The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Tuesday 7 June 2016

The Christmas Challenge. Show and Tell for May.

Our May Show and Tell is a little late as I went to the farm last week!

I love seeing what you have all been making and hearing how the present cupboards are building up! We are nearly at the mid year point!  It is a good time to have a review of how we are going and also think what do we have covered and what do we need to be working on?

Because of being a week late I am trying to fit this all into one post and go on to other things next week or the month will get away from me! Also I feel a bit disorganised so I truly hope I haven't forgotten anyone! Please tell me if I have and it is not on purpose that is for sure. I just had many weeks of photos and I didn't write things down as I should!

Firstly Maria made a giant Diabetic recipe Fruit cake. Beautiful and could be a gift or for everyone at home!

She is working on rugs for her Grandchildren. Maria is crocheting them in strips which she will join at the end. These will be beautiful gifts and her Grandson has shown so much love and appreciation  for anything Grandma makes. So he is going to love this and feel very special.

This is something not to be underestimated. I found that the girls loved it when I made them clothes or nighties. It made them feel special. They knew I had made this for them especially. It was always a special reaction. And since I have found the same thing with rugs I have made and given away (and also cakes actually The person can't believe you did all this for THEM. It is a beautiful thing!

Mel C (if you are reading Mel I am thinking of you and hoping you are recovering from your dentist visit and resting!) ...
Mel had a really busy and productive month! She made lovely candles in teacups with saucers...

Mel showed me her gift cupboard and it is looking good! So beautiful to see things you have made all lined up and ready to give. She also made heaps of preserves and I love the presentation!...

Mel also made soaps and many other things I spy in her present cupboard!

Leigh has made bleach dyed t shirts. This is a really good idea for young ones/teenagers which can be a harder group to make gifts for! Plus Leigh has a tutorial! See here. This is so helpful, I love it! Thank you Leigh!

Mimi has been making lots of things! Have a look on her blog at the edible glitter which is just gorgeous. Also the pegs, cards and divine gift bags...

Mimi has provided a free print out so that you can make your own crafts with these pretty miniatures... here. 

Fiona has been making pouches for kangaroo babies (joeys) and currently providing towels, which she hunts for at op shops, to a lady who hand rears baby wombats! This is Fiona bottle feeding a wombat!  

She is about to make more pouches. As we have kangaroos at the farm I have a strong imagine of joeys jumping into the pouch and what a warm happy place a pouch is! What a beautiful thing to do Fiona.

Vicky made a beautiful gift and sent it all the way here to me for Harper! It is a pink glittery Tutu!

The same day it arrived I took it around to try it on her!

Perfect fit! Thank you so much Vicky it is so lovely!

Jen in NZ has been very busy. She finished a rug which is for her daughter when she goes into a big bed!

How beautiful and how warm also!

Jen makes amazing things from felt. This is art really more than craft!  Amazing work.

And look at this! Jen found a baby pram for $1. She did it up, made a mattress and little blankets for it.

It is for her daughters Birthday! How beautiful. She will just love this Jen. It is bargain of the century and just so sweet. I love the little blanket.

Jane finished a shawl she was making that is now for her sister. Also a soft toy and some cards. 

I love the colours and pattern of this shawl. Also her husband built a gate between them and the neighbours and the neighbours were so pleased with it they gave them an amazing amount of fruit as thanks.

Kelsey found a heap of old magazines and has been using the beautiful images to make cards...

They are beautiful Kelsey!

Also she made her Grandmother a birthday present...

Her Grandmother loves cats so she made cat coasters in the colours of her Grandmothers decor. Well she loved them! And the card and gift bag look beautiful. Just lovely.

Jen in NC knitted her daughter a sweater... we would say top or jumper.

This is amazing knitting unlike anything I can do! She also knitted socks and made cards...

AND she finished painting her bedroom and also made bed side rugs herself. I had to post a glimpse of how pretty her room looks.... (and what a paint job too!)

Rachel has been knitting. You might remember one time she found pure wool in an op shop but it was tangled so they gave it to her for free! So here it is untangled!

Normally I zoom in on things but who is going to cut out that kind of scenery? Also her husband put the hat on the fence post for the photo. I thought thats the kind of thing my Dad would do.  Beautiful work Rachel.

Plus socks in progress...

I have to say that I get just as much pleasure seeing things in progress as complete.

Mum made a heap of gifts and warm hats and rugs for charity as well.

Currently it is really cold and this is the weather to think about giving warming things to people who need them. 

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in photos and wrote. I have tried to represent everyone but could not use every photo or this post would go on forever! 

I hope there is inspiration here for everyone.  We will have a June Show and Tell so get busy on your projects as I would love to see them.  And lets get to the middle of the year having made great progress on making our own gifts and also homewares, donations etc as well.  

See you next week with what I have been making and some ideas on how to progress through the next months and achieve our goal of a full present cupboard! 

It is raining here and I have a big pot of lamb bones and vegetables on to make baby food.  And soup for lunch that I made yesterday... as soon as I make up some pumpkin scones. This is a stay at home and indoor day which I love! I hope you are having a great week!



  1. Annabel we have some very talented ladies (and men) who follow your blog - wonderful to see and hear about their work.

    I am behind the 8 ball - so to speak but have been busy organizing my craft bits and pieces into the book cases in the office instead of it being here, there and everywhere. I have some large bottles that I am going to use to hold various items like laces, ribbons and embroidery threads.

    Ideas are floating around in my head but this has needed doing before I could settle to start on my gifts. Now that the weather is cooler and we do not have any humidity it is so much easier to complete a daunting task like this.

    I do have some knitted soap bags waiting to be finished off and more to make with the op shop cotton yarn finds.

    Our new craft group is meeting fortnightly - Monday I was helping with knitting questions/problems and reintroducing someone to the art of knitting. One of the American girls was finishing off a sock and needed help with that - she had used you tube for the first one and it had left her really confused - I had taken a couple of vintage books with me and one had the perfect easy to understand instructions in it for her to follow. The other young American lass wants to learn how to cable so I have a quick project for that in mind. I just need to do a complete example and then take a part completed one with me.

    We have 6 in our little group but we have heard that there are others who will be joining us. Pooling our talents is what we are all about - that and a couple of hours away from everything else happening in our lives.

    Best get back to the reorganizing.

    Have a great rest of the week everyone.


    1. Dear Lynette, I wish I was at your group and could sit in on getting started with cables. The way you are doing it... getting a piece going is wonderful. And as much as I love you tube and tutorials etc having someone to actually sit down with you and show you is always going to be number one! This sounds like so much fun.
      I agree about the weather. I wouldn't want to knit or crochet in humidity... yet once its cold it seems like the perfect thing to be doing and makes evenings very happy.
      I hope it is not so cold there as it was and your week goes well. With lots of love,

  2. Dear Annabel,
    Everyone is so talented! I know I say it each time, but I mean it! Wow! I am especially impressed with the knitting and crochet.
    Mel, I will be adding your teacup candles to my make list. I love the way you have them packaged as well.
    Thank you for sharing the wombat photo Fiona, and the beautiful Australian scenery behind your lovely wool hat, Rachel! I loved seeing this.
    Vicky, that is so sweet of you to send Harper a gift! She looks adorable in her sparkly pink tutu.
    Annabel, thank you so much for putting this together. I look forward to show and tell each month. Thank you also for showing my pictures!
    Love, Kelsey
    PS. Did you spot Woolsworth, my little sheep? ;)

    1. Dear Kelsey,
      I had to go and study the pictures and find the sheep!
      Kelsey I saw tea cup candles by a brand here called MOR and they were the low flat shaped cup and saucer. They were $45 EACH. This is a year or two ago. I loved them too! Also you can use pretty little cut glass bowls or dressing table type bowls and they look beautiful and luxurious!
      If Show and Tell has anyone thinking"I better get a move on so I am ready to send my pictures in" then I am happy as its great getting a bit of extra motivation just as it is great to get ideas!
      Thank you so much for taking part! With love

  3. I am inspired by all the talent you feature on this blog series.

    Yes, in the USA, that jumper is a sweater.
    What you call rugs, we call afghans or blankets. Rugs in the USA go only on the floor, except mens toupees are also called rugs :)

    I find the English word differences just delightful.

    1. Dear Rhonda,
      Haha we call toupees rugs too! That one is the same. I can spot a rug anywhere lol
      There are so many different words. Scones/biscuits. Biscuits/cookies. Holiday/vacation. Nappy/diaper.... I sometimes think I should collect them and do a translator! The British have a lot too that is a version of the same word. A couple I have adopted are terms like "put up" I love that. Another is "fixing" ... we say "making dinner" and I have heard "fixing dinner" which I like a lot and now I say that. I love it! I am learning more.
      Many thanks Rhonda, with love

    2. so glad this was clarified about the rug/blanket. I was looking on the floor and couldn't find the rug. Ha ha

      Everything was just beautifully made!

  4. Dear Annabel, it's always inspiring to see what everyone is doing! That bedroom...ooh-la-la! Jen has a real talent! I'm kind of glad you forgot to include my humble offerings. I feel quite the amateur by comparison! Beautiful work ladies. Mimi xxx

    1. Hi Mimi,

      A compliment from you on my bedroom is a true compliment, given your impeccable taste! Thank you...this is the first time in 19 years of marriage and 3 houses that we have actually done up our own bedroom! Usually we just use it as the "rug" that everything gets "swept under", so it's a real luxury for us. I love it! I can't take credit for the quilt, mother-in-law made that for me many years ago.

      xx Jen in NS

    2. Dear Mimi, You didn't forget, I did! I had this nagging feeling... and there in my iPad photos were your photos and Leigh's. Now I am worried if I have forgotten anyone else. So sorry Mimi!
      Everyone is so inspiring and there is so much variety! Many thanks Mimi with love

    3. Oh! Thankyou for including me Annabel. I'm actually a bit red-faced as my efforts truly are miniscule compared to everyone elses. I hope someone with my level of ability finds my offerings Love to you all. And Jen, I adore the colour combination. That blue with the lemon just speaks to me even though it's not a combination I'd use in my own home. It's so fresh and sunshiney and welcoming. Well done to you! Love, Mimi xxx

    4. Mimi, today I saw packets of five or six decorated pegs priced at over ten dollars! You sure are value adding with your work!! I also just realised how small your gift bags actually are - in comparison to the pegs. I love cute little practical things!
      Regards, Rachel Holt

    5. Wow Rachel, that's an eye opener! I just bought some teeny tiny magnets to glue to the back of the pegs, which I think will make them more useful. We Aussies love a magnet on the refrigerator and one that can hold notes from school is a! Yes the gift bags are little too. Aren't they the cutest? Mimi xxx

  5. Dear Annabel,
    I loved this post as I do all of your posts. What a lovely place you have here to visit. Today I am making your slow cooker pumpkin soup and the house smells just amazing. It's the third time I have made your pumpkin soup and even my partner loves it and he says he doesn't like pumpkin. I think I will make some pumpkin scones also, what an excellent idea Annabel.

    1. Dear Suzanne,
      Thank you so much! I am so glad you like the soup. Really I cheat at soup. Yesterday I made the pumpkin one and had a lot of sweet potato in it as well. I am showing it on Friday. As I have a sore arm I got chunks of pumpkin and I put them in the bottom of the oven while I cooked a roast. The next morning they were cold and I got them out... the skin and seeds came away like skiing warm butter! Also the soup turned out darker and richer. I really love it! Well this made it so easy to cut up!
      Before I blended it I fished out two big cups of soggy pumpkin and put in the fridge for he scones I am making today. Everyone goes crazy for these so I will make heaps. I am so gla this is useful to you. Also for little kids this kind of soup makes a good pasta sauce just add cheese. Kids seem to love this as its a bit sweet. (not sure if you have children to feed!)
      Thank you so much for telling me this! With love

  6. Oh geez I don't even know what to say there is so much talent here!
    Fiona that is a beautiful thing you do and feeding any kind of baby anything is such a joy! I have never seen a wombat before.
    Kelsy I love your kitty coasters that was a great idea and the gift bag looks lovely!
    To all of the ladies that knit and crochet it all looks so neat and you do beautiful at your craft! I would be proud to be the recipient of such gifts.
    Mel I love your teacup candles! So pretty and feminine and you packaging on your jars is lovely as well.
    Annabel Harper is such a cutie! Thank you for sharing everyone's talents for us all to see!

    1. Dear Vicky,
      You mention Racoons and Skunks and I have never seen either of them. Also I have never seen a Hummingbird or Firefly but I would love to! Big differences in our wildlife. But you wold love wombats and kangaroos. My brother rescued a baby wombat. It became like a dog. It could do what it wanted and it slept in his wardrobe and watched tv on the lounge.
      Thank you so much for Harpers gorgeous Tutu! It is so sparkly! With much love,

  7. Dear Annabel,

    Such gorgeous gifts. The gift cupboards must almost be overflowing with all the beautiful items you and your lovely readers have been making.

    No gift making here this month as we were away for two weeks celebrating my DSIL's 50th birthday. When we returned, winter had hit with a vengeance, so I've been making some winter clothing for myself and my little granddaughter.

    I'm hoping to get back to making some gifts soon, now that the practical sewing is almost finished.

    1. Dear Janine,
      I think making clothes for your Granddaughter counts as gift making! That sounds wonderful.
      Winter has hit and hit hard here too! Today I stayed in and cooked. It basically rained all day.
      Many thanks Janine, with love

  8. Great photos Annabel. Loved the food and cards and knitting and crocheting and the pram and the gorgeous bedroom but the piece de resistance was of course Miss Harper in her sparkly tutu. She is totally gorgeous and you realise how much she is like Lucy when you see them both together. Excellent work everyone. Fi xx

    1. Dear Fiona,
      Thank you for your photo! You added another aspect.... we have had some charity rugs and hats etc but not making things to help animals and that is another charity. I have had people say they don't make things because no one in the family likes homemade presents. Well I think so make rugs to keep someone warm, or crochet nests for baby birds or pouches like you do... or warm clothes for children in an orphanage. There are so many needs. Well done on all you do, you are so kind and generous. It will come back to you somehow some way someday!
      With love,

    2. Dear Annabel...on that subject...the Animal Refuges like the RSPCA and Wildlife Rescue, are always looking for blankets of all sizes. Your crochet, in it's more basic form would be lovely for this, and of course recycled blankets, cut into smaller pieces and edged, are always welcome too. When I see our little whippet shivering in the Winter (and he has us to give him a hot water bottle and a blanket), my heart squeezes for all the dogs in the animal shelters! Mimi xxx

  9. Oh my word. I love this group of such diverse and wonderfully talented people. Everyone's efforts provide me with inspiration to keep on keeping on and trying new crafts.
    I sent off a pair of crocheted cowboy booties for a young friend expecting a bub in November. I have a half made crocheted bunny rug to finish and send to the same couple. I picked up a set of 4 pairs of little girl socks in pastel colours. I raided my lace box and each pair of socks now has a lacy frilly edge. Some gift tags have also been made. My sister lives in a house full of males. I have the shawl ready to send to her. I ended up making a very pretty lace edged drawstring bag to use as a gift bag for the shawl.
    This week has seen small amounts done and small amounts of crafting achieved.
    I'm adding sparkly tutu to the list to make for the Granddaughter.
    Life is good.

    1. Dear Jane,
      I hope to see the bunny rug next month! Well done on getting so much made! I hope your sister loves the shawl. I am sure she will. I loved both the pattern and the colours.
      Vicky makes tutus regularly. It is made in lots of strips... and the sparkle factor is adorable. It can be seen from outer space I am pretty sure!
      I think most little girls would be in love with these. Lucy has flower girls with tutus in her wedding. They all danced around like little fairies they loved them so much!
      Many thanks Jane, with love

  10. Such beautiful work and so many beautiful gifts made. I loved Harper In her special tutu all the way from America! That was so lovely of Vicky. xo

    1. Dear Kaye,
      Thank you! It was amazing to get the tutus from Vicky and send her a photo back straight away to say here it is and it fits! Mail is wonderful!
      I hope your week is going well and you are warm and dry! What a week! With love

  11. I love these show and tells! Lots of fun and great ideas ladies! :)

    1. Thank you Jes! The variety is lovely. And I just added Mimis pegs.... another version that is completely different and gorgeous. Many thanks, with love

  12. I love the tutu ... and the cat coasters! Oh my, so many ideas and inspiration! While my skill level of knitting and crocheting does not extend to the level of these projects ... yet ... it is inspiring to have them to look forward to.

    1. Dear Patsy, Thanks, they are great aren't they! You will get there on the crochet/knitting. I do better at crochet but have learned heaps of new patterns recently. I love it! So just keep going!
      Much love

  13. Dear Annabel,

    Thank you so much for inspiring all of us to keep at our present cupboards and for going thru all the work to post our progress! I do love seeing everyone's work...the best part of crafting is sharing back and forth, even just visually.

    Kangaroos are so foreign to seems to strange to think of them on a farm! Wombats, too! But what a cute picture of the wombat being bottle fed...very nice of you, Fiona!

    Everything is just so beautiful. The first thing I thought of when I saw the teacups down from the fruitcake is that a cuppa would taste very delish with that yummy-looking cake! :) But the candles are gorgeous. I love the stitch and colors on the crocheted shawl, and what a fabulous gift (the pram) for only $1 and a little time! The cat coasters are adorable and very clever, and that cabled hat-on-a-fencepost is just as lovely as the beautiful landscape behind it! The tutu is a wonderful little princess gift.

    Annabel, I am always stunned by the sheer amount of goodies your mum makes to donate, not to mention the quality of work. How does she do it??!!

    I am very hopeful about the present cupboard, though I would like to start gathering up some stocking stuffers at this stage, so that's next on my list.

    Thanks for sharing, everyone! I'm off to make ginger-rhubarb marmalade this morning!

    xx Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen,
      When we were kids we had a pet kangaroo. Its mother was killed by a car and Dad got the joey out of her pouch and brought it home. Mum gave it bottles. Well it grew up just fine and was a pet for a long time. To get the wombat to survive that also drank bottles for ages. Like a baby!
      At the farm we have so many kangaroos. And emus, echidnas, wombats...
      Mum has produced mountains of items. She effectively still works full time albeit any hours as they are farmers but in the evenings she is working away. Also when waiting anywhere or in the car if Dad was driving... and like we always say bits add up so even a couple of hours a day produces a lot.
      For sucking stuffers I watch for little bargains all year. Depending on the age group though I heard a really good tip... get things the kids think of as huge treats to use. i.e. mini packets of breakfast cereal they never have usually. I have used mini cosmetics of luxury brands that I got for free in gift packs. Tiny luxuries and practical things...
      I hope your marmalade turned out well! With love and thanks for participating with your wonderful work! Love

  14. Hi Annabel!

    The whole show is bee-autiful!
    What more can I say? ..... Plenty!!

    Maria, your baking looks so sweet! The presentation is attractive, with the nice tin, paper lining and pretty tablecloth. It would be lovely to be on the receiving end of this! It looks like your crochet will be both warming and warmly appreciated. These are wonderful gifts!!

    Mel C, you're also a winner!! Your tea cup candles are so elegant, beautiful and doubly practical. I know there are Aussies who would love your pickles - and the paper doilies look just right to me. I hope this show gives you a bit of a lift as you recover from seeing the dentist today.

    Fiona, you're pulling at the heart strings!! I hope you'll tell us more about your friend's wildlife caring - and good on you for the support you give in this area! My husband raised a joey once, and he likes to remember the experience.

    Vicky, I explained to my husband the joke about the 'naughty corner'. With Harper's big smile, I'd say you're top of the class, with a gift that is pink AND sparkly!! Good job!

    Jen from NZ, just look at the size of your crochet work, and how colourful!! This is a real achievement. I'm thinking of the giraffe head as being part of a whole giraffe, and just poking through the wall!! It's nice and humorous!! The tiny pram in French putty grey, crochet and all, is very stylish! Nice work!

    Jane, this crochet is certainly stylish, and elegant, and beautiful! (The bunny and card are sweet, too!!) I hope you can relax a bit more in the knowledge that your work is so beautiful. I'd like to know how on earth you learnt to crochet so well? (It sounds like Bluey could be a good cook - sweet potato and ginger!! Thank you.)

    Kelsey, I saw Woolsworth, in the basket! I think I have an eye for woolly things!! Can cards be any more beautiful than what you've made?!! I doubt it. The gift for your grandmother looks very tasteful. Did you press the flower? I especially like the tag - "Uniquely Handmade; LIMITED EDITION". This is good value!

    Jen from NS, your knitted top entails such fine work, and has come together very, very well. This is a priceless item of clothing. Did you learn to knit and crochet as a child? I'd be interested in knowing who taught you. I see you've been sock knitting with dark yarn, too!! Your cards are stylish, and your room is so sweet in light blue. Did you make the quilt & doona? I hope you don't mind the questions; you have lovely skills!

    Rachel, well - oops! What I can say is that I remembered how Helen T knitted with double strands of wool for an earlier 'show and tell'. This, together with my husband's suggestion, helped me decide to do the same to create the rusty brown hat. Further, it was the use of Annabel's wonderful wool wash mix that gave the hat the finishing touch - by softening the wool, melding the double strands together, and helping the patterned knitting to sit nicely. For this I am grateful. It made me happy with the finished product - if I may say so myself. That's my advertisement for Annabel's wool wash, anyway (& no commissions, just my own opinion)!!
    As for the socks, they take a while, so we could do with more sock knitters! I'm looking forward to seeing Lynette's work!!

    To Annabel's Mum, your beautiful work is wonderful and inspiring. Who hasn't been warmed with your crochet and knitting? Just seeing your work is very heartwarming, and I thank you for that. You give me something to aspire to.

    To summarise, Annabel, it's all beautiful ..... And to think that you've inspired us on! Thank you so much.

    With warm regards,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel,
      Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! It is very kind of you to comment on each lady's work. For the tag, I just used a stamp and a floral sticker, but using pressed flowers is a great idea.
      And you found Woolsworth! Woolsworth appears in random places around our house and is moved when he is spotted. My husband and I call it "Where's Woolsworth?". I guess we are easily amused! Or just weird, maybe lol. Oh well... ;)
      Have a lovely week, Rachel!
      With love, Kelsey

    2. Dear Rachel, Thank you for your comments and contributions! The scenery also added beauty to this post!
      I really love your knitting it is truly beautiful.
      I messed things up so I have added two contributions, sorry about that!
      I hope you are warm and dry as the week has continued to be so wet! Its raining here again now.
      Many thanks Rachel, keep up the good work. It is a joy to see. Love

    3. Dear Rachel, thank you so much for your kind comments . I really appreciate them as I don't feel I do anything that special.You are very kind to comment on everyone's work ,and there are many very clever , generous and kind people in Annabel's group.with love, Maria xx

  15. Annabel, so many beautiful gifts have been created! Thanks for sharing. I love what everyone does! I love to bake and give as gifts to friends and family. Maria,I would love to have the recipe for the Diabetic Fruit Cake as I have two friends that just discovered they are pre-diabetic. Thank you! Shirley WA State USA

    1. Dear Shirley,
      Maria very kindly posted me this recipe! I think she won't mind me giving it to you. I am planning to make it also.
      The recipe is helpful to anyone who is egg free or dairy free also as the milk can be almond milk instead.

      It is 1 kilo (2.2lbs) dried fruit. (any mix you like)
      600 mls (20 ounces) skim milk
      6 teaspoons instant coffee
      2 teaspoons chocolate essence. Maria used Kahlua.
      3 cups Self Raising flour.
      Place fruit coffee and essence in a bowl.
      Let stand for two or three hours so fruit absorbs liquids.
      add flour and stir in.
      Bake moderate oven 45 to 60 mins. Test with skewer.
      Thats it! It freezes well.
      Maria cooked hers 60 mins.

      Shirley I am going to try it with vanilla essence instead of chocolate.

      I hope that helps! With love

    2. Thank you so much, Annabel! Also, thanks for doing the conversion for me. : ) Looks like this will work for a friend and her daughter who have nut allergies and another who is vegan (w/almond milk) as well as for my two pre-diabetic friends. Another friend is gluten free, but not sure how to tackle that. Again, thank you so much. Shirley

    3. Thanks Annabel, for putting the recipe up for Shirley. Ive been away with DH for a well needed break and just catching up here.
      Shirley- my husband was told he's type 2 diabetic and so far has avoided medication although not sure for how long.I cut small squares of this cake and freeze in bags , and we have a small piece with custard and a little cream for dessert some nights.
      I do think this cake changes depending on the fruit used and that I slightly overcooked the above cake. Hope you have success with yours. I have a nice diabetic date loaf too, if you would like that recipe , I will try and find Maria xx

  16. I had a nagging feeling I had forgotten something and I had! Please look through the post again as there are now additional pictures! So sorry girls. I will have to be much more organised next time! Now I hope I haven't forgotten anything else! xxx

    1. I thought maybe I was going a bit insane this morning as I was sure I had missed some of the items in this post! Lol! :-) all such gorgeous items. xo

  17. Lovely work ladies! I am so inspired to make cards and those cat coasters for the cat lovers I know!


    1. Dear Leslie, I am so glad these inspired you! I hope we get to see what you make! I hope you enjoy it too. With love

  18. Another amazing show & tell! I love to see all of the pretties everyone is making.
    Thanks for including me, Annabel!
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh, Thank you so much for participating. Your idea is so good as it covers another age group I find harder. Plus a handy tutorial! thank you so much! With love

    2. Leigh, your bravery is coming to the fore once again (I was reading a recent post of yours!) - with bleach work! You're getting us thinking, and that's a good thing! I imagine this would make a good outdoor activity, even.
      Rachel Holt

  19. I am amazed by Jen's gorgeous sweater! Ralph Lauren would be jealous!

    1. Dear Lilly, I agree with you! It is exceptional. Jen also went on to dye this to her daughters colour preference and it turned out great!
      Many thanks, love

  20. Dear Annabel and others,

    Everything is just gorgeous! I love what everyone is doing and sharing, thank you for organizing this post. Truly relaxing and inspiring to see everyone's work. Harper is soooo glittery, I love what Vicky made! Annabel your girls are all beautiful.

    Much Love,
    Colette xxx

    1. Dear Colette,
      Thank you! We love sparkles. I said the tutu can be seen from the space station its so sparkly.
      I hope your present cupboard is going well. We are almost at the half way point of the year which is hard to believe...
      I hope your week has been going well! With love

  21. WOW all the great talent and savings on this page!!

  22. Annabel, it is true your girls are beautiful- just like you. Vicky, that tutu is so pretty. Gorgeous. I am BLOWN AWAY by these amazing gifts. They are so beautifully presented and no one could find such beautiful things in a store. I am so amazed by everyone's creativity. Thank you so much everyone for sharing your work, you truly inspire me. Love, Bridge

  23. Dear Annabel,thankyou for showing my cake and crochet ,Ive been away with DH for a break up the coast ,so behind in replying and catching up now.
    It was a beautiful day driving to the Lake ,and the scenery and last signs of Autumn were beautiful .It was oh so cold for the first few days and improved a bit each day thereafter until we drove home on a warm, wet and misty day.Luckily I took my card bits and crochet with me , and crocheted 2 more panels (only took that much yarn) and made heaps of cards , half for Christmas.
    Had a good rest , and back to lots of washing and catching up with family.
    I agree with the other commentors that above gifts and kindnesses are amazing! Well done everyone!
    And Harper in her tutu and glory box cardy , just gorgeous!
    You are part of a very industrious family :-)and so lucky to have your mum and dad and gran (I think...?)still around.I am thankful I have my inlaws nearby as I don't have the others any more.Always something to be thankful for eh .LOts of love and thankyou , Maria xxx


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