The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 18 June 2019

The Tuesday Afternoon Club. June report.

There have been so many wonderful ideas shared and The Swap Party as well over at The Tuesday Afternoon Club.  Now and then I have a post here for the ladies without Facebook.  This gives us an extra dose of hand made goodness!

Firstly we have Cookie.  I am excited about this one.  This tiered skirt is very like a skirt both my girls loved when they were little.

Best of all Cookie made it from some fabric from sheets she got for 25c each from the thrift store.  And she would have miles of fabric for other projects!    Now here is the pattern which you can make in any size...

Here's the formula for the skirt. Measure the waist at the natural waistline. Multiply that measurement by 1.5. for the second tier multiply the original waist measurement by 2. For the third tier multiply by 2.5. Next decide how long you want the skirt to be from you waist down. Divide that number by 3 in  order to get the length of each tier. Now add about an inch to the width of each tier  to allow for seam allowance. 

1st tier -- see the side seam and then turn under the top to make a casing, leaving space to put the elastic in later. For the girls I would probably use elastic that's about 3/8  inch wide. So make the casing accordingly. For myself I use 1 inch non-rolling elastic and make the casing 1 1/4 inches.

2nd tier-- sew side seam and then gather at the top and pin to the bottom of the first tier placing the gathers evenly.

3rd tier--see the side seam. Turn up the bottom hem about 1/4 inch, press and then fold over itself. Stitch up on the machine. Hem done.  Gather the top and attach to the bottom of second tier. 

Cut elastic same size as waist measurement and run it through the casing. Overlap it and see down. Close the casing.  It's finished!!!.

Thank you so much Cookie!  I will be making these up for the girls.  They will love them! 

Next Cookie made bowl cosies. They are so good as they both keep a bowl of food warmer and stop you burning your hands.  The solution too when you are having a bowl of soup on the couch or sick in bed.

Beautiful gift bags, cards and gift boxes...

The box is filled with homemade fudge! 

And Dandelion Honey! 

Cookie you always come up with so many beautiful things.

Jen in NS worked on knitted projects.  Her knitting is so divine my Aunt went to great lengths to get her hands on some!  In the end mittens travelled from Nova Scotia to South Australia!  
Look at this wonderful work.   It all looks so warm and cozy.  Just divine Jen.

Chloe made the cutest Easter little cakes.  

She found good packaging boxes in the cheap shop which made them look wonderful for gifts.

Clare made bubble bath and filled gorgeous containers from the op shop.  How lovely it looks!  Clare your photo looks like it is straight out of a magazine!

So many lovely ideas!  I hope I have not forgotten anyone... it has been just ages since I did one of these posts.  As it is this is late in the day.  I had a day going in to town for supplies.  I started feeding lambs and the calf at 7am and then next thing I needed to bath the little lamb she was in such a serious mess.  I have never bathed a sheep before.  It didn't do a lot for me getting out the door on time!  Anyway she didn't seem to mind at all and wagged her tail even.  And it turns out sheep shake off water exactly the same as dogs do when they do that big shake after a bath!  Lucky I was not dressed yet just in my dressing gown.  Now the worlds grubbiest lamb is white as snow!   So this is how my day went and here I am posting late!

I hope your week is going well!   If you are able come over to the Facebook group and see what everyone has been making plus some op shop finds!   We are almost mid year now.  I am on track for Christmas and Birthdays provided I keep going at the same pace!

See you on Friday! xxx


  1. Annabel,
    I would like to thank Cookie for the instructions on the skirt, believe it or not, that is my favorite pattern, I have saved skirts just like that in the back of my closet for years, they are the most comfortable.
    Jen's work is always amazing, so professional looking, all is so beautiful and warm looking. Love seeing all she makes.
    Chloe definitely made her cakes look as if they came from a bakery, not her home, they are divine.
    Claire soap looks like it came from a high priced store, love her pink carnations also.
    Such talented ladies, so happy that they are sharing with us.

    Annabel, I can picture you all wet after lambie shook herself off. She was probably very happy to be clean also. A little delay in the day was well worth it.
    Prayers you came home with a bounty.

    I haven't accomplished much at home with travel and construction, hoping I can get into a good pace soon as our summer is going by fast.

    Love, Rosanne

  2. Thank you, Annabel, for the apron pattern and posting all these beautiful projects. So glad I found my way here :D.

  3. Annabel, this post is like looking at a magazine! Cookie, thank you for the instructions on making the little tiered skirt. Everyone's projects are so inspirational!

  4. Wonderful post, Annabel :). I absolutely love the fabrics Cookie got for the skirts. I could not part with sheets like that! Her bowl cozies look great! How blessed she is to have Dandelion And I love her Paris-themed packaging!
    Jen's socks are just beautiful! Always :). How cool (warm, really ;) your Aunt got some mittens from her all the way up in Nova Scotia!
    Chloe's little cupcakes are darling! She's a clever, creative girl, that Chloe <3
    I love Clare's pretty bubble bath/decanters. Annabel, I saw a gorgeous glass decanter yesterday at Goodwill and sure thought of you. It still had its nice stopper on top. It was $6. Is that about right? If it's still there tomorrow, I think I'll pick it up. I just don't want to buy stuff and not use it - but, I could decant dish soap into it?
    I bet your youngest little lamb is looking so precious. I'm so happy you've been able to keep it alive. Now we know, lambs shake water off! LOL. I'll remember that ;). God bless you for all you do for your family, the animals and your readers. He is using you mightily. (Although, we know He loves us not based on what we do or don't do.). Love, Mary B

    1. Hi Mary B, I hope you get back to that opp shop and grab that decanter. Then get back on Annabel's blog and look up her bubblebath receipe (in Beauty part), and fill with gorgeous relaxing bubbles. I never thought I could do anything creative until I started reading encouraging blogs such as this beautiful one. Goodluck, Clare

    2. Dear Annabel, oh how I smiled at your description of you bathing your little lamb. Thankyou for making the time to do this post, it really is great to see what everyone is doing. Sad story: I dropped the small decanter five minutes after that taking that picture. Thank goodness I'd just photographed it - at least I have my memories lol. Thankyou Cookie for sharing your work, I am only starting to sew but feel I might be able to follow the skirt instructions. Everything you do is wonderful - Dandelion honey - just wow. Jen, your work really is so amazing. Those little socks - I'd frame them! And Chloe, I loved your cupcakes, what a clever way to gift them. Thanks everyone. Love Clare

    3. Dear Mary, If it is real crystal it really is great value at $6. Even if it is just regular glass but very pretty that is not bad. I kind of collect them as making bubble bath is lovely so I often make up some. And I can add essential oils which is beautiful. It truly is therapeutic! Dish liquid is another good use, even fabric softener. Things just seem special... and your kitchen is very pretty so I can see this working for you.
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments to everyone! With much love

    4. Thanks, Annabel...I bought the decanter. I love the idea of fabric softener in it! I've got my homemade laundry liquid and fabric softener in old Coffee Mate jugs right now :). The glass decanter would be a real improvement! xx Mary

  5. Dear Annabel,
    So many lovely things created by the Bluebirds. Jen, your knitting is just gorgeous. I can see why Annabel's Aunt wanted some of your beautifully created mittens. Chloe's Easter cakes look so delicious. I love how they were decorated. Wish I could have a few bites :)
    Clare, the bubble bath looks so luxurious in those beautiful decanters. Annabel is right, the photo of them looks straight out of a magazine.

    I need to make an amendment to the skirt pattern as it may be confusing, at least it looked that way to me upon rereading what I sent. Where it says to measure for the length of the skirt and then divide by three to get the measurement for each tier -- let's say you want the skirt to be 30 inches long. Each tier will then be 10 inches, and you will add an inch to each tier to make it 11 inches. This will allow for the seams, hem and casing. I hope that makes everything clearer. Be warned -- once you start making them they are addictive. My endocrinologist gave me this pattern on my last visit and warned me. She was right, it is most addictive and very inexpensive to create. Thank you all for your kind comments regarding my work. Hope the rest of everyone's week is good. Blessings, Cookie

    1. Thank you Cookie for this pattern! How handy you can go to the Endocrinologist and come home with a sewing pattern! That is my kind of doctor! xxx

  6. Good morning. laughed as I read the lamb bathing story...I have no clue how you do it all and with such grace.

    1. Thanks Tammy! If you saw me in my dressing gown doing some of these things I dont know if you would like I was doing it with grace but thank you! I can laugh about some of the funny moments though and some things are so sweet that they are precious. We just planted some fruit trees with Laffie (the calf) helping so that was a virus too! xxx

  7. Hi all

    Some lovely crafting going on here. I love the bowl cossies that Cookie made. I have a few of these made by a friend and they are so handy.

    Jen I think I need those gloves today as it was very chilly here this morning.

    What beautiful cupcakes made by Chloe...lucky it is on a computer screen and not in front of me

    Clare the bubbles will bring many a long baths for you I am sure

    Annabel your story on lamb bathing was funny. You really have taken to life on the farm with all your animals. Glad you seem to be really enjoying life.

    Life here as always has been very busy. A sewing workshop and a local show last weekend. Visitors arriving next Friday for a few days for start of school holidays and lots of crafting and lego building, along with walks and bike rides during the holidays are planned.

    Mornings and nights here are bitterly cold but the days are lovely and warm especially if you are in the sun like I have been with the weeding of the gardens.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

    Take Care

    Aly xxx

  8. Thank you, Annabel, and everyone else, too, for all your lovely comments about my knitting! You are very sweet. The projects shown here are just amazing. What blows me away about Cookie is the sheer variety of crafts that she does!! Chloe's Easter cupcakes are so cute, and you are right, the packaging really sets them off! Clare, your packaging also really takes your items up a notch! Thank you, Annabel, for sharing!

    We had enough dry days for a few garden beds to get worked up, so I managed to get in potatoes, salad stuff and some carrots, and swiss chard (silverbeet) and beets. Now I find out we are supposed to get up to 60mm of rain tomorrow, so that will definitely put me out of gardening business for another week or so! Sometimes I wonder if God is giving me a not-so-subtle hint that this year is NOT the year for gardening. Some opportunity coming our way that wouldn't be possible with a big garden? I have to wonder!

    Your animal antics are lots of fun to read...keep 'em coming!!

    Lots of love, Jen.


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