The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Feather your Nest Friday, 21 October, 2016.

I had a really good week. No painting at all as it has been raining except for yesterday and I used this one sunny day to wash and dry everything!
And now it's raining again.

These are some of the things that saved us money and built up our home this week:

I mended two items of clothing for Andy. One was a favourite and he is thrilled he can wear it again!

I made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce.

We had it twice as dinner and I portioned out the rest and froze single and double amounts. It gave me a big stack for the freezer.

Also I am probably the last one to do this but I made Zoodles... so instead of pasta I used a gadget to make zucchini noodles. We loved them! Best thing ever! I will be doing this often from now on.  In under a minute you have piles of "noodles" and I pan cooked them lightly then served the sauce over the top and added cheese. Really good!

I made a big stack of stationary using the stamp Kelsey gave me...

They are matching cards and envelopes. Now I have a big supply for letter writing and all I need to do is catch up on my letters!

Chloe printed out Jes' book for me. I wanted a hard copy of this as a reference.  It is amazing! And one thick book!  

This would make a very good gift for anyone who is interested in saving money, making beauty products etc and certainly anyone who has fruit trees! (You can find it at Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth Blog)

Andy got a new hat plus two shirts at an op shop. He collects hats so he was very happy.

I made my Christmas cakes. This took three whole afternoons.  I made sixteen! This sounds a lot but it was 3 very large cakes. One of these goes away for Andy's Birthday cake next year.  Then five medium sized cakes and the rest are individual sized cakes that I made in a Texas size muffin tray.
I made this recipe three times.

I am so glad to have these done! They improve as time goes on. The large ones I wrap in foil and glad wrap.  One is going into a tin for my emergency supplies. I always make them in October.

Now to hide them away. This gives me gifts for the in laws, Andy's work mate, Kath in the nursing home gets a little one, neighbours etc.

The house has been smelling good!  Andy LOVES these so he is happy, happy, happy!

Because of the rain things had to change but I just made the most of it. Plan B as Vicky says!
And next week Allie is back! I hope the weather is ok as if it is and we both paint for a few days I think I will very nearly get all the painting done!  
When I am finished you will hear me celebrating! It would have been about eight months of pretty much constant painting all up!

How did you build up your home this week? I hope it was good for you. 
Have a lovely weekend! 

Most of you will remember Teri as she has written whole posts here and we have seen her pantry and canning. She has been laying low lately... her son has a brain tumor. She is really needing prayers. If you would pray and leave a message for her that would be wonderful. xxx


  1. Are those beautiful little cakes for Christmas? Do you freeze them?

    1. Dear Debby, Yes they are all for Christmas. The recipe keeps a year and they improve which is why I make them now so they are really good in December. But they keep a year if wrapped or in a tin. They can be warmed and served as a pudding as well. It is much the same as wedding cake where the top was kept for the first anniversary. Really yum! Love

  2. Annabel, you are just full of great ideas! I need to make some stationary myself. Isn't that bird nest just so cute? I hope you will be able to get your painting completed next week. It feels so good to check off those big projects from our to-do list. I was able to get back to my 100 Day Challenge of learning how to crochet today. It felt so good to pick up that crochet hook again! Please let Teri know that we will be praying for her son.

    1. Dear Patsy,
      I love the bird nest! I thought how well Kelsey knows me!
      Getting such a major project finished will be amazing. Also that will put me at least several weeks ahead of schedule! I just wanted to be finished by December so I can focus on Christmas.
      I am glad you are able to do something restful and embroider! Thank you for praying for Teri too. With love

  3. Annabel, Your cakes look wonderful. It's been raining a lot here too. So I have been trying to do some baking myself just cookies and a snack cake. I need to gather all my things together to make your cakes, thanks again for the recipe.

    I have also been thinking about printing out Jes' book, did your Daughter take it to a store and have them bind it for her and also did Chloe print it out on her printer or have a shop do it?

    Mostly this week I have been de cluttering, I have way too much stuff. I hate to throw anything away, I might need it!

    Have a great week!

    1. Dear Laurie, Thank you! Chloe printed the book and bound it herself... she has a home office... but you could take it to a store... we have an office store that prints documents etc so that is another option.
      Look at decluttering as donations to a good charity. This helps me as I never keep anything I don't want or think is a preparedness item as I like to donate to my favourite charities and this helps!
      Have a wonderful weekend! With love

  4. Praying for Terri here, Marie

    1. Thank you very much Marie. Have a good weekend! xxx

  5. Hi Annabel,

    Zucchini noodles are great - I also really like bolognaise sauce with cauliflower mash. I usually make it from a bag of frozen cauli, cook it in the microwave for ten minutes, and then throw it in my food processor with a bit of cream or butter. It's really quick and easy.

    This week I've been inspired by you to start making a note (when I remember!) of things that I've achieved this week. Some of the things I did to build up our home are:
    - I planted a new Meyer lemon tree in our backyard
    - I spent quite a bit of time weeding, then fed all the plants that needed it and applied wetting agent to the soil
    - I harvested broad beans, lettuce and Brussel sprouts from the garden
    - I finished sewing a Christmas present for my nephew
    - I received two bags of free pantry items, mostly differents teas and snacks that will be great for my kids' lunchboxes
    - And the best thing that happened this week is that I obtained a casual weekend job at a local winery - I start on Saturday :)

    Have a great week!

    1. Dear Grace, Thank you for the tip on cauliflower mash. I love cauliflower!
      It is really good to look at your week and feel happy about it. And yours was good! How wonderful to get all those teas and lunchbox snacks!
      Congratulations on the weekend job!
      You got a lot done and I love that you harvested so much!
      I hope you go well on Saturday! With love

  6. Oh no, Teri!! What is happening to us all?!!

    Let's call upon the Eternal while He is near, and may He grant us wisdom for these times.

    I am taking your concern on board for prayer. There is so much to combat. The worst thing, I think, is fear. You know what? The much Eternal is greater!

    With very warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      Thank you for supporting Teri.
      I hope you had a great week (which I think you did by the beautiful photos thank you so much!) Have a lovely weekend as well! With love

  7. I will also be keeping Teri's son in prayer. What a concern for the whole family.

    I would love to print out Jes' ebook too as I am terrible with reading long term on a screen. I am interested to hear where Chloe printed it out. It would cost a small fortune to print it out from my printer.

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, Thank you for your prayers for Teri's son.
      Chloe printed the book herself... she has a home office. You could print it out in black and white vs colour. Also somewhere like Officeworks will print out documents etc. Just ask the price for 200 pages (I forget the actual number). I also like to have a copy of things I really want to keep and refer to. I love that I have it!
      With love

    2. 264 pages, according to a quick glimpse at Nana Chel's "Going Grey and Slightly Green" site!
      'blog secretary'!

  8. Dear Teri, praying for you, your son and your family. Praying that God's love and healing encompasses you all. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

    Dear Annabel, do you need a lot of zucchini to get enough for a meal? I bought some today to make stock concentrate and they were so expensive.

    With summer coming up in Aust when most of us will start being more careful with water, I thought I would share a thing that I have been doing. With the cold water that runs through the hot tap before it warms up, like lots of people I often save it to pour on the garden. But, before it goes on the garden I soak my lentil sprouts in it, so the water is used twice. I have bought hemp sprout bags (you could easily make your own), and use brown lentils from the supermarket. They are so cheap and sprouts are little powerhouses of enzymes and nutrients.

    1. Dear Garden Del,
      Thank you for praying for Teri's family.
      I used a medium zucchini each person. When they are expensive it wouldn't be so good. Although you can use other vegetables I just haven't tried anything else yet. Often people grow zucchini and have so many they re struggling to use them up and I thought this is an awesome way! They are really nice this way. And colourful!
      I love that you are growing your own sprouts! They are expensive as you say to buy ready sprouted! I am also thinking about ways to save water... it has rained so much but soon it will no doubt be hot and dry and keeping a garden going through the hot months isn't easy.
      Have a great weekend! With love

    2. With summer on the way it's almost choko time. I bet they would make great vege noodles. Like zuchinni, they take on the flavour of whatever they are cooked with.

  9. Dear Annabel, firstly my thoughts are with Teri and her family. I will say a prayer for them tonight. Teri please be kind to yourself .
    You have had a great week Annabel, I love your Christmas cakes and the zucchini noodles sound interesting.
    My week included : gratefully receiving meals and a potato bake and vegetables from my parents
    Subsidised cleaning
    Made 8 cards for a gift.
    Refilled my foaming hand wash with a tiny bit of hand soap refill and water.
    Received some limes from a friend
    Used a discount voucher to have a cheap lunch yesterday.
    Re Wrote my Christmas gift list and realised I have quite a few gifts already.
    I think that is it Annabel, a quiet week this week for me.
    I hope you are doing ok now Rachel, I have been thinking of you. I have also had Jane and bluey in my thoughts. I hope you are both ok.
    Have a great weekend Annabel and everyone , love BarbW .


    1. Yes, Barb, I'm okay! There is a tiny cut (a few mm wide) in the white of my eye, with a prick right near the top of the iris. This is still healing, and my eyelid droops enough to cover this! Hopefully the little scars high on the eyelid will fold into the natural lines when my eyelid opens better! Maybe a droopier eyelid will make me look sweeter?!!
      It's good to hear from you, Barb! You have good things to say!

  10. Hi Annabel,
    Poor Teri. I will keep her son in my thoughts and prayers. I'm including Teri and her family as they will all be going through a difficult time.
    Your cakes look yummy. I'm glad you included a link to the recipe. Speaking of recipes I used your bliss ball, fruit ball, as a basis for some energy snacks for Bluey. He and the surgeon had one whilst I was at the hospital today. Both thought they were rather delicious. Will be making a few more for next visit.
    This week I dehydrated lots of cherry tomatoes. I have stored these in jars with herbed olive oil. All the veges on our dinner plate came out of the garden. I have some TShirt yarn and am experimenting with crocheting this up into bathroom mats. So far I have tried three different ways and each time I've ended up with a wavy mat.
    I will keep trying.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Jane, the dehydrated tomatoes in olive oil sounds like a trick of the trade! Since you're special, I'll admit that I've been planning to make knitted rag yarn bath mats. It would be nice to see your crochet ones turn out!

    2. Dear Jane,
      I love those bliss balls and they are in demand here. Plus you can do a heap of variations. Now you have the surgeon on to them!
      The cherry tomatoes in olive oil sound just beautiful! So many uses for them.
      T shirt yarn is fantastic. I would love to see what you make. I am a failure at making round shapes sit flat. So for mats I work squares and rectangles and go ok. Then something non slip under the mat...
      Say a big hello to Bluey! I hope you have a goo weekend Jane, with love

  11. Annabel, I'm not finished yet!!

    I wrote the comment for Teri while we were out. Now, I really would like to say how I love this work of yours!

    I love pasta, so the zoodles look delicious! I love your Kelsey-style stationery, and the lovely fact that the stamp flew all the way from Kelsey's nest to yours! I love that Chloe printed Jes's book for you, and doesn't it look good with the light blue ribbon! (Office Works also sells hard, plastic cases just the right size to hold a printed book like this - just in case you're travelling the Simpson Desert and want to keep the dust out!) Again, it's extra nice that this book comes all the way from Jes's homestead! Your fruit cakes are an old-fashioned standby, and something I've never made. Men love fruit cake!

    It has been a gentle week here, and I did do some outdoor cooking - meat pie filling and mulberry preserves. I have lovely things to look forward to in the new week! The mulberries came from Dad's tree, and he's been sharing them with me and his neighbours. He even gave me a jar of mulberry jam that one neighbour made. I am very pleased! It was funny to hear that this neighbour had borrowed some big, fancy machine from their own neighbour to cook the jam, stalks and all, from go to whoa! It just didn't pack the jam into jars, and seal them! Ah dear, it made me laugh! I like the hands on way!!

    With very warm regards,
    Rachel Holt
    P.S. It's wonderful to read that Bluey can eat bliss balls!!

    1. Dear Rachel, Good! I was waiting to hear about your week!
      Now that you put it that way yes we are sharing a lot from one homestead to another which is very nice.
      Your meat pie and mulberry preserves are beautiful. I have never heard of a jam making machine! I really enjoy making jam and it has so many uses all year round. But berry jams are the best to me. And the colour is like jewels! Also your season is well ahead of ours I think to have mulberries fruiting.
      Have a lovely weekend and thank you for the photos I will be using them shortly as they are stunning! With love

  12. Dear Annabel,
    I will be praying for Teri's son, as well as for her and her family.

    I love zoodles. In the summer when the garden is overflowing with zucchini, I serve them a lot. I also found they make a great "pastaless" salad with other veggies and some pepperoni or other deli meat or cheese thrown into the mix. Your stationary is is amazing with the nest of eggs. How perfect.

    As for nest feathering it's been quite a week as we are preparing for my husband's upcoming surgery. Yesterday, we had the water softener company come in to change all the filters, and deliver salt. (we have well water), books and magazines were obtained to read during his recovery, eggs were at a very good price so I froze some using JES's method, just to have them in the freezer for later use, baked muffins from a recipe that's called "muffins that taste like donuts" and put them in the freezer. Finished knitting some fingerless gloves in men's sizes for the gift closet, made 6 pillow cases from contour sheets whose elastic had seen it's last day, and fabric from the stash. They will be added to the gift closet. Cleaned out the linen draws and found a dozen plain linen tea towels and some plain napkins that will be embellished with grub roses and crocheted borders. Practiced grub roses in the evenings.
    Painted more notecards for personal use and for the gift closet. That's all I can remember as this week has been just a blur.

    With each passing day we're one day closer to surgery. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am to you all for praying for us. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Blessings. Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie, You are doing really well with your time leading up to this surgery. Thank you too for praying for Teri.
      The noodles with zucchini are so good if you have plenty of zucchini to use up! Thanks for the salad tip. Now I have figured this out I will be making these a lot.
      The pillowcases are such a good idea. I love special pillowcases. They are a great gift. Actually you have been adding heaps to your gift cupboard.
      The note cards are divine! I should know!
      I hope that you will have a good weekend. I pray that you will feel peaceful and calm. You are doing very well in getting things done, being prepared and keeping life as normal as you can. Not easy to do but very helpful and re assuring...
      With much love

  13. Keep your chin up, Cookie! It's up to the Eternal, now, to carry you both!

  14. Teri, I am praying for your son and your family. I pray he will be healed and well very soon.

  15. Prayers being said for Teri and her son. Also for Bluey's recovery.

  16. Teri, I just said a prayer for you and your son. May God be glorified in his healing. Blessings, Leigh

  17. I am praying for Teri's son wisdom and healing and the peace that passes all understanding. For Rachael for continued healing. For Bluey's recovery that it would be swift. Cookie
    continued prayers :) God is a big God and he knows all our needs.
    Blessings and much love Patti

  18. Annabelle,
    Your week has been lovely. It is amazing how much you got done. I have the little gadget but have not tried so make the spirals yet. I will now :) The book is so wonderful . I am sure you will find many wonderful ideas. The cakes look good and are a fun tradition. We make Aebleskivers Christmas
    morning. It is a tradition! We are Danish, you use a Aebleskiver pan and a knitting needle to turn them. Do you have other traditions for Christmas?
    Much love,
    I have been reading every post just not commenting have been fighting a Migraine for a couple of week.

    1. Dear Patti,
      I am sorry about your migraine. Getting them myself I know how they can knock you about and slow everything down. I get way less these days but still now and then.
      When I first tried the gadget I thought this is never going to work! But it did and so easily its wonderful! And kind of fun!
      I think you have given me an idea for a post as Christmas traditions are a wonderful subject and not only vary from country to country but family to family. And we can always add things that we like and make new ones!
      I hope you feel much better and have a restful weekend, with love

  19. Hello Annabel, firstly to Terri, sending healing thoughts for your son, I cannot imagine the worry you are facing.

    And secondly Annabel, you are NOT the last to make zoodles.

    Your food and cakes as usual looks amazing. The stationery is beautiful too. A wonderful gift from Kelsey.

    Haven't had a chance to read all the comments above which I always love to do as well, in fact this is the only blog where I read the comments, other blogs I read I never bother to read, but here is wonderful to read and I feel like i sort of know these readers/writers, a very inspirational and educational group.

    Hugs to Bluey, Jane and Rachael as well.

    Fi xx

    1. Dear Fiona,
      Thank you Fiona, I think the comments are better than my blog and a big part of helping everyone as they are so supportive. Plus will answer any question or help in any way!
      The zoodles are really good! Im impressed!
      Have a lovely weekend Fi. With love

  20. Dear Annabel and ladies, Thank you so much for all your prayers and kind words! I, too, have been praying for God's love and comfort as we each go through our many trials. I am so grateful for each of you and when reading each post, feel warmth and comfort.

    Annabel, you are so busy! Your house looks spectacular and I love the pictures you shared of the farm! Yummy Christmas cakes, too! :)

    Jane, I am so happy to hear Bluey is recovering. :)

    Rachel, so grateful your eyes are healing. :)

    Cookie, I will be thinking of you and your husband this week. Praying, also. :)

    Tonight, we just learned that a biopsy has been scheduled in a couple weeks. Thank you all again, and have a blessed weekend. Love, Teri

    1. Dear Teri,
      Thank you for the update. You re well known and loved here!
      Im glad you liked the farm pictures!
      Lots of prayers coming your way, with much love

    2. Dear Teri,
      As Annabel said, lots and lots of prayers coming your way.
      Love and hugs,

  21. Annabel,
    Prayers for Teri and her son.
    I love zoodles, but I'm the only one that like zucchini here. If you have some of the seeds it would be a good time to get them in the ground before it gets hot maybe by your roses? And your sauce looks yummy!
    Your cakes look so good and yummy! Seriously nothing like what is here in the US. Believe it or not at Christmas fruitcake is the number one sold item here, but nobody eats it, it usually gets tossed. I saw this on a food fact show. And they asked why do people still buy it? Because it's tradition! LOL Even old people don't eat them and when you walk by their rooms at the nursing home they throw them at you! LOL
    I hope everyone has a great week!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      Oh my goodness why don't people eat fruit cake I wonder? I wonder if its the same? Do they eat Christmas pudding? As that is almost the same...
      They are good as they keep so long and also traditional for wedding cakes with a thick white icing.
      At my other house I was great at growing zucchini. I don't seem to be able to grow them here I think too much shade? I might see if Chloe could plant a crop at the farm...
      Have a good weekend! Love Annabel.xxxx

    2. Dear Annabel and Vicky,
      So true, Vicky (LOL). About everyone here moans when they hear the words fruit cake. I think, it got a bad rap from the nasty fruit that the commercial bakeries always put in it. The commercial kinds are just gooey and nasty.
      I am going to try Annabel's recipe with just the organic dried fruit we like and see if people will eat it. I won't call it fruit cake, though :), I'll give it a creative name.
      When we lived in Germany, every Christmas we loved the Stollen, but it was more of a cake with a few dried fruits and nuts in it. It wasn't overloaded and heavy with dried fruit and nuts like the commercial kind in America.
      We don't eat Christmas Pudding here, Annabel. I've heard of it, of course, reading a lot of English books, but I'm not sure what is in it. I'll check it out online; it might be absolutely delicious and something new we could try.
      Love and hugs to both of you,

    3. Dear Glenda, These things must be our British influence then... the Christmas pudding is the highlight of Christmas to us. Also these keep a year in storage and are served with cream, ice cream or custard. So good!
      If you make the cake call it Australian Wedding Cake as this is pretty much what traditional wedding cakes are except for the thick layer of white icing. However you could use that as well. I love it!
      Also a fruit cake here isn't gooey... that sounds different.
      Good luck anyway!
      Thank you for your prayers for Teri, with love Annabel.xxxx

  22. Dear Annabel,

    I haven't commented for a while, but have enjoyed reading the posts and have been remembering the prayer requests. I'll join in praying for Teri and family.

    You have had another great week! Those fruit cakes make my mouth water, but I am the only one in my family who likes them.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


    1. Dear Elaine,
      Thank you so much for helping with the prayer requests.
      You have a lovely weekend too, and thank you for commenting! With love

  23. Annabel as always love the comments as well as your posts. Could you please tell me the brand and price of the veggie spiral gadget? I can't eat pasta so would be great for my meals. Best wishes Lorraine

    1. Dear Lorraine,
      If you google Spiralizer you will see lots of types. Mine is like this one "Kitchen Active Spiralizer Slicer" so it is small and hand held where as some are giant contraptions. But it works a treat! I was surprised how great it works! Also in something like lasagna I use thin slices of zucchini or eggplant or both instead of pasta sheets and that is lovely. I hope that helps! With love

  24. Sorry, forgot to add could you please post a bigger photo of your nest cards Annabel? Do you just stamp the nest in the front corner of your card? LOVE THAT STAMP!!!!

    1. oh... yes in this case I placed a stamp in the bottom left hand corner of each envelope and the same one each card which is very simplistic but I like it a lot. I will try to include bigger photo for you in a post next week! I just did another set with deer as well! Love

  25. Dear Annabel,
    I will be praying for Teri's son as well. Thank you for letting us know.
    You had a good week! I will have to try zoodles. They would be so much healthier than pasta when zucchini is available.
    I'm so glad you are using and loving your stamp! I have slowly been adding cards to my farmer's market inventory. I was inspired by the simplicity of your cards this week and did similarly with some of mine. I think they look elegant. I see above you did the same with your deer stamp, and so did I!
    Most of this week was spent preparing for our garage sale. We had it all day Saturday (today) and we are exhausted! But we did so well and made several hundred dollars by getting rid of clutter, so I am very happy about that! We also had several people interested in our house, as we had the sale indoors, so maybe something will come of that, too.
    This week, I went shopping at the local nursery and came home with lots of flowers to plant in pots on the back patio. The people at the nursery are so friendly, and they noticed how excited I was to be buying plants lol. (My husband and I were regulars there before we moved!) The patio really needed some color and I am thrilled with my efforts.
    I hope Bluey is continuing to recover and I'm thankful for Rachel's good report. Cookie, I am still praying for you and your husband.
    I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
    With love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey,
      I think simple and elegant is good too even though I love pink, sparkly etc just black and white I think suits a lot of occasions. Sometime I am going to use the stamp and add sparkle and make Christmas theme cards with them as well!
      Well done on the garage sale! I know this is a lot of work! But as you say it achieves several things at once! I am so glad it went well!
      It sounds like the patio would be looking lovely. This things add a lot to a house I think.
      Thank you for praying for all the prayer requests. I knew you would and appreciate that very much.
      I hope you get a rest after all the work of the sale plus a house buyer!
      Have a great new week Kelsey! With love (and thanks for the awesome stamp which was the perfect thing for me!)xxx

  26. Hello Annabel, I was very sorry to hear of Terri's news. It would be very difficult for the whole family. I have been praying for her son since I heard the news.

    I have been so impressed with what you have been achieving. You are such an amazing and inspiring role model for me. I often think of you during the day. Your cooking looks delicious and the zoodles look so yummy! I love your Christmas cake recipe and those people receiving a Christmas cake will be very lucky! Kelsey's stamp is magnificent, what a thoughtful gift. I love how it just keeps on giving. So elegant and I love the simplicity of the cards.

    I have had to work an extra day in the last few weeks- the money will be saved and put towards our new kitchen (that my husband is doing). We have been looking at appliances and colours and having been doing what you told us and letting our fingers do the work, by phoning them and searching on the internet. Much more relaxing. Still, I have had a chance to do big cook ups. Today was pikelets for the freezer and this week I will do a few double-up meals. I bought a cheap umbrella stroller second hand for $5. I also donated some things and a gift card for a mum with a baby who has breast cancer. Feels good to give back.
    I also hope Bluey is recovering well and going to get really good news and that Rachel keeps on getting better and better.
    Lots of love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      Thank you for the prayers Bridge this is a big reassurance for Teri and also Bluey.
      I am excited for you about the kitchen! I am wondering if you will keep the same colour accessories or you will be changing colours? Chloe is also getting a partly new kitchen... she is getting new tops and a new sink and is really excited about that!
      I think internet shopping is a huge help and easier than travelling around all day wth a toddler!
      The cook ups are great. Did you know you can make savoury pancakes and use them instead of lasagna sheets or wrap up things like tuna mornay and cover with cheese and bake... they re a real meal stretcher! (and yum!) I love pikelets and they are great in lunch boxes too.
      I am sure the extra money will be handy and it sounds like you are so busy so thank you for commenting! With lots of love

  27. Dear Annabel. My prayers and thoughts are with Teri. What a heartbreaking situation. We can only pray for a good outcome. As for you, well, as usual, you are a wonderful inspiration! I haven't tried the Zoodles, but I'll be on the lookout for that tool. They sound delish. I love Zucchini anything. What a sweet stamp Kelsey sent you too...perfect for any occasion, and especially from you, one would know immediately that it was an Annabel gift! I've been busy with sewing and cake decorating all week, so didn't achieve much else, but still, saving my son and his wife over $400 on a cake is not to be sneezed at. Other than that, I cleaned with lovely home made cleaners and the house smells gorgeous, and I planted some new lavender cuttings, and some purple Celosia and standards around them. The standards were a bargain at a nursery that was closing down, and we bought five for $100! They were originally $80 each, so we've very happy with that. I made a chicken curry which we ate once, and I made gluten free pies with second time around, and I've been making banana bread with a lucky surplus of really cheap bananas. I have six in the freezer now, and they'll be great for lunches and impromptu morning teas with friends. We're enjoying perfect Spring weather here at the moment, and wishing for some rain for the garden. I hope all is well there. Sending love to all here. Mimi xxx

  28. Hi Annabel,
    I'm not quite sure where the past couple of weeks have disappeared, but they are gone! Since our renovations were completed we've been painting, which then led to a whole lot of cleaning, decluttering and rearranging.
    I wanted to thank everyone for the beautiful gifts that were featured a couple of weeks back - what treasures are being created.
    Glenda, your post on five extra things has certainly rung true for us here. Each task completed has in turn created several new tasks.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Cookie and Terri. It must be a very stressful time for you both, please take care of yourselves too, as hard as that may be. I am so pleased to hear both Rachael and Bluey continue to be on the mend.

    Annabel you are so productive! Your home is looking wonderful and what a great help Allie has been with the higher areas. Your Christmas cakes look so yummy and the individual ones are so well presented. This must have taken you quite a few days to get them all done.
    Thank you for the time you have taken in providing the grub roses tutorials. It's been a long time since I've done any of this close work, but seeing how lovely they look on the face washers and towels, perhaps it is time to revisit this technique.
    This week I have been preparing a new garden bed and have planted beetroot, silverbeet, tomatoes and lettuce, so fingers crossed that the local birds and bats leave them alone. I've also made a few gifts to add to my gift cupboard. This week I hope to make the Christmas cakes and pudding. I used your recipe last year and everyone enjoyed it so much.
    Thanks again for your hard work with this blog and the encouragement we all receive with the posts.
    Have a great week,

    1. Dear Janine,
      You have been busy and productive too! Thank you for telling me you used the ace recipe and liked it! The keeping factor is such a bonus to me and being able to make it early.
      Have a great new week Janine! With love,

  29. Oh my I bet your house did smell heavenly. YUM. You are so productive and organized.

    I absolutely love zoodles as well. I think my hubs likes them better than spaghetti.

    Prayers for Terri's son.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Dear Cheryl,
      I think we prefer the noodles too. I will keep pasta on hand as it is handy to have but if I can get zucchinis I will be using those.
      Thank you for the prayers for Teri's son, with love


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