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Tuesday 27 February 2018

The Home Pharmacy. Sickness in the house.

Last week Andy was sick as a dog. He planned this all along to test out my essential oils I think!  He had it all.  Cough, runny nose, sneezing, headache, congestion, the whole smorgasbord.

I was well past trying to prevent illness in the house and instead had to go to trying to prevent the spread of it and getting Andy better.  So I thought this is a good time to post some absolute basics that really form part of The Home Pharmacy.

One of the first things I always do is get chicken soup going.  I keep everything on hand to be able to do this anytime.  Chicken in the freezer, many items are dry goods from the pantry, there are always veggies in the crisper....  so I can put it on straight away.   You can find my recipe here Cure all chicken soup.  Another option is to keep it in the freezer already made up.

I am also including Mimi's Chicken soup as we all have our slight variations and honestly if you become good with this soup it is so beneficial so here is hers... Luscious Warming Chicken Soup.

Mimi wrote another post full of things to do when there is sickness in the house.  She has some money saving tips on such things as electrolytes.  These skills are something we should all have yet these days a lot of people would be in trouble if the pharmacy was closed.  Skills like these are so important!  Feel Better Recipes.
I think that our own home pharmacy could consist of all of these things and it includes skills, recipes and the ingredients needed.

I also realised a few things. My old fashioned super soft sick day handkerchiefs are suddenly the best thing ever.  I make these and stash them away in our medical cupboard.  I keep giant stacks of them in zip lock bags.  They are big squares of super soft worn and washed ready flannelette.  Most I just make them  from old sheets and they are meant to go into the bin after use when someone is ill. Because no one in the family ever wants to throw them out I also hem some and do wash those but I save these for less seriously sick times.  Once again I was glad of these.   You don't believe the difference until you try them when your nose is sore.  So many times I have been pleased I have a big supply.  This was when I was making a big lot recently...

After making my essential oil roller balls my next project was to get to use and understand my diffuser. Chloe gave me my first diffuser as a gift.   Things lined up so that now I have my On Guard blend essential oil, my diffuser and sick husband so this got me going.   I cannot believe how much I love my diffuser!

This is funny as just like with the roller balls suddenly I was thinking how did I mange before?  What took me so long?  The house smelled really good and Andy liked it.  I told him this was my germ killing blend.  I kept this going and I used my roller ball on my feet at night and generally did things to try and not get sick myself.
I realised I really want a diffuser for the bedroom as well as the living area and ordered one.  So basically I went from never using a diffuser to wondering how I would ever do without one.
Andy loves the doTERRA Easy Air blend and says it helps.   I have mainly had On Guard going and Easy Air for Andy when sleeping.   I learned to close the doors to rooms we are not using so that the vaporised oils are in the room we are in.  This is an issue with open plan areas but I am amazed how quite a large space is still ok.  But a one room space like the bedroom where I can shut the door is even better as the room really fills with a lovely waft of essential oils.  It is beautiful.

For years I have used Miracle Spray and this is my cleaner that I have used to kill bugs, wipe door handles, surfaces etc. which you do 10x more when someone isn't well.  I love this recipe and it smells amazing. Your house smells clean.  Many of you will know this recipe already.  Miracle Cleaner. 

I made ready to use cleaning wipes with this also.  And my next stack of sick day hankies was in this picture too! 

I always have Vitamin C, Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract and Garlic.  I start taking these as soon as anyone isn't well or something nasty is going around.

In the last few days I had quite a few things I had ordered online arrive and this was timely.   I have been reading about Thieves Cleaners which are a Young Living product.  Different essential oils brands have their own version of the traditional famous Thieves Blend.  doTERRA have On Guard. Hopewell Oils have Plague Defence.   Rocky Mountain Oils have Immune defence.  These are all great blends but you can also make them yourself.  I have been experimenting with this and loving them.  That is a post coming up.

The week was a general reminder to have the place well stocked, to have basics on hand and it got me  to have a crash course on my diffuser.  Now I love i so much!  Your diffuser will come with instructions so that part is easy!

What are your tried and tested treatments in your household?
Do you have things you would like to improve in this area?
For us it is the last day of summer!!!  Tomorrow is Autumn!  This is so exciting to me.   It also means we are getting ready for flu season.
For the US ladies I want to add that I know how the flu season has been there.  Australia had it so terribly and it caught a lot of people by surprise as we had gone out of winer into spring and people were still getting it.  It seemed to extend late and I thought this was unusual.  So beware about that.

I feel I am learning learning and getting somewhere.  Andy is feeling much better. I got out of it with the sniffles.  I have used On Guard and Oregano Oil for myself a lot.

I hope your week is going well!  xxx


  1. Hello Annabel, I loved your last posts with pictures from Kelsey and Kelleys homes. It's always lovely to have a peek into someone else world.

    I am sorry Andy was so unwell, it's miserable when someone you love is ill. I am impressed at the knowledge you have already with essential oils and that you managed to keep well yourself and just have a sniffle. Very well done!

    I have been busy doing some crafting and embroidery on my machine. I find when I do that and put some music on (loudly enough - it makes my mind go away from some awful things that have been in there for a couple of years now). So in a way it is medical therapy, just like oils. I said to my partner the other day, the only time I am truly happy at the moment is when I am singing. It hit me like a tonne of bricks. I cannot be ruminating when singing, grief is not there for the window of that song. I wonder if other people have noticed that. I am lucky not to have neighbours within several hundred metres and can blast it if I feel the need.

    I have a relaxing blend of oils from Inessence. They are the company that made the diffuser I have. It is a stock standard quite boring looking plastic thing, and it has colours, but does not change, you need to choose a colour at the onset. Anyway the blend is called Sleepeasy. It is lavender, valerian, mandarin and roman chammomile.

    I do look forward to your posts. Have a great day, and keep getting better Andy.
    Fi xx

    1. Dear Fiona,
      I think crafting, music, chickens, singing and lovely surroundings are all good for us. And I agree they are like therapy just like medical things are. Like they used to send people for a holiday near the sea if they had not been well. Sleep easy sounds like a lovely blend. I am experimenting with night time blends... I am ok once I get to sleep, it is getting to sleep that is the problem! Thanks Fi, I hope you had a good week! Love

  2. Annabel, I like my diffuser too and use it quite often. It's getting close to spring time here and I'm researching how to combat all the allergy issues that come with it. I hope to be as prepared as I can be when the pollen starts flying. The flu has been really bad this year and I've been very diligent to use an essential oil immune booster daily as well as a preventative dose of cider fire. I could still get it, but so far I've been able to not come down with it.

    1. Dear Patsy,
      With allergies I think one of the best things is eating the local honey. I hope you have avoided the flu. Be careful a little longer. We just have that feeling of change of seasons right now so I am considering flu season already! With love

  3. Dear Annabel, thankyou so much for linking my blog posts for this topic. It's one that I think you and I remain passionate about. We have two of those diffusers, and aren't they pretty, as well as being useful? I think surviving cold and flu season is about being prepared as much as anything. If you have your soup in the freezer, your oils and flannelette handkerchiefs on hand, and any other little things to cheer you up and help you weather the symptoms, that's more than half the battle. Stocking up on pantry and toiletry essentials, and the basics like paracetamol, chest rub, and hand sanitiser (I make my own version of these) is also just good common sense. Your lovely photos almost make me wish I was unwell, so I could surround myself with cosiness and goodness! Thankyou again. Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, A well stocked pantry and medical cabinet are a really good idea. Meals in the freezer.... if we are sick or someone else is then there is still nourishing food and things you need are on hand. Sickness strikes in the middle of the night, weekends and public holidays in my experience lol
      So much that is good and sound now is really wisdom from our Mums and Nans but a lot has been lost and people dont know it. Hopefully your instructions will have new families with real chicken soup rather than stuff from the shops. There is just no comparison. We need fresh goodness full of garlic not something out of a packet! Thank you for your help! With love

  4. I want to use oils more and love all this information.
    Thankfully Jeff and I have been mostly well all this winter season.
    But my parents retirement home has so much sickness inside and the whole place is quarantined.

    I have had horrible menopause problems for almost 10 years and have tried multiple prescriptions for them. I heard about a Young Living oil and a natural cream this fall and started using both and those symptoms are almost nonexistent now.

    So I know a bit about oils and I’m a believer but I need to learn more.

    1. Hi Rhonda and another thing that works well for menopause symptoms especially hot flushes is sage. You can either cook with a lot of it or use as a seasoning (especially good fresh) or you can get sage tablets as well.

      Hope this helps.


    2. Dear Rhonda,
      Our friend who lives in a retirement home... it is always quarantined and it is terrible. I hope your parents are ok.
      I am so glad you found success and relief from menopause symptoms. I hope as we go along you will find many more things you can use for health and in the household too. It is a learning curve! I think once we have success in one area it kind of makes us want to try the next thing! It is exciting! Thank you! With love

  5. Dear Annabel,

    Here’s our Winter Tea recipe. We usually triple or quadruple it and put it in a huge, clear glass jar. (Mine has a seal and a clamp lid!). We put the jar in the chilly garage or ref at bedtime, then take it out in the morning and drink Winter Tea all day long. If you like more lemon, add more lemons. If you like more orange, add more oranges. It’s delicious and loaded with healing properties!

    **Winter Tea**
    1 orange, sliced very thin
    2 lemons, sliced very thin
    2-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and grated
    About 1 cup honey
    1 Tablespoon turmeric powder

    Place all and stir well in a glass jar. Will keep for one month (should it even last that long).

    To enjoy:
    You want to heat your water first, not the Winter Tea mixture. So microwave or tea kettle the water and fill the mug about 2/3- or 3/4-full. Add at least 2 Tablespoons of the liquid (we use a coffee scoop) to the mug of hot water and a good helping of the fruit. Stir and enjoy.

    Actually, this is quite refreshing added to a glass of ice and water!

    *Note: You don’t want to get turmeric on your clothing. However, Oxyclean and/or bleach will remove turmeric stains.

    Get well soon, Mr. Bluebird!


    1. Hi Kelley
      Thanks for sharing this recipe. We make something similar by the cup as needed when sick - just lemon, honey, garlic or ginger if we have it and hot water. We also add a shot of whiskey sometimes to help you sleep! I haven't thought to have a batch ready to add water to when needed. Silly question... do you leave the lemon and orange skin on? Many thanks, Kelly

    2. Dear Kelley, Thank you for this recipe!
      Also Kelly... I can tell from a picture Kelley sent me yes I think the peels are still on. I will post the pic in an upcoming post. Thank you girls, love

    3. Hi, Kelly. No need to remove the citrus fruit skin. Just slice the lemons/oranges thin.


    4. Dear Annabel,

      Thanks for replying to Kelly. I had forgotten about sending you the photograph of my Winter Tea jar!

      Hope Mr. Bluebird is much improved!

      *hugs* from Toledo, Ohio, USA,

  6. Hello Annabel and thinking of Andy and hope he gets and feels better shortly.

    We have been looking at getting some 4 thieves oil for our medical kit as we don't have any. I looked at other brands but this one seems to be the best priced one with similar essential oils to the rest so I think we will buy this one and mix it with a carrier in a roller bottle for flu season.

    I also like breathe easy for putting on my chest and to breathe in as well for congestion. We keep Echinacea and zinc tablets in the cupboard as well as take vitamin c during flu season as well as eat a lot of home grown garlic in our everyday cooking and drink a lot of fresh fruit juice. Annabel you might want to add zinc to your Echinacea as it builds your immune system up better too.

    I have a recipe also for making our own Vicks vapor rub out of natural ingredients rather than using the commercial one with petrochemicals in it. Shall look into making this shortly as well.

    Still getting to making some double layered flannelette tissues for the medical cabinet too as I have saved a lot of our worn flannelette sheets.

    Hope everyone stays well and thank to all who have added recipes too.


    1. Dear Sewingcreations,
      I wouldnt be without On Guard now... and I am trying out a couple of others that are very similar. Most seem to have basically the same ingredients. And it does go a long way.
      I swear by Echinacea and zinc also. And garlic for sure. I forgot to mention zinc but I really think that is so good.
      I see that doTERRA has a natural kind of Vicks equivalent I think it is called Deep Blue and you can get as a cream. This would be a very good thing to make... so if you make yours and want to share the recipe please do. I would love this! Years ago we would put Vicks on the bottoms of our feet before sleep when not well. I think really good...
      You wont regret a supply of super soft and extra large hankies... they sit there until someone needs them and then you are so glad of them!
      Many thanks! Love

    2. Hi Annabel and thank you for the encouragement :).

      I googled homemade Vicks Vapor rub on the internet and here is one recipe I found that I thought I might go with as I have most of the essential oils listed already -

      There are other recipes on the internet that contain beeswax but since I don't have any I thought with the coconut oil that this would set quite solidly anyway.

      I hope this helps.


  7. Annabel,
    First I want to apologize if I am in and out on commenting my computer needs fixed and if I'm not using my mother's I am still learning to use my phone for things. Not that great either let me tell you I accidentally took 4 selfies today!
    Your handkerchiefs are just too pretty and I couldn't imagine blowing my nose on one LOL to me that would be the equivalent of someone using their sleeve. Haha nope I guess I better find something ugly to make some eh?
    When sickness is going around here soup is always on the menu with plenty of garlic and keep plenty of juices on hand. Besides orange I like grape juice as well. For congestion I boil water to add moisture to the air and for some things a good sweat helps get rid of it faster so even though someone is hot I cover them and have them sweat it out. I don't use a lot of oils yet, but I do drink teas and make sure everyone is doing hand washing and make sure to keep the areas where the sickie has been or is really clean.
    I look forward to seeing all of the tips everyone is going to share.

    1. Dear Vicky,
      Actually you mention the one basic I should have... hand washing. I heard a doctor being asked the number one thing to prevent sickness and he said hand washing.
      I would like to see the selfies lol! I have done the exact same thing!
      I think the teas are very good. I find tea very comforting and soothing. I am trying the time tea too and trying to grow more!
      Some good tips are app reading here! With love

  8. Sorry your hubs has been ill. It sounds like you are taking great care of him.
    The flue has been awful in the states - they say it may be slowing down now. Many have died , so it is bad.

    I use Vit. C, zink, Reshi mushroom, Echinacea/goldenseal and multi vitamins a lot. We are big about using herbs and vitamins daily and knock wood - we stay pretty healthy. (Of course staying away from sick people helps!).

    Hope all get well and stay well quickly.

    1. Good ole Reshi Mushroom. It definitely works! My kids would say they would rather be sick than have to take it. LOL, I would hold my nose drop the tincture in my mouth and chase it with Orange Juice.

    2. Dear Cheryl, I have heard of everything except the reship mushroom... I am going to have to look into this!
      I hope you avoid the flu... as I said beware of it hanging around even after the weather begins to warm... until it has truly ended for the season. Andy is much better thank you! With love

  9. Oh my gosh am I missing my oils! My husband and I are 200 miles from home, I went with him so he could get his re-certification for work. I'm sitting in a hotel room with a fever, aches and chills, running nose and just feeling blah... I know better that I should carry them with me, was in a hurry to get on the road and forgot all but one. I use plant therapy oils which are very good quality. I did make up a cleaner and have peppermint in there so hopefully my hubby will stay well.I had the flu Christmas day and thought that was the end. Whatever this bug is going around is just the pits!! I would love to have a cup of the homemade chicken soup right now, it sounds wonderful!! I hope everyone stays well!!

    If any of Bluebirds would like to send prayers and encouragement for my husband right now we'd be so
    appreciative!! He has to pass his exam on Friday morning in-order for him to keep his job. He's been studying every night for 3-4 hrs after work. Thank you everyone so very much!! Love your blog Annabel and all the bluebirds who contribute, It's made such a difference in my life!! Hugs, Patti Ann.

    1. Dear Patti,
      OK I am praying that your husband does well in his exam. He is doing the right thing and studying. We will also prays he stays calm and focused. Thank you for your kind words! I hope you are feeling better! I think you have given a good idea for a blog post... what we could take when travelling! There are a few things I will not leave the house without but travel further afield takes more planning. I am sorry you had the flu. It really knocks you out. Do let us know how the exam goes. With much love

  10. I would like to suggest that everyone change your thinking about illness. We have not had an illness of more than a few hours in years because at the first sign of illness my focus is to cure the sick person right away before there is a full blown case. On Guard does not work on viruses but most of the time it is what is used. I have never seen it kill an illness. Plague Defense from Hopewell will kill most viruses so at the first sign of illness get it on the bottoms of the sick persons feet and put on socks. Repeat in two hours if not well. We are often well with only one dose of Plague Defense. Drink lots of plain old water with a virus to flush it from the body because dead virus means body aches.

    Stomach bugs or food poisoning always responds to Tummy Soothe from Hopewell. Put a drop on the back of the hand and lick it off. If still vomiting in 30 minutes repeat it. Do not drink water or anything else. It will even kill the dreaded norovirus .

    The flu this winter has been harder to treat than anything I have ever encountered and my practitioner has seen the same. It does seem to be getting weaker as it mutates and is getting easier to kill. We have picked it up three times but have been able to put a stop to it within 6 hours each time. Plague Defense can at least lessen the severity if used on your feet every two hours. DoTerra Deep Blue rub and not the oil has been helpful too. Put that on the feet, too. This was more efficient than Plague Defense for the last round we had. It started eith the burning sore throat. The other nasty thing about this flu though is that there is often a bacterial infection in the lungs. Hence the pneumonia. Lung Support from Hopewell has been effective for that. Drip it on a cotton ball and breathe it in deeply. It will kill that bacteria. Diffusing it is no good because it needs to be much more concentrated going into the lungs. Once again On Guard is not at all effective.

    I hope this information is helpful. If you learn to jump right on treating the sick person you will surprised at how little illness you have to endure.

    1. Dear Lana, I agree, early intervention as the very very first sign has proved to me to be the best way to deal with anything. Only up to this point it has applies to sore throats, migraines.... now I am learning this principal with essential oils.
      Now I am going to do a second order from Hopewell. I am very impressed with them and ordered the two oils fist. So now my second order I will get the Tummy Soothe and note your instructions.
      I like putting the oils on my feet before I go to sleep. Thank you for telling me about DoTERRA deep blue rub. I am going to check this out too.
      I do appreciate your tips. I am noting down most of this one because each issue is one for us personally.
      Also I am thinking to strike so fast I need to keep some purse rollers and always a travel pack wherever I go. Thank you so much for your help. With love,

    2. Dear Lana... two things ... is the lung support called Alive Blend? I see a couple of possibilities.... Also I emailed you and want to check you got that, this was a few days ago. xxx

    3. Lung Support is Lung Support. I did not get the email but I will check my spam folder next. Putting oils on at bedtime is good in times of illness but be careful of using them routinely that way because oils on the feet are taken up to every cell in the body so doing that when it is not needed is not a good idea. I use the essential oil lotions from Hopewell on my feet at night because the amount is so tiny that it is not like putting oils right on the feet.

      Just checked and your email was in my Spam folder.

  11. Morning Annabel. First, I hope Andy is feeling better, summer flu is terrible. I love hankies over tissues. I always remember a teacher in a health class saying noses get sore and red and cracked when they are wiped with a tree and it's stuck with me. Mum always had hankies and I've passed the habit onto Hannah and the boys too. They get new hankies in their Christmas stockings every year so they never run out :)

    1. Dear Cath, Tissues at first seem soft and lovely! But not after a few uses! Its a trick! I was thinking I used to make hankies out of something that was like a superfine flannelette but I cant remember the name. Im going to go looking for it! I could make Harper and Scarlett some from these. In our family everyone has hankies, my Dad always. My whole life has consisted of moments of crying and dad handing me his (clean) hankie and saying here.... :( With love

  12. Annabel your blog is so appealing. Just looking at all of your gorgeous pictures gives me joy. I hope Andy is well very soon.

    This past year, after starting my homeopathic research, I have found remedies that have surpassed all other I've found. I was using essential oils and elderberry syrup, garlic, oregano, etc.. with some success, (along with bone broth, too, of course!) But homeopathy has outshone them all with almost instant relief. These are some of the remedies that have worked EVERY TIME we've used them and they have no side effects.

    When the flu symptoms start, as they did multiple times this year for both my husband and myself, we immediately use "Oscillococcinum". There are 3 tiny vials full of teeny tiny pellets that taste like sugar. You pour the vial of pellets under your tongue and let them dissolve. One vial is one dose and you can have 3 doses in a day. With our worst attack we never used more than a full day of doses, 3 vials, along with one more dose, one vial, the next day.

    For coughing I use Ipecacuanha 30X. The cough stops within a few minutes. STOPS completely.

    For sinus infections I turn to Sinusalia. The pressure and headaches are gone, again, in just a few minutes. I have a history of terrible sinus problems and have had more antibiotics than I care to think about. This remedy saves me from antibiotics.

    When my eyes are screaming with pain and itching beyond belief Ambrosia Artemis 30c works like magic. (Oh, how i love this one!)

    I also suffer from angina and my go to remedy is Lachesis Muta. Again, almost instant relief.

    And, I can't say enough about Arnica Montana in pellet and cream form. Just last week my husband had was in a nasty cycling crash. The right side of his body was slammed on the road and railroad tracks. He was able to get up and call me to pick him up so I took our Arnica 1M with me and gave him a dose as soon as he got in the car. Throughout the day i continued to give him the Arnica, but at the doses of 200CK. The next day I continued, but now with arnica 30c. We saw the doctor, (Our cardiologist and GP both approve of our use of homeopathic remedies, and our GP in another state recommended them!). The doctor checked for anything broken and found my husband had several knots under his skin that were hematomas, yet they never showed ANY bruising or discoloration. Michael only had one area that bruised - where his pinkie finger was smashed. It was swollen and starting to turn black, but continuing with arnica in the 30c doses the swelling and discoloration are already gone. Arnica is an amazing remedy and our GP is excited to research it's values. Several years ago i had the same type of cycling crash. It took 3 years for all of my hematomas to heal.

    I know this is long and these are only a few remedies, but these have worked so well for us i wanted to share. I am thrilled that the Lord led me to these.

    I've been reading that Queen Elizabeth doesn't go anywhere without her homeopathic kit, and look how healthy she and her family are! I'm just like her. I don't go anywhere without my little kit. How grateful I am when in church I start to cough, why is it we cough so often in church???, anyway...i pull out my remedy, pop them under my tongue and can then listen intently to our pastor!

    One web site I've used to do a great deal of my research is this...

    I'm saving to be able to take a few of her basic classes.

    I hope this helps!

    1. Dear Nana Jan, I am a big fan of homeopathy due to an amazing homeopath when I was younger. Thank you for posting so much info!
      I know about the royals and their homeopathy. They are the best advert ever! Thank you for all of this I have noted several things to chase up.
      Your poor husband! What an accident! I am glad he is ok! I have arnica cream but did not know about taking it this way. Thank you!
      I am already reading joettecalabrese... very interesting.
      Thank you for such kind words too! with love

    2. Dear Nana Jan, I wanted to tell you I got both the arnica and the flu remedy. I found a very good place to buy homeopathic remedies and am thrilled they are so helpful. So I am pranging what you said to go in my cabinet with them, thank you very much, love

  13. Hi Annabel, sorry to hear Andy is sick. Hope he feels much better soon and that you stay well. Like you, I absolutely LOVE Miracle Spray & use it even more when someone in the house is sick (can't thank Cath Armstrong enough for that!). I have saved some old flannette sheets to cut up into hankies - so thank you for the reminder to dig those out & get cracking on that before the sniffly season is fully upon us. I love ideas like that, so simple, easy & effective - but the modern way of thinking & living would never teach young people these type of ideas. That's why I'm especially thankful for blogs like yours that share these ideas and offer encouragement to each other. So thank you again for continuing to educate and inspire me in new ways - and to the other bluebird commenters for sharing their ideas & knowledge too! It really motivates me to do better at home for my family. Cheers, Kelly

    1. Dear Kelly, I was talking about this with Mimi. These skills like chicken soup, cleaner, simple preparedness.... so needed! Cath, Mimi and others that teach sensible and helpful things to me these are so important as a lot of people havent learned these things at home. Yet we need all these skills.
      Thank you so much for such kind words! With love

  14. Annabel & the Bluebirds,
    Chiming in here. We contracted Influenza at New Years. DH first, so I started him on Elderberry syrup, EOs, bone broth, liquids, etc. 3 days later I came down with it. Unfortunately I had used my supply of Elderberry syrup and bone broth and he was not sure how to make either. I was too sick to instruct him, so I ended up with a much worse case. I was sick for 3 full weeks. Then a week later I caught a cold. 2 weeks after that he got the stomach flu.
    FINALLY, we are well. Spring is just around the corner.
    I do have a fairly full "sickness" shelf in my pantry with canned soup, candied ginger, ginger biscuits, applesauce, instant rice, coconut water and such. We did use much of this when we were both sick so it's time to restock. And I need to make more bone broth to freeze and keep a constant supply on hand. I've used the latest batch to make soup for some sick friends.
    One last thing, we have learned to breathe in Thieves or Immunity EO when we return home from any outing outside of our usual routine (work). If we go to the city to church or shopping, as soon as we come home, we wash up and inhale. That has kept us well most of the time.
    Keep learning about the oils and herbs. And best of all, pray for health and protection from illness.
    Kay on the Farm

    1. Dear Kay,
      Sorry to be so slow to reply. You were well prepared when DH got sick and he certainly benefitted. Your story has me thinking... to make a stack of chicken soup and freeze, stock up etc as I would be the same... if its Andy I can make all this stuff. If its me he is a good nurse but he wouldnt know how to make these things!
      I agree on the Thieves (or equivalents) and I am taking little rollers or purse sprays out with me too.
      Kay I also agree on praying for health and protection. Wise words. Love

  15. I am on the lookout for flannie sheets at the op shop next time I visit one. What a clever, and nose gentling idea. Also perfect for little ones with runny noses. Thank you!

    1. Jenny super soft hankies are the most wonderful thing. It doesnt get noticed until you are sick then it is so nice! xxx

  16. Dear Annabel, Im late catching up here , just wanted to thank you and everyone here, especially Nana Jen and Lana for their helpful posts . I have been takign notes down from this series on the Home Pharmacy . Many thanks all Bluebirds ,with love Maria xxx


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