The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Monday 14 January 2019

The first blog Tuesday Afternoon Club meeting!

If you missed the introduction to The Tuesday Afternoon Club you can find that here.

Most of the club will make place in our Facebook group and all are welcome! You can find it here The Tuesday Afternoon Club. 
For those that don't have Facebook we will also meet here once a fortnight to share what we achieved, ideas, packaging, patterns etc.

For those with both Facebook and the blog you will get bonus ideas here fortnightly!

The club is working for me.  I have been doing so much thinking of Tuesday as my deadline!  And the ideas and work we have seen so far are amazing.  I now have a list projects I certainly never thought of on my own,  from soaps with little birds on the top to rhubarb sparkling wine!  I hardly know what to do first!

Today first we have Tanya.  She is off to a wonderful start.
She personalised pillowcases...

Made beautiful cards...

Trimmed baby singlets...

Look at the farm themed cards!  I love these with the tractor and the gingham. My son in law is tractor crazy so this is such a good idea.  And Tanya lives in the outback of Australia so now doubt she has farmer friends! 

This was a special gift with a lot of work with embroidered details and names...

And the blanket was a beautiful warm gift. 

Tanya your gift cupboard and your card supply are both going so well.  Everything is beautiful. 
Tanya has eight children and she does all this! 

Kelley created a dress for her little Granddaughter. 
She used a $3 strapless dress for part of the material.


From today and other Show and Tell posts Kelley has shown the use of reclaimed fabric.  She has used clothes, old doilies and bed linen to make her exquisite dresses and baby clothes.  This is such a good idea.  Children's clothes, purses and many crafts only require small amounts of material.  And material is expensive.  So this is a way to make things very inexpensively.  

Marilyn is making cosmetic purses.  She found this is great for using up fabric remnants and they are so useful and make wonderful gifts.  She followed a You Tube tutorial called So Sew Easy Cosmetic Bag.  Of course they could be used for so many things as well as cosmetics and organise your handbag as well!

Clare and her sister made Clare's little girl a sheep themed birthday cake as she is mad keen on sheep!  I think they were very inventive and came up with a cake that was an absolute hit!!

Cookie has been making an array of stunning cards.  

Cookie uses all kinds of ideas and we have seen handprinted cards in the past.  I was lucky enough to get one in the mail!

One to the things I worked on this week was crochet edgings. 
These are lovely soft little wash cloths made from two layers of muslin.

I found these on eBay.  I am showing the packet to help you find them, more than one seller has them. They are gorgeous and super soft.  Suitable for babies or for makeup removal etc.   They work out at 39c each.   (They come in packs of 10)  Last year I worked little grub roses in the corners of some.  This time I can working a crochet edge on them.  I am planning to make beauty products and essential oils gifts so think these will all go together nicely. 

My Mum made me wash cloths and hand towels for my Birthday.  She did some in knitting and some in crochet.  I like the different textures...

Thank you everyone who has participated here, over on the FB group or both!   Come over to the Club page and share today what you have made, what you are working on, even what materials you have and ask for suggestions!    If you have always wanted to learn a skill or try something out now is the time! xxx


  1. Annabel thank you for featuring all of these wonderful crafts.

    Tanya you have been so busy and everything is just beautiful.

    Kelley that dress is divine and yes they are much cheaper to make with upcycled fabrics and look just like you made them with new fabrics. Such a cost saving.

    Marilyn your cosmetic purses are lovely, this is something I will have to try.

    Cookie your cards are adorable and I can see how much work has gone into them.

    Annabel I love the little muslin wash cloths you have crocheted around they look so sweet.

    Still getting sorted here in the new home but once we have I will send you some photos. I have repurposed some curtains I made for the cottage and shortened them for curtains in the bedroom. The offcuts off the bottom I will make into new curtains by patching matching plain fabric to the tops of them in a colour that is in the fabric to make the lovely fabric go further.

    Have a great week and keep up the great work ladies you are all inspiring me :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna)

    1. Dear Lorna, Thank you for encouraging everyone! I will love to see your photos! When we first moved I had no time fro crafts really, more setting things up and getting things planted came first. Mind you once it is terribly hot you have to retreat indoors so that has helped me get crafting now.
      Altering curtains is a great idea. Many things like this will turn your house into the most beautiful home. I hope you have a space for sewing there. I am working on mine. I have a sewing table so I can keep the machine set up, this is great! With love,

  2. Loving all the makings of our group, both here and on fb I am
    also getting a lot of new ideas for my gift giving and home.
    Thank you everyone,
    Dear Annabel, thank you for this new "venue" for all of us to show our work.
    Love Lorraine

    1. Thank so much Lorraine. I am loving seeing everyones work. Gosh imagine how much we will achieve in a year given the first two weeks? It is very uplifting to go along together with our projects. Thank you! With love

  3. So impressed and inspired by all the lovely pictures both here and on the facebook page.

  4. I find myself continuously checking FB to see what everyone has been up to. Oh my goodness so many wonderful ideas!
    Tania is amazing. I only have Bluey and dont get anywhere near as much done as she does. Tania this year I used up the last of the lovely Christmas cards you gave me. They are so clever and looked fab.
    Marilyn those pouches would make wonderful pencil cases for anyone with school aged kiddos. I am loving the look of them. I think you could change the dimensions and make a knitting needle case. Very clever.
    Clare you little girl is so lucky to have such a clever Mummy and Aunty. Cookie I have been thinking about you lately. Your cards are seriously gorgeous.
    Pat of course has shown what a clever chook she is with the lovely towels and facecloths she has made you.
    Love, love, love this forum. Thank you Annabel for putting it together and being such a wonderful hostess with the mostest.
    Life is sore foot good.

    1. Thank you Jane! There is so much talent. I am so glad to think of the beautiful work people do and many times you would never know after all most time sit is just quietly done and privately. There is so much goodness and generosity... it is beautiful to see. Your own work is exceptional you seem to be able to turn your hand to anything!! With love

  5. There re so many beautiful things listed on here. I am loving the ideas! I love the muslin cloths. I also love what your Mum made. Annabel, those dishcloths you gave me 3 years ago that I have washed so regularly, are still going strong and I use them every day :) Your Mum has made you beautiful ones. I love that sheep cake too. My son would love that. I love the farm cards too. They are gorgeous. I also love any homemade clothes, they are always a piece of art. Lots of love, Bridge PS. Thank you for starting this club, it is so exciting!!

    1. Dear Bridge, Thank you for telling me you use the cloths! They have gone well then!
      The muslin wash cloths... you just need a small hook and fine yarn but they are so easy to edge. Mum has given them to everyone who has a baby. I am sure like this they would sell for a fair bit each. A soap can be included... you cant beat under 40c. Its amazing what you can get on eBay!
      Thanks so much Bridge, I am glad you are loving the group! Love

  6. Dear Annabel , I can hardly keep up with all the beautiful work the Bluebirds have done here and on facebook.Lovely, as well as useful washers and hand towels your mum made for your birthday .And I love your crocheted edged muslin squares.
    Cookies cards are special as is the sheep cake Clare and her sister made.Marilyn's cosmetics bags look beautifully made.
    Tanya has been very busy makign so many personalised and special gifts , I particularly love the babys trimmed singlets , I could just see my sweet baby grandson in one of those blue edged ones :-)
    Kelley's recycled material into a dress for her grand daughter is very sweet too.
    Beautiful handcrafts Bluebirds! With love Maria xxx

    1. Thank you Maria for your kind words to everyone! xxx

  7. Congratulations to all you creative ladies, so many lovely things and great idea's. I will send you some pictures soon of what I have been doing. I can't help myself from checking Facebook a couple of times a day to see what's been posted. Love JoRoberts

    1. Dear Jo, I am doing the same... it is amazing what everyone is sharing. I am so motivated but I cant live long enough to do everything I want to lol
      Thank you so much! Love

  8. Oh my goodness, there is so much talent on here and the facebook page.

    This is going so well Annabel :)

    Tanya, I love all the work you have done. You must be one very busy mum! The farm cards look great, did you use your own photos to make them? Something to think about for the boys in our lives :)

    Kelley, that is such a gorgeous little dress, the colours go together so well.

    Marilyn, your purses are so pretty. I have always wanted to try and make these. Might go on you tube and have a look :)

    Clare, that cake is adorable! I bet your daughter loved it. Fantastic job by you and your sister!

    Cookie, very clever card making, they look great!

    Annabel, your edging always looks so pretty and delicate. Your mum does beautiful hand work, just love those colours.

    See you all soon,

    Love Tania xxx

  9. Wow! I'm kind of glad I'm not on Facebook...I think I might be overwhelmed with goodness and wonderful ideas, as there are so many just here!!! :)

    I just love everything! Tanya, you are beyond remarkable in your productivity! I absolutely adore those pillowcases. Looks like you have made a wonderful start to your gift cupboard! I am always floored by Kelley's sewing feats...she makes such gorgeous clothing...and you would never know the material's original source! Thank you, Marilyn, for giving us the YouTube tutorial info...that looks like a perfect skill for me to learn! Those little bags would be very handy. Clare that cake is so cute...and unique! I would have hated to cut into it! Good thing you have a photo! Cookie's cards are gorgeous, and Annabel, your little cloths are super luxurious with the crocheted edging. You are very lucky to be the recipient of some of your Mum's handmade goodies!!! Her output and knitting/crocheting abilities always astound me!

    I am really loving this is really motivating me to stay on top of things! Having a deadline really works. I know it's more work for you to post our stuff here on your blog, so thank you so much for catering to us non-Facebook folk!

    Much love,

    Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, If you have a friend on FB and want to see whatever one has made have her join for a day and let you have a nosey! Its quite remarkable. I am stunned! I am glad you are finding this inspiring and motivational. I am too! I have so many projects up and running!! Enjoy the rest of your week! With love

  10. Hi Annabel and everyone,

    Wow! What talented crafters you all are! Tanya's embroidery is beautiful, and Marilyn and Kelley are great sewists - you gals inspire me. Clare's lamb cake is precious, and Cookie's cards are so pretty. Annabel, I love the crochet edgings and your mom's knitting is very pretty. I love all the textures that she chose and am going to try to find similar patterns. Loved seeing this inspiration today!

    I hope everyone has a good week.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I have so many projects I want to do. I cant live long enough to get everything done lol! I am glad you are inspired too!xxx

  11. Annabel, what beautiful work from everyone! I love the crocheted face cloths made from muslin, can you tell me what size they are before edging. I have plenty of muslin and could stitch up and then crochet an edging on them for gift giving.

    1. Dear Patsy, Sorry to take so long to reply. They are 10 inch squares. They seem a nice size. I think if you made them larger again they could be burp cloths. The softness is gorgeous and gentle. Hope this helps! Love

  12. Hi, AnnaBelle. I joined the Tuesday Morning FB group
    but then I started wondering if that is a closed group or can anyone on FB see what we post? If I'm making things for gifts I don't want people to see their future gifts! Thanks for all you do for us. You are so inspirational! Looking forward to more creations! Pam

    1. Dear Pam, Yes it is a closed group, the public cannot see. I made it this way for that exact reason. I am hiding gifts too! Thank you so much I am glad to have you in the group! With much love

  13. Hi Annabel and Bluebirds

    What a gorgeous array of gifts you have all been making. Such talent on display. I am looking forward to returning to my sewing classes next month but am enjoying the time with DD8 doing her crafting, jigsaw puzzles, bike and scooter riding and basketball playing.

    We have just done a massive shuffle of 3 out of 4 of our rooms. Furniture moved about a week and a half ago and now all the cupboards have had a major overhaul. My craft room is now bigger and has more storage as well as air con so this will make it more inviting. Will enjoy being in there as it is so tidy. Now just to clean out the cupboards in our room but that can wait for now. Back to school shopping to be done after going through all the excess stock we had.

    Thanks for sharing all the amazing crafts with us

    Take Care
    Aly xxx

    1. Dear Aly, Well done on all your re organising! Sewing classes are such a good investment. Also sewing is just such a lovely hobby apart from being so useful in lots of ways. Having a daughter to craft with is the best!! I remember our crafty school holidays ... they were wonderful times!! With love and thanks,


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