The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Turning gloom into glow.

Already our evenings are so dark! It seems so soon and memories of garden watering as the sun set at 9pm seem a minute ago. But no, it is almost dark when Andy gets home from work. 

That can just feel so gloomy and cold! And I think it is hard on people having no recreation time in the daylight. But that is the season and we have to adapt.

A total transformation from gloom to glow is walking into an open fire. Everyone gravitates to a fire. It is beautiful, warm, comforting, lovely...

At the farm there are fires and things feel so cozy. Knitting near the fire.... ahhh!

Coming in at second best but still lovely is candle light. We also have fairy lights inside and I just love them. Between these we go from gloomy to a soft glow, twinkly fairy lights and things seem inviting, romantic and pretty. What a change in atmosphere! 

I have lots of candles around the house. I need to take a photo of the bedroom ones... I didn't think of that last night! So here is our lounge room and dining table...

A great tip is to place your candles in front of a mirror and double the effect and light. The same with fairy lights it seems you have twice as many.

Our hallway is really dark, I always have a candle on a hall table.

Our fairy lights are solar. You can get them often at cheap shops. They turn themselves on when it gets dark and depending on the sun that has charged them they go a few hours or into the night. I place the solar part on the windowsill where some sun hits it during the day. They are soft and sooo pretty. I want to get some more...

These are over my angel statue in the lounge room, it's tough to photograph when darker but this gives an idea...

These look wonderful along a mantlepiece or even draped around a canopy bed, along a curtain rod... they look just wonderful the darker it gets. They honestly transform the atmosphere and cost NOTHING to run. Between these and candles we barely use electric lights as night, I do to cook. So a massive saving too and all for a beautiful effect.

I bought a candelabra from the op shop on my trip the other day. It needed a spray paint as it was brassy. This has replaced a couple of small candles on the dining room table...

Now you do have to be sensible with candles especially with little kids around etc. In that case the solar fairy lights are great as they are not even hot if you touch the globes, cannot be knocked over. Mostly I would keep things up high and out of the way and have them anyway because these things are all magical when you are little! In fact solar fairy lights would work nicely as a night light in a child's room and be so pretty.

Further cozying up comes from adding soft throw rugs to the lounge, a hot dinner, soup, good things in the oven.... then a gloomy evening becomes so beautiful! 

Today I am making soup from a big broccoli special. And tonight I am roasting a turkey! Yep a whole turkey. I bought several when they were $3.50 a kilo after Christmas. Then I will have a challenge to see how many meals I can get from this turkey... but tonight it's a roast and roast vegies and gravy and the works. Also we had some rain overnight, I am so glad of that! So it is truly a cozy day and evening. Well, that is the plan.... Have a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. I'm glowing with admiration Annabel :)

    1. Thanks Mimi. I am at work to keep away the winter blahhs that can get me if Im not careful! xxx

  2. I like the tip you have on using the solar fairy lights. I must look into getting some of them! We don't use candles all the time (safety issues) but we do use them in some areas where it is safer. We use them on the dining table and in the bathroom for instance.
    We do, however, like to use lamps and dimmer switches. We love the soft ambient light and the peacefulness it creates in the home. It makes everything look soft and beautiful. xo

    1. Thanks Kaye, my sets have been $15 and have lasted, the first set is in the fourth year. I have them outside too over an arch and a plant at the front door. It looks lovely! If you would feel safer a candle in the bottom of a giant mason jar, like a hurricane lantern style is quite good as the flame is almost encased by glass except the very top bit. Good for outside too. We have Cheap as Chips.... thats where I am getting solar lights but I have seen them in Big


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