The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Thursday 21 May 2015

Feather your Nest Friday, 22 May, 2015.

What a big week it has been. Last Friday seems like at least a year ago! Harper was one week old yesterday and well, it was a massive week.

I have had a different week too and helped Lucy with her nest and not as much in my own. But it's still nesting!

These flowers arrived for Lucy from my aunt. I had to include this picture as they are just beautiful and I have enjoyed them everyday...

This week I saved money by doing a lot of cooking. I made quiche with bacon, spinach and sun dried tomato, chicken soup, sausage rolls, lamb and baked feta, shepherds pies and baked custards... all in big quantities to feed extras and freeze some sausage rolls as well.

I pulled apart and re did my herb pots. I divided some of the herbs so now I have spares to grow as gifts and to add elsewhere in the garden. In one row of my pots I added viola. I couldn't resist. I'm going with the excuse that I use these on top of cakes and pavlova. Which I actually do or sugar them for on top of little cakes...

They are so cheerful and sweet! I will back this story up with a cake covered in flowers sometime soon!

I re dyed some pants black. This made them look new again. While I was at it I added several other black things and this really makes them look new and fresh.

Broccoli was $1.99 a kilo so I stocked up and also got enough to make soup. (before this it was around $7 a kilo!) Later today I will get Butternut Pumpkin at 70c a kilo and do the same. The best buys can be amazing savings and give you the basis for many meals.

Barb suggested garlic could be good to plant between my roses. I planted about a dozen cloves and the ground is wet and it has rained more since so I hope they take off. (thanks Barb!)

I've been painting an old ladder to make a drying rack for herbs and flowers.

We had a lot of rain, maybe close to two inches all up. I have buckets in places outside that get run off and as they will I pour them into my biggest pot plants and dry spots.

I packed up some things to sell on ebay with my friend.

Also I started a challenge with Wendy on The Cheapskates Club Forum. She is doing a challenge to use up all the odds and sods in the freezer and turn them into meals. These bits and pieces get forgotten and if we don't do this now and then things end up as fossils (lol) and get wasted. I have bacon, all kinds of cheeses, celery, spring onions, cranberry sauce, berries (several kinds) and yoghurt, just off the top of my head. So now, by hunting them out and listing them,my challenge is to make meals around them next week. The money I save I will use to build up my pantry. Thanks Wendy, I was slow to start but am on it now! I love challenges, they work for me to get extra done.

I built up my home by adding to my pantry and supplies. I added canned goods, medications, batteries and evaporated milk.

I add atmosphere in these dark evenings with fairly lights in the hallway. Twinkly lights turn cold gloomy nights into pretty romantic evenings.

How did you save money and build up your nest this week? I hope it was a good week!


  1. Beautiful flowers! The use it up challenge sounds interesting ... can anyone join in? You're really building your pantry!!!

    1. Patsi yes I am really trying to add each week and get my cellar happening! If I keep concentrating it will get there...
      There is a free newsletter you can sign up for from THe Cheapskates club. The forum is a membership area which is where Wendy has this challenge and also a monthly grocery challenge. As I say I like challenges like your weekly review and aims, these help me get more done as I find them fun.
      I will post each Friday what I used up and how I used it so you could do that too if you want. Already I am eyeing odd berries and strawberries to make a big batch of muffins this week as I notice some of the packages they are in have had berries used and they are taking up valuable space in too much packaging. So time to use them up!
      Quite a few bits will become pizza toppings which I might do Sunday night. ANd some things can go into soup... Anyway it will use them up, make space, save money and then I can add my savings to my pantry fund.
      Have a lovely weekend. Love

  2. Sounds like a wonderful week Annabel, those flowers are gorgeous xxx

    1. Thanks Jacqui yes it was a huge week! The flowers are still looking perfect today too. We went to weigh the baby at the hospital today and she gained, yeh! xxx

  3. Those flowers are just beautiful! I am slowly planning and planting so that I can have lots of flowers. They just make the house so lovely.
    Sounds like you have been busy. I am working on my pantry too, trying to work out where I can squeeze in extra storage space!

    1. Dear Jayne, THank you! Im not usre if you saw it but a while back I did a post with some creative storage space ideas for our pantry as most of us have the smae issues with space. Also along the way some of the ladies have posted some fantastic ways they store their supplies. I have made a lot of changes but one post to look at would be
      I hope it might help. It is amazing what we can find with a little creativity!
      Have a wonderful weekend, Love

  4. Those flowers are just beautiful Annabel. You have done so much considering being a new grandmother for a week now! You must be so pleased that you put plenty away in the freezer.

    I've also been putting plenty in the freezer this week! It seems I take a little space out by defrosting or using up something and fill the space right up again!! I've put lasagne, pumpkin soup, a savoury salmon slice like quiche and a slow cooked chicken dish called chicken Indonesian as I'd made a double mix. I'm trying to cook double and freeze leftovers so there are some emergency meals available. A challenge it is with limited freezer room! I must stop finding bargains! Lol

    I found UHT milk for 50c a litre, and stocked up on that! I also stocked Colgate specials, paper towel and batteries from Coles this week. My trolley does look odd these days!

    I made miracle spray and home made washing powder. I bought a new ironing board cover for $3 and Bonds underwear for half price at big w this week.

    I was able to sort out bags of clothes and old single doonas this week and donated them.

    My daughter cooked her slow cooker meals we prepared this week. That feathered my nest, as passing on something that registers and helps out their budget was a real feeling of breakthrough. It is a great feeling sowing these seeds.

    I love your blog and all the inspiration and encouragement I've personally gained from it Annabel. I also enjoy everyone else contributing in the comment section and the lovely sense of community. It is truly wonderful and seed sowing that is bearing fruit and reaping a harvest. Thanks everone! xoxo

    1. Dear Kaye,
      That is wonderful that you can see you are teaching your daughter things that will help her family and doing these things with her is teaching her a lot. Each of these things benefit the grandchildren as well and down the line!
      I really appreciate your contributions Kaye. It has been wonderful having you just that bit ahead of me in being a Grandmother.
      UHT milk for 50c a litre is amazing. I would have stocked up too! Your freezer meals sound yummy too.
      That was a great week. It all adds up so much. I am thinking it must be cold there, it has really been cold here last night and this afternoon it has started after a lovely day. Have a great weekend, with love

  5. Hope harper got lots of cuddles & was many times photographed too, beuatiful flowers also.

    This week I was productive as I seem to have kicked the cold bug I've had.

    I made a double strength batch of miracle cleaner

    Bought & planted some lettuce & primula (lavender color), then was given some silver beet, plus I sowed rainbow chard seed.

    I made lasgne meat sauce & mexi mince for the freezer, soup also.

    I go to my compost heap & have been layering the pile to let it cook. I was given some Autumn leaves today & I've been adding shredded paper, its looking good & its a good workout!

    I was given some free advice on stretching which is proving very helpful.

    I moved some furniture around to be more practical & now have a couple of things to sell. I hope that next friday I can report that they were sold & are no longer here!

    I have enjoyed my garden this week & today I saw that a pink rosebud on my minature rose. That brightened my day!

    I've been getting tasks done thinking that a desire fulfilled is a tree of life plus it makes me feel good!

    Have a lovely weekend


    1. Hi Karen! You had a very productive week! I hope your furniture sells for you.
      It does me you feel good to achieve things that are on the list. I had that kind of day today... where at the end I am tired but it is a good happy kind of tired. I look and think I got heaps done that needed doing and its wonderful.
      Also I have been in the garden today. My compost isnt going too well it needs turning. This time of year we have a lot of leaves so I need to get onto this.
      Hope you are having a great weekend. With love,

  6. No feathering here!!!! Just de pooping. A mouse or two has decided to come in and play on my shelves and all through the pantry. So have been cleaning, set a trap last night, got a mouse this morning.
    Your week on the other hand has been lovely with your new baby granddaughter, and already she is 8 days old, wow.
    Lucy is very lucky to have you Annabel.
    Fi xx

    1. Oh no... I have had mice although not in this house. Its a battle. Finding where they are getting in is the big think.
      Thank you Fiona for that nice comment. I am lucky to have them too. I am lucky they are near by as many people dont have that.
      Hope you conquer the mouse issue! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  7. Lovely flowers! We are getting ready for the rest of the garden to plant, one more tilling and it will be ready. We are getting lots of rain as well and it is keeping us indoors for now, but I did finish up the afghan that would not be fun to work on during the warm months! Have a great weekend!

    1. Kathy I dont like to work on wool or heavy things in the summer either. Usually I go to small cotton type projects and things like that. But now it is cold and my big rug is keeping me warm. I will do the same as you and get these done through till spring. Also a change is nice! It is wonderful to be planting your garden. I hope it takes off and you have lovely flowers and a harvest later on. Spring is a busy time. Many thanks for your

  8. We made a trip to the meat market and I stocked up on chickens at the discount store. I put together six more outfits with what I have in my closet and I've never felt half so well dressed as I do of late. I stuck hard to my grocery budget this month and came in $23 under my new budgeted amount. I posted the rest of my doings here:

    1. Well done on your grocery budget Terri! It is so good that you can create new combinations from the clothes you have. It feels good. I have been doing this. Last week I had a rule to wear something each day that I dont usually wear. I managed to wear boots I never wear and scarves I havent worn before and it is like having new stuff!
      You always have a productive week. Well done and thank you! xxx

  9. Annabel, beautiful pictures! I love the flowers. I mostly have been cooking all meals at home, bought strawberries, blueberries and bananas and made little packets of "smoothie mix" for the freezer.
    I need to replant bean seeds this week, and we've had lots of rain which is helping the peas, beets, onions and other veggies! Have a nice weekend all! Teri

  10. Inspiring as always! :) I have added lots of mixes to my pantry this week! It has been so much fun and so very convenient come meal time! Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. Thanks Jes. I saw your lovely dressings mixes. They look beautiful too I love how you make everything look so lovely. Such a good idea and so helpful. Many

  11. Very stunning flowers Annabel!

    What a great idea to re-dye clothes. Off course that would work and give them a new boost. Thank you for the idea :)

    Oh I must go and check out the challenge on the forum, another great idea. I have lots of things inside my freezers. They are deep ones, so things tend to get lost in there. It is going to be quite a challenge to think of ways to use them up.

    My nest feathering mainly consisted of catching up on housework that I had gotten behind with. I opened my household management folder and went through all my routines for the days of the week. I really must make this a habit as it feels so good to cross things of the list and I achieve so much more, and my house was so neat and tidy. It felt good to be so organised and to know what I was having for meals. Haha can you guess hubby was away for a few days?

    We went to Adelaide on the weekend. We called into Gaganis Bros and bought some goods, then on to central markets and pick up some organic flour and a few other bits and pieces. Then we went to Costco...It was the first time and my was I impressed! I spent a lot of money and I bought a lot of bulk food and household goods but I wont need to get any for a long time. I will need to rearrange my pantry though to fit all the new stuff in, and find some more big jars or containers for storage.


  12. The flowers are so pretty and I really like your heart shaped baking dish.

    1. Thank you! I love hearts and have a heart shaped mixing bowl, cake tins and baking dishes. Somehow they make everything look lovely! xx


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