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Sunday 12 July 2015

Crock pot series. Super easy Cheesecake.

This is so good it deserves a post. I have found any desert that needs to set (rather than rise) works so well in the crock pot.

I put this on and went to the shops. All I had to do was cool it when I got home and a fancy desert was done. Also I gave away slices to the girls and we had three nights of a lush desert!

There is not much to this. Other than to say if you feel at all the Cheesecake is at all fancy and you have not made one try this as it is soooo easy.

You could use any baked cheesecake recipe. If you have one you love then use that.
All you need is a dish, cake tin, that will sit flat in the bottom of your crock pot.

Line this bottom and sides. I use non stick baking paper.

Make sure it fits! Place a couple of cups of water into the bottom of your crock pot.

My recipe is this:

One and a half cups of biscuit or cornflake crumbs. (I had sweet biscuits and I belted them senseless with a rolling pin in a large plastic bag)
3 tablespoons melted butter.
Mix these two together and press into the pan as your base.
Make the edges look neat as it will look nice!

Then soften up 3 blocks cream cheese.  (8oz or 226 g)
When soft blend in 3/4 cup sugar, a large teaspoon of good thick vanilla extract, 3 eggs, Blend until smooth as silk!

Pour this into your dish and smooth the top.
Put this into the crock pot then top up the water level to come up 3/4 way of your pan.
Turn on, cover top with a clean kitchen cloth and put on lid. (I have shown this in previous posts, towel goes under the lid to catch moisture)

On high this takes about two and a half hours. 
Test it with a skewer. You can see it is firm not liquid. 
At the end the top may be moist. I blotted it lightly with a paper towel.

Remove when you are happy with it. Let cool and as it cools it becomes solid and can be removed like you would remove a cake from a cake pan. If in doubt refrigerate it and remove it once really hard.

Decorate with berries or a glaze or whatever you like. Imagine a great pile of fresh berries!

This is rich, it cuts perfectly. It is rich enough that I think fruit with it is necessary.

A Cheesecake looks fabulous on a cake stand. It could be a lovely birthday cake. Also it is quite stable and would be good for taking to a function or as a lovely gift.
A ribbon tied around it would look beautiful!

It was a bit of a treat last week for us. 

Next week I will get back to the gift making. I am working on a tutorial to make roses. I have been making roses for years. If you love them as I do this is for you! Bouquets of these look beautiful in vases and bowls and make into bunches, wrapped in tissue paper and a ribbon, are wonderful as gifts. They are really easy and super cheap to make. To send a bunch of roses to someone here is easily $100.  A bunch of these will look pretty for years and cost you about $6  (for a dozen or so).  Just now I have a large case I am wanting to fill with flowers so this is my project. I thought they would be a good thing to teach as they look lovely and many of us are lovers of pretty things and flowers!

Have a wonderful week! xxx


  1. Now you have my attention Annabel, as I've returned from our trip to a non-functioning oven! So the stovetop, grill and slow cooker are all going to be working overtime. Now a baked cheesecake in the slow cooker is mind boggling...what else can be done I wonder! Yours looks mouthwatering, and as for the roses, well...sublime as always. I recall making them when I was a teen, from crepe paper. Much shaping, and smoothing and stretching of the edges of the petals was involved, from memory. Are yours like that? They look just gorgeous! Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi,
      Truly try this sometime! Between a BBQ, crock pot, Wok, fry pan... I could do ok without an oven and I know you will be right too for as long as needed. I was once surprised that an oven is not normal in many countries they dont have them! That was a shock at first!
      The way you describe the roses sounds about right. I can see you doing this... they are really quite amazing especially a collection of them. With love and thanks,

  2. I would never of thought of doing cheesecake in a crock pot - it looks SO delicious! And the roses are beautiful. I love that soft mauve colour.

    1. Dear Jayne, Thank you! I will give directions on this soft mauve. I was copying one of my very favorite roses called Blue Moon! I love soft muted colors.
      The cheesecake is truly yum. I was even amazed how good that is. Sort of impressive unless someone finds out how easy it is! We should keep it a secret! xxx

  3. A question Annabel. Is the dish for the cheesecake a springform tin or something solid?

    1. Thanks Barb... I should have said that... Solid. A spring form pan would let water into the dish I think. But with the baking paper the cheesecake comes out fine and neatly. Thanks for this! xxx

  4. That cheese cake looks divine! I would have never thought you could bake a cheese cake in a crockpot! I continue to learn new things about crockpot cooking from your series! I am anxiously awaiting the rose making tutorial too!

    1. Thanks Patsy! I am hoping you will like the roses they make a really lovely gift! xxx

  5. I also wasn't aware you could cook a cheesecake in the crock pot, Annabel. It does look lovely.

  6. Looks gorgeous!
    Id love to make this Annabel, but in my crockpot I can only fit my loaf tin, so is yours big enough to fit say a 20cm round tin? My big crockpot, (that fits the loaf pan), is oval shape, and my small crockpot (which has just died) was a small round and none of my dishes would fit in it.
    I have made a few puddings , loaves and cakes in my big crockpot , and the first time I made an apple cake directly into the small round, but oh what a job to get it out .In the end I just had to use a big spoon to dish out servings.
    Look forward to your reply :-)

    1. Yes my crock pot easily fits a 20cm dish. Keep your eye out for an oval baking dish that would fit... I see them often and that would work. But really you could use your loaf tin you would just end up with a rectangle cheesecake. it would look nice as the slices would be nice!
      If cooking cakes etc directly in the crock pot always line with non stick paper. Also line your dish inserts, it just saves problems, everything comes out so nicely.
      I hope this helps. Watch out for a nice oval dish that would be so handy for many things! xxx

  7. Hi Annabel

    What a scrumptious looking cheesecake (ahem not good for my diabetes though). I have just seen Wendy's topping for apple crumble so I am making this for dessert tonight.........hmm maybe I could make this one next week when DP is home and have a small slice of it (who am I kidding it would have to be a generous slice) I am very intrigued about cooking it in the crockpot, I really never knew until you started sharing ideas of what could truly be made in it.

    Looking forward to your gift exciting

    Hope you are staying rugged up as I have seen it has been very cold down your way. Sunny but very cold here today


    1. Dear Aly, It has been cold! There was snow about half an hour from here! And cold for days too, rain, hail, the lot! The good thing about it is that this weather I get more crafts done. So a start on Christmas and some tutorials!
      When you are really busy or have to travel a long day as I know you do sometimes the crock pot full of a pot roast or something can be really good. I used to travel an hour and a half to and from a big days shop. I was always done when I got home and then there was all that unpacking to do! Those kind of nights dinner ready is lovely!
      Andy had some cheesecake... he isnt too bad with protein so that went well. Also berries he is good with. Sugary fruits not so much!
      I need to go catch up on Wendy's blog! We love apple crumble, crumble anything! Lots of love and thanks,

  8. Thanks Annabel, I will do. Also do you think your recipe would fit a loaf tin or should I halve it?

    1. I think if the loaf tin I am thinking of is like a loaf of bread sized tin and it is not shallow, then it will fit. It will be thicker?deeper so you might find it takes longer to set. But I cant see why it wouldnt work! Good luck! xxx

  9. Thanks so much for your quick reply , I will look for an oval that fits or a bigger crock ;-) love Maria xx

  10. I am so going to try this. As soon as I get off here I am going to look for an oval shaped dish to fit in my slow cooker.

    Love, love those roses Annabel, cant wait for the tutorial now :)

    Thank you for being so generous with your time.


    1. Thanks Tania! I hope you will enjoy the roses. They look quite realistic in a big bowl with some real leaves... I find that works well.
      In an oval crock pot and oval insert helps lots. Currently I have a round (small) and a large rectangle crock pot but my last one was oval too. Yesterday I got some perfect inserts for vegies from IKEA! I will show this in the next couple of weeks, I was thrilled with them and so cheap!
      Many thanks, Love Annabel.xxxx

  11. The cheesecake recipe is fabulous! Thanks for the instructions Annabel. I have a large deep oval bakeware dish, possibly ceramic? I think it should be okay to use and it fits snugly inside my oval crockpot. I bought this casserole dish from an op shop years ago for a couple of dollars. It worked well for baked custard in the crockpot, so I will try it! It won't slice as pretty, but we will manage ;-)

    I really thought they were actual blue moon blooms.I had to enlarge the photo, it looks so real! Gorgeous result. xoxo

    1. Dear Kaye, That dish sounds perfect. I hope you like this. I think its our favorite desert just now!
      I am making roses now and brushing up on them and trying to get them to look realistic! It is really fun to do... I just love roses! A bit interesting trying to do a tutorial! Will see how it goes! Lots of love,

  12. One more reason (of thousands??) to own and USE {{OFTEN!!}} the Handmaiden Crock Pot!


    Hugs and happy highways,

    1. Thank you Kelley! This was an easy one but a goodies!
      With love,

  13. Annabel, It's amazing what can be baked in a slow cooker!! Mine is oval also, so I will try a loaf pan soon. Your cheesecake loves divine!

    I'm so excited to see the tutorial. I thought the roses were real! lol Beautiful!!!

    Have a great week! Love, Teri

    1. Dear Teri,
      It would be really handy for you if you found an oval ceramic pie dish. For custard, creme caramel, cheesecake etc. Keep your eyes out!
      The roses are really good for gift giving, parcel toppings etc. I hope it might be fun and useful.
      I hope you are having a great week! Lots of love,

  14. Annabel,
    I am going to make your cheesecake, my hubby loves cheesecake! And I can't wait to see how you make your roses I love roses. If I lived alone my house would look like a quaint little cottage with lots of rose patterns and dainty things, but alas my guys are more like a pack of wild boars on the loose!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      I hope you have a little corner of roses and beauty just for yourself. I understand man stuff thats for sure... my bed side table is one of my pretty places!
      I hope this cheesecake works great for you and your husband loves it!
      Many thanks! Love

  15. Dear Annabel,
    I am totally going to make this! So clever and looks delish!! I am excited for the Rose tutorial coming up. Thank you for all you're sharing with the crock pot it really is a huge time saver.
    Love, Colette xxx

    1. Dear Colette,
      I can really imagine you making these roses. They are quite lovely to make as you see a rose form it is really lovely! Its kind of addictive.
      I hope you love this cheesecake. It is rich so this size will feed a family plus more! With love Annabel.xxxx


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