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If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Friday, 9 May 2014

Wearing scarves!

I always admire the simple and stylish outfits I see featuring scarves. Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu in Elementary.... oh they look so nice. Plus girls wearing jeans, top, fabulous scarf, big handbag. Looks so stylish, effortless....

Yet worn badly they can look kind of old and dated. So there is a study involved...

 I know a few scarves totally change the looks in your wardrobe, giving you many more outfits and variety. Adding a few scarves to your travel bag makes the same few clothes seem like different outfits. They are a money saver and look so good.

But I have been bad at wearing them and have made a study of them to get better!

I have worked out a few things so far including...

Choose scarves in your very best colours since they are around your face. Soft grey blues, soft greens work for me. Also in colours that tone in or contrast well with most of your wardrobe.

Use them to highlight good bits and camouflage bad bits...

Find ways to wear them that don't need constant re adjusting and are annoying!

While away there was a fabulous chemist shop where I bought myself a lovely scarf. I walked in to rows and rows of fabulous scarves!

See the blues/muted soft print in the middle? That had Annabel written all over it! Grey blue is my best colour. It also has grey and black in it. Since I wear jeans lots and have plenty of both black and blue tops this scarf is a big winner for me. Plus my best prints are soft/waterfall/monet type prints. Geo metrics, brights etc look awful on me. 

I snapped a pic of me wearing it as I went out the door yesterday to the supermarket.

And it kind of worked, my jeans, top and boots looked better for it. I like this wrap or this one where you fold your scarf in half first...

So I'm on a mission to get better and wear them in more ways! There are lots of good pics on the Internet and you tube videos. If you already have a collection wearing them everyday and in different ways is like a new wardrobe.

I have noticed if you are not careful they can ad bulk to your look (I don't need that!) so I wear them as long necklaces and they look good around your face without hiding and bulking up around my middle!

A really good little tutorial is this one...

It covers quite a few looks and ideas.

Finding scarves in just the right colours isn't that easy. In winter really textural ones look great. I think knitting or crocheting chunky ones yourself means you can select the exactly right colour combinations and make them exactly as thick and long as is perfect for you. Next project! I saw yesterday the softest, finest yarns in the most perfect colours for me! oohh!

Please share with me any great tips you have and how you wear them. I am determined to make the most of them and make some. It is just getting suitably cold here. I have lots of cold weather ahead. It seems to be something that you have to learn and study and then the benefits are huge! 

When the girls were little Mum made gorgeous scarves for them. She would fold up the ends so each end had a pocket. This was lovely! So out with the knitting needles. I am working on a crochet blanket, actual blanket size that will cover a queen bed. It is getting big an heavy. Ok to to work on at home but now too big to lug around. So some smaller projects like scarves will be great to have as well.

Have a wonderful weekend. I am snuggling down to the football and crocheting later, it's cold and wet outside. Perfect weather for soup and being warm inside! xxx


  1. I love scarves! I've noticed quite a few ladies have started to wear them again as the weather cools down. It is not cool enough for me as yet to wear them, but I LOVE scarves and have quite a few. I also love the same colours and muted tones you like Annabel. :)

    I am a little curious of something though, with the little pockets your Mum added to the girls scarves, what were these used for? I'm trying to picture it in my mind. lol

    It is cool and wet here today as well. Good soup weather! xo

    1. Hi Kaye, the pockets were placed so you could keep your hands tucked into them and keep them warm which was lovely! But in theory to could maybe keep a hankie or something...
      Mum used to make the kids travel and knee rugs too with little pockets for favourite little toys and things. They loved this! xxx

  2. Thanks for clarifying that Annabel! I was thinking maybe hands or hankies! lol xoxo

  3. I wore a scarf yesterday for lunch and everyone said how amazing I looked and it was only teamed with jeans and a white long sleeve t-shirt. I have a few scarves and only wore them a couple of times. Now I'm on eBay buying more in my colours and they are going to be a regular in my daily outfits.

    1. Wow Debbie! Yep they take a simple outfit and make it cool. ANd when you get a lot of compliments you know you're on the right track. Well done. Would love to see photos! xx


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