The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Monday 28 January 2019

The Tuesday Afternoon Club, 29th January 2019.

The Tuesday Afternoon Club is taking place here and over on the Facebook group as well.   We have almost four hundred members over there!  The crafts and work is just so inspiring.  Here we have a get together also for those would wish to do it here instead.

Firstly we have Kelsey.  She has been busy!!  

Kelsey made a friend beautiful baby gifts.  We have burp cloths and a scrunch tab toy...

To make the scrunch in the toy Kelsey uses a cereal bag between the material.  It works perfectly! 

Even the packaging is handmade and beautiful...

Kelsey canned oranges and orange jelly...

Look at that glorious colour!

Now she has the peels soaking away in almond oil, olive oil, vodka and vinegar ready for projects to make cleaning and beautiful products! 

Another gift made was tags for a friend.  How gorgeous these are...

Kelsey also made cards from a calendar a family member was throwing away.  They are great cards and suitable for men which is handy as I find men the hardest group to make things for!

Veggies were harvested from the garden!  The carrots are from seeds I sent to Kelsey... look at them now!!

Kelsey's husband also helped her with her craft room.  He made her some drawers to store all her ribbons in.  Now this is another area organised.  They look wonderful...

Kelsey you have been extremely industries!!  It is all a joy to see!

Tanya has been sidelined with a leg injury!  But still she crafts on!  She made lavender sachets using a pattern that Kelsey gave her!

Also marble mazes.  I had not heard of these but it is like a puzzle and for a child who can push the marble along the pattern to get to the end.  Clever!  Kids would love this!

And beautiful bookmarks...

Tanya I hope your leg is improving.  You always do beautiful work, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Jen in NC produced beautiful knitting...

She made cards and also knitted Aran Mitts that looks so warm...

I love the little birds carrying their envelopes!!!   Jens knitting is next level to me.  Just amazing. 

Also Jen made napkins and a matching heat pad.  Then she made napkin rings from some left over wool fabric she had made a skirt with.

Just beautiful.  What gorgeous gifts.  Thank you so much!

Clare sent me a beautiful letter and amazing photos.  She grew all these giant sunflowers!  This is what remains...

Even now these are stunning to me!!  Look at the size of some of them!  Full of sunflower seeds.  How my chickens and parrot would like these!  She is making up envelopes to give away and sell her seeds...

I have  a new goal for next year. Thanks to Jane I grew some beautiful sunflowers this year but I know I had them too closet the house so they got too much shade.  I will save some o the seeds and go crazy next year and plant whole rows of them!   That wheelbarrow load of sunflower heads would feed my bird gang for weeks!  Thank you Clare you have inspired me very much!  Clare is also very industrious and takes every opportunity to get ahead.  

I just love that there is so much variety.  Thank you so much for sharing your projects. The next Tuesday Afternoon Club should be here in a fortnight.  If you would like to post here then email me your pictures at 
If you would like to join the Facebook group then join here at The Tuesday Afternoon Club.  There are too many entries over there to count, so many ideas, patterns, tips and lots of encouragement.

We are almost at the end of January!   But we have made a wonderful start to the year.  Our present cupboards will be full at this rate and it is so much fun to do what we can and learn new skills!!  xxx


  1. Such industrious ladies! Beautiful work all around!

  2. Jen's knitting is a cut above! Just gorgeous cabled mittens. How fun: Kelsey is growing carrots in Texas with seeds from Australia! How pretty is that orange jelly, too. I love the gift tags she made for a friend and the baby items. Tanya, I'm also praying for your leg to heal soon and completely. Those marble mazes are ingenious! Pretty bookmarks and sachets, too. Do you craft in your sleep?! On top of 8 kiddos and teaching and an injured leg, you have accomplished so much.
    Clare's giant sunflowers are huge!! That would make a lot of birds very happy. Good idea, Annabel~
    Love, Mary in SD
    p.s. is the weather there cooling down at all?

  3. Dear Annabel,It was a lovely surprise to see you posted my sunflower seed photos - Thankyou. Sunflowers always bring me great joy. Between moving and whatnot I didn't plant any for a couple of years. I was determined to last year and wrote a note to myself in my diary to do so. I have a lot of plans for my wheelbarrow full of seeds, some gifts, some to maybe sell at a market, whole heads will be given to 'Rocky' my Mum's Cockatoo, some I will leave on my bird feeder for the wild birds here and finally I will put some of the smaller heads on a log outside my bedroom window. These ones are for the little Yellow Footed Antechinus that live there. These are small Australian mammals who are a bit bigger than a mouse. I hadn't heard of them till we moved here, we had seen one and then this week as I was looking out the window I was excited to see two of them hopping about on the log. Tanya, I hope your leg gets better quick, I LOVE the Lavender sachets. Jen, I agree with Annabel, your work is next level - so beautiful and professional. Kelsey - the cereal packet scrunchie idea is brilliant. I love the photos of your preserves. I do have a Vacola (Australian) preserver. I have been toying with idea of getting a canner. I met a man in Big W in my town when I was looking at all the Bell Canning equipment. He cans everything, including Yabbies (Australian crustaceans). He says he is popular with his friends as when they go camping they know he has a lot of canned food - he reminded me that the bonus is he doesn't have to refrigerate it all. He said everyone should be canning. And Kelsey, I thought you were so clever to do two things at once - can the oranges and use the peels at same time, thanks for the inspiration. I will think on Canning again. 🌻 Have a great week everyone, Clare

    1. Dear Clare,
      Those sunflowers amazed me. I am so inspired by you to grow a crop next year! It would feed my chickens and parrot a ton of food... aside of the beauty to enjoy first of course!
      Our cocky is called Ricky haha and you have Rocky!!
      I would love to see your little creatures!! I had not heard of them either I will look them up.
      I feel the same about canning. I would put word out.... amongst friends and neighbours, the local op shop. even maybe a fb buy swap and sell and say you are after a canner and jars. You never know!!
      Thank you for your kind words to everyone. I am hoping g your re having as good a week as last week! With love,

  4. Kelsey you do so much and you have a toddler! Amazing effort.
    Tanya I am sorry to hear you have a leg injury. Hope the little rascals are all helping you get through it. I am looking at those bookmarks and thinking they are going onto the to do list.
    Jen everyrhing you do is stunning! You are one clever lady.
    Clare I love the sunflowers. Just a word from someone who wasnt quick enough to do something with the dry heads. Pack them in something air tight. The mice had a feast in my unlidded bucket of flower heads.
    Love all the work in this group. So many talents being shared
    Life us full of crafts good.

  5. I really enjoy seeing the works of regular people ❤️ I’m glad you’re hosting this.
    I started sewing doll sleeping bags for my oldest granddaughter. I finished 1 and the other 2 are pinned and ready to sew.

  6. Dear Annabel,

    Thanks so much for posting my photos! I have been having lots of fun, knowing I will need to give a pictorial account of my "busyness" every two weeks!

    Kelsey, everything you make is so tastefully done! It never occurred to me that a person could can oranges! Citrus isn't something we have here other than from the grocery store, so though I do can a lot, I've never done anything with citrus fruit (canning wise) except jam! Lovely.

    Tanya, I love the idea of those little mazes! I hope your leg heals up soon.

    And Clare, those pictures you've drawn on the sunflower seed envelopes are beautiful! Sunflower seeds would be a wonderful gift!

    Wow, Annabel! 400 members in your Facebook group...that is a lot! I can just imagine all the goodies that are being showcased over there! I see the photos of your edgings and flowers on Instagram, Annabel...they are just divine!

    Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, Thank so much for your lovely photos! I love seeing what you are doing and you always amaze me!
      Jen is someone else in the family has FB or you want to nosey let me know and send a request so you can see. There are just masses of amazing crafts and ideas. I have one other member who is peeking via someone else account! With love

    2. Dear Jen,
      The oranges I canned are little seedless clementines. We love these, John especially, and they are a good healthy snack. We have been enjoying them fresh but I wanted a way to preserve them for later in the year so I canned them in a very light syrup. They did lose quite a bit of flavor (I didn't want too much sugar so avoided a heavy syrup) but John gobbles them up just the same. They'll be a welcome treat when oranges aren't in season.
      Love, Kelsey

  7. I love seeing others' work! I don't always have time to sit down and do my own craftwork (with a husband, a preschooler, and a teenager, and all three of them constantly on the go, I'm the one at home who makes everything happen for them. Consequently, there's so much normal, everyday stuff to get done that opportunities to do my own thing are few and far between!), but seeing everyone else's sure keeps me motivated for when I do find the time!

  8. Such beautiful things, ladies! Unfortunately I'm working so many hours this time of year I have little time for crafting, although I do a bit of needlework each evening.

    Thanks for all the inspiration,

  9. Dear Annabel,
    Thank you so much for sharing my photos! It is so motivating to see everyone's work.
    Tanya, all three of your projects are on my to do list, as you know. Your work is always lovely and it just amazes me how much you are able to get done.
    Jen, your knitting just blows me away every time I see it. You have a real talent there. Your cards are so sweet, too! I love the use of maps and the theme of communicating with those far away, just like many of us! I also think it's wonderful how you used scraps to make the napkin rings. They look very elegant.
    Clare! Your wheelbarrow full of sunflower seeds is a thing of beauty. I love that you are keeping back some of the seeds to give and to sell. What a special gift they would be, given in your beautifully decorated envelopes.
    I can't wait to see what everyone will have next time!
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey, Thank you so much for participating and your beautiful photos! The challenge is really motivating me so much! I think I had some kind of record breaking (personal best?) January! I cant wait to see what you come up with next! With love

  10. Such gorgeous gifts. Oh my goodness. I am swooning away over here! Such lovely things. Kelsey, you have achieved so much. I love your baby gift. It is the sweetest and is packaged so prettily. Homemade things for babies are the best presents of all. All those love and prayers have gone into the making of them. I love it! I also love how you have made good sue of the oranges and those tags are SO pretty! Tanya, you have made beautiful gifts. I am amazed! I love the puzzle game with the marble. Clare, I how you have made beautiful envelopes and have put the sunflower seeds to good use. Jen, your knitting is divine! Gorgeous work. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring me. Lots of love, Bridge

  11. Happy that I have found your blog.

  12. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and encouragement to our crafters. The work is so beautiful to see. I am working away towards next Tuesday and it will be two weeks and we will be back here with The Tuesday Afternoon group

  13. Dear Annabel

    Oh how I am enjoying seeing more craft ideas from the wonderful crafters. There are so many lovely gifts and they truly are creative.

    As you know I have been learning to sew and in a few weeks I am off to a lesson to learn all the stitches on my machine at an in store demonstration with a company rep and I really can't wait. Seeing the crafts others has made really inspires me. Thank you to everyone for sharing.

    I do hope Tania that your leg is on the mend

    Take Care
    Aly xxx

  14. Hi ,I enjoyed yourblog and your wonderful photos!!🌸♥Thank you.Mary-Lou manyblesings to you.


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