The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 25 June 2015

Feather your Nest Friday, 26 June, 2015.

It feels as though this week was only two days long! But it was really good and I loved it!
Writing down the things I achieved helps me just heaps. It is a chance to see how much we achieved.
This is measured according to the time of life you are in. Lucy is at home with Harper and not getting lots of sleep  with a new baby. But meals are on the table, washing is done, Harper is happy and gained weight. This to me is a big achievement! These are the most important things!

We might have cared for someone sick all week and got not a thing done otherwise. But that is still your achievement for the week and it is so important.

Last week for me was really good and I wished it didn't end but it just kept going as far as good things went. I was able to save in lots of little ways and get lots done.

Some of the ways I saved money were:

I made Harper a headband as a little present.

When I told her her fabulous accessory came in at under $1 she was totally amazed...

I bought a gorgeous chiffon summer dressing gown for $4. (op shop) It is soft blue and lilac florals like a Monet painting and just lovely. I also got some small baskets suitable for food gifts at Christmas for 50c each.

Using zucchini from a great special I made a large amount of soup (with stock I had in the freezer).

Mum sent me a bucket of Bay Leaf branches.

They are now hanging up to dry on my drying ladder. It made three huge bunches.

Mum also sent me three more of the big jars to match my set and 2 kilos of honey (about 4 and a half pounds). So useful and good for my pantry.

A friend sent me a basket of lemons.

I found a way to save so much money! Andy is on several prescription drugs. He was born with a heart defect and he has a stainless steel heart valve. So no matter what he does he needs to take blood thinners and it also involves antibiotics to do anything like go to the dentist...  Anyway it is a lot of prescription drugs. This is expensive. Usually I drop scripts in to the chemist before I shop for groceries and collect them as I leave as the chemist is right there next to the supermarket. I have tried a few chemists and the prices have been much the same. But about a week ago I read on The Cheapskate Club a tip. A member had written is saying she was saving hundreds by shopping at a chemist warehouse. That the difference wasn't tiny it was HUGE. Thanks Cath this one is because of you!

So on the weekend I got out all the tablets and wrote down their names and the prices we are paying from the boxes. Armed with this list, ,and the current scripts I needed to fill, I went into the nearest discount warehouse near us which is Chemist King. The Chemist was really helpful. He wrote on my list  their prices next to the prices we have been paying.
I could hardly believe it. An example was the first one we were paying $18.05 and his price was $8.50 for the exact same quantity of the exact same thing! LESS than half price! The whole list was the same, around half price. I couldn't believe it! It is not that far from our place either. So the change has been made. This is a saving of $600 to $700 a year! Yes, I got paid that much for about one hours trouble.
When I told Andy that evening he was amazed. That was the day I interviewed the supermarket manager and had all that information too. He was busy being amazed that night!

The next saving was a real treat. Chloe went to Priceline to buy something in skin care she gets. They were having a massive gift with purchase. Her skin care got her a bag of products that was massive...

As Chloe had spent more than the required amount she asked the girl if she could have two bags so she could give one to her Mother :) and despite that not being allowed the girl said ok!

So she arrived with this for me and it contained so many fantastic and lovely things! Then we had fun swapping as some things I would use and some things Chloe would use.

It was an absolutely amazing amount of great products!

I made a double size Golden Syrup Pudding. Being cold here this is so nice! Also it is one of the worlds easiest recipes. The recipe is here.  This recipe is a real husband pleaser type recipe. People think you are a fabulous cook and want to marry you, that's how good it is! But it is so easy.

It looks golden and good and when you cut into it it's gooey and delicious. It makes a cold rainy day worthwhile!

I am using up some craft supplies for Christmas present making as using what you have is a huge saving!

I built up my home by adding to my pantry and cellar, learning more about what I should store, adding to our emergency fund and creating extra food storage space. It is so nice to have this progress.

How was your week? I hope you had some good finds and savings and all is well in your home.
Today the sun is shining after some rain this week which is great for the garden. If I get things done I will go see Mum later in the afternoon with my crocheting!

Have a wonderful weekend! This is the last weekend of June so I am thinking a bit about being at the half way point in the year, what I've done this year so far and what I want to make sure I do with the rest of it.  I am going to review my progress with my pantry challenge too. Thanks to weekly reminders and lots of encouragement this is going really well! It is truly amazing how lots of little bits add up. We just have to keep at it! xxx


  1. Hi Annabel, could you tell me what the golden syrup in your recipe is? We are in the U.S., I'm not sure what that would be.


    1. Dear Marie, Sorry about this! I didnt think of it, here it is such a basic and old fashioned thing. Apparently the best known brand world wide is Lyle's Golden syrup and that golden syrup can be found, hopefully, in the international section of supermarkets, or the British section if there is one. There is no real US equivalent. I hope you can find it, it is glorious stuff and not expensive (here anyway). If you find it would you let me know so I can add this to the recipe for the US ladies? With thanks,

    2. Thank You - wondered the same thing about the Golden Syrup. My Dad makes maple syrup. Think that would work? Or is the Golden Syrup Thicker like our corn syrup?
      Sheila - UP of MI, USA

    3. The Kroger stores in TN have a golden syrup on shelf in the pancake syrup set... maybe yours will also :~)

    4. Thanks. I will look for it the next time I am out!

    5. To Sheila, How wonderful to have Maple Syrup! That is so nice! In this recipe I think it would have a similar consistency and color but the flavors are quite different. However you could try it. If you do let us know. To me Golden Syrup is sweeter but I havent had Maple Syrup for a while., I hope that helps.

  2. I am so impressed by all of this.

    1. Thank you so much Sarah and thank you for commenting. Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  3. Gorgeous post again Annabel. Great savings on the scripts too - I'm surprised really that the other pharmacies aren't doing more price matching.
    Love the headband and again I laughed out loud at a Harper pic, where she was so surprised at the cost of the headband. She is a real little doll.
    The pudding looks good, I love golden syrup dumplings, cooked on the stove top as a winter warmer.
    Have a lovely weekend. Fi xx

    1. Thanks Fiona! Well I am amazed and also that the word wasnt out at these massive savings. For many people this would be hundreds a year. Next I am going to compare the shelf items, non script items to see if they are also a big difference.
      That picture needed a caption I thought! lol
      Have a great weekend yourself. We have sunshine and its beautiful! xxx

  4. You have had a wonderful week Annabel. The look on Harper's face is adorable :)

    I don't know if you've seen 'the odd bunch' vegetables in Woolworths......they are the odd shaped or generally 'not perfect' ones. It's great that WW is selling these instead of them being thrown out by the growers. Anyway, they are already a lower price than the 'perfect' fruit, but I got them on markdown specials this week. Mandarins, carrots, apples....lots of them. Worth looking out for, because other people seem to be avoiding them for long enough to be marked down.

    1. Mary I love the odd bunch! We only have had carrots, apples, pears and cucumbers, that I have seen, so far. I get the carrots and baby cucumbers. I thought who actually cares if a carrot is crooked? But apparently people do. The baby cucumbers are fantastic. I have not seen them marked down further, I will watch out as I would love that!
      This is a really good idea, wasting them is ridiculous! Many thanks, Mary.xxxx

  5. Hi Annabel, I love how Harper and Andy have been amazed by you this week! I can only assume Andy's face had a similar expression to Harper's!
    And I keep meaning to try your golden syrup pudding, will have to do that very soon ;)
    Have a lovely weekend
    Fiona xx

    1. Thanks Fiona! You have a wonderful weekend too. You wont regret the pudding especially on a really cold night! xxxx

  6. Annabel Harper looks adorable - I remember the days of very little sleep, this too shall pass.

    I didn't realise that even over the counter medications can be cheaper at the chemist wharehouse places - I had been using something for over 12 months and because I do not like our local chemist (a lot of others are also of the same opinion too) I popped into a chemist wharehouse on the way home from somewhere else - I would have saved myself $5- each time I purchased the item.

    Sometimes the catalogues have great specials and sometimes they do not - I had an offer from Coles that I decided to take up today and found that my tea was on special ($2- save -71 cents) so I purchased all that they had there. Then I found some specials in the tinned vegetable area that were obviously also not in the catalogue so I picked up some for the store cupboard. Probably should have got more but my money went on the tea.

    The door to the back was open so I slowly walked past checking it all out - not much in the way of stock.

    So I have added tins of peas and corn and sliced mushrooms and earlier in the week I used a Kogan voucher and got some more 'C' batteries at a great price along with tins of pie apricots.

    Spoke to my husband about turning the old freezer into a store cupboard and he was all for it. He knows I hate going shopping and also that I prefer to have a good supply here should anything happen.

    We have been busy with our daughter overseas she could no longer travel with the person she had left here with - she is now travelling alone but is on a Contiki tour through europe having a ball - nice photo on face book while they were in Amsterdam.

    While in Bunnings I looked at the price of towel rails - we have a heated one that is not connected and the sections are just too narrow to hang an open towel on.

    Prices ranged from $23-00 up to around $90-00 for the single ones - just a bit further down the aisle was the fixtures and fitting including the tube to make hanging rails so I picked up the bits and pieces for 2 for less than $23-00.

    We have some planned for expenses coming up - bath is being removed either Monday or Tuesday.

    The side fence is being done on Monday so we can then start planning the next stage of dealing with the flooding of the backyard.

    This weekend I have some knitting to finish so that I can take advantage of a special that Australia Post was running for June. I also have some uniform bits that I am sending down to someone I know.


    I have some knitting to finish off and get organised to post Tuesday - Australia Post have had a special on for the month of June which I am going to take advantage of for my charity knitting.

    1. Dear Lynette,
      I am going to compare the over the counter items now... there are a few things we buy so I will be interested if they are a saving too! This would add to the savings!
      That was a good idea on the towel rail. It pays to look at the alternatives.
      You have reminded me to look at Kogan again. Also I LOVE pie apricots. They are a really useful thing to have on hand.
      It sounds like more progress at your house. Have a lovely weekend... oh Im glad J is ok and can go on alright... with love,

    2. Annabel another online shop to look at is Grocery Shop - they have tins of pie peaches for 99 cents at the moment.

      I have signed up to a lot of these places and get their emails, some the shipping is too expensive but if they have a good deal on that then I will have a further look.

      Most of these places also have over the counter items like bandaids etc as well - worth a look.

      My favourite stores are the hardware stores - you can find so many things in them (especially the ones in small country towns). I often leave the assistants wondering because I walk through with confidence on my own and yesterday was no exception - got asked heaps of times if I needed any help but I was right - probably knew what I wanted more than the men did who were in the store.

      Had trouble getting to sleep last night - eventually after I had a message from J I managed to get to sleep. When she was born she ended up under the lights because of jaundice. At night when she needed a feed the staff would be coming to get me and I would already be 1/2 way there - think it is the same thing again even though she is so far away - it is still working. She is looking at coming home early. Perhaps she has decided that she wants to travel some more so needs to build up her bank account.

      DH has nearly finished the second last room - just the skirting boards on the one side to be done, paint is taking ages to dry in this weather.

      I have caught him standing back and admiring his handiwork - it looks so much better than it did. It will look wonderful once we get our things out and I can add some plants to it.

      Progress is good - getting closer to our things coming out of storage.


    3. Thank you Lynette! 99c for tinned peaches is amazing!
      You will enjoy the next stage with your things around you and no longer in storage! xxx

  7. I agree with Mary - the odd bunch fruit and veggies are often marked down. I got a kg of red capsicums the other day for $1!
    So many wonderful things to comment on this post. Headband - gorgeous! What a lovely gift. Golden syrup pudding - on my list for next week. Wonderful that you can save so much at the chemist now. I would be interested to now where and how you are adding extra storage space as this is my major difficulty with stockpiling at the moment.

    1. Dear Jayne, Pantry storage is an issue for most of us. We have to work with what we have and be creative thats for sure. Over the series I have added a fair bit on storage, going back a bit I made over a big chest as Patsy uses a chest in her storage. One post there is a shelf that fits in the gap between your fridge and the wall which is about a one can space. This rolls out and fits hundreds of cans! Under the bed space can be a good one. Or shelves added to a wall, or a book case converted to a pantry space. The post with most on this was called Pantries and Preparedness Making the most of your space. However I am continuously at this! De cluttering, turning a closet, linen cupboard or laundry cupboard into a pantry can work brilliantly. I hope there is a space for you that you havent thought of but through a re arrange it can be yours!
      The capsicum buy was an awesome one!
      Let me know how you go with the storage issue. Have a lovely weekend! Love Annabel.xxxx

    2. Jayne I have very little pantry space and was sitting thinking about it the other day and decided that the old freezer was no more than a cupboard so I could do a couple of things to it to make it work as added pantry space.

      Sometimes we need to think outside the box - an old suitcase can have castors added to it and pop it under the bed.

      Does your husband spread out in the shed or garage? Perhaps you can stake a claim and get a corner and use that.

      Our houses have always had large pantries so going down to 1/2 a cupboard has been an issue for me. It is only now that I have had time to live with it and think about how I use what is in there that I have worked out what I need.

      Good luck - it is not easy thinking outside the square sometimes.


  8. Annabel, you did a good deal finding cheaper scripts. DH and I have concession cards so most of our scripts are $6.10. Once you reach a certain number of scripts they are free for concession card holders or at the concession price for others, but you need to keep an eye on the number as not every pharmacist tells you this.
    Love the look on Harper's face.

    1. Dear Maggie, That would be a great help to you having the cards. It is amazing how much scripts can add up to. Too much!
      Have a lovely weekend. We have sunshine and I want to make the most of it. Sheets on the line! Love

  9. Dear Annabel and Friends,
    Harper is so beautiful! I love the headband, and the little pink rhinestone in the centre is just gorgeous.
    This week I built my home just by making sure it was clean and comfortable. Clean sheets, making sure that there is always something tasty to eat helps in the cool weather.
    Even washing our little dog and all her bedding each week keeps us all happy as well. I discovered a dear little church op shop this week. Where we live, the op shops are very expensive, and this little one has opened up two mornings a week. The prices were such a pleasant surprise and the three older ladies offered everyone a hot cup of tea or coffee as well. I thought it was delightful.
    Mary, Kay has told me about the odd shaped vegetables as well but I have't seen them myself. Thanks for reminding us about them.
    Love Helen

    1. Dear Helen,
      Harper is learning about accessorizing and savings all at once lol
      There is nothing as nice as clean sheets. That is one of my things that I must have!
      Finding a good op shop is such a good thing. Many have gone mad and are no longer a help to people. They forgot what they were for and became about profit only. In the country our op shop had two missions... to help people have affordable things, give free stuff where needed and make money for charity. Many have deserted the first two.
      I am glad you had the time at home to potter and make things lovely.
      Have a good weekend! With love, Annabel.xxxx

  10. Annabel, the headband is almost as adorable as the wearer! Harper is just gorgeous! I loved your commentary and pics, really brightened my day. xo

    Mary, they often sell out of the ugly fruit and veg here! I would love some markdowns of them. The carrots are lovely in flavour I have found!!

    I bought a lot of well priced fruit and veg this week. Some marked down and broccoli and beans for $2 or less a kg. potatoes $2.99 5 kg bags and celery $1 bunch. I bought tomatoes 99c around a kg. We were given some bananas for free and also bought some for $1.95kg.

    I have used up my apples by making apple crumble and also some for the freezer. Made a chicken meal for the freezer in the crockpot and also chicken stock. Used up soup from the freezer and am actually finding some space in there now!

    There were some good specials at Woolies this week on vita brits and cottee's cordial, deodorants and body wash among other things half price. My docket said I spent $66 but saved $60! I was pretty happy with that. I used $10 of flybuys to get a free caltrate plus that was half price.

    A 25% off discount was obtained for a dvd series put aside for a birthday.

    I tried to convince my daughter to buy at priceline so we could get that goodie bag also Annabel. It looks quite good! That is great they gave two bags!! I think we have missed the opportunity now.

    Good buying on the discount pharmacy medications! Every little bit certainly adds up.

    1. Dear Kaye, Thank you!
      Your fruit and veg buys were wonderful. Here tomatoes and bananas were on special but for twice what you paid! When I get $1 celery (now and then) I freeze a whole one chopped leaves and all and bagged into four bags for future chicken soups. Celery makes the best stock!
      It was a good week! Have a lovely weekend and lets hope for another great week next week. With a rest first! With love, Annabel.xxxx

  11. Harper is just so cute! The headband is lovely on her :~)
    Thank you for the uplift. It seems everytime I visit you, I am uplifted, challenged, and inspired. I appreciate your joyful spirit, and the sharing of your talents with us.

    Love the goody bag....almost like opening a surprise present. And way to go on finding a way to reduce your prescription expenditures so significantly! Wow, amazing the difference in prices.

    1. Thank you so much Kathryn. I think it makes a wonderful difference if we take the time to appreciate that all our work amounted to making a difference. We can just think of everything left to do! But it is good to look at how far we have come and the blessings of the week. I look forward to it too, a little review before planning the new week! Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for commenting! xxx

  12. Baby Harper is adorable in your headband!

    It has been incredibly hot here and then our air conditioner died. We did have a new unit installed and saved 3% by paying cash. On the worst day I just could not face cooking but earlier in the week I had won a free take out pizza so my husband picked that up on the way home from work. I mad a salad and we had a nice dinner in spite of the heat.

    I filled up my van using fuel rewards from one of our grocers and only paid 77 cents a gallon! That was a huge savings on 20 gallons.

    I am happy to report that even though doom and gloom have been about pertaining to the USA egg shortage I have found full shelves and the price had only gone up by 10 cents since I last bought some two weeks ago. Milk prices have gone down by a dollar and a half per gallon in our area in the last few months. Here on the east coast we have not seemed to see a spike in produce prices and I have found many good sales on summer fruit which is delicious with the intense heat.

    I continue to make new pots of geraniums with cuttings from my other pots. My deck is beautiful with all the pink flowers right now and most were free. My tomato plants are coming along and all of those were volunteer seedlings so also free. I fertilize with coffee grounds, egg shells and homemade compost and reuse pots and such from year to year. We have many free tomatoes coming on.

    That is wonderful news about the drug costs! Last year after my husband's heart attack he had a drug that cost $250 a month at the cheapest source we could find. I am thankful that he no longer taking it but you can not put a price on health and being well.

    Have a good week!

    1. Lana I hate the heat and depend on air conditioning ... we get it very hot through summer. It is yuk and difficult. I am so glad you got a replacement air conditioner.
      It is good you are not affected by shortages. Teri S was saving some things have run out where she is even onions, basics, which is difficult.
      Your deck sounds so pretty. I love geraniums, they look bright and cheerful. I have a few coming on from cuttings in summer. One lot are meant to be read but the buds are pink I notice!
      You are right about medications... that one was a lot. We have to have these things and it can sure add up... I am glad you husband no longer needs that one.
      Have a good weekend and great new week! With love,

  13. You had a wonderful week Annabel. Love the photos of Harper. She is suprised isn't she ? As she grows up I'm sure you'll teach her to be frugal and crafty. I'll be making your golden syrup pudding tonight. I usually make dumplings so this looks easier. I feel like some comfort food.

    Here's my frugal list for the week -

    * We had lots of leftovers from Darren's party on Sunday. So Monday night our tea consisted of sausage rolls, mini quiches and birthday cake. Jessica and Megan had celery sticks, carrot sticks, cheese , kabana and pita chips in their lunchboxes a few days running. They were very happy with their lunches.

    * Two more of our chickens are back on the lay. SO EXCITING !!! It looks like three out of five are laying. We sold one dozen eggs this week.

    * Dried most of the washing on clothes horses with a few things put in the dryer.

    * Turned the heater off for two days when the sun was shining.

    * I had some dental work done early this week so I sent Darren out to get some milk. This was the only grocery spending for the week as we made do with the fruit and veg we bought last week.

    * Saved some tissue paper, ribbon and gift bags from presents recently given.

    * Darren planted out some veg seedlings he'd grown from seed.

    * Megan made a double batch of scones for the party. Although they were very popular, we had some left over so I popped them into the freezer for future morning teas.

    * Donated two bags of clothes to Savers and received a discount stamp.

    * Hand washed the dinner dishes a few times this week.

    * I opened a new foaming hand wash dispenser a couple of weeks ago. On Sunday the bottle was half empty so I topped it up with water. The soap still feels luxurious. I bought a few of the foaming pumps last year when they were on sale. I wanted to have a few spare as I didn't know how long they'd be on the market for or if they broke easily. My girls have been using the same pump for over a year.

    * I was searching the internet for a picture suitable for my kitchen wall but couldn't find anything I liked. So I printed off one of my blog photos and put it in a frame that was given to me a few years ago. Cost - ZERO and it looks fantastic. I'm very proud of myself as I'm a bit tech challenged. I somehow worked out how to print it off without my family doing it for me.

    1. I loved your apples roses Wendy and they make a great picture! Have a great new week full of savings! Mid year sure came around quickly.Once one chook comes back laying they all seem to pretty soon so I hope they are all back on the job soon! Lots of love Annabel. xxxx ps thanks for info on Molasses. xx

  14. Hi Annabel love the photos of Harper she is so special
    If you have an entertainment book there are 2 vouchers for Chemist Warehouse spend $50 and get $10 off
    My local chemist who is really good will price match prescription prices from the warehouse chemists which is great because you get a more personal service and a good chemist will check everything you are taking and look out for drug interactions etc
    I have been buying Qld pineapples from Harris Farm a fruit shop chain in Sydney They have a tag attached saying their skin has been affected by wild weather but they are perfect inside They sure are!! They are so sweet and juicy They are less than half the price of other pineapples in the shop and it is good to be able to support struggling farmers
    Hope you all have a great weekend Shelley

    1. Thank you Shelley, I think Mum might have an entertainment book...
      What a great buy on pineapples. I love them! There are some very nice pineapple tarts, we grew up on one that I still love.
      Thanks for the information on price matching from Chemists, it is certainly worth asking. Have a good week! xxx

  15. Annabel, you had a wonderful week! That little Harper is a real cutey! And I love the headband. Harper will learn many lovely things from you!

    You sure did a great job of savings with Andy's medicines! Prescriptions are so expensive. The golden syrup pudding looks so yummy! I will be looking for golden syrup, thanks Kathryn for mentioning Kroger stocks it. And you and Chloe sure had a fun time!!

    My week has been good. I didn't buy any groceries, just fish food. lol I did some mending, baking and dehydrated more veggies. Our garden has a good crop of peas that will need to be picked this coming week. I thinned more beet greens and the onion tops need to be cut again. And I blanched 3 containers of broccoli.

    I have also been organizing, cleaning and starting an inventory list, trying to prioritize. Thank you Annabel for making me smile this week! All your posts encourage me so much! Love, Teri

    1. Dear Teri, You did well to spend zero on groceries. I can just imagine fresh peas and summer. Which is nice as it is pretty gloomy here today!
      I badly need an inventory list. I need to get onto that now I have built up supplies.
      Have a wonderful week this week! Lots of love, Annabel.xxxx

  16. LOL I love that look of surprise on Harper’s face. She looks gorgeous with the lovely headband on that you made, it is beautiful.

    You have had a very good week Annabel! That was a great deal that Chloe got for you. Sometimes it pays to ask. Oh yes the golden syrup pudding, I had forgotten about that one. I will make it again this weekend. Thank you for the reminder.

    I agree with you about the price of medication. I have started buying my herbal meds on line too. I purchased twelve months worth of herbal hair dye and twelve months worth of herbal menopause pills and some vitamin B12 tablets recently. I saved heaps of money doing it this way.

    I have neglected to write down my feathering/savings again this week , so I will test out my memory.

    ~Cooked most meals from scratch, except one when we went out to tea.

    ~Sold excess eggs. The girls have started laying again.

    ~Got my washing done and dry even though we had rain this week. Yes we had rain woohoo!

    ~Made Anzac biscuits using molasses instead of golden syrup. The health benefits of molasses is huge, here is a link

    ~I had three no spend days.

    ~Sorted and tidied laundry cupboards. Excess is put aside for our garage sale.

    ~I had my grandson sleep over one day this week. This will be a regular occurrence as he wants to go to Scouts and I will love having him x

    Have a lovely weekend Annabel,


    1. Dear Tania, A double thank you! I am sorry about your lost first comment!
      I am reading your link on molasses. Having spent half my life low on iron this really is interesting. Do you get it from the health food shop? I am not sure if supermarkets have it? I will look...
      It will be great having your Grandson on this regular basis. Oh the things you will teach him! Plus I bet he loves the chooks and all your cooking!
      so good about the rain. Every time it rains here I wonder and hope that you are getting some too!
      Your garage sale is shaping up to be a good one! I remember the things you brought back from a trip... I hope it gives you a great cash boost when you have it.
      Have a great new week. Many thanks Tania, lots of love, Annabel.xxxx

    2. Yes Annabel, it is very interesting information about molasses. Phil had been cleaning rust off his rifles with it. So I became curious as to why they give it to horses and stock, that is when I found out it is really healthy for us too!

      Woollies has some unsulphured molasses, I found it in the sugar section. But I am hoping to source some organic black strap molasses from the health shop here in town. Health stores will probably have it or get it in for you, otherwise I have also found some on eBay.

      It is nice in a warm water/milk drink. Dissolve molasses in hot water, then add milk. Zap in microwave to warm up or heat milk and add. You will work it out to your own tastes lol.

      You have a great week too Annabel.

      Love Tania xoxo

    3. You can get molasses in the health food section of Coles. I use it to make brown sugar. If you click on this link it will show you a photo of what the jar looks like

  17. Hi Annabel

    Just gorgeous photos of Harper. I always love your handiwork.

    What a wonderful gift you received from Chloe, a wonderful bargain and many useful products for you both.

    As an ex Pharmacy Dispensing Assistant, I can safely say "ask" ask for sample products of items like sunscreens, beauty products, over the counter me they usually have heaps tucked away somewhere. Ask for the "generic brands" a lot of the time they come out of the same factory door as the branded ones. If they don't they are usually exactly the A does all the hard work, no one can copy it for a couple of years then company B comes along and makes it as they don't have to do all the research they can keep costs down. When I say mostly they are the same, generally the only difference is the coating on the tablet. There are a few medications that are not advised for change such as epileptic medications. This goes for the same with the over the counter products.....this can also save people heaps. We used to show the customer the 2 products and the active ingredients so they could see it was the same and if made by the same company also. The reason behind them making the 2 brands is that the money stays in their pockets and does not go to another company.

    So my advice is to always "Ask"

    Aly xoxo

    1. Dear Aly, Thank you for this information! Now I know this I will probably think of other things to ask you. I love insider knowledge! I will be asking for samples from now on.
      We use a fair few generic and that is a huge saving for us. Sometimes the difference is huge.
      Have a lovely week! Many thanks, Annabel.xxxx

  18. I was quite surprised that the pharmacy within my supermarket gives 'free' meds to the customers on some common low cost drugs. They do charge the co-pay amount only to the insurance but gracious it cost me nothing at all to fill two prescriptions. And it occurred to me that another we're paying about $12 a month for at a pharmacy is also free at the grocery pharmacy! I'm going to discuss switching it out with my husband if he will. He's funny about things like that.

    I was finally able to see my new grandbaby for the first time in a month. I collasped the day after she was born and am still not up to a trip that length to go see her. However, they came to visit yesterday. I have a picture of her going on my blog in a day or so.

    1. Dear Teri,
      I hope you are feeling much better. It is hard as I know a month is a long time in the life of a new baby. But it is so good you got to see the baby. I will love to see the photo. They grow so much and it is lovely to see.
      With love, Annabel.xxxx


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