The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 27 August 2015

Feather your Nest Friday, 28 August 2015.

It is nice to sit down and look back over the week and see that I got quite a bit done. It does go by so fast that it can be a bit of a blur.

Anyway, in between everything else I did a few minutes of sewing and when this happens often enough it really adds up. I was happy as I was still on pink sheets I had found. And my sewing pile is nearly conquered... unless I find more material of course! 
I finished kitchen towels and am just starting serviettes. 

This is super soft cotton that is just lovely. I used up a heap of different trims on them.

I always end up with material that isn't big enough for more kitchen towels. Sometimes I make pot holders with that or serviettes. One set of sheets also came with another sheet I didn't like much but they were sold together. It was still very soft cotton so I tore it up into squares. These become either dusters or lovely super soft hankies if someone is sick. They can be treated as disposable if someone is really ill. You don't appreciate how good these are until you have been through 20 tissues or hankies and your nose is sore. THEN these are bliss.

I keep some in the medicine cupboard and some in the laundry cupboard and they are so handy.

My uncle loved his little succulent garden in a bowl. This was a big success! Now on to make more for up coming birthdays.

I used frozen bananas and made a cake and muffins.
Used a lemon a day in my morning water, sliced and froze some more and am making lemon butter again this weekend as gifts.

I got a present on the side of the road. We see a fair bit of stuff put out on the kerb. My eyes look at it all as I go past going "junk junk junk.... then !!!"  I got this pretty window! I cleaned it up and am using it to pretty up my bathroom. I love it! 

This week I built up my home by:
Adding to my pantry. I added tinned tuna, corn, flour, oil, water, tinned milk, tomato and a few other things. Most were good special buys. 
We added to our emergency fund. We also have the bottle to fill with $2 coins that Tania showed us. So all $2 coins go in there. When that is full it makes an extra $1000 in the emergency fund. There is probably a US equivalent but this is for Australian $2 coins. I am amazed filling a small bottle equals that much money but it does. This is the link that explains it... it is a sneaky way to save an emergency fund. It is another example of little bits adding up fast!

I got a demonstration of how fast things can go from just fine to not just fine. That can be a good thing if it inspires action. It's easy to get a bit complacent about our pantries and savings etc.  But we need to stay on it!

How was your week? I hope it was a great week. How did you build up your home or save? 

Today I might get a bit more sewing done. I am washing and drying linen and various things before the rain returns.
Have a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. Dear Annabel, what a lovely week you've had. I adore your pretty pink bundles and that die for! I had a good week this week too, and similarly found a real treasure at the kerbside ornately carved fireplace surround no less....can you believe it??? It astounds me to see what people throw away honestly. I've also sewn 4 tribal style bustles for dance costumes...these are huge and a lot of work, but gosh they look fantastic. The teacher was so thrilled when I showed them to her, that she actually hugged me! I have 7 more to make, plus numerous accessories and busy but fun. I added to my hallway shop with half price bargains, stitched more sequins to my blanket project, and made two textile art collage hearts...these are gorgeous and I'll share them on my blog on the weekend. They can be necklaces, bag charms, pomanders for hangers or doorknobs or Christmas ornaments...I think you'll like them! I baked for my son, made more tulle fruit and vege bags from the IKEA tulle, and planted lavender and thyme. Spring is here where I live, and it's hard not to be happy and content at home. Love to everyone. Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, You amaze me what you achieve. All this sounds gorgeous but I just saw via FB your hearts. Oh my goodness.... I love them. Please put up photos of the dance costumes too.
      I would love to find a fireplace surround! Actually a fireplace anything... I would swoop! It continually amazes me what I find. Joy!
      You deserve a break so have a wonderful weekend. With love,

    2. Mimi, you always accomplish so much! Could I ask what a fireplace surround is? Would it be placed in front of a fireplace? Have a wonderful weekend! Teri

  2. Annabel what a pretty collection you have made. I saw a Liberty hanky in a shop the other day for $16! I happen to have some Liberty fabric which didn't get made up and I think this could be a project for me. I wonder how many I can make from my piece!!

    1. Dear Barb,
      I love Liberty prints. the prints but also the feel of it! The girls had several liberty print smocked dresses, I still have them. I think Harper will wear them too.
      Mum also loves it and I have bought her hankies in the past. They were expensive... I think $20 or so! This was at Crabtree and Evelyn some years ago. I dont know if the still have them I should look sometime. But now I would make them! The ones I got were just a fine hem, no lace or anything.
      I think hankies are a lovely gift! I hope you make them up! Truly they would be gorgeous!
      I feel inspired to do this... Spotlight have some fine cottons with delicate prints, I was just looking.... more sewing coming up!
      I think the cellophane bags would be nice packaging possibly...
      Have a lovely weekend! With love,

  3. Dear Annabel, I just admire everything you create so much! Even “leftover” pieces of cloth you arrange to make look beautiful. You certainly add a touch of beauty and grace to the everyday things of life. xoxo

    This week saw me out and about finding good specials and deals and stock up items for my pantry. I spent a big amount (for me!) of $87 at Aldi stocking up on pantry items. I used the $50 flybuys bonus from Coles to buy Telstra credit for my phone (this worked!) and that freed up the money to be used at many places then to buy some really good specials, including some great specials at Coles. NQR also had some very good prices on items like Ham ($6 kg) and half price clearance items like candles and doorstops!

    I also activated an offer from Woolies to spend $75, and get $10 off next order. This was not difficult as they had Vittoria coffee for the amazing price of 2 x 500g for $7.50!! This coffee is my husband’s favourite and I bought four (kg) of them. The shelf price is $30 for these at full price for 1 kg! Everything I bought was on markdown, to the effect that my docket said I have saved more than I actually spent! Then I also got $10 extra to spend. I bought long life milk there and then with the credit. I also spent some birthday money buying a Ball canning starter kit. It was $30 off, and I qualified for a $25 gift card also to use in the next year. I bought my husband new work trousers (saving $20 each pair) on clearance. I filled up the car as the fuel offer of 10c extra per litre is going to expire on 31st August. I applied the savings to the Quilton TP again!

    While I spent quite a lot this week, which is not my usual pattern, I saved heaps on what I would buy if these items were shelf price. I have gotten ahead now in my pantry to the point that I am hoping to now do monthly shopping with some money allocated for weekly top ups and specials from my slush fund. I know this works really well for Wendy and Cath. ;-)

    Being conscious of the Friday sharing here, this spurs me on to do as well as I can each week. Every little thing we all do helps so very much. All of the ideas shared here really help me to rethink the way I do things and aim to do better and learn more each week. Thanks everyone for your inspiration. xoxo

    1. Dear Kaye,
      You are very clever and strategic with your shopping money. This is making it go a lot further and is fabulous.
      And now you have a canning kit! This sounds exciting! And summer is coming! You will have to keep your eye out for fruit. I am always amazed at the fruit people dont pick and how much I get by asking and offering to return with jam or a pie! Also try Ripe Near Me every week in summer.
      Kaye this weekly post gets ME to do more. I seriously will think "ohh I better get moving or I will have nothing to report!" and I also will sneak in more jobs at the end of a day just to get further ahead. It does me good. It motivates me. I get much more done overall because of the blog even counting all the time I take with photos etc. it still has a good effect.
      And the same here too with I feel I have been learning so much and how good that is for us, the budget and in lots of ways.
      Much of it is thanks to you and everyone who shares how they do things.
      With lots of love,

  4. I really enjoy these weekly round ups you and some others do! They both inspire me to do more and also make me think about what I have done for the week. Every week you have some more sewing to show, and every week I think I must get my machine out! I've baked this week, my sons birthday cake, gluten free cupcakes for my one of my kids who couldn't eat the regular cake, dairy and egg free cupcakes for one of my other children who has bad eczema, an orange cake for a morning tea I was hosting, and chocolate cupcakes as a thank you for my sons hockey coach and team organiser. Apart from some chocolate cars to go on the birthday cake I had everything already in my pantry. I live in an earthquake prone area, and have water stored and some tinned food. It's recommended we have 3 days worth of food, and we probably have about that. The more I read of yours and others blogs, the more I want to build up my pantry so we have food to last at least a month, and the same for toiletries/baby supplies etc. then I started to feel a bit overwhelmed and not sure of where to start, reread your pantry posts, asked Wendy some questions, and I'm feeling like I'm ready to get stuck in. We have just received a rotten bill for servicing our car, so any surplus is going to pay off that, but i am still determined to begin to add some things to our storage from our regular grocery budget. I have also been knitting facecloths for my children using superhero logo patterns available free on ravelry. I have finished four and am on to the last (batman!) A great feeling getting some Christmas presents complete. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement :)

    1. Dear Jen, That was a wonderful amount of cooking!
      Of all the tips I can think of re building up your pantry I think getting a few extra things every week according to what is a bargain and what your family will eat, is the easiest thing. It builds up really quickly. Yes at different points we then have to fill the gaps of what might be missing but you still get good basics this way. Just keep at it and little by little you get there! Also once you are thinking about it you see things and grab opportunities. The rewards are big!
      I am sorry you were it with a big car bill. I hate this. Nasty surprises. It feels like such a set back. But think how much you saved making the Birthday cake yourself and all you did!
      I would love to see the face cloths! They sound just gorgeous and you are a better knitter than me I can tell that already!
      I often might only sew for fifteen minutes a day but this has added up and each week I have some Christmas presents. I know if I do this I will be ok come Christmas and will have a good selection. This is a big saver!
      Thank you so much for sharing your week.
      Being in an earthquake area Im thinking you are in the US or maybe NZ? I would take that into consideration in your pantry... I have lots of jars but these wouldnt be so good for you there, but the tins and buckets would be great.
      Have a great weekend. Love

  5. Dear Annabel,

    Your towels are lovely. What an incredible find along the side of the road :). We honestly rarely ever see anything like that here. People might have garage sales or put their used household items in second hand stores to sell on commission, but I think I've only seen someone put something on the curb once or twice in our area. A lot of people take their unwanted items to Senior Citizens thrift shops here or to the Salvation Army. Both of those places, along with a few others, sell the items for a very low cost. Is that like your Op shop?

    We added to our storage from the master list this week. It was a blessing that many of the items we had on the list were on sale, so we purchased those in good quantities. There are still things on the master list that I hope to get stocked up on in the next two weeks. I am behind on getting large bags of frozen fruit and vegetables repackaged, so hope to get that done soon, also.

    I used some pears that were over ripe in an apple/pear crisp. We really like that combination of fruit, so I was happy the pears didn't go to waste.

    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      The shops you describe I think are what we call op shops or thrift stores. They are usually raising money for a charity. You never know what you might find.
      But also people put stuff out as the council will do a pick up of "rubbish", in our area you get one pickup like this a year. Anyway people put out everything you can think of. Working fridges, china sets, I got a chandelier once! And I would say I see something every time I leave the house. Our hall table is gorgeous and that was a road side find. I have had some amazing things!
      Well done on the shopping and stocking up. Today I did not feel like going out but I needed to help Lucy as she had no car. So I took the chance to do an extra shop for the sake of the pantry supplies. It was good and I added some specials. I also got apples very cheaply and they are so useful.
      For ages I didnt know what crisp was and then I found out we say crumble... and that is how I came to make peach crisp the first time. It was about the best thing I ever made!
      Have a restful weekend. With love, Annabel.xxxx

  6. Annabel,
    I love that window! And your pretty sewing it all looks so nice. I have been very busy this week! My husband has been doing well with his little business at home and today a woman gave him 3 jars of homemade jelly as a tip! He also has been working on the Skid Steer which has caused him a little anxiety because that is what he cut his fingers off in, but he is doing fine.
    I added some mac-n-cheese and we found some pork ribs for 99 cents a pound to add to the freezer, And today I clean! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      This is good news about your husband. Well done to him I say. We have to adapt and be inventive and he has certainly done that.
      You had good finds too.It all adds up! Many thanks, Love

  7. I like the $1000 bottle very much. I am not sure how it work I the U.S. The biggest coin in regular circulation is just a quarter. It would take 4000 of them to make $1000 and would require a much bigger bottle. There are half dollar and one dollar coins but they are very rarely used. I'll have to think and figure on this one.
    This week was payday and when I refilled my cash billfold, I had $60 left which went into my personal savings.

    Your sewing is just beautiful! I wish we did not live on opposite sides of this earth. We could sure have fun with some tea and stitching.

    1. Dear Rhonda,
      I did not know your $2 and $1 coins are not around very much now. The $2 coins add up so fast but if thy are hard to come by that wont work. I have at stages saved $5 note and hidden them and that has added up quickly too. But I miss the $2 ones less!
      I wish we lived closer too! But then I am thankful for the internet and getting to know you this way. We have many of the same ideas and likes!
      I hope you have a great weekend! With love,

  8. We soaked up family this week and it was lovely. Our middle son and his wife were here for 2 days and it was a real treat since they live 1000 miles from us. Our oldest daughter and her 1 and 3 year olds came over and spent half a day so that our out of town son and wife could see the children. We had a beautiful morning outside with the kids playing and the adults talking.

    Your idea for the hankies is a great idea! There are some worn sheets here that need to be used for something so I may do this too for the sore noses!

    When we were first married and my husband was still in college we saved quarters. It was amazing how quickly they added up. We used them for $1 movies and very inexpensive meals out. It was a real treat for a young couple with no extra monsy and we never missed the quarters.

    We did add some items to our pantry. Butter was a good price and a number of other items that I cannot remember. We did fill several gaps in our supplies with good sales.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    1. That was a beautiful week for you Lana, making the most of every minute with you son and his wife and getting everyone together. They are precious times.
      Soft old sheets are the kindest material ever.
      Small amounts surely add up and as you say we might not even miss setting them aside but they amount to a treat.
      Butter is a good thing to stock up on. You had a very good week! It is a joy to hear. With love,

  9. Good morning Annabel love the window.
    Last Sunday we went over to the storage unit to take measurements of the furinture that is coming here, brought home a couple of items from the unit that I wanted out. Now I need to work out how to turn lace curtains white again, these were second hand when I purchased them and were grey then but they are the right length for our side french doors, just need to put some curtain tape on them to make them work. I also brought home a box of yarn, my varigated yarns so that I could continue knitting pieces of jumpers to be sewn together when it gets to hot and humid to knit.

    I did some knitting in the afternoon after I had done the housework. A couple of days were too warm to knit but it cooled down enough at night for me to continue on the piece I was working on.

    Monday I cooked up extra vegetables so that we could have a quick lunch (our main meal) for us to be able to get over to the rental - this will be an on going problem for a bit so quick lunch time meals will be the order of the day for at least the next two weeks.

    Yesterday I went out and priced items that we need to replace damaged items in the rental - hot water service prices differ greatly and it is a bit of a shock when a woman walks through the door to the tradies shop but we soon got that sorted and a quote cheaper than any other for the hot water service. I also organised the carpet people that we use, chose the replacement floor coverings, just in case we get the go ahead to replace everything and now it is just a 'phone call to them. I also did a small Coles shop using the points on my flybuys card to pay for it and starting off this next offer that I have received. Stocked up on items I cannot get at ALDI and some items for the store cupboard - my husband's shampoo was 1/2 price so I picked up 2, extra matches and a few other things. Noticed that the Golden Circle shop appears to be open so will venture in there next week for a look see. Also picked up some chocolates on special at another supermarket as a thankyou for the office lady at the real estate agents - she has had to put up with a lot of rubbish from the ex tenant's boyfriend and I know there will be more.

    My husband is going to be trimming back shrubs from next door today and then taking a run to the tip tomorrow (might be more than one) - might tag along and see what I can find at the tip shop. We will only have our daughter's vehicle for another couple of weeks so need to make good use of it.

    Spending time with my mother in law late this afternoon/evening because the uncles have been invited to the 'buck's party' - my take on it is that the time is more suited to a meal. I will get to find out about the baby that is due next month and catch up on other family gossip - it is a large family.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


    1. Dear Lynette,
      You are very good at price comparing and I have seen it pay off for you many times. Often with big savings!
      I am hoping bleaching might work for the curtains? I am not sure if it will work but it might be worth a try.
      I hope insurance will cover all the things you have to replace at the rental? I hope that girl doesnt ask you for a reference!
      In warmer weather I go over to crocheting with cotton and small projects and put away the wool projects. Thats how I keep going but we dont have your humidity.
      I also would be keen to got to the tip shop... you just never know what you might find! Its kind of an adventure!
      Have a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoyed the family catch up.
      With love,

    2. We have a new great niece - first girl to be born into the family in ages. No name yet, she was early and due to complications ended up being a 'C' section - born at 11-20 last night so a Virgo just like our DD. Hard to believe that my MIL is 91 this year she keeps on keeping on had been to bingo yesterday and continued her winning streak. She always wins something.

      We are staying at MIL's place after the wedding on the 19th - going to take MIL and a BIL who lives a couple of streets away home which MIL was really happy about.


      Tip shop was not on par to what I have heard of other tip shops so no money spent there - will have to look at the op shops and see what I can find, haven't done that in ages.

      I picked up an old crocheting tutorial booklet at an antiques place some months ago and tucked it away for when the weather gets warmer - it goes through all of the stitches so that is what I am going to be working on once the weather gets too warm to knit.

      No reference from us Annabel and I am making sure the same happens with the real estate egency.

    3. Dear Lynette,
      Congratulations on the new baby girl in the family. I can tell you this will be lovely! Also a thrill for your MIL! Love Annabel.xxxx

  10. In our area we have trash dumpsters at various points. Now and then when someone is clearing up their home or refurbishing it, they will set something outside the dumpster. It's a clear indication that it's there for the taking, since climbing into a dumpster is illegal. I've been busy this week working on both the front and back porches. One is meant to be a mini makeover/freshening up thing and the other is a major lot of work. I'm enjoying both processes!

    1. Dear Terri,
      Thank you for sharing your busy week! I love that people leave good things out for people to take. It is kindness and recycling.
      Have a wonderful weekend, With love

  11. What a prize that window is!!!

    Loved all your sweet and pink handiwork, Annabel.

    Letters Unfolded

    1. Thank you Kelley, I am loving Letters Unfolded. All things letters are beautiful to me. With love,

  12. Dear Annabel, I love all your sewing!! :) You've had a very good week! I can't believe the beautiful window you found! That's so interesting about people putting "rubbish" on the curbside. I never see that here. From time to time, one might see an item in a driveway with "free" posted on it. You sure find some real treasures!

    You also added lots to your pantry/supplies! I grated zucchini for the freezer that a friend gave me and I dehydrated yellow summer squash from our garden.

    I've managed to keep up with laundry, making our meals from scratch and cleaning a bit. It's been a hard week but I did accomplish a little! Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Teri

    1. Dear Teri,
      It sounds like this road side stuff thing must be Australian! It didnt used to be, more in the last few years its a thing... I love it.
      It is great about the zucchini you were given, very useful.
      I hope you are having a good weekend too! Lots of love from

  13. Oh I love the window Annabel, it is so you. What a fantastic find!

    Love the idea of making hankies from the other sheets. I use hankies instead of tissues because they are kinder on my nose. I keep mine in my little hankie box.

    I don't know where the week went. I have had such a busy week but didn't really achieve much here at home.

    My nest feathering this week went like this;

    ~I had our grandson sleep over a couple nights this week and took and picked him up from school. I also looked after my daughters one week old baby goat. What a time waster she was, in a good way though.

    ~I spent a fair bit of time outside pulling weeds with the baby goat in tow. I really need to get a move on and plant my summer veggies.

    ~Started sorting through the pantry but haven't finished yet.

    ~We have had lovely warm weather so the washing has all been line dried.

    ~I cooked up some quandongs and froze them for dessert later on.

    ~Cook meals from scratch

    ~Baked a chocolate cake

    ~Saved pre dish water for watering pot plants

    ~Cut the washing down to just twice a week.

    ~Stocked up on chicken breasts that was $7.49 kilo

    ~The shampoo and conditioner I use was on special for ½ price, so I cleared the shelf. Wont have to buy it for ages now.

    ~Three no spend days

    ~Made homemade yoghurt

    Hope you have a lovely week Annabel.

    God Bless,


    1. Dear Tania,
      I really hope you took photos of the baby goat and put them on your blog! They are so cute and funny! I have kept a goat at one time and she was the best pet! And lawn mower.
      You had a good week and it is lovely that you have your Grandson.
      I am planning some planting too although not on the scale you do. I always put in basil as I seem to have good success with that.
      I hope you are having a great weekend! With love Annabel.xxxx

  14. Dear Annabel & Friends,

    It is Saturday by the time I am posting and I enjoyed reading what everyone is up to!

    Annabel, that window was made for you! LOL I imagine it was just time someone else realized it and put it out for you :) All of the towels and hankies are just gorgeous. You had a great week!

    I've been:
    *Learning about baking successfully with almond flour! I've had several goes with different items and all successful. This is a big help for my health
    *Had another half-priced grocery week. I've built up the freezers and pantry to the point that I was able to have two half-priced weeks in a row and not feel a pinch. I'm getting much better with this and I'm really pleased
    *Fluffed and tidied the house
    *Exercised and took care of myself
    *Added meals and baking to the freezer
    *Found another recipe that is kid approved with healthy ingredients and easy
    *Added a few toiletries to the stockpile
    *Cleaned a cupboard and "found" some lotions I'd forgotten. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...They are still good and now being used :)
    *Did my own manicure and pedicure
    *Did our usual timely haircuts, brow waxing, etc for the children, my sister, my mom, etc.
    *Worked on another Christmas present
    *Noted an overall reduction in our monthly grocery bill two months running! Yay could this be a new normal? Now to keep it going.
    *Scrapbooked last weekend, put together our Family 2015 album from January through NOW. Seriously...not kidding...this is a big deal for me because I have several projects that are behind. I took some sage advice from another lady who taught a little class awhile back. (Bear with me if this is a no brainer for you) She said all of us have "shoeboxes" of photos, or several old books that are falling apart that we want to redo or boxes of some sort housing precious photos, memories, programs, memorabilia or something. They aren't getting any younger. So instead of lamenting over those, work on something current that you can feel a sense of accomplishment about! Your most recent photos, memorabilia, etc. is fresher in your mind so get busy and lay it out now while it's fresh. Then go back to older stuff here and there and work it out. Duh. Right? Makes sense of course. But no, I am the chicken running around with my head cut off complaining that I can't catch up with the kid's individual albums. Meanwhile not much was getting done. Now I have a huge burst because I did so much and as a result, feel accomplished again. I need simple reminders :)
    *meal planned next week
    *decluttered a small bit to go to the domestic violence thrift shop

    All in all, a great week! We're finally settled into the start of the new school year and I'm so glad. :) Thank you for this post. I appreciate it along with the other ladies so much!

    Much Love,
    Colette xxx

    1. Dear Colette, I am so glad you keep records and photos and make them up into books. Many people have all their precious memories online and theres every chance they will be lost to future generations. Both is ok but online only is so risky!
      And yes it is true if we write down the things we can remember and move backwards at least we have the current information written down. That makes sense.
      You are doing very well with your grocery bill. I love almond flour and almond meal. Yum.
      I am so glad you had a great time at your weekend away.A weekend like that can be a real refresh. Plus launch you into projects that it is then easy to carry on with.
      You are doing really well Colette! I hope you have a lovely weekend, with love,

  15. Gorgeous curb find on the window! Good for you to keep your eyes open for opportunities!

    The mayor sent out an email regarding tropical storm Erika. It doesn't seem now it will impact us much, but I discussed the email with my significant other and determined where we need to fill in gaps. I added 4 more gallons of water to our water storage. I took out some extra money from the ATM to set aside for emergency cash. I also made sure our battery phone chargers are charged.

    I was able to get 3 new hand towels from Kmart for $2.05 using surprise points.

    I made a list of meals to use up things from the freezer that have been lingering so I have room to add new items.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend -

    1. Dear Debbie,
      I saw that storm had done a lot of damage already before it was heading your way. It is really good you get warning emails like that. I am pleased if it doesnt hit there and misses you. But yes these things give us a shake up and sometimes that is a good thing as we have a little review of what we have and what we need to do.
      It is great to have a use it up challenge, every now and then we do this. It makes room for new bargains and saves a lot for a week or two!
      I hope you are having a lovely weekend! With love,

  16. Annabel, yet another inspiring post. I made bunting a few years ago for my sons, now failed, marriage. I had a lot of leftover pretty small print cotton fabric. I like bold bright patterns so this pretty fabric has sat in my stash waiting for a use. Hankies! I am just getting over the flu and am not getting through the amount of hankies I was going through. I've had these hankies, given to me by a beautiful older friend, for years. So with that in mind I am going to make my lovely small print fabric into hankies. I'll crochet an edge and then pretty them up. Another present for the cupboard made from what I already have.
    This morning I picked the last of my tomatoes, I live in sub tropical Queensland so winter is our growing time. There were too many for us to eat and not enough to make up a big batch of anything. I pulled out my 5 minute microwave bottling cookbook. I now have a medium sized bottle of delicious tomato sauce. Whilst this was cooking I used up some of the eggs I was gifted yesterday and the last of my lemons and made lemon curd. Life is busy, life is wonderful. Keep up your inspirational posts.
    PS have bought faux fur to make up powder puffs. Have bought two pretty lidded glass jars from King Kong Sales for $2.50 each. Just need to get in and put the gift together.

    1. Dear Jane,
      Hankies are going to be my next thing! Crochet edges around pretty prints will be just lovely. I have also seen a crochet edge along bunting although you might have had enough of bunting!
      I have enough kitchen towels for my Christmas presents but I am going onto serviettes and hankies over summer and these will be next years presents. I love having something new to go onto!
      Also I am watching for pretty fine cotton prints. Liberty if I see any in op shops.
      Well done on the tomato sauce. I do a lot of small batches of jam and relish. It is quick and easy and so nice. Also makes lovely gifts! I end up with a lot of preserves this way just as surely as with big batches.
      I cant wait to hear how you powder puffs turn out. I would love to see photos. For anyone who likes powder or a little glamour these are such a good present. Thank you very much for your kind words! Love

  17. You make such beautiful things Annabel. So lovely to look at xoxo

    Here's my frugal list for the week -

    * Made soap for the very first time. I was a little nervous of the unknown but all went very well. Now I'm waiting for the soap to harden ( cure ) which takes six weeks. Only five more to go until I can try it. I'm hoping to sell the odd bar or use as gifts to recoup the costs. A blog post on soap making will come soon.

    * Turned the heater off for a few days as the weather was mild. I can feel Spring in the air.

    * Went to the shops for milk fruit and veg on Tuesday. A few things on my list were a little dear so I bough other fruit that was cheaper like pears for 99 cent a kilo instead of apples ranging from $1.99 ( old apples ) - $5.99.

    * Tipped the crumbs from the bottom of the Wheat Bix packet into the Seasoned Bread Crumbs container.

    * Made another batch of Miracle Spray. This 2 litre bottle is kept in the kitchen under the sink and the one I made last week is for the laundry.

    * Made a batch of Easiyo yoghurt. I then saved two tablespoons of that yoghurt to make a batch of sweetened yoghurt.

    * Made some pumpkin scones using cooked pureed pumpkin from the freezer.

    * Gifted a jar of relish from my stockpile and a jar of Cranberry Hootycreek biscuits for a 50th birthday party on Saturday. The gift tags were home made.

    * Made six loaves of bread. Two loaves were white bread with chia seeds and four were Wholemeal Bread with extra Goodness.

    * Recycled lots of bread bags from a charity bbq.

    * Saved all the washing machine water for each next load. Dried the sheets on the line and the rest on clothes horses.

    * Picked our first head of broccoli for the year.

    * Picked more lemons from our tree.

    * Picked some silverbeet to go with a meal.

  18. Janell in Georgia30 August 2015 at 15:46

    I wish I could add my name to your Christmas list. You make such beautiful things. I love the kitchen towels with the pretty trim.

    1. Dear Jenell, Thank you very much! It is such simple sewing it is all in the pretty prints and trims. I will be back to collecting now as my supplies are all used up. Next year I want to do serviettes and hankies in the same kind of pretty little prints. This was very good for me through winter, projects to keep me out of trouble and happy!
      Thank you! Love


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