The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Feather your Nest Friday, 7 October, 2016.

This has been a big week!  Lots has been achieved! This is good as I felt I had a lot of hold ups with weather and my painting was a bit behind overall. But not any more!

First of all some of the ways I saved money and feathered my nest include:

I made two lots of snacks that are made from dried fruits, nuts etc. I noticed the health food shop sells these for $1 each. And a local cafe started selling them for even more. Lucy loves them! So I took notice of the ingredients and just copied one. Ingredients are listed in descending order of quantity so that's near enough to a recipe.
I substituted a couple of things.
Anyway, the first lot were good.

But the second lot were beautiful!  I wrote the ingredients for Lucy so this is kind of the recipe...

They are so yum. Anyway Lucy was highly impressed. I will try some other variations too.

I made a heap of mini quiches for Harper.

Andy fixed a window that had a crack in the frame and I sanded and repainted it. This is in the lounge room and now that whole room is finished.  I am very happy as it looks so bright and fresh!
That is another job ticked off the list!

I added to my preparedness with an electric frypan that the generator will run. So now I have the gas BBQ plus this as options. Andy got another gas bottle plus replaced fuel we had used in the storm.

Yesterday I started washing my lounge covers. I have soaked and bleached them and hung them in the sun. Yes we have sun now!  I have about four more loads of these to go!

I cleaned the vacuum cleaner and hand help vac... filters etc all washed and dried.

The people installing the new doors cancelled due to a mistake made so that is yet to be rescheduled.

The best thing of the week.... my niece Allie offered to help me with painting. She is nineteen and she teaches rock climbing and adventure sports so she is not afraid of heights... so the two chimneys were the first target!

She has helped me for a day and a half so far and is coming back a bit later... I can tell you this, every hour has been wonderful. The sun has shone. I have painted up to where I can reach which is about 8 or 9 feet and she has painted above that. We have chatted the entire time and the time has gone really fast. I am exhausted honestly! BUT oh my goodness the house is transformed!

By the end of today I think the front of the house will be finished except for the front door! And I am so excited about that front door! But I can certainly manage that over the weekend.
You can see the difference in colour from the first photo to the second photo but next week I will post what it all looks like!

This help caught me up and made a world of difference.  What an encouragement this was!
Last night Andy stood out the front for a good ten minutes looking at the house. It looks like a different place! It looks beautiful!

So the nest has actually had a huge makeover!

My 100 Day Challenge has also made up for the days I lost during the storm. Overall it has worked out. I won't list each day as I have already mentioned most things. But it included painting and a lot of spring cleaning. I am so happy to have got so much done and be back on track!

I hope you have had a very good week. How did you build up your nest and save?

It is on my mind that our storm is going to look like a stroll in the park compared to Hurricane Matthew and Patsy is bracing for an impact from that. We are sure getting a lot of reminders to be prepared.

Have a lovely weekend. I know I am going to be really tired but a good tired!  xxx


  1. Wow, the paint job looks great and I am in love with the carvings on the outside of your home. Absolutely gorgeous and just my style!! What a blessing your niece is! :)

    1. Dear Jes, Thank you! The house is really pretty and very ornate plus there is wrought iron lace work. The old colours did nothing to highlight any of this! It is finished too! So tired today I have to confess.
      I will try and get some good photos this week. Have a lovely weekend. I have accumulated some more items for my "Jes recipes" as well! With love

    2. Is this architecture typical of all Australian homes or is yours a historical home? Just wondering :) I have a thing for old homes...

    3. Dear Jes, I wouldn't say it is typical Australia... but it is fairly common and there seemed to be an era of more ornate homes... which I really like! It is quite old but in Australia that isn't very old at all. Certainly not 100 years or anything... Sorry not more help! With love

  2. Hello Annabel and team of dedicated blog readers, I must say thank you to Rachael, Jeanette and Vicky who mentioned my crochet border, it’s nowhere as nice as you say it is but thanks, and Vicky I love love love animal fabric and always get some if I see it. Rachael hope your eye is feeling better and Bluey I do hope that your operation went well, and Jane that you are coping with it all. I reckon the lovely cross stitch and edging you are doing is a good way of taking your mind off things.

    Maria the quilts are gorgeous so warm and cozy. Mimi’s pictures are great, in particular the smocking that is stunning. Jen lol that your family have feet therefore need socks, they are too good to stick on the end of your legs and shove into a shoe or boot. They are simply beautiful. So are your socks Janine and the lovely baby clothes.

    Susan I love the calendar a lot, the picture is beautiful, but having a bit of a mouse influx at the moment I’m not so attracted to them. But you have made them look gorgeous.

    Mary that bread bin is lovely and would look great in Annabel’s kitchen for sure. Kelsey the tags are lovey and very much an Annabel thing also. Christine I love the quilts too, very pretty. Jeanette how clever to take apart lights and turn them into lanterns.

    Annabel that is very brave of your niece hanging up there on the roof painting like that, what a great girl she is. And as you say you’ve chatted and the time has passed and the work has been done. Just the glimpses of your house make it look stunning. Will you be posting pictures when it’s done?

    The balls look fabulous, great ingredients. Is there enough wetness in the fruit as it’s mixed up to hold the ball shape or is there a binding ingredient in there too? I’m hungry just looking at them.

    Have a great weekend. I’ve lashed out and bought a new car and hope to pick it up today. Fi xx

    1. You are so funny, Fi...I never thought about it that way!!! (i.e. they have feet so of course they need socks...:)) xx Jen in NS

    2. Dear Fiona, How exciting that you got a new car! That is lovely!
      Yes the balls hold together really well. The coconut is just on the outside of them so they are not sticky. And they go in the fridge and they firm up. But they hold together with nothing added. They are so good!
      Ill take lots of house photos... we finished the front except I have the front door to do... then photos and my white roses are about to come out which is very handy! I will have a sea of white!
      Have a good weekend! I am resting a bit my feet are sore and I am so tried but it has been so good to get so much done! With lots of love

  3. I can't wait to see your nest! The architecture I can see in the picture is amazing and now I am so curious to see the rest!

    Yes, Matthew is looking to be quite the beast. The pics of Haiti are horrific so I hope everyone keeps those poor people in their prayers.
    I hope those in Matthew's path heed the warnings and act accordingly.

    1. Dear Debby, Thank you, photos coming for sure!
      I checked the Hurricane news as soon as I woke up this morning. I am glad to see it is done to a category 2 which is still bad enough but better than a 3 or 4! Probably long days ahead. A good reminder for us all and to be well prepared! Have a good weekend! Much love

  4. Dear Annabel, I am just enjoying a cup of tea as I read your post , I always make myself a cuppa and read your posts , it has become my tradition or ritual .
    Anyway as I sit here I am amazed by the amount of work you and Andy and your niece have been able to get done this week . I am sure your house is looking beautiful .
    Your posts are always an inspiration to me Annabel , you show us all that pretty much anything is possible .
    I love the energy/ fruit balls and have most of the ingredients in my pantry . I will get the rest of the ingredients I need on shopping day and will definetley make some.

    My week has included : buying half price tea bags and saving $16.50 by doing so , I will put $20 into my savings wallet towards Christmas.

    I am starting my Christmas card making and will mostly use materials I have here , trying not to buy too much as I have heaps of craft supplies .

    I gratefully received a large sized savoury mince and vegetable pie from my parents as well as two serves of bolognese meat sauce and 3 serves of homemade pumpkin soup.
    I saved at least $25 on groceries not including my savings on tea bags . On pension day Iwill put away another $25 towards Christmas. I already have $125 saved for Christmas and I have some gifts in my gift cupboard also.
    I am making a list of all the things I want to achieve in the next month, my own mini challenge. They are just small things but hopefully they will add up and make a big difference.
    I hope Rachel is ok , sending my best wishes to you Rachel , please take care of yourself and allow others to help you if you need assistance.
    To Jane and Bluey, I have been thinking of you and hope everything will be ok with you both.please be kind to yourselves .
    Have a great weekend Annabel and your readers too.
    Love BarbW.

    1. Dear Barb, That is what I do when I get a letter in the mail. Make a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy reading!
      Thank you so much! Andy worked all week so it was just my niece and me painting. We went solidly and really got so much done. Well it is finished out the front now except I get the exciting bit which is the front door! This will be the finishing touch and I have looked forward to it for so long! Currently it is a really pretty door in ugly colours!
      It is great you are making your Christmas cards from what you have! Also that will be an enjoyable project and get you in the Christmas spirit.
      The cooking from your Mum sounds beautiful.
      Well doen on your savings and additions to the pantry. I love a good supply of tea bags!
      I think it is great to have a mini challenge! You can get so much extra done and it feels really good!
      Thank you for your wishes to Rachel, Jane and Bluey.
      Have a really good weekend! Today it is beautiful here and sunny. I am taking it easy today... with lots of love

  5. Hi Annable and my lovely Bluebird friends. Bluey had surgery that went for eight hours yesterday. He's in ICU today, but is talking and his sense of humour is intact. He told me that he didn't think he would be doing any bull riding or crocodile wrestling in the near future. His road to recovery is a long one and we still need to wait to find out if he will need further treatment to deal with the malignancy. The road might be long but the darkness is lifting. Many thanks for all your thoughts, wishes and prayers.

    1. So glad Bluey is doing okay Jayne. Thank you for letting us know how he is getting along.

      Best wishes to you both xx

    2. Oh Jane you and Bluey have been through a massive ordeal! I will continue to pray for Bluey, that he will be completely healthy. Love, Bridge

    3. Hooray, Jane! So glad to hear it went well. xx Jen in NS

    4. glad to hear that Bluey is doing well and love his sense of humour. Look after yourself too Jane.

    5. Dear Jane, Thank you for this news! What a week it has been for you. What a relief this surgery is over! And a big success! That is fantastic!
      Tell him the Bluey fan club is all asking after him!
      I hope you can have a restful weekend as I am sure you are worn out. With lots of love to you both,

    6. Jane I am so glad Bluey had his surgery and his sense of humor is seeing him through. I will continue to pray for you both.
      Much love,

    7. Jane, I am so glad that Bluey's surgery is now behind him. I know you'll take excellent care of him and hope he is back on his feet soon!

      Fond Regards, Jeanette

  6. Dear Annabel,

    You have been achieving so much, you nearly exhaust me just reading about all you are doing and have done :)

    I make those healthy bliss balls, and yes they are delicious!

    So glad to hear you had help with your house painting, your house will be looking great!

    I haven't been keeping track of my achievements lately, probably because I just get in and do them without thinking.

    My nest feathering this week included;

    *I have been out in the garden getting things organised. I have planted some seedlings and now just waiting for them to grow. I have in capsicums, two types cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, silver beet, spring onions, chives, strawberries.
    *Cooked all meals from scratch.
    *Washed laundry in cold water.
    *Hung washing in the nice sunlight.
    *I was gifted a Bissel carpet cleaner that was only used a couple of times. I am so happy about this as I was about to purchase one of these. I need to clean my cream carpet regularly. Now I can do it myself and save more money :)
    *I was also gifted a serving tray, teatowels and chocolates.
    *Picked and drying quandongs.
    *Drying some lavender.
    *Made some greek yoghurt twice this week.
    *Picked up fruit bread on special.
    *Cleaned the bathrooms using homemade cleaner.
    *Still picking mandarins and oranges. These are used for juice in the mornings.
    *Made homemade pizzas tonight.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead and Happy Housekeeping!


    1. Dear Tania,
      I know your garden will be wonderful as the photos of your produce the last years have been amazing. I am hoping you ended up with much more rain than usual, full tanks etc. I am amazed how wet things were much later than normal. This means the garden is growing like the Amazon which includes the lawn!
      I really like quandongs. They make beautiful pies!
      When I get to Mums I am picking lots of lavender. I saw that you can make Lavender Essence too by steeping it in vodka as you would to make vanilla essence... I want to try that!
      Thank you for your report, you get heaps done! Have a lovely weekend! With love

  7. Dear Annabel,
    I hope you will share a picture of the entire outside of your house. The architecture is just magnificent. The energy balls look delicious.

    It was also good to read the update from Jane as we've been praying for them as well as Rachel.

    As for nest feathering it's been a somewhat busy week doing other things, but a little got done. The weather report here keeps changing as to what our state will receive from Matthew, so we've are taking precautionary actions and getting ready to batten down the hatches, so to speak. We're more inland but they're still talking about how it may or may not strike us.

    I've added some all-occasion notecards that were made with just things in the craft stash to be given as Christmas gifts and for personal use. Went to Aldi's this week because how could one pass up acorn squashes that were 59 cents apiece, celery that was 69 cents per stalk, onions that were 89 cents for 3 pounds and mushrooms that were 69 cents per box. I just love deals like that, considering that in our regular grocery stores acorn squash is $1.79 a pound, mushrooms are $2.99 a box and onions $3.99 for 3 pounds, and the price of celery just keeps rising. Some of this will be dehydrated and added to the pantry, while some of the squash will get cooked and frozen and some just stored fresh.

    That's about it for me. Praying that all who are in Matthew's path remain safe. Blessings. Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie,
      Your geographical positions sounds similar to Patsy... her forecast keeps changing and they are set back from the coast also. I hope tis good news, I saw the hurricane has been downgraded somewhat so I hope it stays that way.
      I am glad you could stock up at such good prices. I would love to see prices like that! I know you had a big week so you did very well! With lots of love

  8. Lovely job! Your are a great inspiration. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Dear Lynn, Thank you so much. Happy weekend to you. We have a gorgeous day but I have to admit I am going slow... With love

  9. Annabel, your painting looks beautiful! You are doing such a great job. It looks like it really is transforming the house. The detail at the dying of your house is so pretty. Your Neice is so lovely to help, but I bet as much as she is helping you, you are helping her with good advice etc. Those bliss balls look sooooo good! Are they raw cashews? Yum yum! They are so expensive to buy. Maybe a great Christmas gift too? We have been busy here. But we are happy. I felt happy to go to the monthly dollar sake at the op shop and picked up a bag of baby's clothes for $3. I can gift these to a friend. We gave our cars a good clean on the inside and out and this would have saved a lot of money. I'm so grateful for your posts. Love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      The cashews were roasted by not salted. You could use either and you could use almonds or any nuts I think. If you are busy and happy then that is good! The baby clothes sound lovely.
      mmm our cars both need a darn good clean. I have noticed if I vac inside Andys van for him he loves that so much it is like a surprise or a gift.... so I will do that. Have a lovely weekend! With love

  10. What a great niece you have! I love the trim on your house, so pretty. I need to clean our vacuum too-it's amazing how well they will pick up after you do.

    Have a great day!

    1. Dear Vickie, Thank you! When you clean a vacuum cleaner you become a vacuum cleaner haha but well I was amazed how much dirt came out and yes this should mean they do a better job and last longer too. These are the jobs I get to in spring cleaning. Have a good weekend, lots of love,

  11. Hi Annabel and Co.,

    I am appreciating all that painting progress that you and your delightful niece have accomplished. I would be like Andy, just appreciating it all, only I would need twice as long - to get the view through one eye!! I'm glad that you've found something good for Lucy to eat, and Harper.

    We have been thinking of Bluey ..... dear Bluey and Jane. Appreciating your immense challenge, Bluey and Jane, may you be carried through this time with a strength not your own. May your hearts be warmed, and your days made lighter, with extra little things! May good humour continue to serve you both well. You are cherished!!

    For Jane, I'd like to share what made my day yesterday, on our visit down to the emergency ophthalmologists at the Princess Alexandria Hospital in Brisbane. It was a bit of a struggle for me, concerned about whether my injured eye could even open itself, not feeling real strong, and finding the city quite unfriendly. What a nice thing it was when the tea trolley couple visited our waiting room! This was a new experience for me, and a lovely touch! I commented to the lady that she must have a good memory, as she took orders for cups of tea and coffee, at which she laughed and replied that she didn't! She thought it would be interesting for me to hear the conversations over orders back at the tea trolley!! Then, the ophthalmologist that examined my eyes was a thorough, lovely and super gentle lady, who told me that my eye is healing fine, and to expect improvement each day. We had a friendly talk with others in the waiting room, and these things, together, made such a welcome difference. I hope you meet special touches like these, also!

    As for Bluey, when he feels ready, Jane, you might tell him that I was preparing to give my husband a haircut the other day when I just had to stop and laugh! I hadn't taken into account my lack of 3D vision (I've been working on one eye) in combination with those pointy scissors! Then I realised that it would be my fingers first in the line of fire, so I got the job done! It's not bad!! Yesterday, I started using two eyes again, for short times. It began as double vision, and has been improving. Today, it was back to one eye until this evening. It takes time!!

    To Barb, thank you for your thoughtfulness. I sure have had help! When trying to pour milk into a small bottle to go with a thermos, I managed to pour the milk AROUND the mouth of the bottle, not in it! My husband did that, instead! Also, when walking in Brisbane, being half blind, I was able to hold my husband's arm to negotiate all the rough footpaths, traffic, etc. I've had lots of help! I was admiring my new potato plants today. It is amazing what can come of one eye!!

    Thank you to each person who has warmed my heart this week! This includes Jes, whose beautiful, noble work is a sight for sore eyes! I have citrus waiting, and vinegar, and I'm not sure that I'll have enough peels to complete all the projects that await!! ..... and, Fiona, your crochet is that good! Leave it for a while, come back and look with fresh eyes!! All you need is confidence!!

    Regards to all,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      It is beautiful to hear of such nice people and kindness that helped your check up day. Doesnt this make a difference!?
      I hope each day your eye is healing. It must be a big adjustment to see with one eye and the coordination. My SIL is like this permanately. It has to be hard.
      I am so glad you are enjoying Jes' book! There are so many projects I know you will love and its handy about your parents also having citrus in their yard. No peels wasted ever again! Beautiful!
      Have a good weekend. I am glad you can read and write although too much is probably not good! With lots of love

    2. Dear Rachel,
      I am so glad you are having some improvement with
      your eye. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
      I am so glad that you had your husbands help and found kind people on your visit. It truley is the small things n life. Much love and big blessings to you.

    3. I have been thinking of you Rachel. Your posts on here are always so positive and joyful. So I hope your eye gets better really quickly, so you can can get back to those handicrafts. Love, Bridge

    4. Thank you, Patti, for your precious words. I know, now, that both eyes work. By the time the injured eye can stay open, I think the injury inside, under the top eyelid, will be quite well healed.
      My thoughts, now, are for Bluey - one day at a time.

    5. Dear Rachel, I am so glad to hear your eyes are adjusting! What a miracle the human body is-- that it is made to heal itself! And of course, the prayers of all your friends help that along :) Thank you for sharing your encouraging heart with us all...

    6. Rachel, I am so glad to hear your eye is healing well! Please take it easy and baby yourself, you deserve it!

      Fond Regards, Jeanette

  12. Good morning Annabel, your Allie is amazing and such a sweetheart to help. I like you a lot but I'm not going to paint your chimney 😄
    I'm happy you've got so much done. I've been quiet as I've been busy helping my parents after my dads surgery and my husband was away for 2 weeks helping his parents after his dad's surgery.
    Have a wonderful weekend ❤️

    1. Dear Rhonda, That is funny! I guess asking anyone to paint your chimney is probably stretching the friendship!
      Goodness... two sets of parents with one person having surgery! That will be pretty demanding on your household! I hope both are recovering well.
      Have a good weekend to you too! With lots of love

  13. Wow! Your house is looking so nice! I think we all need a rock climber to be in our families so they can do all that kind of high stuff for us! :) What a sweet girl to help out. Love the look of those "sugar plums"! One of our goats is due to kid in a couple of days so we are cleaning a pen today, as well as the usual deck painting, etc. Off to work! xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      I hope to see your babies! It sounds so funny to say can you post photos of your kids! But yes please!
      I hope the deck is progressing... I have to say it is good to be finished... by that I mean the front of the house is finished... except for the front door. Have a lovely weekend! With love

  14. Hurricane Matthew is passing by Florida right now where most of our family lives. We are waiting word that everyone is okay. We are far inland from our coast that will affected later on. I hate to think of all those big beautiful houses on the battery in Charleston taking a direct hit again.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your house!

    1. Dear Lana, I hope all your family is ok. Some might not have power by the sound of it but I hope nothing more. It is awful to have seen the trail of destruction so far.
      Pictures coming... and my roses are about to come out so the timing is good! Lots of love

  15. Wow Annabel your house looks fantastic! It must feel so rewarding to see your progress, and what a lovely way to spend time with your niece.

    I have been reading back through your preparedness posts from last year from the beginning and it's great to see how you added small amounts regularly and how it built up so quickly. I am really determined to get this area sorted in our house, we have food stored and toiletries etc, but not as much as I would like. And other areas like alternative power sources etc are lacking. So this is something I will really concentrate on.

    Our fridge died a sudden death a a fortnight ago and so we have a big new fridge that is much better suited to our large family. And we paid cash! I was really happy with that. We are also receiving a $150 supermarket voucher with it, and armed with your advice I am going to turn that into more like a $300 voucher I hope.

    This week we have not had a lot of money to restock the fridge so I have baked biscuits, muffins, lemon loaves, bread, foccacia, and bought heavily discounted meat and diary products to see us through. It has actually been quite fun showing my family just how much food we can make when we appear to have nothing. But I won't lie, I am very much looking forward to having a decent grocery shop next week!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Dear Jen,
      I am glad you are reading last years preparedness posts. I had a lot of fun with that challenge and it really worked. I learned a lot as I went.
      The power sources are a big one. A way to cook, boil water etc is so important.
      Oh no re the fridge! However I am glad you have another and its even better for you. And yes you can turn that voucher into much much more! That will help you get ahead with everything you need.
      Well done on how you stretched your money this week. All that cooking sounds beautiful and it sounds like you made it well and with good food. I can imagine your relief at a normal week though! Have a nice weekend and good week next week! With love

  16. Annabel,
    Your house is beautiful and I am so glad you have some help. it is truly wonderful and appreciated to have an extra set of hands the gift of time can be one of the best gifts given! Your yummies look good! I love coconut and almonds yum! I have to clean my vacuum quite often due to pets. When Rick has the air compressor on I take it outside and blow out all of the filters and the vacuum itself and it has saved me quite a bit over the years not having to buy new filters plus the suction is like new and it picks up better I am one of those dummies that will run over a small piece of lint 20x before I figure out to just bend over and pick it up! Ugh!

    Jane you and Bluey are still in our thoughts and prayers I hope you are taking good care of yourself.

    Rachel I am so glad your eye is healing and yay you have potatoes!!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      Boy did you have a big week as after you wrote this a lot happened! But it had a happy ending!
      Yes the vac filters are ick. It is like having new ones since we cleaned ours.
      I do that too... it SHOULD pick things up so I don't bend over on principal haha!
      I hope you have a great new week! With love

  17. Hi Annabel, what a blessing to have your niece to paint the high areas of the house! I can't handle heights at all. Last summer my husband set up scaffolding to paint the back of our house, which is more than two stories high. I tried climbing the scaffold once, but I had to come straight back down as being so high made me feel shaky and queasy. I look forward to see the finished painting of your home - it's a beautiful house. I wish ours was as pretty, but unfortunately 1972 wasn't such a good year for architectural prettiness!

    1. Dear Grace,
      I feel the same. I used to be more brave but I had a bad fall off a ladder. However I have never liked heights. My niece is happy to jump off a cliff so she is pretty handy!
      I really like the shabby chic look. I started following Rachel Ashwell really early on... and I saw her home she bought and moved into was actually quite plain but she painted everything white inside and out and added flowers. Well it looked gorgeous. She also didn't rip out the bathroom or kitchen but kept the old ones and it was lovely. So I think any home can be lovely but I am very lucky with pretty features... and they were somewhat wasted and not highlighted when dark.
      Thank you so much anyway I am glad you like it! With love

  18. Dearest Annabel, your home is gorgeous! I love all of the detail work on the outside and you're absolutely right, the white really sets off all of the details very nicely! Your roof line looks very tall and your niece is very brave! I am not fond of heights at all.

    Fond Regards, Jeanette


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