The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 19 September 2019

Feather your Nest Friday, 20th September, 2019.

It was a big week!  My list was one of the longest ones of the year!   I love to see a long list forming on the fridge as I write down savings and good things.

I got on with a lot more work in the garden.  Lots of digging,  weeding and planting.  I added more tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, herbs and I got my pumpkins planted!  I am so excited to have a pumpkin patch. This is down in the orchard where there is heaps of room to spread around.

The fruit trees all look wonderful and covered in shoots and blossoms!  The fig tree is covered in tiny figs!

So.... it was a week of animals and adventures!

First of all Luke dropped by with two brown sheep to keep here as I want to start spinning the wool.    They are a lovely mid brown.  And they are both pregnant!    I would also love to get a black sheep but they are harder to come across.

THEN I had a call from my niece Allie.  She had been out and came home to a cardboard box near her back door.  She had no idea what it was.  To her complete surprise this is what was in the box...

She had suspicions who might have left it but wasn't saying!  And she had no teats or feed.  So she rang me.  You can guess the rest.

It is a little boy and I named him Eddie.  (After Eddie Munster as he has a little weird thing going on with his forehead!)   He is so cute!  I quickly found out kids have the same formula as lambs and thanks to my animal pantry I had formula mixed up and in a bottle in a few minutes.  He drank his bottle right way.  I was worried as we had no information i.e. if he ever drank from the mother or how long it was since his last feed.  I just had to guess and do my best.  But so far so good.  

I love him!  Even "I hate goats" Andy has been seen playing with him and cuddling him.  And he wants to be cuddled. He presses his face into your neck and sighs deeply.

Eddie is on three bottles a day.  He is really tiny, it is hard to show how small he is!

I am publishing my post early as we are off to see the girls tomorrow and Eddie is coming.  They will love him and he won't miss his bottle this way.  So he is in for a big day out!

During the week I had left over bananas so I made another banana cake for Chloe and Luke.  I make them in a loaf pan for them so they are easy to slice and send in work lunches. Or to freeze.

Next I get a phone call from Luke.  He says there is a calf if I want it... and to pick it up at the yards he is working at... about 15 minutes from me.  Once again you know what happens next!   I threw some newspapers into the back of my car and headed off.  

Oh my goodness this is the tiniest calf ever!  I could even lift him.  The boys put him in the car for me.

I know I could lift him because Andy wasn't at home so I backed up to the yard with Loui in it and lifted him out. I knew nothing  ti help me get started i.e. had he ever had colostrum?  
With losing a calf last week very fresh in my mind I was very cautious.  Again, thanks to the animal pantry I had commercial colostrum formula on hand.  I made that up and gave it to him.   He drank it quite well.   The next morning I did the same.  This was after being terrified he would die overnight.  Then I introduced actual milk formula after almost 24 hours.  He was hard to feed and struggled a lot.  
Now it is the end of day three and now he drinks his bottle like a little angel!   
I named him George. So I have George and Loui.  But now it has become Georgie.  
He is so cute. He cannot moo.  He tries to and a terrible noise comes out!  

So mornings are a circus.  The first morning I heard this constant noise. In my half sleep I wondered is that a sheep or a cow?  It was Georgie's weird noise.  He was hungry!  I decided to feed him first, then Eddie, then Loui.  Everyone is hungry all at once.  Then Loui tried to muscle in and pinch Georgie's bottle.  So now I have a system so they are fed at one time.   I get breakfast after all of this!

As we are going to see the girls tomorrow I made a cake, of course!

This one is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. 

In latest developments both ewes have had lambs and they are both white!  (I would have liked brown but oh well!)

I planted over 200 sunflowers thanks to Clare who sent me her giant sunflower seeds!

Chloe gave me a lovely cardigan in a colour I love.

Early in the week I got eleven eggs setting a new record!  

Yesterday I got twelve eggs!!  That has been the goal!  

In the op shop I found 3 pure wool Onkaparinga (an old famous Australian brand) blankets.  All in perfect condition.  I snapped those up!

I saw bread on an amazing mark down and bought lots to freeze.

We had a couple of days of windy nasty weather.  I used those to get stuck into some spring cleaning. I steam cleaned the bathroom and took apart the top of the stove and cleaned everything.  It looks sparkling now!   There is lots of spring cleaning to do so if I get a chance I tackle something.  So I was pleased with these things getting done.

So that is my week!  Last Friday seems a longtime ago! 

I hope it was a good week for you.  How did you build up your home, pantry, savings... did you find ways to get ahead and get things done? 

In Australia it is Spring and it is a true case of "you reap what you sow."  If I don't get my garden planted I can't expect to sow!  So that is a priority!  Later when I hopefully am harvesting then making the most of it all becomes the priority. The seasons are wonderful and we need to do things according to the season we are in.  Like with many things there is a window of opportunity.  Many times I think "oh this is an opportunity!  Take it!"   I guess it is really just like my favourite saying "Make hay while the sun shines."   It is time to be prudent in all we do.  xxx


  1. Your new babies are adorable! So tiny and cute, they look like toys. Just right for the little granddaughters to cuddle!

    I just had to look up "Onkaparinga" and found beautiful "heirloom" blankets for c.$400 each!

    1. Dear Ruth, Well Onkaparinga was a wonderful company that made fine Australian Wool blankets. Pure wool is so beautiful. Now days pure wool blankets are worth HUNDREDS! I paid $10 each (which is about my limit) but they have so many uses. So was pleased! Thank you for commenting! With love

  2. Your new babies are so tiny and cute, they look like toys! Just right for tge littke granddaughters to cuddle!
    I just had to look up "Onkaparinga" and found beautiful "heirloom" blankets for about $400 each. ~Ruth

  3. Oh my!! I just love Eddie (and all your 4-legged babies!) What another whirlwind week you had. Everything looks so yummy as always. When I made your Winter Sunshine cake last Sunday for a Memorial and luncheon it was a hit! I enjoyed your story last week about your Dad serving soup or stew! Sounds like you got your high energy from him. Take care and Hugs to you! Shirley

    1. Dear Shirley, Thank you! The soup or stew story is good... the name of something can have an impact too. Ie Chloe said she didnt like quiche when she was little. So I waited a bit then served "bacon and egg pie" and she ate it. From then on we had bacon and eggs pie haha!
      I am so glad you liked the Winter Sunshine cake. With much love,

  4. Oh my goodness - you are on your way to becoming a NEW Australian Zoo!
    You are now the animal collector!!!!!
    Such sweet babies.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I am so grateful to have all these animals just come to us. I am kind of wondering what will be next!! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  5. Whew! I don't know how you get everything done!! You must have amazing energy. Your little animal babies are such darlings. What a great place they have landed, having you look after them. All the best to you Annabelle, as you enjoy your garden and animals. Our autumn season is just beginning and I'm ready for a slow season.

    1. Dear Marie,
      Thank you! I really dont have amazing energy. I get tired and am often terrible late at night and early morning. I try and get plenty of sleep and take tea breaks. I make a lot of lists and goals. But it is amazing how little bits add up over a week. I dont have the tv on and treat my day as a working day. I do know how you feel about Autumn as I love it and am ready for a rest after the end of summer which is such a busy time. I love Autumn so much! Have a wonderful weekend! With love

  6. Oh my gosh what a week!!
    The antics of all the happenings at your place make me shake my head and smile ❤️

    Our renovations are progressing bit by bit. The painter got 2 coats done on the ceiling, and the first coat on the walls. At first when I saw the colour we picked I had a sinking feeling that it was a poor choice, but by the time he had completely rolled the room, it looked lovely! The colour is called White Duck Half, and I would describe it as a stone colour, a bit brown and a bit grey.

    We also had a big day out in Brisbane and bought our new kitchen from Ikea. We lugged it home in the back of a trailer! It’s going to look so nice when it’s done. I’m blessed to have a very handy husband who can build these things and do repairs.

    I’ve been scraping tile glue off floors, sanding walls, pressure washing walls and tidying up gardens. It’s been a very busy time, and it’s not over yet!

    Safe travels today, and as usual I look forward to hearing about your week again next Friday.

    1. Dear Cheryl, I am glad the painting is going well. It is nerve wracking with colours. I am glad you are liking it. It can be hard to tell until it is up and two coats.
      My last kitchen was from IKEA. I loved it. I was so excited. It turned out so well so I hope the same for you!
      I do feel for you. I remember the sanding and the dust. But really at the end you will be thrilled it is done.
      You had a big week of progress! Thank you... I had a lovely day Friday. I am having a bit of a restful weekend as I was so tired! Hope you have a lovely weekend too! With love

  7. Dear Annabel,
    What cuties are Eddie and Georgie. You have so many adorable pets now. Plus, brown sheep for wool, which is awesome!!
    The baked goods look wonderful, as yours always do. You have definitely had a VERY busy week.
    We are headed into Fall, although it was still quite warm today at 84 degrees F. It is suppose to cool off tomorrow to the mid-70's which will be so nice.
    This week was more productive than I have had in some time. I tried to not let myself get distracted by trying to complete too many things at once. I focused more on focusing on one thing at each moment and it helped immensely. I tend to have too many things I want to get done - yesterday :).
    I did normal cleaning and some deep cleaning this week; Fall cleaning. I have divided the house up into sections so I will be working on those for several weeks to get things deep cleaned. I did a deep cleaning of the refrigerator and a reorganization.
    I cut herbs from the garden and hung them to dry: Parsley, Comfrey, Thyme, Oregano, Spearmint, Peppermint, and Lavender. I still need to get back out and cut back the Tarragon, more Oregano, Sage, and the four plants of Lavender in the front and hang those.
    I had some black grapes that had been in the refrigerator and were still good, but wrinkled. I am in the process of making vinegar with them and, after day three, it smells heavenly. It is bubbling so nicely, already.
    We had some soft cucumbers from the garden that I had let sit a bit too long, so I made freezer pickle chunks with them and they crisp right back up after sitting 24 hours in the brine. It is our very favorite recipe and I got three pints from the cukes in the frig, but we still have another gallon to use up, so will make them into the same.
    I spent several hours on the phone this week with family members that are going through trying times right now and need support. That is most important right now.
    We still have another day left in the week, here, and I intend to make a natural antibiotic oil infusion to sit for a while and, ultimately, make into a salve. I have several shopping lists to make out and I have an appointment to help a family member tomorrow afternoon. That will complete my week, as Saturday is our Sabbath.
    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend, dear Bluebirds and Annabel.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda, I am so glad for you that you had such a productive week. It is beautiful to have a fresh and cleaned fridge. I love that. I am cleaning and doing extra but it is Spring cleaning here.
      How I would love to see all your herbs drying! And I long to have comfrey. They all sound wonderful and so does the vinegar.
      You did very well especially with having family that need support. You managed it all.
      The antibiotic infusions sounds very good and a salve will be useful to ahem on hand. I made my first salves this year and loved learning to do this!
      Have a lovely restful weekend! With much love,

  8. What a week you have had! All your little ones are just adorable. Enjoy your visit to the girls. I am sure they will fall in love with Eddie and want to keep him!

    Our weather has finally cooled down and we are just soaking it up. Today we have windows open and it is wonderful to have all the fresh air in the house. Today we see some color coming on the trees.

    We stocked up on boxes of tissues for the coming winter and I got a new shipment of oils from Hopewell which is just like Christmas to me. We had two picnic lunches at parks. Our two year old grandson was here to visit today and we went to the nearby park where the playground is all fenced so that which saves these old legs from chasing him. I made him a 'Lunchable' from food I had on hand. I made a Nutella pie that used up several ingredients that needed to be eaten and we have eating that for a week in tiny wedges.

    For all you who use Hopewell Oils to stay well-there is a virus going around already in the USA. I picked it up 500 miles from home and then a friend had it here and then my sister who is 500 miles in another direction. One dose of ten drops of Plague Defense by mouth in a capsule is taking care of it. I make no claim to be a doctor but just pass on what I learn by testing with kinesiology.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    1. Dear Lana, The girls did have a ball with Eddie. Scarlett could not accept he was a goat she said no he is a lamb lol
      I am so glad you have cool air. After summer the is all I want and to be able to open the house right up.
      I can imagine your joy opening the Hopewell parcel!
      Thank you for the advice with the plague defence. I have capsules I can use. I keep that on hand at all times. With love,

  9. Dear Annabel, thankyou for an inspiring post as always. That little Eddie - delicious. Your granddaughters will love playing with him today. Loui will love Georgie for company. I have had a big week in the garden too. It has been beautiful mild weather and being last week of school there has been no homework for my daughter and so the three of us have stayed outside until dark and boy have we got a lot done. It is funny because on Tuesday night, I thought, I'll just pull out weeds for half an hour - well we probably did ten hours over the rest of week so now everything is looking much tidier. My husband has also been cleverly fixing our BBQ area by welding frames and attaching trellis to it to make a screened in area. I hope to plant my sunflowers this weekend. We are very happy that school holidays start next week and have a lot planned. Love Clare

    1. Dear Clare,
      We just had lovely rain so this will help the sunflowers!
      Well done on so much gardening! Your sunflowers grew so big, I will be happy if mine reach half that!! The screened in area will be very nice.
      The school holidays will be great. Enjoy that time it is special. With much love

  10. Have a lovely day with your girls Annabel! I was so sad to read about your calf that died, that must have been very hard. I love the photos of your newbies! I wonder if the wierd noise will stay or if it will become a regular old moo lol. Your baking looks lovely!

    We have one more week of school until the holidays and it is really about surviving at this point. Everyone is so worn out. We are going on holiday during the first week, and because we can stay for free we are able to stay the whole week. I'm really looking forward to it. Then the second week I'm hoping to barely leave the house!

    I have cleaned the fridge, the pantry and all the kitchen cupboards. I had a bit of a rearrange (a certain little someone needs to be kept away from breakable at the moment lol), and also got rid of several things. I haven't tackled the oven yet but I really must!

    I bought a dress, skirt, jeans and pair of shoes for the kids at a local church op shop for $3.

    I have stitched 7 small Christmas motifs for an advent calendar though I have lost momentum a bit as I ran out of a colour and now have to unpick a fair bit. Unpicking cross stitch is not fun!!

    Have a great weekend
    Jen in NZ

    1. Dear Jen, I am hoping Georgies weird moo will change. I wondered if he was so dehydrated that it caused this. Poor little guy. He seems happy and plays with the goat so he must feel ok.
      Jen by end of tea my girls were just so over tired. Over tired is yuk. I would allow the first days of holidays for rest, sleep ins, laying about. They needed it. Also I noticed often in holidays they then had a growth spurt.
      Your holiday will be wonderful. How great to get free accommodation.
      The oven is the worst job! As we cook a lot well the oven really gets terrible. Well done on the fridge and cupboards!
      Could you find the colour you ran out of to save unpicking? I would hate to have to unpick it!
      Your op shop bargains are great! I hope on holidays maybe there will be new op shops or markets to go to!
      Have a fantastic time away. With much love

  11. Hi Annabelle, Oh, how I would love to be able to love on your animals. They are all so sweet. Your desserts are always special. What a blessing you must be to your family! Thanks for posting. Nancy

  12. Hi Annabelle, Oh, how I would love to be able to love on your animals. They are all so sweet. Your desserts are always special. What a blessing you must be to your family! Thanks for posting. Nancy

    1. Dear Nancy, Thank you so much! My cooking is very "homely" but it seems appreciated. I think cooking is amazing as you turn non thrilling ingredients into something delicious! Have a wonderful new week! With love

  13. Have fun with your babies. There is nothing cuter than a baby goat❤️

    1. Thank you! You are right! Eddie entertains everyone! xxx

  14. Where may we find recipes for things you mention in the blog? Today it was carrot cake and frosting and banana cake in a loaf pan,

    1. Hi Gram, I dont think I have the carrot cake recipe up yet but here is the banana cake one as I make this one often...
      I do have a search bar but I need to get a better index. Many thanks! Love

  15. Oh my, you are a real farmer and animal rescuer ❤️

  16. What a cute little kid! I do love your farming adventures, Annabelle.

    Yes I would have snapped up Onkaparinka blankets. I have three vintage tartan rugs here -one from the Albany Woollen Mill (a local mill now closed) and they are so warm and lovely.

    I haven't done much in the garden this week -after our Open House last weekend I guess we are in recovery mode!

    I did tidy my sewing room, however, and look forward to getting back into sewing again.

    1. Dear Earthmother, After the open day I would say yes you need to recover and get back to normal. It would have been wonderful though. I thought Onkaparinga had closed but it turns out the factory we know closed but they are still going. I am a big fan of pure wool products. With less than perfect blankets I use for filling pot holders or anything that needs insulation. Absolutely wonderful. I hope you have a lovely Sunday and get back to sewing this week! With love

  17. Dear Annabel & Bluebirds!!

    I love it all!! It looks like Georgie’s expression relates to the newspaper heading under his nose, & isn’t your tablecloth stunning!!
    Life is such drama - the needy people I meet; bushfires; .... everything, everywhere! Ha ha!! I, too, am grateful that the work week is over. It’s a sabbath rest day here!!
    Looking forward to rain,

    1. Dear Rachel,
      Poor Georgie seemed so non plussed. He had a really bad and confusing start. But now he is settled in, drinking well and has friends! He is happy and jumps around.
      I can only imagine the situation in QLD and NSW. So many in drought, fires... just tragic. We all need encouragement. That is for sure. I hope you have a lovely Sunday and new week! With love,

  18. I just want to pet and hold Eddie. He is so cute! You should name your farm Annabelle. Maybe the last chance or something like that. You are a natural for farm life. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Dear Vickie, Thank you! They are all so lovely and even the bigger animals are still just beautiful and want to be made a fuss of. I am pleased to say they are all doing well as Georgie is so small but he is drinking up and doing well now. Have a lovely Sunday and new week. With love

  19. Dear Annabel,

    Wow, I thought I would take a break from a hectic cleaning day to rest at the computer, but reading your list from this week has made me even more tired! Ha, ha! I KNEW it wouldn't be long until a little goatie showed up at your place! You are certainly making hay while the sun shines!! I can't wait to see a photo of all those sunflowers in bloom...they are one of my favorite flowers!

    This has been a crazy few weeks. Hurricane Dorian hit us pretty hard...we were busy prepping before it came, and then the power was out for a few days, always interesting to "camp indoors" (luckily we didn't have any major mishaps on that score...there were still some people here in the province that were without power yesterday, about 2 1/2 weeks after it went out!!), and the garden got very damaged, which was sad as many things were just coming on, like the green beans, since I had to plant so late this year due to our cold, wet spring. Sigh. The freezer will not be as full this year. We also lost a big, beautiful weeping willow tree close to the house. This was very sad, as it was so gorgeous and provided nice shade in our yard. It was also one end of my clothesline. Luckily, it didn't hit any structures on the way down, but we are still cleaning it up. On the positive side, we now need to order much less firewood, as a big weeping willow is a LOT of wood! Also, a really high trunk is still left, and until we decide exactly what to do with it, it is still able to be one end of my clothesline!

    Today is a major cleaning day as we change out the boot area and adding in mitts and toques and scarves to the basket by the front door, mopping and cleaning vertical blinds, etc. It won't get all done today, that's for sure, but we are working hard! Also still trying to get some preserving done of what we do have! Still have to get all the windows washed as Dorian made a mess of them! As you say, you reap what you sow, and when the season is on, you have to work hard to make the most of the opportunity!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Love, Jen in NS

    1. I am sorry to hear about all the damage you had from Dorian. I am in South Carolina USA so we were watching it closely but they never said one word on the news about how it affected Canada which is crazy since it hit you so hard. That is sad to loose a weeping willow.

    2. Dear Jen, I always wanted a goat. I just never thought it would happen! I also followed the hurricane and I never saw one mention that made me think you could be hit! Yet now looking at the map I see...
      I am sorry about the weeping willow. I love those. We had one when I was little next to the house. Later I saw the people who moved in after us cut it down. I was broken hearted. It is a lot of work cleaning up mess after a big storm. I am sorry for your veggie garden.
      I also need to do my windows! I know you will be having a very busy week. But what produce you can salvage is your priority now.
      I hope the new week will be a bit easier for you. With much love

    3. Thank you, Annabel and Lana, for your sympathies about our tree and garden! We often get the hurricanes that hit the eastern seaboard of the U.S.. Sometimes they have fizzled out by then, but very often they hit either the "south shore" (Halifax and along the Atlantic side), and can travel straight across the province from there, or farther up east by Cape Breton, or else funnel up the Bay of Fundy. Yesterday I managed to get quite a bit in the freezer from the garden, and our neighbor up the road who grows organic blueberries told us when he came to get eggs that he had 5 rows of blueberries that hadn't had all the berries blown off in the hurricane that we could come pick...and since we hadn't had time this summer to pick, yet, we jumped at the chance and got a few of those, too. Today we picked up our entries at our local fall exhibition...and all our prizes! :) And tomorrow we will back at the preserving and cleaning. Thank you for your encouragement!

      xx Jen in NS

  20. My youngest daughter won another scholarship for college. We are so proud of her. Hubby won a gift card from his work picnic. We also brought home a lot of leftovers and have been eating them all week. My garden is still doing well so I have been cooking and preserving all of that. We went apple picking and got a bunch of apples. We stopped at a local farm and got a 50 pound bag of potatoes. I got some great deals on marked down and on sales. I matched them with coupons and Ibotta saving even more money. The pantry looks great. Congrats on the new baby animals.

    1. Dear Making Cents of it all, That is fantastic news! You have reason to be proud!
      That is wonderful about the gift card and left over food. Good on your hubby.
      You did so well on the apples and potatoes. So much you can do with both of those! That was a really good week! With love

  21. Dear Annabel, I love your blog so much! Thank you for this wonderful post. I love your new babies. Eddie and George are SO cute! They are lucky to have you. I also love the look of your cake and can't wait to see those beautiful sunflowers. You always achieve so much! I'm feeling a bit tired today, so i am very thankful for a rest day. We have had an out of routine week (all for good reasons), but I am thankful for the quiet today. Sending you lots of love XX Love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      I hope you got your rest day. That can make a world of difference. I am having one today. I currently have a conditioner pack on my hair!
      Have a lovely Sunday and new week! With love

  22. What a busy farmgirl you are nowadays Annabel.

    I so love to read of your adventures on the farm. Those baby animals are adorable, I bet the girls made a fuss of them.

    Thanks for the reminder to plant my sunflower seeds, I think I have found the perfect spot for them.

    Wishing you a wonderful week,

    Love Tania xxx

    1. Dear Tania, I had a few sunflowers last year and they were lovely. They are useful after because the chooks love them! So this year I increased a lot. Thank you so much! Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you get some rain. With love

  23. I was telling Mike all the babies you have and almost said, "and a partridge in a pear tree!". ;) Little Georgie is so precious and soft-looking. And that Eddie! What a cutie. You have a George(ie) and a Loui? You're gonna have to get a Charlotte (after the Queen's great-grandkids). Our first day of Fall is tomorrow and I'm so excited!! We've had a very mild Summer for which I am so thankful. I know you're enjoying your Spring! xx, Mary B

  24. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about food gifts for christmas to be delivered.

  25. Hi Annabel

    Well what a circus you have going on at your house. I have had the best laugh catching up on your posts this afternoon. You could open yourself a petting farm for kids to come and visit by the sounds of this. They are all so gorgeous and have their own individual personalities and I am sure each and everyone is loved and adored.

    Sunflowers are so lovely. Just near us there is a sunflower farm that opens once a year for people to go and have a look through the fields.

    At the moment I am laid up in bed with a toe injury that required surgery late on Monday evening and oh joy it is the holidays also. My nurse maid is doing a fantastic job and DP did a great job organising dinners before he had to go back to work yesterday.

    Before the above event DD9 and I had started sewing hair bands for her to give as presents to the girls in her class for Christmas. I have finished sewing her Christmas present but now need to hand sew the binding on to finish it off.

    I started to spring clean also but that is now on hold. So far I have managed to clean out our entire wardrobe and have 2 boxes for donations.

    Has been a hot start to spring here but hoping that it rains here soon...what little grass there is, is very dry and crunchy underfoot.
    We have seen some wonderful cane fires recently with many more people than usual standing by in case it gets out of control but thankfully none have so far.

    Take Care
    Aly xxx

  26. Gracious you are a busy, BUSY woman!! It's fall here in Nebraska USA. We barely started soybean harvest yesterday (Sept 30). We got rain today and will continue through Wed. Then cooler and sunny. We'll be running wide-open for the next 3-4 weeks getting the beans and corn out of the fields. Then sometime before winter sets in (probably late Nov.) we'll get all the cattle home. We will be buying a new bull this year as our current one is getting older and his sperm count will be dropping.
    As the weather changes I'll be washing windows and vacuuming up insects around the porches. I need to change out the clothes from summer to cold weather in the dressers. And hang out all the blankets and quilts to air before putting on beds.
    This week my goal is to find apples to glean/harvest. DS2 asked me to freeze some for winter desserts.
    And through it all I'll be dealing with more responsibilities at work and that stress. Thankful God is control of it all!


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