The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 5 December 2017

The Christmas Challenge. Show and Tell part 2.

This is our last Show and Tell before Christmas!  I am trying to include as many ideas as I can for last minute gifts!

Also I am at the point of planning what I want to make and learn in 2018.  This year Show and Tell has given me a lot of ideas but also inspiration. Seeing what you all make has been just beautiful.  Between us all we have a lot of skills and talent!

Getting to December with a cupboard full of gifts is really a huge help.  Starting in January with crafting, watching for sales and  collecting things makes this happen.  To be able to wrap gifts without even going shopping is lovely just now.  I do not enjoy the crowds.  And December has enough expenses without many more.  Lots of people go into the new year with Christmas debt.  We don't need to do this!  So I am looking forward to a little rest then to get up and running in January again.

Firstly today we have Kimberly.  She just wrote me the loveliest email.  She makes jewellery from feathers.  This is so exciting as I have feathers!  (we have chooks, parrots, the farm has ducks, cockatoos, eagles... !)

Kimberly these are just divine.  They appeal to me so much!  The other day I was saying you can't beat nature.  This is a good example!  Thank you for the photos!

Jane is enjoying her Grand daughters Christmas visit.  She made her a sun hat...

She looks so cute!  We are doing sprinkler fun with Harper.  This is so much fun!

Jane also makes balloon covers.  This makes ballots great fun as they don't break and cause any tears!

Beautiful Jane!

Barb has been making cards...

She also emailed me some gift ideas, thank you Barb.   One idea is to print or make vouchers of service.  If you have hairdressing skills it could be vouchers for cuts or styling.  They could be for baby sitting,  cooked meals,  any skill can be offered as a great money or time saving gift.   One time I was given a gift which was a voucher to stay a week in someones beach house!  It was the most fantastic gift! 
Great ideas Barb!

Jeanette made a crochet octopus!  This is amazing and was a gift for her daughter who loved it!

Jeanette this is incredibly clever and beyond my capabilities! 

Tanya made jars of peanut brittle and recycled fabric to make top covers...

She also made gift bags...

And is packaging up Christmas cooking...

Beautiful Tanya you are always so productive! 

Maria has been baking!  These are so sweet. I love the smily faces!

These would cheer anyone up!  I love them!

Now I am hoping I haven't missed anyone!   Thank you all!  

So far the week has been busy!  I found tomatoes on a great special yesterday and got the really ripe ones even cheaper.  This afternoon I am making relish.  First I am off to Aldi, then taking Harper to the park and it is a lovely day.   

What are your last minute gifts and what do you bake in the next fortnight?  I usually do a lot of small baked presents but I do them in big batches!   I will get to them next week.

See you on Friday! xxx


  1. such cute creations! I especially like the childs sunhat and the octopus. And wouldn't it be yummy to get a jar of homemade peanut brittle.
    I have a good size stash of Christmas fabric. I hope to sew up gift bags with some of it. I had the idea awhile back but I just remembered after reading this post.
    You and Your readers have the best ideas!

    1. Thank you Rhonda. Another great thing to do with Christmas fabric is to make simple table runners. These sell for a fortune and make an easy way to give the table a Christmas look. Also napkins.
      Thanks so much, love Annabel.xxxx

  2. I have really enjoyed these Christmas Challenge posts all year long. Love all the inspiration and ideas. I hope you will do this again in 2018. Beautiful work ladies!

    1. Thanks Patsy, I think I will keep it going. I think its motivating! Plus I will start up my present cupboard straight away in January. Its a big help. xxx

  3. I am intriged by the balloon covers. Jane, please tell us how! Those feather creations are beautiful and so different from most handmade gifts. I love to gift warm loaves of fresh bread and just out of the oven cinnamon rolls this time of year. We also take homemade cookies and candy to our neighbors. I have all the gifts and just need to get the wrapping done. The one box we have to ship will go out today and that is done. It feels great to check it off my list.

    1. Dear Lana , I will ask Jane on this. She made me one and its wonderful as kids love balloons but usually cry and get a scare when they break!
      Baking is a welcome gift, people seem to go mad over it!
      I am wrapping too! Each thing we check off the list is great! With love

  4. What beautiful things! The crocheted octopus is amazing work!

    This weekend I will do simple candymaking: fudge, "crunch cups" (chocolates with crispy rice), peppermint pretzels, and I think toffee grahams. Next week is for cookie baking: snickerdoodles, gingersnaps, spritz, and fudge grahams.

    1. Dear Kathy, this all sounds wonderful! And exciting! AND you probably save a fortune! With love

  5. Well done everyone! Hope the relish making went well, Annabel!

  6. Well done everyone! Hope the relish making went well, Annabel!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I was up late packing relish but it turned out well! Plus gives me a few gifts too! xxx

  7. Such sweet creations!
    I’ve been busy baking, I make Russian teacakes, gingerbread men, and sugar cutout cookies. I also made peanut butter, chocolate, and maple fudge.

    1. Dear Megs, Your baking sounds beautiful! What good gifts! Yum! With love

  8. I just love show and tell! Again everyone's talent is just amazing to see. It is wonderful to not have to rush around at the last minute to get things ready, but to actually enjoy all of the doings that go on around this time such as wrapping and baking. A sort of stop and smell the roses if you will.

    1. Dear Vicky, thank you...I am finding the Christmas wrapping, cards, baking and visiting is so much thank goodness I don't have to be shopping as well. Also I wrap much earlier than I used to. Sometimes when the kids were little I would be up late wrapping! Now I start so much earlier... this is easier! With love

  9. Dear Annabel,
    Lots of lovely things to see, as usual! There are a lot of unique ideas here. Well done, ladies. The sprinkler fun brings back good memories and John is next! I hope everyone is well.
    Love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey, This good old activities never get old! Wait until you hear the squeals of delight! I am so thrilled for you about your gorgeous craft area it is stunning! You did so well! I will write asap! With love

  10. Annabel the balloon covers are such quick and easy things to make. Mum got me onto these last Christmas when Tilly was a bub. She loved them. This pattern is one I found on Pinterest and is the one I use. There are many others. I hope that those who are interested can use the link.

  11. Fantastic work ladies!
    Jane i love the balloon cover idea.
    Maria those biscuits are too cute.
    Jeanette i am in awe of your octopus friend.
    Blessings Tanya xxx

  12. Thank you ladies for sharing your amazing gifts! Such work and planning. My, that octopus is involved, what an accomplished crocheter you are, Jeanette!
    You are all so inspiring.

  13. Dear Annabel and beautiful bluebirds, I am playing catch up and late to comment on this post but I just had to say how inspiring you all are, the feather idea gave me a great idea, I have a few of my budgies feathers might make something out of them , maybe cards, my favourite!!. Or maybe I will branch out?!.
    Anbabel I love tomato relish but don't like raw tomatoes but also like tomato soup, sauce etc!, weird huh?. Thank you all for sharing and thank you Annabel for featuring my cards and gift idea.
    I am in wrapping and posting mode now, I have wrapped a lot but I give to a lot too, but I have reduced my list well should say reviewed my list . I am learning more from you Annabel and ladies as the years go on. Rachel are you ok?. We haven't heard from you on the blog for a while , or have I not been paying attention?.
    Love to all.
    Barb. w.

  14. Thank you ladies, I was thrilled to find the pattern as my oldest daughter loves octopus! I am currently looking at the balloon covers, Jane, what a great idea! I love your feather jewelry, Kimberly! I always enjoy seeing what everyone is making, it really inspires me! Can't wait to see if continue into next year!



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