The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Monday 29 December 2014

Our farm Christmas.

How was your Christmas? We were away as we always have Christmas at the farm and the whole family gathers there. My Dad is a farmer and my parents home is still the centre of the family and "home".

We arrived there on Christmas Eve. Most of the family arrived Christmas morning and there was a massive number of us with extended family who also brought family!

Mum has everything ready with the dining room set up a couple of days before. There were two huge tables ready to fit everyone. And her tree is in the corner of the lounge room with presents underneath. By the time we all added ours the floor was covered!

When everyone arrives presents are exchanged. There is a huge flurry of activity and excitement! It doesn't matter if you are young or old! This has been the same for the girls for every year of their lives. Not much has changed. My Dad often spend the day assembling toys, finding batteries and all of those things but now the youngest child is my brothers daughter and she is nearly a teenager.

This is my Dad with Lucy. This is special as he has been waiting for Lucy to have a baby for so long, he was like "WHAT'S taking so long?"  They were married in March and expecting in May but still what could possibly be taking so long!? So I guess Dad is keen to be a Great Grand Father. Years ago Dad had a major heart attack and wasn't meant to survive. But here he is and he still works full time and goes faster than most 30 year olds! I can't keep up with him anyhow! For the girls growing up my Dad was like their Dad too. He was really the number one man in their lives. I am so thankful of his good example. He would walk through fire for them and they really adore him. His speech at Lucy's wedding was really a highlight of my year. You know, when something is so precious you just count your blessings and am thankful as it would be too much to hope for and yet it happened...

Mum cooks a traditional roast lunch. Turkey, ham, ducks, stuffing, roast vegies, cranberry sauce and the whole works. And two Christmas puddings. Here she is dishing up a pudding...

The puddings are made a month or more in advance and Mum also makes some for gifts. Her puddings are famous! Another one comes out on New Years Day to start the year well!

Dinner is all the cold left overs (and about three days after which is glorious!) Oh and we brought home turkey and ham with us for a couple of meals too.

In the evening we went for a drive. Last Christmas I posted a heap of pictures of us all feeding my brothers deer.

This year at sunset we drove, fed the deer and looked at some Wedge Tailed Eagle nests. We saw two eagles up close but they were too quick for me to get photos of.  This is Kato feeding a deer. My brother keeps giant bags of carrots on hand just for the deer. They are crazy on carrots!

Andy and Chloe feeding the deer...

This is me standing next to a nest that has fallen down. It got so heavy the whole branch broke. That mass of sticks on my right is a nest on its side. Its really almost as big as me. After this the birds made a new one up a bit higher.

As I'm walking away you can see the new nest they built up the top of the tree... by now the light is getting bad as the sun is almost gone.

As the sun set I took a few photos. These giant nests still stood out in the trees! It was really beautiful.

By the time we got back to the farm house and all ready for bed we were all tired! It was a long day! But a good one and I am counting every blessing. 

And now we are home and back to it! My new diary/planner is out and these few days are lovely to think about the wonderful year we had and start to think about the new year. I will post again as usual for Feather your Nest Friday and next week we will start on the 2015 stock the pantry (in my case cellar) and emergency preparedness challenge. I really want to go from the beginnings of this to a well stocked cellar by the end of the year. It will be a big job!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Our families and lives are all so unique but this was my day! We were happy it was not a hot day, it was really mild and even rained a little bit. That was lovely. 

The year is almost over! What a good year it has been! xxx


  1. I SO enjoyed your photojournal today of your Christmas as the farm. God is INDEED good!

    Happy New Year hugs to you! I'm at the airport, bound soon for Guam.

    1. Thank you Kelley. Happy New Year to you. I have been to look at your photos in the hospital and they are very touching. I hope I can join you in something new in 2015! Much love

  2. Beautiful photos Annabel. Wow that nest was huge. Wouldn’t want to be underneath it when it fell. Your parents sound wonderful. I am looking forward to your emergency preparedness/stock the pantry challenge. I am now on the lookout for some large food grade storage containers for bulk storage of flour, rice and sugar.

    1. I hadnt thought of what would happen to anything (or anyone) under that nest! It was so heavy as they kind of glue it together... anyway it weights a ton! Do try some takeaway food stores, bakeries etc for your bulk storage as many of them get things in big solid buckets and bins. You never know! I cant wait to start either, I will feel better if Im prepared plus my emergency fund is healthier! Thank you for joining me in this! Happy New Year to you Sherri.xx

  3. Bless your mum and dad. The farm setting is amazing. I would be beside myself seeing the deer!!! Xx

    1. Happy New Year and thank you so much for your comments and support this year.
      A deer licked Andy on the nose. I think I would have ducked as I am a little afraid... they are tame but they are so powerful! But it is an amazing close up look! xxx

  4. A wonderful large Christmas gathering. Looks like it was a most enjoyable day for you all! What a huge nest! Thanks for sharing the photos with us all.xo

    1. Thanks Kaye. Happy New Year to you and I hope 2015 is wonderful! It is a very exciting time!
      I hope 2015 is wonderful for us both! xxx

  5. A farm Christmas sounds lovely and I bet your Mum is a great cook.

    1. Wendy you would love the farm. Ducks, ducklings, flowers, a bay leaf tree, big old fashioned stoves and Mums beautiful huge pantry. I should have taken a photo of that!
      Wishing you and the family a wonderful 2015 xxx

  6. Thank you for sharing. Really loving your blog Happy New Year, Robynne

  7. Dear Robynne, thank you! Happy New Year to you too and I hope we both have a great, happy and productive year. Thank you so much! Love

  8. Lovely photos, Annabel. Lots of memories made as well I imagine. I am back home again so am catching up on everyone's blogs. My girl loves your blog and finds it very inspiring. She had a good sleep today so hopefully won't feel so sleep deprived. Her hubby did some housework while she and bub had a snooze. I wish you God's richest blessings for 2015!

    1. Welcome home Nanna Chel! I know you would have been so much help to your daughter. I remember how much help my Mum was to me. In fact it was a mini crisis when she left but I soon learned and was ok! I think a good sleep is a great help.
      Happy New Year to you and I am looking forward to a new year, I hope it is wonderful for us all! xxx

  9. Hi Annabel,
    Sounds like such a lovely Christmas. It brings back many memories of my farm life. My mum still does most of the cooking for our big day, and she also travels to bring it to my home. Love the size of those nests. We had "Wedgy's" on our farm too, but I don't recall seeing their nests.

    I am home from Arno Bay, but off to Adelaide tomorrow for a quick trip. We had a great time away, and I am feeling refreshed apart from Mount Wash More that I am currently trying to get through. The washing machine is getting a work out!

    I look forward to your up and coming posts, I think it is time to start thinking seriously about keeping a stockpile as 2015 could be a bad year for many. I am hearing that there could be another global crash. I hope it isn't true...

    See you soon :)

    Love Tania xo

    1. Im glad you have a nice time Tania and feel refreshed.
      I have to say it is a worry when you see so many nations are broke. Rich nations too, or formerly rich. I read sometimes what different analysts say... and I dont know, I think anything is possible. I expect one day the whole thing will collapse and stocks and shares will be worth nothing (along with superannuation!) I am sceptical that is for sure of banks and financial advisors! It is an interesting subject! Well we will build up our reserves and also hopefully we have a lot of skills that are very good to have, gardens with food in them and happy lives. I am really looking forward to 2015. Happy New Year and thank you so much for your wonderful comments and support this

  10. Happy New Year Annabel, may it be a peaceful and prosperous and healthy one for us all. Thank you for sharing so much.
    Barb :)


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