The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 13 April 2017

Feather your Nest Friday, 14th April, 2017. Good Friday.

I have a lot to report!  I hope you had a good week.  The last couple of days have been beautiful here with perfect sunny days and cool evenings. I love Autumn!

Firstly, my new clothes line is up!  
If you remember seeing the wrought iron when we were given it,  this is what it looks like now...

It is difficult to take a photo of a clothes line! But it is lovely and I hung out a giant load of sheets after this and they dried in no time in the sun.  I said "it works, it works!" to Andy and he laughed. 

It is now covered in linen again as it is so sunny and beautiful. I love the sight of linen in the sun and the breeze. You cannot buy anything in a bottle that smells as good.  Also this gives me about twice the line space that I had before.  I love it!

I cleaned out and organised my freezer. I am NOT showing you a before!  Lets just say I had a fair few near misses with things falling out and nearly hitting me in the head. Mum said "that's nothing" as one time a frozen pork roast hit her foot and cracked a toe!  You get the idea...
I emptied it, washed the shelves and baskets...  measured up the spaces and found suitable baskets.

I don't know why I didn't do this before. Baskets instantly turn shelves into drawers.  You just pull them out  and can see what is in them instead of trying to rummage around and see what is in the back.   And it is working as many things have come in and gone out and it is easy to keep going. 
Big difference!  Actually it is one of those things that I get a surprise every time I open it! 

This week I had a cook up and made two Lasagna's and lots of serves of spaghetti sauce.  One lasagne was a present.  

Lynette said to me to take photos and turn them into a recipe and I did!  It is very versatile and easy to  make and when I am cooking up mince it gets me loads of meals.  I will post this all soon.  I love to get ahead with meals and put some in the freezer.  We basically never need take away because of this.

I made a batch of zucchini soup, my first soup of the cooler season. I love soup!  
Also a butter chicken and tripled the recipe (for the same reasons as above) and a raita from our garden mint.  This was delicious and made two dinners and one freezer meal.

Andy is making over an area of the back yard. There was soil to be removed and this went on to my hydrangeas that needed the soil to be built up. 

We got more done on the bathroom. Progress. 

I have been going through my wardrobe for a giant clean out, organise and making up outfits for the cooler days. I still have a way to go on this... 

I made my cards and gift tags for my supplies. 

Today is just beautiful. I am baking honey gingerbread biscuits and these are most of my Easter gifts. I made an Easter nest for Harper and this is her present...

It is her family in little kangaroos.... Mummy, Daddy, Harper and little sister! haha!  The girls had these Sylvania families when they were little. They are just gorgeous.  I still have some I kept too.  I must get those out. 

I haven't worked out my Vicky Challenge yet.  We both have had coughs, sore throats etc all week and not sleeping very well.  I think a restful weekend might be in order...

Now I want to add some things....

First of all we all prayed for Kelley's Mum. Kelley wrote to say how well her Mum is doing and thank you! Really she is doing so wonderfully!  This is such good news.

A couple of weeks back Anne had commented about doing up her daughters room. I asked he if she would show me pictures. Well, she did! She emailed me photos and they were lovely!  There was an idea she had with little birdcages which I LOVED. Now she has shown it on her blog so her is the link.... Simply Living the Dream.

Maria wrapped up chocolates for her family Easter celebrations.  I thought these were lovely and something I should show now as there is still time! 

These are just lovely!  Overall,  blocks of chocolate are usually much more chocolate and better value than eggs and with wrapping and a personal touch they are amazing!  I remember Mimi did this a while ago as well and I love the idea.  They would be good anytime as a gift as well. Beautiful Maria thank you! 

There were requests for the recipe Kelsey used for her fizzles that she made in her cleaning present. 
This is the recipe she used here.  Kelsey added that you need to keep these in a container that is NOT airtight so something with a loose lid or a little basket maybe.  Thank you Kelsey! 

How did you build up your home, save or get ahead this week?

Have a wonderful Easter!xxx


  1. The clothes line is wonderful & I too laughed at "it works", that's gorgeous. Freezer baskets are a brilliant idea tha I may use too, we are always rumaging in the freezer looking for something. Another gorgeous post thank you for the ongoing inspiration!

    My week was spent looking after boys, taking them swimming using a free pass and going to the library. Hope to get into some more 'productive' tasks done over the weekend.
    Love & blessings, Karen

    1. Dear Karen,
      The less plug in appliances here the better! So this is a good one!
      Happy Easter to you and your boys! I hope its a lovely long weekend too. Beautiful weather here and we are just home pottering around and getting stuff done... plus watching some footie.
      Im glad you like my clothes line! With love

  2. I love your yard and your beautiful clothesline! It's all so beautiful! Also, such a sweet Easter gift for your granddaughter.
    I use crates in my upright freezer to organize everything. It only took one time of a roast falling on my foot to decide to find a better method. Like you said, it's like having separate drawers. Each crate contains a certain type meat, etc. It's also easy to rotate the newest to the back and I'm able to take inventory easily. Great minds think alike! I'm a little ocd about organizing. I also batch make lasagna for the freezer. It's always great to have in the freezer and is good when I need to take a meal to someone. Such a sweet idea to wrap chocolates for gifts. Got Christmas I gave a teenage niece a double layer box of chocolates. I removed some of the chocolates and replaced them with money folded up. She just loved this gift. Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas for that age. It was simple enough for me!
    I hope your family has a wonderful Easter and that your husband will soon find a permanent job, of course after all your projects are done. 😉
    Melody in OR, USA

    1. Dear Melody,
      Thank you so much! I love your box of chocolates gift idea. I think teenagers can be much harder for gift ideas and this is really good!
      The frozen-roast-on-the-foot accident must be a world wide thing! I think the basket or crate system is good... you would think people who make freezers would just make suitable baskets! Actually in the same way you would think people who make clotheslines would make pretty ones but they make them ugly!
      Happy Easter to you and your family! Thank you for your lovely comment! With love

  3. LOVE your new clothesline, and what a brilliant idea for the chocolate. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas. x

    1. Thank you Jenny! Have a very beautiful Easter! with love

  4. Dear Annabel,what a beautiful clothesline !Can just imagine your sheets flapping away happily on those lines.The white filigree metal ends look super.
    And I like the lacey look plastic drawers in your freezer.
    In the last week Ive been making chicken/turkey stock 4 crockpots worth , half went into soups and half frozen in portions.I used Jes's idea of 2nd broth hence 4 crocks worth rather than just two. I had a lot of vege bits in the freezer to use up. Plus our daughter now have a small freezer so I can give her nourishing and good nutrients soups.I made 6 different soups and we've since had some for lunches and pre dinner .
    Anne-I love your daughter's new nook any girl would love.I wish you good recovery , it sounds like you have come a long way so far to have done this nook.Well done!
    Thankyou Annabel for featuring my Easter wrapped chocolate , 4 were given out at lunch today .
    Lasagna looks yummy , that gift will be appreciated.
    We had easy leftovers tonight , helpful when Im bogged down with hayfever today .
    Love Maria xxx

    1. Maria,
      Thank you, so much! I'm definitely on the mend. I appreciate your kind words, and I swiped your idea. I fancy wrapped chocolate for my husband for Easter. So, thanks for the great idea!

    2. Dear Maria,
      The sight of linen drying in the sun and such things are happy to me too and we have had day after day of beautiful weather.
      Four crockpots full of broth is wonderful. Also it is very good that your daughter has a freezer... best thing ever... you can send on over all kinds of good things and I know you will! You have got me thinking what soups I will make this week. In my freezer I am keeping one basket for odds and sods that can go into soup i.e. bits of veggies, herbs and so on that all make good stock and can go in.
      I hope you have a lovely Easter and this week will be a good one! With love,

  5. Annabel,

    Love x 18 EVERYTHING! The fragrance of mine-dried... and what a beauty Andy fixed up for you!

    The kangaroo family is just precious! Harper will love it-- more ideal than sweets. We always did non-sweets in our girls' Easter baskets as everybody would gift candies. For every piece I let them eat, I'd throw away two!

    --I turned a glass pure maple syrup bottle into a bleach bottle for at my kitchen sink. I made a label "BLEACH" and took the empty squirt bottletop off of a dish liquid bottle top and it fitted perfectly.
    --I made up jars of "Special Seasoning" and "Taco Seasoning" and put them in the spice pantry.
    --I baked my first Easter Lamb cake, chocolate. It turned out adorably for our Easter dessert.
    --I prepared Cinnamon Roll dough and will keep three-fourths of the batch in the ref for future rolls. Cinnamon Rolls will be our Easter breakfast.
    --I finished a dozen embroidered "Happy Birthday" cards, lined, signed and glued them. Done!
    --I finished 35 notecards using a Preston Bailey florals book I butchered like you taught us. I sent pictures of the cards to several friends who loved them, too. My daughter's a floral designer and she was gone on them.
    --I will list on Craig's List an entire set of Andy Griffith DVDs.
    --I gave my freezer a bath. Like you, I have organized my freezer, ref, and pantry with baskets of plastic, wire and wicker. They truly do turn themselves into drawers.
    --I made a list of what I want to accomplish by July 4 in our home.
    --I got a $4 oven thermometer and it is eye-opening what it's telling me about the genuine temperature of the oven. I need to wait a full 10 minutes AFTER my digital oven temp preheat 'beeps' at me to say it's preheated. It's not, for a full 10 minutes after, it's not.
    --I added to my preparedness supplies with canned tomato sauce, lemon juice and kitchen trash bags.
    --I transferred or supply of paper plates, plastic cups and plastic ware to the vintage picnic baskets on top of our bookshelves my husband built and are in the living room. They are a decorative storage function that no one would know I have preparedness supplies stashed inside.
    --I began journaling on my laptop the answers to books I'm preparing for Christmas gifts for each of our girls, "To My Daughter With Love." It tells the story about when I was expecting them, etc. I do one answer every morning after I read my Bible.
    --I made four adorable quilted baby girl bib-tops and two adorable quilted burp cloth-tops using thrifted pillowcases and sheets. I can't wait to finish them up and stash them for my futures grandbabies.
    --I began tearing some vintage sheets into 5-inch strips to cut into 5-inch squares for the baby girl quilt tops I'll make with them.
    --I dug out of my stash two valances I'll hang in our guest room. I used the valances in my Inspiration Station in Manila and had cut them from a vintage linen tablecloth. I have wood curtain rings with clips on them that I can use to hang the valances. I also already have a wood pole for the rod.
    --I printed several free printables from rooster bookmarks, a Mother's Day crown and some gardeners gift tags.
    --Cookie helped me mull over the ironing board cover potholders I'm planning. I cut the aluminized fabric and now must quilt, bind then embellish them with yo-yos.
    --I bought a small tin for my husband's mum's Mother's Day present. I'll fill the tin with the peppermint creams like I make our daughter for her birthday every year. I found out my MIL loves them too!
    --I planned our mums' Mother's Day cards that I'll embroider.
    --I gave away three paper grocery bags full of clothes to some ladies at church who needed them.


    1. Hi Kelley,
      Whew,you've been going great guns :). Would you share the peppermint creams recipe? Blessings, Cookie

    2. wow, what a list Kelley, did you sleep at all this week? lol.
      You have some wondeerful ideas in your list.

    3. Dear Cookie, Kelley said they are cream cheese and icing sugar (confectioners sugar) blended to taste then pure mint extract. Thats it! They also can be softly coloured if you wish as I saw some in lemon and pale pink! I hope this helps! I am trying them myself! With love

    4. Wow Kelley, that's super impressive all you've done! Great job!
      Melody in OR

    5. Dear Kelley, You achieved so much! I LOVE that you make things for future Grand Babies. Also the use of pillowcases and sheets for sewing... I just think this is wonderful and you know I am ever on the watch out for pretty sheets.
      Everyone will get to see your lamb cake and the floral cards... I am so glad to see them myself. This was way of making cards is pretty good fun but saves a serious fortune. Little packs of cards with a pen etc make a very nice gift in themselves. I have several sizes of gift tags going... and often they will use up little bits of left over pictures from the cards. These started out as gift tags but I am finding them useful to tie on to food gifts and jam jars etc as labels. Very useful!
      I hope you are having a very happy Easter and have a very good new week! With lots of love,

  6. Love the clothesline what a wonderful idea as always :)
    Happy Easter to you and your family xox.

    1. Happy Easter to you Melissa! Thank you! xxx

  7. I hate my clothes line. It's attached to the back of the house and gets no sun in the winter. I would so love to transplant your line into a lovely sunny spot in my yard. As this can't happen I will continue to use what I have.
    Little Harper is going to have so much fun with her kanga family. They are so cute I want this family for my own.
    I no longer open the freezer door. To me it's no mans land. This is Bluey territory and he is responsible for what goes in and what comes out. I will end up being the one who cleans it out and reorganises it. Bluey will be the one who opens the door, sees a space and shoves whatever he has in there.
    Bluey has been working in resurfacing our second outdoor table. He resurfaced one last week and it's like new. He also resurfaced our cheeseboard we use all the time. I have been baking, crocheting and gardening. Between the two of us there have been some wonderful savings this week.
    Happy Easter everyone
    Life is good.

    1. Jane, just make sure Bluey sees Annabel's clothes line! I'd love to see his version on Show and Tell!

    2. Jane I hear you on the freezer. Every time I manage to get it back into some form of order so that I know where things are my husband starts moving things around and I can no longer find anything. We have baskets rather than shelves in our freezer and smaller items manage to fall through the gaps so rather than add a basket to a basket when there is no room they are being put into a snap lock bag, once they are frozen.


    3. Rachel I showed Bluey Annabel's clothesline and before I could say a word I was told an emphatic "NO!"

    4. Dear Jane, I am laughing as this was how mine was but if anyone gets knocked unconscious it will be Bluey I guess! He gets bonus points for all the cooking!
      The tables and cheese board sound good. I have surfaces that need this done too, my kitchen benches are wood and I love them but right now they need going over.
      Have a wonderful Easter! With lots of love,

  8. Hi Annabel and Beautiful Bluebirds!!

    Annabel, your clothesline looks perfect! What a priceless gift Andy has made for you!!

    It must have been freezer week, only mine is much simpler than yours!! We had the joy of buying about a box worth of bananas at, mostly, 25 cents/kg (about two pounds). For $5.26, I ended up with about eighty bananas to work with!! I now have a little freezer load of bananas for winter! It sounds like American shopping!

    We recently changed from Coles butter (on account of continually tainted flavour, and huge price increase; Aldi had kept letting us down on availability) to Western Star (from the western district of Victoria). Just in time, Western Star has had a long special on salt reduced butter, 500g @ $3.50. Until the 18th, it is down further to $3 at IGA. Ha hmm, we now have parts of the winter fridge serving as a butter pantry!! It's good, old-fashioned diesel. Forests were planted on it!!

    Yes, I brought home a calico bag of free pink peppercorns on their branches, too!!

    Food, food, everywhere! I feel blessed!

    Lasagna! Well done, Annabel!

    With very warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      Amazing deal on the bananas! And on the butter! You had a week of stocking up! Peppercorns are just so pretty and that shade of pink... my Nana had a huge peppercorn tree and I loved it and have loved them ever since. I am keeping my eye on a local one in a back lane near us... it has peppercorns but still small and green.
      Have a good week Rachel! with love

  9. I am still drooling over the clothesline, it is beautiful... also love the various rows for hanging. Just lovely!

  10. Annabel, only you could make a clothes line look so beautiful! I love it! Your freezer organization reminds me that I've still yet to do the same thing ... and for the same reasons. No before pictures from me either! I have used the wrapped chocolate idea as gifts before and they are always a hit. Who doesn't like to receive beautifully wrapped chocolate! Thank you to those who expressed concern over my absence in the online world. As Annabel shared, with my permission, my husband was injured while we were out of town and my time was filled with dealing with his injury. He has another doctor's appointment in the near future and we will go from there as to what the next step will be. Thank you again for your care and concern.

    1. Praying for your husband. How awful to be injured away from home.

    2. Dear Patsi, I hope your husband returns to full health soon.

  11. Dear Annabel, Everything looks wonderful! I love your new clothesline.
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  12. I absolutely love the new clothes line. Who knew you could make a clothesline look pretty? You did of course!!!

    Good job on cleaning out the freezer. That is on my agenda too. Love the bins.
    Sounds like you have had a fruitful week.

    have a lovely weekend!

  13. Annabel, I was thinking along the same lines as Patsi...only you would make such a lovely clothesline :~) My clothesline has been up for about 18 years now, it is getting tired and leaning some, though we've rigged tie downs. It is time for her to retire and be replaced. I do believe I will pick up some wooden scrollwork for my hubby to put on the 4x4 posts. It would be so nice to add a little beauty to the chore :~)

    Harper will love her little Kangaroo family, they are just so cute!

    Here in the southern US I am working in the dirt! Planted 50 strawberry plants yesterday. I found a stackable planter on Amazon called "Mr. Stacky" that is just perfect for strawberries. I also put in a handful of thornless raspberries next to my thornless blackberries, and still have a few blueberries to put in. I lost some plants so need to replace them. It is a busy time planting my veggies etc...

    It is so nice to see what everyone is up to... Patsi, will pray for your hubby's quick healing! Kelley, boy you have been so busy! I'm tired just reading your list...way to go on accomplishing so much! :~) Will pray for your hubby to find a good job that he will enjoy doing Annabel.
    Have a blessed day everyone!!

  14. Hi Annabel

    Your clothes line is beautiful!
    I have a similar type of clothes line but mine is much more rough and ready. How clever of you to think of putting the iron lace to dress up such a necessary back yard item.


    Kerrie (

  15. Oh, I'm so clothesline envious!! Our homeowner's association doesn't allow them (apparently some hunter used one to hang his *prize* and freaked out the neighborhood.) Oy. And yours is extra fancy. Enjoy that fresh air smell!

    The chocolate idea is great. I did baby shower favor many many years ago with Hershey bars. You can wrap blue paper around at both ends to just leave the HE showing or the SHE. HersHEy or HerSHEy with pink. Clever, huh? Not my idea, but I liked it.

    Our big feathering is painting and cleaning out the basement. We are definitely downsizing our junk, which will make the too-large space easier to keep clean. Our church youth group is holding a big garage sale to do a mission in Costa Rica this summer. Since it's next week, it spurred us to do two good turns at once. The selfish one for us and the one that will hopefully raise them an extra $100 from our unneeded stuff. :)

    Enjoy your weekend and blessings to the whole nest!

    1. Hi Debby, thanks for that Hershey's wrapping idea, that's a good one :-) Love Maria x

  16. Dear Annabel,
    Hope you and Andy are feeling better soon.

    Your clothesline is gorgeous and the little kangaroo family is adorable. The lasagna looks scrumptious. I'm looking forward to seeing your recipe.

    We received a gift of an Aerogarden . Basically, it's a small hydroponic apparatus that will grow herbs and some vegetables and has it's own grow light. It will be great to grow lettuce and fresh herbs in the winter and I may even use it to start plants for our garden.

    Painting more cards, grocery shopping, cooking meals, it's been another quiet week. It's like the lull before the storm where we really get busy. Wishing everyone a blessed Easter. Blessings, Cookie

  17. Dear Annabel,
    Your clothesline is beautiful and I like your fence, too.
    We keep our meat and vegetables, in our two upright freezers in the garage, in labeled containers, also. We've done that for years, as it is so easy to just pull out the container we want and it's much easier to inventory that way. I like your decorative containers. Ours are just inexpensive clear plastic tubs John purchased at Walmart.
    Yum, on the lasagna!! I am trying to figure out how to make room in our inside freezers for casseroles made ahead. The food seems to grow in those freezers; seriously (LOL).
    This week was the normal cleaning; some remodeling; vacuum sealing of 36 lbs of butter and freezing ten pounds of shredded cheese; and a lot of future planning.
    To all the Bluebirds: Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.
    With love and hugs,

  18. Annabel, I love your clothes line, I have one of those half sized fold down ones that isn't big enough to dry sheets unless they are folded in half.
    My daughters would have loved the kangaroo family, they had bears and mice when they were small. In fact they would love them now, perhaps for Christmas though DD#1 would have to fight her 4 children for them.
    My grandchildren got winter pj's for Easter, which they look forward to. No chocolate from me, I use the excuse that you can't post chocolate to Brisbane.


    1. Ha ha, Margaret!! It sounds like you are almost a Queenslander, then!!

  19. I love Harper's gift! The clothesline is wonderful and I would want to hang out linens everyday!

    The company doctor has put my husband back out on full time disability. He is just so tired and now it is thought that he returned to work too soon. We are still receiving a 60% paycheck which is plenty for us to manage on. I want him to take it slower this time. I am thankful for my stockpile and pantry!

    I went to get a jar of pinto beans one night this week and found we were out so I had a canning session with dry pinto on hand and did 12 jars. Then while I had the canner out I did 6 of great northern beans. Rows of canning in my pantry just make me happy!

  20. Annabel I have serious clothes line envy - a work of beauty and to think it is going to be used every day. Andy could do a spot of travelling and put together a clothes line for each of us, I have decorative timber brackets in the shed.

    This week was an appointment week - chiropractor and naturopath. One was going on holidays for 2 weeks and the other was going to be ultra busy because the other one in the business was going on holidays for 2 weeks.

    My husband played in the shed and set up the shelves he has gifted me for storage, so much easier to see what we have than in the depths of the gentleman's wardrobe. They are now set up and I can see huge gaps. My $100- gift voucher will be used to fill the gaps.

    I purchased some silk pillow cases that were on a great special - 2 for me but more importantly 2 to go into our daughter's gift basket that I am doing her for Christmas. I saved around $100- a pillow slip and I got 4. So Christmas gifts have started here.

    I also popped down and saw my friend earlier in the week - lots of trucks on the road laden with building materials. They were heading north so I think they may be headed up to the cyclone ravaged areas.

    We are having perfect autumn weather, it is like someone flicked a switch. We have gone from hot and humid to pleasant and no to low humidity. No need for fans or air conditioning. Like you it is time to start cooking cooler weather foods.

    Hope you are all having a good break, enjoying time with family and friends.



    1. Annabel and Lynette!!
      Andy could make a lovely living by making the beautiful clotheslines in Adelaide! Annabel could be Andy's helper for the painting, and delivery and placement! Imagine that!!

    2. Dear Lynette, The shelves sound great... yes you will be able to see much better. I would say there must be mass construction work up further... I heard many roads will be a long time before they are fixed and imagine the building work.
      We are having lovely Autumn weather here now too, I love it. With lots of love

  21. I've had a week to study what I want to do with my homemaking routine. I think I hit upon the right solution because I feel very excited about working in my home once again. I've had so many good savings this week! Quite a blessing all around.

    You might be interested to know that a pizzeria we visit now and then offers pre-made ready to bake pans of lasagna. They charge $40 each for them!

  22. Oh and I forgot to add that while I've lost some small inches of storage space in my chest freezer and fridge, I use baskets in both of them! They are very handy and it's so much easier to lift out a basket of frozen foods than to dig through them item by item.

  23. Annabel,
    Your clothesline is just beautiful! And so is your yard. It reminds of a picture from days gone by and just seems so homey. I also use baskets in my upright freezer and when they are empty I pull the basket out so it is ready for me to refill. It sure keeps things a lot more tidy.
    Maria I love your wrapped chocolates. I got big candy bars for Christmas one year and wrapped them up nice, but I think yours turned out a lot prettier. The colors are just fantastic!

    1. Thankyou Vicky for your lovely comment.The wrappings came out better than I expected :-)using oddments of craft paper I had.Love Maria x

  24. Dear Annabel,

    Your clothesline is absolutely beautiful, and two lines, too! I love that little kangaroo family...Harper is the perfect age for that. Today I'm making hot cross buns, and otherwise lolling around a bit after some major housecleaning yesterday. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter!

    Love,Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      Thank you! It has six lines! I like to be able to hang things over several lines so there is lots of air in between, it gets thick things dry much faster. I am loving it!
      Hot cross buns sound beautiful. I hope you had a lovely Easter and have a good new week, with love

  25. Wanted to comment on several posts. Sorry to hear about Andy's job loss. My family and I will pray for him. We continue to pray for Lucy and her headaches.
    Lovely cards and tags. Love Beatrix Potter's work.
    I appreciate Glenda's wisdom on the pantry.
    Everyone did such a wonderous job on gifts!
    Lastly, I love your clothesline. well done, Andy!
    Pretty baskets for the freezer.
    He is Risen!
    Blessings, Leslie

    1. Thank you, Leslie.
      Many blessings to you,

  26. Annabel and Lovely Bluebird Bunch,
    I just wanted to say, thank you, to Annabel for including the link to the post on my daughter's reading nook. I also want to thank all of you who stopped by to give it a look! It was wonderful to hear from so many of you! Patsi, your family is in our prayers, as are Annabel and Andy. Annabel, I am so jealous of that clothes line! I have a functional one, but it isn't in the same class! Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!

    1. Dear Anne, It was my pleasure! I have been busy reading your pantry posts too.
      I hope you had a lovely Easter! With love,

  27. Oh Annabel, I love your clothes line.... never thought I would say that I loved someone's clothes line, but I seriously do! Easter blessings, Rosemary xo

    1. Dear Rosemary, Thank you! I hope you have had a lovely Easter! Thanks so much! Love


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