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All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Sunday 13 March 2016

The Vicky Challenge. Double your money and run!

This weeks Vicky Challenge theme is ways to double your money or double your savings!
The way my brain works (probably weirdly!) is that if I can find a way of thinking of something or a challenge it helps. One little challenge I love is double your money and it could also be double the impact.

Some of the ways I do this are:
When you have a gift card you can double it's value by using it in sale time. I have done this many times. I had a Susans gift card for $50. I waited a few weeks until sales and got $120 worth of stuff from my $50 card. I do this every time I have a gift card. Voila! You have doubled your money!

The other day I had a $5 store card from store loyalty points. I used it on half price products and got $10 worth of things for my pantry.

Any time you buy goods on half price or less you have doubled your money!
The bread I buy to freeze frequently quadruples my money.

When you make a casserole make more and use half in a pie. If you sometimes buy takeaway I am confident you just doubled your savings as you will have a pie in the freezer.
The same with all cooking. If you make pizza make another for the lunch boxes. If I am making a cake I will always make a few. I will freeze one or if they are fruit cake I will wrap them up and keep for Andy's Birthday (or my Dad's) or visitors even. Having a cake to take away on a picnic is lovely!  It all saves.

For celebrations combine them if possible. If you have two birthdays close together have a dinner or party to celebrate them together. You probably just saved 50%.

When making cards or gifts make extras. Just now I am working on hankies. I cut out far more than I can use straight away.

 I did this with gift wrapped soaps. Those soaps gave me gifts for unexpected circumstances and thank you's etc for a couple of years! Having spares is going to be handy and save a lot. You doubled your money at least!

When I made soaps recently I make stacks! I might not do this again for a year and they keep.

Take cuttings from plants and start them up. Yesterday I cut the little babies that grow around my pretty succulents. If you let the go they kind of ruin the look of the middle one. This gave me over 20 baby ones and I planed them all in different spots. I have also made many gifts by starting these in pots. Way more than doubling my money!

Any time you can cook extra, make extra, stretch a product it will have this effect.

When you are serving a meal if you have more than enough set aside some for tomorrows lunch or a spare meal in the freezer.

Buying some items in bulk is a double your money saving.

Last year when I was sewing pretty tea towels I had lovely rose prints. Making these takes up a lot of fabric. I decided to use the pretty print on the front and a plain on the back. This gave me twice as many rose tea towels!

Anything you can stretch something to last twice as long... you just doubled your money. Shampoo and detergents generally are a good one for this.

Anything you can make last longer can work the same. Mending and taking care of clothes is a big one!

There are lots of ways to do this and when you think of it this way you will spot them and take up the challenge!

What ways can you think of that double your money?

For my Vicky Challenge this week:

I painted a little table in the front hallway and made it look like new.

And I painted lots... inside the front door, finished a big area of skirting boards plus I painted an ugly vase to use for an arrangement. All up I will count $200 for my painting vs paying someone to do it.

Made all packed lunches, this is a saving of around $100.

I saved $4 on flat breads.

$40 on homemade gifts.

And $10 on using things up and a creative meal!

So I think $354 this week.

How was your week? Some weeks will be bigger savings than others but the weeks still add up quickly. We are starting week 11 now!
Doubling your money, stretching things, making things last longer... what can you think of that adds a lot to savings?
I love a ta da! moment when I realise something I have never thought of before! Thanks to all your comments I have had lots of these!



  1. What a neat idea! I do this but was thinking about doubling my money. You know I get so many great deals at a chain drugstore, CVS. I use coupons from the newspaper combined with sales and things that give back CVS bucks. I do an online rewards system called MyPoints and I've been getting CVS gifts cards from them. So I am using them at CVS for the cash I still owe on deals and not having to actually spend cash money.
    Today I got 4 packs of baby diapers and 1 tube of face foundation makeup. Their retail price was $$54 total but I spent NO cash and got back $17 in store bucks for my next purchase.

    1. Dear Rhonda, I am always amazed by your deals. We do not have coupons here but some kinds of store rewards and points that can take a little effort to make the most of and its kind of the same thing. A bit of effort can really pay off! A foundation and free diapers is a lot of free product!
      You way more than doubled your money! It is an interesting idea... a few new ideas are coming in... I am loving them! With love

  2. Annabel,
    Super awesome! I do the same with gift cards or since we have coupons here I will use those to double my money at the stores. Also I like to buy multipacks of things and divide them up which gives me several gift items instead of just one, but buying half price or less is definitely the best bang for your buck! So for my savings this week I started flats of seeds to go in the garden not done yet so I didn't give them a total, paid 3 bills by phone 1.50, used 9.50 in coupons saved $125.00 buying marked down meat, chickens laid 3 dozen eggs this week $6, hubby's haircut and shave $20, we had to live trap two coons that killed 2 of my chickens and a possum so I will say $40 for pest control was given a political sign for our yard $20 and a big one we switched pharmacies and saved $370 on some of hubby's medicine was given a paper $1.50 and had a nice enough day to hang clothes out $1.00. The rest of the week I babysat and have been working in the pantry.

    1. Dear Vicky,
      That is a good one... splitting packs into smaller gifts. I did it with packs of fancy candles last year. I forgot about this! Many things come in packs for a good price especially makeup and toiletries. Love this!
      The change of pharmacy is a big saving!
      Three dozen eggs is good too. I love being able to have a cook up!
      My savings weren't so big this week but still the year as a whole so far is going well and I am amazed! With love,

  3. Dear Annabel. I love this concept! I've never quite been the same since you pointed out about using gift cards to only buy items at half price, thereby doubling the value of the gift card. I can't believe I never thought of! So I do this by eliminating unnecessary ingredients from recipes...for example some recipes have a list as long as your arm...I go through and decide what I can leave out without compromising flavour and save the extras for another meal. I also shop for school and dance uniforms in the middle of the year, when nobody else is even thinking of it. I buy school supplies then too. Items for every celebratory date are always marked down significantly immediately after, but eBay sells them all year round for great prices too, so stock up when the budget allows NOT when the event is imminent. A great week for you. Not so great here, but we are harvesting herbs, and shopping frugally so I'm still happy. Love, Mimi xxx

    1. Dear Mimi,
      Oh my goodness that is another good one... saving ingredients! In my berry muffins I double the recipe but not the berries and put in a tablespoon of berry jam. Ta da! twice as many muffins and you don't think they lack berries. So thats kind of it. But wow we could go crazy with this and the possibilities. Almonds instead of pine nuts in pesto is one we both use I think.
      Yes and AFTER the event shopping i.e. Christmas wrap after Christmas. You really get more than twice the value sometimes many times more.
      Easter will be the next opportunity... I got those fabulous heart shaped tins after Valentines Day.. that quadrupled my money that day.
      I hope things improve... Emailing... With love

    2. I like to use only 3 eggs in recipes I double that call for 2 eggs in each recipe. Sometimes you can lower the sugar by 1/2 cup in a doubled recipe without being able to tell. I read that you can add 1/2 t of baking soda to your fruit pies and then you can halve the sugar. (I tried it and found it actually sweeter that way. It is supposed to neutralize the acid in the fruit.)

      So most of my "double your money" things are with stretching my food items. I learned a lot of tips from this blog post. :)

    3. Agreed, Ladies! I like to double soup recipes but not double the meat, which is often the most expensive ingredient. If I'm making something hearty and savory or thick and creamy, the meat simply isn't missed among all of the other flavors.

  4. Hello Annabel, I hope you are having a lovely day. I love this post Annabel because yet again I am reminded that I am doing more than I think. I buy tea bags half price and pine o cleen and many other products so that is a great saving there. I also sometimes use a gift with purchase ( something that you get free for buying a product.) as a gift or I do what Vicky does and buy packs of items to split up for gifts such as book packs. This week my savings were: subsidised cleaning , saved $72 on what I would pay a company as opposed to paying the organisation I go through, 6 meals from my parents $42 , I was considering paying someone to de clutter and tidy my dining room as I thought it was beyond me but I am doing it slowly $25 an hour for a cleaning business, I estimate it would take two hours so $50 saved.the same goes with my kitchen, I am giving it a mini spring clean so another $50 for that, haven't had this months hair cut $15 saved, not having the massage I planned to have this week, putting it off for 2 weeks $40 saving.drying washing outside $5 approx for the week.made another batch of cards$50 saving for 10 cards I made a batch of savoury muffins saving about $25 realistically .i think that is it Annabel so total this week is approx $330 , not bad for a quiet week!. Take care Anbabel love Barb Woodford

    1. Dear Barb,
      Good idea! I did not think of book packs! At the post office here they often have a set of books for great prices. Split up into gifts they wold work out so well. Good thinking.
      With your dining room truly a couple of minutes a day even adds up over a week. You will be there in n time.
      Great savings Barb! You are doing well especially since not being 100% well. Have a great new week. With love

  5. Have to say I have never thought to save gift cards for the half price sales. Thanks for making me aware and adding this to the 'to do' list. I hadn't really thought of some of the things you've mentioned as doubling your money but will really have to think on this one. This week we saved money by doing all the usual lunches and coffee, $125. I saw tomato cages in Bunnings for $15. Each cage was for one tomato plant. I new I had tomato stakes at home and could build my own. I made 6 tomato cages saving $90. I planted out my own grown from seed seedlings, $30. I used worm wee fertiliser from the worm farm, $10. Food bank shopping saved $40. Made 8L laundry liquid, $40. Transplanted four raspberry bushes, $40. Harvested chillies, $5. Transplanted four self sown tomatoes, $4. Gifted 1 pumpkin, $3. Value added to two journals by covering them in fabric with a pen holder page keeper, $30. Made pencil cases to match journals, $15. Completed a baby rug, $30. Re potted a bromeliad using what I had as a future gift, $50. Savings for this week, $512. Not too shabby. Keep the fab posts coming.

    1. Dear Jane, Thanks! You had great savings! I am very impressed with the tomato cages. Also you were really busy and productive! Especially with all the gifts! I hope I get to see these in the March Show and Tell!
      I hope this week is as good for you! Many thanks Jane, with love

  6. I love all the things that you've done, Annabel, but the photo of your cakes had me 'drooling'; they look so delicious! Lol. And the way that you've packaged your soaps is stunning!

    1. Dear Maria, Thank you so much! I am replying to two comments in one here... you must be very busy having made all those palm crosses. I hope a lot of people are helping! What a big order!
      That cake recipe is her on the blog it is the Christmas cake recipe. It keeps for over a year so it is very handy.
      Have a great week Maria, with love

  7. Good morning Annabel as usual what a wonderful post and also to the ladies who are commenting I am learning so much from you all thank you. One thing I do to double my money is recycle. For example my husbands work shirts - when they are getting worn around collar and are beyond repair I cut the buttons off to go in the button box and cut the shirt up for fabric - hankies, quilts etc.

    I managed to save quite a bit of money this week. In the uk there is a rebate for married tax. It literally took 3 minutes to fill in the online form and we now have a rebate of £212 coming on payday. I cut our tv package by making a phone call and asking for it to be lowered and we are saving £24 a month. I sold some used books for £22. I cooked all meals at home and spent a week pottering around and feathering my nest :-)

    Oh Annabel I do have to tell you my wonderful blessing this week. Our house is a bit of a renovation project. It's all we could afford and slowly we are getting there. Well we hadn't really done anything to the garden it just wasn't really in our budget. It was neat and tidy but it certainly wasn't the garden I dreamed of. Well next door called me on Saturday and asked me to go outside (next door is a landscape gardener and had the most beautiful English cottage garden full of roses etc). When I went out she explained that they were redoing their garden and it was just going to be decked with a few pots around the side. She offered me all of her plants for free!! If I didn't want them she was going to burn them!!!! Well our plans changed for Saturday as she was passing them over the fence. She gave me 12 roses which are huge, 2 dwarf apple trees, hydrangeas and many more. It's exactly how I wanted the garden but couldn't afford. This has saved us well over £1000! I am so thankful. I was going to get a gift to say thank you do you have any ideas what I could give?

    Laura x

    1. Dear Laura, What an amazing week you had! It was a joy to read! Well done on such a big bonus just for filling out that form! That is a lot of money! Also you savings and sales that added to this.
      But the garden plants are incredible. Yes that all would be worth a small fortune! Roses transplant very well and 12!!! also hydrangeas should transplant well. Even if they need cutting back. I am thinking you have been very busy as you would have to think everything i.e. where to plant what! I am thinking it is about to be spring and good time for planting?
      I hope so anyway! I hope it all established very well. I don't know if you are used to gardening or new at it? In summer newly planted datings need lots of watering as the roots are not deep yet... but then we have really hot summers here!
      I am really thrilled for you!
      I would buy the prettiest card and write a thank you and how this was a dream come true for you and bake lovely biscuits or a cake. Thats me! Thats what I would do!
      I am so happy for your wonderful week. I hope you have another good week now but that is going to be hard to beat! Thanks for sharing this Laura! With love

  8. Hi Annabel!!

    I have a few little anecdotes to consider on doubling our money!

    Firstly, we know someone who is HIGHLY skeptical about what is a good deal and what isn't. He was pretty impressed, however, with our little camera story. You see, some years ago, when working forests - with beautiful scenery around us - we spent good money for a good little digital camera, with the idea of this being a quality purchase for the long term. Well, the salesman had thrown in extra warranty, and we had to use it. After having to chase up the warranty with the store manager, we were sent store gift cards to the value of the original camera. The time lapse since the initial purchase meant we were able to replace the camera with a similar camera, and also bought a quality enamelled cast iron multifunction pot AND part of an ipad! The response of this friend of ours makes me chuckle! We also were awarded store loyalty points for spending this money a second time!

    Secondly, our rule was not to change our spending for loyalty points or fuel docket savings. In this manner, Myer One loyalty points were accumulated with green grocer shopping over time. Then, when a store gift card finally arrived, the fancy micro plane zester I was considering was priced up at $45. I must have waited over a year until it was worth a little over $20. The little I contributed is forgotten, and one grateful cook now has a fine zester for lemon rind and nutmeg!!

    What about this? One summer, we found that a seed from a store bought trellis tomato had made it past the sink strainer and out into the soil. Amazingly for us, that one plant produced, over months, about one hundred tomatoes, when they were dear in the shops. Then, we found that the lady beetles with lots of tiny dots feed on tomato leaves! Another summer, we were throwing vegetable scraps and sticks onto a dusty patch of ground, to keep down the dust. From those scraps, we have had a beautiful crop of pumpkins (two years this has happened, when those I have purposely planted have been dug up by bush turkeys and, I suppose, bandicoots, digging for water!) Right now, there are some capsicum plants. So, from scraps, and only water to help them along, we have made an increase from the growth of plants!

    Learning how to profit,
    Rachel Holt

    1. Dear Rachel, Thank you for your savings/double your money stories! It amazes me how a self sown tomato will always be better than any other. Pumpkins also. I get quite a few tomatoes come up in crazy places but they are great!
      It is also amazing how something like one tomato can yield so much!
      I hope you have a great week. Our weather has coped, finally, and is much nicer and easier.
      With love,

  9. Being down with the flu and subsequent bronchitis that followed I haven't felt like reading your wonderful posts nor the comments for a couple of weeks. This morning I came for a visit and this post is just the shot in the arm that I needed. So many great ideas and so much inspiration. Thank you Annabel and to all who've left these encouraging comments!

    1. Dear Patsy, I hope you are feeling much better and that spring will be good for you too. The flu really knocks you around and it takes a while to get back to normal.
      I am glad you enjoyed this... I have gathered some great ideas from comments so far. Thats what I love! With thanks,

  10. Dear Annabel, I am really enjoying the different themes you are posting with the Vicky Challenge each week. Your ideas and the comments are wonderful. You and Rachel are right about the gardening one! Anything like plants that will multiply is huge. This can go for livestock, too, depending on the cost of upkeep. We hatch our own chicks and it costs us nothing. The mama hens do all the work and we don't have to buy chicks each year. Their manure is good in the compost pile. Lots of things are good in the compost pile!
    The gift card tip is what I did with the card my SIL gave me. I used a $50 card and bought over $100 worth of craft supplies. There is also a site I go to occasionally that sells discounted gift cards. I will buy say, a $25 card for $20, and then combine that with coupons, sales, etc. and the savings are even bigger.
    Another thing is if I am baking a meatloaf in the oven, I will also bake several potatoes, as they take the same amount of time.
    I have been trying to consider the quality of things more often, too. Price is still definitely a factor, but if I just have to save a little extra for an item that will last twice as long (or longer) than its cheaper counterpart, the more expensive one is the better value. Also, I read the reviews on products before I buy them to compare and make sure the product is reliable.
    As you know, my camera has been giving me problems. Well, my phone is too. It's a conspiracy. I just decided to invest in a smartphone (an inexpensive one with excellent reviews) with a decent camera and internet access. (When our internet billing cycle is over for the month we are cancelling our home service, but our phone plan gives us unlimited access.) This phone will give me three in one for just the price of the phone.
    When my husband and I eat out, we often split a meal, as the portions are so large. If we don't do this, I will only eat half of what I ordered (it's plenty, trust me lol) and take the rest home for an extra meal.
    Carpooling is another way to double your money/halve an expense. My aunt lives near a co-worker and they take turns driving each other to work. My husband and I usually go out to the ranch together, too, even though it is not far away.
    Ok, finally on to this week's savings! I bought groceries on special; purchased a skirt and vintage sheets second-hand; was given food from the ranch; received a free bag of ice and free candy; did laundry at my in-law's; used Amazon credit towards the purchase of my phone; paid a bill in person; borrowed a movie from the library; made two cards; and baked a cake using a free mix. My total for the week is $157.65. Not as high as other weeks, but I still enjoy seeing my savings and finding new ways to save. I would have never known I save as much as I do without this challenge. Thank you Annabel and everyone for all of the ideas each week! With love, Kelsey

    1. Dear Kelsey,
      think its a great idea buying a phone with a camera. They are very good and mine isn't a new phone and still lets me edit photos etc. I can only imagine if I had a newer phone! I no longer own a camera at all. I just don't need it. So big savings!
      Thank you for your ideas! Multiple things in the oven is a good one!
      I figure if we think on a new theme every week it will expand the possibilities. The ideas coming in have given me many already!
      Well done on the weeks savings. We are learning and saving at the same time! Have a great week Kelsey! Love Annabel.xxxx

  11. Dear Annabel,

    Everyone has such wonderful input and savings. It's fun to read what others are doing.

    We haven't done any serious shopping for awhile as we had an overabundance of items to use up in our pantry and refrigerators. Today, we took advantage of stock up sales for the food storage at Sam's Club. They had discounts on household and food items we normally use, so we saved $45 on those.

    At another store, we shopped for the butter that was on sale and no limit. It is regularly $4.99 per lb, but was on sale for $1.99 per lb, so we purchased 15 lbs and will freeze it. It is amazing how many people, I run into in grocery stores, that don't know that butter can be frozen with absolutely no change to the taste or texture of the butter when thawed.

    All in all, we saved over $100 today with the sales. We took advantage of some online sales, also, and saved 35% on some fruit bushes for the yard from one site and 30% off some food items from another.

    Love and hugs,

    1. Dear Glenda, When I don't want to spend anything I have a use it up challenge and that is a big saver. It is a good tip about freezing butter as it can be expensive and getting it on sale like that is the way to go.
      It will be beautiful to have spring and be planting in the garden, I know you have big garden plans.
      Have a great week! With lots of love,

  12. Dear Annabel, As you know, I always maximise savings on food using half price, vouchers, points, gift cards etc. as much as possible. Cost per use is something that revolutionised how I buy clothes and other items. Even toilet paper! :-) what might appear an expensive option can actually be cheaper when you consider its cost per use and how long it will last. Buying good quality op shop clothing on $1 day is a ridiculously great example of saving megadollars through this concept! Cost per use is minimal over the life of each item.

    I once read an organising book (can't recall title, sorry) that spoke about the real estate value of our homes, and making every square inch count and earn its keep! I am trying to put a lot of those ideas into practice, maximising our space in the house and yard. I think it will be a cheaper option than the cost of moving or extending! ;-)

    This week we won the war of getting the bill cancelled finally on our old phone/internet service. $54 saved. Great specials again at NQR, WW and a half price phone for my husband. (We only buy basic phones) $66 all up savings. Toilet paper bought with full tank of fuel discounts, saved $8. library book $25. I counted free cinema tickets last week, but took own snacks $10. (Forgot to count)
    Weekly total $163.

    It is fabulous reading everyones experiences and ideas! xo

    1. Dear Kaye, I think you are the double your money food champion! The price per use idea is good too. That puts some purchases into a different perspective.
      Well done on the cancelled bill!
      It is an interesting thing to think of using our space well and garden well. That is true! Especially if it saves a move which would save thousands.
      Thanks for your ideas Kaye. Have a wonderful week! Love Annabelxxx

  13. Dear Annabel,
    Lots of great ideas from you and the others in their comments!
    We do have coupons, which helps. We also have several grocery stores which offer a 10% senior discount once per month. Combining the discount with sales and coupons can really add up. Sometimes, they will give quadruple gas points with the purchase of gift cards. I like to purchase gift cards for places we regularly shop to increase the discount off gas. I agree with the idea of cooking extra or double. It doesn't take much more effort and is such a help. I have been splitting some plants to make more and also transplanting seedlings. A few are plants that came up on their own and some are from seeds I planted.
    I have been wanting an herb tower and finally constructed one with pots we had on hand. I've planted some seeds and transplanted some multiplier onions and basil seedlings. I think it would have cost me about $59 to purchase, not counting the plants.
    My husband hired someone to extend our block fence. He saved $110 by picking up the materials himself.
    I colored my hair and did my nails. $90 savings.
    Used coupons to save $14 on a wedding gift. Wrapped it at the store's free wrap station saving at least $5.
    Used yearly rebate check and coupons to save $76.72 at Costco.
    Found a beautiful double stemmed orchid for 1/2 off since it didn't have a ceramic pot, just the plastic liner. I used a pot I had and save $8.49.
    Got several free books for my Kindle, juiced more citrus, a few more grocery savings, etc., coming out to $387.61 for this week. It adds up to more than I would have guessed before starting the challenge! Thank you for your encouragement!
    Wishing everyone a lovely week, Elaine

    1. Dear Elaine, Thank you! I am getting lots of new ideas as comments come in! I love free ebooks. I have quite a collection and they are so handy when I don't have internet I get into reading these.
      You have had great savings! I kind of have a herb tower... it is just four different sized terracotta pots stacked up, filled and a stick through the middle so it doesn't topple. It grows a huge amount and is near my back door. I found all the pots on the side of the road over time and ended up with spares and made another one. Really love them!
      Many thanks Elaine! Have a good week, love

  14. Such a cheery post and just what I needed to re-energize today!

    To add to some of the other ladies’ comments, I also cut ingredients in some recipes. I chimed in with Mimi about doubling a soup recipe but not doubling the expensive meat. The same might work in casseroles. I also use less cheese, which can be costly, to top dishes. Kelsey mentioned putting multiple things in the oven. When the cooking temperatures vary for the items I’m making I will just get them in and out back-to-back to save preheating. I’ll also try to do a good deal of my baking on one day so I’m only paying to preheat the oven one time. You mentioned using gift cards during sales. I’ve been known to use restaurant gift cards during specials and/or with coupons to get the most food for the dollars. Sometimes it’s more economical to carry out (take-away) rather than eat in the restaurant because it saves the cost of beverages or because carry out portions can sometimes be a bit larger.

    For my Vicky challenge I’m still not shopping much. I did find chicken on super clearance and used it while my son was home from university and my parents were visiting to help with the remodeling. The only carry-out was the pizza my parents wanted to buy. (We have a local restaurant they don’t have where they live, so they wanted the special pizza.) The rest of the time we’ve been eating at home and using up leftovers. I used coupons to get free yogurt, frozen veggies, candy, and frozen meat pie at the grocery store. I used a gift card and coupons on top of sale prices to get a new Spring jacket for less than $2 out of pocket. I found free Kindle books and hope to someday be finished painting so I’ll have time to read them!

    I had stockpiled some basic hand tools that we received free with other purchases. (With the remodel I’m making lots of trips to the hardware and home improvement stores.) My husband and I decided to donate the tools to our church as a door prize for the annual Resurrection celebration. The organizer already had a cute basket of candy and toys as one prize, so I’m making a more masculine gift. I’ll have to purchase a small tool box (and I’ve already located a good sale!) to hold the tools. I have beef jerky, sunflower seeds, work gloves, and flashlight batteries that I purchased at the dollar store. I think it will be nice to have something for the men since things can sometimes get overly “precious” at Spring festivals.

    Have a lovely week, everyone! Blessings, Leigh

  15. Dear Leigh, Doubling a casserole without doubling the meat is a really good suggestion, or soup or any meat dish. Also the continuous cooking rather than re heating the oven..
    You are doing well to keep an eye on coupons and get free items even while renovations and everything else!
    I love the manly door prize! that will be a great hit AND you just hit on a really good man style gift basket idea! A tool box of tools and man style snacks...! I love it! Now I am thinking this could also work with a fishing tackle box full of fishing items and man snacks! I think presents for men are more difficult and this is awesome!
    Well done, have a great week Leigh! Love

  16. This is a brilliant idea and I need to sit and think on it. I have recently ( thanks to you and your blog Annabel) started baking double the amount and I can't believe the difference it makes to our lives. I love the idea of using one part of me but doubling the casserole or the soup. I think that's healthy too. I recently have started thinking about gift cards and getting things on sale . Thank you Annabel . It makes my shopping exciting and I feel really happy when I have used the dollars well. I think this could apply to so many areas. What a wonderful and inspiring post Annabel, thank you for making my day happier. Love, Bridget

  17. Great ideas! I always cook extra or stretch a recipe to get more than one meal. It is a great saving and it also helps when you are working to come home and have dinner almost ready...just heat and eat. The gift cards are another great one and I always use them on specials and end up with twice as much stuff. Love everyone's ideas. Debbie xx

  18. I had fun this week making a slip cover for my ottoman...and saved money in doing it. Love the new look!


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