The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 17 November 2016

Feather your Nest Friday, 18 November 2016.

This week hasn't been as big as last week but it has been a good week anyway. It is funny how each week is so different even with doing many of the same things.

Some of the ways I feathered the nest and saved money:

I found ham on the bone at a good price and baked it in the crockpot. It is so good this way. This gives me lots of lunch meat as well. After Christmas sometimes I get hams on special but I watch all the time. My tip is if a ham is too large and you think you can't use so much in time before it goes stale I use it fresh for the first days and then bake what is left and this starts the clock again and you have more days from it. Plus is is different! Yes you can also freeze it but  many hams here have already been frozen before you buy them I think. So I do this. Plus you can use ham in so many ways. My Dad always cuts some off and treats it like bacon with eggs.  I chop up heaps for fried rice, in quiches etc. as well.

We still have lots of roses and the hydrangeas are close to flowering which will be lovely.

Since I had ham I made a giant rice salad. This keeps several days and gets better and better. I gave a big container of it to Chloe to take home as she loves it.

Later in the week I took inspiration from Teri's garden salsa salad and used up some almost too ripe tomatoes, half a red onion in the fridge, two left over red capsicums,  half a left over cucumber, parsley from the garden and added a tin of corn. 

This also keeps a couple of days and gets better and better! So handy to have salads ready in the fridge.

I was given a bucket of honey from the farm! Bee keepers have hives on the farm and once a year they give honey in return. I love honey. Some of this will go into my Gingerbread in a couple of weeks.

Chloe cut my hair. I need help with the bits I can't see/reach. She is a great cutter. 
I did my nails as well.

I cleaned the inside of my car and set up an esky (cold pack) for grocery shopping since we are coming in to hotter weather.

Despite the hail a week ago our apple tree has lots of tiny baby apples on it and the Quince tree has about 20 Quinces. The apple tree is only in its second season here since we planted it. 

I tried to take a photo of the supermoon since it was the biggest moon of my lifetime! 

It was bright light all night! We actually had bats fly over which would have been a great photo however they weren't very good at posing for the camera! 

I got ahead a little by wrapping some presents and seeing aside some others for January birthdays.

This weekend I hope to finish some other things on my to do list. Andy has to work over the weekend so I will paint and finish off some odd jobs.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

How did you build up your nest this week? I hope it was really good and you feel you accomplished lots! xxx


  1. The super moon was indeed very bright, Annabel. My son took some good photos as he is into Astrophotography. I don't feel I got a lot done this week as I was running people around to various appointments. You achieve a lot in one week.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, I hope you will post some of these photos... I will head over and see. Yes it was like someone had left the lights on!
      Have a lovely weekend! With love

  2. Annabel, both of those salads look delicious. Are the recipes posted somewhere? Your roses are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen! When I cook a ham, I do 4 things with it: Remove the slices for sandwiches, freeze the 'chunks' to go in beans or peas, chop/dice the smaller pieces for omelets and casseroles and freeze the bone to use in soups. Have a great weekend!

    1. Dear Patsy, You can find the rice salad here...
      The salsa was pretty much what I listed with some french dressing (or italian would do too) splashed over. Potato salad is another keeper. It is just so handy having them made up to use a few times over with different things. Tonight is steak night and I will serve this salad with it. Easy!
      The ham bone for pea and ham soup is yum! I really find a ham is enormously useful. You can get so many meals out of it. Andy loves it which is extra helpful!
      Thanks for commenting Patsy I know you are so busy right now! With lots of love

  3. Annabel and friends my week hasn't been as it should have been, lack of sleep due to not sleeping very well (last night virtually no sleep) has thrown my plans right out the window. What I have managed to do has been 'big' - I made the decision to sort through my wardrobe and anything that I had not worn in the past 2 years or so or would not wear because I do not lead that lifestyle anymore has gone. I was great at picking up clothing bargains at some of the better shops and a lot still had their tags on. The ladies at the op shop were very happy to receive them. While we were away we made the decision to move from a double bed to a queens sized one. Our daughter left her queen sized bed with us about 4 years ago, one of the timber legs was broken but my husband has fixed it. I needed to find some queen size sheets and found a great on line special so picked them up from the post office this week. I need to find some queen size mattress protectors and lo and behold Spotlight has them on special plus a 40% off when you spend $100-.(I put the need for the mattress protectors out to the universe and got my answer.)
    The mattress is something we need to sort out but, I know where we might get one at a good price.
    My mother in law came home from hospital the other day - she will take a bit of time to get back to what passes as normal for her.
    The latest newsletter from the craft shop arrived also this week - included was the information on the sales at their craft fair - now if anyone had looked at the face book page for the group they would have seen that most items were things that we had been discussing as gifts this year. The items on sale at the fair were mostly those sold in the shop, just over $7500- was from the sale of these items and just short of $1000- was made by the kitchen - morning/afternoon teas and sandwiches, tea and coffee. (scones, slices and cakes) The Saturday was really busy (the weather was perfect), with Sunday turning quite cool. Why am I mentioning this here - well last Friday we had some women come in to the shop (I was working) and one of them said 'oh this is the stuff that you can get from a C.W.A. stall and I wouldn't buy it'. Obviously a lady with too much money who goes by the name of 'Jones'. There are 2 craft fairs next year and I am sure that they are just going to get bigger and better. Being new I didn't do anything for the craft fair but we went up and I had a good look around to see how it all worked so have some ideas formulating. I did wander down to the bottom of the street and took a photo of the moon - most people were coming back but I wanted a particular shot (just using my 'phone) so will email it to you Annabel when my husband gets home and can do it for me.
    For anyone who wants to look at photos of the craft shop they have a face book page which you will find if you google sunshine coast arts and crafts inc.

    Have a great weekend everyone


    1. Dear Lynette, I would love to see your photo!
      I am sorry you are having so much trouble sleeping. I suffer the same thing sometimes and it is miserable. I am terrible without enough sleep and it is like I get over tired and there I am desperately tired and cannot sleep.... I hope tonight you sleep well.
      I think moving into a bigger bed can be helpful as it is cooler and you disturb each other less. I hope you find this is good for you. I also got the Spotlight $40 off voucher so I am thinking about using that.
      It is interesting for you to see what sells at the craft shop and the prices etc as it is like research if you want to make and sell things yourself. I love the knitted bunnies that have clothes you can change i.e. little dresses etc. I looked on ETSY to see prices for them as this knitting is beyond me. So soft and adorable. Anyway the prices are quite high.
      Have a lovely weekend. I hope you MIL settles home ok. With love

  4. Dear Annabel, thank you for sharing your wonderful week. I often think about you and the lovely women here, as I go about my day. It gives me great inspiration. That rice salad looks delicious, I will have to try that, along with the chickpea salad. I love salads you can make ahead and then you just have to grill some meat. So good in hot weather. We look forward to our Christmas ham all year. We initially bake it and then we have it has left overs with salads, toasted sandwiches and then pea and ham soup. So it was good you found a good buy. Very handy. That honey was a great gift! Bet it tastes delicious. Well, we have had some good news. Our investment unit was costing us a fortune! Serious money! So we feel very lucky to have it off our hands. I'm grateful, it is Friday and DH will be home soon. I am looking forward to seeing him and homemade pizzas. Sending you lots of love. Love, Bridge P.S. Can I ask what scissors you and Chloe use for cutting hair? I would love DH to do mine. What a saving and so much nicer to have her do it for you and at home too.

    1. Dear Bridge,
      Oh that is great news about the unit! That is like a Christmas present! Now you will have opportunities and decisions to make. But this is very good news!
      My hair scissors are just from the chemist. In the Manicare section there should be hair cutting scissors and also hair thinning scissors. They are not very expensive and last years if you just hide them and keep them for hair only. I will use the thinning one in some of my layers but otherwise the trimming ones for the ends and bangs etc. Really good investment and for baby hair too.
      After Christmas and New Year hams on special if you see them are really useful for hot summer weather. They never seem to be advertised more they are just mark downs that are the really good deals.
      Pizza Friday night sounds lovely! I think Friday nights are special, we treat them as if they re anyway! Have a great weekend! With love

    2. Thank you Annabel for the information on the scissors! I will go out and get some. We have been doing H's hair, but I'd love R to do mine too. It would save so much, I bet. Lots of love, Bridge
      Thank you for helping us. You inspire me every day!

  5. Hi Annabel!

    Your roses look as if they smell wonderful! How beautiful for you!!

    Your summer salads theme has me thinking! This is right on time, I think! Thank you for that!!

    What I thought, work wise, I would have accomplished early in the week actually stretched throughout the week, and I can look forward to more next week! Outdoor weeding and tidying and digging a little lantana and catching a couple of stink bugs from a citrus tree and a trip to the tip ..... and so on and so on ..... !! My reward I am giving myself for finishing this work is picking some wild berries - in the new week!

    It's pretty quiet here - just how we like it!

    The lemon vinegar cleaning solution is still in process. It is smelling more like lemon than vinegar now, and that's good!! Once this is done, I am hoping to round up all the lemon preserves for a 'lemon preserve family photo'!

    I can't figure out what season it is, with some warm days, and some cool!

    With very warm regards,

    1. Dear Rachel,
      I know how you feel about jobs that stretch on and on as I have been working on a step and door frame which is like that. the more work I do on it the further the finish line seems to get!
      I don't like the smell of vinegar. To me it stinks. So the only way is to drown it out with a better smell! Then it is very effective!
      Your lemon preserves photo I know with be beautiful so I look forward to seeing that!
      I had big plans this weekend but my energy got up and took off. Also you all not believe this but Andy has an eye injury. One of our friendly birds flew straight into him which was an accident I think but none the less a beak or claw went into his eye which bled and looked terrible... and the afternoon became a medical appointment and treatment. So here we go again with eye injuries!
      I hope you are having a lovely weekend! With lots of love

  6. Dear Annabel,

    We had a good view of the super moon from here. I sat up until after midnight to get some good photos, then the next night it was pretty spectacular again.

    The weeks are passing quickly and I haven't kept track of my savings this week. I did have a couple of no spend days, most meals cooked from scratch, having leftovers from Salvos luncheon for tea/dinner tonight, made homemade yoghurt, baked rice bubble slice, Anzac bickies and chocolate slice, saved pre dishes water to water plants and top up bird bath, sold eggs.

    I like how you make sure you use all the ham. Some great tips for using it up. I might go and see if there are any hams on special here.

    We source our tubs of honey from a friend who lives in Port Lincoln. They have a farm at Lipson and keep bees. The honey is so yummy!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Love Tania xoxo

    1. Dear Tania,
      That is good Tania, there was cloud all day but it cleared just in time!
      Hams are so useful. I seem to be able to create so many meals. I love turkey and am hoping to find specials this year. Also I am hoping Aldi have good deals... they do have hams at around $7 a kilo this week.
      We love honey as well. I think it is a very healthy thing too. The fact it keeps forever is amazing.
      As always you did heaps! I hope you have a great weekend!Love

  7. Hello Annabel,
    I just want to comment on one of your posts that I read yesterday.
    I was looking at your family file and read the one about you and Andy and how you meet when you were both young, then unfortunately you both had to go separate ways.
    It was just like reading a modern day fantasy and it was so lovely to read that I read it twice. The both of you were meant to be together.
    I haven't done any Christmas challenge for the last 2 months , which I am disappointed about as there have been some lovely gifts that the bluebirds mob have created, but family circumstances have changed and I just haven't had the time to do anything. But none the less I still enjoy reading your blog and I hope that you will do this again next year so that I can participate.
    Hope that you and your family have a happy and safe Christmas.

    Marian Russell.

    1. Dear Marian, I had noticed you were missing for show and tell... that is not a complaint just each moth you had posted so much beautiful work. I hope everything is ok and you will get back to your usual sewing and knitting.
      Thank you or your comment! Yes it was over 30 years between dates with Andy and me! That is a while! As soon as we saw each other it was as if no time had passed. It was very nerve wracking to meet again. We met at a restaurant and this was only after we emailed each other everyday for a few months. Anyhow then that was it and we were engaged and married in a year FINALLY as we both talked about getting married all those years before! We sure took the long way of doing things!
      You have made so many beautiful things this year that I am sure your present cupboard is looking good! I hope you have a great Christmas too Marian! With love

  8. Hi Annabel and Bluebird friends,

    We have had an Annabel week of nest feathering here.
    When we moved into this house three years ago we felt that one wall between the dining area and living area needed to be removed. Bluey got onto a mate who offered to do the job in between other bigger jobs and to do the job for mates rates. Bluey is not happy that he has to get someone else to do the work for him but has accepted the need for this. It also has meant that the labouring has had to be done by me. Lots of it. I have taken all the old gyprock and have smashed this into smaller pieces. I'm thinking of running it through my little garden mulcher before I put it on the garden. Waste not want not. Gyprock is good calcium/lime for the garden. All the old wall studs are in the useful pile behind the shed.

    I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and found 3 deodorants that I had forgotten I had. Deodorant has been removed from the shopping list. I cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards and reorganised. I have more space but the same amount of stuff in the cupboards. Not sure how this all worked out but I'm happy.

    I had the oven on and decided to have a bit of a bake up. Banana, choc chip, berry muffins were made, Hilde's scones and zucchini slice were all baked up, eaten or frozen for later.

    I had left over mornay in the fridge and apples that were going off in the fruit bowl. Out came the little pie maker. Mornay pies were made. The apples were stewed with some sugar and cinnamon and then some little pies were made. Bluey ate one of each! Given he has hardly eaten anything of late I think I am on a winner.

    Today I picked up the last of the ingredients for the Christmas pudding. I also washed the pudding cloth. Tomorrow one pudding will be made. Another will be made on Sunday. One is for us and one is the Christmas gift for my son, as per his request.

    A stocking and a softie toy were made and posted to a Great Nephew born this week. A quilted and embroidered stocking and a Christmas fabric romper have been made for Miss Tilly. These will be in the post on Monday.

    Yes it's been quite an Annabel week here in this household. Next week is looking just as busy.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane, What a massive week! That was huge! Managing all that baking on top of helping with the renovation was very well done not to mention the gifts for the new baby as well!
      It is very good that Bluey obviously loved the pies! Making pies with various left overs is a winner in my book.
      I hope the weekend gives you some rest and relaxation you deserve it! With much love

  9. Dear Annabel,
    The salads look so yummy. I love seeing the photos of the roses.
    It's been a somewhat busy week here. It started off by noticing that yellow jackets were very busy around our downspouts and an exterminator had to be called to determine if they were building a hive. As it turned out, they'd built a hive in the down spout and had gotten under the shingles. So the outside of the house had to be treated.

    I found some organic lemons "on sale" for 89 cents each, down from $1.49 each, and bought 8. The zest is now drying and the juice frozen until I can get to it. Five quarts of bone broth was made overnight in the slow cooker and will be canned today for the pantry. I ordered some beeswax to make the lemon lip balm. Replenished the glitter supply. I discovered in my supplies that there was some bristol board, which is heavy enough to make gift tags so I made a template and used it to cut gift tags. Not having paper cutter a sewing rotary cutter was put to use and they came out perfect. Some specialty yarn in the yarn supply that had previously been used to knit ruffled scarves and will be repurposed for bows. Gathered some pine cones will taking a brief walk outside with my husband to make some decorations.

    Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend. Blessings. Cookie.

    1. Dear Cookie, That was a good week except for the bees or they maybe wasps...? I don't like those and at the farm this happens with bees...
      I love the use of yarn for your Christmas bows. That is inventive. One year I used pretty thread and crocheted flowers as my "bows" and I loved how they looked. I should do this again sometime as it used up left over bits into something pretty.
      Pinecones have a lot of uses. I think a pine cone wreath is in my future!
      Enjoy your weekend Cookie with love

  10. Hello Annabel, I just love reading all you do in a week ❤️
    I didn't accomplish much but I did see my 3 out of town grands 2 days this week and that was the sweetest.

    1. Thank you Rhonda! It sounds like your time was well spent with your Grandchildren! I am so glad you got time with the ones you would see less. That is precious! xxx

  11. How wonderful to be gifted all that lovely honey! That is good to hear that your baby apples are still hanging on.

    I have been saving for several months to buy a new washing machine. Our old one held on to the end but was getting very cranky. The total price was $4 more than I had saved so I came pretty close to guessing. We paid more than usual to get a better brand that is expected to last 25 years.

    I built up my pantry with everything for baking. Flour, chocolate chips and baking mixes were all good prices and some were free with coupons. I am well stocked for many a month of baking now. We picked up some free flashlights from a local store with coupons also. I have a free bagel everyday this month on my rewards card from Panera Bread so every time we go past we drive through and get one. A delicious bagel and $1 saved each time.

    We have cabin fever from having to stay inside due to many wildfires just north of us. The smoke is hard to take when we go out and they are telling everyone to stay inside. Please pray for rain to put the fires out.

    1. Dear Lana, I think you must be in North Carolina... I have seen about the fires on the news. this would mean Nth Carolina had massive hurricane and flood and fires! That is shocking!
      Smoke isn't good at all. We have been blanketed in thick smoke a few times over the years and it is awful. I has asthma too so smoke is not great!
      I hope you love your new washing machine! All your free items are amazing! we do not have this here. A free bagel per day is really good! Plus flashlights!
      I hope the fires are put out or rained on. I will go check the news on them to see. with lots of love

    2. Praying with you for rain. The entire Southeastern US needs it. We need it here in Mobile, AL.

  12. hi Annabel, those salads look delicious and would be lovely to have in the fridge for summer dinners. I'll have to try your rice salad, I make a curried rice salad that is a favourite with everyone.
    Your roses are going well, I want to grow some climbing roses on the front verandah posts and rails to pretty up the front of the new house(I haven't sent you my new address I don't think) , plus the fragrance would waft thru the house.
    I cut my hair this week and also put a dye thru it, I is a big saving.
    Have a great weekend. Love Debbie xx

    1. Dear Debbie,
      I think your salad will be very similar if not the same as mine also has curry powder. I overall up the veggies and use less rice than the original recipe. It is really good and the next day is better.
      Well done on your hair!
      Climbing roses are just gorgeous. I am getting them going along the front fence. It takes a while but I have a few flowering and they look good already ... I just want them right along which will take a few years I guess. Have a lovely weekend! With love

  13. Hi Annabel!
    For me it has been a week of everyone needing my attention for something so not much in the way of feathering here. I have had some moments where I could sew, bake or crochet a row or two. We have also had a few days where the wash could be hung outside to dry. I love all of that honey you got! That amount would cost a fortune here where I'm at! And your roses are so lovely! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Dear Vicky, Sometimes we have to help the nests of the other family members, thats what I figure. I hope next week is quieter for you!
      Honey is really expensive here too. And you have to watch some of it is not real honey even or imported from somewhere where it has weird stuff added... this is 100% pure off the farm not a thing done to it... how I like it. I am so pleased with this! Have a lovely weekend! Love

  14. What a gorgeous picture of the moon! Your salads look delicious!

    1. Dear Jenn, Thanks. I love the moon and the stars so am always out looking! Have a great weekend! With love

  15. The honey is such a blessing Annabel. I love your roses too. Here's what I got up to this week

    * Froze three single serves of leftover beef stew.

    * Made two chocolate cakes at the same time. One was for us and the other was for a church morning tea.

    * Juiced some lemons and picked the last of the lemons off our tree.

    * Made a batch of pita chips for snacks.

    * Sewed a button on a pair of 3/4 jeans. The stud had fallen off leaving a hole so I sewed up the hole too.

    * Gratefully received a collection of buttons from a friend. Her mother had been collecting them over the years and they were sorted into colors in each container.

    * Made a bottle of air freshener.

    * Picked a bunch of roses from the garden for our kitchen.

    * Baked four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

    * Fed weeds, silverbeet and grass to the chickens to vary their diet.

    * Line dried most of the washing.

    * Saved the washing machine and shower water.

    * Stayed at home as much as possible to save on petrol. When I did go out I combined errands.

    * Sold a few more items in my Etsy shop. I've sold all the Christmas hand towels so now I'm busy making more.

    * Jessica used a coupon for 50% off labour on her car service

    * Listed all of Jessica's and Megan's school text book on various FB pages. I've already sold one book.

    * Stocked up on scented candles on sale in Spotlight. They were a bargain at $1.99 but with a further 30% off, they are an amazing bargain. Teamed up with a vintage saucer or plate from Savers, they make a delightful gift for under $5. Normally you'd pay about $20 in a gift shop.
    I have a few photos on my blog

    1. Dear Wendy, Thank you for sharing your week. I love the pretty plate you put that candle on! You savings show lots of ideas and variety and I think that is how we get good results, a bit of this and a bit of that. It all adds up so much!
      It is fantastic you sold all the hand towels! They are obviously a hit! This is good to know. Years ago I embroidered hand towels to sell. I found them popular as not too expensive. You can do seasonal themes and man ones i.e. golf, tennis etc too. But I like pretty ones!
      Hope you are having a good weekend! Love

  16. This week was the community Thanksgiving meal for our homeschool group. It was a big job, but SO much fun for everyone. I think that would qualify as Nest Feathering, right?

    We bought 2 new pullets and went to get them. It's the wrong time of year for that here, but my kids were desperate to have chickens again (something happened to one of ours and the other was lonely.)

    I had the goal of deep cleaning all the kids' closets, but didn't get there. Maybe next week. I always try to do this before Christmas as they get so many new things and I don't like there to be so much clutter that they can't find anything.

    We got some manure for our garden so that it can mellow in before spring garden time. That was a big, stinky job!

    My husband bought a new plumbing faucet to fix one that leaks.

    That's all for my family. It is wonderful to hear of all you ladies and men accomplish!

  17. Dear Annabel and Mob,
    Where do I even begin with my week? I have been sick in bed all week and have felt like I have accomplished nothing! But I found out just a few hours ago, I'm not really sick at all...
    I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!
    Ladies, I am thrilled beyond words. My husband and I have been trying to have children for nearly six years. This is a miracle and an answered prayer. I wanted to share with everyone!!! That about sums up this week lol! I think a lot has been accomplished after all :)
    With lots of love, Kelsey

    1. O my goodness!!! I am over the moon and this is the best news! I have tears in my eyes Kelsey! Yes you have accomplished plenty!
      Wow if you only just found out you will be probably shocked! I am so happy for you Kelsey! Thank you for telling us! This is wonderful! xxxxx

    2. Brilliant News Kelsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your husband. I've gone all gooey at the thought.

    3. Kelsey, that is such exciting news. Congratulations. Love Cookie

    4. Kelsey this is so wonderful! I am so happy for you and your husband and wish you all the best! Congratulations!

    5. Oh my gosh Kelsey!!! I had tears in my eyes reading this too! You were meant to be a mother and you will make the most beautiful mother. I'm so happy! I wish I could hug you in person! This IS SO SO wonderful. Your baby will be very lucky to have you and your husband as his/her parents! Lots and lots and lots of love to you. Love, Bridge

    6. Kelsy this is the best kind of 'sick' - congratulations to both you and your husband.



    7. Yay Kelsey, wonderful wonderful news. You are a very accomplished home maker (and so is your husband, I remember those timber cupboards he made you) and as such you will bring a baby into this world into an amazing homemaking family. A new life is such a precious gift, thank you for telling Annabel (and us!). Looking forward to hearing how you prepare for the very welcome blessing in your family. Fi xx

    8. Hello Annabel, what lovely news for Kelsey and husband!!!

      Your salads look devine, as does everything you cook. We too have loads of flowers out in our garden.

      Had a really traumatic animal rescue at one night out in the middle of nowhere, it was dark and scary and I failed and sobbed all the way home. Bit like the rest of my week really. Not much feathering here at all. Hope your weekend is good.

    9. Congratulations, Kelsey! Lots of love and take care of yourself! xxJen in NS

    10. Kelsey, a child is a real blessing! May your little one be guided through life by the hand of the Almighty!


    11. Kelsey, so, so happy for you and your husband!! Take good care of yourself!! Love, Teri

    12. Oh my I'm late to the party, WHAT FANTASTIC NEWS! Dear Kelsey I'm just beyond thrilled for you and your husband, what an incredible blessing! I will be praying for you and the baby this is just spectacular news! Congratulations and God Bless you!
      Colette xxx

  18. Hello Annabel, It's lovely to sit down this week and 'visit' once again. I had quite a good week but busy busy busy. This next week we start the Holiday season for the States and I am traveling twice to my son's home which is 3 hours one way. I am going down to see him baptized and then going back for Thanksgiving day. It was suggested I stay the week (oh lovely thought!) but poor John would be so blue he'd be purple by the time I came back, as he has to work the two days I'll be traveling, lol. Here's my listing of things done: I think we've finished up every project that was in progress this year. If not I don't mean to go look and see, lol! It can wait for the start of next year!

    1. Dear Terri,
      Your sons home is the same distance as it is to the farm for me, travel time wise anyway. I hope you have good trips and a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am also trying to do what you have done and finish up every unfinished project in the next ten days. That is my mission!
      Have a great new week! With love

  19. Dear Annabel, I love your bucket of honey! (and the pretty pink dishes in the background)! Real honey is so expensive. And your roses are just gorgeous! Also, both salads look so yummy! You've given me some new ideas! :)

    Have a wonderful week! Love, Teri


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