The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Saturday 2 June 2018

A very late Feather your Nest Friday.

As I mentioned on Monday I was away this week.  It was my Dad's 81st Birthday and I headed to the farm to see him.  I had a lovely time.  He drove me for a day of touring around and showing me things and I packed a picnic with fruit cake, rolls and a thermo of tea and one of coffee.    It was a gorgeous sunny day although still cold!  Mum had roasts and soup going.  And the fire roaring.   The nights were so cold but we were snug and crocheting by the fire in the evenings.

The farm had very little internet reception.  So I am behind on all correspondence and blog replies.  Today I am working on catching up just on washing and the house.   We all know what it is like when we have been away.  It seems to take a few days to get back into the swing of things.

It was not a normal week of savings but an investment in other ways.

At the farm there were lambs and a baby deer that are all being bottle fed.  This is the first time for a deer.   He is so lovely and like a baby.

He wouldn't stand still so I got Chloe to hold him and took a heap of photos.

I love the spots.  To me he is just like out of a fairy story! 

Hopefully Harper and Scarlett will see him in a couple of weeks.  They will have so much fun!

The lambs are tiny.  Just a few days old.

This time of year while its cold is the time for clean ups around the yard.  Mum loves a fire and it was warm to stand near.   Fallen trees were being cut down for future wood as well.

Because there has been rain things are looking green and good.   Rain is always the big issue.

Before I left on this trip I did manage to bake a heap of Orange Cakes.   I did muffin size and small loaf size.  Several went into the freezer.

So now I have washing to do,  soup to put on,  custards to bake and so on.  The sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful day.  It was really cold last night thought!   It was a two hot pack night haha! 

Andy had a bunch of savings and makings amounting to a few hundred dollars.

I am not sure how I will go this week with posting.  I didn't think I would get this post done!  I will just see how I go.  I am getting a ridiculous amount of spam comments every day and this is taking me ages too!   These are commenters who aren't really reading they try and post a comment that is a thinly veiled ad for something they are selling etc.  Drives me crazy!

How did you build up your nest, get ahead or save last week?  For many of us we had the first day or winter!  There was a time I didn't love winter but now I do.  Soups,  the slow cooker going, warm and cozy, lots of crochet...

Have a wonderful Sunday and new week!xxx


  1. Oh my gosh Chloe is one very glamorous farm girl. I used to spend most of my farm time in old and often filthy clothing with thongs, gum boots or most often bare feet. I do love the babies on farms. I havent seen a fawn up close so this little one is one cutie. Looks a lot like Bambi. Photos please of when the little girls meet Bambi and Lambikins.
    On June 1st we had the coldest day so far this year. I had the house all shut up by 4pm, and was under two blankies on the couch with the fur baby. The fur baby and I were in bed by 9pm because it was too cold to stay up any longer. We dont get a lot of this sort of cold weather, where we go down to single digits overnight, so we dont have any form of heating. I was loving the idea of the roaring fire that you mentioned.
    I hope Dad had a wonderful Birthday. He would have had a great day with his little girl, out and about with a packed picnic to keep him going.
    I have spent the week as the master proof reader of the major Uni assignments for our Katie. My head is full of all sorts of marketing information and economic projections. I was checking information provided against marking rubrics, provided by the lecturers. It appeared to me that Katie had covered all aspects of the assignments. Here's hoping she does well. Exams are next.
    Single use plastic bags are being banned in Qld at the end of the month. I made myself six shopping bags out of an old dooner. They are a pale blue with pink roses. The bags are all lined with the pink doona backing. Pretty and practical. I saw some on Etsy that were about the same size, but not lined, selling $30 each!
    The rest of the savings this week are the usual everyday things that we do all the time.
    It was good to hear that you had a good week at the farm and that your folks are both in good health. Have a great week and we will hear from you when your life has settled back into its normal routine.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane, I think things are different in the south to the north... boots are worn always on the farm even in summer. (there are tiger snakes etc!) so jeans and boots are the normal "uniform". I thought the photo looked good as the fawn and Chloe's hair are kind of similar!
      I saw your shopping bags. They are gorgeous! We have had this same ban for some years now. Most of the bags they sell are ugly! Your bags are beautiful! And they would sell too!
      You are wonderful helping your daughter. I hope she does well in her exams... I am sure she will.
      Jane I love the fire too. Chloe has one you can keep your kettle on and a slow cook pan going and the warmth is beautiful. This is what I want. Multipurpose!
      Have a good new week! I have so far caught up on the washing! With love

    2. I had the same thought as Annabel, Jane! Your bags are lovely and I think you could easily sell them! The timing in your area with the ban coming could make it ideal to generate a high volume of sales to others who find themselves needing bags but not having the time or skills to make their own!! Think about it!!

  2. Hello Annabel and beautiful bluebirds :).

    Oh those dear and lambs are just adorable and it sounds like you had a fantastic time while you were away :). As you say it takes a while to catch up on things when you get back though.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $997.91 in savings last week and I am including up to today :).

    Here is how we feathered our nest and got ahead last week -

    Home organisation-
    - Reorganised our pantry room and put all large full 10lt food storage buckets in another room on the floor off the shelves as I put my back out trying to get them off the shelves. We also re-organised the tinned foods like with like on the shelves and we have a lot more room in there now.

    Earnings -
    - Earned $13.76 from the sale of a homemade bread bag and I banked the money into the pantry stocking budget to recoup more funds spent on additional food storage buckets and a $350 for $300 grocery e-voucher.

    Service and blessing others -
    - Supplied some freshly picked sweet potatoes to our supermarket student delivery driver to feed their student household and some to our chimney sweeps family along with some starts so he can grow some in his garden too.

    Purchases -
    - Used 1 x $350 grocery e-voucher and saved an additional $22 with specials and we used the rest for generic brand staples that never come on special such as rice, tinned fruits, cocoa, flour, white and raw sugar, butter, tinned corn, baked beans, diced tomatoes, and tinned mushrooms.
    - Took advantage of another 2 x $15 off $100 purchase in store supermarket in store vouchers I received in the mail and finished off our 2 monthly grocery shopping at that shop and saved all up with 50% off specials $70 in total taking advantage of half price probiotic and Echinacea and zinc tablets.
    - Dh purchased a laptop battery off eBay after pricing them locally saving $118.11 over purchasing them here in our small country town.

    Financial -
    - Banked more money into our saving for our home deposit bank account bringing us to 25.92% of the way there. We banked $1200 + more than our budget target this month :).
    - Listed 52 handmade items on eBay using a free listing and free final auction value fee if it sells promotion saving $85.80 on usual listing fees.

    In the gardens -
    - Harvested another 75kg of sweet potatoes from the gardens saving $675 over purchasing organic ones in our local supermarkets. These are now free to us as we replant the little sweet potatoes from each crop each year.
    - Thinned out and transplanted cauliflower seedlings growing to close in our nursery bed for additional food.
    - Weeded around our broad beans in the front yard, staked them and mulched them and the newly planted cauliflower seedlings with a 50 50 mix of Lucerne hay and grass clippings run over by the ride on lawnmower with catcher on.

    Other usual frugal things we save by doing -
    - Did the usual washing out clip seal freezer bags for reuse, boiling our kettle for cuppas in the slow combustion stove, heated our home with almost free to us cut and sourced firewood, watered garden seedlings in with dish rinsing and shower warm up water, and watered lawns with saved grey water from our showers and washing machines.

    Hope everyone else has had an equally great week. It looks like we will be busy this week with blanching and freezing a years worth of sweet potatoes for the freezer too Annabel.


    1. Dear Sewingcreations, Wow you had a good week! A hive of activity. I think sweet potato is a very useful vegetable and I love it. I am making soup with it this week where you roast a big pan of sweet potato, pumpkin, onions and an apple. That blended with stock is the basis of it. Posting makes things seem quite sweet.
      Your savings are going so well. And no wonder with all the effort you put in to everything.
      The storage buckets are very good. Sealed strong storage is such an asset. And all your stocking up has been wonderful.
      Have a great new week. So far I have caught up on washing and the sun is shining. It was so cold last night and I am expecting the same tonight so I will get as much dry as I can while its sunny!
      With much love,

  3. Dear Annabel that photo of Chloe and the fawn is just precious - hopefully there are lots of babies around when Lucy and the family are at the farm. I spotted a new foal on Friday when I was heading off to do what I intended doing the Friday before. We have had cold nights with no cloud so lots of frost so I hope the foal is strong enough to survive the temperature fluctuations we have here.

    I am still getting over the intruder that attempted to get into the house - OK with my husband home to have the back door open but otherwise I just start to panic.

    Friday I walked the large shopping center (a way of getting me out of the house) popping into jewellery stores in the shopping center getting quotes for valuations.

    Eventually I found a place that was 1/2 the price of one of the well known stores. I have 4 pieces that I need to get valued so it could be a very expensive exercise if I had not checked on the prices.

    Yesterday we had a trip to Aldi - didn't need a lot because we are so well stocked so it was a quick trip.

    Today I am putting away the items that I used to dress my mother in law's house when it was up for sale. Some items I purchased with the intention of dropping them into the op shop but most I purchased for us to use.

    This week I will have the slow cooker in use - stew tomorrow night then Tuesday it will be a new recipe I came across for spaghetti sauce - I am going to do a double batch to use up a whole can of tomato soup rather than buy a smaller can (why when I have cans of soup already here) or have a 1/2 can floating around in the freezer waiting for me to make the recipe again.

    Our daughter is staying with us Thursday night so I want to make up a couple of oils for her to use - her immune system needs some work on.

    I started a new medication last Saturday and all I can say is WOW - usually I end up in so much pain after walking in the shopping center - even just a short walk around one small section of the shops - this time there was no pain.

    Off to find homes for a couple of things then I am going to sit and draw up some plans for our extension.

    Have a great week everyone

    PS there is a smallish box on the way to your place Annabel.


    1. Dear Lynette, Your experience has caused us to review our security and in light of future plans as well. It feels so strange that all our other preps and organising all are for nothing if security isn't right. I dont think anything is ever 100% but we are looking at what we can do better.
      I think its natural that this will shake you up and make you nervous. I hope security steps will make you feel much better.
      Let me know how the spaghetti sauce turns out! I like any new ideas for the slow cooker.
      Oils for your daughter would be great. I think this time of year anything germ fighting is a great thing to have. There are a lot of bugs going around here now. Everyone is complaining about aching arms for one thing...
      The medication sounds like it might be just right for you. I am thinking is it an anti inflammatory? I hope it keeps doing such a good job for you!
      I will watch the mail box! Thank you Lynette!
      Have a good new week. I feel like I am going to take a while to catch up. It doesnt matter though I will have to learn to be more flexible With love,

    2. Dear Annabel you can only do what you can do - no good trying to do too much and end up making yourself sick.

      The medication isn't typically known as an anti inflammitory - it is used for other things at higher doses but they have found that a small dose works as an anti inflammitory and helps with so many conditions. Not all doctors will prescribe this medication. Mine gave me a whole lot of information about it and I also got some from the chemist who made it up for me. As I have done previously I have found a FB group and read the many postings to that and have learnt a couple of things along the way from just that alone.

      Yesterday was a huge day and I ended up with very little pain last night - woke up this morning with none at all. I have just stood in the kitchen and chopped a whole load of vegetables and put two slow cookers on - double batches in each one and while I am a little sore it is nothing like I have been dealing with for the past few years.

      I laughingly suggested that to ramp up our security here that I see about getting a gate put into the back neighbour's place and their dogs could also wander around our yard. My husband wasn't for that at all.

      Once the extension is done and we get a front fence I will be getting a dog - one that I can have inside with me and doesn't bark a lot - only when it counts.

      Not much you can do security wise if the neighbour's don't play their part. It has changed how I see this area and I doubt that we would stay here if we had the money to move.


  4. Dear Annabel and beautiful bluebirds including Andy and family.
    Thank you for another beautiful blog post Annabel, I missed your posts but I am glad you had a lovely visit to the farm.The photo of Chloe and little bambi is gorgeous. Chloe looks like a natural animal person.
    Annabel your orange cake looks yum, is this a wheat free cake?..
    My week and a bit Included:
    I received Meals from my parents $30 and some chocolates$3
    Subsidised services from Centacare ( cleaning, decluttering, cooking ) 9 hours of service gives me a saving of $140 approximately.
    I made two dozen easy Greek yoghurt dough muffins this week ( 1 dozen were banana and choc chip with plum jam through them and second dozen are banana and choc chip with a sprinkle of raw sugar on top) 24 muffins made at home saves me about $80 compared to cafe muffins. I cut out some shapes for a die cut swap I take part in , this is where a group of ladies use their sizzix machines to cut out shapes using the dies they have ( usually each lady cuts two shapes for eachother lady ) I estimate I will save time and money because the die cuts are ones I do not have and it saves me buying them , $20 saving approx.
    I received transport from my dad, $40 savings, bulk billed appointment, $70 savings, free medication, $40 saving. I found a gift I had put away $25 saving.
    I dug out a pair of slippers and a dressing gown I suddenly remembered I had. $50 saving . I bought marked down chicken kievs $10 saving, and yoghurt reduced to clear ( 4 tubs) $15 saving for Greek yoghurt.a big saving of $513 approximately, wow !. Thank you again Annabel and Happy Birthday to your Dad. Love Barb W.

    1. Dear Annabel and bluebirds, hello again!.i miscalculated my savings , the real total savings is approximately $533. I had a good week or so.
      love Barb W.

    2. Dear Barb, Sorry I took so long to reply!
      The cake is a normal flour cake as I made it for Andy and Chloe and Lucy got two. For me I make an orange and almond cake so that has no wheat at all. Thank goodness as I love cakes! There are also good chocolate flourless cakes.
      Well done on the beautiful muffins!
      Also what a good idea on the swap!
      Your Mum and Dad are wonderful. They are so supportive and helpful. This is really good.
      Yes Chloe loves animals! They love her too. The girls were brought up with farm animals also and gosh they loved it all! Many thanks Barb with much love

  5. Hi Annabel,
    It is with great sadness that I read you are having trouble with spam. It's shame as it forces good writers to disappear. I for one would miss your creative tips on ways feather our nests. I have been making pumpkin( gifted by a friend) soup for the freezer to have with our use it up meals, (meals which if presented nicely looks abundant and appetising- even my teen son couldn't get over the fact it was just a collection of leftovers but looked like an amazing banquet. As it is cold and wet, I am making cinnamon scrolls which will yield 7 pie dishes of 6 scrolls, so again loading up the freezer and making the house smell so delectable. Hubby is in his brew shed making beer for one of our sons major birthdays. A great hobby and a huge cost saving and the handcrafted beer is good too.

    1. Dear Barb, Thank you! I will persist but I can see my regular routine is going to be different for a while but thats not due to the spam comments just life!
      I love the left overs banquet! And the soup! Well done! Your son will remember this I think as they do when they are impressed by something.
      The scrolls just sound beautiful. Andy has his brew shed too! He has a lovely time! This helps us with gifts also. I think a great hobby! Beer bread is wonderful too and many other recipes! Many thanks Barb, love

  6. Annabel, I too love little Bambi :-) I have a granddaughter who would be besotted as she loves animals. I hope you don't feel pressured to do blog posts when you are busy so take your time. I would love a fire here and we used to have a wood stove in the kitchen but it got holes in it as it was very old. Now we just have oil filled electric heaters so we don't turn them on unless it gets down to 2C at night as we just pile the blankets on if watching TV.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, Thank you! Little kids and baby animals... just gorgeous. I am hoping Harper and Scarlett see these animals in a couple of weeks. There well may be more lambs by then too. Harper could manage the bottle if she isn't too shy. I think she would love to. I took videos. Harper said she would put the baby lamb in her pram. This is funny as I used to do exactly that and put bonnets on them etc. One time Mum came in and I had a lamb watching TV on the lounge with a blanket. lol
      2 at night is cold enough for me too! I like the cold nights as I tend to sleep better snuggled up! With love

  7. Not much happening here, its cold so using the heater of an evening. Drying all the washing in the lounge room when the heaters going and heading off to bed early with a hot water bottle. Planting spring bulbs and gathering leaves from the apricot tree to add to the compost bin. Made a large pot of lamb shank and vegie soup which will feed us for a few days.
    Doing 4-5 surveys each night which means I can cash in over $100 each month which is a big help. Saved some buttons from clothes no longer needed. I will survive Leanne.

    1. Dear Leanne,Oh so many times I have had the washing drying in the lounge room. So tonight I had a whole doona cover draped over dining chairs. I got it 3/4 dry on the line then it started to rain! It is dry now though!
      The lamb shank and veggie soup sounds beautiful. I am a big believer in the goodness of bone broth which you get from soup like this. Very nourishing!
      Well done on the surveys! You did well! Very sorry to be so slow replying it has been my aim this week to catch up and reply as I can but I love to hear your week as it motivates me heaps! With much love,

  8. Dear Annabel, love your photos of Chloe and Bambi , just gorgeous!The wee lamb is a sweetie too .
    I havent commented lately but I try to read each blog entry and comments. +Youve inspired me to pick up my crocheting again , Ive made a multi coloured scarf with flower for my grand daughter and working on one for her brother.
    Have been using my oils and lookign at new blends as needed eg for grief , nausea and makign sure I use my PLague Defense blend at times. Some of these have been for family in need. I made up Frankincense with Neroli in carrier oil to use for grief at my aunt's funeral and rolled that on a few family member's palms, and I think that helped overall .
    My week has been more about looking after family of different generations .
    Take care of yourself Annabel and take an easy pace catching up with your usual schedule, with love Maria xxx

    1. Dear Maria,
      Thank you! I am sorry with a slow reply. I have spent the week catching up as you probably have been too. Thank you for commenting I do appreciate it!
      I think it is wonderful how you tried to comfort everyone at the funeral. Acts of kindness make a difference. I have several oils on the go that I do feel are very soothing and comforting.
      Thank you for your words, yes sometimes we have to slow down. Running around after everyone else is good but then there is time when we run out of steam. We have immune systems and nervous systems to consider too lol This week I have caught up and gained some focus and perspective so that has been good. I hope your week has been going well. With much love

  9. What a beautiful week. I think your farm visits are way better than our lakehouse. :)

    1. Thank you Lana! I doubt I could top the lake house but I love the quiet, the birds and animals, the air... it is a different world and healthier one too in many ways. Plus time with family. We are both really lucky to have some where like this to retreat and restore! xxx

  10. You had such an eventful week! I too am in love with the deer. Those eyes!

    1. Thanks Vickie! The deer are gorgeous. I love the spots! xxx

  11. It looks like you had another great time at the farm. I do wish we could live in the country and not in town. It has been a hot year and would trade some of the heat for your colder nights. I have been in the mood for cookies but it has been to not to bake. It is cooler this morning so I am going to make some here in a few minutes. Have a wonderful week! Paula in Kansas

    1. Dear Paula,
      When it is hot here I dont bake either. It just heats up the house too much! this time of the year the baking helps warm things up though.
      I think the country is wonderful and a whole different atmosphere to the city. We have a pretty nice city but even here things are changing. Its not for the best. Sorry with my slow reply Paula! Love

  12. Oh my goodness the baby animas are so lovely. Nothing like a baby to love on. Looks beautiful there. Hope you had a wonderful time.
    have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you Cheryl, You have a great new week too! xxx

  13. What a lovely time and place to have been! And always a treasure to visit with parents and family! Makes me miss my mum and dad!
    It’s a busy time for us these days! Summer is here and the weather has been hot, but we’ve had a reprieve with some rain (but gratefully no flooding in our area!) . We are smack in the middle of our bathroom reno with the deadline of this coming Saturday when family arrives to visit for 2-1/2 weeks! They will be staying in the 3rd floor bedrooms so we must get the reno finished before then! Dave decided to take this week off and we have a tile guy coming in tomorrow night to lay floor and wall tiles IF we are ready, which means we must have sheet rock on walls, radiant heat laid out on floor so tomorrow morning (Monday) we will be scrambling!! But, oh how wonderful it will be and our $1200 cost of materials and tile tradie will be the equivalent of a $15K + reno if we just had a contractor do it all! Plus this upgrade will add value to our house!
    Been making food ahead for family visit, adding to our pantry with good sales that I’ve come upon and finished another upholstery project for RV cushions for a side gig!
    So $ coming in with savings and business minus money going out on the reno work is probably an overall wash or maybe more going out than savings this week but it will be for a big savings, value in the long term!
    Hope all you bluebirds have a wonderful week!!!

    1. Dear Gardenpat,
      I have been keeping an eye on FB of your renovations! You have been so busy! I hope the tiles went in ok and this would make a big difference and progress! Renovating is hard! And messy! Our own bathroom is still pretty fresh in my mind!
      As you say this all is an investment of sorts so very worthwhile. I hope it is going well and you make your deadline! With love,

  14. Annabel, the fawn is so cute and the lamb is adorable! I think Chloe looks a lot like you. I agree with an earlier commenter, she is a glamorous farmgirl! I can relate to being in 'catching up' mode as we've been traveling for 2 weeks and then brought back a huge amount of produce to be preserved from our trip. I just yesterday got around to doing the laundry from our trip. I'm still behind, but not as behind as I was!!! Love the photos of the farm … it looks like a really nice place to live!

    1. Dear Patsi,
      I think Chloe's hair makes her look glamorous even when she is just in jeans and a jumper! Wait until she's a bride! (bit excited)
      Yes when away there is just so much to catch up on. the trips we both had were valuable... then it is back to it when we get home!
      Thank you re the farm. It is the family home and centre. It is so peaceful and beautiful! xxx

  15. I want a baby lamb now. How cute and the baby deer is so sweet. Sorry you are being bothered by spammers. We had a busy week. All of my gardens are done and I even added a small strawberry patch. I got lots of freebies this week. My full list is here:

    1. Dear Making Cents of it All, I will come over and read your week! It is fantastic your gardens are in! Strawberries will be wonderful too! Have a good new week! With love,

  16. Hi Annabel,
    What a lovely week you have had. The photos are lovely. I am curious. Are their many issues with the animals and snake bites? I am quite fearful of snakes. I remember visiting my brother some years ago, when he worked on a station near Cloncurry Queensland. His boss warned us about the brown snakes. Thankfully we never came across any. Not something I have to worry about here.
    It's nearly 3 weeks since I left my job and I am feeling much more relaxed and happy. I am now applying for new jobs as they come up and getting ready for interviews. I am catching up with two of my close friends from previous job this afternoon.
    Thank you for another lovely post Annabel. No pressure to post when life is really busy. In still needs to be enjoyable and manageable for you.


    1. Dear Mandy, Thank you! Mum and Dad have lost several dogs to snakes. The dogs will chase and kill the snakes but often they will get a bite doing it. However when the girls were little I was grateful to these dogs as they would always let you know if a snake was in the yard. I would say a few sheep and cows get a bite.
      I am glad you are feeling much better. A break would have been good for you. I hope you find something nice that isn't stressful and meets your needs.
      Thanks again... my posting will be weird until life settles back down! With love

  17. Dear Annabel, such a lovely post as is always the case when you've been to the farm. The baby deer and lambs are too sweet for words. Yes, the girls will love them! I'm sorry you're having trouble with Spam. I had some really harrowing stuff recently too, and it really takes the wind out of your sails. Spam World must be attacking the Good Women of the world just now, I guess. I had a good week, with lots of home made gifts given away in place of expensive bought ones, and to very appreciative recipients I might add! Mr Mimi finished a cupboard in the utilities room which makes it look very swish and tidy. Miss B had friends around a few times and we fed them generously from a refrigerator and pantry well stocked with cold corned beef and roast lamb sandwiches, crepes, banana bread, burgers with home made coleslaw, home made hazelnut almond milk hot chocolates (which incidentally are completely delicious), and many, many, many home made coconut yoghurt parfait jars, which are a new favourite here. When I look around and see her with her friends and boyfriend, eating home made, playing board games or badminton in the back yard, and being perfectly happy with that, I think to myself, that it's all worthwhile. I bet all of us do :) Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, Thanks. It is weird. I always got a bit. But just the odd one. Now its 30 or so every time I look through the day and I just keep deleting. Some even say "I am wondering if you have trouble with spam?" hahaha and they are the spammers!
      You are going to a be a hit with the uni friends I would say! This is good through when they bring friends home, very good. All a good sign. So I agree entirely.
      Your gift making is always divine and wrapped to match. Well done on a good and busy week! With love

  18. Dear Annabel,
    Your posts are always so beautiful! I love the baby animals! I'm glad you had such a lovely visit with your family. The farm sounds wonderful! We are enjoying time with our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Colorado. The weather is so much nicer than the Arizona heat this time of year and it is a beautiful area. We've been able to help out a bit by taking our granddaughter to and from tennis camp several times this week. I've also prepared some of the meals or parts of meals. My husband and son have been working on our son's truck and another vehicle he is restoring. I wish we lived close enough for the to get together more often, since they seem to enjoy working together so much. Spending time together is fun for all of us.
    Have a lovely week!
    Love from Colorado,

    1. Thanks so much Elaine! I am glad you are having a beautiful time with your family in Colorado! And a break from the heat too!
      It is lovely the "boys" can be working on the truck together I bet they are having a great time too. I bet your son is loving the help too.
      These are wonderful times. I know you are appreciating this as I did with my trip. Enjoy Elaine! Have a good week! xxx

  19. Dear Annabel,

    So glad to hear you arrived home safely from the farm.

    It sounds like you had a lovely time with your family, and how precious is that baby deer!

    Lots of love,
    Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania, Thank you! It was a great time. I am still lagging behind though! The deer was so tiny at first, very dainty. But growing daily! With love

  20. Annabel, I am rewriting my comment as I believe I did something wrong in sending it yesterday. If you did actually receive two from me, my apologies! I love, love the photo of Chloe with the fawn. We have whitetail deer living on our property and I enjoy seeing the new babies every year! The lamb reminds me of a time over two decades ago when my husband and I bottle raised a couple of orphaned lambs for our County Agricultural Extension Agent. They were so cute! The followed us around everywhere and would walk down the drive to the mailbox right on the heels of my husband like little puppies. Cutest thing ever!

    Here in the Southeastern U.S. it is very hot and humid. We have had a lot of rain,,so our garden is growing big time! So far, we are only harvesting herbs and blueberries, but there are lots of zucchini flowers and we should have tomatoes before too long. I'm going to try your Nan's pie for sure. I made your Miracle Muffins last week and they are delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

    I have inventoried my pantry and cupboards, still have the refrigerator and freezers to do. My goal is to use up much of the stored food before autumn comes when we have such good pricing on many food items. That will be a good time to replenish our stock. So, I am menu planning with a use it up mentality. In spite of the heat, I made both homemade chili and tomato basil soup last week. So, so good. This weekend there was a really good price on eggs and whiole chickens at the store that I took advantage of. I bought two whole chickens, giving one to our newlywed daughter. So, we both had chickens in our crockpots on Sunday! One of the best things about stocking up at very low prices is how much we have to share. This makes me feel so good!

    I'm glad your had such a good visit to the farm and with your Dad. My Dad passed away a few years ago, but I am so thankful I had such a loving dad. I don't think we can overstate how great is the influence of a dad on his daughters. What a blessing you have such a loving dad! I hope you and all the bluebirds are having a blessed week! -Carla

    1. Dear Carla,
      Last year Chloe raised a lamb and it was so devoted to her. When she was inside it was at the window all the time wherever she was. If it heard her move or on the phone it would find her. Otherwise it sat on the back door mat!
      I am so glad you liked the miracle muffins! I use left over yoghurt lot in those but also jam to extend berries and make them kind of pink and swirly. You can put a caramel chocolate in the middle or anything.... for savoury they also are so nice with bacon corn etc. So handy to use up anything!
      I hope you like Nans pie too. If you have left overs make nests in it and crack eggs into those and bake then its an amazing brunch or breakfast.
      As you sue stuff up you will be saving money. That can build your fund for the great specials. I love this! You are exactly right... amazing deals and abundance means we can get ahead and help others. It is wonderful.
      We are both very blessed. Wonderful Dads are a huge impact on our lives which lasts forever and the next generations are impacted for sure greatly. I am sorry to be a bit slow with my reply! With love and thanks,

  21. I love that photo of Chloe and the fawn. My goodness! Both are beautiful. It makes me sad to hear you have been dealing with spammers. I can only imagine the time that goes into this blog and people have to sap your good nature. If there is any way I can help, please let me know. I LOVE your blog! It's like a lighthouse in a dark ocean, I swear. The farm looks like a magical retreat and how nice to be with your Dad. Happy birthday to your Dad. Lots of love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      Thanks so much for your lovely words! I will keep going just having a slight break to do some catching up. I think overall blogging helps me to get things done. It motivates me. And I really appreciate having others to work along with, that we can encourage each other. Many people dont get it, dont value work at home etc but we all do. I have found the blog has become Christian fellowship which we need more and more! Thank you Bridge! With love

  22. Happy belated birthday to your dad, Annabel! I'm glad you had such a great visit to the farm. Everything looks so beautiful and that little fawn is so cute! (Even though the deer here are not my favorites with their penchant for my garden. :)) Chloe looks very stylish, even farming! (I can only dream!!!)

    We have family visiting and I've managed to get in the first half of the garden, so it's all coming together for the beginning of the season! Lots of love, Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, Enjoy your family! I hope you get time with the rest of the garden as well. I would love to see actually. The photos you sent me a while ago were so gorgeous. I am dreaming of a garden like this! Plus I hope it will be a fantastic growing season and harvest! With love

  23. Hi Annabel, love this blog post, and a belated happy birthday wishes to your Dad.
    So sorry you are having trouble with spammers, some people just are not happy unless they are causing problems and trouble for others, they really need to go and find a life for themselves.
    We have been feathering our nest, with Chookasdad having a double knee replacements on the 29th May, he is going from strength to strength, doing is physio both at the Hospital 2 days a week and daily here at home.
    I am very busy feeding our sheep and cattle as it is quite a bad drought over here on the eastern side of Aus. Bringing in wood for our slow combustion stove and our wood heater, so that we are warm.
    My new canner arrived last week, so I am looking forward to adding this skill to my other preserving activities.
    We have also been smoking our own ham and bacon and very yummy it is too, if I may say so.
    We also cut and stored enough wood for both fires, to last. we hope for at least 3 months and hopefully more.
    So without putting any value on these activities I guess that we have been feathering our nest, before, he had his operation.
    Love Lorraine xxx

    1. Dear Lorraine,
      Thank you! I know it is bad drought over there I am sorry. We have been very grateful we have had rain down here. We dont take it for granted.
      How exciting about your canner! I would love to hear how you go and what you do.
      The ham and bacon sound beautiful! Dad used to keep pigs. I would love to do this but I make a pet of everything lol
      The cut wood is very good. I look at a woodpile like I look at my pantry. It feels good to be ahead!
      You have done well and I am happy that Chookas Dad is doing well it is a lot to have both knees done at once. With much love

  24. That deer is just the cutest thing I have seen in a long time sounds like you had a great trip


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