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If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 14 November 2017

The Christmas Challenge. Beeswax wraps.

Recently I posted about how "everything old is new again" and that re useable things certainly cut down on costs and waste.  I had seen beeswax wraps over and over online, in shops and on blogs.  The general idea is that you can wrap or cover food with them and re use them for ages so that you are saving using plastic wrap.  Many people are also keen to keep plastic away from their food.
Jane made some as a gift. That was it!  I thought I will give them a try.  I could think of several people on my gift list that are into reducing waste/saving money/the environment/ natural alternatives etc. and these fit the bill for anyone in these groups!

Also .... I love a gift I can mass produce.  I ended up with a supply for myself, several gifts and a couple of spares.

First I ordered both beeswax and pine resin online.  While this was on it's way I watched for some fabric which I thought needed to be really nice. I chose this chicken fabric for myself and most gifts...

For my niece I chose this camping themed fabric as she is camping crazy...

There are a couple of methods to choose from but I basically followed this one at Mommypotamous.
Saying that... I followed it roughly. I used olive oil not Jojoba.  I didn't grate the beeswax either.  I figured if it is going to melt why grate it?  So I just let it melt.

I used an old baking tray I can afford to assign to craft projects.  I roughly portioned out the ingredients ready to melt.

I stayed in the kitchen, let it melt slowly, now and then I moved it around with a chop stick to get it mixed up.

I had pre cut my fabric to sizes I thought would make useful wraps. (and also fit into my tray)  I did square ones for wrapping snacks and round ones to cover bowls.   I used pinking shears for the edges to look nice.  (Although you wouldn't have to)

You have to be careful as you are dealing with hot wax. I would not do this with kids around!  You do not want to fill the tray too much or it will be hard to move the tray and not slosh any on the floor!

I would carefully remove the tray from the oven and place a sheet of fabric into the wax.  Submerge it and make sure it will covered both sides.  Then with tongs I would lift it up and let it drip dry into the tray for a little bit before laying it carefully and flat on to non stick baking paper to dry.

I would get a couple done then the wax would need to go back into the oven for a few minutes to re melt ready to carry on. 

When I ran low on wax mixture I would start again with more and wait for that to melt. 

I ended up with every surface covered in waxed fabric! 

Once it was dry it was great!  A flexible wrap that holds it's shape however you fold it...

The bowl covers fold around quite well.  For an air tight fit I would use a rubber band as well.

I really like them and they were pretty easy to do.  Mine have already saved me a lot of glad wrap and they look much nicer!

These were fun to make and I love having spares.  At least a few times a year I find it very helpful to have gifts to make in batches.  It could be making individual fruit cakes in muffin tins,  making up a tray of beautifully wrapped soaps...  anything that will suit a lot of people.  This just turbo boosts your gift cupboard fast!   Next week that will be our subject... how to quickly add a lot of gifts to your present cupboard.    Given the time of year this will hopefully be handy!

So far we have had a hot week with warm nights but it has just broken and it is raining!  This is a big help as the garden is getting watered.

I hope your week is going well!

I have had an email from a reader, Crafty Cristy.  Her husband has had a heart attack. He has now had surgery and is doing well.  They have a $10,000  payment to make before their insurance kicks in and she has a lot of worries over this.  So she has had a very stressful week.  She could really do with some prayers. She has implemented every saving tip she can think of along the way.  Thank you!

If you make any gifts in batches please let me know so I can include your ideas in next weeks post! xxx


  1. Dear Annabel,
    The Beeswax wraps are awesome!! I love the rooster/farm fabric.
    You always make such nice things.
    Prayers for Christy and her family. Deductibles can be outrageous in the states.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi, Annabel,
    I like your covers better than mine. I made mine from thrifted cloth napkins. (Can’t beat a quarter!) I used a recipe from Morag Gamble. Since we’re so far North and keep our house on the cold side, these don’t work so great for us in the Winter. They stay stiff. I’ll bet they work fabulously in your climate!
    Love your site! You’re always positive and kind.

    1. Great idea using thrifted cloth table napkins, I see them all the time at our local thrift store. Also, I wonder if wax parafin (that is used for sealing jars when canning) would work in place of the beeswax? I don't know if parafin would be less expensive than beeswax. I'll have to do some research, but if someone knows the answer, that would be great. Annabel, love your fabric, the camping motif is super cute.

  3. Annabel,

    Those beeswax wraps are so cute! That is something I haven't inspire me!

    All my best wishes go out to Crafty Cristy and her husband!!!

    xx Jen in NS

  4. Prayers for Cristy and her family. Hopefully she will be allowed to make payments.
    Love you bowl covers - those are great.

  5. In past years I have made bulk gifts of caramel popcorn, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, and everyone's favorite, fudge.
    My fudge is super easy- chocolate chips, butter, and sweetened condensed milk. Microwave and stir in one minute intervals until it becomes smooth and glossy.I am really looking forward to everyone's ideas. Prayers to Cristy and her husband!

    1. Thank you! I love all these ideas. Doing some big batches really gets the ball rolling. I think it aves time too as it is kind of a production line! Many thanks! xxx

  6. What a great idea! Where online did you purchase your beeswax and rosin from?

    1. Carerzoo I got them on eBay from a store called ballinahoney I got 300 gram beeswax & 150 gram pine resin powder gum rosin combo pack (said all that so it might help you find it) It came very fast. This was Australian shop. Hope that helps! xxx

  7. Dear Annabel, I meant to try these about a year ago, and was sidetracked. Yours look fabulous, and it's another example of how simply choosing the right fabric can really make a thing work well. I have added my prayers for Christy, and it shows how very fortunate we are in Australia with our health care system. I'm so very busy just now so I apologise for not contributing much, but I hope we are coming into a more relaxed time. I've missed visiting more regularly and enjoying the conviviality of the group. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi, I though fabric choice was big in this... we are all mad on chickens and some of these were for Chloe who has her flock of chickens....
      I have come to appreciate our health care system much more since hearing so much from our beautiful US friends. Some are paying $3000 a month for cover. Imagine. Then these large gaps. Very stressful and potentially devastating. I know you would be very busy, and things have been ridiculous here. Maybe its the time of year. Thank you Mimi! With love

  8. Cristy I am praying your husband gets better quickly and that some sort of financial plan can be achieved. The last thing you both need is financial stress.
    Annabel the wraps look fabulous. I still haven't ordered the pine resin. I am going to do this and will have my own flexible chooky wraps.
    I make cotton crochet washcloths in bulk. I also do the same with my crochet cotton make up removers. I make my soaps so that they coordinate with the washcloths. I make up multiples of seed packets when I collect seeds from the old plants in the garden. These have been fabulous for swaps with friends and neighbours. I have also made pretty seed envelopes and used these as gifts. I have made several sets of bowl covers, edged tea towels, hot pads, pot holders, aprons, toiletry bags, make up purses and crocheted edged hand towels.
    I've just made a deal with a neighbour who brews his own alcohol. He is giving me a bottle of his brandy in exchange for a Christmas pudding. This Christmas I am making a number of small puddings and small Christmas cakes.
    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes in bulk for their gift cupboards. I might be able to add more to mine.
    Bluey is currently hooked up to a heart halter monitor. He has this on for 24 hrs. This is just another test. I was reading the hospital report and saw that Bluey also had sepsis. No wonder he was so ill. He is now much more like his old cheeky self.
    Life is good.

    1. So good to hear that your Bluey is doing so much better!

  9. Annabel,

    Prayers for Crafty Cristy’s dear husband.


    P.S. Cute wraps!

  10. Those are so going on my to-do list!

    Prayers for Christy and husband.

  11. Hi Annabel. I make lots of decorated hand towels in bulk. It's a big time saver. I also do this with card making, soap making and biscuits for gifts. I make lots of biscuit dough in one hit then freeze it to make biscuits when the present is needed.

    1. Dear Wendy, This really is the way to get a lot made! Thank you! I love your hand towels too! With love

  12. Prayers for Cristy and her husband.

    Love your bowl covers!

  13. Cristy, I am praying for your husband and for you because I know you are exhausted. It will be at least a month before you will need to worry about any bills so just take care of what has to be done right now. In fact it was 3 months before our hospital bill even came through. We had an $8000 responsibility and God provided it and He will for you, too.

  14. Annabel, These are wonderful!!!! I love the idea of being able to reuse these! What a wonderful gift these will be!

    My favorite "bulk" making gift is this recipe for crock pot candy! We made these last year! They were so good, people have requested them again for this year! SUPER easy and fast! I had to adjust the recipe for my crock pot as mine apparently cooks much faster than this recipe suggests. Here is the recipe -

    To Christy and her husband I suggest this - do not worry. God will help you deal with this and the financial burden. I have been through the high deductible thing when I had breast cancer. I worried and worried. Lost sleep and made myself more ill worrying about it! I'm on the other side of it all now and I survived! YOU WILL TOO!!! Pay them what you can and focus on his health!!!! You will both be in my prayers!
    Hugs, Holley

    1. Thanks for this recipe and idea Holley!
      Holley I had just emailed you and in this post I see a possible answer to my question! xxx

  15. Prayers for your friend and an idea....she could put up a 'Go Fund Me' page and I bet she will get help with her bill.
    Love the bee's was wrap! I love your blog too as I am all into being prepared and self-sufficient and I make most things from scratch. I adore your little bluebirds!

    1. Dear Sam I am, That is a good suggestion! Thank you!
      Thanks for your kid words too! With love

  16. Prayers for Christy and her husband!

    I love this gift idea, Annabel! I want some for myself! :)

  17. Dear Annabel , the wraps look really good . I've seen these in a honey shop when away and wondered how they worked . Now it makes sense , I'm tempted to try .
    Thanks again for all your encouragement I feel it's helped me pay more attention to gardening and practicing more which I've chatted to my little grandson about . He just loves growing anything in the garden right from when we grew sunflowers from seeds when he was 2-3.
    Prayers for Crafty Cristy and her husband that all works out well fir his good health and payments of .
    With love , Maria xxx

    1. Dear Maria, I think gardening and all things outdoors are wonderful for children. I think I will do some seeds with Harper... she would love that! Something that grows fast! With love

  18. Dear Annabel these are going to have to go on my list for next year. I have some fabric stashed away that would be perfect.

    Prayers for Crafty Cristy and her family.

    My mother in law walked out of hospital yesterday - she has had enough. My husband called in to see her last night and she was asleep, she had been sleeping most of the day since she had got home.

    She has had enough, can I ask for prayers for a quick passing for her while she is in her own home.

    At 92, nearly 93 her body has given out on her and while it would make for a sad Christmas we all know that she would be so much better off.


    1. Dear Lynette,
      Oh goodness... your Mil sounds like she knows her own mind and wanted out of there. But that is very stressful! I hope she finds peace at home and has things on her own terms. What a hard time for you all.
      Will be praying. With love

    2. Dear Lynette , thinking of you and family and sending prayers her way .
      Lots of love Maria (IK) xxx

    3. Lynette, I am praying your MIL has a quick and easy passing. She will be more comfortable in her own home, and isn't that what matters at this time. Hospitals can be uncomfortable and busy when all you need is peace and quiet.
      Thinking of you and your husband also.

    4. Dear Lynette

      You and your family are in my thoughts at this time. I do hope your MIL finds the peace she needs at home.
      She sounds like a very strong and determined woman.
      Take Care
      Aly xxx

  19. I love the fabric you chose, and have been wanting to make beeswax wraps for a while now; this is just the encouragement I need to get to it!
    Cristy, I'll be praying for your husband to get well quickly, and for God to provide for the medical payments. He can make a way when we can't see a way. Please keep us updated.
    Jane, it's great to hear Bluey is getting back to his regular self!

  20. I have made wooden Christmas candle sets for our 10 oldest children who have their own households.

    I also am making sets of microwave bowl pot holders for each of the 10 as well.

    I'll make candy and treats in bulk as well to put in their family Christmas baskets!
    Love all of your ideas because it gives me inspiration!!!

    1. These sound fantastic! You are good with making lots of gifts with so many children and their families. You could write the book on this! In many ways it is much simpler to make ten of the same thing than ten different things. Thank you Gardenpat! xxx

  21. Annabel,
    I love these. I remember my great grandma having some so she would be very happy they are coming back around! She sewed elastic on hers and had different sizes for her different bowls. If I remember right she also used flat pieces as shelf paper for some reason?
    Prayers for you and your family Cristy. And Jane it is so wonderful to hear about Bluey!

  22. Dear Annabel,
    Love the bowl covers and the fabrics they're made with.
    We'll be praying for Cristy's husband's complete recovery. Blessings, Cookie

  23. Hugs and prayers for Christy and her husband.

  24. Hey Annabel
    That is a terrific gift. Well done!!
    Look forward to your next post as I could use some inspiration .
    Julie Pilbara WA

    1. Thanks Julie! Next Wednesday there will be a big post on fast ways to stock up loads of gifts by some mass production! I hope it will help! xxx

  25. Thank you everyone for the kind words and all the prayers. My husband is home from the hospital. There are many challenges ahead of us. If you could all continue to keep us in your prayers, we would appreciate it.

    I am really glad to hear that Bluey is doing so much better!

  26. Hello lovely Annabel, I have just read this great post. I'm finding time to go back over lots of your older posts, really enjoying them. Could you please tell me where you bought your caravan material? My best friend is a caravanning queen and this fabric would be perfect for me to make a present for her. Hugs and best wishes, Lorraine xxx


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