The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Op shopping part two.

Lots of things end up in op shops because they are just dated. Often a quick paint is all you need for a transformation.

Saying this I have also found brand new things like my set of Jamie Oliver saucepans brand new for $15 (the whole set) and other things are beautiful an old like my crystal champagne glasses for $1 each. It's not until you go check the actual current price of these things when you nearly fall over. I saw a few crystal glasses for $300 the other day. I can imagine what the Jamie Oliver set is worth. And these are things I use almost everyday. 

But decor wise there is often work to be done. I see things that I love the shape, sculpture, use... but in bright colours or something I don't like and just paint them.

Last night I gave this frame a quick paint while tea cooked. Here is the before, it is a 10 x 12 inch frame and was $4.

I keep tubes of white paint, french grey etc so I just always have them on hand. I have a candelabra to do next...

Now I can put it to use and I see nice frames are really expensive and I have photos waiting. This was Dad with Lucy at her engagement party. He is such a farmer, this was a sweet moment...

Larger more complicated things I will use spray paint. I have baskets I want to make over and they are hard work to paint. I'll spray paint them first to cover all that brown and then add a french grey to give them the french farmhouse look... it makes it much quicker and easier. I can't wait to do them this week! If you love Shabby Chic there are a lot of brass (also black) things like magazine racks that once painted fit the style. 

With fabric,I bring it home and wash it, hang it on the line in the sun and make it fresh and lovely. Easy. But clothes, coats etc are a little harder. I decided a long time ago unless the item is actually worth HUNDREDS I don't dry clean. Dry cleaning here means you may as well have bought it new by the price it adds. I hand wash things and let them drip dry mostly and use fabric softener for a lovely scent. Hanging things on good clothes hangers and out in the sun works most times.

I really love beautiful vintage linens, monogrammed ones best of all! Now people are funny. I have had people say to me oh they couldn't sleep on linen someone else has used or wear clothes someone else has worn. Well when you go to a motel, even a five or seven star one, do you think they get brand new sheets out of the packet for you? Or when you are in hospital ? Well that's just silly! 

If you can buy a set of lovely curtains for your bedroom for $30 rather than ten times that and it keeps you out of debt, your windows covered in the heat and the cold,  good on you I say! If you want to make foodie gift baskets for Christmas grab a heap of baskets and spray paint them they make food packaging and presentation very easy. The are just so many possibilities!

I find it an exciting adventure. But like on Friday coming home with half a dozen metres of german velvet for $8 for my sewing... (in an old curtain) means I have sumptuous supplies and better quality than I can currently buy anyway. Velvet is just not as thick and plush these days as this. The feel of it says LUXURY....

We have a little country break and drive coming up soon, I can't wait to get into country op shops, it is part of the great fun. 

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. xxx


  1. Just be careful you do not end up with so much stuff that it is not being used. It is lovely to have nice things, but there is no point if they are never used or appreciated.
    The op shops here often have piles of things after someone dies. Nobody wants their treasures because nowadays everyone already has everything.
    After a divorce one person will discard things that remind them of the other person.
    When people are transferred often they can not afford to take all their belongings with them.
    And just imagine what happens when someone goes to gaol. They do not get to go home and pack. So the landlord throws it all away. Chances are their family has run far away already.
    It is so sad. But I am very happy with a couple of lovely treasures I bought cheaply at op shops.

  2. Hi Louise the granny treasures are my favourite. Especially sewing treasures and purses. I keep some things for my home but much becomes gifts and sometimes I make over things to sell which might pay for a holiday or simply build up my pantry.What a help it is!xx

  3. I like a lot of the older wares I find in op shops because, like you say Annabel, they are so much better made than newer items generally. I also agree how people have no qualms sleeping on used sheets at hotels, but won't use 2nd hand. Also, when my family used to think it was awful when I bought 2nd hand plates and cups, glasses etc. I reminded them that even the best restaurants have glassware and tableware etc that is "used"!! I give everything a really good clean or soak or disinfect, and its good to go.

    What I love most, is that I can get beautiful items for a fraction of their actual cost. Op shops can enable us to live better on less money in many ways. I also like the charity run shops, it is a win-win situation when you purchase from them. :) xo

  4. I volunteer at our local Vinnies and we get in a lot of stuff. I like it when people come in looking for something in particular and we can help them find it. Op-shopping is fun and affordable. One woman comes in and gets part of her new wardrobe from us every few months...Fun.


    1. Barb I love Vinnies. I love the way they help the poor and provide anything really for free. They helped me to help someone in great need once. I am like that woman, the op shop gives me some of the best clothes each season. And it is great fun! We have a mutual friend too... xxx


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