The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 8 September 2016

Feather your Nest Friday, 9th September, 2016.

We have had everything this week including beautiful sunny days and a huge storm, torrential rain, lightening and everything in between!

Mostly though there are signs of spring everywhere and also signs hat all the pruning we did is going to pay off as things are shooting and growing fast! And the first blossoms and roses are out!

My 100 Day Challenge is going really well! Lets just say I have been sleeping like a rock!

Some of the ways I saved this week included:

Made all meals and work lunches etc. as usual.  This included a triple batch of Butter Chicken and all the sides. I gave the girls some of everything. The best thing is fresh Raita made from Mum's mint. That was delicious!

I changed some of my clothes over from winter to spring and changed handbags. I did it all shopping my own wardrobe. Plus I cleaned summer shoes.

I cut Andy's hair.

Some of the ways I feathered the nest include:

Loads and loads of spring cleaning and painting! I will add those things in to my 100 Day challenge further down. But it is really showing! Also this is decluttering as I go and I donated quite a bit to the local op shop.

I cleaned the oven as part of Spring Cleaning. This has to be the worst job in the house!  However this time I used a recipe from The Cheapskates Club that you can find  here.
The cans of cleaner from the supermarket take my breath away and are awful. This is natural, safe, no fumes and works like a dream! I made about double the recipe and left on overnight. It worked so well! I will never use anything else now!

I got ahead by adding things to my new storage including tinned fruit and evaporated milk.

For my 100 day challenge here is my report:

Spring cleaning:  Started oven clean by making up mix and coating everything.

Spring cleaning: Finished oven.
                           Took apart bed, turned mattress, washed wooden underlay in wool mix.
                            Both came up beautifully!

Spring cleaning:  Took down bedroom curtains. Cleaned dressing table.
Painting:              Scrubbed the frame to laundry window and sanded it. (was terrible mess!)

Spring cleaning: Washed makeup drawers and cleaned out makeup and cosmetics.

Spring cleaning: Cleaned skirting boards and washed them.
                           Washed window sills and inside windows and screens in bedroom.
Painting:             Painted a window frame, plus last of skirting boards in the bedroom.
                            Painted outside laundry window.

Spring cleaning: Washed bedroom windows inside and out.
                            Washed two wool blankets in wool wash to put away.
Painting:              Painted a small cabinet.

Spring cleaning: Cleaned window sills and inside tracks at back windows.
Painting:             Top coat on laundry window! This window was a wreck and now it is like new!

This brings me up to today!

It does me good to write it down and see how much I did do this week so far. A bit each day really adds up. I am almost finished the bedroom which is a big room and I painted all the furniture. I have the mantlepiece to go. The painting looks lovely and the whole room is fresher and brighter with sparkling windows and refreshed bedding! It is good as when I walk in I can see what I've done and the difference it has made.

I hope you had a good week!
How did you build up your home?
Please feel free to list what you completed if you are doing a challenge.
Today is day 19 of mine. I haven't painted everyday but I have just kept at it every day I can.  I am getting there!
The bedroom will be finished today I think then I can move on. If the weather is ok this will be back to the front of the house.  It is going to take several weeks I think. That's ok I will have 80 days to go!

Have a great weekend! xxx


  1. What a lot you achieved, Annabel! Your home must be looking very spruce indeed.

    This week of the 100 Day Challenge was spent sorting out things in the garage so that the final stages of its conversion into a usable living space/guest accommodation space can proceed. But it feels like those old children's puzzles where there are 15 tiles and a missing tile and you have to shuffle them all around until you can complete the picture with the tiles in their correct spots......except I have hundreds of 'tiles'. LOL.

    And I've done it in the wrong order by necessity. Opportunity knocked, )at the op shop LOL), so I had to open the door to it and let it in. Even though now was not the 'right' time for it. With op shop bargains you have to take them when they arise. I found the sofa bed I have been keeping an eye out for for about a year. Just $40. And a very sturdy table the exact dimensions of a single bed....which meant that I no longer had to figure out how to use my non existent carpentry skills to make one for the window seat area. Perfect dimensions and height, at $20 it was also the perfect price. So I added these two large 'tiles' into the space I have to shuffle. Although it is inconvenient to have to work around them, their arrival has been very motivating. I am the only one who can 'see' how the chaos will become a serene room so I have no 'helpers'. I am sure once it is done I will have 'users'. LOL.

    Other than that I got on with the betterment of our ordinary every day lives. Sorting and cleaning. Doing the vast majority of the week's cooking on Monday is really working for all of us. I also did some work in the garden and caught up with a friend for a long overdue natter. I braved taking The Wolf walking which is a bit risky as she is huge and pulls and my back is not supposed to have that happen to it. But the weather is sublime and I miss walking her and she sort of instinctively 'knows' that I am 'damaged' and has been really quite gentle and excellent. I

    On a nice note, but within my Betterment Blueprint, I have again started making afternoon tea for the cherubs and I to eat in the afternoon sun on our deck and relax and talk with each other. And DD painted my toenails for Spring whilst we were out there. Big toe burgundy, then a fuschia pink one, an orange one, a yellow one and a green little toenail. They don't look 'classy' but they look happy and fun and I like them. Such silliness hidden away in my sensible black flats.

    Also part of the Betterment Blueprint that was just for the good of it, my eldest DD and I went away for the weekend to listen to lectures and talks at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. It ran over two days and we went to a number of sessions on both days and it was just lovely. To have the one on one time with her and to have ideas and perspectives to explore.

    I also spent a fair amount of time on a secret project that I will hopefully be able to bring to fruition and share once that happens.

    I must get into the habit of writing the things down as I do them as I forget about them come the end of the week.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

    1. oops your reply appears one further down... I hope you see it! xx

  2. Dear Lorax,
    Yes you're right with op shopping and important items that you need you have to grab them when they appear! And yours were bargains! That is pretty awesome as they sound just right!
    Your afternoon teas sound lovely. Little times like these can be quite special. A good idea. And they pace your day. Truly I feel much better and get more done when I stop for a cup of tea and a break. Then I am off again!
    Haha somehow I can just see you loving that festival! I saw something about it on the news and thought mmm interesting!
    I will be looking forward to hearing about this secret project!
    It really sounds that your garage conversion made good progress and momentum! That is a good week! thanks so much for sharing your challenge as I look froward to it and feel I am not alone! Plus each day I push on thinking I better have stuff to report! It helps!
    Have a great weekend! With love

  3. Dear Annabel,
    Another productive week.It sounds like all of your goals will be met.
    Mostly we've been preparing for overnight guests this weekend. I've been doing a little cooking and baking to get ahead. The garden, while it's slowed down is still producing enough that the produce needs to be canned, dehydrated or frozen so some of that has been done daily. I'm still in the process of reorganizing the sewing room. The things I've found that I forgot I had is amazing.
    There's still a lot to be done and I'm hoping to finish it in the next week or so.

    Next will be the kitchen and the canning and dehydrating equipment will be put away for next year.I am pleased that there are no "science projects" in the refrigerator. Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend. Cookie

    1. Dear Cookie,
      It is great that you have so much produce coming in. Your guests will probably think that fresh produce from the garden is lovely!
      I have found and repurposed a lot of things as I spring clean and when I did a big cleaning out of the spare room/craft room. The things we stash away! One thing I have kept is beads I don't like much to use instead of the marbles in those necklaces.... I have heaps!
      Have a nice time with your friends! With love

  4. Hi Annabel!

    Thank you for the wonderful, feathery post! I hope you are feeling stronger as you enjoy more spring sunshine and exertion! I know I am. You are doing a wonderful job, and I am appreciating that you are sharing your challenge with us. I had never experienced spring cleaning with anyone other than my Mum - washing walls and, sometimes, ceilings; cleaning windows and tracks; taking down light fittings and cleaning them; emptying drawers ..... spot washing carpet; ..... It sure seems to go on forever!! You are painting as well, and doing well. "Phew!" I say for you, and "Phew!" I say for me. We've been pretty busy, and today I nearly wore myself out just doing house catch-up jobs. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the dog, in a moment of blind running excitement, knocked me off my feet, literally. I survived to tell the tale, and now I'm sitting in a soft chair in front of the fire, so glad that I now have a springboard for the new week. "Phew!"

    I love those raindrops on the first lovely rose, the oven sparkles, and the lovely clean brickwork with the pretty pink second rose! It's good!!

    We had so much old, loose wire collected on the wire spinner that it seemed to weigh a ton. The refurbished mower did its first job, towing the mass of wire away on a light trailer. I got a trailer ride, too!!

    Again, today, we've had soft rain - just what the garden needs, with a few heavier drops!

    Our days are growing longer, and gradually starting earlier. I think the bower birds are acting mighty cheeky! One morning, before 6am, a bower bird landed on the roof above me, and then swooped down to take some onion skin. In the evening, they wait to take the dog's tucker. They are playing hard to get - photo wise!

    I read Lorax's comment ..... Right now, I'm staying away from op shops. I have sooooo much to get on with at home, with the warmer weather, and I have invested my 'little house' savings in the new garden. I'm looking forward to making and growing - and gathering stories!

    I replaced the celery of the chicken soup with Dad's flat-leafed parsley and bay leaves. My husband said to stick to the new recipe. He really liked it!! If my words are looking a little cauliflower-shaped, there's a good reason (& we still have cauliflower in the fridge!)

    Another favourite of mine is the orange blossoms coming out in flower right now - on my pet orange tree. That's something worth bottling - except that I also treasure the oranges!

    I am looking forward to good things!

    With warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      It sounds like you got a lot done and I know the ordinary jobs and keeping up sometimes can be massive themselves and exhausting! It wasn't too helpful the dog knocked you flat!
      I think the parsley and Bay would be so healthy in the soup. Bay leaves release a very powerful substance apparently that is extremely good for us.
      It sounds like the Bower birds are getting very friendly. Maybe the dog bowl placed in front of a window where you can hide behind would do the trick!
      I am really noticing the bright mornings and much longer evenings. I love this as evenings are my time... I will happily be outside in the garden then. I am getting more day to get things done!
      Have a wonderful weekend! The bit of rain will be doing the garden a lot of good and your seedlings! With love

  5. Annabel, I'm new to your blog. Can you give me a link to your 100 day challenge so I can see what it is? Thanks.

    1. Dear Debbie,
      Welcome! This is a little extra I am doing in the lead up to Christmas and you can read the introduction in my Friday post from a fortnight ago...
      Last Friday I reported and today and will each Friday until I get everything done! A few ladies decided to do challenges of their own and join in which has been great!
      Have a great weekend. Love

  6. You are doing great! It will be so wonderful to have it all done!

    No real work done here because we traveled 530 miles to visit my parents. It was so good to see them and my sister and nephew. I did build up the pantry a bit by buying the good deals at the grocery right before we left.

    1. Dear Lana,
      It is wonderful to see everybody! That is important! I am gla you enjoyed it.
      Have a good weekend! The additions to your pantry were really good. I have noticed my kitchen pantry needs a bit of restocking so that is on m list for next week! With love

  7. Dear Annabel,
    You are doing so well on the 100 day challenge. Working hard throughout the day is the best medicine for a good night's sleep. I remember an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies (not sure if you got that in Australia) where this rich woman complained of insomnia. Granny asked her when the last time was she did a full day's work and told her to get out of her high heels, put on some sensible clothes, and get down and scrub her floor. Worked miracles (LOL), she slept like a rock.
    I have chalk painted and waxed the shelving and cabinets this week. I mixed up some homemade furniture polish and polished all the wood cabinets in the kitchen and the upstairs furniture; made some cleansing scrub for build up on the drip pans on the stove and scrubbed those; cleaned out the refrigerator, pantry, and linen closet; baked two quiches for breakfasts; went to breakfast with my daughter; made lists for projects; and did the regular cleaning things.
    I, also, ordered valances and curtains for the kitchen window seat alcove and they should arrive today, so will wash and iron them before they are hung.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda,
      I loved the Beverly Hillbillies! I also loved Greenacres! Well that is a good message! It does work a treat!
      You got heaps done! I love the breakfast quiches. That is something I need to be cooking. We don't eat cereal or buy boxed stuff for breakfast. Eggs are so good.
      I hope you are pleased with your curtains and valance. This and the painted shelves and cabinets and things will be noticeably looking lovely!
      Have a good weekend to you too Glenda, with love

  8. Man, you are working HARD!

    I had 2 really great things happen this week.

    I stopped by a neighbor's and asked her if she knew anyone who had an Asian pear (sand pear--hard pears more like apples) tree who would sell me some. I used to have a tree and was missing the flavor of these unusual fruits. She didn't know anybody off hand. But I guess she thought about it and asked around. The next morning she came by the house and told me about someone who would be willing to sell me some. She gave me a phone number. I contacted him to set up an appointment. He GAVE me a 5 gallon bucket of them. He wouldn't take any money for them. Woot!! And these pears taste so good. My whole family has been just eating and eating them!! I made almost 4 quarts of pear sauce like apple sauce. I plan to make pear butter and a fancy version of the pear sauce. Score!

    The other thing is more on the line of my 30 day challenge. I have kept plugging at my garden chores. I was able to finish adding compost to the new asparagus bed. Then I dug my trench and started planting the asparagus crowns. That was 2 or 3 days of my challenge. I would certainly get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the chore if it weren't for our challenge. I always figure I can do more tomorrow if I run out of energy. And because of it I am getting a lot done.

    1. Dear Cristy,
      Wow! It sure pays to ask around! Truly I have found this too and I let everyone know I will pick fruit that is not being picked and I don't car what it is. Usually I have offered to return with jam or a pie in exchange. It is amazing what people waste. In your case you got the perfect thing! Maybe next year this man will give you more! That is wonderful!
      Well done on the progress with your asparagus! Just imagine when you re picking that! Each day a little bit will certainly get you there, you can see that already coming true!
      Even days when there is five minutes that can really help. I am always amazed how my few minutes extra here and there do a lot!
      Have a great new week Cristy! With love

    2. It sure does pay to ask around. It was such a blessing to get those pears! My kids think the hard pears taste best. (Haha. They've eaten more of those than the "real" ones.) They were so excited to get that taste again too.

      I have a little addendum. I had finished with all the pearsauce and pear butter, and wanted to take one of each to the man who'd given me the pears. We couldn't get him on the phone, but my husband said, "Let's just drop by and see if he's home." We did and he was. He was thankful for the canned goods and told me that he has more pears on the tree. If he can get them off, he'll give them to me too!! So double score.

    3. It sure does pay to ask around. It was such a blessing to get those pears! My kids think the hard pears taste best. (Haha. They've eaten more of those than the "real" ones.) They were so excited to get that taste again too.

      I have a little addendum. I had finished with all the pearsauce and pear butter, and wanted to take one of each to the man who'd given me the pears. We couldn't get him on the phone, but my husband said, "Let's just drop by and see if he's home." We did and he was. He was thankful for the canned goods and told me that he has more pears on the tree. If he can get them off, he'll give them to me too!! So double score.

  9. Not doing a 100 day challenge but I've worked as though I were! lol...Lots done this week. The back porch is very nearly done, I minded my budget and kept grocery purchases to real minimal needs and not wants, and didn't pick up a single thing at the yard sale today because I was painfully aware of the five car loads I've taken to donate this past month. Nice to look, nicer to not come home and wonder what on earth I was going to do with it!

    1. Dear Terri,
      Well done on the porch! That is such an area to enjoy. We spend a lot of time on our back porch area. Its really like a summer room.
      Have another excellent week! There is a lot to be said for getting on top of things and bit by bit we are getting there! With love

  10. Hi Annabel and Ladies,

    This was a good week for me! I loved your post and you've inspired me just in time as I need to clean my oven as well. I looked up the paste you made and I'm going to give it a try as well. Truly my oven is a disaster right now.

    This week I feathered my nest by:
    sorting through items to go to the thrift store, I took 4 boxes
    while sorting, I found a few items to sell on Craigslist. That money will applied towards debt repayment
    cooked all meals at home, a big accomplishment for the busy week we've had
    packed all lunches
    scrubbed the master shower
    hosted an 18th birthday for one of our daughters. she requested bought pizza for which we had a 30% off coupon. I made fruit salad, sliced a watermelon that was on special, made 2 huge salads one was homemade caesar and one had a choice of blue cheese or vinaigrette, sliced veggie tray, and Grandma bought 18's choice of cake, White Chocolate Raspberry with frosting.
    dusted and fluffed the family room
    shopped my pantry and freezer, only needed to get a few essentials at the store

    I have new curtains I bought a few months ago that have yet to be hung and now I'm itching to get them up. I need to get them hung so I can measure & cut them to the proper length--then I can hem them, and I've not set aside the time to do this. I'm dragging my feet a little because I'm a completely self-taught sewer. I only bought my machine a few years ago when the boys needed their pants taken up and the hemming cost more per pair at the alterations shop than I was paying for the pants themselves!! One round of hemming several pairs of pants more than paid for the machine, I'm so glad I did it. Youtube is just amazing for this kind of stuff. I already did my curtains for the kitchen so I'm hoping to brave this task as well.

    Annabel, your list is great! I'm glad your challenge is going well. Please make sure you take time to put your feet up and have a cuppa!

    Colette xxx

    1. Dear Colette, You have done really well with your week!
      The 18th party sounds lovely! Very yum.
      With the curtains and if not too late AND if they are washable I would wash them and line dry them first. Often they shrink a little and when we have taken them up just right, then wash them they und up too short and its so annoying! You will be fine as its just a straight line so don't be intimidated! And yes its is a big saving! I hope you love them when they are up.
      If you are like me and I know you are! then stuff done before christmas is really nice. It just feels good! And we still have a good amount of time too before then.
      Have another really good week! With lots of love

  11. Wow, what an amazing amount of 'feathering', Annabel. I admire you for taking on the 100 day challenge, and you are doing so well.
    This week, with workmen taking over the house, I've spent most of the time outside (thank goodness the weather's been wonderful). I pruned more of the bouganvilia out front, pruned the hibiscus growing out back plus weeded and dug over a couple of garden beds that I intend using for tomatoes. I planted coriander and lettuce seeds.
    Baking wise, I made 7 dozen biscuits using a recipe from a CWA biscuit and slice cookbook, some went to DS and DDIL, others went in the freezer and some were put aside for morning/afternoon tea.
    We're hoping our bathroom will be finished this week, so we can get the painting done.
    Have a great week everyone,

    1. Dear Janine,
      It is pretty hard having workers in the house. So you've done well and the gardening is all great!
      The biscuits sound fantastic! I love CWA recipes. I watch for CWA books where ever I go.
      I hope the bathroom is finished on time and you love it. That will be a big thing to have achieved this year.
      Have a great new week! With love

  12. Dear Annabel

    It has been such a busy time here that the week has flown by in a heart beat. I arrived back from Sydney, spending time with my parents just in time to plan for my brother's visit and my youngest daughter's presentation ball. Some of the girls spent hundreds and hundreds on their dresses. My daughter bought hers on sale for under one hundred dollars. All the girls looked beautiful and even though they were given a strict dress code some of the girls were less than modest in their choice of ball gown sadly.

    During the week I bought all meals to work as well as snacks and drinks. I made all meals at home and shopped the sale items at the supermarket. I managed to get some very expensive meat marked down at Aldis. We have finally finished the picket fence out the back and yesterday my brother, daughter and friend put together a beautiful BBA I was gifted for Xmas last year and we had all my children bar one and their partners over for a BBQ with my brother and his partner. It was a very good day and very frugal as we could not possibly have gotten so much food for the price had we gone to a restaurant.

    I am looking to preparing the the garden for Spring also. I have some fruit trees to go in and I have been going over the best place to plant them for maximum fruit production. I am also going to plant zucchini and cherry tomatoes as these are the vegetables we eat the most and will also be planting lots of lettuce as it is so easy to grow and versatile. The neighbour has a lemon tree and we have been sharing her crop and I am thinking how I can repay her for the kindness. I think that it is a wonderful opportunity to share with the people living around you as this is the way that many people say they survived the Great Depression.

    I am continuing to knit my Dear Granddaughter a beautiful long vest with pockets. I have just bought some wool which is very soft from Bendigo Woollen Mill with my pocket money and this will make a full baby outfit including hat and mittens and booties as well as another baby jacket. So for $14.50 a good buy. I do have some other cheaper wool but this is top notch and you can actually feel the difference.

    I found a free pattern for a Xmas gift I would like to make for some of my friends and I have some of the material on hand so I can probably make at least one without having any cost and the second and third ones will be cheap enough to make.

    I altered one of my dresses my self to save money and it came out with a good result.

    I feel the urgency to get the garden work going and so I am popping into Bunnings after work to buy some Citrus food tomorrow

    God Bless and have another fabulous and productive week

    1. Dear Mel,
      Well done to your daughter both on her dress and looking lovely without revealing all! The "red carpet" events now there are so many celebs trying to be a bit more naked than the others! It is really awful. Instead of wonderful acting they are more looking likes strippers. Of course you girls want to copy them unfortunately. And parents let them! My Dad wouldn't have let me out the door!
      I love Bendigo Woollen Mills. Mum gets dos too her yarn from there. They have a regular sale which is good to watch for.
      That was excellent about the meat! At first I didn't realise or expect Aldi had good mark downs (don't ask me why I thought this!) but they do!
      It was great that you could alter that dress! Well done.
      I hope your zucchinis go well. I used to grow them and the last years I cannot and I don't know why! Im good on tomatoes and herbs but not zucchinis. But they re a good thing to grow as there are so many things you can make from them. I love your little community of sharing that you have.
      I hope the new week is really good and you have time to work on your knitting and other crafts!
      With lots of love,

  13. Hello lovely Annabel and the lovely community that is here, I am sorry I have been quiet lately. my DH had gone away camping for a week with his Dad and friend. I was pleased for him to have some time out in the bush and getting to fish (his favourite pastime). I was also lucky I had the support of my MIL and Mum, however, my toddler kept me busy lol. I am so greatly impressed with your Spring cleaning and 100 day challenge. I just love it. I love the concept. I love that doing small things really add up to much bigger things. I think your place will be just sparkling and the painting will make it look fabulous, Annabel. I haven't got any of these plans in place, but I Spring cleaned all of my son's room and it looks so much better, plus rearranged and painted furniture. It looks much better! I feel happy when I walk in. We now need to do that in our bedroom. It will make your heart happy, Annabel. Thank you for inspiring us. Lots of love, Bridge

  14. I'm new around your blog, as I just recently found it while searching for Laine's Letters, but you've really been inspiring me to start building up my home again and cutting back on unnecessary expenses! I'm slowly getting started and changing my thinking back to the way I used to be when I had more time. I've got 2 small children and I work full time, so there's been a lot of convenience spending in the last couple of years. We just bought a home that was built in the '60s ... it's easy to look around and complain that I want all new stuff for it, but you're helping me to remember that what we have is just fine and plenty to be thankful for! At least while we save for renovations - one step at a time!
    This weekend I blessed our home by cleaning top to bottom, taking trash bags into the kids rooms when they weren't looking :) Then I spent all day Sunday in the kitchen after church and grocery shopping. I'm realizing how much food we're wasting by not taking the time to prep it and use it. The week just gets away from me and I end up using whatever's easiest. I bought the ingredients for a crockpot meal a couple of weeks ago and never got around to making it, so I prepared it and put it all in a freezer bag for an easy crockpot meal one night. Then I took the leftover potatoes from that recipe that would have gone bad and made a big batch of potato soup with them. I was able to make 3 freezer baggies full of soups for 3 more easy dinners. We have a deep freezer in the garage that's been sitting empty for a year now. I just haven't had the time to plan and prep anything to go in there, so my goal is to add a couple meals to it a week. Our grocery budget has been out of hand lately, and I know this could help us save money, especially on the busy nights. I'm hoping to start building up my pantry as well, slowly but surely. I tend to just buy what we need for the week without any extras or taking advantage of specials. I'm hoping I can learn how to be better at that.
    You've also got me thinking about Christmas shopping/making. We save all year for Christmas, and every year I say I'm going to start my shopping earlier, but I get busy and don't get to it until the last minute, which leads to overspending. I've been brainstorming and making lists about gifts I can make this year. Hoping I can get started this month and come in under budget so we can use the leftover money for house projects.
    We put both our kids in private school this year, so I really need to find ways to cut back .. I know I can do it, I just get overwhelmed and give up! I need to remember to take babysteps!
    Thank you for the inspiration! I keep checking back every day for new posts and new ideas from you and your readers :)

    1. Dear Tarin, Welcome! I am so glad to have you here!
      It is great having a review. When we are really busy its easy to spend because of pressure and convenience. The trap is then we can spend all we earn and be no better off for all that work! It is hard though and working full time and little children is a big load.
      You did well on the food. Planning and cooking extra is how I fill my freezer. And gradually! The pantry will grow and be good in emergencies even if you add one thing for your pantry each shop. Make it something that will last a long time on the shelf. This becomes your back up.
      Even now that its getting close to Christmas if you could take care of some items like wrapping papers, tape etc and build up what you need. One present a week now would make December much easier! Here the specials are through the year and things are full price in December so I avoid shopping then. This saves a lot of money.
      Lots of little thing just really add up! I am glad you feel encouraged! Have a really good new week! With love Annabel. xxx
      ps sorry for the delay and I didn't post this week, we were

  15. Your Spring blossoms are so pretty! We're heading into cooler weather in the U.S. but I'd much rather have Spring year-round!
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh, I love autumn as well. Have a wonderful new week! With love

  16. Great going, Annabel! I'm inspired.
    Blessings, Leslie

    1. Dear Leslie, Thank you! We were away on a little break hence my slow reply!
      Have a good new week! With love

  17. Thanks to this post of yours Annabel, I found Cheapskates. Love the site and after a few months I paid to subscribe. Already got lots of hints but perhaps the best one helped solve the problem of protecting the mattress of the double bed in our guest room when my niece's two littlies were sleeping over. Voile! Cheapskates hint was use a shower curtain from a cheap shop...$2! With a non waterproof mattress protector

  18. Sorry, some text didn't come out...I used the double bed mattress protector on top of the curtain, then 2 fitted sheets on top so the 2 little ones didn't feel like they were in a sauna. 😉


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