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Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Home Pharmacy. Homeopathy.

Thanks to Lana we had such big response to last weeks post on preventative health care and early intervention.  I am going really well with drinking my water!
This week I want to include Homeopathy as this is a big part of my home medicine cabinet.  I am not even attempting to explain Homeopathy but years ago I had a practitioner who was so remarkable and she could give me answers in minutes about myself that no doctor has ever been able to.   For instance she told me she understood I have to have the windows open (therefore plane travel is difficult!)  and that I don't like too much noise or crowds.  She also saw me in the waiting room and said "hello Annabel! Oh you are having a baby!"  which doesn't sound amazing until you realise the doctor could work out if I was pregnant or not and my tests showed negative... yet yes I was!

The Royal family have followed homeopathy for generations and if you consider the incredible ages, staying power and youthfulness of the Queen Mother and the Queen that is enough to be impressive!

My Homeopath retired and I didn't find another but I persisted with using Rescue Remedy and our whole family has used that always.  I would never be without it.

Just recently finally I found a wonderful Homeopath online.  Karen is so good and I have asked her advice now on several issues.
This is her website Herbs Online Shop Australia.

The amazing thing is you can email Karen (or phone her)  and she will advice you free of charge.   She will also dispense remedies and you have them in a couple of days.  Just go to the contact link and she replies to you right away.
You can read through the remedies and their uses as sometimes something will strike you as exactly right.  Homeopathy is so interesting!

This is Maria's Essential Oil Cupboard.
With Mother of Pearl! 😍

I explained to Karen what we are doing here and that I am trying to build a home pharmacy as I want to be prepared and also we may be in the country which places me a fair way from a town.   So from a medical point of view what should I stock that would cover most scenarios?
Karen has a list to help with this.
This is her list of Homeopath Remedies for Emergencies  here.
You can assemble this yourself or buy it as a kit.  If you have extra specific health care concerns you can ask Karen what you should add to this and she will help.
There is also a more basic kit here. 

I thought I had struck gold that after all these years I can get remedies via the post and talk to a Homeopath and get advice for free.  Well, I have struck gold.  It is amazing.  I am sure a face to face consultation would be wise in many circumstances but so far Karen has been so helpful and I am back up and running with Homeopathy.

Next I asked Karen what should we stock Essential Oils wise from a medical perspective?  There are so many oils, how do we choose a wise selection to meet most health needs?
So off Karen went and she prepared us this list.   Essential Oil Emergency Kit.
I was amazed as I explained to her I have a small blog and what I am trying to do.  She made this up and it is so helpful.   I have some of these oils and can add others that are needed.  A list like this helps you to work out what to stock and what it is used for.  A great place to start.

Jane has a gorgeous set of drawers for her essential oils.

So now I feel I am really getting somewhere with my medical cabinet.   I have my conventional medicines and first aid kit well set up.  There is first aid in each car and the house.  With winter coming I am stocked in the kitchen too with the things I like to have such as Olive Leaf extract, Vitamin C, Zinc etc.   Now my Essential Oils and Homeopathic Remedy supplies are looking pretty good too.   It is amazing if you keep at something week by week you make progress.

Last week when we talked about early intervention I could see that the key is having things on hand and knowing what to do with them so you can act fast.  I am working on that!   I still do not have a home pharmacy cabinet.  Meanwhile I have these little shelves from Kmart.  I can see what I have. I know how to use each thing.  And this sits in a place out of direct light.

There is something else I love about Homeopathy.  It treats the emotional side of an injury, the shock, the fright, the upset to our system.   This is so important.  On the outside we might have healed but how often does a serious incident or illness actually scar us somehow on the inside?
If this interests you then study the Flower Essences here as these are remarkable.  You will likely read a description of yourself.  A description no one knows but you.  If you do, this is the remedy for you...
Flower Remedies.
I have only tried Flower remedies once but with success!  So this is an area I need to study much more.

If anyone knows of a Homeopath or Naturopath that is wonderful near them or who will give advice online (or possibly in a forum)  in the US please let us know for the USA readers.   Some health food stores have visiting practitioners in certain hours that will give some advice for free.  It could be worth asking.   But we have Karen and I am so grateful to have found her!

If you contact Karen do tell her you are a Bluebird!    I hope that for someone this is information that will make a difference.   When you have a problem conventional medicine cannot help with you have lots of alternatives.  Do not give up!

"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth:
and he that is wise with not adhere them"
Ecc 38-4

I think everything we need is provided.  We just have to find it!

I hope you have a wonderful week!  It is set to be raining here and that is good for us!

(I do not make money from my blog and I do not sell anything.  Any recommendations I make are just because I think something is worth sharing and I do not get any kickbacks or any such thing. I thought I should mention that!)


  1. Wow! This is so encouraging as we learn to together to use what God has provided for us! Thank you for your hard work in gathering the information and making it available to us! I'm in the midst of serious preparations, too, and how lovely to do it with others.

    1. Dear Nana Jan,
      Thanks so much! I like that you are preparing! Lots of little bits plus keeping at it gets you there! Just be determined and take every opportunity! With love

  2. Some good info there, Annabel. I will check out Karen's website. She will probably get inundated :-)

    1. Dear Nanna Chel, Thank you! I hope Karen is run off her feet. Word of mouth advertising is the best I think! With love

  3. This is excellent, I have used homeopathy for over 20 years and have seen some amazing results. Sometimes, I have no results at all and I know then that I have the wrong remedy.
    I've looked at Karen's site just now and they are excellent prices. I have my own homeopathy kit which cost me much more than that, the one which I bought my daughter when she left home is probably closer in size to Karen's, but was still more expensive.
    Thankyou so much for this resource.
    Homeopathy can be used as a protective measure against many diseases as well as treating symptoms.

    1. Dear Deb,
      Thank you! Karens essential oil prices are really good! I think the remedies also. Plus being able to buy small amounts to try things is good.
      There is a lot to learn. As you say for prevention not just cure! With love

  4. I'll be checking more into this. I have diabetes and wonder if this could help. I hate meds and all the side affects that come with it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Dear Sherry,
      I think either way you can find help but a lot depends on whether you are type 1 or 2. Andy is type 2. Cutting out bread, potato, rice, pasta etc has him medication free. There is a lot to research on this and it takes some experimenting as each person is unique what works just right for them. Most fruit sends his sugar through the roof so he only eats berries which basically have no sugar. I know many many who are drug free now so it can be done in lots of cases (with type 2) so good luck! I know cinnamon lowers blood sugar as does lemon juice and vinegar also. With love

    2. You would benefit so much by following the plan I laid out in last week's post. Doing the lemon on the kidneys and then the dandelion root would be very beneficial for anyone with diabetes.

  5. Annabel and Lana:



    1. Dear Kelley, This is so good to hear! You aced fast! Now you have found this it will encourage you to try oils for just about everything! Lung Support is so good. Andy would be complaining if he ran out now. So glad to hear this has helped! Love

    2. What a blessing! I am so thankful to hear this!

  6. Homeopathy is exactly what I do with the essential oils. Everything in creation has a frequency so I test by using applied kinesiology and matching what I am treating to the oil with the same or very close frequency. Then I ask how to apply the frequency to the body. Sometimes the oil bottle can just be carried on the left side of the body, other times it needs to be applied to the body or even taken internally. Homeopathy is based on curing by applying the same as the disease to the body. So, a word of warning about frequencies, it is not always best to keep oils on a bedside table because the frequencies are there and affecting the body all night. In fact I have occasionally forgotten to check what a have there and made myself feel quite ill in the night.

    I have just started collecting the Bach flower remedies and am finding some very helpful. My teacher warned me that what is on the label is not always correct as to for what it will work.

    There are times when I am not sure what to do especially if I need to give advice and cannot check the person. That is when I ask God to show me what to do and He is faithful in answering. I am always learning and it is often through His guidance.

    1. Hi Lana
      I have been reading up on Bach flower remedies also. Annabel suggested these to me and from what I have read they can really describe a lot of symptoms a person can be suffering from
      My question is do you suggest one for severe anxiety and panic attacks.
      Thanks jacqui

    2. I suggest Like Eagles from One drop can go on the back of the neck up to 3 times a day. Also carry the bottle in a pocket on the left side of the body during the day and kept it on the bedside table at night. I have seen amazing results with this blend and even used it myself last year when my husband was in a coma for 10 days.

  7. I enjoy reading your blog and am learning a lot. I have started accumulating essential oils and look forward to checking out Karen's site. I am confused by your Bible it Ecclesiastes? It only has 12 chapters.

    1. Sorry Mary I should have made it clearer. It is Ecclesiasticus. The Bible says so much about this subject i.e. Revelations 22.2 ends "The leaves of the tree were fro healing the nations.
      Ezekiel 47:12 ends their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing.
      So interesting! Love

  8. Annabel, this is an amazing post! Thank you for gathering the info and sharing it with us!

    1. Thanks Patsy, I thought you would like this. We are having a big learning year you and I! I am loving it! xxx

  9. Thank you, Annabel, for all the work you did getting this to us! I’m going to make a list of the homeopathy remedies and buy a few at a time. I used to use them quite often but got out of the habit. (Living so far from a decent store doesn’t help.) I’ve been trying to get a son to try a few things but he’s not too interested. But, Mom keeps working on him!

  10. Annabel,
    For anyone in the USA interested in finding a homeopath I suggest they google "National Center for Homeopathy". They have a list of certified homeopaths in the US. Homeopathy is becoming more common here in the states, but there are not a lot of homeopaths in the USA. Fortunately most all of them work with clients via the internet and phone. I suggest you check several out as the cost from one homeopath to the next can vary quite a bit.

    I also suggest that anyone who wants to use homeopathy purchase a book for acute care at home, there are many good ones available. This will educate you on what homeopathy is, how it works and how to correctly choose a remedy. I bought most of mine ( I have a rather large library on homeopathy!) on line used at very reasonable prices. With a book to guide you, a little time invested in learning how to use homeopathy and a kit of basic remedies you will be ready to treat most all acute care problems.

    I have been using homeopathy for years now and it is wonderful! We no longer stock OTC drugs as we have no need for them. And though it does cost a bit for a basic kit, you save in the long run as OTC is very costly. Another plus is that homeopathic remedies do not expire as OTC does and they can be "plussed" in the event you run short on a remedy and need to treat several people.

    Homeopathy is all natural, there are no side effects, it will not interfere with prescription drugs and it can be used for all ages safely. And unlike other types of medicine it heals on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. careful where you store remedies. My homeopath (as do many books) warned me to keep my remedies away from essential oils, electronics, heat and light.

    For those who decide to try homeopathy I do not think you will be disappointed.

    Marsha USA

  11. This is rich, rich advice. I know nothing about Homeopathy. So very interesting. Every time I visit here I’m learning something new. Thank you Annabel and all the ladies that take the time to comment!

  12. Just catching up on your blog posts, Annabel, and thrilled with all the information here! Thank you for the link to soon as I opened up her web page I knew this was going to be good. Bless you heaps. xxx


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