The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Win win savings.

I really love changes we can make that have multiple benefits. Like something that saves you money and also improves your health. Or organising your wardrobe and making new outfits from things you have saves you money and has you feeling good as if you have new clothes!

As we are all talking about our budgets and the budget overall it got me thinking about things we have done already that have had benefits on several levels. And then to take inspiration from this and see what else I can come up with!

Years ago I stopped buying lemonade. It was the only soft drink I bought and I loved it. I stopped dead buying that and fruit juice. So that money was saved and I wonder how many kilos I also saved right there. That was a good one.

Recently I decided to make a change that would save $100+ a month which was to replace going to the gym with other exercise. As I drove through busy traffic, burning petrol, to get to the gym and back I would think blaaahh this is stressful, petrol is costing me heaps and my precious energy is spent doing things I don't like one bit! It was stressful and seemed ironic that I should be getting so stressed doing something good for me.  I made a commitment and followed what Laine had done. Just as Nana did she worked hard and was fit and strong. I set the timer in the kitchen and would go like crazy on housework, gardening, window washing, vacuum cleaning. I mean get my heart rate right up and work! And it worked. I have hand weights I use for a few minutes a few times a week as well and I don't mind doing that. It's a win win. My energy bursts are good for me, I get my heart rate up, save $1200 a year and my house is much more sparkly! So this is what I have continued with plus drinking my water and other little things I try to do. I really feel I have had multiple benefits from this change.

Other win win swapsies are line drying clothes instead of dryer. Sun and exercise and free drying.
Spot cleaning instead of dry cleaning... Big savings and less chemicals.
Grow your herbs instead of buying them. Savings and outdoor activity is good for you. Plus I find I tend to use many more, I just dash to the back door and snip some off. And overall it's a boost of flavour, vitamins and looks wonderful.

Walk or cycle to the shops if they are nearby and save petrol and improve your health.
Swap take out night for assemble your own pizza or toastie at home night. Much cheaper, you can make spares for lunch boxes and use up your left overs, all for a fraction of the price....
Swap buying cards and gifts to making them. (I have a tutorial coming up)
Swap coffee out with friends to crafting with friends and produce your homemade presents together.
Give up magazines and use pinterest and blogs for your inspiration and ideas.
Don't buy lotto tickets use this money each week to build up your pantry or save for an annual 5 star weekend away! ( a nice surprise for your husband!)
Start collecting and trading cuttings for your garden instead of buying plants. My friend Sue has a whole beautiful garden mostly from cuttings and bits and pieces, each plant has a story, is a memory of a garden past or the person who gave it to her. Beautiful! And free!
Give up iffy products like margarine for olive oil or a healthy alternative.
Learn to DIY your hair treatment/colour/nails/pedicure or whatever it is that is costing a lot. They are all easy.
Stay out of the cleaning product isle and save a fortune, make natural cleaners instead and also save on exposure to toxic chemicals.
And the same with air fresheners... save your money and use vanilla or natural oils and essences and good old cleanliness and fresh air.
Pack your own lunch and the families as they are usually healthier and this saves so much money it's ridiculous!
Use travel mugs to coffee on the go, they stay hot ages and usually have less calories than purchased.
One of my favourites is stop buying water in plastic bottles and save money, exposure to plastics, the environment. A water filter if you need it installed still saves hundreds a year.
Putting the crock pot on in the morning when I know the day will be busy... saving money or temptation on take aways, calories and health.

What are your win win swaps? I am always trying to find more. Many times I am finding getting back to wholesome basics proves to be a good switch that saves money in all areas. And I feel like I have a song in my heart as I work on things as you know it makes an enormous difference and reap the results.

Have a wonderful weekend. And start of winter (for us here in Australia)! xxx


  1. My favourite is using my compost bin.
    Use greeneryor fruit/veg odds and
    Sweep up leaves etc to add to
    Add mature compost to the
    Saves buying compost in plastic

    1. They are good ones Mary and produce beautiful fresh herbs and vegies too! xx

  2. Swapped the wishing for a new handsome young toy boy for being satisfied with the old husband. Not as much fun, but very cheap. It's a win for him!
    Sorry, I never did buy take away regularly, have never bought bottled water at all, never get my hair coloured at a salon, never have facials, do not eat or drink in public, have never had Botox, have never smoked, never gamble at casinos, never buy magasines, never repeated the first experience of cable TV. My little luxury is having a computer and the internet. I'm not swapping that expense.

    1. I wouldnt either Louise there are so many things to learn and so much fun that I think the internet is my number one saver, or helper. xx

  3. I used to be a Coca-Cola fanatic. I could drink 2 or more aluminum cans of it a day. I stopped. It was hard, but I am so glad I did. I feel better. It's so much better for the environment to not buy those aluminum cans (not to mention the environmental impacts of the Coca-Cola plants). And it saves my family $20/month. And it keeps my kids from craving them. (And here in the US everywhere we go they are offered Coca-Colas.)

    My compost bin is a win for me. I enjoy saving things from the landfill, reusing that wonderful rich soil in my garden, and I even stop and pick up my neighbors' leaf bags because I can use it. :)

    Those are my 2 best ones. :)

    1. They are two great ones Cristy! Well done. Both things have a big impact and a big savings!
      It is handy about the neighbours leaves as well.
      You have reminded me to look for more win wins! xx


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