The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday 20 March 2016

The Vicky Challenge. Use it up.

This week I want to add to our savings with a Use it up Challenge.  There are so many ways this will help.... it will save money. It will clear cupboard space. It will clear freezer and pantry space.
It will make room in your craft supply cupboard as well. Maybe also your bathroom and linen cupboards!

Getting ahead can be hard. A Use it up Challenge can free up some funds for your pantry, debt or savings.

Many of us have purchased cleaning products that we had great intentions with but they have been sitting around for ages taking up room. Lets use them up! Do not buy cleaning products until they are gone! Save the money for something else and use them. Better still have a cleaning blitz and that will result in a super clean house as well!

Clean out the fridge and be inventive with what needs using up. This might save the cost of a meal or two.

Have a meal a week to use up meals from the freezer or odd bits and pieces. It will reduce the weeks grocery budget and help you get ahead.

If you are in Spring look a what seeds you have. Use them! They do not last forever and if you get them going they could bless you with so much produce! Get some going in pots to give as gifts.

Do you have a moisturiser you never use but paid good money for? Really if you don't love it use it as a treatment for your feet or hands. Just now while I am painting I am using some of these up then I put gloves on to paint. It is a treatment then and doing my hands the world of good! You can have a cleaning session with gloves on and this is a great hand treatment.

The same goes if you have shampoo or conditioner, bubble bath etc that you just put off using... they can all be used up as detergent for hand washing, swishing the toilet... as Flylady says "soap is soap" and you can use them in many ways.

In the craft cupboard... if you have lots of odd bits of yarn make a rainbow blanket. Several ladies have shown "use it up" yarn projects recently and they are all wonderful! Or look for small projects such as dish cloths.

Same with other craft supplies.... have a look at what you have and plan projects to use it all up. No buying until these things are used! Add to your gift cupboard for free!

Take a look around... what assets do you have that you could sell, trade, donate or use? Turn them all into something useful. Maybe plan a garage sale? Or see a few things on E Bay.  Sometimes we don't see what we have as we are so used to it just being there!

If you haven't cleaned out your linen cupboard in some time this is a good time to do it. Things you don't use may become fabric for future sewing projects. Pretty sheets or doona/duvet covers, even pillowcases can become table cloths, napkins, aprons, fabric for all kinds of projects. You might make room in your linen cupboard and it will look neater and you will have sewing supplies.

There are just so many things that we can use or substitute. Each one can be a big money saver plus reduce clutter at the same time.

Ok! My Vicky Challenge went pretty well last week.

We had Chloe's Birthday at home and it was lovely. I would estimate it saved $200.

I did more painting (it just about goes without saying now) and I think I will count $200.

We lived on left overs for two days... $20 This included "Fridge Pizza" as I had heaps of tomatoes...

I did repairs in our plaster and stone work. From work I had done once at another house I will estimate this saved $300.

Painted nails and toes with a DIY pedicure which saved over $100.

I made baby food in the crock pot for Harper and froze in portions. I got twenty serves for a saving of $35.  (besides it is better than bought!) I cooked a lamb shank with pumpkin, sweet potato, potato and carrots.

Packed a picnic for Andy's fishing trip. $50.

Packed all lunches for the week $100.

Amazingly this equals $1005 which is way more than last week.
I think taking on the job of the repair to the wall helped a lot. At my old house a painter came in and did this, repaired the crack and colour matched the paint and so on. I spied on how he did it and it was nothing to it. Then I kicked myself about hiring someone. And doing this was roughly half an hours work. Yet he charged over $300. Never again. Saving that feels a lot better.

What do you have that you could use up and save money?

How was your week? I hope you can see your efforts are worth a lot. Imagine paying someone for it all! Now I understand a little more what "she is worth far more than rubies" means. You are an asset to your family beyond measure in every way! xxx


  1. I'm in for the Use It Up Challenge this week! Great idea! I need to do some painting as well ... maybe I'll get to it this week!!!! The birthday party decorations are just beautiful, you really out did yourself!

    1. Dear Patsy, Thank you! I hope you are feeling heaps better and back to your old self. Also that Spring is shining on you there. I know this will be busy for you with planting etc.
      I have found many things to use up in the last few days. I had bottles of products with an inch in the bottom and they are used up and gone! I have space! with love

  2. Dear Annabel, thank you so much for this post , it is excellent . I have craft supplies to use include almost 200 sheets of scrapbooking paper , card stock in many colours, ribbon ( many small rolls) and heaps more.... I have a DVD player that I am not needing anymore and an office chair that I don't sit in!.the last two items will either be donated or sold . I could go on about what else I have to use up but I think you get the picture!, let's just say I have bathroom items, food in my pantry and fridge and freezer and probably a lot more if I think about it!.
    My Vicky challenge this week included:
    Meals from my parents $21
    Taxi fares ( got a ride with my Dad a few times) $60
    Made 3 ingredient fruitcake and 12 muffins saving me $20 approx
    Made mini pizzas instead of buying something or going out when I really felt like takeaway $12 saving
    Shopped at Aldi , $45 saving compared to my usual shop
    Saved $25 by not buying 3 magazines ( including a craft magazine) I really wanted but did not give in!.
    Subsidised cleaning - $36 saving for 2 hours
    Did some decluttering (1 hour over a week) $25
    Bought Easter gifts for my nieces at Aldi instead of paying top dollar elsewhere $10
    Making Rocky Road for my Dad instead of buying Easter chocolate ( using ingredients from my pantry) $15 saving
    Making chocolate bark to take to my parents place for Easter using what I have here$7 savings ( compared to a box of chocolates )
    Staying home and watching movies rather than going out to a movie $10 saving
    Reading library books and magazines $30
    Finding a colouring book I had bought and put away$10 ( will use as a gift)
    Using a block if chocolate bought on special 2 weeks ago for an Easter gift$5
    Buying crochet cotton at a $2 shop rather than at a craft shop $10
    I think that is it this week Annabel, I am happy with my total of approx $343 .
    Thanks again for the Vicky challenge it has changed my life. Love Barb Woodford

    1. Hi Barb!
      It sounds like you are really in the swing of things, and enjoying it! Good job! You'll have us all inspired!!
      Rachel Holt

    2. Dear Barb,
      Your post reminded me to say that some things that we can't use up or sell are still an asset and they can be a donation to a charity. When on a lower income it can be hard to give to charity as much as we might want. But that goods donated that can be sold are a donation and contribution. I have an op shop near me and everything I can't use goes there and it raises money for Doctors to go into areas that don't have them. It is wonderful. And it clears out the house and its a win win!
      You have great craft supplies! Just fantastic! You are set for ages!
      Your Aldi saving was huge. And well done on the lovely cooking!
      You had a grea week! I hope you find lots of things to use up.. I have been going pretty good on that! With love

  3. Dear Annabel, You had a great week! I will be using the use it up philosophy more and more as we get closer to our move. I have already been going through the pantry at the ranch and bringing home the food that is still good. It is not food we would normally eat but it is free and needs to be used, so this helps our grocery budget. There is also a lot of cleaning supplies. The house at the ranch needs a good cleaning (a REALLY good cleaning) so I can use these supplies up out there. It will clear space as you said and give me a clean house for free. I will also be working towards using things up at home so we have less to move!
    This week it seems I did not do as well in the savings department, but I guess it is something. I purchased essential oils on sale; sold four dozen eggs; did laundry at the ranch and brought home some food from the pantry; and cooked breakfasts, made coffee, and packed lunches on work days (though it was a slow week for work aside from ranch work). I also potted several plants I dug up from the yard but I am waiting to see if they survive before I count them. If they make it, that is a big savings. For this week my total came to $61.69. That is not as big as other weeks, but if someone was to charge me $61 for those things I would think that was a lot of money :) As we always say, every little bit helps and it all adds up. I hope everyone has a lovely and productive week! Love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey,
      Yes, when moving using things up is an even bigger thing as it saves you moving them! And the cleaning supplies will be good, you won't have that expense.
      You had a good and very productive week! I hope it is all going well for you and you are having a good new week! With lots of love, Annabelxxx

  4. Hi Annabel. It's interesting that you've got this use it up post happening. Both hubby and I have been trying to do just that. Hubby has made the most wonderful Butchers Block. He used old pallets for the base and a hardwood we're not to certain of, that had been roof trusses, for the top. The only costs were for the heavy duty castors and the Tung oil. It's just beautiful and was a real 'Use it Up' project. I went onto the Internet just to see how much they cost to purchase. These butchers blocks, particularly the rustic ones, were between $500 and $1000. We decided to say this was a $500 saving. I used two white towels,I had in my craft cupboard, which I edged in some vintage lace I had. These are for the granddaughter $20. The usual packed lunches and coffee for work, $125. Food bank savings $35. Used worm wee to fertilise the new seedlings, $10. Added $7 to the cold coin stash. Gave myself a manicure and pedicure, complete with a foot soak, $100. Saving a total of $790. Not too shabby.
    Three more days and I can be at home doing the things I love. So looking forward to it. Have loved the work and earning opportunity but really want and need a rest. Life is good.
    PS I'm not a 'pretty things' person but I love what you did for Chloe's party. She is a very lucky young woman to have a Mum who spoils her in such a thoughtful manner.

    1. Dear Jane,
      I love butchers blocks! And they are very expensive in the shops! Well done to your hubby! Would he like to put that in Show and Tell for March? I know what will happen then, all the ladies will be showing their husbands this picture!
      Your savings were great! You covered gifts, food, savings, beauty, gardening... that is wonderful.
      I am happy for you that after Wednesday or Thursday you are free to be at home too.
      Thank you re Chloe's birthday. She loves blue and soft things. That is her! With love,

  5. Annabel this is a big goal for me this year with craft supplies, there are plenty of projects I could complete without spending another cent. I find having a whole bunch of unused yarn or fabric actually makes me feel quite stressed, they need to be stored somewhere for a start, and every time I see them I feel a bit guilty that I still haven't made what I planned to. So I really want to use up as much as I can this year. I actually wrote a list of ten things I could make from what I have (it could have easily been longer!), as a reminder to stay away from craft she ops. So far so good, I have not stepped foot inside one this year :)

    Wow your painting is really starting to add up isn't it? Both in terms of your pocket and the impact on your home. How rewarding it must be to improve your home yourself in such a major way. Am looking forward to painting over the long weekend, just a teeny bit of wallpaper left to strip first....

    1. Dear Jen,
      I am the same... I can feel stressed by supplies as if I am under pressure to use them and need to hurry up! Now and then I have felt this way to the extent that I have faced some supplies are just not something I like... it might be the colour or something... but I know I won't ever use that thing and I will give it away to someone who will and feel a great sense of relief!
      However I have heaps of supplies I DO like and love the colours etc and so I can have a use it up session for the rest of the year I think and turn it all into good things and gifts and enjoy that. Plus the savings of course...
      You will be glad when the last of the wallpaper is gone! I am finding painting good the results lovely! It is the getting ready to paint bit that is harder. I hope you love the results once you get to painting! With lots of love,

  6. Using up what we have has been on my radar for a bit - today my husband was told that he will be made redundant at the end of the month which is Thursday next week.

    I have some cooking already planned to make the best use of fresh items in the 'fridge. Then it will be on to the store cupboard items. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon and I can make soups and stews to stretch things out a bit.

    We have had a feeling that this was going to happen, ever since the company was sold mid last year there has been a bit of a feeling with those from the original company that they do not fit.

    Lots to think about.


    1. What a challenging time Lynette, best wishes as u work through it.

    2. Dear Lynette,
      Oh no! I do remember you saying how things had changed at your husbands work and not for the better. But this is still a shock.
      I know you are very sensible and a good manager but still this is a worry and difficult.
      I will be thinking of you and hoping that it works out, that your husband also gets all his entitlements etc so that it buys you some time and he can have a bit of a rest for that period.
      With much love

    3. Thankyou Jen, even though we sort of expected it it came as a bit of a shock.

      My husband has never been without employment since he started work just before his 15th birthday - he is 61 now.


    4. What a hardworking man your husband is Lynette. I am sure this will help. Nevertheless, what a shock. Thinking of you and praying your husband finds work soon. Love, Bridget

  7. Hi Annabel,

    This is a timely post. I was just noticing that though each week we go to the grocery store with a list, our pantry is bulging! How could we need to get more groceries when there's no room to add more to the pantry? So I had just decided on Saturday that we will spend the next two weeks shopping from "home" only, and nothing but milk from the grocery store. (We won't get much from our new goat mama for a few weeks, still. Twins! 1 buckling and one doeling. :))

    Am saving loads of money on our bedroom reno by crocheting rugs from yarn in my stash vs. buying them.

    Hubby made a batch of beer last week and started a batch of wine. This saves a ridiculous amount of money, and it's really good, too! We aren't big drinkers, but $1.50 per bottle of wine vs. $15+ is a BIG saving, and I can use wine A LOT in my cooking for stews and spaghetti sauce, marinating steak, etc. We also use the wine and beer for gifts for others.

    Went thru my seeds and only ordered what we needed. It's so easy to be tempted by the seed catalogs!

    Sold a bunch of stuff on Kijiji (do you have that there?)...$ went to fund the bedroom reno and to pay down the mortgage.

    I am only baby stepping in this far not keeping accurate track of dollars. Am looking forward to the needed respite on the grocery bill for the coming two weeks!

    Jen in NS

    1. Dear Jen, You have twins! Oh that is so cute. Pictures please!
      With good supplies a use it up challenge to get rotation happening is really good. I have a look at the dates on everything session and set things out that need using up. Then the grocery shop is small or not needed.
      I love that you are crocheting rugs! hey will be lovely. Also I think it is great your husband is making beer! And wine! Yes wine is great in cooking. Also beer makes the most wonderful bread and so easy. If you would like my recipe for that please say... loaves of this are amazing and take minutes to make plus they can be fancied up with herbs or cheese etc and wonderful with meals or for lunches...
      I have not heard of the selling site but we have lots of different ones. It is awesome to sell things your not using to pay debts! Well done!
      All of these things are big savings Jen! With love

    2. Hi Annabel,

      YES PLEASE! (Whew, did that sound excited enough? :)) A recipe for bread that uses beer? Yes, please. I will certainly send photos. It's so funny; the dam has alpine coloring, and is black with white and a little brown, but her kids were born one white and one black...a little of each! Of course the buckling has the nicest coloring...isn't always the way. Sigh. :)

      I forgot to mention for the Vicky Challenge that I thought of you and your double your money and run post as I made Irish Freckle Bread last week for St. Pat's, and made one extra to give to someone who always lends us a piece of equipment when (goat) kids are born. This is now in the freezer, and next week, when we return the equipment, the "payment" will be all ready to go with some nice packaging being the only thing to think about! Thanks for the gentle nudge!


    3. Dear Jen,
      Thank you for the photos! I wish I had goats again now! Harper would go crazy over these little babies!
      Ok beer is useful for all kinds of things. It kills snails int he garden too! Andy always makes his batter fro fish using beer. Google recipes using beer and you will be surprised!
      Anyway this recipe is tried and tested... it is Hildes Beer bread and it is fantastic!
      3 and 1/4 cups SR flour,
      1 can beer or equivalent.
      Mix together with wooden spoon.
      Add whatever you might like herbs, chilli, cheese, garlic etc.
      Cook in large loaf tin. Bake until golden and sounds hollow to tap.
      Or put half mix in tin then add a can of creamed corn or cheese or both! and top with rest of mix and bake....
      This is rustic bread. The top comes out rough and textured and is delicious and crunchy. this slices well and toasts well also.
      It is requested at all of Hildes parties. It is a wonderful side dish to stew, soups etc filling, fast and cheap. I hope you like it! Loe

    4. Wow, Annabel...two basic about fast and easy!! I will try tomorrow...we are putting a stewing hen (old layer) in the crock pot for the day, and this will be a perfect side!

      My mom always used beer in her fish batter, too...but I've never tried deep-frying fish. (I've only recently learned to make doughnuts from an older resident in the area who taught me her grandmother's recipe...what an honour! deep-fried fish n' chips is next on my list! :))

      Thank you so much!


  8. A "use it up" challenge is brilliant! I like to think I use things up but know deep down that I need to refocus. I also need to have a "give it away" challenge for things that I'm simply not going to use and need to release to someone who will find them useful.
    I stopped counting hours on the renovation but we got to see a payoff last week as we finally finished the powder room! The project included ripping out and redrywalling the ceiling, wallpapering the walls, painting the ceiling, walls (paintable wallpaper that now looks like a textured wall), trim, doors, and vanity, and installing a new light fixture, towel ring, door knob, vanity hardware, and flooring. Jay, my father, and I did the work and Jay & I did some research and legwork sourcing materials and submitting rebates for some of our purchases. Now to finish up the last bits of the kitchen and living room so we can get to the family room!
    I hope everyone has a lovely, productive week!
    Blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh,
      I saw your new powder room and the transformation was amazing! It is all paying off now! I look forward to seeing the finished kitchen too! You are doing well. It is a huge amount of work and you seem very good at keeping things going as well ... like cooking.
      At the end of the year you will look back on all this and be so glad of it. Thats how I am hoping I feel too! With love,

  9. Annabel,
    Great job on repairing the crack that is a good savings! And if you think about it where would your finances be if you were paying someone else to do these things that you can and have been doing? I'm sure your bank account appreciates all of your hard work. This challenge gave me a giggle because that is what I have been doing this week. I saved $70 on store specials and mark downs so I have been using up veggies so they didn't turn on me by making a big roast with veggies and stir fry and omelets and veggie loaded cole slaw.(Toot toot I make good cole slaw!) Between store freebies and freebies in the mail I got around $45 worth of free stuff including cereal cups, cat food cups, pull ups for toddlers, mascara, candy bars and razors, etc. We dropped off our recycling and someone had thrown a bunch of seed trays in the dumpster so we brought home about $20 worth which I needed and also a couple of Kellogg's codes which one of them netted me a free kids book that I will add to my gift trunk! Yay! I am diligently working on all of that crochet cotton I got before it gets too warm out, 2 dozen eggs from my chicks $4 a free paper $1.50 and 3 free magazines in the mail $9 so not bad for this week. I hope you have a great week! Happy Savings to everyone this week!

    1. Dear Vicky, What a good week! the seed trays are very timely! How handy!
      I love the sound of the big roast with heaps of veggies. Yum.
      I am so tried this week! Well, so far. I think all the painting etc has hit me and my back is sore. So I think this is going to be a slower week!
      Your challenge has a lot of people thinking and realising the enormous worth of their work. It is very encouraging! And my totals are adding up! With love and thanks,

  10. Hi Annabel!!

    This is a wonderful topic - using things up!! I think this is half of what I'll be doing on the track in front of me!

    I've got various jars to fill for the pantry, and old jam to mix into fruit fly traps next season! There are old clothes to recycle - into fabric pieces for sewing; some into bandages; others I hope to make into oilcloth and tin cloth products; and some may end up as lamp wicks and char cloth (to use for lighting tinder with a fire steel). Oh yes, then there's rag rugs!

    On a more humorous note, I might use up some designated savings for plants, and I might use up little bits of knowledge I am collecting on native plants here!! I definitely hope to use up the weeds in the paddock this winter. Winter work is great for using up lantana and privet, and making the soil useful for grass again!

    In the meantime, I have wool that the critters in the op shop helped organise for me. I am knitting that up. I have that op shop chenille bedspread/drop cloth to cut up into cloths, kitchen towels, car seat covers and kitchen table readily washable chair cushion covers. Well, if I run out of fabric, I'll enjoy looking for more - from the op shops! This is all so much fun to me!!

    I like your ideas, Annabel!

    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel, I hope your untangling is going well! I look forward to seeing what you knit with that! I love your knitting.
      Also I am very fond of chenille. It has so many uses. Mind you the really old chenille bedspreads with the patterns and colours are quite collector items and worth a few hundred dollars.
      Op shops are so wonderful for fabric. Soon we will be in the country and going to the op shops far away from the city.... I am very excited about that!
      I hope you have a great week! With love

  11. I love reading your savings totals :)

    We just took a short trip and stayed in a hotel with a little kitchen. I prepared most all our meals for the 4 days. We had simple foods, most brought from home. We enjoyed our trip so much and saved at least $100 a day by eating in.

    1. Dear Rhonda, thank you! That is wonderful in the motel room. I often take a sandwich toaster or even my mini crock pot! It is a huge saving. That would have been a $400 saving for you! Well done I say! With love

  12. I had a blessing that I turned into savings this past week. It won't happen every week but it sure was a nice boost to our income last week!

    1. Dear Terri,
      I loved the table! Very nice! What a good week and good totals!
      Thanks for posting an drinking, with love Annabel.xxxx

  13. Hi Annabel,

    Your topic is great timing for me. Actually I've been re-organising our home since last week and taking my time for thorough cleaning as well as taking inventory of all the food items in the pantry, cleaning products and toiletries at the same time. I'm a 'visual person' and these lists help me to keep a track of what I have at hand than having to look at the cupboard every time. As you said we could save heaps only by using up whatever is available at home.

    Its shameful but hilarious too, when I saw the updated list I just couldn't understand why I bought some of those cleaning products at all. I hope I'm not alone in this. Hopefully all those cleaning products and toiletries would last for more than a year.

    Few more things to get done before moving to craft projects and I'll have a blast. Thank you so much for all your encouraging posts. Though I don't comment much on your blog, I read them and appreciate all you do.

    Lots of love,

    1. Dear Millie,
      Nope you are not alone re the cleaning products! I have bought things in the dream hope that they will do the cleaning themselves I think! Now we just have to resist buying any more and using them up. Mostly now I use the miracle cleaner that I make and overall try to avoid chemicals. But I will use up left overs and clear them out.
      I really appreciate your comment Millie. Good luck with this move. Please let me know when you are relocated and how it went! With love and thanks

  14. This post is so helpful. We are trying to get better at this. I have started in the bathroom with the beauty/toiletries. We seemed to have a lot of liquid soap and moisturiser. So now I have taken two out and have put them beside the bathroom sink. We are now using them every day. I'm on the lookout for a small pretty tray to put them on. Then I have d stash of acrylic wool. So I thought I could practise crocheting small things- dishcloths, flowers etc. We need to get better at going through our pantry and using what we have. The other day we were making yiros and didn't have sour cream or lettuce. We made do and made without. Saving $5 right there. This mindset is so helpful. I love it and I find it empowering. Love to you. Love, Bridge

    1. Dear Bridge,
      The liquid soap is handy and I keep some at the kitchen sink for lots of hand washing in the kitchen and also the laundry sink as Andy washes there when he first comes home after a big day as he's really dirty!
      The acrylic wool is pretty good in a rug as I will quite often use both wool and acrylic or other yarns together to kind of stretch the wool and keep the costs down.
      A pretty plate or cake stand might work for your soap and moisturiser? Well done to keeping your eye on things to use up! With love Annabel.xxxx

  15. Annabel, like you I make good use of every little bit of food and never seem to waste much at all if any. Baby food made like taste so much better and is far healthier for babies than the bought stuff. I have a heap of half balls of wool in all sorts of colours but that comes in handy when I only need a small amount for some patterns. Shampoos and conditioners also get used for other jobs if it isn't good for my hair. Conditioner comes in handy for shaving legs and Ive also used it to wash woollens and blankets.
    This week I have saved by making all lunches and took all our food and drinks to the Royal Easter show to save money.
    Did my own manicure and pedicure.
    Cut and coloured my hair.
    Made a big lasagne for a family lunch on Sunday and will make some nice dessert to have too.
    Made my granddaughters birthday present (mermaid tail blanket) she loved it and so did all the other little girls at her party but I think their mother loved it more.
    I made a big batch of dog food so that saves a lot of money too and the dogs are healthier.
    I've also made a batch of washing powder and that's another big saving.
    I think that is all this week. Debbie xx

  16. Well I'm checking in for both last week and this week on my savings. For the week of March 13 I saved only $67. There was some illness in the home and we didn't have many errands. But I still managed to save with baking our breads (including French Bread) and cupcakes for a birthday. My husband found some second-hand deals including some tennis shoes for me ...Pink!
    This last week of March 20 made up for the last. We saved $248! I made lots of homemade chicken broth. My daughters gleaned lots of wild dandelion greens and chickweed for salads (we are entering Spring). Also we made a trip to the city. Which means I packed a lunch and pocketed the savings. We did really well at the thrift stores (op shops). Including a free wooden headboard and two free chairs with arms. I figured I saved at least $50 on these 3 items, even if I would have bought them used. Well these will become DYI projects until it is warm enough to get the garden in.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the challenge.


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