The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 31 January 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 1st February, 2019.

January is over.  It was such a good month and I think due to the Tuesday Afternoon Club I achieved more crafts, use it up and other projects than ever before... like some kind of personal best!  Thank you to everyone who has joined in or contributed in some way.  There are so many very productive members and it is a joy to see!

I had a very good week.  Luke and Chloe came over on the weekend for dinner.   It was a beautiful evening and not hot at all.  In the city I found an old chandelier that did not work and got it to hang outside over our table.  My ultimate dream would be if a bird builds a nest in it... except for the mess underneath I guess!   Anyway I really like it.

I made potato salad, rice salad and a bowl of tomatoes from the garden with fresh basil  (also from garden) and I baked a ham.   For desert I made chocolate cup cakes.

This all gave us loads of left overs.  I love salads that keep a couple of days!  So the next two nights we lived on beautiful ham and salads.

All week Andy worked on a sprinkler system over our roof in case of a bushfire.  He is going as fast as he can before the next lot of real heat.  This week has been really reasonable.   This morning there is a beautiful cool breeze blowing through the house, it is lovely! 

I made a batch of yoghurt.

I am really happy with this,  finally I sat and altered some tops that I love but are too big.  Each one probably only took ten minutes.  I altered six.  There was one that I decided no amount of altering would fix so I donated that one.  But I got six "new" tops to wear and it's wonderful! 

I had a trip into town.  There was one op shop open so I went in and found beautiful bone china cups and saucers for $2 a piece.  I also got some brooches which I am planning on using in a craft project...

I also got a cone of Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton in pink for $2!!

Every day I picked tomatoes.  

Yesterday I made some into a batch of Tomato Relish.  It turned out so well! It is delicious!! 

I finished up some more sets of hand towels....

I did two in the white. Glenda game me sparky white cotton!  It is so pretty.
I did two in the blue.
Then some wash cloths.  I am making little flowers for the corners and flowers with a sparkly centre.

My Bay Leaves from Mum's garden were dry so I sat and bagged them up into cellophane bags.  I stamped a heap of little calico bags to put them into.

These will be little gifts to go into hampers, kitchen themed gifts and they are small and light so could go into the mail.   They added a lot to my gift cupboard.  I also replenished my own jar as I always use Bay Leaves in stock, soups etc.

Our the back we have a courtyard area.  This is the last area I need to do something with and plant.  So I started on that and planted some creepers to cover the fence and some flowers along the edges.  It is looking much better already. This has been on my list to do for a while.

I made a cheesecake in the slow cooker. I used the crumbs from failed gf biscuits to make the base.

Yesterday at Mum and Dad's Chloe heard a noise and went to investigate.
This Cockatoo had crashed into a window!  He was stunned but he recovered and was ok.

I am happy with the week!  It was a bit of this and that!

How did you build up your home, get ahead, add to your pantry or save this week?
It is a beautiful day here.  Tomorrow is Scarlett's birthday so we are heading south to the farm down there and Mum is coming with us.   

I feel happy with my week and January!  Now on to a new month!  This is our last month of summer. Bring on Autumn! 

Jenny is a Bluebird that is in trouble right now.  She and her husband bought their own home for the first time before Christmas.  Many of you follow her for her beautiful embroideries.  Her town Townsville has been declared an emergency/disaster.  She has flood water in her yard up to her doorstep and they have sandbags.  But the water is still rising.   Please pray.  xxx


  1. As usual Annabelle, you amaze me with your productivity! Great set of achievements here. I love the chandelier over the outdoor table - so luxe!

    1. Dear Earthmother, Thank you! My comfy chair to crochet in is out there too. I love it! The natural light is great for needlework etc. I guess sometime it will get too cold to be out there but so far we have used it everyday since we moved. Have a lovely weekend! Love

  2. Hi Annabel & Bluebirds

    It saddens me to think that Jenny is experiencing the dread time that is happening in Townsville. I know we are a few short hours away and this week here has been horrendous with the rain, especially with the return to school the road have been really slippery and there are many road closures surrounding us. I do hope that Jenny and her family are safe and that their home is also safe. My thoughts are with them.

    Your outdoor area is stunning. I am in love with the table and it almost mirrors our dining set but the chairs are a little different.

    As always your crafts are just wonderful. I rang to book in my sewing for next week and the girls were very excited to tell me of an upcoming workshop next month for 2 days over a weekend with an embroidery lady coming in. At a cost but I will get so much out of it and they do provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as well as the embroidery patterns from the lady. So excited for this.

    What a cute Cockatoo

    Hope you all have a wonderful day with Scarlett for her birthday. Such a gorgeous girl.

    Take Care and enjoy your weekend

    Aly xxx

    1. Dear Aly,
      You will really enjoy the embroidery and sewing I think. There is just so much you can do. It will be wonderful and set you up for so many possibilities!
      I have not heard an update on Jenny. How terrifying. Be careful yourself as the road conditions sound pretty dangerous. Have a good weekend! With love

  3. Annabel I am very tired after reading of all you enterprise this past week. My week has been good but there have been times when I have given in to being too hot and have gone on strike. Today started off overcast, there was a very short shower and then out came the sun. You could see the steam rising off the road. As a result the temp isnt as high as it has been but the humidity is pretty awful.
    Bluey is rearranging and cleaning out his shed. I have been the offsider through this process. Bluey is a natural hoarder so this is a painful process for him. We shall see if anything is thrown out or if everything is just moved.
    Have a great weekend.
    Life is sorting out good.

    1. Jane try to take it easy in the heat. I know it can be relentless at times. Just be sure to take plenty of breaks.

      Good luck to Bluey and his shed sorting. Hopefully there is some progress in the throwing.


    2. Dear Jane,
      I think humidity is very draining. We were lucky this week with reasonable weather and even fresh evenings. The nest two days are warmer but if it stays under 40 then I am basically happy. I can manage.
      I hope the shed comes up well and looks good even if it is an exercise in expert re arranging! With love,

  4. My my Annabel, you are so productive! You achieve so much in a week that I feel exhausted just reading about it. LOL! I can tell you just love your new home. I am definitely praying for Jenny as more rain falls. The rain is spreading to the NW of the state so my daughter is very happy to finally be seeing it falling from the sky. It's a shame what is falling in the Tropics can't be sent south so that they can recover and dry out.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, Today Sunday I have not heard news. I heard last night was going to be very bad. I feel sorry for everyone. I cant imagine the stress of it going on and on like this. I hope areas that need it do get some. We could do with some too.
      Thank you re the house! Gradually we are getting there with things. We eat outside most of the time and it is beautiful. Maybe not today as it is 40+ again! Have a lovely Sunday! With love

  5. Dear Annabel, all of your photos are so beautiful, the hand towels are really pretty and the cup and saucer sets - what an amazing find! Today I am experimenting with decorating clothespegs for gifts (I was looking over old posts of Jes's on the Strangers and Pilgrims blog), I have a Christmas stamp and a candle stamp that fits on them, I will keep working on this. My biggest achievement this week was making your Melting Moment biscuits. As suggested I used the bottom of a vase to indent them - my husband thought I got them from a Bakery. Thankyou for sharing the receipe! The reason why I made them was my Mum and Dad came for an unexpected visit yesterday - I don't get to see them often because of distance and wanted to make them something special, they loved them. Also, I am very glad I have learned to stockpile and buy things bulk on sale as it felt good to be able to "shop" in my pantry for them and make up a bit of a hamper for them to take home. Included in this was a pumpkin that I purchased earlier in year for 20 cents (we got a huge sack full), I have 3 other pumpkins left, I remembered how my Nana stored them and have them spaced apart, not touching on a shelf in the garage. The day before, I got a shock watching a lady buy the same size pumpkin at a supermarket for $5.90! I also sent my parents home with sausage rolls (from freezer stockpile) for tea, my Mum said "no, don't worry about doing that" but my Dad was standing behind her nodding his head vigorously. I LOVED him doing that! It still makes me smile thinking about it. Have a great weekend, love Clare

    1. Dear Clare,
      Thank you! Cath gave me decorated clothes pegs at Christmas time. She had glued a little magnet on the back of each on so they will hold notes to the fridge etc. I love them! I use others to keep packets closed etc. They are really useful! Often we can save magnets as companies send out calendars and fridge magnets with their details on them. If you save these there are a lot of crafts to make them into! I started saving them all this year to make fridge shopping lists etc.
      Your melting moments look professional! They would be a beautiful gift also. I am trying to remember to put them in the next Tuesday club. You are a wonderful daughter sending your parents home with dinner and jam. These thoughtful things make such an impact. Now you have some very happy moments to remember and make you smile! I would call that a very good visit.
      I really hope to grow pumpkins next season. I need to build up the soil in a spot near a tap.. I have a few places in mind. I would love a crop of pumpkins. You are storing them well. They are so useful. I love pumpkin soup and scones best of all.
      Have a new good week Clare, with love

  6. Dear Annabel,

    You have certainly been productive this week. It all looks so good. Would you mind sharing your tomato relish recipe please? I have a recipe that I have used for years but I want to try something different.

    Those cups and broaches are gorgeous! You can get lucky sometimes. I will be dropping into "my" little op shop tomorrow when I visit mum and dad, hopefully there are more treasures in there just for me :)

    That is a beautiful dining setting you have created. Love the chandelier, it just makes the space even more special. I would love a spot like yours but with the dirt this year it is impossible. Maybe when the good years are back. I have a start, I pinched, I mean borrowed a chandelier from my electrician son who was going to turf it out. I said no, don't ever throw anything like that out! Mine is brass and I am deciding whether to clean the brass up or paint it white. You know this is all your fault Annabel lol!

    I can feel a touch of Autumn here, although we are still hot. There is something brighter about the sky in Autumn. Bestest time of year.

    Hope you enjoy a lovely birthday with Scarlett and family. She shares her birthday with my Phil.

    Love Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania, This recipe was new to me and I had to make a few changes due to what I had so I will tell how I did it as it turned out so nice. It is quite a sweet recipe which I like in a relish. It is also a small batch recipe but you could multiply it... I used 2 kilo cherry tomatoes, no skinning or anything, 1 heaped spoon of garlic granules (you could use fresh) I guess this was one third of a cup, 1 cup chopped onion, 3/4 cup dark brown sugar, 3/4 cup white sugar, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, sprinkle of ginger, sprinkle of cumin, I left out the pinch of salt, good splash of ground black pepper, 1 cup sultanas. Bring to boil, then simmer a couple of hours on low. I did about three. When nice and thick taste it... it was yum so I was happy. The recipe said 1 teaspoon hot pepper flakes but I had none so they didnt go in. Anyway it is delicious!! Best one I ever made! I hope that helps. I wanted one with no cornflour as to me that ruins the colour.
      Haha I have painted a few old light fittings white. It it has pretty scrolls and shapes this comes up beautiful if painted!
      My brooches are for the centre bits of crochet flowers. I have a line up of projects! I hope your op shop trip is good tomorrow! With much love

  7. Hi Annabelle
    Today is my first visit to your blog. I came as a friend and of Jenny.
    You house and creativity look lovely.

    1. Hi Debra, It is nice to meet you! Poor Jenny, I saw many suburbs are about to be flooded. She is still ok though. I feel so sorry, so many people are in trouble. Thank you for commenting! xxx

  8. Annabel you have had a fantastic week and the handtowels, wash cloths and printed bags look divine :).

    Prayers from us to Jenny and hoping that the water subsides before it gets into their home.

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $267.45 in savings last week :).

    It was fortunately a bit cooler here this week which was a relief but we did go swimming in our rain water tank pool often to cool us off none the less.

    Finances -
    - Paid another extra small payment off our mortgage which will save loan time and interest.

    Using up what we have -
    - We repaired a rain water tank filter with a piece of aluminium flyscreen off a window that had a large hole in it and there was just enough so we didn't have to buy any.
    - Used paint we already had to paint 2 window sills, a beam holding pipework leading to the rain water tanks which had no paint on it, a window surround and window and a step leading to the outhouse toilet which took around 2 hours to put on two coats of paint. This saved us $70 over hiring a painter to do it for us.
    - I also collected peeling paint chips from the rain water tank shed to match up the paint to repaint it when we save the funds shortly.

    General frugalities -
    - DH cut my hair and I cut his saving around $100 over getting our hair cut in a hairdressing salon or barber.
    - Saved grey water from our washing machine and hand washing water and shower warm up water and dish rinsing water to water fruit, herb and ornamental pot plants.

    In the kitchen -
    - Made a quadruple 2.8 kg batch of honey, almond, sultana, honey and oat granola with a splash of vanilla extract to last a few weeks saving $47.45 over buying the equivalent quality in the supermarkets.

    Home organisation -
    - Moved all fuels, tilling machine, palm frond and branch shredder from the metal 2 door shed into the 3 bay leanto garage as it is more ventilated in there.
    - Moved all garden pots, compost bins, garden hand tools and brooms under the tank stand shed. This will give us a dedicated gardening shed to work from.
    - DH assembled 2 x 4 shelf metal garage shelving to put into the double bay metal shed to store tool boxes and other items in there on.

    In the gardens -
    - I trimmed a hedge growing over the side of the garden path.
    - DH cleaned out the gutters on the patio and home with the blower vac and a gutter cleaning tool taking around an hour saving us around $50 over hiring a general handyman to do it for us.

    Have a fantastic week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Dear Lorna, That was a very productive week! We had a milder week too. Still arm but not stinking hot. The rainwater tank to win in sounds lovely! Here is is heating up again tomorrow but I think only for one day which is not so bad. Autumn will be welcome! It sure is easier to get outdoor work done when the weather is better.
      You had great savings and I can just visualise how your property is shaping up week by week! With much love,

  9. Annabel,

    Yes! Been praying for you, Jenny dear!

    Beautiful fruit of your hands this week, Annabel.


  10. Hi Annabelle,
    It's winter here of course in England and we have snow. You've had such a wonderfully productive week, your home is looking lovely. I too have been busy, making 2 batches of marmalade, yogurt, and cooking winter warming meals everyday. The Tuesday Afternoon Club has inspired me too and my knitting needles have been clacking, I've been sewing and doing some crochet too. Today I'm going to make more birthday cards and make a vegetable curry, all the ingredients from our store of vegetables from our garden. . You have many bluebirds across the world replenishing their nests and getting ideas and inspiration from each other. I'll be thinking of Jenny and hoping her situation eases.

    1. Dear Lesley, To me knitting and cooking beautiful winter meals just sounds so nice!! I have wool saved up to start on as soon as our weather cools. Meantime I stick to cotton and small projects or it just seems to hot!
      I hope you will post your projects as you do them in the club. I love to see everything! Thank you for your kind words. I am getting heaps more done because of the friendship and support. It motivates me a lot and I think ohhh Tuesday is coming I better get moving! Today we travelled to see Scarlett for her birthday... I got two wash cloths (crochet) done on the trip! No time to waste! Thanks so much Lesley, Love

  11. Hi Annabelle (and everyone),

    There is a lot of gorgeousness in this post! Your outdoor dining area looks stunning with that chandelier, and I love all of the crochet items and trim. Such pretty colors. The tea things are a wonderful find! I would have snapped those right up, too!

    This week, I saved by cooking at home (pot roast & veggies, stir fry and brown rice, and two loaves of quick bread that called for 1 can of pie filling - I had some in the pantry that needed using up). All work lunches ($150) & snacks ($40) were brought from home. The "horse laundry" that lives out in the garage (so that we don't track dust/hay bits into the house) was done, and I cleaned out the fridge and kitchen cabinets. We don't throw out much, but I find it so helpful to wipe everything down and see what we have, consolidate the last of something in a box to a smaller container, and so on.

    We borrowed a dvd from the library ($20 - there are no dvd rental shops here, so we would have had to buy it to watch) and enjoyed another movie date at home.

    For gifts, a candle from the sale-purchased stash and a book from the same made a nice birthday gift, wrapped in paper and tied with ribbon from the stash ($40 savings).

    For crafts, I worked a bit more on my sweater and a pair of socks.

    The grocery store had a good special on brown rice, oats, and chicken, so I bought lots for the pantry/freezer. A trip to the thrift turned up another large bag of embroidery floss (over 100 skeins!), ribbon, and a rather nice pair of scissors hidden in the midst of it (total cost $4.04).

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    1. Dear Kathy, A gift cupboard is the best thing ever! Great savings!
      How wonderful to find all that embroidery floss! 100 skeins would amount to hundreds here for that alone! What good finds. We both had good thrift store weeks! This seems like a big bonus to me!
      You were so productive. I like your thinking with the fridge. If we all did this there would be so much less waste. I love the fridge to be clean and fresh and organised. I think this saves money in the end. I might have an attack on mine tomorrow!
      Thank you for your comments on my crochet and outdoor setting. It is heavenly to be outside for meals. A lot of crochet happens out there too!
      Have a good weekend! I hope next week is just as awesome! with love

  12. Prayers for Jenny and everyone affected by the floods and our overseas members dealing with the freezing weather.
    January was a great month for me, I said
    goodbye to 30 items donated to savers filled the recycling bin and threw a lot of stuff out.
    I was able to find an extra $40 from careful shopping and marked down items.
    I made my saving goal and a bit extra.
    I did a lot of baking from the freezer.
    It was a good start to the year. I really love the cup duos you got what a bargain. Everyone take care in these extreme weather conditions and please remember our animal friends. Have a great weekend Leanne.

    1. Dear Leanne,
      I am so glad you got the year off to such a good start! I feel this way too. Now to follow it up with a great February! Its all the little things that really add up. When it is hot we supply a lot of water to all the birds. Last week wet it was 45 I think we saved some birds as they looked so distressed and we have the sprinkler going and water bowls out. Even then they looked so hot. We will do this every hot day. With much love,

  13. The chandelier is gorgeous! Your table is so welcoming. A bird mess is just that. Birds build nests in the rafters over the door at the lake house and they make a horrible mess that does not even wash off since it is where the rain can't get to it. Uck!

    Happy Birthday, Scarlett! Have a wonderful day!

    Jenny, I am praying for you.

    Tomorrow we go to look at a wonderful house that is on our favorite street. We are pinching ourselves that it is in our budget. It sits high on a hill and overlooks a beautiful little lake. Please pray for wisdom for us as we look.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Lana I hope this is the house of your dreams and you will like us find a home that suits you within your price range :).

      We had to pinch ourselves when we found our home at such a good price compared to lots of others we saw.

      We will be praying for you to have the wisdom to know when you see a home that will be perfect for you and your family.

      Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    2. Dear Lana,
      You know how I am about birds! Wow this house sounds beautiful... I cant wait to hear what you thought. It certainly ticks a lot of boxes so far!! You will soon know if this is the one for you! Yes praying for wisdom is the best prayer, there is a lot to consider. I will be praying! With love

    3. I did not take long to know it is not our house. We were so hopeful but God knows so we wait. Thanks for praying!!

  14. You have had such a busy and productive week yet again Annabel.
    I love the outdoor dining area. You have a knack of making everything you touch beautiful.
    Can I ask did you make those little calico bags? And do you have a pattern/instructions elsewhere on your blog.

    I'm slowly working my way through our study area, decluttering and reorganising everything. It's a big job, I really want to halve what is there, and store and organise what is left much better. I don't mind if it takes me 6 months, as long as I see progress. All of the papers I don't want or need are being shredded, and put into my compost bay, so there is minimal waste, I'm donating things, and recycling what I can.

    I cooked all meals from scratch this week, and I've started baking more now that the kids have started back at school. It is so much cheaper and healthier for the kids to have cakes and biscuits from home.

    I've set a new weekly goal this year in order to get ahead, and build my home. I'm aiming to have the ironing basket emptied by Sunday night each week. So that means everyone will have school uniforms and work uniforms hanging in their cupboard ready to go. No last minute rush to iron clothing! I had better get cracking on that goal today! LOL

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Cheers Cheryl

    1. Dear Cheryl,
      Thanks so much! The little bags were from Ebay they were the 12 x 15 or 16 cm I think and I got them for under $1 each. You could make them up with a simple drawstring close with just about any fabric. ETSY also have them, the more you buy the price goes down so I got a bulk lot. I thought they have many uses so you will see them a few times yet in different ways!
      I hope your study area is coming along! This can be a big job! But you will be glad in the end!
      Baking is such a saver. One thing I always did was simple pikelets as they were a good after school snack then buttered and cold at school.
      Well done on your goal setting! I dry almost all clothes on the hangers. Also never put anything into a basket as if it was in a pretty crease free state after its been in the basket it will need a lot of ironing. So I do not have a basket for dry clean clothes. That is my tip to reduce ironing. It is a great thing to keep on top of. And laundry is another of course as it never ends!
      Have a good new week! With love

  15. Dearest Annabel, everything you make is just so gorgeous! I made two zucchini loaves and was shocked to see these on sale for $13 at woolies ! And I bet mine taste better because I know whats in mine. I will admit I am going through a very rough patch. My dearest Bichon whom was like a child to me as I live alone died before Christmas nearly 18 years of age ! I am going to meet another puppy tomorrow. My Nana blessed me with a few thousand for her but the owner is asking for more as she comes from show parents. My last dog was that expensive never a sick day in her life. So I'm asking for favour and that the owner will barter down as I have no job (after my dog died I was severely depressed and exacerbated my mental health conditions and needed in patient professional help for such) and Gave up work as my boss was being a real bully. I have been doing part time other work for just a few hours a week. Then my Nana had a fall broke both arms. She refuses to accept the time has come to go into care, and my mother has been dealing with that as well as caring for her sister with severe schizophrenia and psychosis. Thankfully we have got her into full time care. I've been really trying to help mum with it all as her husband my stepfather was killed several years ago in a sudden severe car accident. It shook us all to the core and now she feels she has no one but us girls to rely on. With two sisters who both have families and one far out of Sydney I have been leaning in to lend a hand whenever and wherever I can. So please pray for me, and my mother , and that my grandmother will accept she can't go home anymore. She's almost 94 ! And has been living in a granny flat with my aunt for several years. The secret is good home cooked food ! She was always a great cook and made everything ! With love, sonia

    1. Dear Sonia, I remember you telling me how your step father was killed and what a shock it was. I feel so sorry for your Mum and Grandmother. Broken bones at that age are very bad... Perhaps the dog owner will give you a bit of a discount... but dont forget to factor in vet bills etc as all of that can be a lot. I do think for you a dog would be good for you and hope you end up with just the right one. How good of your Nan to give you that money. She is wonderful.
      Yes I will pray. You keep doing good things like baking and helping your Mum. That is lovely! With much love

  16. Dear Annabel,

    Look at those gorgeous tomatoes! I love your new chandelier and your dinner sounded divine. Your cloths and towel edgings are beautiful and I absolutely love those little bags! The stamping just turned them from ordinary into fabulous! I love your story about the's funny how we put certain jobs off forever, and then find they don't take all that long in the end and yield fantastic results!

    This week I have made yogurt, and many things to use up eggs, including: pumpkin muffins, egg bread, and custards. Sold some eggs. Made chicken broth and several types of soups, saving some aside of each for my neighbor (plus muffins and bread) to help her while she's undergoing chemo. Also knit her a hat and crocheted her another one for some variety while she's not got much hair. Cut my daughter's hair and my husband's hair. Washed down a door and its moulding in preparation for painting...hoping hubby will tape today. Made curtains for our upstairs landing window from some thrift store panels. This is one of those jobs like your tops...we have only had a blind on this window for the last 9 1/2 years, so having curtains there is huge...but didn't take all that long and only cost $2 for the material. cough. cough. Talk about procrastinator! :) Also went to the bank with hubby and made an investment from $ saved from careful budgeting.

    It's a sunny Saturday here with snow forecast for the afternoon. Off to get some chores done so I can sit down and embroider this afternoon! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      It sounds like you did a good job using up eggs! They are so useful so a baking session is good. It is lovely you are so good to your neighbour especially at this time. I am sure she is so appreciative.
      I hope the painting is going well! Well done on the cushions!! I hope we get to see next Tuesday! Also curtains... they are so expensive to buy so this would have saved you such a lot. $2!? Good job!
      I hope the new week is going well and you have time to embroider. I am crocheting and getting to some sewing, in between picking tomatoes etc! With love

  17. Annabel,
    Prayers for Jenny that her home doesn't get flooded.
    I love your chandelier! They make everything look so elegant and sparkly. You are always so productive and creative it is amazing. I love your little bay leaf nest bags that is a good idea and your place is really starting to come together and looking beautiful.
    Happy birthday to Scarlett, such a little cutie pie I hope she enjoys her special day.
    I canned 10 quarts of beef bone broth from the bones I was gifted and we made 7 rings of trail bologna. They look good, but wasn't my favorite job to do. I was sent a few items to review that are just lovely. Since it has been so cold I have been home a lot which saves on gas and using a lot of what we have on hand, but I have a list of things to restock or look for. I started a tiny blanket from a leftover skein of yarn, but like the dishmat will need to add to it to make it big enough, but I'm trying to use things I've had for years so I can start getting new. We had several days we had to shovel and that is a lot of work so making a big pot of soup that lasted several days was a big help. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

    1. Dear Vicky,
      Thank you! It was a lovely Birthday!
      I saw you were so busy making beautiful bone broth and good things, being your industrious self you got a lot done. It is lovely having crochet to work on when so cold outside... and soup simmering! I hope this week is going well! With love

  18. Hi Annabel

    What a lovely week with Scarlett's birthday. I hope she enjoyed herself. Your tomatoes are fantastic! We have picked a handful so far and there are many still to ripen but I don't think we would have enough for relish. Yours looks great! I love how the calico bags look with the stamping too.

    School has started for the year so I have been in cleaning up mode. Our house is looking like humans live here again lol.

    I am just over half way on the crochet blanket for my four year old. I'm enjoying seeing the balls of wool shrink as much as I like watching the blanket grow! Hopefully I will finish that by the end of the month.

    Have a lovely week everyone

    1. Dear Jen, Well I remember when school went back the first few days I cleaned and cleaned and got back into school routine!
      I had thought I will wait for autumn to start a blanket but I dont think I can do it. Today was mild and I thought I have to start!! So I learned the trellis pattern on Attic 24 and I love it! So this will be the patten I use. So excited to start a new project. I understand your joy! I hope the kids are settled back to school well. With love

  19. Dear Annabel,

    This week has just flown by so fast. I,too, love your chandelier, and everything else you've done. The tomato relish looks absolutely delicious.
    Just having seen Tuesday's post as well, everything that the Bluebirds have created is so inspiring and beautiful.
    It's been absolutely frigid here with temps sometimes not even reaching 5 degrees Fahrenheit, plus snow and ice. Thursday and Friday we got more snow and freezing temperatures and then yesterday it went up to 40 degrees F so a lot of it has melted, especially on our driveway. It will remain somewhat warmer here today so hopefully the moisture will dry up before it turns frigid again. Being home saved a lot on gas and groceries as we've been using up what we have on hand. Having a well-stocked pantry as well as pre-made meals in the freezer has really paid off
    Being inside all week I made and canned tangerine marmalade, baked 24 chocolate chip scones, a gluten free coffee cake, and finally made the gluten free 2 ingredient dough bagels. I was really impressed with how the bagels came out and will definitely be making them again. FYI I found the recipe on
    I've also been working on making valentines and birthday and anniversary cards and gifts. I hope everyone has a good weekend and productive week coming up. Blessings, Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie, I find it really hard to imagine it so cold. Especially re the ice. I think it very wise to be stocked up so that you dont have to go out in dangerous conditions. I know you will never be bored indoors! This is the joy of having so many projects to get stuck into! The marmalade sounds beautiful. I have not made a gf coffee cake but now I am thinking why not!? I love coffee cake. So I might get on to that. Thank you for mentioning the blog. So often I hear how expensive GF is. It really isn't if we cook ourselves
      and each wholesome foods.
      Please share your cards next Tuesday! I really need to hurry up and work on Valentines day! With much love,

  20. Fresh tomatoes, I am jealous. Can't wait until I can start growing here in NY. Your outside seating area is beautiful. I love the tea cups you bought. We have been busy working on the laundry area. Now we are painting the kitchen because it needs it. A house is never ending. We had really cold temps this week. Not as bad as others but bad for us. We are supposed to warm up this week so I am hoping to get outside some. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Dear Making Cents of it All, I agree a house is never ending. If you got everything done it would be time to start over most likely. It is just a process and upkeep. It is never just done... like laundry and linen and so on!
      We have been very lucky so far this week with our weather, it has been mild. This makes life easier so I hope the same for you! With love

  21. Annabel, I love that chandelier! Could you insert candles where the light bulbs would normally be?
    Praying that Jenny's situation improves quickly.


    1. Dear Phyllis, I could add candles. Also I think I could add the battery ones. This might be a good idea for winter time when it is darker. Right now it is light until almost 9 pm. Alternatively I thought of solar fairly lights woven around it... You have me thinking!
      Jenny is ok and her house not majorly flooded. Its miraculous honestly if you saw what was going on around them! Thank you for praying! With love


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