The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 16 February 2017

Feather your Nest Friday, 17 February 2017.

We had a really busy week to the extent that I am amazed I have anything much to report as far as nest building goes.  But I jot things down and I still got some cooking done and made some progress!
I feel better about the week now that I have looked back over it!

Nest wise the best news is baby Scarlett is doing well and gained weight and her big sister loves her! This is Harper saying goodnight that was just a little moment Lucy snapped and I just love!

So this was the best part of the week by far!

How I built up my home this week:

I did some re arranging and tidying up. I prettied up the front hallway with flowers...

I did a big shop at Aldi and on the way home went to a fruit and veggie shop that is kind of out of the way for me. But it was a big success! They have good prices but that day was amazing. I think maybe because the weather was really hot there were hardly any people around. Anyway I got the best prices I have seen in a long time. My car was full of baskets of tomatoes, cucumbers, you name it. I was thrilled.  

Due to requests I made fruit and nut balls...

We kept half and the rest walked out the door! :)

We picked apples from our tree. It is only the second year so pretty good!

I made all the work lunches.

Andy cleaned the air conditioner filters and the whole yard.

I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce. This gave us two meals,  some went into the freezer and some went to the girls as well.

I made bread and focaccia.

For Valentines Day I made a double batch of Chocolate Brownies as my present to Andy (and a card). I tied it up with a ribbon.  He loved it! 

I got pink orchids! These are so lovely and I hope I can keep them going!

I improved our preparedness too by sorting out our first aid supplies and getting a special cupboard set up for it all. Now we can find everything easily. Much better. 

I also set up a little cupboard for my writing paper and pens etc. I love it! At least all in one place!

Because my week has been a bit interesting I haven't worked out my Vicky Challenge totals yet. I have my list so I will get to it on the weekend.  It should be pretty reasonable this week!

I hope you had a good week! How did you get ahead, save or build up your home?  
Next  I am making a cake covered in plums inspired by Janine's.  I have some dough coming along for some pizzas.    Have a good weekend! xxx


  1. Annabel,
    What a gorgeous photo of Harper with Scarlett - one to definitely treasure.
    Your cooking, as usual, looks fabulous, especially the fruit and nut balls and focaccia. Yum!


  2. Dear Annabel and the bluebird crew , thank you for another lovely post Annabel , The photo of Harper saying goodnight to Scarlett is just gorgeous , Lucy captured the moment beautifully. Annabel all your baking and cooking looks delicious as usual , I would love the recipe for the fruit and nut balls please or have you already given the recipe in a previous post and I am forgetting?.
    I have got ahead and built up my home this week by receiving some craft supplies ( over 90 blank coloured cards plus a further 40 Ivory coloured blank cards and 30 pieces of coloured a4 c cardboard and about 20 a5 pieces of white cardboard and nine glue sticks , saving me at least $70 if I was to buy these items .i gave some cards and cardboard to my nieces.
    I bought some chicken drumsticks in my groceries this week but they were wrongly labelled and priced as chicken breasts so I got a refund and got to keep the drumsticks , saving me approximately $10 .
    I was tidying up / decluttering and I found a gift I had bought and forgotten about , that will go in the gift cupboard , saving me $10 on buying one gift .
    I received 2 meals from my parents $15 saving
    I put $15 away in my Christmas fund ( but I won't count this in the Vicky challenge)
    I had my usual subsidised cleaning ( 2 hours ) saving me at least $40 compared to what I would pay privately .
    I got a free block of chocolate as a flybuys bonus , saving me $2.50
    I think that is it for my Vicky challenge this week Annabel , that's all I can remember, I say this regularly but I really must remember to write my savings down!.so my total savings for this week ( that I can remember) are : $147.50 approximately. A quiet week .
    Glenda, I am thinking of you and hope you feel better soon , please take care of yourself .
    I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Love Barb W.

    1. Dear Barb, Thank you! For these fruit and nut balls I just blended a mix of dried apricots, sultanas, dates and cashews until fairly fine. Then I rolled them into balls and rolled those into coconut. They are delicious. Other times I have added LSA, chai seeds, cranberries and other things. You could use any dried fruit that you like. Really easy and good.
      It is fantastic about the cards you got! You can make so much! Ester is the next thing coming up!
      Well done on all your savings! I hope you have a lovely weekend Barb, with love

  3. Aren't grandchildren just the best reward?!!!! Congratulations on such sweet little girls! So sweet seeing big sis watching over new little sis!!

    I bought a pineapple for an activity I was overseeing but didn't use it after all. I noticed it on my counter this morning and realized that it was ripe but, if it stayed there, that it would be over ripe in a few days so I decided that I needed to use it.
    I considered chunking it up and canning it but when I went down to my basement pantry, I realized that I have 39 pints on my shelves! However, my supply of Sweet and Sour Sauce pints was getting lower so I cleaned and chunked my pineapple for that!
    I used 2 quarts of my home canned tomatoes, a quart ziploc of bell pepper chunks and 2 fresh onions in my kitchen and used the tried and true recipe! I had pint jars upstairs already since we've been eating our way through our jars to rotate our pantry.
    My 1 pineapple made 11 pint jars of sweet and sour sauce for my pantry! Easy-peasy. So all I need to do for a quick and easy dinner is to open a jar, add my frozen pre cooked meatballs, chicken chunks or pork chunks to it and make rice! 15 minutes at the most to have a tasty meal ready to serve!!
    I made more brown sugar up because my canister was almost empty. So easy to do and we love the taste and texture better!
    I made up a new batch of Ranch seasoning for dressing or dips since my jar was getting lower. I realized how amazingly blessed I am to have the ingredients to make the mixes, the sauces and even the basic things like brown sugar without having to leave home and purchase anything!
    I finished another lap size quilt and put it in my gift drawer. I made homemade macaroni and cheese ( not from a blue box) for the first time in my life! Next week is our 46th anniversary and we've raised 11 children and the only Mac and cheese I've ever made has been Kraft! But I googled recipes and looked at reviews and made one and took it to a family who were sick (plus some extra for me!) and it was really creamy and delicious! Guess there are always new things to learn if you want to!
    Thanks for your inspiration, Annabel, and the rest of you Bluebirds!!!
    I ordered a 40 lb box of Zaycon BLSL chicken breast for $1.35/pound that I will put into my freezer in several forms!
    Baby chickens are coming next week to the tractor supply store and we will become chicken farmers to 6 little chicks right here on our urban "farm"! We're excited at the prospect of fresh eggs!
    We have an order for an interior "barn" door for a client out of our free pallet wood so that will be additional income! In April, our church is offering free 12 week courses on Personal Finance, Education, Employment and Starting and Growing a Business and we are excited to start the Growing Your Own Business one!
    Spring is almost here and we are excited for all the outdoor projects that it will bring to the garden, the orchard and to our yard! It's a really wonderful time to be alive if you focus on the blessings we have all around us!! Hope you all have a terrific week!!

    1. Sweet and sour sauce sounds great! And after you've made it,you have really easy meals. That is wonderful.

      I love that you make your own Ranch dressing. I have done it in the past, but gotten lazy and buy it now.

      Yay for the order for your free pallet wood creation! That's great news. My husband is getting interested in pallet constructions.

      And making your own brown sugar too! I need to get the ingredients to do that. I use a lot of it.

      Sounds like you had a great week.

    2. Dear Gardenpat,
      Yes Grandchildren are the best reward. They have added to my life more than I can say!
      I love sweet and sour sauce. What a wonderful way to use up that pineapple!
      Well done on the Mac and cheese. We do this. I never even knew it came in a box until recently. You can make it in the crockpot and make a big lot then add a topping and put under the grill for a few minutes which is really good.
      Making a barn door is amazing! I bet this leads to many more. Also everyone loving the barn doors are using them as bed heads and other decor... I see this taking off and would love to see how it turns out!
      I am excited you are getting chickens! You will love it! They love grubs, greens etc and you will find them so much fun. They have wonderful funny personalities. I know you will love having fresh eggs!
      I loved reading your report of such a good week! With love

  4. Annabel, the picture of Harper saying goodnight to Scarlet is precious. I would have it framed as a keepsake! Your cooking looks yummy and flowers just add something beautiful to a home don't they? I got ahead this week by starting on Easter baskets for our grandchildren from grandma and grandpa.

    1. Dear Patsy,
      Thank you! Ok you have got me to think about Easter. I have a pink basket made up for Harper that I made last year. When we were little the Easter Bunny left our eggs in a nest made of cellophane and pretty papers. As a kid I thought this was the best thing ever! So I better get working on Easter! With love

  5. Beautiful picture of the grand babies!

    Thanks for your encouraging blog :). I think I'll make up some of the power balls too, yum...

  6. Annabel what a beautiful photo of your granddaughters. How precious is that. I miss my grandchildren as I haven't seen them for four months and am not likely to see them in the near future. Enjoy them while you can.

  7. The photo of the two grandbabies truly is beautiful, you are blessed.
    Both the hubby and I are sick so our Vick challenge has nothing to report. Tomorrow after my dentist appointment we ate going to Aldi's with a rather large list. I am going to count the difference between Aldi's and our normal grocery store. Monday we will pick up our new mattress we could have taken it home already but Monday it will be $100.00 less.

  8. Annabel,

    Don't worry if you hear suspicious noises in the front hallway, dear. It's OK when you awaken to find it barren of all your beautiful tidying up. I just thought I would come and borrow everything there for... a... while. *wink* So very pretty!

    And Harper's cherishing her new sissy, oh! Choked me up.

    Basically I prepared my home for its Queen to be away from the King for a month while Mother endures two cancer surgeries on the US mainland. I grieve when I have to leave our home, but especially so when my good husband and I must be apart. Our hearts will grow fonder... ❤


    1. Dear Kelley,
      It is a big thing being away from home for a month. Sometimes it is really hard as there are more than one place we need to be! I am thinking you will take plenty of handiwork and things and fill the waiting hours with those things. I am praying the surgeries go well for your Mother.
      Thank you for all your help this week! With love

    2. Yes, Annabel,

      (No need to reply to this.) I have packed as much handwork as possible. I also have some card ideas for which I've drawn sketches. Much more fabric offerings on the US mainland than here on Guam, for sure! I'm so excited about that.

      I also have a book to read, "The Robe."


  9. Hi Annabel,
    Your cooking looks delicious as per usual. Those little girls are just gorgeous and that photo is one to treasure.
    This week has been another one of surviving the heat. We had a bit of a scare this week as it looked like our income was going to be cut by half. It's already very low so this was quite a shake up. Clever Bluey challenged it and we are almost back to what it was.

    Each evening I have been working away in the veg patch weeding, tidying and planting seeds. I had thought that there was nothing of note but I was able to harvest spring onions, peanuts, peanut butter tree fruit, chilli, blue berries, lemons, limes and several egg plant fruits. I will cut the egg plant in half, score, drizzle with olive oil and bake. Once cooked they will have zitah(Jordanian spice blend) sprinkled over them, along with lemon thyme and some lemon and garlic aioli. My mouth I watering thinking about this.

    I spent a bit of time in the sewing room mending. Katie now has two summer dresses to wear once more and my Library bag is up to the task if carrying the load of books I get each fortnight.

    I've been baking focaccia and apple cake. Neither lasted long out of the oven. I was determined that the blueberries would be picked and bought inside to go in my yoghurt. somehow or other they all came off the bush and ended in my mouth.

    Vicky challenge here saved us $250. Not a lot but it will do.
    Life is good.

    1. I bet those blueberries tasted better out in your garden than in your yoghurt anyway! It made me smile.

    2. Dear Jane, What a week! It is kind of a sobering reminder that really any of us can face a massive cut in income unexpectedly. I am thankful yours was reversed! Good Bluey for sorting that out.
      The mending really paid off. Getting dresses to wear again is as good as new dresses!
      Your garden is amazing. I have never heard of peanut butter tree fruit! I thought you were having a lend of me!
      Have a lovely weekend! With love

  10. Hello Annabel, the photo is Harper checking on Scarlett is priceless, and adorable, what a pretty baby nursery too,
    Your cooking all looks delicious. For a busy with other things time, you certainly accomplished a lot of home things ❤

    1. Thank you Rhonda. Your saying is always on my mind... I do stuff as much as possible and stuff gets done... not always as much as I want or in the order I want or anything but still things get done. The bit by bit approach!
      Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  11. What a beautiful picture of your grand girls! Friends for life! You were very busy this week baking and your flowers are so lovely. Have a great day!

  12. Dear Annabel,
    What a beautiful picture of Harper saying goodnight to Scarlet. Your cooking looks delicious.

    It's been one of those wild weeks weatherwise here so we've stayed pretty close to home. I made 2 trays of Hot Chocolate on a Stick, to give to friends for Valentine's Day, baked 2 large loaves of cinnamon raisin bread, a tray of bread pudding (one of my husband's favorite desserts.), baked 3 dozen breakfast scones. Made and canned 3 quarts of bone broth, worked on two quilts that will be wedding gifts in the spring. I think that's it for me. Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend. Blessings, Cookie

  13. Sometimes house work is work...but sometimes doing little puttery projects, like re-arranging a cabinet is a nesting joy. You were busy but all sounded like joy. Gail

    1. Thank you Gail! That is so true. Little projects and making things nice is a lot of

  14. Dear Annabel and Bluebirds,
    That photo of Harper telling Baby Scarlett good night is so precious!
    Your baking looks yummy!
    The orchids are beautiful! They have become one of my favorite flowers. For Valentine's my hubby gave me a pot of lovely mini roses to enjoy and then plant.
    I almost lost a fairly new climbing rose plant to aphids, but got busy getting rid of them and am hopeful the plant will be ok.
    We went out to a delicious lunch on Valentine's Day. My husband had found a gift card for a favorite restaurant in his wallet, so it was very inexpensive. We brought home enough to make two more meals by adding salad.
    I refreshed the soil in our garden containers and have planted tomato plants and seeds for lettuce and spinach. I still have tiny, yellow pear tomatoes and cherry tomatoes producing from last year, as well as basil, Rosemary and green onions. We have a lot less citrus this year, but have been given lemons and a few oranges from our neighbors. They love the lemon pie bars I make 😀.
    The store I mentioned a while back keeps sending me surprise points. I was able to get our youngest granddaughter $26 leggings for $1 and a free tank top. Got 4 pair of socks for my husband for $3.
    We have learned that a grocery store close to us frequently has rotisserie chickens in their cold section reduced to $2.50 when they are close to the sell by date. I picked one up and we enjoyed a couple meals from it, picked a couple more cups of meat off to freeze and made broth from the bones and skin.
    Annabel, I am thankful for this lovely, encouraging community you have built!
    I am keeping Glenda in my prayers.
    Wishing all a blessed weekend.
    Love from Arizona,

    1. Dear Elaine,
      Thank you!
      What amazing deals you are getting! They are wonderful!
      All your gardening will pay off Elaine! Fresh produce is beautiful. I have really enjoyed all the herbs I pick almost everyday. They add a lot! I am about to harvest some more basil too and have all the other ingredients to make pesto.
      Thanks so much for the encouragement! I hope the new week will be another good one for you! With love

  15. That picture of your grandbabies is beyond precious! So lovely and sweet.
    I thought of your "use it up" challenge as I finished up a pair of wristers this week because I made them using up yarn left over from another project. The finished pair is a little on the "funky" side but it's fun and I love it!
    Have a nice weekend, ladies!
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh, I like the wristlets you make. My daughter would love them as she loves long sleeves that come over her hand. I do too... but don't get on with gloves or mittens. I need my fingers out! So these are on my autumn list.
      Have a good new week! With love

  16. Annabel, I love the picture of your granddaughters!

    This week, I feathered my nest by fixing the plumbing myself rather than calling a plumber.

    My kids made their own Valentine's. We didn't save any money on them, because I purchased the stuff at the craft store, but it was fun.

    I parbaked 7 pizza crusts, so that I can have "frozen" pizzas when time is tight. We ate 2 of them last night, but I still have 5 and that will make 2 full meals and a lunch time meal. I made homemade croutons. These are so easy and much tastier than the ones I could buy. I also made kefir (similar to yogurt) and homemade buttermilk from cultures.

    All in all, I think it was a pretty good week of nest feathering. :)

    1. Dear Cristy,
      You would have saved a lot on the plumbing!
      Ready to go pizza bases are so handy. I never thought to par bake them. mmm I am going to try that. I only just froze some that are raw dough rolled out. What you are doing makes more sense!
      Croutons are brilliant. No bread is ever wasted if you make them. Also you can make a kind of little crouton cup a bit like a vol au vent but pressing a bit of bread into a muffin tin and drying them. They come out like little cups and are good for things like tuna mornay or you can fill them with bacon and eggs and bake. Really handy!
      That was a good week! With love

  17. You got a whole lot done, Annabel! Your cooking looks delicious, as do your grands in that picture! Sweet!
    My mouth watered when I saw those apples. I've been craving apples lately and am hoping to pick some up on my next trip to the market.

    I've been busy doing little projects, but my nest is feeling better than it has in a long time. With the exception of the bare fridge & that should be taken care of in the next week.

    I found a few things to donate, got a couple of decorating ideas started, & few things cleaned and weeded out. I can't help but look around and see SO MUCH STUFF.

    I practiced creative cooking this week! That's what happens when one is sick and skips a whole month of grocery shopping after a very abbreviated month of grocery shopping. I have about 5 things left on one shelf of my fridge!! Besides the door condiments. The drawers are all empty! On the bright side, not a single morsel has gone to waste. Today I made what I call Stone Soup from the story. Instead of the village donating to my crockpot, it was all leftover this and the last bit of this. I even rinsed out the 2 ketchup bottles to make a broth! I had frozen leftover veggies, a couple canned veggies, leftover roast, etc. It smells good! I'm going to cook the last bit of pasta I have (to add to the leftover cup of brown rice from last night) and throw that in before long. I have a chunk of Cuban bread left from last week so I'll divide that and call it dinner!

    I worked a little bit on cleaning out my craft room and it already looks better. I'm heading back down there again in a bit.

    I have a pile of books and magazines to donate to the library tomorrow. Our library has a magazine swap rack and I LOVE THAT. I was given about a dozen from a friend and so I'll share my blessing. I saw my first British version of County Living and I'm smitten! But I will not buy magazines. I just keep telling myself that!!

    1. Debby you did so well using up every last bit after being sick , well done ! and I hope you are feeling much better and build your stocks up again.Love Maria x

    2. Dear Debby, I love that you feel your nest is better than it has been in a long time. That is wonderful and shows things are really adding up!
      I love the magazine swap rack too! And my Mum gets the British Country Living! Its gorgeous. I try to inherit them for my card making and recipes etc.
      Keep up the good work! Much love

  18. Dear Annabel and Bluebird Friends,
    What a sweet picture of Harper checking on her baby sister.
    The orchid is absolutely gorgeous!! Everything you posted looks lovely and delicious, Annabel. You have such a talent for making things beautiful.
    Thank all of you who are praying for me. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. It has been a time for me to stop and slow down immensely. That is not a bad thing, as I needed it. Self reflection time is a gift from God.
    Our weather, in Wyoming, has finally turned a bit warmer into the 50's F. It was very cold and snowy much of the past two months.
    Many blessings to each of you.
    Love and hugs,

    1. So good to know that you are on the mend.

    2. Dear Glenda,
      I am glad it is warmer for you. I hope you are feeling better and it sounds like you have adapted to going slower. Yes it can be a good thing and we all need to do it sometimes. While you must be keen to see Spring I am looking forward to Autumn! Very much! Have a good week! With love

  19. Dear Annabel that is a perfect photo to frame! Touching and with an old world feel about it .
    You did well to get ahead this week .
    My week has been more restful , our weather has been 14 one day to 25C another and in between with cloudless days or misty gray days oh the joys of it all . Seem to be more people sick this summer including our family .
    I got ahead with baking and lunches and meal planning . And gave myself a spa footbath and pedicure . We are on our feet so much and I particularly am with my activities out of home and our two sets of stairs we have . It's important to thank our feet for all they do for us ;-) took me a long time to do that .
    My savings this week amount to $290 .
    Kelley thinking of your mum and hoping treatment goes well , safe travelling for you too.
    Nanna Chel, I'm sensing you need a hug xox
    Jane , you did well to get all that done this week busy as a bee .
    Gardenpat -wow 11 ! Happy 46yth anniversary for next week !
    Sorry I haven't commented on others I wanted to but I'm on my phone and it's easy to lose my place it jumps around lol .
    Have a lovely weekend bluebirds love Maria xxx

    1. Maria I saw on the news all the fires around Christchurch. I hope that you are nowhere near this unfolding disaster.

  20. I love the picture! Harper surely cannot be that big! Her blonde curls are adorable!

  21. Hi Annabel and Beautiful Bluebirders!!

    First, it was lovely to see Kelsey's comment at the end of the previous post! It is wonderful news, Kelsey, that you and your husband have a little boy on the way!! You know this is a valuable blessing!! You will love this little fella, and he, in turn, will enjoy learning so much from his family!! Cherish the time!!

    Annabel, your family photos are exceptional. That pink netting around Scarlett's cradle works beautifully! This is a wonderful season for you!! .... Ha ha!! Your Granny Smith apples grabbed me!!

    It is beautiful, too, to see the interaction here! Maria, Cristy, Lana, .... your words to commenters are great! Many hands do make light work!

    I do have a little story from shopping day...... We travel country roads and, this time, we came across a horse out on the road. Now, cattle on the road is one thing, but a horse on the road is downright dangerous - for the horse, & drivers! So, it was necessary to do something about it!! We found a driveway, an open gate and a paddock with horses. Driving up to a little old homestead on a hill, my husband tooted the car's horn, and called out. Nothing! Only a cat made an appearance!! Then, we turned our heads to see that big horse galloping along the road, through the open gate and, along with five other horses, up the hill where they surrounded our car! Ha ha!! The horn sounding was a signal for them! They asked, "Are you our owner, and would you like to feed us some hay?!" We said "hello", explained that we were not carrying a bale of hay with us that day, and thought the two foals were rather sweet!! Slowly, we drove away from the horses, closed the gate, and replaced the faulty lock with a piece of barbed wire we found! (I could have used the pliers on my pocket knife if needed! - preparedness!). Those beautiful horses, and how they responded to a simple 'toot!', was wonderful!

    Often, on the same road, and especially in winter, we see a big white Maremma dog quietly guarding a paddock of goats! That is a good sight! His offsider, though, tends to prefer running back to the house after his master! Ha ha!! We say, "Hi, fella!", hoping he might be encouraged, as we drive by!

    Then, later in the day, we collected a small order of corrugated iron and two other types of metal sheeting. When trying to make sense of the order, we learnt that two parts of the order came with their own cover sheets to protect the metal from damage. And what was used as a cover sheet? .... Another piece of the same metal it was covering, of course! In effect, we obtained an extra sheet on these piles for free! That's good value!!

    May our Redeemer help us all, and provide for our cause unto rescue of His people!!

    I hope you are all enjoying the challenge of life!

    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel, what a lovely story about the horses responding to your toots :-)And lovely to find the protecting sheet is an extra bonus! Thanksyou for your lovely comments, love Maria xxx

    2. Dear Rachel,
      The many uses of barbed wire! We have cows that come when they see a vehicle. I have seen that but not with horses!
      Thank you for your comments on the photo and the nursery. I am enlarging that picture! With much love

  22. Annabel,
    The photo of Harper is just too cute for words! And your apples are beautiful! A car full of veggies is great feathering in my opinion!
    Rachel-I just loved your horse story that is funny! And yay on the extra metal for free! That is a good value indeed!
    As for feathering here we got some metal racks with metal baskets for when the pantry is done and will be great storage. I am plugging away at the afghan I started in between daily things. The days are odd with one day having snow and cold and the next almost like spring so some days have been devoted to inside cleaning and cooking and some to outside cleaning the animal houses and hauling in wood. Not very exciting!

    1. Dear Vicky, It sounds like spring is peeking through! This is good. We have moments of Autumn like weather and it cannot come soon enough for me!
      The baskets will be really useful. I love baskets and all pantry storage!
      Have a good new week! With love

  23. Hi Annabel,
    What a productive week you've had! Your front hallway looks gorgeous!
    You've inspired me with all your bread making. I have been giving it a go and find it so soothing and satisfying. I'll have to try the focaccia!
    I love catching up with your blog. It's always full of interesting and inspiring ideas.
    Love, Stephanie. Xxx

    1. Thank you Stephanie! Bread making is so versatile. I am glad you are enjoying it. It is a real meal stretcher too. So many things can be used up to make a pizza, focaccia, fancy bread, rolls etc.
      Have a great new week! With love

  24. Dear Annabel, The picture of Harper saying goodnight to Scarlett is breathtaking! Lucy captured a beautiful photo!!

    You had a wonderful week and I plan to make some of the fruit and nut rolls like yours! :) I'll use what I have on hand! Also, such a wonderful crop of apples, and all the other yummy food you've been baking!

    Kelley, praying for your safe travel and for your mom's quick recovery.
    Prayers to Glenda also!

    We are drying all of our garlic from the garden last fall. This will be ground into powder. The dehydrator is outside!! LOL We were able to stock up on coffee this week, which was half off! I've also mended several items and started another donation bag! I mostly stayed home for the last two weeks, so counting that as a big savings!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Teri

    1. Dear Teri,
      Thank you! Garlic powder would be a very useful thing. Coffee for sure is useful! That is a good time to stock up!
      I am working on mending. So many things that only need a small amount of work to be up and running again. I did a fair bit then stopped so I better get going again!
      Thank you for your comment on the photo! I love special moments like that! They are treasured.
      Have a good week Teri! With love

  25. Annabel, the photo of Harper saying goodnight to baby sister, Scarlett, has to be one of the most precious pictures I have ever seen!

    So much to comment on and I know I'm going to forget some of the things I want to say...but first, Glenda, I am so glad you're taking the time to slow down and take care of yourself. I hope you're feeling better and back on your feet again soon.

    Kelsey, congratulations on the news of a baby boy!

    I am so ready for Spring. Winter has not been that harsh this year, but it just seems like it has been here far too long. I am ready to get outside and dig in the dirt and tend to my flower beds.

    My husband was away on business all last week, which left me home alone. I took my iPad and walked through each room of my home, making a list of things that need to be done and another list of things that I would like to have done - just some minor sprucing up in some of the rooms by replacing light fixtures and painting, even rearranging furniture. I told my husband about my list and the look on his face said it all, he was concerned that I was wanting to spend a lot of money, but he was thrilled that everything I had on the list is very affordable, outside of two bedrooms that need new flooring and he even agrees these rooms need that. So now, it is going to be fun to look around and find ceiling lights and select paint colors. We are planning to find the lighting secondhand and aren't opposed to Oops! paint colors at the hardware stores. How much fun we're going to have this Spring!



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