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If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Shop your own wardrobe.

Most of us have quite a lot of clothes and accessories, wardrobes over stuffed and still end up wearing the same thing everyday or stand there thinking WHAT will I wear? 

Also I think most of us have by now an idea of what we like, suits us and what colours work for us. If not be guided by your own colouring, the colours of your eyes and hair.

A couple of years ago I did a big clean out and put everything out that was left... ie it fit and I liked or thought had potential, and had a giant make outfits session from stuff right there in front of me.

I had new info. I had seen a stylist and I had read a million things about the current season and ways to work your re wardrobe to look "current".

Now, I don't really care if I look current or not. As often I think what is current is hideous. But sometimes you can take ideas and use them to your advantage!

One thing that worked that year for me was adding a good belt to a series of day dresses I had. I took away the skinny fabric matching belt and added a chunky leather one with a great buckle. Then added a long line cardi and boots. Ooooh I loved the difference. Adding your belt over the top of the lot ie belt over cardi as well looks fabulous too if you are thin enough.

Since my dresses re work made me so many new outfits that I actually wore all winter I have done this once or twice a year and each time I am amazed by my new outfits! Plus it's fun. And you have a lovely time wearing things you love in new ways each day for just ages.

The money you save! You can just save. Or you can use it to buy something really wonderful that is an investment piece and really something good that maybe you would never have otherwise. 

A big help for me was with colours. I am down to the colours that suit me best after years of working that out. They go together and it is so easy. But colour rules changed. You might be way more advanced than me but for me some colour discoveries gave me so many more combinations to wear.

In my colour palette the discovery that blues and browns LOVE each other was a big help. 
Since I wear smoky blues and have caramel hair caramel and blue eyes they already go together (since I always go everywhere with my own blue eyes and caramel hair!) So I mostly carry a caramel bag and live in smoky blues. I wear jeans a lot so this all works with jeans.

Looking at pictures of exotic cats convinced me about brown and blue. Brown or tabby cats with striking blue eyes. Nature isn't wrong it's brilliant!

Noticing this and being captivated by it I noticed that tiger colours, leopard prints etc looked amazing with blue. I have always had a soft spot for leopard prints, animal prints. I go for soft muted ones and wear with smoky blue. Previously I would never have thought to wear blue and animal prints. (works with muted greens too) But now it is a main combination I love. Nature is brilliant. And when I wear this my eyes look really blue. If I do it with a smoky green my eyes look really green!

So now I was able to mix a whole heap of things I wouldn't have thought "went" before. My wardrobe doubled or tripled in that instant.

If I am going away for a few days a few items make heaps of combinations and I'm set.

Now whatever colours you have collected try doing the same. Try Polyvore and Pinterest and try googling current colour trends as you will probably find the same thing, you have combinations you never have used before and they look lovely. 

Another one that worked for me was the discovery that it's cool to wear navy with black. What? Well this gave me so many outfits. The idea is to do it like you meant to not like you got dressed in the dark! Below is a skirt (the lace) top and cardi combination I wear that I love. But now I just wear navy and black together all the time. Very french apparently. Who knew? Again this one thing gave me heaps of new combinations to wear.

Then chunky statement necklaces came in. Which I loved. But you can just wear several necklaces together or twist them together and so it is nothing for me to layer five necklaces. People are always asking me where did I get my necklace and it is just a few together.

Also came stacked bangles. I love that look. Seriously just wear several you already own, make them different, skinny with chunky with different textures. 
(note go for a statement necklace OR stacked bangles... not both together!)

Doing this include your bags and shoes. This year my project revealed an almost new pair of ankle boots in caramel I neglected last year. I will wear them with my jeans and brown/caramel/blues and they are perfect. I actually don't need to buy anything.

If you have daughters be brave and when your clothes are all laying out ask her what does she think will go with what. Or do this with a friend. They most times see things we don't and it is amazing how fresh input gives you a whole heap of new combinations. I think we see what we have in a certain way. If our eyes are open to new possibilities we can be amazed! Well, I was. I had things in front of me that I would not have put together and just like that they became outfits I love. Wardrobe blindness is like domestic blindness, when you don't notice something after a while but if you go away and come back you think wow how did I not realise...? Fresh eyes. Fresh possibilities.

I hope that a wardrobe re work might save you money and give you some fun wearing new combinations. It is lovely to have a series of outfits lined up and not have to think about it again for some time. Winter is great as you can layer and it gives you variety from mixing and matching. It is just gorgeous to know you have an outfit ready for any eventuality ready to go. And a wardrobe that just works instead of the nightmare I have faced before!

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