The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Holiday projects.

Over the weekend I had a very funny little moment. Chloe had a few days off just as we all did and had used it for a few projects (and a rest). She had seen a lovely jumper that she adored on Polyvore, it was a Miu Miu jumper for $485 
It sold out, I notice, at that price... 
If you want to see it google Miu Miu bow back jumper or look at this link

So Chloe bought herself a chain store jumper and set to work. 

Here is her chain store purchase....

And here she is in her Miu Miu inspired jumper...

My funny little moment was thinking she has spent her holidays doing exactly what she always did as a school child. School holidays were wonderful. We looked forward to them so much. And I was surrounded by mothers who hated school holidays complained the kids were bored and so on. Not us. I loved the girls at home. We had sleep ins, pyjama days, late nights, movie nights, movie marathons, days of cooking, days of crafts, little outings and it was gone in a flash, too soon.

I did feel if I had not taught the girls to cook, sew, housekeep, garden etc they would never have learned these things as what they did at school was pitiful. Similarly when I was at school my home ec teacher gave us a packet mix cake... that was learning how to make a cake. Quality. I'm sure there are better teachers and better schools but this is how it was.

But more and what ever school might have been like it is our job to teach our children and many things they need to know are best learned from us. I notice many skills I use everyday were taught to me by Mum or one of my Nans. 

School holidays are needed for rest. Kids get tired, even as they got older I found by the end of term they were tired. And I noticed growth spurts happened in holidays when they slept lots. Immune systems need the rest and catch up I'm sure. And we relished that.

Every holidays we had a heap of projects going and many carried through into the school term like crocheting a rug or something like that.

So here years later Chloe is using her long weekend to make over a jumper. I just smiled and am glad of all the little skills she has stored up in her that make her feel she doesn't have to pay lots for things she likes, she can make herself a copy for a fraction of the cost.
It was a moment of seeing some groundwork paying off! The time spent with your children and teaching them little things is not a waste of time, it is treasure and limited. Use it and love it. I can still help them and teach them but not like in those years when we all lived together day and night. 

A beautiful site for clothes ideas is Polyvore. Also Pinterest as you can use it to find outfit ideas and DIY fashion ideas which are limitless! Many times gorgeous designer things are really ordinary things with something added and you can really re create them easily. If you love clothes and fashion or have a teenager who does a wonderful site is LoveMaegan blog.
She is a stylist and has a huge DIY fashion section of tutorial for clothes, accessories and also home wares. Everything is designer inspired and gorgeous plus easy to do. I love her site! She also has great hair tutorials....
If you have teenage girls and need holiday projects try that site. 

I always say you can have almost anything your heart desires if you don't mind making it. This is a great thing to teach kids and when they get older and care about clothes then this is great. They can have the things they want if they can earn the money to pay for it or make it. Parents have budgets and teaching staying in your budget is the most important thing and is more important than teaching how to use a credit card!

Teaching simple things like how to hem jeans and basic mending is a little time well spent. Saying I will show you how to do it, lets do it together... it takes a bit longer but is a good investment.

Now I am thinking I should be working on some nice things for my wardrobe! I have a couple of super easy winter fashion ideas  and DIYs I'll post as it gets cooler.

Have a wonderful


  1. Teaching your children valuable life skills is part of the nurturing and caring role of good parents. Sometimes though there are cultural reasons why particular skills are not taught. My mother taught us to sew, knit, crochet, and write letters. We were not allowed into the kitchen or laundry. No cleaning, except to clean our shoes. I feel sorry for young people today who miss out on learning skills from family members. Remember when every family played a musical instrument? Danced? Sang? Played cards or games? Laughed together? Played tennis? How will the next generation know how to live, I wonder. With children in day care and then glued to electronic entertainment, how will they know what to do all day and all night?

    1. So true Louise. You have reminded me about so many lovely things, loved and encouraged at home. I think too hobbies are part of being busy and content at home for children. I can't stand to hear anyone being bored, when there is so much to do. My Mum and her brother played tennis endlessly in the holidays, I remember that. I hope maybe I get to experience school holidays again with grandkids! xxx


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