chloe.  This is always fun and exciting!  She is only here 24 hours then back to the farm.  I have cornbread, orange cakes, soup and casserole to send home with her.

Before she picks me up I am putting beef and veggies in one slow cooker and filling the other one with potatoes and sweet potatoes.   Later all I will need to do is mash the potatoes.   I want a lot as after tonight the casserole will be made into meat pies and "shepherds pies" with the potato over the top with a sprinkle of cheese.  One meaty casserole usually gets me dinner then a few pies. 

So that is my week!  
How did you build up your nest,  save or get ahead? 

I am working on some blog posts here and there but otherwise I will always try and do my Friday post.  And I am working on creating Bluebird Farmhouse.  For a while things will just not be normal I just have less time to be on the computer.  But then we will settle back to a routine again! xxx


  1. A wedding is so exciting and busy! I know she will be beautiful in her dress. Have a great week.

    1. The dress is coming along great! Have a good weekend there! xxx

  2. Hi Annabel, that is wonderful news that you and Andy will be moving to the farm! I'm so excited for you! Thank you for your lovely post today, I love seeing all of your beautiful cooking and learning tips and ideas from all the many productive things you have been doing. I made chicken stock for the first time in my slow cooker the other day (with some of your bay leaves!) and used some for a chicken and vege soup, and the rest I'm going to use in a pumpkin soup. It was so beautiful and really helped the kids and I get over our colds I think. I might just try your baked custards in the slow cooker for a nice after school surprise today! Take care and good luck with your planning and moving preparations. Kelly xo

    1. Dear Kelly,
      Thank you! Well done on the chicken stock! So much goodness is in stock. Also if you think about it stock can be made of heaps of stuff that can normally be thrown away i.e. celery leaves. I think its a power of goodness. It is great to cook rice in too for extra goodness. I would be sure it helped get well again. I love having some stock going.
      I hope you make baked custard! I think eggs are very healthy especially for children. They are just yum. I think I will make more this weekend. A tablespoon of cooked rice in baked custard is gorgeous too, then it is baked rice custard. Have a good weekend and I hope everyone is completely better! Love

  3. Hello Annabel and lovely bluebirds and hope you have had a good week :).

    Annabel just a warning about the steam cleaners do not use them on your wooden floor boards as it will warp and ruin them just so you know and I have heard that it can destroy the grout in between your tiles and weaken it too. Okay to do it occasionally for a deep clean but not all the time :). They are a wonderful piece of equipment though and I love them too.

    We are back to our normal selves again after the flu but it did slow us down not being at full energy levels for most of the week. We are thankful we had cold and flu tablets, Echinacea and zinc tablets and some cough lozenges in our stockpile as well as the lovely oregano oil. Homemade soups were the order of the day most of the week being chicken and vegetable, chicken and noodle and pumpkin soup and a few other meatish meals.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $73.70 in savings last week.

    Here is how we feathered our nest and saved -

    Financial -
    - Banked more money into our saving for our home deposit bringing us up to 26.23% of the way there.
    - Banked more money into our bank emergency fund.
    - Readjusted our tithing and offerings so DH can pay mine as I am a dependent spouse thereby reducing his income and saving from our estimations about $300 a year we can put to other things.
    - We have now decided to go shopping 3 monthly as we have built up our stocks and after asking the seller that sells the Woolworths e-vouchers when they would next sell them (3 months). On that note we have been putting our normal grocery money and pantry stocking budget into a high interest savings account to earn interest on what we usually spend anyway. Got to love earning bank interest and extra money on our grocery and pantry stocking money :).
    - Transferred all the money from of our carried over under budget categories to budget categories that were in the red bringing us up to level again with most including our pantry stocking and medical budgets.

    Earnings -
    - Earned $14.90 from the sale of pumpkin seeds and dried English lavender from the gardens which I banked into our pantry budget.

    Purchases -
    - Purchased 6.04kg of thin beef sausages on special to top up the meat freezer saving $2.73 on usual prices.
    - Bought 6 x 200 pkt of multivitamins on special saving $37.68 on usual prices and we now have a years worth in stock.
    - Purchased 6 x large packets of butter menthol's on sale to put in our medical cabinet for colds and flu saving $3 on usual prices.

    In the kitchen -
    - Cooked all meals and bread from scratch.
    - Blanched and froze 34 meals worth of sweet potatoes picked from our gardens which brings us up to around 7 - 8 months worth. Still more to go ...


    1. Dear Sewingcreations, Thanks re the cleaner... I know they are no good on wood. Thankfully the wood floors are so easy to clean. I attacked my laundry sink. The bowl had stains... I had tried Ajax, Bar keepers friend, bleach, you name it. In five minutes it looked brand new. So satisfying! I hate grout. If I could have a grout free house I would! I did the laundry... it worked a miracle. That is it they should be fine now.
      I am glad you are over the flu bugs. These things can really take a while to bounce back from. It is so good to have what you need in the cupboard. Who wants to be running around when not well anyway. Also the soups, the best thing I think.
      Soon you will hit 1/3 of your goal! I see it growing!
      I also recently got lots of sausages and froze them in meal portions. I got a lot of meals this way! Now I am in the situation of eating the freezer down but I hate to get too low. Also I am not passing up any major savings!
      The sweet potatoes will be so good to have on hand. They make the best soup of all!
      Have a lovely weekend! It has been pouring here... we are properly soaked now! Rain water tanks full! With love

  4. Dear Annabel and family and the bluebird family,
    Thank you for another beautiful blog post Annabel.All of your cooking and baking sounds and looks delicious .the creme caramel looks so yummy !. I just love that you use those gorgeous ballerina cake toppers for Harpers cakes and even better they can be reused over and over again.
    My week included:
    Gratefully receiving 3 meals from my parents, made by mum, a saving of at least $40
    I had my usual subsidised services , I had 4 services this week so a saving of about $155 compared to if I had to pay a private company.
    I saved $20 on groceries that I needed by buying things reduced to clear or on special. I received free medication, a saving of $25 .
    I ate leftovers for a few meals this week, saving me at least $30 .
    I had takeaway pizza this week as a treat but instead of getting it delivered I took advantage of a day when a Dad took me out and I used a coupon code and got two pizzas for the price of one on 2 for Tuesday and it saved me at least $15 by ordering at the shop instead of ordering at home to be delivered , the 2 pizzas did me for several meals plus I gave some to a friend too.
    I saved $30 on transport this week by getting rides with my Dad.
    I am making some cards for a friend which will save me about $20 compared to buying a set of cards to give .
    I am doing my menu plan and shopping list for next week and so far I only need about eight items so hopefully I will have some grocery savings to add to my slush fund.
    I paid back some debt so I am now debt free again , a huge saving of $50 a fortnight debt repayments.

    Total savings this week are $385 .
    I hope everyone has a lovely weekend Love Barb W.

    1. Dear Barb,
      It was great getting two pizzas for the price of one. And the meals from your Mum too!
      Well done on being debt free! That is fantastic! A good feeling. All your savings have added up, caught you up and got you ahead. This is wonderful!
      Have a lovely weekend. We had a heap of rain overnight and now the sun is shining for a little while anyway! With love and thanks,

  5. Your mud cake patty cakes look divine! I would love the recipe if you ever feel the need to post it :) It would make a beautiful afternoon tea for all my GF friends. Jen x

    1. Dear Jen, This mix was just a packet mix from Aldi... it was GF mud cake. The first GF cakes I made I used these mixes from Aldi... and I honestly couldnt tell they were GF. No one could. From there I got GF flour from the supermarket and just use that instead of regular flour in cakes, muffins etc with pretty good results... sometimes I found I need to add more or the batter is too runny. But overall I just use GF flour. Those who are GF are pretty thrilled with nice options and treats so baking is a hit! I recently made scones (biscuits) cornbread and pancakes all with GF flour and all were just lovely! Cheap and easy yet GF good are expensive in the stores... so this could be gift ideas for your friends too! With love

    2. Thanks Annabel- I will definitely be making a stop at ALDI! Xx

  6. Again, you amaze me with all you do! So excited for you about the move to the farmhouse.

    1. Thank you MamaHen! The new week is off and running! I hope you have a good week! xxx

  7. Mmmmm - sounds like a yummy week at your home!
    Have fun at the dress fitting - how exciting.

    1. Dear Cheryl,
      The dress fitting was great, this is going to be a gorgeous dress! Have a good week! Love

  8. I have just re-found your blog. It is lovely. Rosemary xxx

    1. Thank you Rosemary! I am glad to have you here! Love

  9. Hi Annabel and everyone,

    That creme caramel sounds amazing, I have to try it! You also got some great prices on those cleaning products.

    This week's efforts - busy at work, so not as much done at home as I would have liked.
    Cooking and food: All work lunches ($150) and snacks ($40) were packed and brought from home. I roasted a bunch of chicken pieces bought at a good price, and my husband cooked dinner on the grill one night. We harvested the last of our French breakfast radishes and planted seeds for another crop. Our garden is doing well and producing baby acorn and butternut squashes.

    Household: It has continued to be very hot this early in the year, so we moved our pantry cabinets into the guest bedroom (from the garage) temporarily until we have time to put shelves in the closet. There is space and the cabinets are neat, not pretty, of course, but I feel better with our food storage safe from rising temperatures.
    I cleaned and organized a kitchen cabinet that had gotten messy. Jars to the rescue!
    We restocked the medicine/first aid section of the pantry and put a first aid kit in the car.

    Personal Care & Education: I dyed my hair ($70) and gave myself a pedicure ($40).
    I also learned some interesting stitching techniques watching free videos.

    Shopping: At the thrift shop, I found a hardcover book about depression-era cooking. It includes a chapter on how to make things like potpourri and face cream - really interesting and many of the cooking tips and recipes sound great.

    Crafts & gifts: I put some stitches in a new long-term cross-stitch piece (Tree of Life by Joan Elliott) and knitted on a pair of socks.
    We gave a chair that has just been taking up space in the garage to someone who will use it.
    I used greeting cards from my stash for Father's Day. ($10 saved.)

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    1. Dear Kathy,
      Heat definitely reduces food shelf life, medicines too of course. So moving stuff inside is really good. I am thinking this over... what can be outside and what must be in the cool (or cooler at least)
      I love the old cook books. If you dont know about it already you might like Cooking with Clara on you tube. She has a book. She shows how to make many war time meals and simple and good food plus it is charming to watch. And educational. Saying this you might love Wartime Farm the British series... so interesting! Cooking from scratch with a few simple things that will feed and nourish everyone is a skill really.
      Well done on all the workbenches and snacks.
      You had great savings! I hope this week is off to a good start! With love

  10. Dear Annabel,
    Somehow my comment disappeared, so I hope I'm not repeating myself! Computers are such a mysterious thing to me.
    I admire your industry! All that work and all those meals. And then, you get to have such a fun time with your daughter, too.
    I have some milk on hand that needs using, so I'm going to make your cream caramel. It's very similar to a dessert I call egg custard which was my late dad's favorite. Food is so frequently featured in our memories.
    Please share the mud cake recipe - never enough chocolate recipes!
    Wish me luck: I'm going to use your method to make blueberry jam.
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    1. Dear Phyllis, It drives me nuts when I lose emails and comments! Thank you for trying again!
      Custards are great for using up milk. I love them. I agree food sparks so many memories and comforts.
      I cheated on the GF chocolate mud cake it was just a packet I had from Aldi. They often have great GF stuff and before I was confident with GF flour I bought some packets. They were all amazing! Anyhow now I pretty much just substitute GF flour in any recipe... usually you just need a bit more so I go by the consistency and hope for the best. So far so good.
      Oh good luck on the jam. A bit of lemon juice sets everything. You should find the colour just lovely as the microwave quick cooking preserves the bright colours! The jars look like gem stones! With love

  11. Dear Annabel, I apparently did something wrong again and my comment to your last post was lost. I first want to say how very much I liked your last post, so much so that I read it aloud to my husband. Thank you! I'm so excited for you to be moving to the farm. Some of my best childhood memories are from time spent on my family's farm and with my grandmother. This is such a blessing. Looking forward to Bluebird Farmhouse!

    Your cooking/baking looks delicious as usual. I purchased a BIG roaster hen on special this week and cooked it in the crockpot. With the leftovers I made chicken pot pie using your puff pastry method and it was so good!

    I bought a few books at our local used bookstore, including new Bible study books as I just completed the study I was doing. Saved me about 70% off buying them new from Amazon. I did, however, buy new essential oil roller bottles from Amazon and perfume atomizers (I think just like the ones you bought) for really good prices, better than our local health food store pricing.

    Today I will be making a Father's Day card for my dear husband. This will save several dollars, plus he prefers them homemade. Our daughter and son-in-law invited us to their place for Sunday supper to celebrate DH. Looking forward to that. I hope you and all the bluebirds have a blessed weekend! -Carla

    1. Dear Carla, Thanks for trying again I am so glad to have your comment! When my Nan and Pa moved to a farm along side us when I was around 8 years old... this was a wonderful time for our family. Nan and Pa were over the creek from us and they had this old farm house with a beautiful garden, giant pepper trees and an orchard. The fruit trees were huge and productive. Nan knitted and spun wool. Pa gardened. They made the family big roast meals and had a giant kitchen table and wood stove. These were wonderful times. Now I am thinking how we are about to repeat history in a way with our move now.
      The pot pies are so good. They freeze very well also if you want to stash one away. Even though its cheating a bit having puff pastry in the freezer... many times this has got me an almost free meal as left over casseroles just make the most moist pie filings. Sometimes I do a family pie her times little individual sizes. It doesn't take much meat to make a pie at all.
      Your Bible study is a great thing. When I need calming I do some Bible study! And the rollers and atomisers... I LOVE these. I have been able to make many gifts now because of having these on hand.
      I hope your husband had a lovely Fathers Day, it sounds like it would have been! Thanks so much Carla! Love

  12. I didn't manage to comment last week Annabel, I am so thrilled for you and Andy! It seems like such a natural fit for you both, and your excitement is obvious :)
    You've been busy this week! I've wanted a steam cleaner for a while now, but had read mixed reviews of the main brand here so I will check if the one you bought is available here.

    I've had an organising week here, a room a day. By Friday the whole house felt so much better. And I have bags of clothes and toys to go my daughter's kindy. They have a blessings table where you can leave clothes, toys, produce etc, and families can help themselves. It's such a great idea, and really helps out some of the less fortunate families. A local supermarket also donates bread rolls etc once a week which is a nice gesture.

    I've been sorting out my tax return this week, and am realising that it would be far more beneficial to keep on top of this throughout the year rather than leaving it until the end! Which doesn't really come as a surprise lol. It is quite fiddly this year, but I am setting it up so that it should be easy to maintain.

    Apart from that, I have been baking, cooking, and making craft plans! I have so many ideas, and am hoping to get back into some making soon. But at the moment my hands are busy with our lovely new daughter and so everything else can wait :)

    Have a lovely weekend everyone, happy steam cleaning Annabel lol!!

    Jen in NZ

    1. Dear Jen, Yes I can imagine you are very busy! You always do a lot but a new baby adds a lot more!
      I dont know if this steam cleaner is there but if so google and watch the video that goes with it as it gives a reasonable idea. I have used and used it. Stuff like the straps on high chairs and car seats and kids messes its a dream!
      Thank you for your words re the farm. It is exciting! I will be like you soon having to try and incorporate lots into one trip into town and plan my shopping well!
      I hope you have a good week and a parcel arrives! With love

  13. It is hot, hot summer here now. But the mornings are cool and we enjoy our coffee on the porch swing listening to the birds singing and the fireflies are out in the evenings which means summer here. And we love it!

    I am looking forward to your new blog but don't worry about all of us right now. You have enough to do and so you don't even need to reply to our comments!

    1. Dear Lana, Thank you! How I would love to see Fireflies!
      I decided I would rather blog less and reply to comments as it is the friendship that helps me so much. Well friendship/fellowship.
      I wanted to tell you I have kept drinking my water all this time and now I miss it if I dont and feel really thirsty. The jug I started out with and felt it was a big deal to drink all of that... now I finish it easily and get some more. I usually add some lemon to it since Hilde gives me so many. I think it has made me feel much better. I know it is good for me. So thanks to you I really adopted this. Have a wonderful weekend! With love

    2. You have made a wise choice about the blog. I am glad to hear that you are doing so well with your water. I hope you can see fireflies one day. We have had more this year than for several years previous so we are really enjoying them. When I was a child they were so numerous that we caught a jar full every evening to put in our bedroom for a night light. Watching them in that jar put us right to sleep.

  14. Beautiful post as always, Annabel! I think I need a steam cleaner! I always thought they were just for drapes (curtains) but you can clean appliances with them too?!

    We moved 1,000 miles a few years ago. Two months before we moved we began to start eating up all the food in the freezer. One month before, I decided not to go to the grocery store and just eat up what we had on hand. Eventually hubby requested that I pick up a few comfort foods from the store as he was not quite as enamored of my challenge as I was. :) But we saved bunches of money during those two months and didn't have to throw any perishable food away when we moved.

    Praying for you as you plan your move!

    1. Dear Cheri,
      There is a demo video available on the machine I bought this would give you an idea of what can be cleaned. For me the biggest is the oven. Oven racks, things that are fiddly like taps, sinks, fridge door seals, hinges... all the places that the only thing is a toothbrush and never get done because they are so hard to do. Also things like high chairs, kids car seats.... then the steam kills dust mites etc so mattresses, pillows... My kitchen mixer has fiddly dials and fittings these all look spotless in seconds. I am addicted lol
      You did very well on your move. Saving both money and food. I think this is really good and am trying to do the same. I am making a meal plan for next week and hardly have to buy anything.
      Thank you for your prayers! We have a big task and a lot of details to work out! With love

  15. Glad you are getting everything so clean. I've never used a steam cleaner before. Have a wonderful time at the dress fitting. I remember doing that with my mom for my wedding. You get to spend some good quality time with your daughter before she gets married. Glad you were able to add some meat to your freezers for such a great price.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Dear Marybeth, The wedding dress fittings are a really special time. We always have lunch as well so it becomes a day out. Its really good!
      I hope your new week is going well! With love

  16. Annabel,
    Your mud cakes look so yummy! And steam cleaners are so great! I love mine, but don't use it as much as I should. I can't wait to see Bluebird Farmhouse! Savings for me are usually slow in the winter, but now that it's nice out I am moving right along. I saved a lot with coupons, got a gift card in the mail, used a gift card from Christmas for gas instead of cash, was gifted 3 dozen jars, got several samples in the mail and dog treats to review. On days it's not raining I hang out the wash and the sun gets the whites so bright I love it! The garden is doing good so far although I may have to replant some seeds that got washed out or eaten by the birds. The mulberries are ripe so I have been picking some of those And used free Kmart money to get my grandson a birthday gift, dish washer detergent, broth, cookies, toilet paper and paper towels. You did great on your bargains by the way! Now that's the way to stock the pantry!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      Thank you! I cant wait to see Bluebirds Farmhouse either! I feel I am in a season of waiting over winter. I am just trying to get things done that I can so I am ready!
      Your K mart money is amazing! You get the best stuff! Well done! Love

  17. Exciting, I’m sure to plan your move to The Farm!!!

    This has been a busy week watching our littles while mom and dad are vacationing (first time without kids!) in Ireland! So glad that I was able to plan ahead and make lots of homemade cinnamon French toast sticks, egg cups, muffins so that I just added fruit to it and they were happy! I got Mandarin oranges- a 3 pound bag for $1 (we went through 6 pounds already and are into the last 6 pounds! ), watermelon that was $1.99 over the holiday, bananas- a 40 pound box for $5 and lots of strawberries for 97 cents/ pound! Made up other meals ahead as well which has kept us from running to a take out place or the grocery store!
    We decluttered and took all our old batteries/ CFL and also Florescent tube lights to the authorized waste authority so we didn’t have to pay to dispose of them.
    We gathered up scrap metal around the house and yard and recycled it and got $47.10 for it and it’s not just laying around taking up space!
    We have well over $100 more in extra unopened reno supplies to take back to store and get credited back for.
    We ate lettuce and green onions and kale from our garden and raspberries and red currants and cherries from our fruit bushes/ trees!
    I am almost finished with the brick walkway using freecycled bricks and have a lot left over so I’m deciding where my next brick path will go! Nice dilemma to have! So far I’ve used over 500 free bricks and probably have that many left!!
    It’s exhilarating to make practical and/or beautiful things out of discarded free materials!

    1. Dear Gardenpat, Thank you!
      With the bathroom work and now baby sitting you have been extremely busy! But this would be a special time! I am sure the grandkids love it at your place too!
      That was great on the decluttering and scrap metal!
      It is also great about the brick path! It is amazing you got all those bricks free!
      You had a great week! I hope this week is off to a big start! With love

  18. A great week from you Annabel. Lovely updates from everyone too. I am fascinated by this steam cleaner. I've seen them advertised and didn't really think there'd be much point. But interesting what you say about everything looking brand new. I must check them out. Wedding dresses are always so exciting, as are the impending weddings of course! Such a lovely bonding time for you and Chloe. And those ballerina cupcakes are gorgeous! We had a good week as well. We are trying to avoid as much processed food as possible here, partly for general good health and partly for Daughters food sensitivities. You'd think this would mean a higher food bill, but thanks to the local fruit barn and butcher, some online and local bulk shopping, and thoughtful meal planning and making as much as possible from scratch, we will actually save about 30% on our food bill over the next month. Yes it's a little extra work, but honestly, so rewarding. Daughter and her boyfriend and Husband and I also worked hard on making over the van we once used to transport Son on Wheels when he was younger. We'd kept the van as a spare vehicle for our business and often use it for pickups and deliveries. But now it's been turned into a Glamping Van for Daughter and her Boy, and they're off to a music festival in it next month. Husband made a platform to fit over the wheel arches and her old double bed mattress fits perfectly on that. We recycled some fabric remnants into curtains, oversized cushions and snuggly rugs. And now we're finding what we can amongst our outdoor cooking implements to set them up to at least boil water (and thus boil eggs, cook pasta, make tea), and making sure they have enough warm clothing and bedding so they are comfortable. I almost want to go! Love, Mimi

    1. Dear Mimi, I dont know why I let go of having a steam cleaner but I wore out a really expensive one years ago then moved and just didnt find another. I am amazed by it. Crappy things to clean like grout, oven racks etc are actually fun!
      We pretty much dont eat any processed foods. Nor grains these days either and its an adjustment but ok. Hence baked custard or yoghurt for breakfasts no cereal here. I agree with you if we keep it basic meat and veggies and shop around it is amazing what you can do and make. My slow cooker is getting a work out too I find big cook ups help.
      The van sounds super cute! A home away from home! I hope your new week is going well! With love

  19. Hi. I recently came across your blog and I am really enjoying it. You are so inspiring! I live in the United States - in rural Iowa and I find it fascinating to hear about your life and to see how things differ and yet are so similar too! I love that you are moving back to the farm and look forward to following along on your new journey in life!

    God bless - Rhonda

    1. Dear Rhonda,
      Thank you for commenting and welcome! Thanks so much for your best wishes! I would love to hear about rural life in Iowa too. With love

  20. I've just had my emails from Woolworths, advising of specials for the week.
    I'll be stocking up on hand wash, toothpaste and toothbrushes, all out at half price. They go into my linen press shelves and we 'go shopping' in there when we need to.

    1. Dear Joolz, This is the way to do it! I have noticed how toothpaste has gone up and up. Now it is nothing to see toothpaste for $6 and $8 a tube. I have a $2 limit! I have put away a lot of toothbrushes too. Soon you will have a fabulous "shop" and it will just save you so much. I love adding to my pantry! With love


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