The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 7 June 2018

Feather your Nest Friday, 8 June, 2018.

I had a great week and caught up so many things.  I thought I will do one big Friday post and this gave me time to catch up on most comments and correspondence etc.

So where do I start!?  I had unpacking, shopping, cleaning to do and Andy,  Lucy, Harper and Scarlett all with colds.  Basically everyone in Adelaide has a bug I think.   Due to this I started with chicken soup.  I made a potent pot of wholesome soup and we lived on that for a few days.

Garlic,  bay leaves, celery, parsley, turmeric, onion.... to me all these things are so helpful when unwell.

I had a wonderful purchase from Aldi.  I was so excited.  A cast iron enamel pot that is just gorgeous.

It is so lovely and heavy.  Cast iron pots like these in department stores are a couple of hundred dollars.  At Aldi under $30.   I messaged the girls and they both wanted one so we all have the same pot!   What I love is if I have a combustion wood fire I can just sit it on top and use the fire as my "slow cooker."  How I would love to do that!   Well, we have decided we want to move to the farm so maybe next winter I will be doing exactly this! 

Andy and I both lived in the country most of our lives.  I came to the city to get the girls into further education.  I achieved that and they both ended up with good jobs.  Lucy now is married with two girls and Chloe who always wanted to marry a farmer is getting married in October to farmer Luke.  They want to start a family right away.   
Lucy and family and Andy and me have all been offered opportunities by Dad to come back to the farm.  He is getting older.  He is always thinking how can the future generations be helped and made as secure as possible?  

Three years ago when I started writing the preparedness series I had a feeling.  A feeling to get prepared.  Actually it was almost a nagging feeling.  I was prompted to turn my empty cellar into a food and emergency supplies pantry.   I built up preparedness in all areas.  We put in rain water, generators,  a medical cabinet and the list goes on.  It is amazing what you can do when you do a little bit each week!
Still I had a feeling things were changing.  About a year ago I knew that we would be better off to go back to the farm.  We could have wood fires and cooking.   We could plant and orchard.  Have a big veggie garden.  Ground and rain water.   Andy could be hunting and fishing.  We could have a homestead!  
Taking classes with Patsy she would have scenarios and you had to participate from the point of view of your own location, climate etc.  Each time I did this from two locations,  the city and the farm.
Boy did this show me how vulnerable we are.  At the end of the day it is like in WW1 and WW2 the people who did ok had family on a farm.  Space to grow vegetables and keep chooks.  

Another thing has been happening.   There is a mood.   The city and the media use words now to intimidate Christians.   Here are some I have seen lately.  If you believe the Bible is the Word of God you are a bigot.  If you save you are a hoarder.  If you are  a conservative or you tell the truth according to Gods Word that is hate speech.  I think this is because to people that hate the truth the truth is hate speech.  Even in our lovely area I have seen some things in the last year that no one should have to see.   
So every hint we are getting supports the feeling and conviction that we should move to the county. Back to the country. 
And then my Dad turned out to be planning and working on making a place for us.  It turns out he thought if he could get either of the girls back on the farm then I would follow!  mmm he is a long term planner I have to say!

Once Dad knew yes!  we want to do it he started moving heaven and earth to try to make a place for us and for Lucy's family if they wanted too.  

I have wanted to share this and I still want to share more but we are just on the edge of this all happening but it hasn't quite happened yet!  So if you would pray I would be really grateful.

Part of my catching up this week was jobs and part it was THINKING and planning!
My brain was kind of in overload.

Ok back to the past week! 

With all the soup I made sausage rolls.  I made 39!  I froze some and will give Chloe and Luke about half of them.

I need to check the current prices for sausage rolls a the bakery.  This many sausage rolls would probably be about $160 to buy!  Baking is such a saver.

I also made baked custards in the slow cooker.

The soup is all gone now.  So while dinner last night was in the oven I baked a tray of veggies for pumpkin soup.   This is a recipe from Matt Preston who is not a chef he just hangs around with chefs and gets their easy amazing tips.   There is onion, sweet potato, pumpkin and an apple.  

Tonight I will blend it with stock and make some cornbread.  Dinner and footie on a cold night.

My Aunt says I should mention what is cold to us as our idea of cold will make you laugh if you live in the north.  So cold to us is down around freezing point in the middle of the night.  A cold day is around 9 which is about 48 F.   We don't get snow and we don't usually go below zero.  Today is cool at 13 ( 55)  In northern Australia they think this is cold but I don't think in the USA Canada or Uk this measures up as very cold at all! 

My craft this week was very small but a success.   Harper loves Emma Wiggle.   The Wiggles are a little kid sensation you have probably heard of.  Love is not a strong enough word for how Harper feels about Emma.   
Emma does ballet and Irish dancing.  Harper therefore is obsessed with dancing.   The other day I saw that Emma had ribbons on wrist bands and they looked lovely as she danced.

I bought soft hair ties and raided my ribbon supply and made dancing ribbons.

Here is Harper watching Emma dance with her ribbons and being able to do it too...

As I had ribbon this all cost me $1. 

I took a video to show Mum as a lot of twirling was involved. 😊

Lynette sent me a beautiful parcel.   One thing was little canister type containers that essential oils had come in.  She thought I might like to use them since I am making essential oil gifts.   I sure can!  I covered the labels on them with my own...

I can make up a little bottle of oil or a blend or a roller and pop it in one of these with printed instructions!   Thanks so much Lynette! 

Chloe had a visitor this week.   She has had many Kangaroos and Wombats but this is a new one...

I went to see Kath in the nursing home.  I took her favourite marshmallows and biscuits and coffee.  
On the way I went to a good op shop and to Bunnings to save petrol and do a few things together. 

So that is my week and some of what is going on!

With so much to do I am just trying to do anything that needs doing!  
When we move I will still blog but we will go over to Bluebirds Farmhouse!
Thank you to everyone who supports me here.  Our community and the friendships formed have taught me so much.  I have come a long way in a few years.  
Through this blog I have met some of the hardest working and wonderful Christian ladies I could ever hope to meet.   I recently realised it is fellowship.  We can have fellowship long distance due to technology.  This is amazing! 

Listen to this...
And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,
not neglecting to gather together, as is the habit of some,
but encouraging one another....

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up.

The older women ..... can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be set controlled and pure, to be busy at home.

Like the woman who found the lost coin... she calls her friends and says "rejoice with me!"   It is a beautiful thing to have someone to tell what you have achieved and your happiness.   It makes it even better!   Having someone who will recognise your efforts is so encouraging.  This helps me every day.

All these scriptures are what we have been doing together.  My message has been all your work at home is not a waste of time it is so valuable and worth more than rubies.   Make hay while the sun shines.   A little bit every day will get you there.  Read your Scripture and check everything against it.  Pray!  Make the most of the season you are in right now.   Take every opportunity!

I hope you had a good week.  How did you build up your nest, save or get ahead?

Have a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. Annabel, dear,

    I can only imagine your glee at being able to share this wholeheartedly blissful news about the farm with all the bluebirds now! It seems I have been praying with you for ages about this as YOU got to enjoy all those trips to Dad and Mum’s and I’M ‘stuck’ out here on little ol’ Guam. I cannot describe my joy for you!

    Congratulations! Our faith will move the mountain!

    You are that beautiful, aged, godly woman Paul teaches Titus about (chapter 2), and so many precious bluebirds and chickadees have gleaned from your wealth of wisdom, your trials and errors and successes. You have sacrificed many hours of love on our behalf through all of these years and we are so much better and happier because of your efforts.

    I love and appreciate you, Mrs. Smith!


    1. Dear Kelley, Thank you so much! And for your kind words! I hope your family and Grand daughter are all doing well. Thank you for your prayers. I really appreciate them. It is so exciting! I really love the friendship and fellowship that we can have across the world. I am pretty sure you are the only Bluebird in Guam! Have a wonderful weekend Kelley! Love

  2. My heart swells with happiness for you Annabel. Fi xx

    1. Dear Fiona, Thank you! I want to know what is happening there for you. We have many times been in such similar circumstances of life! I also hope you are well. Thinking of you! With much love

  3. I am so happy for you Annabel getting to move to the farm. That is something I would like to do but hubby isn't on board with it. I have something I want to send to you and will get it in the mail in a couple days. Hopefully it will get to you this time. Have a great weekend. Paula in Kansas

    1. Dear Paula,
      Just pray about it! If it would be better for your family sometime your husband might feel prompted about it. As things go on we are finding more reasons to do this. So pray and wait and you never know! I TRULY would not have thought this would happen for us a couple of years ago... Thank you so much I am so excited. The beautiful fabric you sent me a while back was so good and unlike anything we had here! With love and thanks,

  4. Great post! You are spot on! I, too, am nearing the time when we are moving to our family farm.
    Amish Heart

    1. Dear Amish Heart... how wonderful for you! We can share the journey! Love

  5. Hi Ladies,
    I was at the doctors on Tuesday and we talked about the devil trying to enter our lives any way he can. IMO here in the U.S. we are headed in such a bad direction. People are saying just horrid things about each other and not thinking twice. Where have the days of respecting one another and having manners gone? Thank goodness we raised our 2 boys with values and morals. They're grown young men who have good jobs and value life.
    Yes, your cold is lukewarm for us. We had -30 below Fahrenheit, not sure what that would be in Celsius.All I know is it's cold.
    Sorry to hear you had sick ones at home. Chicken soup especially home made is so good for that. My son and I both had viral bronchitis and it brought us to our knees. So many people are ill here as a second strain of the flu went thru and then allergy season hit hard.
    You may remember that I own a cleaning service. We also have a lab that test for all kinds of bacteria, etc... when we go on the hoard cleans and have to determine what's going on inside the home and how to properly get rid of germs, etc.... We're required by law to use certain products but we've been doing research on our own with oils. I can tell you from our results, all tested twice on all different kinds of bacteria, that clove oil is superior in remove 99% of bacteria. Tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and pine oil all scored at 90%. We tested using the higher quality oils so that helps too.

    I'm praying for your move! I knew it just by your writing that this was in your heart and your heart never lies! You're doing the right thing! My husband passed his test in March so he can work out of state and we're moving too. 400 miles north of our current home and I can't wait. We're so looking forward to this, God has shown us the way! Did I mention we're buying a farmette.

    Lastly my youngest son graduated college with 2 degrees in Engineering. He also received high honors and made the presidents list. He worked 28 hours a week and went to school full time. (He was born at 28 weeks and people use to say he's have problems learning. Got news for them, they're wrong. He's also 6'3" and the idea he'd be small was also not true. He is what God wants him to be!!)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay well! xo Patti Ann.

    1. Dear Patti, That is so interesting! Today I am steam cleaning my bathroom so I have the cleaning bug. Thank you for telling us about clove that is then as good as anything else you can buy to kill germs. I use Tea tree and eucalyptus also.
      Thank you for your prayers! I am so excited for your move also! We can be both getting ready which is a big job!
      If you have a little farm we will be doing much the same things!
      Well done to your son. What an achievement. You must be so proud!
      Thank you for sharing that... never let anyone put limits on you or anyone with their words! God is bigger!
      With much love

  6. I forgot to mention that when I talk about cleaning hoarder homes it's homes that are falling apart and have become a health hazard. The ones we do are not just people saving so they have spares of an item. I noticed your comment and didn't want you to think I meant anyone here is a hoarder. It's people who literally can't get into their homes. It's really close to the show Hoarders. Sadly it's a sickness that was triggered thru some traumatic event.

    1. Oh dont worry! I get it! I have seen some hoarder type houses.... I dont know how it is possible to live in stench like that! I guess drugs, mental illness... but I saw once and I didnt get past the doorway... :(

  7. Annabel, such a lovely post. I thought you would move to the country as that seemed to be the way your heart was leading. I am not sure what the future holds but change is afoot that's for sure. We may get shaken out of our comfort zone and that's not a bad thing either. I pray that the Lord will lead you and Andy as you plan your move back to the farm.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, You are very observant! Sometimes we feel something is happening and to get ready. I have seen the gradual process with this! Thanks so much Nanna Chel, with love

  8. God Bless you and your family and may He in His great wisdom and infinite mercy guide you safely and smoothly in your new journey. I don't comment much but eagerly read your blog. Although I'm in my 60s you have taught me so much as my mother had to support us, there was no time to learn things from her. Blogs like yours, simple easy step by step ways has been encouraging. These I pass onto my grand children as their parents work more than one job to keep things together. So thank you and God's light and grace shine upon you and ALL your family.

    1. Thanks so much Patricia. My Mum is Patricia. Harper is Harper Patricia Ivy.
      Thank you for telling me the blog has helped you and the family! Thank you for commenting and your good wishes I really appreciate them. With love

  9. Dear Annabel, What exciting news for you all. What a great man your father is. I will keep you all in my prayers. Thankyou for all you share, you have blessed me in many ways with your blog, thankyou Clare T

    1. Dear Clare,
      Thank you I really appreciate the prayers. And thank you for telling me you read and have benefitted too! I really appreciate that Clare. With love,

  10. Hello Annabel and beautiful bluebirds :).

    I knew in my heart you would move to the farm and I believe that the country is the best place to be for us too away from the rat race and dare I say it nastiness such as road rage etc. We are very blessed to have the fellowship of such lovely ladies on this blog to uplift, support and encourage each other in ways to be more self reliant :).

    We also have baked some extra potatoes and homegrown sweet potato for a sweet potato and potato soup with homegrown garlic in it too which lasted 2 lovely meals for cold nights here. We have been getting down into -2 - -3 oC here at nights so a little cooler, brrr.

    We literally limped our way through this week as we both had the flu, but are on the mend now, and I had 5 growths (non cancerous) cut out and DH dropped a 1kg golden syrup bottle on his foot causing swelling and bruising. Between cold and flu tablets, oregano oil (thank you), bandages and strapping tape from our home medical kit we made it through with smiles on our faces.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $179.90 in savings for the shorter week :).

    Here is how we feathered our nest and saved money this week -

    Financial -
    - Listed another 7 items on eBay using a free listing and final auction value fee promotion saving $11.55 on normal listing fees.
    - Banked more money into our saving for our home deposit account bringing us to 25.96% of the way there.

    Purchases -
    - Purchased 4 x 60pk of activated charcoal and a years supply of imodium off eBay saving $41.86 on prices charged in our local pharmacies.
    - Used our second $350 for $300 e-voucher to purchase half price specials on spam and 1 packet of twisties saving another $20.60 on usual prices. Using our 2 x $15 off $100 vouchers and our 2 x $350 e-vouchers for $300 we estimate we have saved and supplied our pantry with an additional $220 - $230 in additional food or just over 2 weeks worth of groceries :).
    - Purchased a 4lt dutch oven from Aldi for $23.99 saving $181.11 over buying them in another local kitchen shop.

    In the kitchen -
    - Made a big batch of potato and sweet potato soup after we added additional potato and sweet potato to our roasting tray whilst cooking our leg of pork which lasted 2 meals for the 2 of us.
    - Made a large cheesecake for 3 nights desserts from cream cheese purchased on special and lemons gifted to us saving $8.38 over purchasing an equivalent commercially made one in the shops.
    - Blanched and froze 31 meal portions worth of sweet potato for our freezer from homegrown sweet potatoes.

    Have a great week ahead everyone :).


    1. Dear Sewingcreations, I am excited to be able to take your gardening inspiration and put it into practice!
      I hope you are both feeling better. There are so many bugs going around as well as the flu. I am glad you used the oregano oil. That is a good germ killer and my best oil for sore throats. I wouldnt be without it now.
      Did you know I have read that some places are tying to make Imodium a script only drug and go the same way as the strong pain relief. We we too will be stocking up on that.
      I think we have the same Dutch oven! I LOVE mine. And what a savings. Both the girls got one too. If any of the french pans are still around I am seriously considering one of those.
      I also have a leg of pork tonight! We should get a bunch of meals from it. It was on a big special. With the cheesecake you are giving me ideas!
      Have a great new week. With the holiday Monday it feels like a late start. I hope you had a good weekend and this week is wonderful. Thanks so much for your words on the farm move! With love

    2. Annabel thank you for the information on the Imodium tablets we will be stocking more. If you want them cheaply look online on eBay for diarrhoea relief tablets they are the same thing but in the generic pharmacy brand and about 1/3rd the price of the branded Imodium.

      Seems the powers that be do not want us to be independent and be able to look after ourselves without going to the doctor and paying exorbitant doctors consultation fees :(.

      Tried out our dutch oven and we are chuffed with it and so far used it to heat up our soup on top of the slow combustion fireplace. Next experiment is cooking a roast in it on top of the slow combustion stove with water in the bottom on a rack. We will let you know how we go.


  11. Hello Annabel and beautiful Bluebirds,
    Oh my goodness, I am SO excited for you and Andy and the whole family. It is truly divine that you were preparing the past few years and how you 'just knew'. Incredible! I am so happy that the family will be near each other and truthfully, as you said, being on the farm would trumps the city in terms of preparedness. So much calmer and more peaceful. I know exactly what you mean about those messages. I have been feeling that too. I am glad to not feel alone. I really wish I could say thank you for everything you have done to build up this supportive community here, where everyone is kind and positive. I really started being active on here when I became a mother and I think that was God intervening as it has helped me so much in my journey of motherhood. You truly are an angel, Annabel. Thank you. I will keep praying for your family. Please let us know if we can be of any help on here too. Lots of love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      Thank you so much! I am glad you listen when you get a prompting or message. Listen and act. Sometimes they will come it by bit and steer you in a direction. In our case the direction was so gentle I didnt realise the end would be moving but it just came naturally. Already before the move I feel a clear direction of what to do immediately once we get there. So now I am doing what I can at this end.
      Thank you for telling me these things. This is a big encouragement to me. I am very thoughtful lately about the importance of the time when the children are small. It flies by. This is the groundwork and foundations to their lives, you are building strong foundations. You are doing a good job too! With love

  12. I feel your excitement Annabel! What a beautiful opportunity you (and yours) have been offered by your dear dad. The Bluebirds Farmhouse sounds delightful, I love it!

    I have been feeling really down for most of this year, mainly because of the reasons like you have mentioned. But in the end we will be prepared for what is to come, and they will not. There is so much evil in this world and the media bombards us all the time with the most horrific stories and is it any wonder why depression is prevalent in society today.

    Our community lost another young man (with a family) to suicide this week. He was close to members of my family, so it has been a hard week as we try to find answers and fathom why? Only recently we lost another friend the same way. I think they can not find any hope or purpose in life. They don't believe in GOD or Jesus so they get lost in this sad world. Being Jesus followers, we can pray (and ask others to pray) and find peace in knowing we are cared about by our Father God and the wider Christian community like our friends here.

    I cooked our tea (dinner) on the top of our combustion heater a couple of nights ago. There is always hot water in big teapots on the top. I use this for doing dishes, cups of tea etc. You are going to LOVE it Annabel. That big new pot of yours is going to get a workout! Wish I was down in Adelaide, I definitely would have gotten one too :)

    The pot of soothing chicken soup looks yummy and is certainly a must when you are not well. I hope everyone is feeling better now. The one thing I dislike in Winter is the colds and flu's. Living in the country you will be less at risk of catching something, so that will be good :)

    I have loved reading about your week and your exciting news. Wishing you have a lovely long weekend.

    Oh, and we have had rain, a decent amount! Enough to put a big smile on my face, and make the plants reach for the sky. The chooks are not impressed though, it has been too wet to get out and scratch around...

    God Bless you sweet Annabel,

    Love Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania,
      I am so sorry for how you have been feeling and understand it. We need to put on the whole armour of God, read scripture everyday... this helped me to see it has always been the same (although like you I see things escalating now) With the suicides... I think there is a culture of death. Unborn babies are just garage and old people who are sick will be next like dogs they will be euthanised. Fashion is covered in skulls and bones. Music and movies are about death and violence and video games etc are worse. This is terrifying to us as Grandparents.
      Another thing that helped me was a quote by someone I follow. Do not let anyone steal your Joy. We can have great joy as God is with us and I personally believe he is pouring out blessings on those who stick with him. Living as you do quite self sufficient and prepared, helping your family you have a great set up and happy world with in your walls and garden. Be careful what comes in to that via TV or anything else. Don't let anyone steal your joy! It is hard and disturbing. Yesterday I saw again something terrible, it was an advertising champaign aimed at young people telling them their genitals have nothing to do with their sex. No wonder they are confused. Someone is funding this too... for what purpose? Evil.
      SO lets get on with our work and doing good and pray extra. We have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate and we know how the story ends!
      We had rain last night so I hope you had even more! It was at the farm too! Bless you Tania! with love

  13. Dear Annabel,
    I was so excited this morning to read that moving to the farm is now a go.This is wonderful and a true answer to prayer. God is so good.

    I hope by now all of the family is on the mend, having enjoyed your lovely chicken soup with all of it's medicinal benefits. And Harper -- so precious. She must have been over the moon when you presented her with the dancing ribbons.

    We've been having weeks of torrential rains here which has affected almost everything. For one, I'm very thankful that our vegetable garden didn't get washed out. We also had two weddings to go to and I used quilts that were in my stash of finished ones for wedding presents.

    Went to Costco and used Glenda's technique of buying frozen organic vegetables (ones we don't grow) and dehydrating them for future use. Thank you so much Glenda for mentioning this a while back. Yesterday I made 6 grain free pizza crusts and then topped them with homemade pizza sauce, and fresh mozzarella and froze all but one, which we had for dinner. For extra toppings sliced up a piece of leftover oven fried chicken, some onions, mushrooms and peppers and called it chicken parm pizza. Gluten free or grain free pizzas here are $10 or more and with each extra topping they charge more for that. So the savings of making our own and freezing them is quite a bit. Dried beans got were cooked and packaged up for the freezer to be used at a later date. I've also been embroidering some hand towels that were in my stash and plan to use them for gifts with homemade soaps. Having found some books with great photos in them at the op shop I spent several hours cutting out pictures for cards and will have a cardmaking session sometime soon. We finished washing all of the walls, ceiling to floor in the house and did some touchup painting, thus saving us from painting the entire house. I'm working on a new quilt for our bed with fabric from my stash and am painting some containers (empty coffee cans) to use to hold cakes and cookies.

  14. Oops, I hit the publish button by mistake, Annabel.

    Gasoline prices have soared here so mapping out errands and staying close to home are the goal. Wishing all of the Bluebirds a beautiful weekend. Blessings, Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie, I cannot imagine anything better as a wedding gift than a quilt. That is an heirloom present. You are amazing you are so far ahead with your stash!
      This is great that you used Glendas tip and also mentioning it here passes it on to others. When there are great deals on frozen then this is a clever idea!
      I have to find out about the base in the grain free pizza. I need to experiment with that, I have made gluten free but I would rather have grain free.
      I would love to see your new quilt when you are finished. I love seeing all you make.
      Thank you for your support re moving to the farm. Now we are busy busy busy and waiting to be able to get going. There is much to do so I am just trying to get on with things as I can. Have a lovely new week Cookie, with much love

  15. I love this post Annabel, my prayers go with you throughout this transition.

    1. Thank you Patsy I appreciate this very much! xxx

  16. We moved to the country twelve years ago. These days, if illness was not a problem, I would want to live even further out into the country so we could also keep animals. My daughter and her family moved a couple years ago to the small town where their church is located.

    We definitely have found that rural areas are much more Christian friendly. Even though we live in what is considered a conservative Midwestern state, we are also near a university town which is not as pro-Christian in its' policies. There is a huge difference between "town" and "the County".

    1. Dear Brenda, Thank you for telling me this. I think this is true here also. Where we will be we can keep any animals. We havent quite decided about that bit yet!
      Universities are getting quite radical here also... I hear a lot about that!
      So the country it is! I am questioning if we will even both to have a tv. We dont watch much as it is.
      I am glad you moved it sounds lovely! With love

  17. Hi Annabel and everyone,

    The joy on Harper's face is wonderful to see! You soup and sausage rolls look yummy - I bet my husband would love the sausage rolls.

    Cooking and food: All work lunches ($150) and snacks ($40) were packed and brought from home. I had a baking day and made a dozen baked chocolate doughnuts with ganache ($25 savings - seriously, that is what the fancy donut shop charges) and 2 loaves of banana bread ($20 saved). I grilled a bunch of chicken breasts and made a big roast and potatoes to help with the week and planned leftovers. This week I am trying something new and cooking ahead during the week if we are going to be home anyway - I baked a bunch of potatoes to have as easy sides with dinner. (Usually we get home too late for this to be a possibility to have with dinner at a reasonable hour.) Aldi had great prices on chocolate chips, eggs, and sugar, so I restocked the pantry.

    Household: We harvested French breakfast radishes from our garden, twice, and have been tending all of our plants. The squash plants have a ton of blossoms. I am so excited at the idea of home-grown squash!
    I returned a pair of boots that I purchased online and that did not fit well ($163 saved).
    I used soap from my stash to refill the glass hand-soap bottle in the guest bath.
    My horse's stall fan died, and my husband climbed up into the rafters to hang the one we had in reserve (saved $75 over having to go out and buy a new one) - it has been almost 100 degrees so she really needs it this week!
    My husband mowed and edged the lawns ($40 savings).

    Entertainment & Education: We used our library and I had a treasure trove of books to read about dehydrating, canning, and diy, as well as some fun novels.
    We took fun trail rides with the horses and spent time in our backyard gardening and enjoying the warm weather.
    I sought out some information about migraine and learned a lot about biochemistry and how food additives can serve as triggers; also used my health insurance benefits to visit a specialist.
    A trip to the thrift store yielded a beautiful brand-new hardcover (24.95 new) and a OAMC cookbook ($16.99 new) for $3.76.

    Crafts & gifts: I finished the stitching on a xmas ornament and knitted 1 sock. I also put some stitches into 2 projects as I had time, and worked on the sleeve of a sweater.
    I used Ravelry to find an adorable free pattern for a baby sweater for a friend who is expecting ($7 saved).
    I found a beautiful free cross-stitch pattern on DMC's website - worth a look if anyone is interested in stitching! X-stitch patterns are between $5 and $14 retail.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    1. Dear Kathy, That was a good week! With hot weather by the sounds of it!
      Re the migraine and food additives... I cannot have any artificial sweeteners. They trigger the worst migraines for me. Apparently this is quite common. I dont have them anyway but I was caught out as they are hidden everywhere. Some of the places that got me were in protein powder, a vitamin drink, jelly, yoghurt... well boy do they make me sick. So now I check everywhere. We were buying some electrolyte drinks for the kids when sick... guess what they were full of!? Life becomes one of label reading.
      Thanks for the tip on DMC. It is lovely to find free patterns.
      Have another great week. We had a public holiday Monday so our week kind of starts late! With love

  18. Congrats on moving back to the country!! I don't comment much, but always read. I live on a couple of acres outside a larger city. Close enough, but far enough. I am intrigued by the sausage rolls. Do you have a recipe for them? they look like something that would be good to make ahead so we will have something after a full day of working outside. I always have soup on hand (even in summer) so they would go good with that.

    I chuckle at your cold weather. I am in Washington state, on the eastern side, and we get COLD here, not like Alaska and Minnesota, but a few days near or below zero F. every year.

    1. Dear Nancy,
      Thank you for telling me you always read! I think a couple of acres sounds beautiful. There is a lot you can do!
      A good recipe for sausage rolls is Gary Mehigan sausage rolls with hidden vegetables. It should come up if you google it. It contains created carrot with the meat. Another is Jamie Oliver Pork sausage rolls. Except I cheat on the pastry buying sheets of puff pastry. You can also just buy sausages, take them out of casings, add gated carrot or whatever you like and make them. Yes they freeze perfectly. You can slice them up as finger food too. And yes with soup its a great meal.
      I know our cold isn't cold really. But unfortunately our heat is up there with the best lol With love

  19. Hi, this is my first time commenting on your blog. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now. I am really happy that you will be able to move to the country for all the reasons you stated. Your peace of mind is priceless. I just moved a few months ago from a very small town in New Jersey to the 2nd biggest city (area wise, not population) in the world, Jacksonville FL. It is a whole different world and life moves at such a fast pace. In my 60's now, and it is truly doing a job on my mind. And I moved from my home for 27 years to an apartment, and that also takes so much getting used to. I am sure I am so much more prepared for whatever will happen than my neighbors, but so far behind you, and Patsi, and Vicky. I am doing the best I can though. Again, God blesses and leads those who love Him to the place that is best for us. Don't lose heart and don't give up. And seriously start looking at your possessions and the space you will be moving to and seeing what will fit where, and start packing a little here and there. It took me over a year to sell my little house, and it took me most of that time to clean it out, and pack up what was moving.

    1. Dear Norma,
      You have commented before as I remember you Norma! Thank you for commenting again. (unless I am mistaken lol!)
      You made a big move. It would be a lot to adjust to. There are still lots of ways to be prepared and truly adding a little bit every week makes amazing progress. I am taking your advice and doing what I can and gradually we will get there. Many thanks Norma, with love

  20. Oh Annabel, such a lovely post. (((Hugs))) So many exciting adventures on the horizon for you.
    Love that pic of Harper, such a cutie. Thinking my niece, Karolynne may love ribbon bracelets also. She so loves to dance, what a cutie!
    we would miss you so, I am so happy you will be taking us along to the Farm.

    I have been puttering around, putting in the last of my garden. I am so very late this year. Thankfully, our season is pretty long here in Tennessee so, Lord willing, I will still have a harvest.
    Praying you are all on the mend feeling well.

    1. Dear Kathryn,
      Thank you! The ribbons were so easy to just loop onto a hair tie. Next I want to make a twirling ribbon ala gymnast style for running around the lawn. Should be a hit, I will leave it a bit for when a change is needed!
      I hope you get a great harvest. Vicky is in Ohio and she just got hers in... so hopefully it is similar and will go well. Thank you so much, with love

  21. I'm so excited to hear that you are moving to the farm and look forward in due course to posts from Bluebird farm. It is such a good environment to bring up those dear little girls and your four generations of family will be able to support each other as life rolls along. Very happy for you.

    1. Dear Penny,
      Thanks so much! I appreciate that. I agree with you, it is very special. I keep thinking "grasp every opportunity" so thats what I am doing. With love

  22. Dear Annabel ~
    I am so happy for you and your family. This is wonderful news for sure :) I'll bet all the beautiful painting you did, inside and out of your home will help you get a higher price. Good on you! We must listen to the God whispers that push us to do things that may seem curious at the time. He always has a plan if we listen. I took two boxes of home goods and china to the Op Shop to donate today. Does it still count if I came home with even more?? Lol I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love, Donna xxx

    1. Dear Donna,
      I hope we get a good price for our home. It is hard to know how it will go. I will have it all shiny and bright and flowers in the garden.
      We will say you did an op shop exchange! Thank you Donna! With love

  23. Congratulations. I think it will be wonderful. Who knows, there may be a baby on the farm in a year or 2. God will show you the way. He always does.

    1. Dear Making Cents of it All, Thank you! If Chloe and Luke have their way there will be a baby about two minutes after the wedding lol
      Thank you for your support! With love

  24. I think I must have not mentioned here that Plague Defense will kill the common cold really quick. We use 3 drops between the bottoms of both feet and put on socks as soon as symptoms hit and we get well with in 6-8 hours. Drink lots of water with it.

    I am sad that Christians are treated so in Australia, too. It is so common here that I think we do not hear it anymore. It is hardest when we are maligned by our non Christian family and friends. One of our sons is an Atheist and he posts the most awful things on Facebook. I wonder he can be who he is since he was not raised this way.

    I have the Crofton cast iron brasier and I love it. I have had it for about 3 years and still love it. I use and use it. Some of my DIL asked for one after seeing mine. I love the dance ribbons! Those could easily go in an envelope and to Germany to our granddaughter. Your winter weather is very much like ours in the SE USA. We think it is cold, too! But our Florida relatives amuse us when they think 60 is cold.

    Our huge news is that after years and years of saving and through God's provision we bought a van that is a camper for two today. It is all self contained so that we can camp anywhere.
    This will be helpful for traveling with my husband's brain injury and allow us to go so many places that we desire to travel to. We are praying that God will show us if He has any plan for ministering to others through this vehicle as well.

    1. Dear Lana, I love Plague Defence. We have it and I have also On Guard (doTERRa) and Germ Fighter (Plant Therapy) So far ( I am scared of speaking too soon) I have escaped the bugs. I havent used these on the kids. I have told Lucy she can diffuse but not put on the kids skin... although I think if I diluted them enough maybe we could but I have not until I know for sure. Harper is three. Scarlett is 15 months...
      I am sorry about the situation with your son. The promise is rear them in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. So keep praying!
      Yes ribbons would easily go in an envelope. If you find a video online then this can demonstrate how they are used. If you would like the Wiggles one Harper loves let me know and I will send you the link.
      How wonderful about the camper! That is great! I know you will get it all set up well. It will be a home away from home! With love

    2. Check Hopewell's site for the article on oil usage on babies and children. I think it will be very helpful.

  25. Such a beautiful inspiring full of life! Thank You..Patricia xo

  26. Annabel, what huge news! I am beyond thrilled for you all. Home is where the heart is, and I think it's been clear to everyone where your heart lies. What wonderful, exciting times lay ahead for you and your beautiful family. And what peace there must be in your Dads heart to know he has provided for you all. Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi,
      You are right Mimi. Thank you! Dad is a planner. He worked so hard and still is. We were talking about the little girls the great Grand children. I said I really appreciated how he is trying to ensure they have every advantage and he said "it's all I think about." My Grandmothers I really saw how they influenced the generations. This all has really hit home for me. I am thinking of what is best to do fro Harper and Scarlett's children. It is a lot to consider! I am really excited. I think of having a wood fire and pumpkin patch and so many things I have always loved! Thank you Mimi. With love

  27. What a great post. LOL I have always told Rick we women network and that is how we keep our sanity. It has been wonderful over the last few years learning and encouraging. You will be so happy at your farm. The quiet is nice and growing things in abundance is so satisfying. Although your winter may not get as cold as here a cozy fire and using it to cook or dry clothes or dry vegetables for later are all satisfying. I love your new pot! I have one similar to it. You have been wise to follow your feelings and prepare. This week has been centered on getting the gardens in and I am glad to be done. I got some nice samples and earned a $5 gift card and $5 in Kmart money. We sold 6 dozen eggs and if I have to use the oven I am filling it with several dishes all at once so I only have to bake once. We have been working on a raised bed for the strawberries and all of the materials were free. I have been blessed with some coupons that will help bump up the pantry before the garden is ready and got several free products to review. Rick did several repairs this week too and earned around $400 and saved quite a bit on parts he had to get by shopping around. All in all a good week. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      Social contact and friendship is a big thing. When we are busy working away we can long for a friend who understands. So here we are we found each other!
      It is so good about your garden planting. I am so excited to see how it grows. I am hoping you will end up with a huge harvest! I cant wait to be doing the same!
      I like raised beds. The strawberries will be great!
      Well done to Rick that is a good amount. Have a good weekend to you too! With love

  28. What exciting news, Annabel! I am so pleased for you all! It will be interesting reading along as you plan for this move xx Fiona

    1. Thanks so much Fiona. You will be pleased to know there is a swap. So we can have swamp glam! :)

    2. That is too funny!! I can certainly see you putting your own spin on the elegant swamp style lol

  29. Girl, you know I totally share your heart! This afternoon we are heading up the mountain to check out a 4 acre property with two houses...praying this is where God leads us, but if not, we're ready for what He has in store elsewhere. xx

    1. Dear Jenny, Oh this is interesting! I REALLY like the sound of this! Getting out of town and a few acres could be very good. And two houses! There are a lot of options with a second house. I hope and pray you will know if it is right for you! How exciting! Please let me know... with love Annabel.xxxx

  30. Hi Annabel. Although I have been reading (and throughly enjoying) your blog from the start I have never commented. I feel bad about this.

    Anyway today is the day after reading your wonderful news about going to shift to the farm with your family. Being such a close family what a lovely life you will all have together. May I ask how many acres the farm is ???

    Thankyou for taking the time to share so much with your followers -your life, your beautiful photos of your family (especially your granddies), your home, cooking.
    Also for sharing your recipes, your hints etc etc. I have especially enjoyed your recent posts about essential oils.

    I would also like to thank the other Bluebirders for all the sharing they do too.

    The only other blogs I read are Mimi's and Rhonda's Down to Earth. I should pop in and say "hello" to them also - but hey, I am not known for rushing things. lol.

    Judi N.S.W

    1. Dear Judi, Thank you so much for commenting I do appreciate it. I am glad to have you here and it is just good to know you are reading and where you are from.
      Yes do say Hi to Mimi and Rhonda. I think we can help each other a lot. I get encouragement and the ladies who comment do contribute a lot. A tip or sharing what you do can be very helpful to someone else.
      Now the farm... I am not sure the acres... Chloe will know. I know that the bit Chloe and Luke are on is probably not big enough to sustain a family but combined with the bit we would be on (and they share a boundary) then it should be enough to farm as a property and support ourselves. Currently Dad farms it and he knows what he is doing where we do not though lol.
      Soon I hope to post pictures of what it looks like. It is a very pretty area, gently hilly and big gum trees. Lots of birds!
      Thank you so much, with love,

  31. Dear Annabel, Im late here but as they say better late than never :-) Wonderful news about the farm move for your family ! I love generations living close , it has always appealed to me .Even living in a big house together appealed to me but not to the other half , bit too much for him.
    Harper looks so sweet with her ribbons, Im sure my grand daughter would love playign girly games with her too.
    Great buy on the Dutch oven and in white , how glam!
    Your chicken soup looks good too ,I will make some this week as I have stock and bones in freezer .And after seeign yoru sausage rolls thats on tomorrow's list to do.
    Lynette's cannisters look so pretty with the wrappers around them. LOvely for gifting oils in.
    We caught up with our eldest , wife and little grandson today and had lumch at a country place . The weather was kind sunny and just a light breeze 13C. Wandering chooks and feathered friends delighted our grandson and we wandered together to see the peacocks in their penn and a very vocal rooster made himself known. The freshair had me sleeping on the drive home, and then it was baking muffins, and cookies for the week ahead.
    Friday my car battery was flat (my fault) and so I learnt how to recharge it, another lesson learnt, all good.
    Have a good week Bluebirds and thankyou all , Love Maria xxx

    1. Dear Maria,
      Thank you! The ribbons were such a success next is a twirling ribbon like the in the gymnastics!
      With soup I tend to make sausage rolls, scones, corn bread or muffins... I loved the photos of your cooking. Most of these things freeze well so they are so handy.
      Peacocks! Your lunch sounds lovely!
      Have a restful Sunday. I am planning my week and we have holiday Monday. Also a little sunshine today. With much love

  32. Dear Annabel,
    Harper is such a cutie!!
    I am so happy for you and it is a great opportunity to be in the countryside. The city is not where anyone wants to be these days, that can clearly see the mood of those who hate.
    We have the same problem, in this country, with the Christians being mocked and discriminated against. It has gotten a bit better since President Trump took office, but the Progressives are still very negative toward anything Biblical and the Biblical principles.
    I am so glad, Cookie, that the information concerning dehydrating frozen vegetables was helpful. We like to buy them by the case when they are on sale, then dehydrate them. It is such a timesaver to have had someone else do the blanching :).
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Bluebirds.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      What we see promoted by the media here is horrible. I guess there is no where to get away from it but I will try and we are going to have to limit our media. We have it now that men are allowed in the ladies rest rooms and all of this so there are places I wont be going anymore either.
      Thank you for your support. With much love

    2. We have the restroom issue, too. I try to just stay out of pubic restrooms if I can now.

  33. Dear Annabel, this is such lovely news about the Bluebirds Farm. We too have been feeling a push to go rural and out of Sydney. Our kids are still in Uni and high school and this move is still a few years off for us but we are planning for it now and will be ready when the time is right. We too are looking at a number of options and how we can best help set up our children. Thank you for this lovely post. Love Lisa xo

    1. Dear Lisa, I am excited for you! I hope the kids will follow too. How anyone can buy a home in Sydney now seems near impossible so I feel sorry for those starting out. So I hope this will help all your family. Planning is good fun! I hope the perfect place comes up for you at the perfect time! With love

  34. Oh Annabel, you are such an encourager! I just love your homely blog.Tell me, do you use shortcrust pastry for your sausage rolls? It looks like it is. Do you use frozen pastry? You would save oodles no doubt. They are $4.50 each at out bakery. Blessings to you all, Robyne S.A

    1. Dear Robyne,
      I am terrible at making pastry. TERRIBLE. I use puff pasty and get homebrand or Aldi. I keep it on hand all the time as if I make a slow cooked casserole and there are left overs they become a pie. Thank you for telling me $4.50 each. I was working it out for my Vicky challenge! I freeze both the pies and the sausage rolls. Thanks so much! With love

  35. Dear Annabel and Bluebird beauties and families ,
    I apologise that I am very late to comment Annabel, it's been a tough weekend.
    My savings this past week included:
    I received 3 meals plus 2 serves of pea and ham soup all homemade by my mum $50 savings approximately,. I had my Centacare services , saving me $150 compared to using a professional company. Medication savings ( free medication due to being on free list now) $ 40. I saved $30 on groceries. I received two more free craft item sets from a local news agency shop, I estimate I saved $20 there. I had a bulk billed appointment $70 savings. I think there's more but I will leave it there as I have reported in late and also it's 4.30 am here and I have been awake since 1.30 am so I do not feel great. So a savings of at least $360 this week. Thank you for another lovely post Annabel. I love the ribbons you made for Harper, what fun she must have had / been having. My nieces used to love the wiggles, they could not pronounce it properly so called them " the moogles" !.children are so funny!. I hope everyone has a great week .love Barb W.

    1. Dear Barb,
      I hope everything is ok there for you... I hope you are feeling better. 4.30 am! eek that is early! or late depending on which way you look at it!
      The Wiggles have been wonderful. So popular! The soup sounds just beautiful from your Mum, it is the weather for soup! Hope you are ok with love

  36. Dear Annabel
    I am so glad that you could reuse that packaging, I knew it would be perfect for gifting oil preparations and hoped that you could see that too.

    I am so glad that the decision to move to the country has been decided upon - I know just how hard this has been to keep quiet about. I look forward to the adventures ahead.

    We had a busy week - both our son and daughter popped in to see us with our daughter spending the night here on the way to a weekend away camping further north with some friends. It was in honour of the son of a friend. Our daughter purchased some toys that a pre schooler would grow into but it appears from the FB photos that the grown ups had a lot of fun with them on the weekend. A cricket bat, stumps and a ball are perfect for a male, no matter what age.

    I had intended making up some oils for our daughter but she was gone early next morning so it will have to wait until we get a chance to pop down and see her.

    While I am sure that there has been a lot of horrible things being said around here and also on the news I have raised the draw bridge and am having less to do with technology and all it brings and people who I have found can be quite nasty if you do not fall into their way of thinking.

    We spoke to a builder about our extension - I am not sure he is going to be the one for us as he wasn't listening to what we want rather he was telling us what he intends on building.

    Our plans are to suit us and to maximize the space we are giving over to the extension. We have no intention of leaving here (mind you I would tomorrow if we could as I have never really settled here) so this is our 'forever' home, which I have accepted but pray otherwise.

    Having been this route before I am waiting to see what he comes back with as a beginning price and then we will be talking to others.


    1. Dear Lynette,
      Thank you! I wanted you to see how nice the little canisters look! I love them!
      I made up oils for my niece Ally and wasnt sure if she would use them or not. Well she was surrounded by people with colds and today she told me she used the oils and they really work! So another convert!
      Ok the builder doesnt sound right. Like a hairdresser that is telling what style you are having lol never going to work out. Its your home and your hard earned money. Wise to get a few quotes and opinions anyway.
      It was lovely to see both your son and daughter. That was a good week! The holiday Monday has been well spent here.... I am having a cleaning blitz. Have a good new week! With love

    2. Annabel I know what you mean about the builder not sounding right - this morning he sent through some paperwork that doesn't even relate to our discussions on Friday.

      My husband will know from this that I will not even consider this builder now - 3 strikes and you are out. This builder set the tone by calling me be the wrong name when he was on the way to keep the appointment on Friday.

      We didn't have a holiday yesterday - ours is later in the year which makes it hard for businesses who need to do business with companies where the holiday was being celebrated.

      I am thinking of starting our daughter on some oils suitable for skin care - once she sees how good they work then I am sure that other things will follow.

      I am up the Mountain on Friday so getting stock ready to take with me.


  37. I'm really behind on reading as I've been on vacation to the ocean and then off to visit family that live about 600 miles(a little less than 966.000 km) from my home. I am super happy about your move! I see the climate changing in the US also. We'd love to have a piece of land in the country. It isn't meant to be at this time, so I will be thankful for what I have and make it our haven. First thing tomorrow I am off to shop the sales to replinish the pantry. Always tons to do when you've been away from home!

    1. Dear Wendi, I know how it is when you get home from being away! It seems to take me ages!
      We can all feel this shift. Jacinta just said to me how God provides but also tells us to prepare and I will add to be watchful is in there too. So we are trying to do that. It is great to have your pantry replenished! With love

  38. Dear Annabel ,
    Thank you for your wonderful uplifting and educational blog.
    I think your move to the country is a good idea...fresh air, much, much less traffic and stress
    and you can really get everything you need in the country towns.
    I grew up in Melbourne but moved to the country after we got married.
    I am keeping a notebook beside the computer to record your tips.
    I love eucalyptus oil for cleaning ,
    leaves a lovely scent in the home...
    I never realised it killed bacteria added bonus!
    It is true about the hostility towards the godly..."the godly will be persecuted".
    I live in north east Victoria and we are going to expand our vegetable garden.
    I also have been stocking gradually up a healthy supply of bed linen and towels on special and spare sets of lots of different items ( packet of clothes pegs, rubber gloves etc).
    Psalm 23 reminds us that the Lord is our provider..He will provide all our needs,
    but the Lord also warned Noah to prepare.
    We all need to be eating lots more fruit and vegetables. ..."God's food," as there is much false information out there.
    Fruit is good for you and lots of fruit and vegetables can cure cancers, and many health conditions.
    Check out Anthony Williams book ...The Medical medium...
    My daughter is getting better from a chronic illness with the information in his book.
    Before this book she was told by even some alternative health doctors to eat lots of animal protein....little fruit...and some vegetables were not encouraged?! wonder she was not improving!!
    She is so much happier mentally as well!
    Blessings Jacinta.

    1. Dear Jacinta, Thank you! Yes eucalyptus is a strong germ killer. It is in most of the germ killing blends and powerful stuff!
      When the hostility became more obvious I set to reading my Bible on the subject and yes you are exactly right. Christians have always been persecuted and it is just that we used to have it easy! So many Christians have lost their lives because of the faith all along. We just have to stand up. We certainly are not alone. This gave me a better perspective.
      Your words are so right. Both ways... God provides and also warned Noah to prepare. Jacinta... I have learned the hard way if I have a feeling or feel prompted I listen. And i have felt very prompted this last couple of years to prepare.
      We are massive vegetable eaters here. And we love them. Thank you for the book recommendation I will look into it.
      I am glad your daughters health is improving. What a relief that must be. Thank you for your words! With love

  39. Hi Annabel,iam happy to hear you and your family are moving to the farm i will be reading your blogs much more,:)i have made soup and more soup over the weekend from a recipe i found in woolies catalogue and using things from from fridge and freezer i too can see a change in this world and its sad,a lot of folk i visit especially the elderly say they were lucky they lived in the good times not the times of today and i agree too.
    Have a great week xo

    1. Dear Melissa, Thank you! It continues as universities here now saying if you write an assignment and use an offensive word like Man or woman you will be marked down. Everyday there is more! I do fear for my Grandchildren. Especially once school age. Now they are protected.
      Well we can create the world without our walls and gardens and be careful what we see and hear and stick with good friends. Think on good things! Thank you Melissa! Love

  40. I really enjoyed reading this post Annabel. I hear what you are saying about the mood in the air. Something seems to be building. I hope your transition to the farm goes smoothly. God bless you.

    1. Dear Sherri, I agree with you. Having friends in the UK, Aust, NZ and US many are telling me they feel this and they are worried.
      We have a lot to do! I am praying it goes smoothly too and we get there bit by bit! thank you! Love

  41. So many comments here, 79, I couldn't get through all of them! But I am SO HAPPY for you Annabel. About a year ago when you spoke of the idea of moving to the farm, I had a feeling it would come to pass. Again, so happy for you and your family. Years (about 20) ago, our local (state) TV station had un-Christian programming and I wrote a letter to the station manager about the content and included Biblical verses refuting their stand. We received a letter back from the station manager saying we were "bigots" and other unkind words. Why were we surprised? Jesus said, "If the world hates you, you know it has hated Me before it hated you." The World hates Christians because the World is serving the devil. Yes, the World is getting worse, but we know that ultimately God will triumph. Thank you for your wonderful blog and reaching out to others and sharing your tips and wisdom. As for savings, a funny thing happened today. I had bought a head of iceberg lettuce today at the store, came home and remembered that our garden is producing and we already have lettuce fresh from the earth! Okay, I need to get back into the mindset of taking advantage of the garden--I had gotten away from that during our winter months.

    1. Dear Joy,
      Yes the truth offers people who hate the truth! So we are getting called abusive names. We note those calling us these names are usually on about inclusion and tolerance! haha!
      But yes we know it has always been the same. We just had it very good for ages but not so much now!
      Make the most of the garden Here in winter things go quiet but we do not have the issue of really starting again in spring although we do many fresh plantings.
      Thank you for your kind words and support! With love

  42. Annabel, I'm so excited for you! A wedding and moving to the farm with all that lovely gardening. Gardening is my favorite hobby, plus it's so healthy not only with the healthy food, but the exercise. This year I'm growing strawberries, blueberries - lots of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, tomatoes, green beans, squashes, cucumber, melons, peppers, okra, herbs, eggplant, and more. My little nectarine tree has 4 whole nectarines - not much return on my investment but I'm thrilled none-the-less. We have apple, pear, cherry, fig, and plum trees, too. I have a lemon tree and a lime tree that have to go in the garage each winter, but I do get quite a few lemons and the occasional lime.
    I'll bet your gardening will be on a much bigger scale and you'll have a whole new array of posts featuring farm life. I love stepping into your world and reading all the comments from kindred spirits.


    1. Dear Phyllis,
      I agree with you that gardening is beneficial on several levels! I think it s happy and healthy to be working outdoors, get some sunshine and joy.
      You have a good selection of fruit trees! I cant wait to have mine!
      Thank you so much! I cant wait to be able to share the whole process of starting a homestead! I am so excited! With much love

  43. Dear Annabel,

    I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!! I knew it would happen, but wasn't sure when. It's so exciting! Every day the whole madness of our society increases exponentially, it seems. Even in just the past two years I have felt like it is simply unreal all the developments that have occurred...what it considered "hate speech", the massive push to "de-gender" everything and everybody, euthanasia (the ramifications of which are just now rearing their ugly heads)...the list goes on! It's like one second you are in the real world, and the next second you are inside a crazy circus that keeps spiralling! Every once in awhile there is a glimmer of husband said he was on the bus yesterday and couldn't help seeing the screen of the IPad of the guy next to him: he was reading a Psalm online on the bus! :) It is so hard not to be afraid...You are so right that reading the Bible each day is an anchor to get through!!

    Will write more later, as must get out to the garden. (Which isn't in a photographic state by any means,'s rows of dirt so far! :))

    Lots of love,

    Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, THANK YOU. We are very lucky we have a clear guiding light and an anchor. Otherwise how confusing these times would be!
      I keep meaning to tell you since I know you read CS Lewis... read the one on angels! In regard to these times we are in this is quite a good book to read too. I hope your garden is taking off... soon it will be full of produce! With much love


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