The little birds...

If you watch little birds you will see they are busy and happy! Using whatever they can find they create the most gorgeous little nest.
I would be the little bird with some glittery thread in her nest!
We can be like this. Happily working away with the things that are available to us to create a beautiful and happy home.
All the while with a little song in our heart.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Peace and quiet and goodness.

Last week I had a few days with the girls at the farm. Mum and Dad's farm is the true homestead, the centre of everything for the whole family.

I caught a ride with the girls and loved that the country is beautiful and green. Once there I enjoyed it so much. Open fire, lovely days and Mum had made dozens of cupcakes!

She also had two lots of ducklings, some only days old and others a bit older. I went out everyday to see them. You couldn't help be happy looking at them!

How they stay clean and yellow in a pond of muddy water I don't know. 

Having the farm is wonderful for us all. It is so quiet, there are so many birds and you really feel surrounded by wonderful things. I had one day where I just walked in the sun, collected hollow logs for my birds, gum nuts for my parrot, bay leaves for my pantry and I attempted to photograph two of my favourite birds. My dream is to have a camera that I can photograph the Blue Wrens that are everywhere. They are my favourite bird. Second is Grey Fantails. They are so friendly. My other dream is to see Hummingbirds... (no Hummingbirds in Australia)

So with my ipad I managed this...

Ok so squint and see the tiny blue bird right at the bottom! They are smaller than a golf ball and move like lightening! But the colour is of a sapphire. Just so sweet. They are Supherb Blue Wrens and we also have Emu Wrens which I won't even bother attempting to get a photo of, they are even tinier and not colourful.

And slightly better....

But he was quite friendly and cheeky and curious. They make me happy!

The thing is, I noticed, after that day I felt so relaxed and happy. I could have paid for a day of therapy, a day in a spa, a day of massage and yoga or things like that. But a day in the country surrounded by nature and sunshine did me so much good. And I slept so well.

It is all a reminder that nature and beautiful surroundings, peace and fresh air, if we can get them, they are so good for us. The closer we are to them the better I am sure.

The girls grew up in all this and I'm sure it helped them have a wonderful childhood. The beach is the same. It has that magical calming effect, you sleep so well. It is refreshing and peaceful at the same time.

We all probably have differing possibilities of making the most of this. Time spent in the garden or at a nearby park or a holiday at the beach... but whatever the options are try and make the most of them and feel the effects. 

On a smaller scale I always try to have a place in the garden to sit, have a cup of tea, eat meals, when the weather is nice. That outdoor time does me so much good I can feel it. 

I know, for us, we can prioritise that our holidays are near the beach and that even if it is a weekend we can get away sometimes for a bit of "nature therapy". Having the farm means we are really lucky and can plan trips and make the most of having that available to us. It is three hours south of here but we are really used to the drive.

As kids get older they can become more and more committed to things like sports etc and spend more and more time with computers and online. Somehow making sure they have time just outside, with nature, animals, fresh air, sunshine... maybe it's becoming harder and harder to do. Or for ourselves... but the effects are almost immediate! 

I gave up the gym this year to save the money but also to put that time into the garden. It is still exercise and I am happier in the garden. The drive each way to the gym was really stressful. it seemed ironic, going through so much stress to be healthy!

My daughter did the same in her own way. She gave up the gym (and the fees) and now every weekend she climbs Mt Lofty which is a few minutes from Adelaide. It is a fair hike but she says she feels so refreshed, it is beautiful, the bush is divine, you can see the ocean, it is outdoors and she feels so much better from the time outdoors. mmm she has worked it out. Beauty and nature have an effect. Fresh air has an effect. We are very lucky we have fresh air. I travelled on an overseas trip once and when I got home to my house at the beach I just couldn't believe how fresh the air was! I hadn't breathed fresh air for two weeks I realised. And many people now live like that their whole lives?

How lucky are we? 

My time at the farm was beautiful. I had lots of time with my Dad who is a true farmer and rarely leaves the farm. Mum did lots of cooking and we all sat near the fire in the evening and laughed and I managed to crochet and laugh at the same time.

Now while this is fresh in my mind I'm planning how we might get away into the country in spring and both of us can fell refreshed and restored from long walks, bon fires and just "being" surrounded by nature, peace and quiet.

Health and fitness, relaxation and meditation turn out to be gifts from nature and not something you can buy with $$$. Maybe my most frugal discovery yet!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. We have had the most beautiful day, it's a true glimpse of spring and I have loved it. xxx


  1. It sounds like you all had a lovely time enjoying the beauty of refreshing!

  2. Being a farm girl, I have fond memories of days like this. My parents have retired now and I miss those days very much.

    Spring has certainly arrived here in Port Augusta, beautiful days with lots of sunshine and God's wonderful creations coming to life. We have some baby chickens that hatched out overnight and the swallows are already teaching their young ones to fly. There are bees and butterflies everywhere. Happy times xx

    1. Dear Tania, Thank you for your lovely comments today. It is beautiful and has been all week, really enjoying it. You have chickens! I love chickens. Spring has sprung for sure, you can feel and see it. I am glad you are enjoying it as much as I am! Thank you for your comments Tania, Annabel.xx


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