The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 24 May 2018

Feather your Nest Friday, 25th May, 2018.

I had a lovely week and today is just the most beautiful sunny day after a really cold night.
After posting last Friday I headed off to see my Aunt and on that trip I always incorporate a couple of op shops and a really good veggie shop on the way home.

My Aunt has a beautiful garden and it is now citrus season.  Her orange and lime trees were covered.

Regular readers know about my Aunt and that she has no car and rides her bike to do her grocery shopping and has a fabulous productive garden.  She and my Dad (sister and brother) and in their 80's  Recently my Aunt was not well and when she recovered she rode to get groceries as usual.  She thought that she had lost fitness as it was hard going.  She has a big basket on her bike that she fills with her shopping.   Eventually she realised there was a brake stuck on and it wan't her fitness after all it was just the brakes!  So that was a relief.

Here we were admiring the autumn leaves...

I came home with a basket of Limes and three huge lush while bath towels.  One is Ralph Lauren no less.  Somewhere in my blog my Aunt read that Andy loves giant bath towels!
We had a lovely time chatting over cups of tea.  There was a lot to catch up on!

On the way home I had great luck at the veggie market and loaded up with pumpkin for lots of soup.

Saturday was the royal wedding.  I had soup on and made gluten free pumpkin scones. Chloe came over for dinner in front of the tv to watch the wedding.  She walked in with an coat and scarf and underneath her pyjamas.  lol this is a tradition with us!   We settled in on the lounge. The neighbours decorated their whole house with British flags.  The supermarket was full of red, white and blue balloons.  The boy in the supermarket said his Mum spent the week decorating the whole house to be a cathedral.  
We had so much fun!   And the entrance with the trumpets and the heavenly soloist was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen or heard.  And that Gospel Choir I think called The Kingdom Choir.... how they sang and how they dressed.... truly beautiful.   It was so fabulous I felt I floated on air all of Sunday.   You have to say that was frugal and fabulous fun!  And 2 Billion people heard the Word of God no less.

I made some little cakes for Harper and used up some flowers from my cake supplies.  

Yesterday I made a big batch of Butter Chicken in the slow cooker.   Talking about getting extra meals set aside the other day...   I am always amazed how little curry you need for a meal and how much I have.  It is the sides that do it! 

I set aside two containers so we will have curry again on Saturday night and I will freeze a batch.  So one cook gets me three dinners.  I picked mint at Mum's and made a double batch of Raita so that is ready for tomorrow night as well.   It was delicious.   I love the slow cooker! 

Wednesday I headed south to see Hilde and shop the cheaper stores near her including a fruit and veggie market, op shops, discount grocery store...   This once a month trip saves me so much money. I am so amazed that a half hour trip sees grocery prices drop so dramatically.  

As usual we had a wonderful time!  We picked lemons from Hilde's tree which is just covered.  

I had luck at the op shops too.  On the top of my list I had decanters.   Luke's birthday is coming up and he fancies a Whiskey Decanter.  I found two really beautiful ones...

I got both as I thought Andy will want one.
I also got crystal glasses from Aldi and packaged the decanter and glasses in a large ball box with tissue paper.

Gift ready!
(And yes Andy loved the round one and was thrilled with that!)

From this trip I came home with lots of produce at a fraction of local prices.   Tonight I am roasting a lot of veggies and over the weekend I will make soup.  

I also found two tops and two cardis that I just love.  They are hanging in the sunshine drying now as I washed them last night. So pleased!  ($5 each)
Another thing I got was several meters of Muslin cloth.  This is so beautiful and handy.  I needed some the other day to strain the lemons from my vodka for my Limoncello.  But it also makes the most beautiful face cloths or baby wash cloths. 
I also got  a pack of 20 glossy beautiful cards for $4.

While I say I do not buy cards it is another story if they are this gorgeous and 20c each!  Considering most nice cards are $8 and up!

I had eggs, zucchini and bargain cream so I made a zucchini slice...

I went with Lucy and the girls to the Doctors as the girls had injections.  I was armed with Princess bandaids,  freddo frogs and my usual bag of ticks in my handbag.  Neither of them even cried.  And yesterday I baby sat for a while in the afternoon while Lucy has an appointment.  We watched the Wiggles and danced :) 

I think that is about it!   Our evenings are dark and cold so hot meals are beautiful.  But today is just lovely and bright.  I have a meeting to go out to so I will enjoy the sunshine. 

I hope you had a good week!  Oh one more thing I have to show you Vicky got new chickens.

Aren't they beautiful!   Her son is the animal namer.  He named them Annabel, Patsy, Rachel and Jane.  Apparently he hears these names constantly! haha!  Can you guess who is who!? 

That garden setting.... so lovely! 

How did you build up your home, pantry, preparedness this week?  
How did you save, get ahead, get stuff done?

Have a beautiful weekend and remember to make hay while the sun shines! xxx


  1. Hahaha! So cute to have chickens named after you! An excellent week as always Annabel, and I bet it will come as no surprise to you, given our similarities in taste, that I have that identical round! So much abundance in your week....just lovely. We had a good week, especially after watching Eat Well for Less, which really reminded us of the importance of our organised refrigerator, pantry, and stockpile (which I call my Shop). I poached a chicken breast every time I had something cooking that had liquid or stock in it. This week that was a chicken and veg soup one day, a Mexican Bean soup another, and Beef and Lentil on a third. I know that sounds weird to put a chicken breast into Beef soup, but what happens is that the chicken gets infused with all of those lovely flavours and tastes divine. I remove them once cooked, shred them, and we use that to make sandwiches, wraps, mini pizzas, and crepes for another meal. So economical and easy. I cut, conditioned and styled my own hair, and did my nails with Jamberry wraps, saving hundreds, and altered a lot of my clothes which gave me a whole new wardrobe! Alterations are really easy, and anyone can do them with patience. And speaking of wardrobes, your Aunt looks quite stylish I must say! Have a great weekend. Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi,
      The decanters are so nice. Heavy. I think they are so stylish. Anyway mission accomplished! Also we have the same lampshades too! :)
      You could teach that TV show a thing or too.
      I have some alterations to do. I need a day of that and it would give me quite a few new tops to wear.
      Yes my Aunt is stylish. She still wears high heels usually red or a bright colour too. She could be an example in style at any age. She has famous friends which always amazes me this time I realised one of them she mentions (who is a writer) won a Nobel Peace Prize no less. Always interesting! Have a good weekend! Love

  2. That is too funny about your aunt and the bike brakes! My week was a busy one with lots of kids activities overlapping seasons. I built up my home by purchasing all of my son''s baseball gear at a used sports equipment shop, where I also found a perfect used bike for him (I'd given up on finding used kids bikes, as they are usually too broken and beat up). Another success was that I planted my summer garden, including a huge pumpkin patch and tons of flowers for my bees. We got hail twice already but everything is so young that it is bouncing back. I also made a delicious rhubarb and cherry crisp from my garden!

    1. Dear Leigh, You did very well. Big savings and getting your garden planted! I would LOVE a pumpkin patch. That is heavenly! I hope this all takes off well for you. The crisp you made sounds gorgeous. In Aust we say crumble but I think it is the same thing and I love them. Have a lovely weekend! With love

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Yay for citrus season. My lemon tree has quite a few ripe lemons but I'm leaving them on there as long as possible. One of my girlfriends also has a lemon tree which is absolutely chockers with fruit.She doesn't really use them and has said to go over and pick as many as I want. I think I might just do that this weekend and then make her a jar of lemon butter as a thank you.

    1. Dear Antonia, Lemon butter is so wonderful and it freezes perfectly. With all the lemons I have again I will make some more. I give Chloe a jar as then if she keeps a sponge or a pie base in the freezer and she has visitors then she can throw the two together and instantly have a pretty fancy afternoon tea or desert. If you want more ideas look on Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth blog... she has a section on what to do with surplus lemons... it is so many things including health, food and cleaning. I have squeezing sessions and freeze bottles of juice as it is so good to have on hand. You are so lucky! With love

  4. Hi Annabel,
    Could you kindly post your Butter chicken recipe in slow cooker please.

    1. Dear Sandra, I make up the spices now and then in packets ready to go. This is based on Julie Goodwin Butter Chicken recipe you can find if you google. She is a good cook. I only add the cream/yoghurt at the end (last half hour) Also often I cheat and use a packet mix called Passage to India pack mix and this is divine and so easy. It goes in at the start. Also their Tikka Masala is beautiful. Because curry improves over a day or two as does soup, casserole etc it just past to make at least double. Or more! The main thing with slow cooking is never add water unless you are making soup. I have a crock pot cooking link in my index too. I hope you like it! With love

    2. Dear Annabel,I couldn't stop laughing,almost flipped out of my chair when you said never add water to slow cooker if its not soup.I'm a new mum with a little bub & bought a slow cooker 2 weeks ago,for the first time in my life.And guess what... I've been cooking water curries for 2 weeks. Couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong:)
      Anyway thanks a lot for the advice. I guess those little things from experienced mums will never go to waste.

    3. Dear Sandra, Most things I have learned I learned the hard way lol
      When you need to make baby food come back and Ill help. Slow cookers make the most nutritious baby food ever because you can get good stock and bone broth into your veggies. Meanwhile I hope your sloe cooker is a huge help to you! With love

  5. Annabel Bluey and I were given a whiskey decanter, similar to the one you gave Luke. as an engagement present. When our son turned 25 I gave him the decanter and a set of vintage whiskey glasses that I picked up from the Op shop.
    I love that your Aunt wears her pearls all the time. I'm glad that it was the bike breaks stuck on that was slowing her down and not her health.
    This week I replaced the grotty venetian blinds in the caravan with curtains. I had a piece of left over furnishing fabric that I teamed with a plain piece and made them up. I'm very happy with the results. Cost of this was time and effort. The furnishing fabric was left overs and the plain piece was given to me.
    We were gifted and enormous pumpkin by our lovely neighbours. We are currently using up what we already have and then will process this one. It will end up as soup, puree for lasagna instead of white sauce, and chunks. The chunks will be vacuum sealed so they can come in the caravan when we head off on our next adventure.
    Bluey sold two more of his lazy susans and used the money to purchase a wood burning tool. He wants to be able to personalise future lazy susans. He has another cut out and is using an off cut as a small cheese board. These two pieces are for his sister Susan. You can already see what he plans to personalise her piece with.
    I am letting the garden slow down and will cover it in compost and hay before we head off. The garden will also be ready for planting once we get home. Katie will have enough to look after with what we have in pots.
    Looking forward to caravan adventures makes life good.
    PS Jane is the red chook. Jane's favourite colour is red so she is one well named fluffy butt.

    1. Dear Jane, Oh I didnt know you were the red chook! Fluffy butt! haha! I am the blonde chook apparently.
      Well done on all the work on the caravan and the lovely curtains.
      I also am woking on pumpkin! I love pumpkin scones so that is one thing but I love soup too. How handy!
      Well done to Bluey! This is taking off and I hope to see the cheese board.
      How nice to have a trip to plan and look forward to. Your van is wonderful for these adventures. You have a good set up. Enjoy the weekend and the soup! With love

  6. Dear Annabel, Andy and family and the beautiful bluebird community / family.
    Thank you for another beautiful post Annbel , I love hearing about your week and I probably tell you that every week!. Ha ha !.
    My week has included :
    Putting a fakeaway tea together last night when I really felt like getting pizza delivered, a saving of $25 as there is a minimum online order of $22 and I always end up tipping the delivery driver usually a young person who is probably working their way through uni, so I feel like I want and need to tip them.
    I saved $10 on my groceries and earnt a few $$ in bonus fly buys points for buying from a certain range of products .so $14 in savings with groceries from supermarket.
    I also saved at the fruit shop / deli , I saved about $5 a kg on steak compared to the supermarkets which worked out to be about $7across two packs of steak .
    I bought a pack of melting moments biscuits at the fruit shop/ deli instead of buying one or two from a local cafe , at the cafe they are $2 each and at the shop I bought them from they are $5 for a pack of ten so 50 cents each , I cannot make them so it works out ok this way budget wise , I saved $1.50 per biscuit which is $15 saving ( although I probably wouldn't buy 10 at the cafe , especially at $2 each!.)

    I decluttered more of my unit with some help from my centre are lady and my unit got cleaned on a seperate day and I have two meal prep services this week so a saving of $130 compared to a professional company.
    I bought an orchid plant on Wednesday because I wanted something pretty flowering on my dining room table and flowers while pretty are expensive and die , my last orchid lasted 4 years almost before I accidently killed it. So I am going to say a saving of $10 because the flowers I liked were $35 and my beautiful orchid which has new growth coming through was $25 , expensive to some people but to me it's worth it. I received 2 meals from my parents saving me $20 .
    My parents took me out twice this week , if I had to get taxis instead it would cost me at least $65 but unless they are busy or unwell my parents always take me out .i will say I saved a conservative $30.
    I received two stamp sets free , a sports themed one which will be great for men's cards and a clothing one with funny sayings. I estimate a saving of $30 , stamps are expensive to buy.
    I found two gifts I had put away and forgotten, $20 savings.
    I had no takeaway this week but I did have lunch out on Wednesday which came out of my " me" money .
    My mum treated me to morning tea on Tuesday , $8 savings.
    I had a bulk billed appointment , a $70 saving and got 4 medications free due to being on free list $25 savings
    I think that's all I remember plus this comment is getting huge!!. A total Vicky challenge savings of $395 approximately.
    Have a great weekend everyone . Thanks again Annabel for your lovely blog and not just Barb W .

    1. Dear Barb, What a joy it is to read your weeks savings and how things are going for you. It was a good week! I agree with you on orchids... Andy bought me one last year and it flowered I think for about four months... it just went on and on and was just glorious. I enjoyed it so much. Whether I can ever get it to flower again is another matter but I have kept it looking ok!
      You had a nice balance of outings and achieving things at home as well!
      I hope you have another very good week! Your Vicky challenge savings were huge, what a difference your efforts and blessings make to your life. This is wonderful! With love

  7. Hi Annabel and beautiful bluebirds :).

    What a wonderful week you had Annabel and lovely produce and beautiful crystal decanters :).

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $491.99 last week in savings.

    Here is how we saved and got ahead last week -

    Financial -
    - Saved more money into our saving for our home bank account bringing us to 25.67% of the way there.

    Purchases -
    - Purchased 10 x 10lt food grade storage buckets on special and coupled that with a 20% off eBay voucher saving $67.99 on usual prices.
    - Purchased 6 x deodorants and 10 tins of lychees on special from Coles saving $24 on usual prices.
    - Purchased 2 x $350 E-Vouchers for Woolworth supermarkets for $600 giving us a $100 worth of groceries for free when we use them. I will couple this discount with any weekly specials I see to save more again.

    In the gardens -
    - Harvested 25kg of organically sweet potatoes from the gardens saving us $300 over purchasing organic ones in Coles.

    Apart from that did the usual and washed out clip seal freezer bags ready to reuse, used grey water to water lawns and flower gardens, used shower warm up and dish rinsing water to water seeds and seedlings in the gardens,only turned on the electric hot water system when water needed heating and heated water on our slow combustion stove for all of our hot chocolates this week without turning on the electric kettle.


    1. Dear Sewingcreations,
      This is very interesting on the E Vouchers. I have seen these and Groupon? vouchers that are for a greater dollar value of groceries than what you pay for the voucher. Very clever to save $100! Which of course you will probably double in value again with purchases of good deals and sale items!
      25kilos of Sweet Potato! Oh wow! That is wonderful. I love Sweet Potato and think they are so useful.
      The electric kettle actually uses a surprising amount of power and especially when it is used many times a day so the combustion stove is a big savings there alone not even counting the actual room heating!
      You did well with another very productive week. I hope the new week holds lots of great opportunities for you and will be really good! With love

  8. Hi Annabel,and all the bluebirds'bunch Its very cold here in Melbourne, so i have lots of blankets around the lounge room to keep warm and only using the heating when really need to.i too found a few opp shop finds two jumpers for $5.00 each some brand new pillow slips too,and a black skirt like new!
    I also bought a whole pumpkin for soup and roasting i will get on to making the soup tomorrow thanks to your idea :) i also made up some more miracle spray and house hold spray using my essensial oils and vinegar and water.
    We too enjoyed watching the royal wedding on tv i made a bread pudding using an Italian panettone cake its was the best pudding i have done yet,, and it costs nil it was a Christmas gift.iam in for the weekend after a hard week with one of my clients going in to full time care i will miss her greatly,but i know where she is and iam going in to see her during the week.
    Have a lovely weekend xo

    1. Dear Melissa,
      We keep rugs on the lounge too and on the end of the bed. I am known to have a hot pack too on the lounge with me!
      The soup will be beautiful. I pinch out a big chunk of pumpkin then blend that into my scones and then I have pumpkin scones.... love them!
      I love the miracle spray and the way it makes the house smell.
      That bread pudding sounds so beautiful. I know your client will be thrilled with the visit... that is lovely. It will help her adjust I am sure. Bless you for doing that. With love

  9. What a lovely week.

    We are picking pumpkins as well as citrus here - limes, lemons, grapefruit and mandarins but the oranges aren't quite ready yet.

    The new freezer arrived on Thursday so I will be spending time on the weekend sorting and repacking the freezers.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Dear Fairy,
      The citrus is wonderful. I love the seasons and variation. To me the citrus arrives just when cold and flu season does like perfect timing!
      Have fun organising your new freezer. I am kind of dreaming of a bigger freezer than I have now. It is so helpful. Organisation and keeping track of things is the key. I keep lists now and have improved but still have a way to go! Have a great new week! With love

  10. It's so funny, I originally read this on an email (I subscribe to favorite bloggers through email to not miss anything) and was thinking... pumpkin? Then I realized it was you and had to laugh. Our seasons are pretty much the opposite of each other. That makes it fun, even if it takes awhile for this American to get her thinking straight.

    1. Dear Brenda, Yes it confuses me too with our opposite seasons. We are right at the end of Autumn here now. I talk with Vicky daily and she is just planting her veggie garden in Ohio. I love to hear this! With love

  11. Hi Annabel and everyone,

    What great finds! I love the cards and the decanter gift is gorgeous.

    Cooking and food: All work lunches ($150) and snacks ($40) were packed and brought from home. I started using my crockpot again and made a big pot roast and veggies, saved broth to make noodles, and made baked apples a la Annabel! I also roasted some turkey pieces and used up some potatoes by making a big batch of mashed potatoes - those saved us for dinner a time or two this week!

    Household: I used a gift card to buy canning jars (quilted jelly jars and blue quart jars) and pickling spices at Tractor Supply ($28 saved).
    It was another very pollen-filled week, so the bed linens got a good washing (as well as regular laundry).
    The veggie and herb beds are doing well, and I am thrilled to report that my second fig also survived the colder-than-usual winter! The lemon balm and mints are really taking off this year; so excited to make tea with them later on.
    We scheduled the installation for our new countertops, and it turned out that the store was running an additional promotion that saved us an additional $400! Truly serendipitous. (It helps that I wanted simple, classic edging and colors.)
    We made plans to turn the walk-in closet in the front bedroom into a pantry - I am so excited! It is such a simple solution, but did not occur to us until now. That room is a guest bedroom, and we only have overnight guests about once a year, so there is no reason the closet could not be made a pantry. (We are considering making the room itself into a home library with a comfortable pull-out couch for guests, instead of having it stand empty and unused most of the year.)

    Entertainment & Education: New-to-us birds at our feeders included a pair of red finches!
    I have been enjoying reading through my stack of finds from the library sale, and found a new recipe for pie crust that I am itching to try. (Pie crust is one of my cooking challenges, so I really hope it works!)

    Crafts & gifts:
    I finished a pair of worsted-weight socks (plain purple), and stitched on a few pieces as I had time.
    We used my card stash for mother's day and "thinking of you" cards ($15 saved).

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    1. Hi Cathy,I would love to see the finished result of your walk-in closet pantry.

    2. Dear Kathy, Im with Melissa I would love to see this pantry when you are done! Good idea! A walk in robe is perfect for a pantry. No windows, shelves.... probably more shelves easily added. I think its a great idea. Also I think making it a more useful room to you will a pull out bed for when you actually need a guest bed is a good idea. I would prefer a pantry over a spare bedroom but you can have both!
      Well done on the socks also!
      I hope you liked the apples. I need to do some more. My crockpot is the best thing! Being cooler mine is busy.
      The savings on your counter tops were fabulous! I hope you love the result too. New counter tops would make a huge impact! How exciting!
      That was a very good week. I hope this new week will be good for you too! With much love

    3. Hi Melissa,

      I'll be happy to share photos; it will be a little while as we are finishing the kitchen stuff first, but we are making plans for the lumber to make shelves etc!

      Hope you have a great day,

    4. Hi Annabel,

      Yes, the apples are wonderful and they made my whole house smell amazing while they were cooking! I have a crockpot book on hold at the library, so definitely looking forward to seeing what other goodies I can make, besides the old standbys.

      Hope you have a wonderful week!

  12. Hello everyone!
    I hadn't planned on watching the wedding, but I got caught up in it. It was so unique and romantic and beautiful.

    When I go to the second-hand stores, I call it treasure hunting, but you find more "treasures" than I've ever heard of - such lovely things, Annabel.


    1. Dear Phyllis, My girls grew up on the disney movies usually with a Princess and we thought the wedding was just like a disney movie! Especially the trumpets! Was better than a movie!
      Next week I hope to get to some country thrift stores... these are often the best of all. It is treasure hunting ... I have a list but as you never know what you will find I keep my eyes out! Have a lovely weekend! With love

  13. You had a really great week. All your finds are just wonderful.

    We drove 5 hours today to our oldest son'S family. Our oldest three grandchildren were grinning from ear to ear when we arrived. My husband did great with the trip and even drove some.

    We bought a big ticket item and saved over a third by buying one in the Amazon warehouse. It arrived with a small plastic bracket broken and the manufacturer is sending a replacement. Saved $254! I had all the money saved up. Got new glasses and had the money saved for those. Our old people glasses are expensive but we need to see. Did not grocery shop at all but made an effort to eat all the perishables before leaving and we did.

    Have a great weekend! We will be squeezing the grandchildren for 3 days!

    1. Dear Lana, What a great trip and how lovely!
      Well done on big savings! That was a good week and sounds like a beautiful weekend. The Grandkids will soak this up. Enjoy every moment! With love,

  14. Really your aunt's orange garden is beautiful. Wow I have to shocked to see these limon and orange. And your writing is very well. Thanks for shearing a good story with us.

    1. Dear Angel, Thank you so much for commenting and welcome! I am glad to have you here! With love

  15. Annabel,
    Your aunt is a real inspiration! I love that she rides her bicycle to get groceries.
    This weeks I canned 16 pints of chicken broth, and gave 3 quarts beyond that to my daughter. I have a HUGE stock pot, which I fill with chicken bones we save in the freezer after we get most of the meat off of whole cooked chickens from Costco. It really is a money saver, as the chickens cost us only $5 apiece, and give us quite a lot of meat.
    The garden is starting to produce some nice fat peas. They never make it as far as the dinner table, though; we eat them raw as snacks. They are so sweet! My 20 month old grandson got his first taste of them, and he was so cute picking them out of the shell and popping them in his mouth, going "mmmmm-mmmmm". Just wait until the blueberries ripen; he'll get a taste treat then, too!

    1. Dear Chipmunk,
      Chicken broth is wonderful to have on hand! Well done! I would love to have seen that huge stock pot going! I love a good cook up!
      Fresh sweet peas are a beautiful thing! Andy LOVES them so I give him peas to shell in his lunch box!
      You are getting your Grandson started in some good ways!
      I hope the new week will be a good one for you. You were very productive! With love

  16. There could be worse things to have named after you. So I guess you are kind of its godmother. I hope it is the golden one. Your Aunt is amazing. I hope I have half her energy at 80. The fruit looks wonderful.

    I worked 6 days straight so my paycheck will be wonderful. I used my crock pot to make sure dinner was ready. I got some great sales at the supermarket this week. The rest of my list is here:

  17. We saved $90.00 this weekend. My SIL brought his tractor over so we didn’t need to rent one. We our updating our fireplace and needed a new mantle. A friend brought a big Pine beam left over from a Gazebo he built. I wanted an old rustic beam, so I found an idea on Pinterest. I have everything I need to age it. Yeah! Kudos for your Aunt on riding her bicycle still. Wonderful exercise and free transportation. I love your decanters, wonderful find. I have a friend that uses one on her bathroom counter to dispense mouthwash it is truly beautiful.


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