The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday 21 December 2014

Laine's Letters. Christmas Blessings.

The weekend saw my daughter and her husband move into their new house! Saturday we all chipped in and helped and it was a great day. What a nice thing to be in their new home for Christmas! I am very grateful for this. Now they have a nursery to set up and Lucy can build up her new nest!

I feel almost organised and a few things only left to do before Christmas Day. At this time of the year I start thinking a little bit about the end of the year nearing. One thing is thinking of getting a new planner/diary. Last week I found one! This is exciting to me! I am going to post about how much a planner helps me get things done. But not only that but appreciate life! A planner helps you achieve your goals, make changes, stay on track and it saves you money! That can come next week though we are not there yet!

Before I ever start a new diary I do a lot of thinking about the year that has just been. Boy it was a really big year! Of all the things that were wonderful I wanted to show you something my friend Helen made for me. This was a highlight of my year. You know of course in the world it has not been a great year. There were times I felt so upset. But we need to stop and appreciate what we have to be grateful for and make new plans and dreams.

If you have followed along you might know I read a blog called Laine's Letters for most of the time my children were young. Laine was so wonderful. She was like a friend writing you a letter. So much encouragement and so many practical tips. I just loved them. But as well it was like a Bible study to read those letters. A Bible Study brought to life in the most lovely way.
I really was profoundly influenced by Laine.

Long after Laine no longer blogged you could still read her letters on line and I would pop back there every now and then until one day they were gone! The reason I had been looking for them again was to read from a new perspective. She used to talk of the role of the older women, and of grandchildren and that is where I am up to now!

My friend Helen, it turned out, had also read and adored Laines Letters. When we knew this about each other it was like finding your sister! Then next I found this out about my friend Kaye as well! We had all sat quietly reading Laines letters, here in different parts of Australia and she built up all of our lives and homes and no doubt influenced how we brought up our children and ran our households. Well, at last I had friends who knew what I was talking about!

Once these letters disappeared I was so sorry I never copied them all to keep. What a loss! I posted on face book did anyone know where I could find these letters or what had happened to them? And someone replied to me to try The Wayback Machine which is a web archive. And there they were! Thanks to Kaye and Helen copies were made! And next thing the letters couldn't be accessed there either.

I have blogged about Laine several times and this story. Laine is listed as a label (index) here on my blog for anyone also a follower.

Next thing I had an email from a lady who said she was Laines friend and that Laine had lost her letters and could we provide a copy? You know I thought sure! I couln't believe this could be true! But sure enough an email arrived in my inbox from Laine. I rang Helen and said could she please pray about this because I really found it too hard to believe that Laine would write to me! I forwarded this letter to Helen. She rings me saying "its Laine its Laine!"  You should have heard us that day! Now I feel silly!
Laine had really lost her letters as her website had been hacked and that is why is had disappeared. Laine had stopped writing because of health reasons.

Helen went ahead and printed all of Laines Letters into books for us all to have. First came "In my Home" Letters. These are about as thick as a magazine. Helen made them look so lovely.

Next came "Laines Letters". These are so thick! They are like phone books! This is a vast volume of work! There is Volume one and volume two.

This was the most beautiful gift.
And then Helen made a set and sent them all to Laine in the US and returned all her works to her! 
To me this was amazing. After us all loving Laine so much we ended up with the letters and were able to give them all back to her. Laine even loved the covers Helen had chosen and the colours.

We could not have imagined this. I am still amazed. Amazed that I would ever hear from Laine or that we could ever do something for her. It is just a miracle.

And now I am in a new stage of life with Lucy having a baby and wanting to read what Laine says.  Laines daughter is also having a baby. I was reading her letters when Lucy was little and her daughter was little and now they are both married and having babies. Amazing.

This is one of the really special things that happened this yeat that blessed me so much.

And I am using these books all through next year as my Bible study. I need to be doing a good bible study and these are just right. So they are my project for 2015.

As I open and begin to read the words bring memories flooding back of little children at my feet and the warmth of Laines words that encouraged me.

Laine is starting a new blog next year. And if you would like to read her letters they are available again on The Wayback Machine here

Many good things happened this year. As I look back over the year it's hard not to have a tear in my eye over the beautiful wedding, my Fathers speech that day, the glorious photos that captured it,
a baby on the way, a blog that grew from nothing, a new kitchen in our home that my husband built me!

Have a beautiful Christmas. Build lovely memories and warm moments. Appreciate our blessings and help someone that needs it.

I will be back when we return from the farm and hopefully with lots of photos and left over food! 
Then it is my very favourite time... the last minutes of the year before a brand new year!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and friendship and encouragement. xxx


  1. As you can imagine, this post brings tears to my eyes. xo

    This year has been one of immense blessing. Your blog and friendship are beyond words Annabel to express how much the impact has meant to me. Meeting lovely ladies like Helen and discovering new blogs from commenters here also has been wonderful. I feel linked in to a lovely circle of friends xo

    Helping Laine out was a privilege and joy to us all. Her beautiful letters will continue to bless others. I'm so glad they are online again and look forward to her blog starting over next year.

    Thanks so much for a year of beautiful blogging Annabel xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Kaye! Thank you for listening when God said "Copy those files Kaye!" We all came together for a beautiful reason.
      And here you and I are, in the same season in life, daughters expecting babies and so many things that are just the same as if we had parallel lives in many ways all apart from both "growing up" on Laines Letters.
      I am really glad I have you as a friend to go through next year with. I hope its a wonderful year. Have a beautiful Christmas

  2. I love Laine's Letters, and they've had a profound influence on my life. Would it be possible to buy a copy of each of the books your friend made of Laine's Letters? It would be a huge blessing!!! Thanks.

    1. Gramma I think the work and expense make it too difficult ie it cost a lot just to send them in the mail as they are very heavy. I hope possibly Laine might release them as a book or that you can copy them from The Wayback Machine and make up a folder for them. I know for Helen these were a huge amount of work and expense. So thank you for asking and I will pass it onto Laine as perhaps a book will come or else an ebook which would reduce the costs a lot. I know just how you feel about these letters! Also we have new letters to look forward to! Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

    2. Thank you! I have gone to The Wayback Machine, but unfortunately some are not available there. I understand about the expense, however, but thanks for the information. IF they should ever be available to purchase, please let me know. Blessings.

  3. That was a beautiful post to read Annabel! Brought a tear to my eye that Helen went to all that trouble and that you Helen and Kaye are so connected. I haven't read Laine's letters my year has been busy with family , but I look forward to starting , so thankyou for that link. Love to you , Helen, Kaye and Laine xxx Maria

    1. Thanks Maria,
      I am looking to these as a lot of Grandmother advice and wisdom. My Nana taught me so much, my crochet, cooking.... flowers... lots of things. Laine got me through Motherhood so I figure she will get me through Grandmotherhood! Have a wonderful Christmas day! xxx

  4. I too followed Laines Letters years ago. I had kept the online site
    and would go there in recent years and then I found they were not there
    online anymore. i was so upset I googled it and found the Bluebirds are
    Nesting blog. I was so thrilled when I read all she had to say and share
    with us. Look forward to new letters in the new year. BUT when I tried to sign up for the letters to come, it all came back as undeliverable. Next I clicked on deborahs name and that email also came back. Help, I do not want to miss out when it all begins again.

    1. Hi! The letters on the Wayback Machine are only an archive it isnt a live site. So links etc wont work. When Laine starts the new blog I will post the new address and let you know so you wont miss out.
      I am looking forward to it too! Have a wonderful Christmas! xx

  5. Dear Annabel, It was so nice to read your post. What a lovely gift your friends made and gave to you and Laine. Like you and many others, I am so looking forward to Laine's writings again in the new year. I am a fairly new grandmother, too, and would love reading more about this season of life. She has been a great source of teaching and encouragement in my life in so many ways. I really like your idea to use her letters in the upcoming year as a tool for Bible study and would be very interested to read more about your plan or method by which you go about this, if sharing that is something you might consider. Blessings to you and yours, Lynnea

  6. Dear Annabel, It was so nice to read your post. What a lovely gift your friends made and gave to you and Laine. Like you and many others, I am so looking forward to Laine's writings again in the new year. I am a fairly new grandmother, too, and would love reading more about this season of life. She has been a great source of teaching and encouragement in my life in so many ways. I really like your idea to use her letters in the upcoming year as a tool for Bible study and would be very interested to read more about your plan or method by which you go about this, if sharing that is something you might consider. Blessings to you and yours, Lynnea

    1. Dear Lynnea congratulations on becoming a Grandmother. I cant wait!
      I havent quite worked out my Bible study plan other than to re read all Laines Letters from a new perspective as now Im the older woman she talked about so much and about to be a Grandmother. I will let you know though how it develops. I know theres enough wisdom, teaching and scripture though to get me into some pretty wonderful subjects!
      Have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year. Love

  7. I am in awe of the gift that Helen made for you and Laine, what a special lady. I cant wait until Laine returns next year, but before she does I want to read back over all her previous letters, just for inspiration. I shall be doing this in the quiet time coming up after Christmas.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog Annabel, without it I would not have found such a beautiful person as yourself. You are a blessing to my life. I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas with your family, and we will see you when you get back all refreshed and ready for the New Year.

    Lots of love
    Tania xoxo

    1. Dear Tania, Thank you! What a year it has been!
      Have a lovely Christmas with your family.
      Thank you for your friendship Tania so very much. After Christmas I will do a heap of thinking and planning about next year. I hope its a wonderful year for all of us! Lots of love,

  8. Merry Christmas Annabel.

    What a lovely delight your blog is and I truly look forward to reading it each and every week. You have a beautiful voice on this blog and the photos are just glorious.

    Wishing you, Andy and the girls and your extended family a wonderful loving time this Christmas.

    Mrs Tiggywinkle xx

  9. I also read Laine back when we first got a computer and internet. I had 3 teens at home then. She is wonderful!
    I hope you have had a Merry Christmas.

    1. Rhonda I just had my first computer too and just worked out how to get around on the internet. Laines must have been one of the first good things I found! best thing ever!
      We are just home from the farm and had a lovely time. Tired though! I hope Christmas was wonderful for you.xx

  10. Seasons Greeting Annabel, hope you had a truly beautiful Christmas with the family. Today I started writing bits & pieces into my 2015 diary & thought of you :) tomorrow I am going to pop in my goals for 2015 & work on my colour combination & page set out for each days tasks etc, LOL. So much fun!

    Hope your new year overflows with happiness. xx Love Susan

    PS: My gorgeous comfort box is sitting here next to me as I can't stand being separated from it, LOL. xx

    1. Dear Susan, Thank you! We did have a great Christmas. Apart form all the Christmas things we went for an evening drive looking at Wedge tailed Eagle nests!
      Today I am starting on my new diary! Happy dance! I have lots of writing to do! And the next days will be the same which I enjoy so much. I love this thoughtful time. Many thanks love

  11. What a lovely gift. I love the covers. Looking forward to Laine's blog in God's timing. I too am just about to become a grandmother for the first time and would love to be encouraged in this role through her on her new blog. Blessings, Theresa

  12. Thank you so very much! I'd love to see Laine publish her letters in book form.
    Please drop by and say hello!

    Have a wonderful season!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  13. Hello!
    I know this is an old post, but I just found your blog last night while looking for Laine's Letters.
    I appreciate so much you linking to the sites that are way back!
    I wanted to know...Are all her letters/In My Homes/etc. there? I would like to print them out and have them bound, but am just wondering if the lists are complete?
    {Also, are the books that Helen had made complete?}
    Thanks so very, very much!
    Beth in NC

    1. Dear Beth, Welcome! I am so glad you found something helpful. The lists are missing just a few letters. It seems the titles are there but some don't come up when you click on them. MOST are there including In My Home etc. Helen published everything available which was three huge thick books that weigh a ton! But we wanted to preserve printed copies incase... and gave these to Laine also.
      I would copy as many letters as you can and bind them or make a scrap book. The safest option I think! Also I hope you saw Laine wrote a post here for me! I was so excited about that! Many thanks! Love

  14. Hello, did Laine start a new blog, and what is her blog name . I just found out about her letters and would sooo love to keep reading them.

    1. Im sorry to report no Laine hasnt started a new blog so I keep re reading the old ones. I am glad you have found them they are wonderful! xxx


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