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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Pantries and Preparedness. Support networks.

First of all a bit of an update...

After my recent chance to chat with the manager of our local largest supermarket (that I reported a few posts ago) I ended up with more questions. The main was that if there is nothing stored out the back then do they have a central warehouse here in Adelaide that does? (and the same for other states). Do they have some massive storage facility that supplies all the stores and where there is in fact a back up of goods should a supply chain fail?
I heard that there is a massive warehouse at Gepps Cross. So I thought this is possible. Surely this is filled with goods and this would serve as some kind of back up right?
And so as luck would have it I bumped into the poor unsuspecting manager again. lol
So I said to him I had been thinking about what he had said and battered him with another round of questions :)
The short answer was NOPE. The big warehouse is big alright but it runs on the same "just in time delivery system" and it is not a storage facility. Things are all timed to come in ready to go out to various stores pretty much immediately.  So we are back to the 12 packs of candles and no reserves reality!

I did say to him that surely this system is very vulnerable to one thing going wrong ie power down, computer glitch, fuel shortage, truckie or staff strike and so on. And he said "it sure is" and that it was like dominos if one thing falls over the whole supply ceases. I asked if this gives him a headache and he said "it sure does" and that there isn't anything he can do about it.

So there you go...

The flowers in this post are from my Aunts garden. See her the size of the flower in comparison to her hand!?

Next thing... I found a rain barrel on the side of the road!  It was next to a compost system which I looked longingly at too... but I picked up this barrel which is 100 liters and was a fantastic find. Especially given I had said on Patsy's blog that adding to our water storage was my aim for the week.

Our supermarket has added notices to the baby formula shelves. Half are in English and half are in Chinese. There are no other notices in Chinese anywhere in the store just here. I took a photo...

Previously they have stopped more than four cans being sold at the check out, now they have added rows of these notices along each shelf. If the Greek crisis persists it would be entirely possible that Australian Greeks will be posting baby formula to relatives with babies in Greece. Just as I would do if I had family there with a baby. We will see but I think if their problems are not solved and they already have shortages of imported goods and medical supplies etc this could happen. Will be watching the shelves carefully.

When I visited my aunt we had a conversation that started when she said that in a crisis you really need friends. This got a whole subject going right there! I would put it that we all need a support network. And in a crisis of any kind we need it more than ever. Building up our support network is as wise as building our pantry. At any time people helping each other and wathcing out for each other is such a help in life. I am very lucky with a supportive family and friends. But all sorts of things can get in the way... what if we have no family or they are far away? What if we are isolated in some way?

There might be a few steps we could take to increase our support systems and this is a good idea anytime but a good investment as well. In an earlier post we covered writing up all your emergency numbers somewhere as well as having them on your phone. All the numbers you might need on hand is a start. I have the local police number, after hours Doctor number, poisons information etc all listed (apart from 000 which is our version of 911) Also usual contact numbers need to be written somewhere in case you lose your phone.

Some simple steps to increase your backup might include getting to know your neighbours. Even if your neighbours will agree to a "I will keep an eye on your place and you keep an eye on mine" this is helpful. You would think it goes without saying but I know people who dont know their neighbours. And some neighbours maybe it's better not to know lol. We are pretty lucky. Of one on each side and two over the road two of these families would help us in a crisis, watch our place, pick up or mail etc. One would feed the pets , water etc if we are away. And we would do the same for them.

If we needed somewhere to stay, other than home, we would have a fair few choices.  And the same goes if we were in dire straights of any kind.

But how can we build up a network, a backup? If you don't have a family around a church family might help in this way. It is worth thinking about, even a really self reliant person is going to need help sometime. Back in my own home town I knew of two scenarios that scared me badly. One was a woman who had a child seriously ill and in hospital for some time. She had no one to take care of her other children and they went into foster care. I didn't know her but when I heard this I felt ill over it. And another time there was the reverse, a woman who had no one and she stayed home with her children while the little one was in hospital alone for a week. Again this just made me want to cry.
I examined my life then thinking of "what ifs" but I realized I had several friends who would help me and several Church families at the very least and all apart from my parents who would have my own children in a crisis anyway. That was a good scare for me though to always have plan A, B, C and D!

Thinking about this subject last week I made a few discoveries that actually increased our back up system in just a couple of days. Just by asking questions I found some things I never knew! One of these was that our doctors surgery (clinic) has an after hours number. Calling that will get you a Doctor who will come to your home at any hour and it is free. I never knew this! I knew there was an after hours number but I assumed that would come at a cost that would be worse than the disease you were calling for. But it is bulk billed and a wonderful service.
The next thing I leanred is that if you can't get a Doctors appointment (which is the case it is usually a few days wait at least) then you just go in and say you are worried and ask to see a nurse. If the nurse sees you and thinks you need to see the Doctor then you will! And I never knew that. I have been on deaths door and waited.
So this little bit of information is helpful to us.  It added to our support systems.

In day to day life friendship is such a big thing.  I have to say I have found that you can have friends far and wide thanks to the interent.That has been a huge blessing to me.

But in times of unemployment, sickness, storms etc family and friends might be life savers. Imagine the help of a neighbour who will give you  a hand, a friend who will mind the baby, simple old fashioned things like sharing the produce off the lemon tree! The things we normally manage all on our own we may not. We may need help.  And vise versa we might know others who are usually just fine but they may need our help.  It is like checking on your elderly neighbour in a heat wave. We need to keep an eye on each other!

Having a few good friends, the type who will drop everything to come to your rescue is a huge thing. I have been lucky this way. The kind of friend you can call in the middle of the night who will arrive minutes later in their pyjamas with a jumper over the top! Money can't buy this kind of help!

It is just worth thinking about. We can be very determined to manage on our own. But the reality is the wheels fall off for everyone sometimes. Things happen. In a crisis or hard times having a bit of a network could be a life saver. Can you think of ways to build up relationships both in friendships and professional ones that would be mutually beneficial?

In my life we have had some miraculous friendships that made all the difference. My Dad's best friend is a Consulting Physician. That is like a specialists specialist. He is a brilliant man and literally medical specialists come to him with their problems. One time Dad had a heart attack. In the country, hours from anywhere. It was all looking like the end of the line for Dad. An air ambulance flew him (eventually) to the city and as that plane landed and the door was opened guess who was there to greet him with his own medical team? Yes, the best friend!

Possibly this is a tough act to follow! But contingency plans, emergency plans, Plan B, C and D and good things to think about. Friends who are Doctors or have other useful or life savings skills can't hurt  either nor can friends with farms or good pantries!

Actually think if you were out of action who might step in? If emergency services were too busy to get to you who would help you? If we were living in Greece right now who would support and help your family? Those kind of questions... getting back to the days when people helped each other.

We have developed our own little support community. I know any question I have someone will help me with it. But we also need to think when the power is out, notthing is working, who nearby is out network of support?

Just take some steps to increase your back up plans. Think of it as part of your pantry and preparedness.

How have you build up your pantry this week? And what can we do to built up our support networks?

Tomorrow we have a post by Teri! This will be how to increase your pantry by dehydrating your own goods and different methods to do it. A big help as each way we preserve food that is not the freezer we both save freezer room and add things that are going to be just fine in a power outage. Also dehydrated foods take up very little space.

I hope you are having a great week! xxx


  1. There's a couple of sayings about "three days to anarchy" or "9 meals to anarchy" Annabel and when you think about the lack of preparedness, not just as individuals, but as communities then as a nation it is terrifying! But to start to slowly "disaster proof" gives you an opportunity to take control of your life - I know, we had a disaster and I started to recover by switching to monthly shopping and starting a very baby stockpile. Now that stockpile will see us through 6 months of no income (or no food/toiletries/cleaning supplies available), 12 months or even more if I were to be really strict with portions and waste. I pray I'll never, ever need to rely on it because of a disaster or crisis, but it is reassuring to know it is there if needed. It took a long time to build up my stockpile, but these days when I shop all I buy are the perishables and then whatever is needed to fill the gaps in the stockpile IF IT IS ON SALE (if not, then I wait until it is). Now we survive and thrive on $320 a month and the stockpile is always a 6 month supply, and I am happy - I smile every time I go into the laundry or open the freezer :)

    I try to encourage everyone to have at least a small stockpile of their most used items, enough for even a fortnight gives you breathing space.

    I also encourage everyone to only stockpile the things they use all the time. Having 10 tins of smoked oysters in tomato sauce bought for 25 cents a tin may be good for the stockpile and a great bargain, but it you only use 1 tin a year there are better things you can be doing with that money and that shelf space :)

    Support systems - wow! They come in all forms don't they? I know I can rely on my family. I know I have good friends who will go above and beyond for me. I know that my church family is there always. I hope that if necessary I would do the same for them.

    This week I added a lot of chopped or sliced vegetables to the freezer, in meal sized portions (before I started my freezer challenge!). Lots of bags of diced or sliced onion, diced celery, carrot sticks, cauliflower and broccoli, bags of onion, carrot and celery ready to use in soups and stews, bags of grated zucchini to use in soup, pasta sauce and zucchini slice, I made up bags of washed and peeled veggies for our meals this week - sweet potato, cauliflower or broccoli, onion, zucchini and put them in the crisper. The last two nights I've just pulled a bag out of the crisper and the veggies were ready to cook, saving 10 minutes or so each night.

    I also tackled one shelf in the laundry pantry, and sorted the jars and lids. I put them all through the dishwasher and then packed them back in like-sizes and that shelf looks great and I know the jars are ready to sterilise and use.

    And I asked the boys to make me a tin of washing powder. Between them they grated 8 bars of laundry soap for me - I love those boys so much for saving my aching wrists without grumbling (and only a little teasing about getting old).

    1. Dear Cath, Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. You and I are so on the same page.
      I loved that you put the boys muscle and energy to good use! WHo needs machines! lol
      You are doing a brilliant job and good example to everyone. More and more are starting to listen to this message of being prepared, having a full pantry. It is just wise. As you have been doing this for ages you make a great teacher... also that you experienced living from your pantry.
      With love and thanks,

    2. Dear Annabel,
      Please pass along to Cath what an inspiration she is!


  2. Annabel, Vicky from the working pantry group. I love your post! And wonderful that you are getting this information out there! I honestly believe that one day here in the U.S. people will be using the barter system almost exclusively and having a network as you said will support that in it's own way. My husband and I do a lot of bartering now and it does help. Don't forget to have lots of matches in your stockpile and a manual can opener those are things we discussed when I gave my classes. It is awful that one's food supply could literally end in 3 days and what will people with children and babies do? I have stocked a lot of soup ingredients because they are economical and use less resources to cook than something that has to cook all day. I pray it never gets that bad here. I see the ads for help for other countries with the starving children being bothered by flies and it just makes me want to cry. My biggest motto right now is it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it! I hope to talk to you soon Annabel!
    XOXO Vicky

    1. Hello Vicky! Thank you so much. I saw your reply to me on Patsy's blog comments thank you for that too. Yes I would come to your classes we could have a great time! I really believe ladies with this kind of knowledge like yourself, Patsy, Teri, Glenda and others I am coming to know have a valuable resource! And that people are starting to listen.
      If you would care to email me please do anytime as I might have an idea for you.
      I love bartering. I have bartered all my life. When I moved from the country to the city I had to re establish a lot of more local back up networks but I soon did. I also found a lot of city people here have amazing fruit trees and I have bartered a lot for fruit, usually with eggs from our chickens.
      Thank you so much for commenting.

  3. Oh, Annabel, you have a way with words! You make me smile! The store manager you keep asking questions to! Just another reason to have our pantry stocked and be prepared!

    I also learned a lot from your post. I forgot to make my contact list. lol So, that's on my to-do list this week. We have a neighbor who has helped us many times and we have helped them. Another friend within walking distance. Plus, family close by. You make some very valid points about how important a support system is.

    I'm so glad you acquired a rain barrel!! God is good!!! And those flowers are gorgeous and huge! :) Love, Teri

    1. Dear Teri,
      Thank you! The rain barrel was a funny one... I didnt even pray for that, I just thought yes I must concentrate on more water storage this week and wrote that on Patsys blog. And there it was. It only just fit into my car too. Andy was impressed. Plus he will fix it into a down pipe so it has rain water. So pleased!
      Emergency numbers written in a few places plus basic numbers... I cannot recall all the mobile phone numbers s usually I just press the persons name and they dial... but if a phone is lost all the numbers are gone! So I write them on a card in my wallet, my journal too. Emergency numbers are in my phone plus on the fridge. Plus neighbors numbers.
      I am so glad you have helpful neighbors. That is such a help!
      Lots of love,

  4. Annabel this is something that I have been working on since we came back here, I am usually the one that everyone goes to but saying that there are times when I will need someone in my corner too.

    I will have to come back because I am fuzzy from surgery this morning but I have emergency contacts listed under ICE - read somewhere that when they scroll through your 'phone to see who to contact it was best to have them listed under ICE which stands for In Case of Emergency.

    If you are like me you have names beside the 'phone number but nothing really distinguishing as to who they really are.


    They also know that our children both have house keys so if we know that they are calling in and we are away we let them know.

    1. Dear Lynette, I remember you having this procedure but I forgot it was today. I hope you rest and feel ok. Take it slow for a few days.
      We all have times we need someone to help, I like how you put it "someone in our corner"
      ICE is a good tip. I have done that. I heard that emergency services look in your phone for who to call.
      I hope you feel better soon! With love

    2. Thanks Annabel, I have to have someone with me for 24 hours, I am OK with DH being here working on the room. Friday he has to head out so I am drawing up a grocery list for him to pick up while he is out and I will be home with the builder and his team removing the bath and making good the tiling and walls.

      DH only drinks 1 brand of coffee and I only buy it on special - this week I have found it for $12-99 a 500 gram tin. Most times it is hovering around the $16- a tin special price.

      This place also has chicken breast fillets for $7-99 a kilo - they are usually double that price at the butcher and even the supermarket (captive audience and no competition).

      So Friday I must give him a proper list and also an esky with ice in for the chicken breast fillets.

      I am heading to bed - turns out the procedure was bigger than the specialist thought - lots of pain killers to take, antibiotics etc - all from the hospital pharmacy which cost a lot - would have loved to check the list over because I already had some things here at home and as we know there are cheaper places to get even every day prescriptions.


  5. Annabel
    I am new to your blog and quite a beginner with all this, although it has been on my heart/mind to "prepare" for a long while now. Having a small family and seeing all the problems happening around the world has increased my feelings on this matter. I have heard some in the Christian community say that we show a lack of trust in the Lord by "hoarding" as it called sometimes. But I think, if I were in Greece right now, what good would I be to my family,friends or neighbour if I did not have this mindset? Imagine the wonderful village where all those in it were doing similar ( storing,canning, growing and making) when disaster struck! So thinking out loud I think it's the way to go. As a "newbie" though, I feel overwhelmed with it at times. That is when I am glad to have "found" you. You are a blessing for the time you take to share all this with us.
    Heidi xx

    1. Dear Heidi, It looks like my reply to you turned up in the next comment down, if it did I hope you saw it! With thanks,

  6. Dear Heidi, Welcome, it is so lovely to hear from you.
    If this has been on your heart for quite a while then you are just like me. There is a lot of scripture about being watchful, about being like ants harvesting in the summer while they can. Also to about providing for our families and about the Proverbs woman not being afraid of the winter. From reading, the Proverbs woman is busy bringing in food and getting her household ready. People who say do nothing are the first to line up hoping someone else will help them when hard times strike!
    Don't not stress or worry. Just use every chance to add to your pantry. I only started six months ago and it is amazing how it adds up!
    Just today in China stocks have gone down so far they are comparing it to 1929 and the great depression! I dont know if this will impact us but there sure is plenty going on.
    Each week I have posted steps so go back over them if you have time. Also I set my weekly goals on The working pantry facebook page or blog. Weekly goals seem to help me.
    I am doing a lot of saving in another area to build up my pantry ie making Christmas presents. It is amazing once you get creative how much you can do.
    Little steps will get you there. I am so happy to have you here. Be encouraged and make little efforts each time you shop. With love

  7. Dear Annabel,

    Wise words concerning a community of supporters, which is very important in any crisis or emergency. Thank you for another wonderful and pertinent post. Your posts are always great reminders.

    I did a large stock up shopping trip to Sam's Club last Friday and have spent a lot of time, the past few days, vacuum sealing jars of dry foods with my Food Saver. It is so easy to do and very prudent as the food will keep for a very long time. It is also nice to be able to open the jars to use out of and, then, reseal them with the same lid.

    Yesterday, I mixed up some homemade taco seasoning and some homemade ranch dressing mix and vacuum sealed those for future use. I, also, keep a clamp lid canning jar filled with each on the baker's rack in the kitchen area. Once those jars are empty I will refill them from what has been vacuum sealed and is on shelves in the food storage room.

    The dehydrator is being washed up for the season today. We normally use it year around, but since we have had so much going on with the move, we had it sitting for a while. I made out my list of the foods I need dehydrated for the next year or so and will get started on those over the weekend. It will run almost constantly for awhile. Once the food is dehydrated and sits for a couple of days to "rest," I will fill canning jars with it and then vacuum seal those for the food storage shelves. As with the mixes, I will keep some upstairs in a clamp lid canning jar for current use and have the rest in storage for future use.

    I purchased quite a few bags of exceptionally priced organic fruits and vegetables at Sam's Club, and need to spend some time repackaging them into meal sized bags. I use the Food Saver to do that, but haven't had time this week, so it is a must for the beginning of next week.

    We, also, placed a large bulk spice order this week, so are waiting for that to arrive to process and store.

    My husband rearranged some shelves for me in a couple of storage rooms, so that has opened up some space for more food storage and better organization. He will begin next month building the garden beds for this house. We had twelve raised garden beds at our previous home, so will see how many will fit nicely here.

    The fruit trees and bushes we had planted are doing very well. We've decided to plant another apricot tree and one more Saskatoon Blueberry bush as we have room for both. I went to Menards and bought some organic vegetable seed that was half price this week for next year. We store seeds for future use. We have both hybrid and open-pollinated seeds.

    I have blocked out some time to get started on a sewing project that was inspired by your gift giving blog post on Monday. Thank you, again, for sharing your e-book with all of us.

    With love and hugs, Glenda

    1. Dear Glenda,
      Your fruit trees sound wonderful. What a good investment they are!
      Moving is a big job, getting back to things like dehydrating, your garden beds etc is really nice. Like getting back to normal.It also sounds like you have stocked up with some great bargains. Thats how I love to do it. Maximize our funds!
      I cant wait to hear what you are sewing. I have to tell you I get much more sewing, craft etc done in winter as in summer the garden takes up a lot of time plus dealing with fruit and produce, making jam etc. Just now it is wet and cold... I am getting quite a bit done on Christmas presents which is great. The seasons have a big impact on what we need to do. But it all works out.
      Lots of love and thanks,

  8. A thought provoking post. This morning I heard of the financial woes with the Chinese stock market. It all sounds too much like the precursor to the Great Depression here in the US back in the 1920 s. There is speculation investing with money that is borrowed and that was the case here too.

    We are fortunate to have a support network among neighbors here. We were gone for 11 days in May and our next door neighbor watched our house. We arrived home and I came in the backdoor. As I entered the house I heard my neighbor shouting as he did not realize it was us. He hopped in his truck and came around to our driveway to find my husband out there unloading the van. I had no idea that he took it so seriously! We all just keep an eye out fro each other. Our elderly neighbor across the corner has really slowed down but some of us watch to be sure that he gets his newspaper from his driveway everyday. If he does not then we will know that we need to check to be sure he is okay. One winter we had a sudden ice storm that took out the power. We all worked together to be sure all had food and heat or invited others into our homes. When we have a big snowstorm one of our neighbors plows out the roads. There are many such ways that we all work together here and it is a comfort.

    One thought about grocery stock. I have seen some concerned that WalMart is out of stock on items in the later part of the day. They restock overnight so shelves do tend to be emptier late in the day. Many stores in the US do restock overnight so it is something to remember.

    1. Dear Lana,
      I have read too comparisons to 1929 and what followed. It is all really interesting...
      You have a fabulous neighborhood and your comment about how you all work together and it is a comfort really struck me. Yes it is a comfort. It is reassuring. We need this!
      I want to ask you a question about an earlier comment re the migraines and the bourbon. Is it the alcohol content or is it something about bourbon itself? ie would brandy be the same or bourbon specifically? I was very interested in that and the lavender thank you. With love

    2. It is the alcohol but one works for some and some need the other. You may need to experiment a but to see which works for you. Bourbon works for my husband and I and we even pack a tiny bottle when we travel..We use it for pain in general and do not take pain meds. We find that bourbon is a far better pain killer and is kinder to the body. I cannot recall what I said about lavender. Can you remind me?

    3. Thank you Lana, It was that the lavender oil on a cotton ball in the ear will help with ear infection. Both these tips are appreciated. Thank you for answering. I will be buying some bourbon! Many thanks,

    4. Oh yes! Sorry I just could not remember.

  9. It is true in the richer countries that support networks can be non-existent. In poorer countries, they tend to exist as a necessity. If you have less material goods, you need to rely on people more. We live in a society where we can buy anything we need, but if that system were to disappear we would need to help and rely on each other.
    The way supermarkets run now is a scary eye-opener, isn't it? Hubby thinks I am just talking doom and gloom by saying that it wouldn't take much for food riots to start. But I bet the people of Greece weren't expecting this to befall them. We need to be prepared!
    Thanks for all the wonderful posts.

    1. Dear Jayne, Yes I think that is true. Even here years ago in the country people helping each other made survival possible... or easier. But now many are very isolated yet surrounded by people.
      It is not gloom and doom to be prepared, it is reassuring and calm. Gloom and doom is the people who panic and have nothing in a crisis. Greece is kind of a lesson I guess. We talk each night about what we could do in their situation. About in January we said that we would get all our money out of the banks and buy up on basics. Then we decided you would buy a grinder, grain and learn to make bread etc. Now we would be getting rid of cash and buying something else incase the cash becomes a new less valuable currency... it is like a case study. But we are not experiencing the terrible fear they must be!
      Anyway it is a comfort to know you can feed your family, that alone makes it worthwhile. Thank you for your encouragement! With love

  10. Thanks for another helpful post!
    We are blessed with several wonderful neighbors who help keep watch on each other's homes and with whom we share citrus and other items. I am not sure that any of them have much in the way of pantries. I have been thinking of them as I work on stocking my pantry, knowing that we would want to share with them if they needed it.

    About 3 years ago, were shown what an amazing group of friends and family we
    have when I nearly died and spent more than 4 months in intensive care, hospital and then rehab. We had people praying, bringing food and drinks to the hospital, visiting the family and me, calling, sending cards and so much that helped. They truly were the hands of God in flesh! I am so thankful for their amazing support! Oh! My pantry was helpful once I got home and was able to start cooking and shopping. It was wonderful to pull from items I had stocked before I got sick.

    After reading your posts and several others, I am stepping up my pantry building and trying to be aware of any items that are scarce or not covered. I have been picking up some additional canned meat, soups and such in case we should lose power. Peanut butter is on my list to stock more of, so I was pleased to see coupons for peanut butter at Costco and good prices a couple other places. I agree that as long as it is food we will eat and keep rotating it, it will be helpful to get it at today's price. Everything seems to keep going up in cost!

    Have a good week! Elaine (I am part of the Working Pantry Facebook group, too.)

    1. Dear Elaine,
      What a time you went through! It sounds like you have wonderful support and friendship. Times like that you find out!
      We have had a lot of prices rise dramatically. As I stock up with specials I know that I am beating the price rises anyway so it is a win/win.
      Peanut butter is excellent, keeps, filling and protein. I am adding gradually as I think it is a great thing to have.
      I enjoy that fb group so much! It encourages me daily! Plus there is great warmth and friendship.
      Thank you Elaine for sharing this. Love

  11. Dear Annabel,

    You are such the detective. I can just *see* the store manager's face as you're chatting him up! LOL we need to laugh when talking about serious business like sustaining our families. Thank you for all you've opened our eyes to see. Also, building our support network is such a smart topic to explore.
    How did I build up my pantry so far this week?
    I prayed, and went shopping. I silently prayed in the store as I walked.
    I "stumbled" onto the lowest price I've EVER seen on wild-caught salmon. The guy at the meat counter explained that the store accidentally over-ordered, and they had to drastically reduce the price to move the fish. $1.99/lb. I bought 11 pounds. Around $100.00 worth of salmon for less than $25.00. I am serious when I say I'm thanking God. I've heard other ladies have stuff like that happen and I know I've been blessed. I'm breaking it all down into smaller portions and freezing. I also stocked up on bar-b-que sauce that my girls love, 18 oz bottles for .79cents each, normally $2.99. (I haven't found a home-made recipe that suits both of their tastes yet). I bought 18 bottles. The new ads came out today. I'll review them and see what I can add with the remainder of my funds for this week. Number one on the list is more water.

    I love all of the comments. We can prepare, stay encouraged and not feel overwhelmed, even for those of us who are essentially beginners. It is very much being a Proverbs 31 woman, and not giving in to fear or doomsday panic. Thank you for your level-headedness and balance!

    Colette xxx

    1. Dear Colette,
      Slow and steady wins the race that is for sure. Consistency is a big thing. Thats what I think about the Prov woman. She seemed just to be always at it and kept going. Over time this achieves much more than all or nothing type approaches. Also we can only do what we can! And that is enough. From that we know we have been prudent. I have come to love the word prudent... I never would have used it once!
      Your prayer before shopping and then your eyes opened to see that special... that is how I pray, that my eyes are open and I see! People walk straight past things like this as they are headed for a specific thing and never see. What a fantastic thing to be able to stock up on! It is the same as a gift of 8 lbs of beautiful salmon. That is so much!
      Haha re the store manager. I thought he might be freaked out lol but he seems flattered that I think he is an expert and want his opinion. Well that is helpful anyway!
      Thank you for this it made me so happy! With love,

  12. Annabel, I am also new to your blog. I discovered it about three weeks ago. I love it. After reading yours and A Working Pantry blog, I have started preparing and stocking a pantry. I need to rearrange and donate some items in my basement to make room for a storage area. My kitchen is very small and very little cabinet space. My husband makes fun of me for trying to build my pantry but he is also the first to say something is coming and we have to be prepared. Doesn't make much sense does it? In the few weeks that I have been following your blog, I have learned so much and I have been telling my friends about the wonderful information you are giving us. Thank you so much for all your information, I do appreciate it.
    Paula in Kansas

    1. Dear Paula,
      Thank you so much!
      It is great you have a basement especially if your kitchen is small. When you see some pantries it is amazing what you can do with a set of shelves or a cupboard. It is worth looking at Brandy's Pantry on A Prudent Homemaker. Inspiring!
      Thank you for your encouragement. Mostly I learn from the US ladies as in Australia canning etc isnt so big. However my family are from the country and that means a good pantry.Mum always has made jam, relishes etc and been a good cook.
      Paula as you make a space and increase your storage enjoy it. It is a great challenge and it is amazing how fast things build up if you do a little each week. When I started on the cellar it was a dusty mess. I did 15 mins a day and it was amazing how that worked!
      I mainly stock up with great deals and specials and also by using money I have saved somewhere else. Its very motivating!
      I am so glad to have you here. Love

  13. Annabel, such food for thought. We really are at risk of trouble aren't we? I have read your post carefully but haven't yet got to the replies which I always love to read.
    Fi xx


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