The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday 31 December 2017

Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to a brand new year!  We have had a break and a bit of a rest. I have had time to think over the year that has been and I see we actually achieved a lot!  There are some things I will do the same and there are a lot of things that will be different in 2108!

I finally caught up with replying to comments so if you thought I must have fallen off the perch well now I have replied!  And I am so glad as many of you achieved great and important things in 2017 with a lot of effort!  I was very excited to read of these things, debts paid off! Credit cards paid off!  Deposits saved!  Wonderful achievements! So many skills learned!  This sets you up for a potentially amazing 2018!  It is good to look back and realise what we actually accomplished!

This week we are setting the scene!  There will be posts most days in order to set the foundations of what we are doing!   We are going to hit the ground running!  This will be the year you take a quantum leap in your goals and we are looking at our own personal health and fitness and our whole household.

Because life is hectic and so much comes at us at all times it helps so much to write things down and keep focused on them.  I have tired lots of ways to do this.  My most successful way has been to have planner and this is key... not to fill it in then put it in a drawer!  Fill it in and keep it out and look at it several times a day,  jot down notes and refer to it.  I keep mine either on my bed open on todays page or on the kitchen bench.   For the purpose of my Vicky Challenge I jot down a quick note here and there of my savings or else I would simply forget!
At least once a week take an hour or so and review the week that has just been and do some planning of the next week.  This hour is one of the best investments I made last year.  This hour saved me so much time overall!   When your week is there in front of you it is much easier to see things.  Many times I could immediately see I had too much on and cancel something.  Sometimes I could see if I grouped things I would save time plus fuel.  I could immediately see what I needed to do today and tomorrow to keep my bigger plans on track!

This year my planner is The Happy Planner.  I ordered it online and I LOVE it!   I took a whole day working on it!  You can use anything or make your own planner.  Take a look at A Working Pantry as Patsy has made her own and is sharing how she is setting it up as well.  You see someone like Patsy who gets so much done... yes she has a detailed planner!

I have set my planner up and today being on day one I can see the birthdays and events for the month,   and I know what I need to do today to get this party started!  😊

If you haven't already then I would say setting some serious goals is the biggest thing you can do this week.  Sometimes it can be scary to set goals...  as if we do and tell people and then we fail to deliver it is not so great!   But if it is something you really want and you achieve it this is so exiting.  Even something seemingly huge is not so bad when you break it down into small daily or weekly chunks.  You can do it!  

Some of my plans include my health and fitness.  I am staying grain free as if I do I am pain free!   I am now working on no added sugars.  I will not eat artificial sweeteners as they are awful and give me massive headaches anyway.  
I am committed to reading the Bible everyday and Bible study.
I have a household organisation and cleaning routine.
This week I am starting a sewing challenge.  There will be a post on this and the challenge can be adapted to any craft as well but we will be using up what we have and filling our gift cupboards back up. 
This year I will continue my Vicky Challenge as this has been such an eye opener.  I will have a post on this also as you can see how much your efforts save the whole household! I find it enormously motivating. 
We might have a country move coming up but we are waiting to see where all the family is first.  This made me feel up in the air but we have decided to pray and wait and meanwhile do everything we can to be organised!
We will still have the Christmas Challenge.  This is a huge money saver and keeps us learning new skills.  New skills are really important.  This can ultimately be used to bring in income, save money, barter and help in many ways. 
I am going to continue Feather your Nest Friday as I think it makes a world of difference to review your week, appreciate every blessing and see what was done.  This creates appreciation for our progress and also we see what we need to do next week to get where we want to be!  It is a chance to encourage each other. 
This year I am taking a leaf out of Sewingcreations and Gardenpats books and adding selling items to my household income.  I am not good at selling but I am going to learn!  

I feel better with a plan.  Sometimes deciding what needs to go is as important as what we need to get started!  If something isn't working it probably is not ever going to work.  Stop flogging a dead horse as they say... 

Find your motivation.   Some of my strong motivators are the way I feel if my home is in good order and if I am organised.  

Glenda gave me some beautiful stickers for my planner.  I am mentally five years old I think as I still love stars and stickers, pretty pens,  glitter etc.    When you know what makes you happy then include these things in your life!   Many simple things make me happy.  A pretty tea cup, a bubble bath,  anything sparkly,  my favourite perfume,  flowers.   If I work these into my day it is a good day!

I am convinced success comes from what we include in our average day.  Absolute mountains can be moved in fifteen minutes a day or even five! 

We have a whole year ahead and today is day one.  I have several things I need to do today to get my plans off to a good start!

Kelsey has shared her new planner which she made herself.   I love it!  

She also made some for gifts!  Her planner pages were free to print from The Cottage Market.
Kelsey also chose 18 Bible passages to guide her year and to memorise.  As I read them I realised many were exactly what I would have chosen!  This is beautiful.

And most beautifully Kelsey included Proverbs 31.  For most of the years the girls were young I had this posted on my fridge.  I had an old fridge I painted pink and covered in giant roses.  And Proverbs 31 decorated with flowers slap bang on the front.  I looked at that every day.  Most of the time the world was telling me I was wasting my time raising my children,  working at home, cooking and cleaning and creating.   But every day I was reminded of God's Word!   So this year I will go back to my scriptures in front of me where I can see them.   2017 was a year of the world telling us all kind of awful things.  But God's Word does not change, it does not become redundant or watered down it is true to the end of time.   

Thank you Kelsey!  

Well, that is enough for today!  Tomorrow we are going to see what one Bluebird aimed for and achieved last year.  This will give you so much inspiration about what you can do in a year if you set your mind to it!  We can accomplish so much in a week but what we can do in a year is amazing! 
Wednesday we will get started with a craft challenge.  We are going to use up what we have and what is available to us, learn new skills and fill our present cupboards right back up!

Have a very good first week of 2018.  
What do you want to achieve and create this year?  How can you break it down into weekly and daily missions?  I know we can encourage each other.   A little encouragement goes a long way! xxx


  1. Annabel, we do so think alike! One of the secondary streams of income I had settled on was selling items too. I have much to learn on how to do this so I'll be watching and looking for tips from you. Your planner is beautiful! Kelsey thank you for the Bible verses, I'm going to add those to my planner/journal. I'm excited about a new year with the bluebirds!

    1. Dear Patsy,
      Yes we do! Wow I did not know this though! Our problem is we like to give everything away but I have to also learn to sell as I have had many opportunities in the last few years and let them slip by. With my daughters online shop I get things she orders that she isn't happy with in some way and mostly they are still very good things. So I put my hand up to take these and sell them so this is my start...
      We can encourage each other on this as with everything else! Thank you Patsy! With love

  2. Annabel you certainly have hit the ground running :-) It is too hot and muggy here to even think. LOL! I am just going to break everything down into little steps this year which make it more doable for me to actually get motivated. I can't wait to hear if you are going to move back to the country this year.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, Lynette also reported how hot and humid it is! I think humidity is very draining but so it heat. We are very lucky at the moment but I know sooner or later we will get hot weather.
      I cant wait to see if we move! At the moment it looks like we will either stay here plus have a weekend type country house on the farm... or move entirely. I certainly hope by mid year we know and are in the process. Meanwhile I will get done what I can. I hope 2018 will be a great year for you! With love

  3. Dear Annabel,
    We have twin calendar planners this year😊. I have used the Happy Planner as my calendar planner for a couple of years now. I love the versatility of it.
    I have been working on goals and planning for a couple of weeks now. It is my favorite thing to do for the new year. I have four main personal goals this year and a planner set up for those, in addition to the calendar planner.
    I made a Household project planner from extra rings, covers, dividers, pocket dividers, and note paper that can be purchased from the Create 365 line. All great fun!
    I am looking forward to 2018, and the wonderful Bluebird sharing.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      I never knew about Happy Planners then I saw this one online. Also it is much less expensive than Erin Conran or some of the others.... anyway I love it! It also sounds like we will be sewing along together as today I am setting up and tomorrow I start!
      Thank you for all your support! I hope we have a great year! With love

  4. Happy New Year, Annabel! Your first post of the new year is truly inspirational! Between you and Patsy I think I'm going to use a planner! I usually just have a one page a month calendar but I find myself not able to remember the things I've done by the end of the week, so I think a planner would be really useful!

    I've already started on some projects and written a list of my gifts that I want to start working on. I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2018!
    Hugs, Holley

    1. Dear Holley,
      Thank you! It took a bit of doing to get to the point of feeling ready to jump in and know what to aim for!
      I like to have something that shows me the month overall... but day to day I like space to write up each day and look at the week. This is very useful. I tend to think most in terms of whats happening this week and what I need to do today and tomorrow.
      It sounds like we will be crafting along together! I cant wait to see what you are making! I hope you have a fantastic 2018! With love

  5. Thankyou for continuing your lovely writing and photos-i really enjoy reading it several times a week
    Warm regards Michelle

    1. Dear Michelle,
      Thanks so much! I am so glad having you here. I hope you have a great new year. With love

  6. Annabel, thank you so much for your beautiful spot on the Internet. Coming to your blog brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

    I am totally on board with your plan for 2018! In fact a few days ago I posted about using up all the fabric I have on hand. In just a few days,I cut out the fabric for 5 quilted and embroidered Christmas stockings. They are labor intensive but I thoroughly enjoy making them. I hope to have all 5 done by the end of January. And that only put a tiny dent in my fabric stash!

    DH's doctor told him he needed to change his eating habits so we had been making progress there although we did fall off the wagon a bit this past week. After the eggnog is gone, we are going to behave ourselves again.

    Thank you for all you do to make this such a beautiful place! I'm excited to implement our plans for 2018!

    1. Dear Cheri,
      Well on Wednesday I am starting a sewing challenge and the idea is using up all my random fabrics and filling my gift cupboard. This will fit in with you very well! I love what you are doing! I saw you had much more fabric than you thought!
      I think diet wise christmas and New Year are a bit of a nightmare! So today I am back on the wagon also!
      Thank you for your support and kind words! I think we will get heaps done this year! With love

  7. Tomorrow (for us in the US) is Jan 1st and we plan on taking a couple hours to write down goals for the year- personal health, spiritual, home and yard projects, food storage, financial, and business. Dave will make one list with 24 goals (4 in each of the 6 categories) and I will make one separately. Then we'll sit down and compare the two lists and prioritize the ones first that were on both lists and then decide which other ones to complete the list. That works out to 2 goals/month. We will plan on doing something tangible on 1 of the goals for at least 15 minutes each day. We will break down the projects into small bits. Some days we will have hours to spend, some days only minutes. But if we keep them in sight and present, we have a better chance of getting them achieved!

    1. Dear Gardenpat,
      Yes we are a little ahead so I was in 2018 before you and the US ladies. I really like your method of coming up with goals! That is really good.
      Since you get so much done I attacking notice of your method. I completely agree that 15 minutes or even a few minutes makes great gains with goals and plans.
      I hope 2018 will be great for you! With love,

  8. Dear Annabel I love that you are hitting the ground running and not going to let the possible move to the country slow you down.

    I have some small goals and plans that I am going to work on this year. Next weekend will be my time to plan, just need to get over tomorrow.

    I already sell my hand knits through two places but I need to work on a plan to be more productive. This will be part of my planning next week.

    Wednesday I am going to be blitzing the kitchen, refilling jars and working on the grocery list for Friday. That area has really taken a hit with all of the baking for tomorrow. While I am doing this I can also ponder some of my intended goals.

    I am keeping my eyes open for gifts, as you know I like to find them at a good price.

    The weather is shocking up here - hot and humid to the point that you just don't want to do anything. It isn't cooling down much at night either so sleep is often disturbed.

    Lunch time then it is one more cake and the zucchini slice then the icing begins.

    Have a great week everyone.


    1. Dear Lynette,
      I will be thinking of you very much tomorrow. I hope everything goes well and think you will be worn out Wednesday.
      Your knitting is beautiful and such a saleable item and your shop you are involved in is something I would like to do. If we move they have an amazing shop like this in the nearest town. It is kind of a co op of all handmade things plus cooking etc and just beautiful. I also figure this would be a place to meet other cooks, crafty people! Maybe even get some bartering going!
      The weather sounds very hard going. I hope it improves. We are lucky just now but sooner or later it will heat up.
      I hope this year will be easier! With much love

  9. Dear Annabel,
    I am ready for the new year! I have been filling in my calendar and planner and for the month of January I have written that I will memorize the first two passages on my list of 18. I have a goal this year to read one book per month and my first will be "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace. This will be along with reading the daily devotional "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers, which is a page for every day of the year. And of course my daily Bible time, which I already do.
    Projects include removing all the rocks from the yard and clearing out an invasive plant in preparation for planting grass this spring and building the fence.
    Colton and I also decided to reimplement one of our budgeting practices we used when working to pay off the house. That is we each get a personal allowance to spend on whatever we want each month. This means money is only spent on bills and necessities and anything extra comes out of our personal allowances, which we have set at $50 each. This gives us a limit and makes us really evaluate how much we want something, ie. do I really want that candy bar and drink or would I rather have a yard of fabric? type of thing. It also gives us freedom, as each of us can buy whatever we want without a second thought from the other person. When one of us would want something, we would say, "Ok, but it comes out of your $50!" I read this tip on a money saving blog and it was really helpful. I thought I would pass it along in case it could help someone else.
    I also want to start scrapbooking this year, so my goal for the month is to do two pages. That seems realistic with the time I have and since it is new to me.
    I am looking forward to another year following the blog and enjoying this community of homemakers! I can't wait to see what's in store and what we will learn! I'd love to see how you go about bringing in extra, as Etsy is still not out of the question for me!
    Happy New Year, everyone!
    Love, Kelsey

    1. 'The Evcellent Wife is a wonderful book. Many years ago I worked on implementing what I learned from Martha Peace over a period of about two years. I hope it blesses you as it did me.

    2. Dear Kelsey, Thank you for sharing your planner and ideas this was so helpful! I followed and have Prov 31 printed out and decorated too!
      I am going to look for both the books you have mentioned.
      I think scrapbooking is a really good thing. These days a lot of people have all their memories on the computer or in "the cloud" and I think a whole generation could lose the lost an have nothing in the future as far as photos go. eek so making up books is a great idea and can also lead to lovely gifts for Grandparents too.
      I can also see an Etsy store in your future! Your plans for the year are great. Your rocks in the garden... I would do some every day as this will soon add up and break it down to small chunks! Many thanks Kelsey! With love

  10. You are off you a great start Annabel!

    Last year I fell behind, but I am determined to improve my record in this area. So here I am on day one!

    I have a household management folder that I have used in the past. It is getting a little tired so I might revamp it up and start afresh. I find folders good to work with and have many set up for different things eg; a bill paying folder, gardening folder, bible study folder, favourite recipes folders x2, Christmas planning folder, and a birthday folder. So no excuses really. They sit on my bookshelf, but I might find a more suitable place to put them they they are in my sight at all times.

    I have purchased a couple of pretty books and with the help of youtube, I hope to create a journal to keep track of things. I am also waiting for the school items to come out on special. I am like you with stickers, pencils, pens etc...I have collected heaps and need to start using them more.

    I used to sell my crafts at a local market and craft shop. It was fun and quite a successful little money spinner, and I enjoyed creating for other people :)

    I am concentrating this year on fitness and weight loss. I have my diet pretty right, just need the fitness side of things. I was so fit a few years ago, but have let it fall by the wayside for too long...this is the year I will get it back and hopefully keep it!

    Soon I will be getting off here to start my preparations for the year. Looking forward to learning more from all the Bluebirds in 2018 and seeing what they create.

    Thank you Annabel for the many ideas you willingly share with us. You are very good at inspiring and keeping the motivation going.

    Love and God Bless,

    Tania xxx

  11. Dear Annabel what a beautiful post :) . I sell on eBay so if you ever want some advice on selling on there just email me. The most important thing is to do a search for what you are selling and price your goods appropriately and not undercut yourself on price :), I usually am under in price than a lot of other sellers. Gumtree is also an excellent place to sell items on too.

    I too have a planner but am quite strange having almost a photographic memory and keep DH's and my yearly goals in my head and we also have husband and wife councils to update our progress regularly at least once a week. I do however write down any appointments we have in my journal along with of course ways we saved money and feathered our nest.

    Like yourself we have hit the ground running and I accomplished a lot late last night seeing in the new year with DH which I will update everyone with on Friday.

    Excited to see what the sewing challenges will be and I too do need to use up my fabric stash which is quite extensive as I sew and design homeware decorator products.


    1. Dear Sewingcreations,
      You have really encouraged me already with your eBay selling so thank you for this offer!
      I cant wait to hear on Friday whatever it was your were both doing NYE!
      I got going on my sewing challenge today. Sorry for slow reply it has been go go go getting everything up and running for the year!
      With much love

  12. Hi Annabel,
    I have been a reader of your blog for some years now and thought it was time to say hello. I really enjoy the place of beauty, peace and joy you provide in the world through your blog.

    The sharing of ideas, knowledge and support from yourself and all
    who contribute here are highlights in my week and I learn so much.
    I hope to contribute a liitle and share my ideas and thoughts this year and give back some of what I have recieved and enjoyed so much from your blog.


    1. Dear Manda, Welcome, I am so pleased to have you here! Thank you for commenting! I would love you to join in and appreciate it.
      I hope 2018 will be a good year for you! With love

  13. Beautiful post dear Annabel! So much so near and dear to my heart! Best wishes for 2018!

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. I hope 2018 will be great for you! xxx

  14. The main goal for the year is going to be debt reduction. We went into debt to replace broken beyond repair appliances and accumulated more medical debt. I'm looking at the possibility of selling some things also.

    I make caramels each Christmas and several people offered to buy an entire batch. My mom and I are going to work out the numbers and we will offer those and caramel corn for sale. It's hard for me to think of charging since I am a giving kind of person. I keep telling myself that won't pay the bills!

    Another area I want to focus on is pantry building. I still have that strong desire to build it up further.

    I have several new skills I want to build. Both my daugher, who is 11, and I want to learn to knit. We haven't had much luck learning from youtube, so if we can't find someone to teach us we can take a class from the craft store.

    I have so many ideas popping through my head that I must get them on paper!

    1. Dear Wendi,
      I am just the same Wendi and I love giving things away! But it sounds like caramels could be packaged up nicely and sold very well! Make sure you check around prices for similar items so you are getting a fair price for them. We usually underestimate...
      Pantry building is always on my list. I am amazed at the opportunities. Vicky gets so much stuff for free she is incredible at that. We just have to take very opportunity. Often for me it is getting one more meal out of my fridge as then that spares something in the pantry. Todays new blog post will interest you!
      Have a great year and plan big! Sounds like we both need to get selling... I am sure we will get better at it once we get going! With love

  15. Thank you, Annabel, for your encouragement. I was reluctant to make any goals for 2018, since 2017 was so terrible, but after reading your posts, I decided that I would write out my goals. Even if I don't accomplish all of it, maybe I can do some of it.

    I have spent the day organizing my Homemaker's Handbook with the goal of having everything in one location. Simplicity will be helpful this year, I am thinking.

    I'm going to start thinking about income streams. I think it would be helpful to have a little "egg money" coming in. I think I will make a list of resources. Perhaps that will give me ideas about the income stream.

    I would also like to find something that would enable me to save another $100 a month off the already low budget. I didn't think that goal was possible, but with the implementation of the Menu Planning that Annabel taught us, I was able to take the food budget from $390 down to $300 per month and feel like I had more food (and better food!) in the house. So maybe there is some other place that I think I am at the "rock bottom" of the budget, but really there's $100 wiggle room!

    May everybody have a blessed and healthy 2018.


    1. Dear Cristy,
      Thank you! I think after a terrible time you need some time of recovery and finding a new normal. But also rebuilding. I know you wanted to build up emergency meals and that is a good one.
      I am starting to think we all need alternative income streams. Pray about that as I think there is something for everyone. I know last year the LDS church had a theme of Self Reliance. They had an online course which I did (free) about self reliance and this included income streams, small business etc. I found it really good and interesting. (and wise)
      I am so glad the menu planning and shopping saved you. The shopping around a wider variety of places and shops does take time but it can be very well paid time. But you have to have that time... and now things have settled down you might have a little more than you did there for a while. So I pray new places and great deals show up for you and they will create much more wiggle room as you say.
      Think over what supplies you have or what resources you have and what skills you both have. There will be something that will click as a side line. I cant wait to hear! With much love

    2. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Annabel. I like the idea of making a goal to rebuild the emergency meals. That sounds simple, doable, and useful.

      I'll keep you updated about any ideas I come up with for income streams. And perhaps I will be able to watch that online course you describe.


  16. Woohoo! How inspiring, Annabel. I love your pink fridge with big roses on it - that is something I have wanted to do for a long time. And, boy, did you hit the nail on the head with the unchanging Word of God lifting us up and sustaining us. I'm so glad you did what you knew in your heart was right for you and your girls in spite of what the other voices were saying.
    Kelsey, your planners are beautiful :)
    I'm stoked about your up-coming sewing challenge, too, Annabel. I just learned to make soup bowl cozies over the Christmas holiday and they are great little gifts. Found them on Pinterest.
    Well, looking forward to your next post, as always ;)
    Love, Mary

    1. Dear Mary,
      I wish I had photos of that fridge. I really loved it! Thank you so much for your encouraging words.
      I would love to see your soup bowl cozies. I am starting the sewing challenge tomorrow! So review your supplies! with much love

  17. You have a great list planned out. It is hard to be in limbo about moving. We have decided to stay put for a bit longer here. God has guided our every step in that and He will show you, too.

    A few years ago my husband started making and printing custom planner sheets for me. They cost almost nothing and I appreciate all the information he prints on them for me like all the family birthdays and anniversaries.

    We have a good list of projects for home maintenance and repair written up. We need to find a helper to paint the top of our 2 story stairwell but other than that we will do the work ourselves.

    We plan to volunteer to drive meals to the elderly and shut in through Meals on Wheels 2 to 4 times a month.

    The budget will be completely redone in the next 6 weeks once we know our exact income with beginning to pull from our 401k retirement funds.

    We will try to make some trips to see our kids and see how my husband handles being away from home.

    We will continue to work with the brain rehab practitioner until she says she can not help anymore. We also have exercises to do at home everyday. Also just work on learning how to best live with what he has left. He learned to drive again but we have found it best to let me drive when we both go just to save him stress.

    We will go through all our Christmas decorations and pare down to what we can store on a shelf in the garage. Most of what we have is staying in the attic each year so it is time to pass it on.

    We will plan a trip to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We have a few places in mind that are short trips. If we wait too long everything will be booked up.

    Take a look at the daily chore lists and see if we can make those more efficient.

    Use all of our time at the lake house we own in partnership. Rest is important!

    Happy New Year to you all!

    Annabel, thanks for all you do! Blessings in the new year!

    1. Dear Lana, Your plan sounds excellent and I love that you include volunteering. All our plans should include to do more and shine more light into this world!
      I don't know much about brain injury but I have heard stacks about good oils helping the brain. This could be something to look into as every help or advantage would be wonderful.
      How beautiful to have a lake house to go to! Yes take every opportunity! Im coming too just to let you know!
      I hope this will be a great year for you both! With love

    2. It would be lovely to sit on the deck at the lake house and have a good chat and glass of Southern sweet tea with you! Like my late Mother in law always said, 'Come when you can!'

      Oils have played heavily into my husband's recovery. I used them even when he was in the coma in the hospital. I am so thankful for the oils and for alternative practitioners who have helped me know how to treat him and even trained me in what they know. We have been truly blessed!

  18. Annabel,
    I am looking forward to the new year to see what it brings and how I can improve and what I can get myself into besides trying to hide a cow in the garage! Haha! Your planner is beautiful just as you are!
    Kelsey- I love your planner it is so pretty and the scripture is fantastic!

    1. Dear Vicky, The year is bette having a buddy to share it with and help each other. Thank you! With love

  19. Dear Annabel,

    I am really looking forward to what you've got cooked up for this year! Your planner is beautiful, and I love Kelsey's too. I am still mulling things about in my mind for my own 2018...we're still on holidays for another day, so my mind is officially off-duty! :)

    Happy New Year!

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, I have been thinking of you as I heard NS had it so cold that electricity poles were breaking and lots of people had no power! I mean it must be severe. So I hope you are all fine and cozy and it looks like you have power. I hope 2018 will be great for your family! With love

  20. Dear Annabel, I am so happy that you have had such a wonderful Christmas with your family and made such beautiful memories.
    We had a quite Christmas at DD2's and family farm, Dd3 and her partner were there as well, it was a lovely day, We went with DD2and her family to her in-laws for tea, again a lovely time.
    I am still in the "process" of planning my goals and aims for this year. There will be a lot of saving as we have used our emergency account to do the renovations, which are progressing slowly at the moment, but will get there, so extra money will be going back into the emergency account, I am also putting more into our Christmas club account and also more into our holiday account this is used to visit, our son and family in Perth, and 2 sons and 1 daughter their families in Queensland we are hoping to travel this year.
    We are hoping this year to make all our children and grandchildrens birthday and Christmas so that will be 39 birthday presents and 39 Christmas presents, well we can only try. I will be putting all our silver coins away to accumulate to help pay the postage.
    I have several other things that I would like to achieve, but more about that later, when I work just what needs to be done
    Really looking forward to this year and the challenges but here and what we set ourselves to do here.
    Love Lorraine

    1. Dear Lorraine, Renovations are really hard, stressful and expensive. They are worth it in the end but I am over them for now from what we did last year!
      I know if you start early you can make all those presents! I started today! This is the beauty of getting going in January we can achieve a lot!
      Thank you so much for all your support! I hope you have a wonderful 2018! with love


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