The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sheet music and beautiful sentiments.

Old sheet music is so wonderful. Things to use in scrap booking, card making etc can be really expensive. I notice they sell sheets of reproduced music sheets for a few dollars a sheet which makes me laugh as you can buy the real stuff for a few cents. And it is nicer!

If you come across hand written music, even better. This is beautiful framed. Gorgeous!

In home ware stores I have seen music sheets used as place mats (disposable) and rolled up and tied with little black ribbons or string and piled on a stand as a display or filling a vase or an urn. All very stylish. And cheap if you go to an op shop and stock up! 

I get whole books of it for $2 or so but some exquisite sheets with scrolls and gorgeous vintage lettering etc are a little more. Still a dollar or two is about it.

I use it so much in card making. Usually old song titles have romantic sounding names making great sentiments to use in cards. The music mostly looks aged and the colour is yellowing giving this beautiful antique effect. 

It makes lovely wrapping paper especially for Christmas. I have a book saved for next Christmas of Christmas Carols so I can wrap things with "Silent Night" and so on. How lovely! Also this could be used in your table setting and Christmas decor. I have found quite a few books of Christmas Carols.

Hymn books are glorious! the titles and words are so lovely. Many songs are prayers and blessings so very appropriate for cards and gifts.

Often when making cards I need a background and will use music. It is so inexpensive and effective. I have even found music study books in op shops with the music full of hand written music and scroll's all just beautiful for things I make. Better than anything you can buy at a store and a fraction of the price.

Another option is to find online someones favourite song in music and lyrics form and print it. It can be tea stained and left in the sun to get the aged effect. For a personal card or wrap favourite lyrics are really sweet. A romantic gift or decor is to blow up the music to your wedding song and frame that in your bedroom. This can be really inexpensive to do too. 

We have a country trip coming up so I'm hoping this will help me find some more old sheet music and a list of other things I'm after. The country op shops are amazing. Plus always talk to the people in them. Very often you can't see what you want but if you ask they will dash off and re appear with what you want. I have a lot of luck this way.

I'm so happy overnight we had a cool change. It is my new son in laws birthday. I have made him a tray of tuna mornay which he loves and a present of a cheese board of fancy cheeses which he goes mad over. Coming up next will be Andy's Birthday... I am working on that...

Yesterday I launched into my list of things to do for April and vaxed (washed) the carpet in Andy's office. This is the worst area, light coloured carpet, high traffic etc. So I did this room. The rest are easy after this. It took three tanks of sudsy water. There is weird satisfaction in pouring out the water and seeing the dirt you got out. It is also a workout! Well it eventually came up well and now today it is dry and I can see it looks great. I feel good I got this job out of the way and I can tick it off my list! I say that was a good start to April! And if I had paid to have it done it might have been $80 or $100 I think. I would say it cost me less then $1 to do myself. That is a good two hours work then.

I will do another room today but it will be quick and easy.

Have a lovely day! xx


  1. I'm going out to try my luck at securing some music books today at our local oppy's! People have definitely caught on though, and so many of the items that you see in decorator centres are being made (recreated) by people at home now. If the op shops know this, they charge accordingly to the popularity, and of course the stock disappears as quickly as it comes in on some things! :)

    1. Kaye I just said to Mimi we need to form a co op and watch out for the things we are all looking for, some areas seem better than others for certain things as yes they catch on... but some places I go it will be years before they catch on!

  2. I often just print sheets of music out, but the size of the paper is limiting. I don't have much luck in oppys here for sheet music, but then I do have a musician husband who can write it out for me by!

    1. Mimi and Kaye I think we need to form an op shop cooperative... different areas are better at different things... here there are a few of us who tell each other our op shop lists and watch out for each other... with something like sheet music which is light to post we could all help each other with our lists! We could cover a lot of ground this way!

  3. Absolutely no luck with sheet music or any type of music paper today. I will likely print out some. I just wonder what the next thing will be in craft decor. One op shop here sells large bedspread or doona covers every Tuesday for $1. I will be looking out for vintage or shabby florals so I can make a garland or bunting and use the remainder for other projects. They also sell all women's clothing for $1 every Tuesday, even evening wear!! I will be looking out for dresses that can be repurposed for projects- especially ones with beading or lace etc. Everyone is catching on to these specials too. They told me today that people come from all around the district (some up to100km or more!) to get their bargains on Tuesdays!! They are becoming famous!! :) lol


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