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Thursday 26 June 2014

A cure for Burnt Mouth Syndrome (and other pesky ailments....)

My friend Helen encouraged me to share this information so here goes...

I am 51 and I have mostly been pretty lucky with my health. But suddenly a few irritating things started to bother me and it's not surprising I guess I am going through menopause... 

Previously I've had migraines, badly when I was younger and not as bad now. They are a shocking thing and all I can say is identifying your triggers is a great help but it can take years to work them out!

For many years I suffered from Restless Legs Syndrome. For most of those years I didn't even know what it was called. Just very uncomfortable and a bit like pins and needles and you just have to move your legs! Once on a plane flight it got going and really it was the most dreadful seven or so hours. Sooo uncomfortable. 
This is one of those things that doctors don't seem to know what to suggest. (Another I notice is tinnitus, the noise in your ears. Most of us get it now and then but some people have loud and continuos noise... that would be so annoying!) Well, medicine doesn't seem to have answers and although minor really things like this can drive you nuts and get you down too. 
I googled and read everything I could on Restless Legs Syndrome and tried a few things. Eventually I saw a suggestion to try Magnesium tablets. So I started taking Calcium and Magnesium (combined) at night AND I HAVE NEVER HAD IT SINCE! Just like that.
How I wish I had tried that sooner. Why no one could tell me this I have no idea but for me it was a complete cure. It is wonderful. A few times I've become lazy and gone off this formula and I will get a hint of it back and it reminds me to get back on track.

This year I developed another one of these lovely ailments that Doctors have few suggestions for. I thought I had eaten something that irritated me. The back of my tongue felt burned and inflamed. Like I had drunk boiling water or something. Very uncomfortable. The next day I was fine but the next evening I had it again.... and this repeated for months. Then it started earlier in the day and earlier... I tried everything, sucking ice cubes, lollies, antacid (someone suggested that) and it was awful. The doctor had no idea and told me she had heard of it, it can be with menopause or stress. It got so bad it was hard to sleep and I read that it can last for years which is a depressing thought. Also I started to feel quite panicky when it would start knowing it would not stop until I went to sleep.

Once again I googled and read up and tried a few suggestions, nothing made any difference at all. Then I read to try Vitamin B3. Also to try Magnesium. Instead of my low dose magnesium with Calcium I got a higher dose Magnesium tablets and a Vit B multi. And took two of each! The first day I had an improvement AND I HAVENT HAD IT SINCE! It may be only one or the other of these tablets but I haven't been game to stop one, I'm happy to take them and over all feel better too. Why oh why couldn't anyone have told me this? 

Meanwhile Helen suffered hot flashes and they were awful for her. She took Remifemin a herbal supplement and she has not suffered them anymore!

Now everyone is different and what agrees with one person may not with another. But just in case anyone suffers Restless Legs or Burnt Mouth Syndrome it is worth me mentioning how this worked for me just in case it might help someone else. You always have to check it is ok to take something especially if you are taking other drugs so always check. But I have been so lucky to find these simple solutions to very pesky problems. 

While I am at it I will mention that often at the end of winter I really suffer a craving for sun and get very tired and miserable. It is a common thing called SAD which is Seasonal  Affective Dissorder. Basically lack of sunlight and Vitamin D really affects many people and you feel quite sluggish and depressed. I get actual cravings for sunlight... 
My Doctor told me to try Saint Johns Wort, a herbal supplement. This has helped me so much. Even though it's a herb you have to follow instructions as you cannot take it with other drugs. But it has a good reputation for helping with depression and anxiety. It really works for me. That and getting into every bit of sun, being outdoors everyday and being busy with lovely projects. These things have made the last two winters much much better. 

I really hope this helps someone!

It is so wet, cold and gloomy here! Really I cannot remember it being this bleak in years. The garden is a mess but I have just a few bright spots of beauty that I am really appreciating. They might be glimmers of spring...

Have a wonderful day and weekend. xxx


  1. This is so true Annabel. It really doesn't hurt to ask a Naturopath and investigate alterative therapies. Remifemin was not for me as I suffered some of the classic, listed side effects but I know many who have taken it very successfully. That is so interesting on the Restless Legs Syndrome! Great post, and thankyou!

    1. Thank you Mimi. Yes we have to keep trying things. I used to have a wonderful Homeopath, I really should find another one, mine retired but she was amazing. I am so relieved to have found these things ... its amazing how small things can really drive you crazy! xxx

  2. My husband and I are 53 and have taken a regimen of vitamin supplements for six years now that have proved worth every dollar.

    Alpha Lipoic
    Fish Oil
    CoQ10 (heart health)
    Vitamin C (2,000 mg)
    Vitamin D3: For the first seven days, 10,000 IU. From them on, 5,000 IU.
    Him only: Saw Palmetto (prostate health)
    Her only: Iron (I tested low on it.)

    We take our vitamins with lots of water during the heaviest meal of our day.

    Vitamin supplements made a believer out of us both!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful testimony.


    1. Thanks Kelley for sharing this. My Dad has always taken a lot of vitamin C and he has survived several things thought not possible to survive and is still working full time (and hard) at 75. He wears out anyone with him! I am a believer I have seen some amazing results. Without our health we can do nothing. I want to learn more! xxx

  3. I have just finished reading Dr Sandra Cabot book 'The Miracle Mineral' the whole book is on the powers of magnesium, it is incredible what taking this mineral can do, as nearly all the population is lacking in magnesium..

    1. Hi Jacqui your comment showed up! I replied on Fb but thank you very much. I will get this book as I love Sandra Cabot and have had two other books of hers. xxx


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