The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 4 April 2017

The Christmas Challenge, Show and Tell for March. Part 2.

How is your week going? Today we finish Show and Tell for March and there are such nice things to share!  Thank you to everyone for your photos and emails!  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!  If I have it was not intentional, I am having an "interesting" week which I will tell you about on Friday.

Kelley made Easter gifts. She says she has made these for years and they can be lovely to use at the table as name cards or little presents. They are so pretty!  I love the colours!

I am going to include Kelley's instructions as these would be inexpensive to make and fun as well. I can just thing of many ways to use these! 
Kelley says....

Write what you want on posterboard or cardstock egg-shaped cut-outs.  Use some junk mail or a cereal box to make the egg-shaped pattern.  Cut matching pieces for each cardstock egg from thin, clear table protector vinyl.  (This is sold by yard in fabric stores.). Each pouch requires one cardstock egg and one vinyl egg.

On the egg-shaped pattern, evenly space and mark the holes.  Punch the holes on the pattern.  Mother has a marvelous tiny hole-punch here at her house where I made these yesterday, but at my home on Guam, I'd use a regular hole punch.  Lay the pattern over two sets of cardstock and vinyl eggs in order to punch four layers at a time.  Use the pattern to guide the punched holes.

Using narrow ribbon, cut a length of it long enough to yield a "tail" at both ends for tying a bow.  I used my arm to measure this and cut one length from my fingertips (holding the ribbon) to elbow + 3/4 of that length more (1 + 3/4 from fingertip to elbow).  Thread ribbon into a tapestry or other needle and "stitch" the vinyl egg to the cardstock egg. Stitches should be taut, but not so tight they pucker or tear the cardstock.  Leave four or five holes unstitched at the top.  Use a spoon to fill pouch with pastel colored candies.  Twelve pieces fit perfectly in mine so my sentiment is visible, "Jesus is risen indeed!"

The idea to use clear tablecloth material is amazing... I love this! 

Maria finished a blanket for her Grandson. Last year she shared the one she made for her Grand Daughter.  

Maria also added his initial.  These blankets are just beautiful and full of love. Plus the size will always be useful either on a bed, on the lounge when snuggling, in the car etc. Lovely.

I have noticed even quite small children seem to feel special and important when you make them something.  These will be cherished, well done Maria they are beautiful!

Jane made gift tags. She says she combined bits and pieces on plain tags... well they look gorgeous!

Jen in NC made her Father a beautiful gift...

This is known as a Seafarers set (which I love) plus in front there are gloves made for her Mother in Law.  Amazing gifts Jen!  She has also been sewing!

Kelsey has been busier than a bee nesting and getting ready for the baby!  She made a set of cleaning cloths for her home plus room spray and toilet cleaning fizzles....

Also a gift for a friend having a baby. There are reversible burp cloths and a blanket all to match the new nursery. And the gift bag and label! 

Just lovely Kelsey and how much fun to be making baby things. I can't wait to see what you are making for your own nursery!  

I have a few crafts on the go. I started a rug to use up some wool I have and this will go to someone in need,  I will see where it ends up.  
Also I am working on lots of cards and gift tags.  With Harper and Scarlett plus quite a few babies arriving soon I decided to make a series for little girls and little boys suitable for baby gifts and little children.  Once I got started this has been beautiful!  I will show them next week.  The price of cards and tags in the stores are just crazy.  I think I will end up with a big supply.

I hope your week is going well!  Now we need to keep busy on our present making and have a good April!  We have a couple of birthdays this month as well.  And Easter!  My plan is to bake my Easter gifts and package things up in yellow tissue paper with little chickens as decorations.  I think I have everything I need for that.  I have a chicken and an egg cookie cutter ready to go!

See you on Friday. Lots to report! xxx


  1. Excuse the weird white areas and the writing.... I don't know why it is doing that! xxx

    1. I love it when my letters turn into giant ones. I'm in love with everything. Great imaginations and skill everyone has. I hope to get back into making something soon.

  2. A Blogger glitch I daresay Annabel :-) My, my, those gifts are quite beautiful. I am amazed at what ideas people come up with. It is lovely of you to share the photos with the rest of us who aren't quite so productive. LOL! It is inspiring.

    1. Nanna Chel, I have to agree about how kind it is for Annabel to share the photos for inspiration and admiration! I really look forward to seeing how creative and clever everyone is. (Me- not so much! But I do try!!) Cheers

  3. Hello Annabel,
    I am typing this on my laptop, Monday's comment was lost again, sometimes my phone comments don't ever show up. I was very interested to read Glenda's comments and again, I see the benefit of a dehydrator. Must buy one. Been wanting to for years and thought, oh just another implement.
    I have an eye infection and have done nothing in the way of creating for a week, driving me mad. I have spent a lot of time just browsing the internet with the screen dimmed down.
    I love that Kelsey is nesting and making cleaning things that won't harm her new increasing family, Maria as usual makes wonderful quilts and again Jen's socks/hats etc are excellent. The easter decorations with chocolate that Kelley made are good too.
    Have a good week. Fi xx

  4. Beautiful gifts, everyone.

  5. Wow! Wow! Did I say wow? Well wow!

  6. These gifts are absolutely stunning! What a lovely post! I love Kelley's thoughtful Easter presents, they are so meaningful. I love Jane's tags. I love how they are so unique. Maria, those blankets will be forever cherished by your grandchildren. My great grandmother crocheted me one when I was small and I love it so much. It is very dear to me. When imwrap myself up in it, it is like a big hug! Jen, your gift is so lovely and personal. Very thoughtful and I love the colour. Kelsey, you are so clever! Those burp cloths look perfect and you will get suhc a good use out of them. I bet they last so much longer than anyhing bought and those fizzies are a clever idea. Your friend's gift is so thoughtful and has so much love in it. What a lucky friend! Such a meaningful, special gift! Love the bag too!
    These are such beauitful gifts.
    I haven't been making anything of late. However, I have started on an Easter basket for my DS. I am excited about that. Your cooking sounds lovely, Annabel. Lots of love, Bridge

    1. Annabel and Bridge,

      Ditto x 18. Oh, to be nesting for a new baby. I just smiled to see that!

      *hugs* from Guam where I'm back home and belong!


  7. Hi Annabel and Beautiful Bluebirds!!

    It's lovely to see what work Bluebirds do!!

    The new little Bluebird has a wonderful Mama! The baby sewing looks soft and snuggly, and in refreshing fabrics! Good on you, Kelsey!! Your room freshener and sweet cleaning products will give you more joy in daily tasks! Enjoy the little fella!!

    Jen, I've not seen a Seafarer's Set before! It looks invitingly warm and rugged! Your yarns are beautiful, and your knitting very clever! Enjoy your work!

    Jane, your gift tags are really sweet and delicate! I'm sure they'll put smiles on faces!! Well, they do mine!!

    Maria, your colours are brilliant, and the 'hand made' tags are the finishing touch! These blankets of yours are so comforting for your grandchildren, and beautifully made! The weather is cooling, so you're right on time with them!!!!

    Kelley, you are talented at making sweet gifts out of simple supplies! Your colour combinations are soft and gentle! I'm confident that there are many more discoveries ahead!!

    Keep on keeping on, Bluebirds! I know there are lots of beautiful activities going on!

    Rachel Holt

    1. *hugs* to Rachel! Ditto x 18 your comments. Love all the renderings and fruit of these Bluebirds' hands!


  8. Wow what wonderful crafts we have to show this week, thank you all for these fabulous, innovative gift ideas. For Easter this year we are not having chocolate so I have had to be clever and have my thinking hat on to find something for everyone. I do think I have it all organised now I just need some more tissue paper and I saw a gift set with three small dolls in it that DGD would love for her doll house so I think I will grab that.

    I am very busy with work at the moment but I am hoping to get organised enough over this week to be able to find an hour a day for some craft.

    Such talented followers you have Annabel we are so blessed xxxx

  9. Annabel, I think you have the best readers. I like every single one of these beautiful handmade things.
    I've made those burp cloths for my home and for gifts. Our grand that is here most is almost 2, he doesn't need burped, but I keep a burp cloth handy for his runny noses. They are much softer than tissue.
    I finished a scrappy Easter table runner last night- everything was from my craft room and it was fun to make. I've also been doing some spring cleaning.
    I'm a bit anxious to see Friday's post from you and to read your news.

    Have a good rest of the week, friend.

    1. Dear Rhonda,
      I agree with you about cloth being much softer than tissue. Especially with repeated use. I save the softer fabric like flannel for super soft cloths for colds and sickness. They honestly feel luxurious when someone isn't well or just has a runny nose etc. I will come on over and hope to see your Easter runner.
      Today I am working on a few Easter things myself. It has come around fast so I need to get moving on these! With lots of love

  10. Dear Annabel and Bluebirds,

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my knitted gifts...I am so happy to have them stashed away well in advance! I love the burp cloths, Kelsey...and the matching bow on the bag! Clever idea for the Easter eggs, and a gorgeous crocheted blanket...and Jane, your tags are gorgeous!

    The weather is a bit dismal today, so I think it's time for some wallpaper removal and then some more sewing (as a reward for tackling an awful task :))! I can't wait to see your Easter goodie baskets, Annabel! Hope your "interesting" week is interesting in a good way!

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, I do the same with jobs I hate... set up a goal and a reward! Thank you for sharing what you made last month! It is so good you are ahead with things made in advance.
      Today I am heading into our new Aldi down the road. This is a game changer for us! I hope your week is going well! With love

  11. Hi, is someone able to send through the recipe for the toilet "fizzles?" They look great. ! I also want to make soap that's moisturizing with no caustic soda or harsh chemicals. Has someone got the recipe ? My friends think I'm mad at 40 for being frugal and prepared as I can, but who cares ? I know there are ladies here who support me. Love, sonia n.s.w Australia

    1. Sonia,

      I don't have the recipe(s), but I do encourage you to listen to your heart regarding preparedness and keep up the good work!


    2. Dear Sonia,
      There is a recipe here for a lovely soap to make that requires no caustic soda....
      It is the Lux soap recipe. I love making this soap! It is rich and moisturising because of the milk it is creamy.
      I am glad you are frugal and prepared. Seriously, imagine the trouble people are in that are not. One thing goes wrong and it spells disaster for them. So keep on working towards your goals and keep on learning. I have made so much progress the last two years and have enjoyed the journey too!
      I will see if Kelsey has the recipe for the fizzles... with love,

    3. Hi Sonia, I just wanted to add, also, that I encourage you to continue your preparedness! You will never regret it! You are doing great, so keep up the good work!! Teri :)

  12. Dear Annabel an Bluebirds,

    Everything is just beautiful and unique. Kelley's eggs are are so clever and a precious remembrance. I love how Maria monogrammed the crocheted blankets for her grandchildren and the little "handmade" label on them. And who wouldn't be excited to receive a gift with Jane's beautiful gift tags on them? Jen - I love your knitting, especially the Seafarer's set. Kelsey, you're so creative with all the beautiful items for the nursery and the burp clothes and blanket for your friend. Thank you for sharing your nesting activities with us.

    Annabel, I am really looking forward to seeing all of your cards, etc. next week. The price of just a simple card here has gone out of sight too. Blessings, Cookie

  13. You ladies are so talented!

  14. What beautiful work ladies!
    Kelly- your eggs are so cute I love using paper for holiday crafting too!
    Maria- your blanket is so pretty and I love the special touch of an initial I bet they will be cherished in the days to come!
    Jane- I love your gift tags they will look so beautiful on a package or gift bag! They look so neat and perfect!
    Jen- Wow you have such talent! I love the blues you chose for these items they are very pretty!
    Kelsey- You have been a busy bee! The cloths and burp cloths are just lovely! And good things to clean with. I hope you are enjoying nesting for new baby I love babies!

  15. What a colourful post Annabel! I love the eggs, I'm thinking the idea of pouches made with clear vinyl would work for other shapes too, maybe hearts or Christmas bells. Thanks for the instructions Kelley!

    I just love the crochet blankets, so bright and beautiful. Your grandchildren must be thrilled Maria.

    Jen, your knitting always blows me away! It really is stunning.

    I love the baby gifts, how exciting to be sewing for your own as well Kelsey, there's nothing better :)

    I love how simple and elegant the tags are, I am a bit lazy with that type of thing, I sometimes just write on the wrapping paper! But I think I will try to make more of an effort having seen Jane's.

    I am cross stitching a picture for a friends baby. It feels like it is taking forever! I think I might do some small Easter crafts to have some quick finishes. Hopefully this will give me some steam to finish the bigger task!

    I met my first niece in the weekend! Drove four hours in the middle of the night and made it to her birth. She is lovely! And everyone is doing so well. Already have a Christmas gift in mind for her lol.

    Look forward to seeing what you've been making Annabel :)

    Jen in NZ

  16. Thank you to everyone for commenting and encouraging our crafters! I cant wait to see what everyone has been making at the end of this month! And thank you for all the photos and ideas! I am motivated to get lots done in April! xxx

  17. Dear Annabel and everyone, Wow! Such lovely talent! Thank you so much for sharing. The next time I get to a fabric store, I will be looking for the plastic, Kelley!
    Jane, I love your gift tags. I've decided to make those and use some old, small buttons to glue on them. Kelsey, you have been so busy, and such lovely sewing! Maria, your blankets are beautiful. I still have a small patchwork quilt my dad's mom made me, with my initial! And Jen, the Seafarer set is lovely, and will be well used, I'm sure. I love homemade gifts!
    Can't wait to see your cards and other crafts/sewing, Annabel!! Love, Teri

  18. Dear Annabel,
    I am a week late for the party, but I wanted to comment! Thank you so much for showing my crafts and thank you to everyone for their lovely comments. Maria, Kelley, Jane, and Jen, you are all so talented and each recipient will be so blessed by your thoughtful gifts! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.
    With love, Kelsey


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